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[28 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Once upon a Beep in Bahrain.. pt 10 | 0 views]

9.30 amDalal woke up with a feeling of peacefulness, she smiled at the clock when she realized that she slept for that long even with the lights on, she remembered that scene from her favorite movie City of Angles when Nicolas Cage spooned Meg Ryan all…

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[27 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on BahStralian Jungle Part 6 | 0 views]


Oh God, oh God… Would she recognise me? No, I’m pretty sure she had been looking the other way. I snuck another peek at the girl sitting next to me, I didn’t get a good look at her face that day in the airport but I was positive …

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[26 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Once upon a Beep in Bahrain.. pt 9 | 0 views]

1.00 pm9odfah wmin been kil elnass 3alagny… min yoom shefta w3eeny jat fee 3eena… Jory called again, she needed to talk to Reem, it was still early on the day, and if they talked they can hang out and enjoy the rest of it… 9odfah wmin been kil el…

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[26 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Once upon a Beep in Bahrain.. pt 8 | 0 views]

9:00 am“basaweelkom sandwich 7ada latheeth” said Dalal as they sat on the round dining table in the balcony, she spread some Jam on one slice of bread, and Philadelphia cheese on the other then she handed the sandwich to Khaled.. “9a5na felmicrow…

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[25 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Once upon a Beep in Bahrain.. pt 7 | 0 views]

6.00 amHamad was still on the sofa when Khaled came in, he was trying hard to walk on his tip toes and not wake Hamad. But he stumbled over and knocked down some books placed on the Hall-way table. Hamad opened his eyes, he was half asleep, he tried to…

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[24 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Once upon a Beep in Bahrain.. pt 6 | 0 views]

8.00 pmBeep: Dee we are done with Starbucks and on the way to Lilous, come..Chicken rolls and risotto.. yummy.. come.. call me.. Dalal was still asleep, her phone was on the other side of the bed so the beep won’t wake her up like it does usually. Lil…

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[24 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Once upon a Beep in Bahrain.. pt 5 | 0 views]

Dalal drove without concentrating on the way, she went where her car was taken her, traffic wasn’t bothering her, she wasn’t in a hurry to go anywhere.. Khaled will attend the philosophy class and tell her what she needs to do, she thought to her s…

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[24 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Once upon a Beep in Bahrain.. pt 4 | 0 views]

11 pmShibeeeeeeh alreeeeeeee7 weshbageeeeee min al2alaaam weltajreee7, m7amad 3abdo sang out of Khaleds phone as he was locking the doors of the house behind the guys.“Hmmmmmm…. Laaaaaaaaaa……. Bala Towhim al7een…. Ta3baaaan wallah… bacher…

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[24 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Once upon a Beep in Bahrain.. pt 4 | 0 views]

11 pmShibeeeeeeh alreeeeeeee7 weshbageeeeee min al2alaaam weltajreee7, m7amad 3abdo sang out of Khaleds phone as he was locking the doors of the house behind the guys.“Hmmmmmm…. Laaaaaaaaaa……. Bala Towhim al7een…. Ta3baaaan wallah… bacher…

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[22 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on …. | 0 views]

Regarding the previous post, I’d like to say that I’m all better now, thank you all for your best wishes and kind words.

Yes, it is a true story that happened to me a while back. I wanted to continue the post but i’m in no mood to write. I’m sad, i’m down, and shocked to the core.

Yesterday, tragedy struck.

After her daily morning call to her mother, she went to rest on her bed.
She went to rest on her bed, and never came out.

Just like that,
She left this world, so quietly, so peacfully, leaving behind not only a grieving mother, but a heartbroken husband, a 5 year old kid, and a little baby of 4 months.


الله يرحمها بواسع رحمته، ويجعل الجنة مثواها، ويمسح على قلوب حبايبها ويلهمهم الصبر والسلوان

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[22 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Miss U Mimi | 0 views]

We, as a family, have a very long experience when it comes to pets, (Parrots, rabbits, cats, dogs, gold fish, ducks) LOL, you name it!! I just love being around animals, especially cats, can’t resist them.Couple of days ago, I have a read an article wh…

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[21 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Ye7lamo0n | 0 views]

Oh God, What just happened?
Where am i?

