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[30 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Part 12 : Your The Reason I Keep Smiling.. | 3 views]

When they finally got to J’s condo after the 20 minute drive, Nayla was the first one out. She practically sprinted to see if J’s car was in the building’s parking space.Since it wasn’t, she took out his condo keys. She asked Moh’d is he could come up …

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[30 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on TA9REE7! | 2 views]

To all my lovely readers….i just wanted to let u know that my story is based on TRUE events TRUE characters, and TRUE description, o Some of the ashya2 9arat in real life…. (NOT EVERYTHING) <–Ya3ni glittery waayiiid im2alfa ashya2 :p

Thats all! Luv u ;**********

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[30 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on It is not always good to recycle… | 1 views]

After the financial crisis I have tried to reduce the budget of my destructive literature, so instead of Cosmopolitan UK and US edition and Glamour I switched to VIVE and GRAZIA the dubai magazines. And to be honest the only difference I felt was in my…

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[30 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on It is not always good to recycle… | 1 views]

After the financial crisis I have tried to reduce the budget of my destructive literature, so instead of Cosmopolitan UK and US edition and Glamour I switched to VIVE and GRAZIA the dubai magazines. And to be honest the only difference I felt was in my…

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[29 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Dominique & Blake 4 | 3 views]

His gaze returned to her. She stood proudly, though her eyes were full with apprehension, and he could not help but recall the way she’d protected her brother, defended him, even when the bastard did not deserve it-he’d not missed William’s bow being lowered in the forest. Yet he’d not been wholly certain, and so he’d let it pass. Still, while he could bring himself to believe that it had been an accident-and it may well have been, though he sorely doubted it-he knew as he gazed at the woman standing before him that she was innocent of her brother’s treachery.

A vision of her hastening after him in the bailey when first she’d arrived at Drakewich, defending her brother’s honor against his insinuations and outright accusations, came back to him.

Why was it the unloved fought so hard to gain what could not be held?

The question tormented him, for he could have been speaking of himself. He cleared his throat, glancing out the window. From this side of the keep, the moon was rarely visible. Once more, the night was black, the stars too far and too few to lend their meager light. He was glad she held a taper.

Tonight he wanted to see her.
She stood unmoving; her exquisite sapphire eyes fixed upon him…as though she feared what he would do next…what he would say. Her breasts rose and fell softly. Recalling the way he’d awakened this morn, cradling her soft flesh beneath his palm, he was undone.

“Where were you going, Dominique?” he asked her hoarsely. “At this late hour.” His hear hammered against his ribs.

Her brows drew together and she shuddered, though the chamber was not cold. “I…” she glanced away, closing her eyes, swallowing.

And he knew.

Yet how could he blame her for something he could not even control in himself? He thought to put her at ease, to tell her so. “Last night happened by no fault of your own,” he told her honestly. “The fault was mine.”

She peered up at him, shaking her head, her eyes welling with tears. “Nay…” she averted her gaze to the bed. “If…if only it were so,” she replied miserably.

“Last night was inevitable, Dominique.” As tonight would be. He swallowed thickly, for betrayal was no easier the second time around. But he could not help himself. “I…” He, too, glanced away, his heart hammering. “I could not stay away,” he said with no small amount of self-contempt. For an instant the silence engulfed them, surrounded them, a silence in which the beating of their hearts ticked the seconds by, drew them out to agonizing lengths.

Her features screwed with anguish as she faced him again, her eyes gleaming with unshed tears. “I-I did not want you to stay away,” she confessed softly, with trembling lips. Blake needed to hear no more.

Dominique cried out softly at the intensity in his eyes. He moved toward her with purpose, and God’s truth, she thought she would swoon. Without a word, he removed the candlestick from her hands, placing it down upon the coffer beside them. Its light shone between them, casting their distorted images upon the white-washed ceiling.

She gasped in surprise as he knelt at her feet, touching her hem. He glanced up at her as he lifted her chainse, silently pleading for her consent. She gave him a jerky nod, and her heart pummeled against her ribs as he bent and touched his lips to the bare skin of her calf. Goosebumps arose and spread, like wildfire, to her arms, her breasts, which ached for his touch.

With a soft cry, her head lolled backward as his lips began a slow ascent upon her legs, first one and then the other. Above her, the orange light of the taper played every motion against the ceiling. Erotic *italic. Every muscle in her body taunted as he moved up the length of her body, inch by inch, lifting the chainse mere fractions each time.

Merciful heaven, she thought she would die with the exquisite pleasure!
His tongue and his lips, they worshiped her, lapping and kissing, nipping at the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs until Dominique swore she could bare it no longer. Yet she could not speak to stop him when he lifted the chainse yet higher, to the apex above her thighs. Her legs trembled traitorously. Clutching the cloth of her gown within his fist, he held it at her belly as his mouth rose, finding and exploring her most secret pars. She swallowed convulsively.

And all the while she watched the ceiling seeing their shadows in motion, her heart tripping wildly.

Dominique felt her legs buckle beneath her, but he was there to catch her. Crying out, she fell to her knees, facing him.

“Shall I continue?” he asked her, his whisper harsh and rasping.

Dominique could not speak. Though she was not certain she could bear it, she nodded, and he proceeded to lift her chainse up and over her head, discarding it.
“I want to see you,” he whispered. “All of you…here by the candlelight.”

Dominique could not have spoken to refuse him, even if she’d wished to. But she didn’t. Once she was bared to his eyes, he merely stared, without touching her, his hands at his sides. And then he lifted on hand to her breast, touching it, cradling it reverently. And then the other. Dominique swallowed, moaning, unable to speak, unable to think when he touched her so tenderly. Her breathing quickened.

One hand left her breast, traveling down her side, her waist, he hip, as though measuring her, and then he retraced his path upwards, exploring her sensuously, and in that moment Dominique wanted to see him as well, give back to him what he gave her.

Her heart pounding, she reached to touch his hem of his tunic as he’d done with her chainse. Their eyes me, and he nodded, giving her leave. Her heart tumbled at her brazenness, but she would not stop. Following his lead, letting it fall from her hands on the floor to lie with her own discarded gown.

Before she could think to stop herself, before she could lose her nerve, she leaned over and touched her lips to his smooth chest. He groaned, his hands going to her waist to hold her, telling her without words that he approved. As never before in her life, Dominique was filled with euphoria.

She wanted to please him, she wanted to love him, wanted him to love her. She wanted to give him anything he desired, everything she owned…her mind, her body, her heart.

Remembering all that he’d done to her the night before, she sought, and found his nipples, lapping them, kissing him, each in turn. Her teeth closed about one peak, and his head fell back, the cords in his neck revealing the tautness of his body. Once again, Dominique felt triumph, even as his response to her touch brought her own body pleasure. Somewhere deep down within her, she reveled in the feel of his body, and it roused her as she’d never thought possible.

Eagerly she explored his chest with her hands and her mouth, rejoicing in the way that his muscles leapt at her every touch.
“Dominique,” he rasped. “I cannot bear it.” He reached out, seizing her hand, taking her fingers where he willed them most-the ties of his breeches.

