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[31 May 2009 | Comments Off on hope pt.26 | 1 views]

JAWA-aaaaaaaahhh bamout min il wanasa !..wa ahkeeran..the dream i dreamt all my life since i was a small kid..me and noonie always wanted to get married and live happily ever after..like nothing can ever rewin this momment…until..my BB flashed the re…

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[31 May 2009 | Comments Off on 1- Intro. | 3 views]

May 31 2009,My friend, Dee and I, Jay decided to finally post something on our new blog. i7im i7im.We thought the best thing to write about is how our day went.It started like any other day, waking up to the snogging and moaning coming from my parent’s…

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[31 May 2009 | Comments Off on (….) Is A Four Letter Word, Part Two: Mr.Ligafa (1/2) | 1 views]

Wednesday February 4, 2009″Ayyyy.” I cried, rolling around in bed. It was 10:00 AM oo ba6ny thabi7ny. I reluctantly got out of bed, wore my cozy slippers and walked into my bathroom. It was freezing in there.I sat down out on the toilet and got a speci…

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[31 May 2009 | Comments Off on To Hold & To Have [16] | 1 views]

This cant get any worse, i thought to myself.  In the middle of all the chaos, i was praying to god that 3abdulla wont get into a fight with this guy. All i wanted him to do was get us out of this situation.

3abdulla pushed the guy away from 3awash.  I held her hand and pulled her to my side, i can see it in her eyes that she was still infuriated of what just happened. 



3abdula: enzain, 5an ni6la3 bara w goulee ish9aar bil’6ab6, mu 7ilwa 9ar5na chithy jidaam el awadim

Due to 3abdulla’s calm and persuasive voice, the guy calmed down and his once tense body relaxed. As happy as i was that this was over, i now realized that the problem isnt completely over. I didnt really now how 3abdulla is going to react to what we did. 

The people started going, each one with a different expression. Some shocked and some with a “thank god im not in there place” expression. Me and 3awaash were still in shock, we looked at each other quietly, and slowly a smile started to form on 3awaash’s face. Uff 7ada mu wagta ti’67aak hathy.

Me: Shfeech? you realize what just happened 9a7?

3awaash: Yea, and were dead

Me: And thats funny?

3awaash: mm, yea
Me: geez 3awaash, are you bipolar wela shay? tawich im3a9baa

3awaash: enzain yalla 5anriid el shalaiih your a mess. w ma siwaat 3alaina gilna nabee kakaaw

Me: eeh wallah..

As soon as we were about to go out, 3abdula came in, i tried to read his expression but he was stoic. He hissed for us to follow him back to the chalet, and we did as we were told. For a few minutes we walked in silience. But how can there be silience if 3awaash is around?

3awaash: So, shgaliik?

I pocked 3awaash with my elbow indicating for her to shut-up.

3awaash: aay reema! 9ij aby a3arif ishgalaa!

I shot her an “are you serious?” look, but  i didnt say a word and continued walking. Whatever she indentded to do, i dont want anything to do with it.

3abdulla: galy ina 3a6aito bottle fy maay ba7aar

3awaash: enzain, and why are you mad?


i jumped to his sudden change of tone, but still decided not to interfere, and just hoped 3awaash will do the same thing. But who am i kidding?

3awaash: excuse me, lat9ari5..

Apparently she saw it as a joke, and from his face i saw that he is about to explode from anger.

Me:  3awaash bas siktaay.

He shot me a cold look and started walking faster. I did the same in order to keep up with him. When we got to the chalet 3awaash ran inside when she realized the rest of my cousins just arrived. I tramped inside and plastered a huge smile on my face.

Me: Hiii, wa a5eeran yaitaaw?

As my cousin blabbered on, i looked back and saw 3abdulla go and greet the rest of my guy cousins.

The rest of the day went smoothly, we played cards, walked on the beach and caught up on some gossip.  At about 2am, we all decided to go to sleep. we said our goodbyes and planned on meeting up at our chalet for breakfast.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth, wore my pjs and jumped into bed. i wasnt really sleepy, so i got my book out of my bag and started reading. After reading for a few minutes, i went to check if 3awaash was asleep, and she was. 