My head is throbbing so hard it hurts.
And AbdulMajid in the background, singing his heart out “Yakhithoonak inta menni, Wallah law yetjanninoon….

I try to open my eyes, but my eyelids are heavy.
I try harder and open them just a bit, but my vision is blurry,
and through a hazy fog, i can see…
A spasm of fear clutches my insides as I realize that i’m actually in my car, looking at a deflated white airbag, music blaring of the radio and broken glass everywhere…

And just then, a cloud of darkness comes and engulfes me, .. and i’m lost in its abyss.

What is that?
I hear noises from afar…
A thud on my car door, metal falling down on the concrete, someone is saying:
Are you ok? “, and “Can you hear me?
But I can’t answer…
I’m struggling to wake up…

I feel someone pulling me out of the car, while others shout:
“Shway shway”
“Deer balik”
Now I’m layed on the raod.
Me, laying flat in the middle of the street.
My mind is up and working overtime, screaming orders at me to stand up. But I can’t. I CAN’T.
I feel trapped in my own body, a bruised body that is so weak, so sour, so traumatized, it has completely surrendered to the pain and would just not obey me anymore.

I can hear some guys debating:
“Did you call 777 ?”
“Ee bs akhaf ye6awloon 3la ma eyoon, o ma yseer we leave her laying on the street long”
“But we can’t move her, lazem il es3aaf yesheeloonha”
“Ana agool nanqilha ilmostashfa bser3a. Ma tadri, she may need urgent help”

Ya rubbi, ma met mn car accident,

I order myself, but myself doesn’t listen.

Now i’m being prepped up, and I can feel a strong set of arms carrying my lifeless body, while another pair of hands are holding my head firm in balance, and ever so gently, i’m being loaded to the back seat of some car.

“Inta soog, ana ra7 ag3ad m3aha wara”

And off we go, car is moving.
My head is barely grazing this guy’s thigh.
And on turns, he holds my head in one hand, while placing the other one tightly on my shoulder to prevent me from slipping and falling.

The ride is long, and quiet.
No one is saying anything.
And all I can think off is PLEASE PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES..


To be continued….

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[19 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Curiosity Killed the Cat ! | 0 views]

Is curiosity a BAD thing? How curious are you? And how far would you go to find the answers for your questions?I’ve been asking my self those questions for a while, is being curious a bad thing? Well, I don’t think so. I’m a curious person myself, I ju…

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[18 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on A Lost Childhood | 0 views]

I have spent the whole evening looking in old photo albums, I mean REALLY old! Talking about the mid-seventies!when ma was a teenager, and grandma looks fabulous in tight outfits! LOL: PWhile I was searching for the perfect photos of my childhood (it w…

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[15 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on What Does a Librarian Do ? | 0 views]

People think that a librarian job , is a dull, lame career which involve only books arrangement and reading the whole day long.

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[13 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Why Do We Get Angry ?! | 0 views]

Most of the time, we get angry over rational reasons. Now, Anger is a normal emotional phase, which we get through from time to time, that’s for sure. But there are days when one can get REALLY upset for nothing. In another word, have you ever s…

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[13 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on من لا يَرحم،…. لا يُرحم | 0 views]

Have you all seen the latest ads on TV:

حملة الرحمة للرفق بالإنسان

OhMyGod I was so touched I had to swallow a big lump that was rising in my throat!!

Ok I admit, I’m a bit sensitive- sue me, but these ads are just… I don’t know.. masterpieces!!

Sara7a 3afya 3laihom, we need these positive, powerful little msgs that speak to ppl’s hearts and conscience, o Allah yesle7 iljamee3.


I’m loading the emails submitted by all of you, and let me tell you… 7addah 3abaalah :-/

I finished writing the 13th email chan at3ab, o decided since I have some free time to write a post instead!


