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i was scared what was i supposed to do.. tidodaht..he was eyeing me..o i told nooniie .. ihya ba3ad 5afat, he wore his aviators that had a reflective lence so i didnt know exactly what was he looking at. I parked i got down of my car and headed to choc…

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[28 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Unintentional [Part 6] – Un Ange Passe | 1 views]

…She stared at her phone for a minute. She could feel her heart throbbing. She couldn’t see or hear anymore. Sitting down, she dialed the number she still remembered without thinking twice.Ex?Hey…He sounded worried. She had missed his voice. She fe…

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[28 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Fearless pt.2 | 1 views]

Sorry for the long wait;p been very busy.. Enjoy!H; “oh craap! J! look who just walked inn!”J; “omg! its okay. you look hot tonight. he can see what he missed out on”H; “hhehe yeah;p i hope he doesnt come up here though”just as H said that khaled spott…

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[26 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Unintentional [Part 5] – X,Y, & Z | 0 views]

(Still Reminscing)…

She looks at her phone.
16 Missed Calls

Her phone started ringing again. Without looking at it, she silenced it and put it under her pillow. This is how it was going to be. She couldn’t risk talking to him. At least not now. He stopped calling and started sending messages. She deleted them without even reading them.
I can’t keep playing with his feelings. I can’t be with him. I don’t want to. He doesn’t deserve me, he needs someone who loves him back. I don’t. Her tears started falling. The more she cried, the more she hurt more. I can’t believe I’m doing this. He needs me. I need him! At this point, she had no more tears left and was just sobbing. Pretty soon, she was under her warm duvet and fast asleep.


The days passed. Days, weeks, and now months. She had thought with time it would get easier yet it was just the opposite; the more time that passed the more she missed him. At first she couldn’t stop thinking about him, about him waking up with no message from her. No mid-morning messages either. No calls during her lunch hour. They usually talked on their way back home – him from work and her from Uni. Her sleep got messed up after a while. She slept after Uni and there was no wake up call from him. She lost track of everything; her projects, quizzes, and assignments. She felt so lost at Uni, between her friends, and even her family. When she got angry and needed him to calm her down yet he obviously wasn’t there. She would burst out crying just at the thought. She hated that she was so dependent on him! To think that he had taken over her world would be an understatement. He had always told her that he was with her and there for her. Always. How could I do this? How could I throw away the most important thing in my life?! What I needed and still need the most!

He had cared so much about her. He knew her class schedule by heart. He knew her instructors and professors – which ones she loved and the ones she hated the most. He knew her marks in every class and on every assignment. He knew her Uni friends, school friends, and the ones that were abroad. There was no part of her life which he wasn’t included in and none of which she hid from him. He was her everything.


It came to a point where they were completely out of each others’ lives. He had stopped calling and messaging her. He had even blocked and deleted her off his messenger. It was like a slap on the face when she saw that but she knew there was nothing she could do to make it better. She couldn’t call him, she just couldn’t – what was she supposed to say? I can’t be with you because I don’t love you and that is why I’m doing this? In her opinion, this would hurt him much less.

At the back of her mind, she knew he couldn’t keep away. That this was just a phase. He was inevitably going to call her. He has to call, I mean he doesn’t even know why! The thought alone was a comfort to her. She knew if he called it would only to ask for an explanation and she hoped she would be ready to tell him.

Eventually, she had gotten used to the emptiness. She didn’t check her phone every 5 minutes. She didn’t even bother charging it anymore and more than once she purposely left it at home when she went out. She deleted all his messages and was going to delete his number but what would be the point when she had it memorized?

With time, she almost forgot about him. He was just a shining memory in her past. There were times when she would remember his voice, laugh, and hidden smiles. But they were too subtle to bring her out of her world where she has gone too deeply into denial. She had thrown herself at her studies; studied her heart out, worked on her projects and put way too much effort in her school work. When she wasn’t working, she went out with friends she hardly even cared about. Not even friends but acquaintances. People who she just started hanging out with for the sake of wasting time.


It was 5 PM. Her parents were taking their usual after-afternoon nap. She had just came home from an early-dinner/late-lunch with the girls. Tiptoeing her way to her room, she could feel her phone vibrating in her purse. She didn’t bother taking it out. Who could it be? Nobody calls her anymore. It’s probably one of the girls, she might want something.
I couldn’t care less.