Quietly, i tip-toed outside and sat on the porch looking and the sea and daydreaming. A dark figure sitting on the beach caught my eye,  i squinted my eye a bit then recognized who is was..

Peace, love ,and bunnies

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[31 May 2009 | Comments Off on Making History… KUWAIT! ;) | 1 views]

This is so exciting! 

9ij 9ij ya3ni this is history in the making! 
Do  you know what I’m talking about?
The women in parliament?
I’m watching them voting and organizing right now, it’s SO exciting… 
Masooma Imbarak ya7lailha 7ail midmaja… It made me smile how mishta6a she was when they wanted to see who wanted to run for vice-president.
I LOVE how some of the men are supporting the women.
Did anyone else see the 8asim & what are your thoughts?

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[30 May 2009 | Comments Off on Prison Break Update | 1 views]

I just finished episode 22…I cried so so much.It was the most depressing and tragic yet most beautiful ending ever…I’m going to watch episode 23 tomorrow… is that the final episode?

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[30 May 2009 | Comments Off on Prison Break | 1 views]

I’m continuing Prison Break, the final season.I stopped before at like episode 14 and these past two days I’m watching an episode after another.The series is just heart-breaking…. I still can’t believe what happened with Bellick, poor guy. I keep try…

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[30 May 2009 | Comments Off on *BOO ! | 3 views]

IM BAAAAAAAACK…ive missed u all so so so soo much :p..SO shlonkum..shakhbarkum..hows life?i finished my exams ! woho…matsadgoun il ra7a ily ana feeha al7een..pheww. its been a longs 2 weeks of studying..la3at chabde ! ..instead of studying sometime…

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[29 May 2009 | Comments Off on so who else is bored? | 2 views]

In the spirit of sharing (what? Everyone else is doing it!) here are 25 things about tigerlilly: 1. I mimic noises, accents, actions. It’s lots of fun for me. I don’t do it consciously. It just happens. 2. I love photography…

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[29 May 2009 | Comments Off on Part 10 : And Here Come The Water Works….. | 1 views]

Nayla lay her head on her pillow with pure bliss shining in her eyes. She knew J was the one she’d spend the rest of his life with, espically after he told her about Marwa and the stunt she tried to pull off earlier, She knew he was faithful and all he…

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[29 May 2009 | Comments Off on What about now? pt 10 | 1 views]

Heheheheeee wallah people i’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy!!!!!!!

o i’m sooo sorry ;( this one is dedicated to dazzlin ;)

Enjoy ;***

In Ma3had…

Zaina entered the class feeling weird…looonnng time no see…u know Bader, Na9er,lulu…7AMAD…Awkward much huh?

Zaina: Hello guys…

everyone: hi…hello..ahlaaain…etc.

Zaina: so istanastaw bil weekend?

Na9er: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh…waini o wain L wanasa bil weekend min ‘3air shofat hal wyo0h L sam7a *winks at jana*

Jana: *laughing sarcastically* hahahhaaa…3ad ana i had the best weekend ever! seriously ya3ni 2 dayz without seeing ur face! *looking at Na9er*

Zaina was laughing at them…she looked at 7amad who was looking at her…Bader shot her a smile “a very cute one” ..she blushed and decided she’s gonna start the lesson…

it.hago0n shibi9eer feeha lo 3rifat?

atwa88a3 tistanas …ee ee tistanas…

yimkin ma ya3jibha il wa’63…ya3ni ra7 tin9idim inna ana…

yallah mita y5alli9 L ma3had….a7taaj akallimha!

Ifff….bas hal Bader killa m5arrib 3alay!

lo bas 7amad ma yko0n mawjo0d ana b5air!

7amad’s eyes were between bader and Zaina…same for Bader…he felt something..something was not right…7amad o Zaina?!

lulu~lail7een itfakkir feeha…….a9lan ihya ma tistahlik..ma tistahlik! ana illi a7ibbik ana illi 7abbaaitik min awwal ma shiftik! moo hal Zainoooo illi ma tadri 3aanik!

Zaina: Abbaaaih intaw il yom feekum shay! kil waa7id sar7aan o ifakkir bro07a..shfeekum?!