Her heart leaping with the silent request, Dominique obeyed, unlacing them at once. They fell discarded to his knees, revealing him to her eager eyes. Again her heart tumbled, but for the longest time, she could only stare. He was magnificent.

Once again, he reached out, taking one of her hands from her side. Bringing it between them, his eyes never left hers; he unfolded her fingers, one by one, until she was left with an open fist. Bringing her fingers to his lips, he kissed them one by one, suckling them, wetting them, and then without a word, he lowered her hand to his shaft, guiding her fingers to close about it. She inhaled sharply, the beat of her heart quickening, but she did not resist. She held him, her own body convulsing privately with the feel of him against her palm.

Nor was he unaffected, for he closed his eyes, and his body jerking slightly, his hand falling away.

“I’ve yearned for this-” he swallowed visible “-since the day you bathed me,” he told her honestly, and then he gazed at her once more, his eyes glittering as though with fever. Dominique could not find her voice to speak. Nor could she move. She continues to kneel before him, without the first clue as to what he wished for, her breast heaving. He seemed to understand her dilemma, for he chuckled softly, richly, and the sound was as arousing as her as the feel of his body within her hand

Smiling, the first true smile she’d ever spied upon his beautiful lips, he moved within her fist, once, twice, and then again, and Dominique was undone. He body suffused with heat. “Please,” she cried out, panting softly.

He withdrew, and reached out, sweeping her up into his arms. He lifted her, carrying her swiftly to bed. Though unlike the night before, he laid her down gently, and then stood, staring down at her, slowly, fitting his body against her own. Dominique welcomed his weight, gripping the bed sheets, lifting her knees instinctively. Again he chuckled, and the sound was ambrosia to her senses. He found her, impaled her slowly, embedding himself, and then he stilled.

“Show me what you want,” he commanded her softly, lifting himself and bracing his weight upon his arms to give her room. At first Dominique could not quite comprehend what he asked of her, and then she did. She began to move beneath him, moaning with the extraordinary sensations that burst through her.

She wanted this to last an eternity, wanted to never end… at first the pace was slow, and then, though she tried to restrain herself, she quickened it, gasping aloud when he joined her movements. Instinctively Dominique wrapped her legs about his thighs, bringing him closer against her, wanting him deeper still.

She surged upwards, impaling herself further, and then the pace was lost to them as their bodies took over the mating ritual.

“I cannot bear it,” Blake growled, and then he drew back and began to thrust and withdraw without restraint.

Crying out, whimpering, Dominique met his every thrust, drawing him deeper each time. Until it seemed be touched her very core. In that instant her body shattered into a thousand brilliant pieces.

And still he did not stop. He pumped fiercely, seeking his own release, and Dominique’s heart leaped higher and higher with each stroke. Until she though she would die. He brought her yet another release, and then with a last rousing thrust, he cast his head backward, crying out savagely.

He collapsed atop her burying his face against her neck, and Dominique held him, stroking his back, running her fingers through his hair.

With all her might, she fought the yearning to tell him that she loved him.

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[29 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Carnival Crush Part 24 – set free =D | 3 views]
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were pretty much the same… on Tuesday, my mom surprisingly woke me up at 6:00 AM.

“Jood, goomay!”

“huh? YOMA?’

“ee, goomay”


“shoofay 7abeebty! Ily sawaitee intay akbar ‘3ala6! 3aib inich a9lan tkalmeen wa7id mat3arfeena oo i6ay7een il miyana wiya ba3ad! May9eeer… intay al7een 5ala9 kibartay oo 3igaltay oo it3arfeen il 9a7 min il ‘3ala6 moo chithee?”

“ee yoma!”

“oo tara ana ma a5af minich… ana a5af min il nass ily 7awalaich! Tara idinya it5ari3 ya 7abeebty. Momkin wa7id iyeech oo y5aly nafsa bareeee2 oo min a6yab maykoon oo a5er shay yi6la3 il 3aks”

“ee 3adil kalamich yoma”

“atwa8a3 inich al7een 3arafty ‘3al6itich, moo 9a7?”


“oo ma ra7 it3eedeenha mara thanya’

“wala ra7 afaker”

“ashwa… 3ayal yala goomay badlay bayeebich ma3ay 7eg il camp”

“ya3ny 5ala9 shiltay 3any il 3e8ab???”

“moo kila! Ma ra7 a36eech a’3rathich”

“ok! Mashkoora yoma wayid”

“inzain. Badlay ibsr3a! maly 5ilg an6irich… a9lan zain miny 5aleetich tiyeen” Typical mom “5ams digayig oo ana mashya”

“got it!”

My mom left my room. I opened my closet and got out an offwhite knee high dress, short sleeves, oo sada. Bas kan fee black swarvoski pieces 3ala my right shoulder… I wore a thick black waist belt, with fuschia shoes, and a fuschia marc by marc Jacobs bag (I just love that brand!). I tied my hair into a slick ponytail. For make up, I applied mascara and a pink lipstick and I was ready to go. I left my room….

‘yomaaa ana jahzaaa!!!”

“inzaaain! I5thay il miftaaa7 oo rikbay il sayara ana al7een a5ali9 oo ayeech”

Oo itgooly ana ma at2a5ar 3alaiha… ha!


I went to the living room and grabbed the keys and left the house.

We finally got to the camp.

I missed the sun, the heat, the sight of people, everything! As soon as I entered the camp area… Faroo7 came running towards me with her hands spread wide to hug me “JOOOOOOOOOOD… I MISSED YOUUU”

“hehe meee too farooo7”

“aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww joooooooooooood” noor came walking towards me looking more stylish and goergous than ever!!!

“hehe noooooor” I gave her a hug

“ooohhhhh!!! Joood? YAITAY!!!” li6eefa 6abbat 3alay oo lammatny

“hehehehe la6oooof! Istee3ab!”

“hehe! Sorry! Abaiiii laish ma yaitay?? 9arlich 2 days kashta!!.. oo ma itrideen 3ala our calls, wala shay! Bada3tay!”

“la2, um…. Mobily …. Thayi3!” that was the best excuse I can make!


“ee walla”

“yalla! Feeha 5eera inshalla”

“la6oof! Matwa88a3! It’s a blackberry! Mafee 5eera bilmawthoo3”

“laaaaaaaaa2 faraaaaaaaa7 latgoooleeeeen chitheeeeeee”

“hathee il 9ara7a ya3ne”

“ilmohim! Shiftaw fajer?”

“ee ihya da5il”

“offff tharooory akalimha… yalla ! see you guys, k?”

“ok!” “see ya!” “bye 7abooooby”

I ran to her group’s room, where they told me she is, and I found her talking to someone on her mobile.. lamma shafatny adish il ‘3orfa, wayiha i3tifas oo she pretended she didn’t notice me and continued talking..