After taking off her shiny black YSL stilletoes, she threw herself on her bed. She cuddled up under her colorful blanket and was ready to fall asleep when she remembered her phone. Lazily getting up, she got her phone from her bag and flipped it open.

1 missed call.

It was him.

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[26 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on عيّدي يا بلادي | 2 views]

كل عام والكويت، وطن النهار، حرة عزيزة أبية


Now no one denys that P2BK was a success. I mean come on, I heard that more than 13 thousand people came in the first day alone!! that is like major WOW!!

The fact they managed to organize such a fabulous event, initiating the most coveted place for young Kuwaiti businesses to show their stuff, getting this much attention.. is just AWESOME!

Hurray for them, o ya36eehom alf ALF 3afya.
Fikra o shoghol yestahloon 3alaih kel taqdeer..

and there’s always a but,
there were some things that annoyed me which could have been otherwise prevented.
Like for example:

*Why take on more than 120 participants?
The place was too small and we ended up with really tiny tiny booths, and even smaller hallways!

*The band was noisy, took up precious space, and was really unnecessary.

*I read in Reema’s blog, here, about some clowns walking around in the crowd handing out tiny pieces of paper that read cheesy things like:
~Proud to be Kuwait that doesn’t own a car <— WTH??
~Proud to be Kuwaiti who is unmarried <— Malah da3y killish!!

*I thought that asking some booths to pack up and close @ 7pm inorder to add some chairs was just rude, and utterly unprofessional. The event closes @ 10pm, and asking SOME to leave while visitors and buyers are still pouring in was an unforgivable mistake.


On another completely different note:

A tasteless lier, you-can’t-trust-your-purse-alone-with person, in-your-face copycat turns to a fashion stylist?!! @@




Now in Kuwait
Beat the Beast
A females only course by the famous Dr. Hana Shams

Release your emotions before they get stored in your organs and cause illness!

The workshop is a mix of new awareness wrapped in FUN!

5- 9pm

For details, pls call 99401916
Or visit their facebook group:

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[26 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Confusion | 1 views]

A few of my readers are confused about my story, please let me know what you would like me to clear up before moving on the next post.I hope you are enjoying the story, none of it is real I am making it up as I go, its just a topic I always wanted to w…

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[26 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Him | 3 views]

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[26 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on MiAmor[5] | 1 views]

The next day, I woke up …extremely early!

Headed off to the bathroom, changed into my white jeans, wore my black(short uggs) and a black turtle neck. Putting my wavy messed up hair down. I cut it, two days ago. It was very long, and I got sick of long hair. So I just cut it up to my neck, with bangs. My hair color was retarded, at night it’s black, but in the morning it would be light brown. And so that goes on to my eyes to, at night its brown, in the morning its hazel. I wore my (ray ban wayfarer rx5121) but I only use them when I read. I applied some blush, and brown eyeliner. Then got out of my room.

I greeted my parents with a kiss on their forehead, and drank milk, then took my (2004 jeep grand Cherokee) keys and headed out to the door.

When I got there, I walked to starbucks to buy me some coffee, so I suggested that I should also get Jassim coffe to.. and so I did.

I walked up the stairs to the library.. sat in one of the tables, started studying a bit of accounting, so I won’t embarrass myself in front of him from not knowing any of the answers.


An hour had passed and he still hasn’t arrived.


1 message received:

    Hey Dalia… sorry, I had soccer practice …and I thought I would finish at 7 since the coach wanted to murder us and made us come at 5 to practice. Anyways, I hope your still in the library, because I’m on my way.



    I’m still in the library(: … I’m dying here to…accounting is ……scary.

1 message

    Yalla I’m on my way to save you;P


Thank god he messaged me, I thought he would ditch me or something… now, now I wouldn’t like that.

    He ran in, with his soccer uniform, and a band in his hair; so his hair won’t annoy him…I’m guessing…


    “JAAAAAAAAAAAD asiff!!!”

    “shta3wa jassim 3adi.. now you’re here so lets get started!”

    “yallah inshala, baas 5aleny ashrb maaay thwany!”