Na9er: laa bas tadreen illi ma5tha 3agli ma tadri 3anni…

Zaina laughed she knew he meant Jana… cute ;p

Jana: ma feenna shay….*looking at Na9er* o i’6aher bas Na9er illi ga3id ifakkir bro07a..

Na9er: aaaaaahh bas loo tadri 3anni aahhh

7amad laughed at Na9er…he looked at Fawwaz who was lost in his own world….hehehehe akeed basma ;p …Bader was too busy thinking of the right words to talk to Zaina…

Lulu: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy ifff!!! laaaish everything has to be about u! LAISH?!*looking at Zaina*


Jana: haw shfeech faj2a ta7achaitay…tawwich sakta shzeenich ma feech shay!

Lulu:intay siktay! malich shi’3il feeni!

Na9er: heeey 3ad 7addich 3ala Jana!

Lulu: inta ba3ad maleeee8! ya bu 9maaa5 3od!

Jana: heey intay gi’6bay ilsanich!

Na9er: malich shi’3il feeha jana hal ahskal lazim ma tkalmeenhum…moo chithee Fawwaz?

Fawwaz: *waking up from his day dreams* haaa??

7amad laughed at Fawwaz illi ma yadri waain allah ga66a! he didn’t wanna get involved with lulu..cuz he knew that she would shout out loud and say that he loves Zaina…not that he doesn’t…he just felt it would be reaaallly a bad timing especially with Bader around…

Bader: haddaw haddaw…shfeekum?!

Zaina: please tara mala da3i L 9raa5…

Lulu: iffffffffff ma a7ibkum killikum! *looking at 7amad* o inta inta…INTA ILLI…….URRGGHHH!!!!

and she left…she simply got up from her seat and left the class…everyone felt weird…she’s all normal and then suddenly she hates everyone…weird?!

Zaina: okkkaaaaaaay…now there is seriously something wrong with this class!

everyone started laughing….each had his reason…after that she continued the lesson with no interruptions….


In Zaina’s House

Um Zaina: hathi L sa3a L mbarika….

Caller: Allah ybarik feech…illa ta3alay Um 3umar waladna im9ammim innich ma itgo0leen 7ag bnaytich minu ohwa…yabeeha it9eer mofaja2a lamma inyee in5a6ibha..

Um Zaina: NshAllah tamreen amir…

Caller: illa ma glteeli mita ynasibkum?

Um Zaina: 3ala ra7tich 7abeebti…il wagt illi ynasibkum…ynasibni…

Caller: L 5ameees?

Um Zaina: eee L 5amees 5osh yom…

Caller: 3ala 5air NshAllah …yallah 3ayal ma3a L salama…

Um Zaina: 7ayyach Allah 7abeebti…

and the phone call ends…………………


Back to Ma3had

Zaina: ok so i know today’s lesson 7adha maleeeeeeeeeeee8aaaa…bas what to do…lazim a36eekum iyyahaa…any questions…

ofcourse everyone kan imsa66il o busy with their own thoughts… ooooo if ur wondering sh9ar 3ala lulu…she went home ;p and cried like a baby…her mind is the size of a peanut..;p


Zaina: ohhhh…so ibt8ni3o0ni inkum fahmeeeen…

Everyone: *giggles…smiles…laughs*

Zaina: kaifkum…;p tara we’re done o u can leave….

they all left except for 7amad and Bader………..DUH!

Zaina: sooo….ma fahamtaw L lesson? u have questions? what…??

each of them was waiting for the other to leave so he can talk to her privately…

iffff…hatha shakla m6awwil…5ala9 bago0llaha inni abeeha ib maw’6o03…

wallaaaaainn..shakilna mi7na m5al9een o hal 7amad moo ra’6i yathlif…5ala9 bago0llaha inni bakallimha…

Bader and 7amad: Zaina….


Bader waited for 7amad to talk…he gave him “the look”…but 7amad gave it back to him…and ofcourse Bader will never talk to Zaina infront of him especially after he sensed something between them…

i think i’m gonna leave…things are always awkward between those two…a7sanly aro07..

Zaina:…I-I gotta go…Nsho0fkum bacher NshAllah bye :)

she literally ran to her car…and went straight to her house… and she left 7amad and Bader alone in class..


In Zaina’s House

6aiba (Um 7amad): haaa…nafs L yom ?