“lamooy…. Hehehehe….. laaaaa2 7asafa fatatny……. Lahadaraja?….. hehe abaiiii…….. wallaaa 7asafa…. Ma sajaltay il 7al8a?……. 5ala9 3ady! Ashtireeha min il hindy iliy ybee3 dvd’s….. ee haw! Oo isha’3lita…… eeeee ihwa iyeeey baitkom oo ya36eech ily tabeeena…….. la2 moo shar6 ta6libeen ihwa iyeeb jan6ita ma3a….”

Inshalla it5ali9 ya3ny!

“5ala9 adizlich ra8ma message….. la bas mabe shay, thanks… alla y7ayeech… see you too… bye!”


Lama 5ali9at min il mokalama, lafat, oo as if I was completely invisible, she walked right past me and left the room. Ana bas tana7t ga3da a6ali3 jidamy!!! Hathee moo fajer ily a3arifha!!!

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[29 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Carnival Crush Part 23 – Prison Break | 2 views]
I woke up the next day and found a message on my BB…

1 new message
Mama 0096500000000

يبي تلفونك و الأيبود و اللابتوب و كل
الأجهزة الي عندك و حطيهم في داري
و ترا للعلم ما راح تطلعين من دارك حتى
أقول لك

I had extreme difficulties reading the message…. Yet I made it through!! Hehe…
But noooo…. I can’t live without my ipod, BB, nor laptop…. I just can’t… life will be miserable.

I mean, people always talk about communicating with people oo 9elat il ra7im.. oo ka! This is my way of doing it.. fa technically, illy omy ga3da itsawee 7araaaam…

Yesterday, Thursday, was the longest day in my whole, entire life!!!

So.. okay.. let’s say she grounded me today, Friday, and tomorrow, Saturday… will she not make me go to the camp on Sunday????

I cleared my mind from all my endless questions and kissed goodbye all the electronics my mom is taking away.. and went to my room, slammed the door, and stuffed my head in the pillow and screamed as LOUD as I can….

* * *

7:00 PM

I didn’t hear my mom enter the house, she didn’t even call to check on me like she usually does!!! She simply went straight to her room, trying to forget the fact that I actually exist! How can she do that???

So I just sat, looking at myself in the mirror

What I have done is a terrible mistake and I realize that now, thank god my mom ra7 tastir 3alay oo ma tiftha7ny jidam rabi3ha! Bas kilman beshik itha ma ri7t on Sunday..

That’s when I remembered Fajer… allah ra7amha by not letting her have enough courage to face Fawaz.. wallaaa allah y7bha!!! Oo I have to tell her il salfa 3ashan she knows that.

Oo what about s3ood, what will I tell him? How will I apologize after everything that happened?? Will he accept it or bas ignore me??

I just sat there looking at myself in the mirror, soooo bored I can’t handle this!! I went to my desk, pulled out the drawer and grabbed a deck of cards and started playing solitare.. walla shakly yaksir il 5a6er!!! When I grew bored, I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.

* * *

On Friday, I woke up late since my mom doesn’t talk to me and so she won’t wake me up. i stretched my arms and got up. my hair smelled sooo bad, I desperately need a shower. I took me a shower; and as I was taking it, I was thinking about my name… Jood. It is the lamest, most boring name any girl can have. I mean, you can’t have a nickname. Come on! Like, what? Jwaid? Joodo, jodjod, jojo? Hey! Jojo isn’t bad, is it? That’s it! I came up with a nickname! I wore my robe and got out of my bathroom into my room and got me the hair dryer… when I dried it.. min il fara’3a 6ala3tly il straightner oo ga3adt oo I straightened my hair! Lamma 5ala9t shift il sa3a…. 3:00 PM

OLLLLAAAAA! It’s sooo late!… oo that’s when I realized I was starving! I hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday when I went to the movies with ratooj oo ‘3anoom. WOW! I have to eat right now or I’m gonna die..

With my hair falling to my shoulders and my snoopy pajama wrinkled from sleeping, I slipped my feet into my bunny slippers and finally managed to escape my room.

First I peeked from my room to the hallway, like a prisoner escaping jail! I looked so ridiculous. Then, I sneaked out-baby footsteps- looking around me after every step.. when I finally reached the living room, I was looking behind me and ti9arga3t lama sima3t my mom itgooly

“shim6al3ich intay?” ib kiiiil biroood

“huh? Um…. Yo3ana”


“yoma… abee akil” is she kidding me?

“ana moo giltlich ma ti6li3een min darich?” boroodha ynarfiz

“ee. Bas abee akil”

“riday darich” oo she looked back at the magazine

“yomaaaa?????? Min9ijich?”



“darich…” still looking at her magazine as if she’s suddenly interested… ugh!!!!

I cried and went back to the room… she’s kidding right? I mean, she’s not gonna starve me to death, is she?

I went back to my pillow to scream, but I can’t, I have no energy, I’m huunnngryyyyyy!! Instead, I went back to sleep.

When I woke up again, I looked at my clock, it read 6:30 PM…. i found a tray of food on my desk! God! It feels like I’m prisoned… the tray had a plate of machboos diyay and a glass of water.

Bas maby machboos diyay al7een moo mishtiheeta. Bas my appetite doesn’t matter right now! I ate my whole plate and went back to playing jinjifa… when I was bored I went back to sleep.

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[29 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on What About Now? Part 14 | 1 views]

Hi Everyone! hatha super duper short post! BAS 3ASHAN IT3ARFO0N MINO! 7adkum kisartaw 5a6ri :pPp hehehehe


Zaina: Bader?!

Bader: ee bader…adri inich ma9do0ma,,bas kil ma 7awalt agoollich ikon L wagt moo monasib..

Zaina: Ughhh…ee bas laish? ya3ni shim3na ana?

Bader: *sigh* Ahh… Shift waayid banat bil Kuwait o Amreeka…o kil mukan aro07la lazim iko0n fee bnat, bas wla wa7da feehum nafsich, wla wa7da feehum…7abbait.ha..


Bader leaned closer to Zaina and whispered in her ears…”a7ibich Zaina”

Zaina: ugghhh Bader…Umm ur one of the best men i met in my life…bas 9idamtny..ya3ni ur my friend o i need to think…o now i love u ?

Bader: *smiled* adri inni 9idamtich..o moo mita3yil 3ala hal kilma…o 9ara7atan a3arif kilshay 3annich o atwa8a3 ina 7atta intay…i5thay ra7tich o fakray o ana ra7 an6ir…

Zaina was so shocked she kept quiet..Bader could feel her tense..he could see her playing with her hands and facing the ground…

Bader: *holding Zaina’s hand* Zaina ana ma gtlich chithee 3ashan titwatiraain o tin9admaain..tara we’re still friends…

Zaina: *looked at him and smiled* umm.. 9a7 we’re still friends

Bader: ha 3ayal shlonich ma3a L jam3a…? ;p

Zaina: waayyy Bader killish moo wagtik!

Bader: Hheheheehee…5ala9 3ayal ta7ammilay gargiti!

Zaina: heheheehee..

Bader was talking and talking and talking about all his advetures and funny things that happened to him in Amreeka and zaina was laughing all the time….