Hi took his water bottle from his bag, and he started drinking so rapidly.





“yala bidaina..?” as he closed the cover of his bottle.

“ee yala!”

2 hours later.

“jassim ta3abt… 3adi na5th break?”

“shrayich inkamla bacher?”

“ee ok..”

“3adel 3ayal”


“ee ba3ad int shaklik ta3ban…ooo nisait!! Ana kint yaybatlik gahwa, bas akeed ibridat!sorry walla nisait 3ana…”

“ya7laich… la 3adi 6awfeeha… tabeen inro7 nakl mokan? Ana misht’hy chithty.. hamburger?shrayich..”



“Sure.. bas la in6awl liana 3andy 7i9a ba3ad sa3tain!”

“ulaaaa sa3tain… yalla bas 3a6eeny digeega aroo7 il 7maam oo abdil hdomy”

“ok, ill meet u in the parking lot”


I went downstairs, to the parking lot. And waited.

He came quickly.. dressed in a navy sweater, and jeans. Still wearing this thing in his head.

Ok now he isn’t hot, hes sexy.

“yala namshy”

“ana la7gitk ib sayarty..”

“ min 9ij? 7asha ta3aly ma3ay…”


“uh.. mm.. ok..” with a hesitation in my voice.

I sat in the passenger seat of his black rang rover.

He opened the fm.. and drove.

“ ha wayn nawya itro7een takleen?”

“shrayik mcdonalds, na5tha take away”


When we got there

“ ha shnawya takleen..i want Large mcchicken with large fries and large coke!”he told the filipino

“mabe shay..”

“la 3ad, bit za3leeny chithy!”

“ la walla maby , shab3ana min il gahwa”

“intay vegetarion?”

“sh3arifik :P”

“guessing.. ok can I have a vegetarion burger with friez and…?shal 3a9eer ily tabena..?”

“gitlik mabe shay ahhaah jad…”*cough*orange*cough”

He laughed.. “orange to go with it.”

We reached to the pay station, and he insisted to pay, but I did not allow that… so he just shoved the money to the Filipino before me.

I gave him the meanest look ever.

“ HAHAHAHAHAH sht3waa !!!!”

“ la wala, mara7 akil chithy!”

“ 3ayal ana ma akil”


“ la mabi 5ala9”

“uf fine fine”

“victory” he winked

I sticked my tongue out.

We got our meals, and he parked the car.

I took off my glasses, and started eating.

“wae3333” I blurted out by mistake..


“ uh .. walashay”

“feeha shay il burger..?”

“la la, bs this person I know and hate is here..”

I turned my face to avoid this person.

“shimsaweelich hatha”he munched his burger

“uh..wala shay . jad forget about it..!”

I was so into my food, before I knew it…


Walaaaaaaaaaaaaiiinn !

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[26 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Fantasy part 8 | 1 views]

“7beeby you sure about this? maf3oulha awal bwal? akeed she wont remember?””Bu Ya3ga, 3la ‘6amanty, slip the pill in her drink o she wont remember anything the next day””Okay, yala ashofik”Ya3goub purchased Rohypnol: A common date rape, from his “drug…

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[26 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Fantasy part 7 | 1 views]

“I..I..ive been divorced for over 6 months, I dont need the pill” I manged to mumble”Okay, okay shofay Fawaz is not here so you take mine, o ana I will go to my doctor on Sunday for more okay?””o.okaay…””Shfeech your shaking, emshay lets get you into…

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[25 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Drama Post # 8 | 1 views]

Two weeks later:

2 weeks of innocent flirting, meeting in Starbucks, walking around in university, sitting together in the back in classes, sending texts whenever they weren’t together, Naylah was content.
Yousif was super sweet. He turned out to be funny, open-minded, friendly, and very smart. Smarter than he looks. He was romantic too. A bit on the corny side, but she didn’t mind.
He sent her a poem, which surprised her. She didn’t know that he writes poetry!!

“Heaven is hazel,maybe a light green.
Once your in, your thoughts cease..
and become amazed by its color.
Once you’ve seen it.
Your life becomes obsessed by it
every single color you see
compares nothing to that heavenly beauty
earthly colors don’t make sense anymore
whats that color that’s so pure?
a color that redefines life
its exists only there
u become blind after that
i am blind
Wheres the green that’s in your eyes
where is my heaven?””