Um Zaina: ee haw 6aiba masra3 ma nisaaitay…nafs ma glna gabil shway maw3idna yom L 5amees..

6aiba: yallah Allah ytammim hal yom 3ala 5air NshAllah…

Um Zaina: ameen allah yisma3 minnich…


Ma3had again

Bader: 7amad..

7amad (ibnafsia): hmmm..

Bader: shilli bainik o bain Zaina?

ana illi shilli baini o bainha wla int?!…mal boks 3ala wayhik…

7amad: ya3ni shbaini o bainha…jeeran

iffff gmt akrah hal 7amad…59o09an 3ugub ma gimt ala7i’6 inna zaina gamat tihtam fee…

Bader: bs?

7amad: sh8a9dik ya3ni?

Bader: la…wala shay..

Bader was about to leave when 7amad’s voice stopped him…

7amad: inta illi shbainik o bainha…?

Bader: *laughs sarcastically* hahahaa…malik shi’3il…

7amad: 7achny 3adil law sima7t…

Bader: laasih shlon tabeeeny a7acheek?

7amad (got furious): TADRI SHLON?!

Bader: shlon?


Bader: hahahahaaai…’6a7aktni! INT ILLI WA55IR 3ANHA! ZAINA MA TABEEK…


Bader: *laugh sarcastically* nsho0f…

7amad left…he kept thinking of what bader said… Bader was thinking the same way

Nsho0f Zaina bitko0n min ni9eeb minu ya 7amad….

Nsho0f minu illi ra7 tr’6a fee Zaina ya Bader…

THE END OF POST 10!!!! yallah i wanna see ur guesses? ;p shittiwa8i3o0n bi9eeer??! o minu illi 5i6ab zaina…Bader? 7amad? both? or neither? hahahahahaaa…P.S. no posts till the mid of June SORRY bs wallah i have examz!!;(

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[29 May 2009 | Comments Off on part 42 | 1 views]

RAWANOooof oooof oooof ooof!! A7IBA A7IBA A7IBA!!!!!AMOOOT 3ALAI!!!!Right now I’m sitting with him at his chalet that overlooks the beach… oo just imagine, imagine what he did……jahazli picnic!It was the sweetest thing ever!7a6lina umbrella on the…

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[28 May 2009 | Comments Off on Idmaaaan :-( | 3 views]


My Name is Glitter, and I’m a Word-Mole-aholic!!


Yes, *nods her head in shame* ..


It’s a bad SAD case ya jima3a, o 7altyy jiddan sa3ba..

It started with my brother, he got so into the game that he used his devilish genius mind and discovered a BRILLIANT way to cheat and score big !

Me on the other hand, being the miss goody two shoes that I am, did NOT cheat, and concentrated on playing the game as best as I can.

…. And it turned into an obsession! :-(

Sert wana amshi, 3yooni etdawwer new long english words. In Malls, in hospitals: “Gynecology: good word, just make sure you have double G’s, double O’s and double Y’s“.. It’s all I think about..

On the airplane with X on our recent trip I saw “EVACUATION”, The poor guy was talking to me and all I could think of was “Wow, a long word with a V!“, And I start repeating it over and over to myself to memorize it.

It has taken over my life :”(




If you play it,

Which level have you reached?

& What’s the longest word you’ve ever played?

Mine is “Understatements” : 15 letters = BIG score :-D

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[28 May 2009 | Comments Off on WHAT TIME IS IT?! | 1 views]

SSUUUUUUMMMMEEEEERR TIIIIIIIIMMMEEEEE!!LET ME HEAR YOU SAY AAAYYYOOOO!!LET ME HEAR YOU SAY AAYYY-OOOOO!!Finally! but to tell you the truth this year went by sooooooo faast, ya3ny its unbelievable..HELLO TANNING! since im naturally kinda dark, i become …

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[27 May 2009 | Comments Off on Confession Session | 3 views]

Ladies and Gentlemen.. Do i have any Gentlemen readers? Anywaaaaay.. Remember in one of my posts i wrote about something called a Confession Session that i have with Fahad or my friends? Its this thing we do where we confess stuff to each other. Most of the time our confessions are very embarrassing and we do this leman inkon 7adna day5en oo m5arfen oo we hope that the next day the other person

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[26 May 2009 | Comments Off on Part 9 : Give It Up Suga , The Gig Is Up… | 1 views]

After a long and exhausting day at work, J finally turned the keys to open his condo’s front door. He dropped his keys on the kitchen counter top, headed over to the fridge, and took out a nice cold can of red bull. He looked at it with a smile on his face. Nayla knew it was his favorite, but this wasn’t just an ordinary can of red bull, she got it flavored with peach syrup, which seemed to be his favorite.

