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Around 11 pm, we left the New Year’s party at the in-laws’ house. Mansour kept signaling for me to go to the designated meeting point in his parents’ house so that we could make an unnoticeable getaway to another party he said that was being hosted by some of his colleagues.
Nadia , my sister-in-law, winked […]

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“Madri wainhum Yazzy o Ebrahim laykoon ‘6a3ow?” “Shda3wa Reeno 9ij Yazzy im’9ay3a bas Ebrahimo edalee…akeed fil 6ireej yayeen.”
We sat in the restaurant waiting for them to show up so we could order. My head turned to the…

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I walk up Oxford street with a heavy heart, a red nose, and freezing fingers.

The heavy heart because of an argument I just had with X, the red nose because of the chilly wind slapping my face, the freezing fingers because I left in such a hurry to escape the situation that I forgot my gloves.

I reach Selfridges, push open the door and enter seeking warmth, and some retail therapy.

Lugging my coat on my arm, I try to get all excited about the shopping but I can’t seem to sum it up!
Something purple catches my eye, I go over and pick it up. Mmmm that looks nice. But I simply put it back again. What’s wrong with me? .. ‘Hey, go try it on‘, I tell myself, ‘It’s a great piece!’. But myself malha khelg. I drag my feet around and finally go sit in a corner. Let’s face it : I’m SAD!

How dare he snaps at me like that? I did NOTHING to provoke him, so when he shouted at me for no reason I was dumbfounded. I actually remember taking a few steps back while staring at him with utter shock. Then I turned my back and walked away. Moments later I heard the door slams shut. He simply left!!

I bury my head in my hands. I feel so alone and suffocated. I suddenly pick up my coat and hurry outside. I need some fresh air. I need some icy breeze to cool my aching heart.

Once outside, I walk to a quiet street and lean against the wall. Who is the one person who can make me feel better no matter how sad I am? Who is that one that always manages to show me the good side of any bad situation? .. I reach for my mobile and starts dialing Mom’s number. But before I insert the last digit I hang up. No. I can’t call her. How selfish of me to get her all worried while she’s miles away.

I close my eyes for a bit, what to do ya Glitter what to do?

I reach for my mobile again. But this time I type in a msg. I pause abit to think of what to write, but my heart took over, words tumbling over, and I resume tabbing those letters as fast as I can. I press send and hold the mobile tightly to my heart waiting for a reply while I stare up at the cloudy skies.

Moments later,
Beep Beep
the sound of an incoming msg.

I take a deep breath and opens it.
My eyes go over the words so quickly and I smile.

I re-read it again, and again..
and with each time my smile grows bigger and bigger..

Ok now,
I’d better get back to Selfridges and buy me that purple dress :-)

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Sorry guys been away for few days.. thanks for waiting for the new post.. hope you love it.. ———————————————————————————Dana hardly sat on her seat, she looked up every 5 minutes to see how far they…

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Ok, so ilsoog ib London loo3a. Killa sale o za7ma o mako shy yeswa. 7etta jan6a ma sharait. All that i’m excited about are these 5 pairs of shoes I bought, aaaaaaaand this wicked thing that I had custom-made for me especially :-)

It will take two weeks to finish, but that’s ok coz X is coming back to London mid-January for a business trip and he can pick it up for me then.

That night, X is out with a friend of his for a late ras of hubbly bubbly (shisha- YUCK!), but I don’t care.. I lay my head on the fluffy pillow and I smile to myself.. 7addy metshawga o mstansa 3la nafsy inny legait hal shy finally o made me a special order..

The following day, while we were dining @ this little italian restaurant, X’s mobile rings. He picks it up and it’s his friend from last night…

Athari X Allah e7afthah, told his friend ana wain re7t o shino eshtarait.. Goom ila7beeb- ib salamaat 3omrah, told his little wifey- (which I don’t like that much!), o il7ilwa traced my steps o ra7at ordered the very SAME THING I ORDERED !!

La o shino ba3ad, he is calling my X to tell him to pick it up along with mine when he’s in London next time!!


Somehow, when I put my head on the pillow tonight, I doubt I will be as happy and smiling like i was yesterday ;-/

**ee tra don’t ask me shino it is, coz mn al7een agool lokom tra many gayla ;P

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” I can’t take this anymore..”

“I’m gonna burst!”
“Hpht! Yalla! Ma 9arat..”