Naylah was shocked.. Happy shocked, not angry shocked or anything. She loved the poem..It made her heart beat a little faster..She quickly sent him a text back (he sent it via sms)..
Moments later..She got worried..He didn’t reply..His turn to get shocked..She couldn’t believe what she just sent..

One message received..

Yousif: Abi achoofech…Shrayech ni6la3 bara3 il jama3a maliat walla..Ha shetgoleen?

Naylah was disappointed. He didn’t reply to what she has sent.

Naylah: Ee ok..wain? ( she tried to be a bit cold, so that he’d realize she was upset)

Yousif: Tabeen Saar Cinema at 6:15? Madagascar is playing? heard its really funny..

Naylah: K.gr8. See u then..

Yousif: Tabeenay americh?

Naylah: no thanks..i have a car..

Yousif: 7obi feech shay?

Naylah: la bas shwaya mash’3oola..see you then..

05: 30

Naylah just finished showering. She made sure to shave her arms and legs well, just in case Yousif held her hand in the movies. She didn’t want to have any stubble or anything. She lathered herself in her favorite body wash, wanting to smell and feel her absolute best for her very important first official date with her hubby.
As for her hair, she decided not to do it straight. All this time spent with him, he had seen her hair straight as a ruler. It was time to be more daring.
She got our her curling iron, and quickly curled her hair in big loose waves.


Time to get dressed. She had been thinking of this all day. And decided to wear a new dress she had bought from H&M last week. It was a short, black dress with a strapless sequin tight bodice and a flared bottom. She wore a light black cardigan on top it, since it was strapless of course:)

One message received

Yousif: emarat fm beser3a

Naylah quickly ran to her bedside table and switched on the radio just as DJ Hassan was saying:

Hay el ‘3naya ehdaaa min galb Yousif 7ag galb 7abeebta blueberry..Smoo3ha ya jam3a!! Jideeda 3ala EMRAAAAAAT FM..

لي صاحب من أول إذا قمت أناديه
الشوق من بين المحاني يشبّه
تقول لي لبيه لبيه لبيه
وأنا أتفدّّى به مع كل لذة

واليوم شكله ضايق ماعرف ايش فيه
من الوصل ريح المفارق تهبه
لو كان ضاق بسبها أجيه وأرضيه
المشكلة ضايق ومن دون سبّة

Naylah felt like she was melting.. How can someone be so perfect?

Naylah: aya 3aliak…oo 3ala il e’3naya…a7la ehda2;)


Naylah was running around her door room, looking for her favorite purple heels. She needed something to spice up the outfit. Once she found them, she quickly ran out, into her car and speed her way to Saar Cinema.


Naylah just reached. She breathed a sing of relief, when she saw that the parking was almost empty. She didn’t want to run into anyone, nor see anyone. This was Bahrain people. People talk for a living. She has a reputation to uphold.
She parked next to his golden Porsche Cayenne. She couldn’t tell if he was in the car, since it was heavily tinted.

One message received:

Ta3alay il sayarah..Aba agoolech shay…

Naylah’s heart was pounding. She was sure that he was upset at the message she sent, the one he didn’t reply to.
Taking a deep breath, she got out of her car, and into his.

Yousif was wearing a black Ralph Lauren polo, with dark blue jeans. His hair was wet,and a bit messy. He had a serious look in his face.

Yousif: Abee agoolech shay
Naylah: 7abeebay gool ily fee balek

With that, Yousif came a bit too close. He put an arm around her waist and whispered in her ear, “abe b3ad abee aboosich”. Naylah smiled and whispered back, “shna6er”.
They both laughed, and went a bit closer. Naylah threw her hands around his neck, as he began to kiss her lips passionately..

She was on air.

Naylah couldn’t believe what she was doing. She couldn’t resist him. He was so perfect, so hot, she couldn’t not kiss him. She was a bit out of breath so she stopped and turned away. As for yousif, well.. He didnt stop.
He began to kiss her neck, softly and gently. Naylah couldn’t help herself..She was about to die..aaaaaahh…..She found herself in his lap..She moved from the passenger side somehow and ended up in his lap.
Yousif looked at her with such intensity it scared her..He said nothing, and began to kiss her again..Over and over..