Why not Bader…ya3ni i don’t hate him..o i love him bas not that much ya3ni not more than friends o not as much as i love 7amad…bas at least he’s honest o i know i can trust him…

Will she say yes? What will 7amad do? Is this the end?……………U NEVER KNOW :p muhahahhahahahaa (6)

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[29 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on part 27 | 2 views]

jara7: chm mra giltlich latdgen 3ly ana bl shalaih ma3a murtyI walked in to the room, over heard my husband talking to his mistress. This was Jara7 the man who adored me who needed me next to him to fall asleep and now he has a mistress. I ran out of…

Dominique and Blake »

[29 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Dominique & Blake 3 | 3 views]

I am so happy that I’m getting feedback! and thank you Charmbracelet, Anonymous1, Dreamer;*, Anonymous 2, and Love;** for your comments! ;*… This one is dedicated to you:D

Morning rays streamed in through the open shutters, spilling golden light into Dominique’s face. Yet the light was not what first awoke her. From the bailey came the shouts and sounds of men and horses, the chinking and clanging of armor, the neighing of restless mounts.

The next thing she became aware of was the hand cradling her bare breast…the soreness between her legs. Her heart lurched as sultry images from the night came back to plague her. She winced, biting into her lower lip, and shielding her eyes with a hand, stole a glance at the other occupant of the bed. Seeing him lying there beside her, she knew it had not been a dream, and she was at once filled with conflicting emotions-too many to recount.

His eyes were as yet close, and he lay upon his belly with one arm thrown over her chest, pinning her to the bed. The palm of his hand cupped one breast. Sweet Jesus, even now, without as much trying, his touch stirred her body to life. She tried not to note the contrasts of their skin, his dark hand against her pale flesh, tried not to focus upon the feel of his battle hardened fingers upon her smooth body.

She looked, instead, at his face. In sleep, his expression lost much of its harshness. Even the scar upon his cheek was less visible somehow. Wondering again how he’d received it, she stifled the urge to reach out and touch it.

Afraid that the moment would come to an end.

Would he awake despising her once more? Or would his eyes gaze at her tenderly? She was afraid to discover the truth. Afraid because she knew that no matter how he felt about her now-even did he loathe her-she could no longer deny her own hear. She’d given herself freely to him last night, and the worse part of it was that now, in the morning light, she could not even find proper regret.

She was no different from her mother, loving a man she could not have.

Yet at least now she understood.

With a sleepy groan, he flexed his hand suddenly, squeezing her breast, a lazy though reverent gesture. Dominique bit down into her lip, suppressing the telltale moan his touch aroused. And then his eyes flew wide as he heard the heavy, grating sound of the portcullis as it rose. Within the space of seconds, he bounded from the bed to the window. Try as she might, Dominique could not avert her eyes from his nude form as he stood looking though the open shutters. He was a stunning masculine specimen, his buttocks and legs as well muscled as his chest-more so.

“Damn me to hell!” he muttered furiously.
He spun to face her, completely uninhibited in his naked state, his green eyes impaling her. By his expression, Dominique knew it was grave.

She sat at once, searching for her own. Finding it in shreds, she flushed, and lifted the linen sheet to her bosom instead. “What is it?” she asked fearfully. He didn’t respond. Save to come to the bed. He snapped the sheet about jerking it from her in his fury searching for his clothing.

Dominique could feel the blood drain from her face. “What?” she persisted, scrambling to cover herself once more. “You must tell me! What is it? My brother? Has he returned?”

Finding what he searched for-his breeches-he jerked them up from the bed and tugged them on, glaring down at her as he laced his ties. His green eyes smoldered with contempt-for her? Himself? Either way, it pained her to spy it, for she knew at once he regretted what had passed between them last night.

Still she could not.
Her cheeks grew warmer; for she watched him shamelessly despite that he glowered down at her. Despite that her brother might be very well be riding though those gates, and might soon discover her perfidy.

His eyes narrowed with displeasure. “They are leaving,” he apprised her.
For an instant Dominique could not think clearly. “Who?” she shook her head, uncomprehending. “Who is leaving?”
“Graham,” he snapped. With his laces bound at last. He turned to go. “Your betrothed, lest you forget,” he reminded her cruelly. Dominique’s heart twisted with the unfair accusation. God’s truth, but she’d not participated alone! She wanted to shout at him, rail at him, but was too stunned even to speak. He didn’t bother to glance back at her, and slammed the door as he left the chamber.

Chocking back a sob, Dominique found her regret at once. Springing from the bed, she flew at the door, striking it once with her fist, and crying out in anger. Yet her rage was directed more at herself than at Blake, for sweet merciful Christ, how could she me have been so witless last night?

Turning her back to the door, she leaned against it, her limbs quavering. Never had she despised her self more than she did in that instant-never had she felt more the fool. She loved a man who could not love her back…and in loving him, had betrayed the man she was to wed-not to mention her brother, who would surely be enraged.
Aye, she was a fool.

How in God’s name, had she embroiled herself so? Had Graham come upon them this morn? Dominique could not help but wonder. And fret. If he had spied them in just such an intimate lover’s embrace as she’d awakened in this morn, she could not blame him for despising her. Aye and she could well understand why he would go.

Sweet Jesus, what would William say? Mayhap, that was where Graham had gone-to William. That possibility both dismayed her and filled her with hope. For even still she prayed the alliance could be salvaged. It had to be salvaged, for otherwise…well, she could not bear to think of otherwise.

Blake took great pains to avoid her the rest of the day, for Dominique knew very well that he’d not accompanied Graham to London. She discovered that he’d been commanded to remain in Drakewich -an edict that enraged him beyond reason, she knew, because his angry bellows had reached her all the way into her chamber.

Returning the courtesy, she evaded him-Alice, too, for she was in no mood for companionship-busying herself with any diversion she could find. If ever she became the Lady of Drakewich, she would assume the duties of chatelaine. Until then, she has no right to the keys, nor was Drakewich in dire need of her direction. It seemed the seneschal performed his duties all too well. She was not needed here, nor was she wanted, it seemed.

With little better to do, she went to the mews to gain another glimpse of the birds Graham kept, and was astounded once again at the wealth hoarded therein. But standing there, staring at the gyrfalcon, she was accosted anew with every memory and emotion she was trying so hard to forget.

After the news, she visited her palfrey within the stables, making certain the animal was getting the proper care, and then, with nothing more to explore, she closeted herself within her chamber-waiting, though she knew not for what.

Mayhap she hoped he would come to her-and perchance she simply feared to garner his wrath did she meet with him unexpectedly. As of yet, she wasn’t certain what to say to him when she next saw him.

Surely he could not blame her for what had happened between them last eve? Certainly she blamed herself, but he had no right to place the blame solely at her feet-nor would she receive it wholly.

With every hour she spent alone, Dominique’s fury grew. So, too, did her anguish and her confusion. She missed the evening me purposely…yet she wanted nothing more than to see him. She tried to sleep, but could scarcely close her eyes. Whenever she did, the previous night’s memories came back to torment her.