He popped it open and starting sipping it. He felt the rush of pure bliss go down his parched throat. He let out a sigh of relief. As he did, he took off his black polo shirt, and as he did he revealed his hard core pecks, with amazing biceps and triceps. That image right there would make any woman fall to her knees. He hadn’t noticed that somebody else was in the apartment.

Stranger: Woaah! Now that’s a sight for sore eyes …

When he turned to face his intruder, ready to defend himself; his face turned grim.

J: You again? And how the hell did u get in here?

Answering him: I told you that I still love you

J: It’s more like you wanna stalk me…

Stranger: Aww, your being mean, that’s no way to treat a guest…

J: Trust me, your no guest; now get out before I make you…

Stranger: Ohh, That sounds good to me

J: Marwa, Get the fuck out and I mean it!

Marwa: Oh come on J, stop playing hard to get. You know you still want me …

J: You make my skin crawl, and that’s not a good thing.

She got up off his couch, and slowly started walking towards him. She had a super tight cocktail dress on, with her auburn hair in sexy curls, and a crimson red lipstick that was a great contrast with her cream white skin. She looked divine, but to J, it was something he had already seen before, and was of no interest to him.

Marwa: Come on, I still know there’s some chemistry left between us, you can’t deny it.

She said that as she put her finger on his lips, forcing to him to stop speaking. He smacked her finger off.

J: Don’t you ever touch me again!

And without any clue of what was about to happen next, She forced a kiss on him. Their lips met and whenever he tried to pull away, she’d pull in harder. He finally got her off and pushed her away.

J: She is everything your not, and is the person I chose to be with. Stop trying to be that person and get the hell out ….

She grabbed her handbag, stuffed some stuff in it and left.

He sat down in utter shock, thinking to himself “She’s stooped so low, to try and force herself on me. She is a completely different person now. Thank you god, for opening my eyes …”

He immediately took out his cell phone and start dialing…

Nayla: Heyy baby! I’ve missed your voice…

J: Darling , I’ve missed yours even more, you no idea….

As they were talking and catching up on each other’s days, Marwa took out her video camera, started playing a video, and edited a few things here and there. With a smile on her face, J was in for one hell of a joy ride…..

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[26 May 2009 | Comments Off on To Hold & To Have [15-B] | 1 views]

3abdula: e7mmI wiped the tears from my cheecks and looked behind me. There he was hotter than ever sitting on the couch with a confused look on his face. I think the huge smile still plastered on my face scared him, so he smiled back.Me: emm..I was spe…

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[26 May 2009 | Comments Off on Once in a Lifetime | 1 views]

i dont think i have ever been this happy..i havent been writing in my post..i thought id jinx it..but nw i feel im ready to do so..fahad and i talked and talkedfor days it seemed..we get each other’s jokeswe get each other’s mood swings..i know what he…

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[25 May 2009 | Comments Off on Restaurant Review | 1 views]

Its crap – do not bother

The food kan feeh zafara ‘3air 6abee3iya – even the vegetable dishes

La oo ba3ad fog hatha kileh – we were 6 girls that ordered 4 mains to share and we didn’t touch anything. Oo we paid 50 rials for the meal.

A wasted night out 9ara7a
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Oman Mobile!