“My words are the kisses I wish I’d said, but they say kisses don’t last, and words are never dead.” (Author unknown, 09)

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[25 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Fantasy part 6 | 1 views]

Silly silly little girl.I got dressed into my night gown, brushed my teeth, applied my vanilla scented lotion and slid into bed with him. We snuggled at first, sneaking in a kiss here and there. The snuggling become more intense, and the kisses were …

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[25 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Fantasy part 5 | 1 views]

The next few days with Ya3goub were pleasurably pleasant. We flirted, we talked, we flirted and we talked. After prolonged months of Ya3goub and I spending every minute together, I saw him. My ex husband. Khalid.I was meeting friends from university …

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[24 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on After those Beeps.. pt4 | 1 views]

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[24 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on fantasy part 4 | 1 views]

The first few months were blissful, I got what every 19 year old girl wanted, a man who loved and spoiled her, a new car and freedom. He took me out everywhere, we did everything together. Plus we barely kept our hands off each other.The next few mon…

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[24 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on I Can Live Without You, Too: Part XXIII – Swan Song | 3 views]

“Close your eyes.” I giggled. “Chub mabi, akhaf you like stick something in my nose wila tickle me. Mabi!” “Yallah 3ad Shaha, close them! Mara7 asawi shay!” I looked at him; looked deep into his eyes and felt the trust that I needed …

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[24 Feb 2009 | Comments Off on Foolish Games.. (7) | 1 views]

I had no idea where to start. I couldn’t stop looking at him, if I kept this up I wouldn’t even have to explain to Khalood the predicament I’m in, he could easily guess it all. He started walking toward us, sending my mind into overdrive trying to think of one sentence to summarize my sudden uneasiness. I debated the success of attempting to turn back time with my eyes, but after a few squints, I realized it wasn’t getting me anywhere.

“Ghala.. you know that thing you do where you talk in your head and expect everyone else to hear it and understand?”

I nodded absently, still staring back at 3abdil3azeez, “What about it?” I managed to whisper

He adopted my hushed tones and whispered back, “Yeah, it’s not working babe, you’re gonna have to use your words.”

I gave myself a mini-pep talk in my head; Alright G, words, sentences, structure, coherency, you can do it, GO!

I managed to tear my eyes away from his, hoping that I’d regain my composure and the ability to speak properly, words G, WORDS! I looked back at Khalood.

“Mmm boy..” I said unintelligibly as I subtly moved my head in 3abdil3azeez‘s direction. Right, so much for coherency. I decided to try again, “Phone fell, he stepped on battery! Pencil in hair, he pulled it out! Ritaj’s friend’s cousin!!!!”

“Right..” He said as he nodded at me, pretending he understood.

I nodded back emphatically, easily fooled and quietly thanking god for my ability to communicate so well under pressure. Idiot.

“Hold that thought, thiwany bas w arid..”

“Okay.” I mumbled, fighting back the urge to latch myself onto his leg and make him take me wherever he was going, he CANNOT leave me here alone with him, it’s a disaster waiting to happen, it’s unbelievable, inconceivable, un-

My train of thoughts crashed and burned as I saw him walking up to 3abdil3azeez with a huge grin on his face and the next thing I heard was..

“Bo S3ayed!” He exclaimed as they hugged briefly, enthusiastically clapping their hands on each other’s backs.

“7imdillah 3ala ilsalaama!” 3abdil3azeez replied, with his own grin plastered on his face.

My ears switched off as I retreated to my own thoughts again. Wait, what was happening here? What was I missing? I imagine I looked quite silly sitting there by myself, staring down at my coffee cup waiting for it to answer back.

It didn’t get the chance to utter a response. Two large figures cast shadows on my table interrupting my thoughts once again. I looked up expectantly to find Khalood’s face smiling brightly at me and 3abdil3azeez’s smiling at me.. Apologetically?

“I want you to meet my friend, 3azooz,” Khaled said to me.

He stuck out his hand, I looked at it questioningly before deciding to shake it. I hoped to god neither of them saw my sharp intake of breath. The contact sizzled, his hands were so warm and I couldn’t help but feel a little lightheaded at the mere thought of his hands on mine. I reluctantly withdrew my hand and bit back a smile. We touched. For the briefest of moments we touched and it was perfect. Snap out of it G!