At last she could bear it no longer, and she arose from the bed, tossing off the coverlet, fully intending to seek him out once and for all. She found and lit a taper against the vacuous darkness of the tower chamber. As she lifted it up, she startled suddenly, nearly dropping the taper when she heart the antechamber door open, and then close.

For an instant Dominique froze, uncertain what to do. Holding the candlestick before her trembling hands, she turned to face the door, her heart racing.

It had proven impossible for him to keep his distance.
Even knowing it was wrong.
Even knowing the price they would pay-might have already paid-for he was uncertain that Graham had spied them together.
Like a drunkard after taking his first swill, he was forced to seek another, and another…and another.

Blake had fully intended to spend the night within Graham’s chamber, as far as he could from her-but his feet had continued up the tower steps, defying him even as he commanded himself to go back.

God damn him to hell, but he could not.
And tonight he had not even the wine to use as an excuse

He went with a clear mind, and free will, and a leaden feeling in the pit of his stomach that was the essence of betrayal.

Upon opening the door to his chamber, he found her standing barefoot before him, dressed only in her Chainse. Her auburn locks were loose, her curls wildly disheveled as though from slumber. He tried to speak, but the sight of her staggered him, rendered him speechless. He’d expected to find her abed-had hoped to, or so he’d told himself- so that he could see her, satisfy his curiosity, and then turn and go.
But she was not abed.
And he knew damned well he would not have left her, even had she been deep in slumber.

She said nothing, though her lips parted to speak.
If she asked him to leave, he wasn’t certain he could comply.

The light of the candle illuminated her beautiful face…her brilliant sapphire eyes, and her bosom, clad in the most diaphanous white cloth he had ever beheld. Fine from use, and un pleated, it fell short of her ankles, telling him that the garment was far from new.

It occurred to him suddenly that, while she had fine, new gowns-one less after he’d all but destroyed the one fashioned of his own stolen cloth-the majority of her garments where thread-worn and long outmoded. It led him to wonder that her brother did not value her overmuch. The fact that he’d simply left her, without remaining to witness a ceremony, had seemed strange at the time…yet now it began to make sense. William could not value her, or he would have remained-regardless of the hostilities that lay between them.

If she had been his own blood, he would have remained by her side until the last instant, guarding her honor.

He found himself regretting that he’d destroyed the crimson gown. It was no wonder she’d worn it so often-and no wonder she’d taken such pride in the accursed thing. It was likely the only thing her brother had gifted her with in years. His gaze had drawn to her coffers-merely two, confirming his suspicions. That she should have so little baggage for all her worldly possessions was inconceivable. His gut twisted with the realization and he found himself wishing he could bestow other gowns upon her. Found himself wishing that it were his right to do so.

He found himself wishing she were to become his bride…that he might shower her with all that her heart desired.

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It was the morning of the awaited day, Ahmed is looking as good as he looks…happy..yet you can notice the signs of distress on his face….¬¬could he move on without any regrets…or his life will be stuck to the past if he does so….

It is 5:00Pm now….In and hour…the family of Ahmed and himself will be heading to Shamma’s house to ask for her hand…

Shamma: Ahhh am so happy…am so excited….god I cant wait…bga bas sa3aa lakn this is the longest hour I have ever felt!
Me: Hadee Hadee yala el wagt baymr and you will be officially engaged *giggle*
Sara: Walla Shamma I am so happy for you lol cant wait to see your face when you see him downstairs…that will be so funny…. HAHAHAHHA
Shamma: =$ aihhhh la tfshlone….I’m already blushing…..

Ahmed knew that Sara will be there…. and he knew that in order to forget what happened that night he should tell the truth…. though today wasn’t the right day its his freaking engagement!

Everybody is looking pretty..Hessa as the “sister” looks elegant as usual…her hair is tight up…with some dazzling diamond earring and necklace…a pretty sister in law….

It is six now….the ladies from Ahmed’s family are already at the wife to be place….the men were greeting each other…sharing a laugh…but Ahmed was missing….

Shamma: Wainaa Ahmed ma yaaa..uffff mn awlha yt25rrr?!
Me: Inshalla byoo9al ymkn 3nda sh’3laa tryaww….
Shamma: If he doesn’t knock the door now…im going to go insane…

The room in which the girls were situated at had two doors…one to the main majlis where the ladies gathered…and the other to the patio of the house…. couple of seconds later….the girls door knock…Shamma anticipating that her mother would be behind the door telling her to come down for the engagement….but surprise surprise…Ahmed was behind the door…

Shamma: The door is knocking….Sara can you please open it =$ laykoon umee and its time
Sara: Yalla dgeega….

Sara opens the door….and pauses not knowing what to say….

Sara: Ahmed wh..
Ahmed: shh shhhh
Sara: sho fe a7mad sho fe?!
Ahmed: I need to talk to you quickly just for a second
Shamma: Sara who is at the door?!
Sara: The maid is asking me to see what juices should we send to the ladies….ill be back in a minute..

Sara and Ahmed find a quiet corner at the house where they cant be interrupted or seen…Sara is very confused wondering what had happened and why did Ahmed need to speak to her on the day of his engagement!

Sara: A7mad erms bsr3a before anyone see’s us
Ahmed: Sara 3ndee shai mb raym ansaaa I have to tell you the truth before I take this step of my life.
Sara: Truth? What truth? Ma benee w benk shi! Since the day you saw me you really left me confused by leaving suddenly after hearing MY NAME!
Ahmed: enzeeen this is all because of that thing…..
Sara: what thing?
Ahmed: u5ooch
Sara: Alla yr7maaa
Ahmed: Ameen…
Sara: Sho la da5l u5oya? Whats wrong
Ahmed: well….the day that the accident happened.. I was there too
Sara: WHAT?!….where you that crazy driver that forced him of the road killing him?!
Ahmed: It wasn’t supposed to be that way! It all happened so fast
Sara: and why did you run away?! Why did you leave him to die all by himself….and I thought that you were his best friend!

Sara with all tears and anger goes as far as she could go away from Ahmed!…i went back to the room…and it was clear my eyes had tears…..I did not know what to do….nor did I want to do something that will ruin Shamma’s engagement…but how can I forget what I heard and let her get married to a man like Ahmed…all he cares is about himself….