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[25 May 2009 | Comments Off on Tried but failed. | 1 views]

Okay so, i tried downloading a template for my blog but miserably failed. I admit, im not a wizz in computers and stuff bas, do i need to be one in order for me to dowload a template?Awaal shay, when i thought i succesfully downloaded it, i was like YA…

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[24 May 2009 | Comments Off on Heart Beeps..(end) | 1 views]

“hey””hello..””I saw you..””I noticed..””This is..””yea.. that is..””I should’ve known..””I should’ve told you..””it’s ok.. I heard..””She told you..?””it doesn’t matter now..””you were too far..””I tried getting closer..””you were too complicated..””I…

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[24 May 2009 | Comments Off on Heart Beeps..(end) | 1 views]

“hey””hello..””I saw you..””I noticed..””This is..””yea.. that is..””I should’ve known..””I should’ve told you..””it’s ok.. I heard..””She told you..?””it doesn’t matter now..””you were too far..””I tried getting closer..””you were too complicated..””I…

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[23 May 2009 | Comments Off on The Tables Have Been Turned (7) | 2 views]
Is this a short post? Im sorry .. i just can’t seem to concentrate for more than a minute these days. So many last-minute assignments and exams, I hope  you like this post, it took so long to write ! I literally re-wrote it about five times, I’m not kidding!
So yeah, and this is dedicated to CuteandCuddly – Thanks so much for your support ;* (Loving the polo story by the way :D )

Juju’s perspective – Diary Form (Still Friday May 13th)

He heard everything…

I couldn’t breathe. I looked up at Sara

“Saraaa ! FUCKKKK…. SARA ! sima3 kil shayyyy !”
“Jooj, chill.. it’s not the end of the world… and plus, you got what you wanted right? You said you wanted to break up with him and now there’s no way you guys are gonna stay together… so yeah, there’s the silver lining”

We had a huge discussion which resulted in me PMSing on Sara’s ass, then stomping off to the balcony to have some alone time, because god knows I need it. I sat there on the balcony, listening to the distant car horns and watching the traffic slowly move. I picked up the phone because I just had to say something to him… I typed up my first message…
‘5alood, I’m sorry’ … I quickly delete that message cause it was too, madree.. it just wasn’t right. I went through about six different messages before I sent him ‘Babe, wallah I’m so sorry… Bas you know what happened with 7amad before…’. That was the perfect message to send.

I sat there, on the balcony listening to music and waiting for a reply from him. Anything would be good, even a break up… I can’t stand him not replying to me, the silence is unbearable. After about twenty long and extremely slow minutes, I heard shouting from the guys next door. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but after they were done one of the guys came out and walked right up to the balcony ledge and leaned on it. He took out his iPod and a cigarette, and started to smoke…
He didn’t realize that I was there,
Again, why the HELL do we share a balcony?
Whatever, anyway … I had no idea what to do, he was leaning against the railing, his biceps emphasized, his skin was tan and his polo shirt just made him look all the more like the perfect beach god, black thick hair- medium length thank God… not the long style so many guys attempt to wear. He had dirty stubble along his manly jaw and was tall, his broad shoulders are followed by a body that has obviously been to the gym a lot.
Just then, my phone started to ring and my brother was calling me. The guy turned back, obviously taken aback by my presence and I silenced my phone and whispered “sorry”.
Oh my god, it was so embarrassing! I stood up to leave but then he said
“Shda3waa stay”, and he turned back, heading inside. I have to admit, I didn’t want him to go! His presence was actually kinda comforting
“No it’s fine, I’ll go… its kind of obvious that you’re mad at something and that you need to be alone or whatever, so I’ll go”
He smiled. OhMyGod… his smile, it was one of those that starts in the corner on one side and spreads, his lips were full and well shaped. Then, when his smile was complete… the dimple on his right cheek began to show… my heart melted, its like his smile reached out and dazzled me, held me prisoner… like a tiger hypnotizes its prey… and I was one happy prey
Then he said, “Since we’re both insisting that the other stays, how about we both just stay?”
I secretly thanked god that he said that and I sat down where I was before, he walked over to me and asked what I was listening to
“Bala 7ub” I said it without looking at him, it was so awkward
“What a coincidence” And he showed me what he was listening to
It was Bala 7ub too… ok, more awkwardness…
He sat down on the chair in front of me and said “I’m Fahad by the way, and you are?”
“Oh, hey… I’m Johara”
The situation could not get any more awkward… il awkwardness w9al 7adda. Luckily I was saved by Sara shouting from inside the room,
“Taboon ityoon ma3ana? Al7een binroo7 Nobu”
“Umm, no thanks … ma7ib Japanese food, plus sushi grosses me out”
“Now that you said that about sushi I insist that you come and try it, yimkin inti mat3arfeen shlon ti6lbeen il sushi”
“I’ve never tried sushi, shakla mb 7ilo”
“la la laaa, lazemm you try it…”

He was so adorable with his pleading eyes, I couldn’t say no to him!