“Come on, COME ON !!” 
“SHDA3WA 3ALAIKOM! YALAAA”  I thought to myself.
Just then I started to panic. I couldn’t take it anymore ! I could feel my features slowly growing more and more tense by the second. I took a look to my left and realized the two elderly women who have been standing by the door since I walked in were glancing at each other. Next they started to look me up and down, and give me quizzical looks. This was too much, I couldn’t stand still! Without second thought I walked out trying to think of a new way to solve my dilemma. I looked around and strutted past the elevator. I then froze and slowly my brain started to tick.
Could I ? 
I could be quick. 
No one would see me ! 
I could dash in and out. 
I slowly walked back and stood before the elevator doors and looked at my own reflection. 
“Yallah?” I asked the person looking back at me.  
I quickly pressed the elevator button and ran in when the doors opened. I pressed 1 and held my breath as the elevator got to the first floor and the doors opened. I popped my head out and started to glance around. 
No one. 
The coast was clear ! 
I quickly dashed into the hall and started to look around. 
BINGO ! ” There it was! I quickly walked in.  In a matter of minutes I was more than relieved. I was overjoyed actually. I couldn’t remember last when I felt so at ease ! I washed my hands and pulled my dress down and tried to fix myself. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and laughed at my self remembering how frustrated I was a few minutes ago! All because I simply needed to PEE !
I opened the door slightly, peering out making sure no one was there to see me. When I was sure the coast was clear I slowly walked out heading back to the elevator. I could hear the music from downstairs clearly now.
“A7eb ElBar welMazyoon..
A7eb ElBado welAw6aan ..
A7ebek Gabl Ma Yadroon
Ahle Wahlek Wala el Jeeran..” 
I quickly got excited !  Repeatedly pressing the elevator button, not wanting to miss out on dancing to the song! I unknowingly started swaying to the song, until before I knew I was fully dancing to it like an idiot ! 
“Ding” The elevator had arrived, the bell interrupted my dance. My head shot up as the elevator doors were opening and only then did I notice the figure standing behind me. I quickly turned around gasping ! All I could see was a set of teeth beaming at me. I felt faint. I ran into the elevator and quickly tried to close it. Pressing every button there was, it was as if I had forgotten how to work an elevator. I felt like the short elevator ride was an eternity. I felt mute ! I couldn’t speak or think! I walked back to my seat next to my cousins.
“Shfeech 6awaltay?” asked Reem. 
“Noor, Shfeech?” asked Rawan. 
They looked back at each other and shrugged and went back to watching the girls who were dancing. 
It was as if my brain had paused at that moment. That disgusting moment. 
Ah. The embarrassment. 
& just like that.. elKhayala enters the blogsphere :)


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The tides crawled shyly and tickled Dalals bare foot; she smiled but didn’t move an inch. She covered her eyes with her hands as she enjoyed the stinging warmth of the sun and the tag game the lazy sea was playing with her. she was in no rush. A hand…


[22 Dec 2008 | Comments Off on Once upon a Beep in Bahrain.. pt 18 | 0 views]

The tides crawled shyly and tickled Dalals bare foot; she smiled but didn’t move an inch. She covered her eyes with her hands as she enjoyed the stinging warmth of the sun and the tag game the lazy sea was playing with her. she was in no rush. A hand…

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12.30 am“JoJo.. ““hmm” Jory was half asleep, she was consumed after the disturbing dinner at Reems house..“ta3bana..?” “shway.. day5a.. min el9ib7 ga3da”“tabeen a5aleech..?” Fahad was waiting all night for her to come, he doesn’t …

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Pls check end of post


Sitting with a couple of friends, whom I met today @ Selfridges, the conversation suddenly took a turn to discuss blogs *rolls her eyes*.
That’s when they revealed the identity of two bloggers I follow regularly, and I was GOBSMACKED!!!

I didn’t ask, I didn’t want to know… But the information was like thrown at my lap!!

The first blogger is a girl I simply adore. She’s funny, and never fails to make me smile with each post, each comment.. :-)
She is very real and true to herself, and what you read in her blog is exactly what you can see in real life.
She is in her blog who she really is in real life.. No pretence, no false impressions..
She is one-of-a-kind and I love her :-*

It wasn’t until they blew the cover of the second blogger that my jaw dropped to the floor!!
This blogger is Flana*??!!
Waaaiii masaddig…
She is NOT at all what she portrays in her blog..
She is far, way far, if not opposite, from the image she cleverly painted for herself..

Now is that ok?
to escape your real life and create a world of your imagination where you can be whatever you want to be?

I first frowned at the idea..
But as i’m typing this now, i’m starting to think: “Kaifha!” *shrugs*
Let her write what makes her happy..

As the conversation was nearing its end, my friend carelessly said while signaling the waiter to bring over the cheque :
Now ma boga illa in3aref GLITTER mino!!

Needless to say I almost chocked on my last bite of cake!

++Still away, bytheway!