Ahmed was confused…scared…worried….after Sara sudden leave..he knew that everything will be over….no more engagement…no more joy….all hell see is the inner of a prison sells! Ahmed calls his sister and tells her what had happened…

Ahmed: Hessa I told the truth I told the truth
Hessa: WHAT?! Told the truth to who?!
Ahmed: I told Sara what really happened with her brother!.
Hessa: OMG wagtha omg omg….Ahmed your about to get engaged! You’re running everything for yourself….. ahhh!
Ahmed: I didn’t call you 3lshan t7tshreen!….tell me what should I DO?!
Hessa: I will go talk to Sara! Ill try to convince her to stay silent and never tell another soul…

Hessa goes quickly to the girls room…..she could see that Sara was as sad as she could be…it was really hard for her to say something and didn’t know how to approach Sara…

Hessa: Sara..i know you very upset…and I surly know that you might never forgive Ahmed for the pain he have caused your family..but listen to me….he didn’t mean for anything to happen….he loved your brother more then any other friend…you know how close both were and im sure if your brother was here…hell ask you to forgive him..
Sara: Keef forgive keef…u5ooch was a coward by running away…he left us thinking day and night of who would try to harm someone like my brother or WHY….
Hessa: Sara….Ahmed had never been as sad as he is from what happened….regretting everything and anything that led to the accident…I don’t know what to tell you…but Ahmed is too young…and I do not want his life to be ruined…
Sara: My brother was young too and his life ENDED!! Your brother ma ystahl Shamma…how can she marry a killer!
Hessa: Sara keep your voice down!…shofe….alla kareem w ysam7….who are we to not forgive each other….ely 9ar eb u5ooch g’6a w gdar…that day was his day…you couldn’t have changed his fate…alla katb!
Shamma: Sho feeekm bnat! Why are you whispering w you all look funny lol….
Sara: mafee shi were just crying at the idea of you leaving us and becoming a married life….

Sara ended up forgiving Ahmed….no one else knew about what happened and what Ahmed did…she herself is trying to forget what happened and be happy for Shamma..

Shamma’s day was getting happier and happier by the minute…..it looks like the bracelet did have its charm….love came to her when she was hunting for it so bad…..happiness knocked her door when she was at her saddest….everything was in its place…Shamma felt like a princess…today was her day…lets all be happy life is to short to be sad..the more you smile…the more you laugh…the more happy moments you get is nothing without the people you love…Shamma and Ahmed lived happily ever after for today…lets hope their future remains far from the past.

With love,

The End…

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People! I’m begging you!!!!! I need feedback *pouts* please? pretty please?

Dominique was only vaguely aware that he lifted her Chainse, but she welcomed it…wanted to feel his mouth on her bare flesh…his hands…though with a desperation that dismayed her, she fought the separation of their bodies, clinging to him as though she would die with their parting.
And God’s truth…she though she might. Unable to remover he gown with her mindless struggles, Blake gripped the neckline instead, rending it savagely, jerking it from between them once and for all.

The shock of bodily contact was physical.

He groaned in torment at the feel of her bare breasts arching against him, her pebbled nipples rising to brush against his chest…her warmth, her softness.

Like a man possessed, he rocked against, losing himself a little more with every mindless undulation. He could not see her, but he could feel her, and she felt exquisite.

“Beautiful,” he whispered. The feel of her was ecstasy. “My God, you are beautiful.” And if he didn’t bare himself at once, he thought he would go mad. He fumbled between them for the ties that bound his breeches, and shrugged out of them, gasping aloud as he freed himself, at last. Reaching down, he hooked his arms beneath her knees, raising her legs.

She was a vixen…her brother’s whore…and she incited him to madness-best the truth be discovered sooner, he told himself. For his brother’s sake. The woman beneath him could not possibly be pure. The fire within her burned too hotly for him to believe it had never been kindled before.

In all likelihood his brother had already discovered that fact, and that was why he ordered her out of his chamber.
With that last piercing thought, he positioned himself against her, holding her legs up for his pleasure. He didn’t care. He wanted her to take him deeply, sheathe him wholly. She moaned beneath him in wanton abandon, writhing in expectation of his entrance into her body.

Well, she need wait no longer, he though viciously.
Nor could he
Damn that whore!
He slid the tip of his shaft easily within her, and then surged down against her, groaning with the exquisite tightness of her body ensheathing him.

Dominique cried out with the pain of his intrusion, going still beneath him. Her body began a cold sweat, but clenched her teeth and bore it, knowing the pleasure would come again. Alice had told her so.

She knew it instinctively as well.

Above her, Blake, too, went wholly still. “Damn you,” he muttered. At once he began to withdraw, but the pain had faded, and Dominique could not bare him to leave her now.

Now they were just beginning…
Now she was just beginning…
She wrapped her legs about his waist, holding him in that ageless lover’s embrace.

“Damn me,” he whispered. “Damn me…damn me…God forgive me, I cannot stop.” He lowered himself against her once more, rocking her gently, letting her adjust to his size, his arms trembling with restraint.

Dominique’s fingers skimmed the taut muscles of his arms. Instinctively she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, feeling him, stroking his back, reveling in the width of his muscled shoulders, the heath of his body. Without thinking, she drew his head down to hers, craving his kisses fiercely.

He responded at once, as though he understood what she needed. His tongue flicked out, brushing her lips, and Dominique opened to him wholly. When he teased her mouth, she suckled his tongue, tentatively offering her own in return. His response was a low, guttural moan.

With that small victory, she whimpered softly, wanting to move against her again…as he had before. Mindlessly she rocked against him.

He reached down at once, stilling the movement of her hips. “Do not,” he rasped, and made once more to withdraw.

Dominique followed him with her hips, forcing him within her. Crying out when he withdrew again, farther this time, she grasped the sheets, and followed him stubbornly.

“Dominique,” he cautioned, withdrawing once more, so that the tip of his shaft was all that remained. “You cannot know…”
“I do,” she murmured breathlessly. “I do…” Feeling never more brazen, for this could not be real; she locked her legs about his waist and surged upward, crying out as he filled her at last. “I do,” she whispered euphorically.

Tendrils of heat slithered through her forbidden regions, making her cry in triumph. Never had she imagined such sensations possible.

Never had she dreamed.
“I cannot stop,” he warned her now. “I cannot!” with a harsh cry of his own, he withdrew and surged forward again.

Dominique screamed. “Nay!” she cried. She did not want him to leave her. She never wanted him to.
She wanted this never to end.
She wanted him to fill her this way always.
Just now, there was no world, only the two of them.
There was no betrothal, no brother, and no daylight.
Only the two of them, and the darkness. Tomorrow was soon enough to consider those things.
Tonight she could only think of this. This incredible sensation that tore through her, pulling her into a whirlwind of unconscious feeling. Clutching the bed sheets desperately as he moved against her, Dominique sobbed softly, welcoming him.
Christ…he was mad…she was his brother’s wife.

He could not spill himself within her. He could not, he commanded himself. It would be the final betrayal-though God curse him, or save him, he could not stop.
He could not

Once more he tried in vain to withdraw, and was undone by the silky softness of her. He lost all control then, thrusting savagely, filling her, and withdrawing. When her body tightened and convulsed about him, he arched his head backward crying out, a guttural, tormented sound. Beneath him, Dominique sobbed with her own release, her body convulsing, coaxing his seed from him, and demanding his surrender.

With a last powerful thrust, Blake spilled himself deep within her.
And it was not enough.
He clutched her buttocks, pressing her tightly against himself, undulating once more, and once more, driving his seed into the very depths of her body.
And even then he could not stop.
Tonight, against all mortality, he’s made her his own…and he could not blame the wine.
He was weak and without honor.
And the fault was wholly his own. Tomorrow the price of his sin would be weighed in the full light of day.
But tonight, for the first time since his youth, his eyes glazed with tears. With a low, harsh cry he collapsed atop her, holding her tightly… burying himself within the silence and the darkness.