I don’t use MSN, nor facebook.
Mobile o text msgs o yallah!!…

Don’t shake your heads at me and say al7een 3ndich blog o 7altich 7ala o readers o hal sowalif ma 3indich msn?

Eee ma 3indy, o ma3arif aslun how to add a contact :-/

Yesterday however, I decided to check my Glitter email through msn. O faj2a a small screen popped in my face and it was one of my readers!!! Heheheh 7addy ekhtara3t, o 7addy estanast at the same time. Thank you Louj for a lovely conversation :-*


He turns to me and says:”Khalas. Entaha il mawthoo3” !!

But i’m not quite done!!
I was just warming up and I still have some killer opinions on the subject that will make me win the argument.

So I try to say: “But i’m not finished. If you would just……

Only to be cut off with this manic look of his. “ENOUGH, I said khalas, I don’t want to talk about it!“, and he storms out.


As I stand still in shock, unable to understand what just happened, my blood starts to bubble. Offffff 7addy 7addy m3a9sa.

90 minutes later, he calls:
Ha Glitter, ma gelteele, what are your plans for today? Re7tay 3ind ommich?

Hala 7beebi. Yes I was going to, bs hawwant. Madree shfeeni my heart felt heavy so I decided to stay home

Just then it hit me:
Mo ya fal7a, he’s the reason you’re so upset!!

I was so engrossed in Grey’s Anatomy that I forgot all about our earlier argument.
shasawy al7een?
Ashayyin ilnafs 3alaih?

His voice softens: “And what are you doing all alone?

Just forget about it.
Ma yeswa at’thayag o aza3lah.

I sigh and say: “Nothing. Watching TV. Grey’s Anatomy

Ok 7beebti tabeen shy?

La, salamtik

Shoof 7beebi Mr.X:
Tra this time you got off EASY!
Pls la it3eedha and give me a chance to say what’s on my mind next time.
Thank you very much.


هيلة يا رمااااانة
هيلة، هيلة يا رماااانة

أم متعب زعلااااانة

منهو يراضيييييها
أنا، أنا أراضيييييييها

وبوووسة أهدييييييها


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[6 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Perfect Match for the Perfect Catch? | 0 views]

Y – X’s brother, is THE eligible bachelor: Eltizam, akhlaq 3alya, handsome, and all the works. He knows kil shabab ilKwait, o banat’hom b3d, and everybody loves him. That’s why it came as a big surprise to me when my mother-in-law asked me to look for a bride for him!

But khalty, he knows banat akthar menni !!

He doesn’t want any one he already knows, and he asked me to look for someone just like you

I was deeply flattered, my heart danced with joy.

7beebti khalty wala yseer kha6rich illa 6ayyeb, khalli ilmawthoo3 3alay


This was some while ago, and since then, he rejected every candidate I recommended for him.

No, this girl smokes and just too free for my taste.
(Okh. Ma kent adri!)

No, illa hathy. Allah yaster 3alaiha o 3alaina.
(Abbaaaaih !)

No, mo 7ilwa.
(O ba3daiiin?!! )

No, ilthaher sij malech khelg o betge6eeni ay ga66ah.
( Shared 3alaih ballah?!! )

Offffff, 6ala3 mo hayyen, o killish mo sahel.


Trrrrrn Trrrrrrn

I pick up the phone, and on the other end was Khalty Shaikha, the mother of one of my friends.

Hala khalty 7beebti“. Hmmmm, what can she possibly want from me?

Hala Glitter. How are you? And How’s X?
Kelna ib khair khalty, thank you
And how’s khaltich Om X, 3saha ibkhair?
She had a mild case of the flu, but she’s ok now
La la salamat’ha, ma tshoof shar. Tell her ana asallim 3alaiha
Yosal inshaAllah

A bit of awkward silence, then she clears her throat and start saying:
Ella Glitter, I wanted to ask you ….

Na3am Khalty ? ” , I say in anticipation, holding the phone tight.