“3azooz, this is my better half, Ghala.” He said teasingly as he winked at me. I rolled my eyes.

“Umm.. We’ve actually already met,” 3azeez informed a surprised Khalood.

“Really? You don’t say?” He said as he lifted an inquisitive eyebrow, “It wouldn’t have anything to do with pencils, cousins and broken phones, would it?”

I blushed and stared at my lap, pretending to be absorbed with the fabric of my dress. It’s just like Khalood to say something like that and inadvertently make me feel stupid.

I heard 3azeez’s uneasy laughter, what was wrong with him? “Yeah man, about that, I’m-”

“Hold on! Sorry, I really have to take this phone call” He said, interrupting 3azeez.

Something weird was going on, why did 3azeez look so guilty? What was he about to say? I looked up to find him staring at me, he quickly looked away when he saw me. Weird. He was different today, not teasing, not flirtatious, not the 3azeez I knew. Well, barely knew. I felt like saying something about how he found us, but I didn’t really owe him an explanation, after all, who was he to me? Barely an acquaintance, granted, my feelings might be running a bit deeper than that, but I still felt like I didn’t owe him anything. I decided to make small talk.

“So how do you know Khalood?” I asked politely.

“Huh?” He looked at me blankly. I guess I must’ve intruded his thoughts, he obviously wasn’t paying attention.

“You? Khalood? How do you guys know each other?” I repeated my question.

“Oh, sorry, guess I must’ve spaced out.” Again with the apologies, this was getting weird, “We met a couple of years back in the summer, he came down to the states, we met through mutual friends and sorta hit it off.”

Interesting choice of words. “Oh? And who asked who out?” I said teasingly, hoping he’d return to his old self.

“I didn’t mean it like that!” He said while laughing.

Better, much better. He smiled at me, flashing that dimple, when he stopped laughing, I’m glad he finally felt comfortable again, he seemed really tense. I smiled back and his smile seemed to fade almost instantly. What the hell?

“Listen, I need to apologize, 7addi miftishil madri where to start..” He trailed off.

Apologize? Miftishil? Min shino? My eyebrows furrowed as I waited for him to reply.

“Umm.. Ghala?”

I belatedly realized I hadn’t asked those things out loud, “Sorry! I was talking in my head, forgot you can’t hear me! Why do you need to apologize? Laish miftishil?”

He opened his mouth to reply and Khalood showed up, “I’m really sorry to bail on you like this G, bas il3ayla ilkareema showed up unexpectedly at our house and I can’t get out of it.”

I laughed, “It’s fine hun, shda3wa? At least I got to see you!” I said as I beamed and got up to hug him, momentarily forgetting 3azeez’s presence. He squeezed me back and kissed the top of my head. I noticed 3azeez looked away.

“You don’t wanna come with?” He asked, with his arm around my waist. Khalood had all brothers, his parents always said I was the daughter they never had and were used to me being over at his place.

“And have to deal with your pervert cousins? NO, THANK YOU!”

He laughed, gave me a final small hug and said, “I’ll call you after your exam, shiday 7ailich, haa? Make me proud!”

“Yes, mom!” I said in my most perfect little school girl voice.

He laughed and addressed 3azeez, “Shift shlon ilrespect? Yalla 7abeebi inshoofk ha?”

“Ee akeed, allah ma3ak.”

“You guys should hang out, get to know Ghalooya shway, she’s pretty damn great once you get past the brattiness!”

I checked the impulse to flip him off and decided to stick my tongue out to further display my alleged “brattiness”. He just laughed and walked away.

-Awkward Silence-

He wouldn’t as much as LOOK in my direction. I touched my hair to make sure it wasn’t replaced any snakes. Nope, still me! Not going to turn anyone into stone! I sucked in some air and decided to make the first move.

“You’re still sitting down, do I interpret that as you taking Khalood up on his suggestion?” I ventured.

“Not quite.” He clipped.

Okaay, dagra much? I looked down embarrassedly. He was just making innuendos and suggestions two days ago what happened? Inzain itha mu 3aajbik, GET UP! This is MY table after all.