God help him, his father had been right

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When else can you wear these gorgeous dresses?

Let me list you what I bought so far:

*1st destination: darUSHA

Well, this small boutique has some very unique outfits to offer. And you have to be quick and hurry to their shop as soon as you receive a msg announcing their new arrival because they only get limited pieces of each style, and they always sell out fast.

So, when I received their msg. I grabbed my bag and hurried to their shop. And let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed. I walked out with 4 gorgeous dresses.

*2nd stop: Aisha Al-Fadhel

Now this sweet young thing designs the sweetest, most romantic ankle-length kaftans. And with each season, she is gaining a well-deserved reputation of making the most beautiful dresses there is.

I simply adore Aisha, and I adore her loving family and the welcoming friendly atmosphere. That’s why when I received her msg, I didn’t hesitate to cut my nap short, and go early in the afternoon to her house in Kaldiya.

The street infront of her house was already packed, and I could have kicked myself for not coming earlier!

Anyhow, I went in and was met with millions of friends, and gazillion familiar faces. I picked out two pieces, one of them was ready to take home with me, and the other was to order. Khallast shoghly o ma kan weddy a6la3 mn kether ma kan elwath3 7addah wanasa :-)

*3rd visit: Reem Al-Mudhaf

One word : “Ibdaa3” !

I enter the room, and right then and there I knew I was in trouble! Everything was beautiful, the dresses were to die for. Loved how she paid attention to the tiniest detail. The presentation with the thick black leather album –> very VERY classy.

Sadda3ny rasy, o 3awwarny gulbi becoz I couldn’t choose. Kel dress a7la mn ilthani, and I couldn’t possibly buy the whole collection- could i ? .. No, X would kill me :-/

So I ended up with 2 dresses, and just as I was about to leave, I couldn’t resist and added a third :”)

Reem, You are one of a kind, and I salute you: *Standing ovation*

*Aakher ma7a66a: Alia Al-Hajeri

I visited this charming young lady and found her collection to be adorned with embellishments and embroidery. Too much for my taste, but beautiful never-the-less. I know what she is capable of, and she has an amazing talent, but I loved the previous collection best.

I also loved what she did to her place. Seems that she’s not only has an eye for fashion, but for decorating as well :-)


Now for me,
I don’t bother go no where else,
the above listed names are the BEST there is. Period.

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Everyone has been asking me what I want for my birthday!!! I have never told anyone I want something specific for my birthday except for my sister. Shes the only one where she doesnt have a roof on her budget and neither do I.For some reason we always …

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Im depressed, annoyed, and have a crush on a pimp. I call Rayan, and as usual..she complains.’Waii3 Jawanoo Khaywaleyy ! .. I Hate Him ! He Hurt Uu Wayed!’ And Just Like always I say..’Ya3ney Lazem Asame7 !!.. ‘ And The conversation Goes on the same way. Hmm Maybe It would Be Better Law Adeg 3ala 9bay .. ? He Would Knoww What To doo for sure..! Okay Menu A3arf.. Aw menu I Trust;s.. Yemken Bader Ygdar He Helps.. Ya3ney I ALWAYS Help Them 9a7 ? Its Ringing.. Ambaiih Fashla Its Late At Nightt .. w ana Fathyaa Daga I Take Advice .. Bser3a Aseda! 2 minustes Later My Fone’s Flashing..Bader Ga3d Ydeg !.. ‘Aloo?’ Comes His Voice Ili Ma7eba;oo.. Bas Madre Laiish Rayano0 Mayta 3ala 9outa:P! ‘Ohh Hala Badour!, Shlounik?”Walla Bkhaiir Wentay ? Shfeech 3asa Ma Shar?”Ana Mu Zaina! Tathker Le7mar Ele getlek 3anaa!? MA DAGG !”Gelnalech 5aywalii.. Wetha madag latdgeen Mayestahlech’After This Sentence Words were a Blur. All I Could think about was Mayestahlech. We talked For a while, and then I went To sleep. Walah Inaa 5oush wa7ed I Thought to my self. 7esbat U5u=)
I wake up the next Morning, and Im unusually Happy. I get Dressed And Ask the driver To Drive me To Second Cup;My Friends are Traveling, and I thought I should drop By and Say Hii. I get in the car and call Bader.. ‘Waii3 Madaag !’He laughs..’5aywali 5ala9..”Inzain esma3ni ana 5al a5ale9 aklmik ba3dain.. bas bghet agulek el news”Eee oki .. Yala Bye Jawoon’
Im at second cup.. and oh My God the weather 3ajeib. I wave at my friends and walk over to the table. We all order drinks.I order Redbull&&Rasberryy.. and he pops in my mind. Then i remember..’Mayestahlny’Wee talk and laugh, and that bastard doesnt even pop in my mind. I kiss my friends goodbye.. and head back to the car.
Uuuh ! My room Fawaz Would Like To Add You . Accept – Decline Invitation
Hmm.. I accept.

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Character List;; Jawan- Main Character.Narrator. Rayan- Jawans Close Friend; More like a sister. Is in love with Bader.Joury- Another Close Friend of Jawan, and Also is Like a sister. Lives In a Different Country.Bader- Rayan’s Boyfriend. Fawaz- Baders…

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Heyy Guys.. Hope You Like What You’re SeeingxxSally;;In Love-Always.

Dominique and Blake »

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Warning: Dear reader, before you read this, I have to warn you that this includes detailed sex scenes, and if you do not wish to read then don’t. I am sorry if it offendes any of you, but this is fictional, and let us leave it at that.