“Ummm ok, why not? Give me twenty minutes w me and Sara will be down fil lobby” I go into the room and shout out “SARA.. GET READY, WE’RE GOING TO NOBU”

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[23 May 2009 | Comments Off on who’s who? | 1 views]

Sometimes when professors give me work to do I wonder if they know the lengths I’ll go to to procrastinate. I was talking about this with somebody and we thought we’d ask you – if your favorite bloggers were TV characters, which ones would th…

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Is this the moment where I look you in the eye?
Forgive my broken promise that you’ll never see me cry
And everything, it will surely change even if I tell you I won’t go away today

Will you think that you’re all alone when no one’s there to hold your hand?
And all you know seems so far away and everything is temporary rest your head
I’m permanent

I know he’s living in hell every single day
And so I ask oh god is there some way for me to take his place
And when they say just touch and go I wish I could make it go away
But still you say

Will you think that you’re all alone when no one’s there to hold your hand?
When all you know seems so far away and everything is temporary, rest your head
I’m permanent
I’m permanent

is the moment where I look you in the eye?
Forgive my promise that you’ll never see me cry 


David cook – Permanent.


Beautiful song! Did anyone watch American Idol? I was sort of disappointed with the results, I like Kris, don’t get me wrong, but Adam has a BEAUTIFUL voice, and whatever he sings, it suits him. Did you see Simon’s face? When they said Kris won?

Ha ha! Poor simon! I mean COMMON! You are on T.V LIVE! You should smile and accept the fact that they voted for Kris! Please don’t judge me, I usually don’t watch American Idol, but I did watch the last three or four episodes or whatever they’re called! It was good!

Next topic: My boyfriend.

He’s sweet, funny, and adorable! He’s fun to hang out with! But there is ONE problem.

He is cheap. It gets on my nerves, I am the kind of person, who just spends money! I love spending it, he doesn’t. He likes to save up money, and then he only spends it on one of the following:

  • Football shirts.
  • ART/Jazeera cards.
  • Football shoes, training suits…

I don’t have a problem with that, really, but I would appreciate it if he would consider getting me something. I’m not asking for a Cartier diamond ring, or a Gucci bag or anything like that, but I like to be pampered every once in a while. For example, on our 18 month anniversary I got him a 55 KD fossil watch, what did I get? A thank you. So on Valentine’s Day I got him nothing, hoping that he would get it, nope, he didn’t, I got nothing for valentines. He’s good friends with my cousin, so she asks him what he got me, and he answers “I am trying to find out what she wants.” So ;* gets excited over NOTHING and in the end, she gets nothing. I cannot believe him. It’s just absurd, I am a girl, I like gifts!


He has NO sense in fashion! He is almost 18, and he still doesn’t like low waist jeans. I am not asking him to show his ass! I am asking him to buy jeans that are not so high, that his ASS looks huge! I’m sorry I’m mean, but it’s the truth I am not going to lie to him, and tell him it looks good on him, when obviously it doesn’t, even his friends and BROTHER make fun of him! It’s the truth. He says they are comfortable! I just get angry and tell him to do whatever he wants cause I GIVE UP.


His friends in university don’t know that he has a girlfriend, his friends out of university don’t know either, only friends that were in school know. Do you know why he doesn’t want to tell him? Because he cares what people think! His parents don’t know either, because they are religious. My mom knows, and all my friends do too. I feel like he just doesn’t want to ruin his reputation. It’s enough that he’s a prude, and barely holds my hands. Ugh! Men.

Okay, I’m done ranting, in the end, I love him, and despite these things, he’s amazing.


Next topic: friends.

I see my best friend, once a month, and if I am lucky twice! Amazing friendship right? Since she started university, she doesn’t call, or ask about me. When I tell her that we should hang out she says okay, and that we will call me, in the end I don’t get a reply. The next day she apologizes and says that she couldn’t make it. It’s funny how she changed. I hate it. I love that girl a LOT, but seriously you can’t give me two hours a week? I’m not just a friend; I’m your best friend, oh well, people change.