He realized what he said and quickly amended, “No, I don’t mean it like that, I just don’t think it’d be very wise of us to have a friendship of any kind considering our past? Or your present.” He looked at where Khaled was standing as he said present.

I was beyond confused, “I’m not sure I understand..?”

“Look, I’m not that guy okay? I won’t be stealing my friend’s girl and I sure as hell won’t be sneaking around his back with her, alright? I wanted to apologize for overstepping my limit the other night, I had no idea you were taken, in my defense, you made no move to signify that you were. You may not have any qualms about cheating on your boyfriend but I do. I might want you, but I won’t do that to Khalood.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa… WHOA! Hold your horses, do I at least get to explain before I’m branded with the scarlet letter? Or whatever letter, I’m not really an adulteress, okay maybe wrong metaphor, anyway, YEAH! Can I explain?”

He looked slightly amused but trying to hide it, “Go ahead.” He clipped.

I didn’t know where to start, what was I explaining again? Oh yeah, I’m contemplating cheating on my boyfriend Khalood with 3azeez. I burst out laughing, really? Khalood, my boyfriend? Just thinking of it sent me into another fit of giggles.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t laugh at me.” He looked so serious, it was adorable, I wanted to pinch he cheeks suddenly and the thought of doing that to the same man sitting in front of me with the stony eyes and hard jaw and beyond pissed off face was so funny, I started laughing again.

He got up to leave, “I see that it’s no use even trying to carry out a proper conversation with you.”

“No, no, no! I wasn‘t laughing at you I swear,” I quickly sobered up, “Stay, please? I‘d hate for you to leave with so many misconceptions”

I bit back a smile while waiting for his reply. He said he wanted me. He. Wants. Me.

“Many misconceptions?” He asked.

“TONS!” I replied as I bit back another smile. I knew in the back of my mind I should be offended by his implication that I would ever cheat, but I understood how it must’ve seemed like to him. And I was too busy being flattered by the fact that he wants me. He. Wants. Me.

“I’m listening.” He clipped. He needs to stop being so abrupt with me, it’s strangely making me want to jump on him.

I didn’t know where to start so I just began with the biggest misconception, “Khalood’s not my boyfriend.” I looked up to gauge his reaction, he looked like he didn’t believe me! “Walla! He’s my best friend of thirteen years. He’s the brother I never had. He’s an invaluable member of my family, but he most certainly is not my boyfriend.”

I saw a smile dancing around his lips. Yes, baby, you can do it! Smile for Ghala! Come on, come on!!! Success. He smiled. Sigh.

“You really should stop doing that, you’re tempting me to stuff cotton balls into that dimple!” I said, pretending to be mad at him.

His smile turned into full-blown laughter, now THIS was more like it. “Okay, now I really DO owe you an apology.”

“Oh, yes you do.” I said teasingly. “But I have some thoughts on how you can make it up to me.”

“Oh?” He raised his eyebrow, “How am I gonna do that?”

“Well,” I started, “I have two hours to kill before I need to be heading back to uni and I’m in desperate need for entertainment! So, story of your life, GO! Start at the womb and don’t you dare miss a detail!” I threatened.

He burst out laughing, “You’re crazy, you know that, right?”

I sighed, “I’ve been told, don’t change the subject!”

“Alright, alright..” It was very informative to say the least, he could surprisingly remember a lot of details. I discovered he was the youngest of 5, and was graduating this spring. He was also studying business, double majoring in finance and accounting. Wow. He regaled me with stories from his childhood and pranks from his middle school days and , to my utter dismay, stories about girls from his high school and early college days. I glanced my watch, it was 5:10, I freaked out!

“No, no, no, no!” I said as I looked up. “My midterm is in 20 minutes! I really need to get going! I’m sorry, I lost track of time.”

“Don’t apologize, that means you were having fun. And having fun with me, even better.” He said as he smiled at me flirtatiously.

There was something about his smile that never failed to make me blush, I looked away as I got up and straightened out my dress.

I saw him eyeing my legs and raised his eyebrows at me.

“Don’t even start!” I threatened.

“Hey, I’m not complaining.” He said as he stretched. I glared at him.

I threw a sugar packet at him, where did the sudden familiarity come from? He laughed at my indignation.

