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[27 Jul 2008 | Comments Off on Compliments (complements?… oh whatever) | 2 views]

It is amazing how the simplest gestures in life can make you smile. The other day, I was pulling up to the gated entrance of my friend’s neighborhood. Normally the workers there are very strict. You pull up to the gate and tell them your name and wh…

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[24 Jul 2008 | Comments Off on Dear Readers, | 1 views]

Kindly remember that my writing is fictional, all disclosed details are from my ingenious imagination. I mentioned this before in a previous post of mine and in my about page. To my faithful and priceless readers, I thank you for supporting and defending me in previous posts. I hope to continue to meet your expectations […]

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[23 Jul 2008 | Comments Off on Now I know I have a heart, because it’s breaking… (Part 10) | 2 views]

I looked at Flan and he looked at me, his eyes lit up and he locked his arms around me and literally swept me off my feet. I was a little taken back at his reaction but nevertheless enjoyed the moment while it lasted. He put me down and looked me in the eye and […]

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[20 Jul 2008 | Comments Off on What Am I Doing? | 1 views]

There is so much talk of how unsafe the internet is. Loose security wires through cyberspace in the form of bank accounts and private documents. Why then are we all here? It is evident that we should stick to the old ways of snail mail and memorized…

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[19 Jul 2008 | Comments Off on Family? (Part 9) | 1 views]

As I stood against the cold wall that froze my scolding body. The corridor was freezing but I was hot, hot with anticipation. Not knowing what’s gonna happen next. Things were moving way too fast for me. I contemplated just leaving, right now, walking out of this hospital. But I swallowed my heart that out […]

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[6 Jul 2008 | Comments Off on Uncomfortable Silence Can Be So Loud… (Part 8) | 1 views]

As I sat there in silence looking at Flan, taking what he just told me in… I had no words to speak, I knew nothing would make my Flan feel better. His mom had been diagnosed with cancer a few months back and he got a call this morning telling him to come spend time […]

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[3 Jul 2008 | Comments Off on Leaving on a Jet Plane (Part 7) | 3 views]

I walked into work late, Sunday morning. We were both up all night indulging in flirtatious text messages till the early hours of the morning. He wasn’t there so I worked on ‘our’ project alone. Minute after minute… Hour after hour… Being at the office had no meaning if he wasn’t there, the clock was […]