*Flana = wa7da mn el naaas*

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[19 Dec 2008 | Comments Off on HOYA’s Flash Back | 0 views]

VSYesterday, my friend & I were chatting about cartoons we used to watch as kids.I still remember “Sally”, the sweet little girl who lost her parents and her money, ‘n’ then was forced 2 work as a maid at the school she used to study at, just to su…

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* Yasmeen *

I watched as Shereen turned her bag upside down, letting all the stuff fall on her bed. “Shoo yalsa tsaween?” Maytha asked as she popped her head around Shereen’s bedroom door. “She’s packing! Shoosh wallah chinich yaditty…

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I heart London
Crazy, sparkly, freezing London

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7.30 pmBeep: am outsideBeepBeep..BeepBeep: coming..!!!!!!!!Dalal ran downstairs, she passed the living room where her parents were sitting watching TV. “3ala ween Baba??” her dad asked in genuine concern”kill my self in like you do in the garden every …

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[15 Dec 2008 | Comments Off on Once upon a Beep in Bahrain.. pt 15 | 0 views]

Dedicated to Deewe have 2 days holiday and I promise I’ll post more 2moro, enjoy, waiting your comments ;)———————————————————————————If there was anything special about Dalal, it was her ability to …

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* Yasmeen *

I pressed the button on the intercom and sang as soon as he answered, “Ya Mo7ammed ya salam ya salam ba6il il baaab ya Mo7ammed…”
“3alaich ib 9oot Yasmeeno” and I heard him buzz us in. “Ma 3inda thoo8 hal insaan”

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1 year, 6 months Earlier:

“Faj2etich ??? men meta 7a6a eb rasech tabeen tadreseen barah rayoona?” was the dreadful sentence Um-Nawaf had told her daughter while setting the dinner table. Um-Nawaf was an old-fashioned mother. She married her first cousin, and still complains about the Iraqi war. “Saddamo allah ekhesah” was the beginning of almost all of her conversations. Rayah was her youngest and only daughter after Nawaf. “Mama, 7ayati, sem3eeni” she said trying to butter her up.. “6oul 3omree 3aysha bel kwait yuma, derast hnee, 9ayaft hnee, o la safart, wain re7t? Dubai?? mama wedy ajareb el 3eesha barah, wedi ajareb a3temed 3ala nafsy for once” pleaded Rayah. After a long conversation, Um-Nawaf agreed to talk to Rayah’s father, and that was the little smidgen of hope that made Rayah run to her small room and dial the number she had dialed over a thousand times..”Barrak, Ga3ed?” she breathed into her phone, hoping he was…”Ee roro, shfeech?” his tender voice gave her Goosebumps.”Umy, qana3t’ha! el7ean el7ean ga3da etkalem uboy! mestaw3eb???” she whispered lying back on the fluffy pillows on her bed. “9ej walla??! enshalla yertha, goolay enshalla!” he chuckled. She can hear the happiness in his voice, and that made her happy.Barrak and Rayah had been in the same high school, for two years. Rayah was a year younger than him in school, but 3 years younger than him in age. She was 16 when he came into her life, he was 19. They hadn’t noticed each other the first year, but his senior year was different. All he could see was her; all she could think of was him. He cared for her in the many ways her father or any other man, for that matter didn’t. And when he told her that he had to study in the states, little Rayah promised to follow him when she graduated without thinking twice. She trusted Barrak, and she knew that she wanted to be with him..

[Naïve much? Rayoona, you should have known better 7abebti.. Men are pigs. You’re probably wondering who I am, you can call me the narrator, but that’s sooo grade 10 English class. You can hear me as an over-voice like the suicidal on desperate housewives, but for now, let’s just say I’m someone who can say “I told you so” later on…]

Rayah said her goodbyes soon shut the phone, afraid Nawaf would barge in and see her talking and get suspicious. Yes, Nawaf was the Overprotective kind of older brother. She laid her head softly on the pillows too excited to sleep. For soon, she’d be off to the states with the only person she wanted to be with, and not stuck in this little old bedroom with no privacy at all.

And, for the first night, in 17 years, little Rayoona slept with a light heart and a heavy head of thought…

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9.15 amBeep: JooJoo.. ma bagdar ayeee beetkom.. I need to do something with my mom.. love you.. Jory was disappointed, she was looking forward for their Friday routine, last week they haven’t spent time together, and she have planned so many things tod…

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It had been raining for more than a week, so much rain it made everyday seemed so restless and gloomy. Rayah called Barrak and said she was coming up. It was the third time she came up to see him that week. Barrak carried her excuse of why she came all…

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عيدكم مبارك

عسى أيامكم كلها حب وسعادة
Out of the country for Eid holidays
see you all soon :-*

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*Bzzzzzt* “Movie, Southbank, 7:15, be there!”
I sat in my stripy bathrobe, staring at my phone’s screen. Today was meant to be my stay-home-and-chill day! My face-mask-and-nail-polish day…and I guess it just turned to my mo…