Ana sema3t inkom itdawroon 3la 3aroosa 7g Y…

I smile.
So that’s why she’s calling!!
Yes, khalty that’s true. O ibsara7a ta3abna m3ah. We didn’t find him a girl he liked yet

Well, ana 3ndy the perfect girl“, she says in triumph.

My smile grows bigger at her tone of voice, mishta66a ya7lailha.
Sij khalty? Mino?

Reham, bint ekhty. You know her, don’t you?

I frown as I remember Reham. Yes, she is lovely and quite beautiful, but…
But Khalty, she is a baby!!

Ay baby Allah ehadach!! ” She shrieked. “Intay ma 3alaich mn il 3omor, you just tell him about her, o shoofay shegool

Bs khalty the age difference is more than 10 years, 7aram y3ny. O b3dain akhaf ma yerthon

Weeeh shloon ma yerthoon?!! Aslun I talked to her mother before calling you and it’s all arranged. She said 7ayyakom Allah, and if he wants to see her before visiting, that can be arranged too

It is all arranged? Min sijha?

Trying my best to hide my shock at her forwardness, I say:
Madry khalty, chinha wayed isgheera 3alaih, maskeena“.

Maskeena? Haw laish maskeena?!!.. Ehya tabi wa7ed edallilha we dalli3ha, 3ad mo togfeen ib 6ereej il bint

Me?? Stand in her way??
Hehehehe, unbelievable!

Inzain khalty, Allah yaktib ma feh ilkhair

And call me to tell me of any developments, you hear?

I chuckle, “InshaAllah


I still haven’t told Y about her :- I

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[4 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Chicken Soup Anyone? | 0 views]

Dear readers, I need your help:

My new friend, a talented chef, who cooks the most magical Chicken Soup everrrr, doesn’t quite believe in herself!!

Her Chicken Soup is not made to be tasted with your tongue, it is made to fill your mind, heart and soul.

Don’t get it?

I ask you to go visit her blog, and come back and tell me what you think, because the problem that I want you all to help me with is to convince her to get published, for she had humbly dismissed the thought claiming that no one would buy her book.

So pls, go now. And if you like what you read, come back here and say “I’ll buy it!


A small note to you:
Won’t let this drop until I come to your book signing @ Virgin!


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[4 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Dear Readers | 0 views]

Please send a blank e-mail to my e-mail for further details about my next story flana.alflan@hotmail.com  Thanks Love Flana xoxo

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[4 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Et ils vécurent heureux jusqu’ à la fin du temps… (Part 20 FINALE) | 0 views]

I walk down the busy streets of Paris lugging my heavy portfolio and trying to balance my 4 inch heels between the cracks in the pavement, out of nowhere a scooter zooms past me knocking my portfolio out of my hand, sending all my drawings in different directions. “Je suis desole” he shouts in the […]

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[4 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on I rushed right in just like a fool, so struck down by you… I didn’t know what to do so I started on breaking my own heart… (Part 19) | 0 views]

“Walla ana akthar Flana… Walla ana akthar” I remained quiet “Flana don’t let go” “I really need to leave” “Flana please let me hold you” After about a whole minute of silence I let go of him and he walked me back to my car, I sat with my feet outside the door and he […]

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[4 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on Mini Feed | 0 views]

**Tawni sema3t salfa o 7addy I got upset. Will write about it tomorrow inshaAllah.

**Got into a mini fight with X.

**Dear you who I saw you today wearing UGGS,
Pls la itkhar3een ilbard!

**Was he hitting on me? Or was he being helpful?

**I’m employed ib a7la shaghla:
Arranging Sweetness’ wedding :-)

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[3 Nov 2008 | Comments Off on The city lights lay out before us, and ur arm felt nice wrapped round my shoulder… (Part 18) | 0 views]

He quickly let go of my hand, I’ve never felt so abandoned… I put my head down and looked at my two hands in my lap, I could feel my cheeks turning the colour of my nails, a light shade of crimson. “Dalal – nice to meet you” she said as she stuck her hand […]