Do you know what I want to do? Punch someone, because I feel like it. I miss the days when I didn’t have to worry about anything, or anyone.

Until next time!

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[23 May 2009 | Comments Off on Confessions # 37 | 1 views]

I know i said i wasn’t gonna write until after my exams bas i can’t sleep so i thought why not give my readers a little gift? Love you all :**** WARNING! This is a very detailed explicit post. If you’re not comfortable with this then please don’t read. And if you’re young, this is definitely not meant for you. If you really really want to read bas you don’t want any of the naughty stuff then

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[23 May 2009 | Comments Off on I Need a Miracle: A Cinderella Story: Part 4 | 1 views]

I get super bored of my stories/writing super fast. Faster than you can read this sentence. I know. That’s fast. Recap: “Shlon ma aktha yumma shifteeh? Eyanin!” “Ee oo m2adab ya7laila! Tbadleen?” Thahab joked. Salma couldn’t be…

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[23 May 2009 | Comments Off on On my way to.. | 1 views]

Saturday, 16th may, 5pm:

X stops the car, and I open the door to get out.
3ad methel ma wassaitich“, he says to me.
I smile slyly “Ee khair inshaAllah“, and I close the door.

As I walk towards the school’s gate, I pass by a group of teenage girls who start shouting out “Vote for Flan“, “Flan welly khalleech“.
I nod my head and continue walking.

Seriously now, do they think that I came all the way here in this heat and I haven’t made up my mind yet?? Ya3ni by them shouting out the name of their favourite candidate that i’ll be convinced to vote for him??

I pass by another group who start showering me with cards that say “FLAN Al FLANI”, I decline as politely as I can saying 7aram I take it as I will eventually end up throwing it away.

Now really what will I do with a bunch of cards? ya3ni will seeing whoever’s name printed in bold font will somehow be imprinted in my mind which in turn will make me check the little square before his name when I vote??
What a waste of paper really!

And then, the strangest thing..
As I was just about to enter, a woman comes and whispers in my ear:
Flan ilFlani
I stop and stare as she walks away..
Mn sijha??
La mo ma3qool!!
ya3ni shakly killish mo mal asawwit 7ag hal flan belthaat!!

As I shake my head and continue walking, another woman caught the whole thing, she smiles and says: “Shaklich wayed ib tismi3een kalamha!!
I smile back: “Yeah sure!!

As I enter the school, I can’t help but feel a bit apprehensive.
My heart sends out a little prayer:
May God help me choose who is best for my country

I go to look up my name, check which room I’m suppose to cast my vote in, and for my surprise, and utter dismay, the halls were empty, didn’t see much people except some organizers and a few policemen scattered here and there.. Wain ilnaaaas? wainkom ya ahal ilKuwait? why aren’t you here to vote? !!
This looks nothing like last year :-(
The only advantage here is that I get to vote and go home quickly.

I enter the room, hand out my jinsiya and turn my head around to check the place..
It’s so quiet in here
No one answers back :-/
Was I supposed not to talk?

The lady gives me the paper and points towards the stall.
I go obediantely and place the paper over the table..
My God so many names..
Powerful names..
O names killish malha da3y..

I take a deep breath,
“Bismillah elra7man ilra7eem”,
and starts checking out the squares..
then I fold the paper and go slide it in the box..

I’ve done my duty as a concered citizen


كل اللي رشحتهم فازوا
الله يوفقهم ويوفق الجميع لما فيه خير ومصلحة الكويت

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    My 17 year old younger brother gave me this masterpiece as a gift last year. It was something that he drew for his art class in school. The topic was draw your idol, someone you admire. I don’t know who the hell was my brother’s idol was but he just looks yummy don’t you think? I mean look at those black teeth and that uni-brow. Gorgeous! Did you notice that his idol wears orange

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[22 May 2009 | Comments Off on Mission Anonymous Aborted | 1 views]

An old friend called me today, with her usual bubbly self, last time she called me I cried like a baby all through the phone call and freaked her out, so I had to be cheery..after making fun of my sleepiness she surprised me with..”my cousin wanted me …