“So, not with Khalood?” He asked again.

“Definitely not.” I answered smilingly.

“So, I’m free to pursue you? So to speak.” He asked flirtatiously.

I laughed, “I won’t make the chase any easier for you..” I warned.

“Afa! Inzain, how bout we start with a number?”

“Hmm, how bout we don’t? Bye 3azeez.” I flashed him a smile as I walked away.

“Come on, you have to give me something!” He called out.

I turned around, “Well, you seem like a resourceful man, I’m sure you’ll come up with something.” I winked and walked away.

That day opened up a lot of maybes. I was proud of myself for not automatically reciting my number for him, I marveled over my self control. Maybe it could in fact be this easy. Maybe it didn’t have to end in heartache. Maybe I won’t be disappointed by him. Maybe I shouldn’t put so much hope into this but maybe, just maybe, my hope’s not misplaced this time.

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3 years ago”Yala banat ily jahiz minken yanzil ilqa3a, lat5aloun Hind bro7a ta7at””Inshalah mama, ana jahza, anzil an6er ma3a 5alty Hind”I was 18, my senior year in high school and it was my cousin Samar’s wedding, she was the first grandchild to get m…

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“Hath shfee raylich, kil shahar radich lna tara ilzawaj mo l3b, intay shsawaitay, akeed minich, intay soosa, 9ij bilsha ana al7een ishbasawi shfeech? la shahada, la wa’6eefa, istagfar allah””Mama 7beebty oboch m39ib shway malich shu’3ul feeh, bacher in…

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Khalid: thelfay, a9alan ana ibtilasht feech blsha, mino ‘3airy yabeech, by5a, o di3la, o sa5efa, jaikara o mteena, mat3arfeen itsolfeen? mat7seen? Tadreen shloun intay 6alag bl thalth bly my7af’6ich BARA!I walked out of my husbands house and headed to…

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I am sorry everyone, I wont be posting for a while, I am hibernating bl shalaih for a week, and then traveling with friends for a week.Please bare with me, I truly am sorry but I feel like I am suffocating and I just need space to breathe away from eve…

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Thank you for your kind words, it meant a lot coming from my readers. I wont be posting anything new, but I will however be keeping my blog.Feel free to ask anything, or if you would like to discuss anything at all I dont mind.Thank you once again.

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today @ 6- 10pm


tomorrow @ 10 am- 2pm, 5 – 9pm



Over 100 brands will be participating,

such amazing talents, all special in their own way..

and many of them are my friends :-)

Come and show your support

See you all there ;-*

If you do go there, pls come back here and tell me what you think, what booth you liked best, and if you got to buy anything at all.

Looking forward to your feedback :-*

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A few days back, when I found out I passed 100,000 hits, and no one claimed it bl comments section, I thought ya 7asafaa, khalaaaas… My record has gone with the wind :”(

So you can imagine how happy I was when I checked my email and found this picture:

The lovely Ansam was visitor # 100,000.
Luckily, she had liked how the numbers looked so she took a picture of it and sent it to me- God bless her heart :-)


Later, that very same day,
I check my email again, and to my utter surprise,
I find this:

Another picture, from an old reader of mine!!

Oh dear God, how is that possible?!! @@

Funny, huh?!
Just a little while back I was afraid I lost this number forever, and now I have TWO ;-D

Oh well,


You’re in the List @ 100,000 mokarrar

*Throws glitteri confetti over HF‘s head*
*Kisses her on both cheeks*

Welcome to the record sweetie :-)

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get me so excited, im hot, come on so get it, get and ill open my spot for you anytime you want me to so you can act bad, dont hurt me, look sexy, talk dirty, and ill open my spot for you anytime you want me to get me so excited. For some girls it migh…

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Naylah went over to Yousif. To her suprise, he already got her what she wanted. BTW- there were no words to describe how hot he looked. He ditched his usual kandoora ( emariti national dress) and 3a9ama (the qetra wrapped around the head- in Bahrain we…

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Hey everyone! I posted part 22 (aka I Can Live Without You, Too: Part XXII – Overlapping) with the final three guys. Now all that’s left is the finale, where I reveal who the current bf is. In case you forgot/didn’t catch on – the curren…