Dominique could scarcely believe her ears. Her face flamed with mortification. For an instant she thought he might be speaking to a guard, despite that she’d not spied one on her way into his chamber-certainly not there in the solar. She would have noticed…
Her heart lurched when Blake appeared in the doorway, leaning idly upon the doorframe as he peered within. Yet though his appearance was calm, the look in his eyes was anything but.
They accused her once more, though he said nothing,
He wore only his loose breeches, no tunic, and his hair was disheveled as though from sleep. In the dim light of the room, his flesh was even swarthier; glistening with a light sheen of sweat, for the night was warm.
Had he been there in the solar all along?
How had she missed him?
Had he heard?
It didn’t matter, she wasn’t going anywhere with him. He stood there, as though waiting- well, he could stand an eternity. She wasn’t going. He moved suddenly, as though to come for her. “Nay!” she shrieked hysterically. “I can find my own way!” she bounded from the bed at once, and giving Graham a wounded glance., hurried to the door, hesitating there, for she was forced to go between them. Her heart began again to pound as she glanced from one brother to another, gathering he courage. She bolted past them all at once.
“I’ve no need of escort!” she informed them both haughtily, and prayed he would not follow.
To her dismay, she didn’t get far.
Blake, the cur, was behind her within the instant – curse him! –lifting her up and heaving her over his shoulder. In the space of seconds, Dominique found herself dangling like a sack of meal down his bare back. Shrieking angrily, she pummeled his back with her fists, trying not to note the heat of his bare flesh.
“I despise you!” she hissed at him. “Release me at once, you loathsome cur!” Feeling dizzy, and a little as though she would swoon again, she braced her palms against his back and felt his muscles flinch at her touch.
Adding to the insult, he said not a word as he hauled her up the tower steps to his chamber. No apology – Naught! And Dominique found herself seething by the time they reached the antechamber. To her way of though, he enjoyed this far too much–the arrogant brute! Well, he wasn’t simply going to walk away this time because she wasn’t going to let him! Not without gouging his eyes out!
Kicking open the antechamber door, and then the door to the chamber, he carried her within and tossed her down upon his bed, again as though she were no more than a baggage. But Dominique vowed it wasn’t going to be easy as that. She locked her arms around his neck, refusing to let go, fully intending to scratch his eyes out when she got them within reach.
Screaming, she pulled him down with her.
With a grunt of surprise, he toppled upon her.
Dominique lost her grip–as well as her breathe–with the impact. But that didn’t stop her. She groped wildly for a lock of his hair, grasping it as though her soul depended upon it–God curse his own rotten soul! It would serve him right did she yank every hair out of his head!
At once his hand shot u, seizing her wrist gripping t tightly. “Let go,” he snarled.
“Never!” she replied vehemently. “Arrogant bastard! I’d happily pluck ever strand from your churlish head. How dare you treat me so!”
His thumb pressed harder against the tender spot in her wrist, until Dominique cried out in pain. She still refused to ease her hold.
He sounded as though he could not catch his breath, but Dominique could not tell, for that chamber, despite the shutters were open wide to the night, was pitch-dark. He emitted some sound, something similar to a snarl.
“What the hell were you doing in my brother’s chamber?” he demanded suddenly, arrogantly.
“As though it were any of your bloody concern!” she hissed at him. “Overbearing bastard!”
He clucked his tongue at her in the darkness. “Such language… did you speak this way with Graham, too?” he asked her. “Is that why he tossed you out of his bed?”
“I most certainly did not! And he did not–” “He did,” Blake countered with deceptive calm. The seductively gentle tone of his voice sent a quiver of alarm down Dominique’s spine, for the hold he retained upon her wrist was anything but tender. “You forget I was there, demoiselle,” he taunted her. “Mayhap your brother failed to inform you, Lady Dominique… but my brother likes his women purer than that.”
“Why, you!” catching the gleam in his eyes, Dominique made to strike him, but he held her wrists too firmly.
She twisted and bucked beneath him, and he grunted, as though in pain. “I would not move so quiet so, were I you,” he warned her softly,, and the rocked his pelvis suggestively against her, letting her feel him. “I myself take my pleasures where they are offered.”
Dominique gasped in shock and in outrage.
Though she could not see him in the blackness of the chamber, she could feel his eyes upon her, burning into her very soul… feels his panting breath, warm and sweet with wine… feel his manhood nestled scandalously against her thigh.
Sweet Jesus, she felt that even through her chainse and the cloth of his breeches. It could not be missed!
She swallowed convulsively, stilling her movements at once.
For the longest instant, the sound mirthless, mocking. He bent to whisper against her ear. “I see that I have your attention at last,” he said.
Dominique’s grip tightened upon his hair. God’s truth, mayhap she could no move the rest of her body, but she could make him regret every blessed word he spoke to her!
Pain shot across Blake’s scalp, but he welcomed it. For it kept him from forgetting himself entirely. The feel of her beneath him was too potent a distraction by far. Like some lost soul, he prayed she would not move, and prayed, at the same time, that she would–prayed that she would release him, and was heartily relieved when she did not.
Unable to help himself, he moved against her, and felt himself pulsate. Christ…he thought he would lose control…”Dominique,” he rasped, pleading, and then it was too late. He couldn’t stop himself had he tried. Far too long had he lain upon his pallet…wanting this…
Last night in his tent, he’s awakened, moving against his pallet, thinking it was her… needing it to be so
And now it was, and he was undone.
One arm slid beneath her back and he lowered his mouth, unerringly, to her lips.
Startled by the unexpected warmth of his mouth, Dominique gasped in surprise, opening to him. At once he thrust his tongue within. With a soft cry, she released his hair, dropping her arms to his neck, and helpless gesture sent a new burst of heat singing through his veins, filled him with a triumph that was not his right to feel.
From the first instant, Dominique was lost.
She could not think, only feel… and the feeling was too exquisite for mere words. It was as though she has lived an eternity for only this moment. All thought of denial fled from her head and from her heart…and from her lips…
All she could think of was the warmth of his tongue, the sweetness of his breath… and the softness of his lips as he lapped and tasted of her mouth.
Seduced her.
He tasted oh sweet wine, she thought vaguely. Delicious. Of their own will., her hands wound themselves within the length of his hair…only this time, her fingers reveled n the softness.
That feeling…that same incredible feeling that had sparked to life before–that same feeling that made her yearn so desperately writhed mindlessly to close her thighs against him, around him–began to unfurl once more…simmer…burn…
Moaning softly, Dominique writhed mindlessly beneath him…needing more. He responded with a low, husky moan, and slid down the length of her body. For an instant, Dominique thought he meant to leave her. And to her shock and dismay, she felt only relief when he remained, nibbling and kissing at the heated flesh neck. She arched to give him better access, mindless with the pleasure he gave her, sobbing softly at her wantonness.
But she didn’t care…she’d not let herself care.
She was her mother’s daughter.
“Forgive me,” he whispered.
Dominique wondered distractedly, if he asked it of her…or whether they were her own words…and then she wondered no more, for the hand beneath her back lifted her up, and he moved downward yet again. With a low groan, his lips found and closed about the peak of one breast, toying with it, lapping it, tugging it softly, and suckling like a babe.
Dominique cried out, tensing, though only for an instant, for the shock of his intimacy faded at once with the incredible sensations that burst through her, aroused by his suckling. Whimpering softly, she arched beneath him, writhing, weeping with the inconceivable emotions that swept over her.
Oh god, but she was wicked…wicked…wicked…
And she loved him.
Her hands locked about his head, holding him, fast to suckle at her breast, while beneath him, her body began to undulate of its own accord. He moved down slowly, alternately nipping and kissing her breasts.
In all her life, she’d never felt more confused…more certain of anything…
She loved him.

Blake groaned with pleasure when she accepted him so fully, raising her breast for his will. He suckled her, moving against her in euphoria, knowing he should stop, but unable to force himself to do so.
It was as though his body were not his own. He reveled in the taste of her flesh–pleasing even though the fine linen cloth of her chainse–the warmth of her body, the long length of her legs against his own.
Too much for him to bear.
His hands, flexing, slid down along her delectable curves, slowly, savoring every inch of her committing her to memory…for somewhere in his half-consciousness, he understood…this could not happen again. But this once…He could not stop it. He could not have torn himself away from her even had someone stood above him with sword in hand, ready to plunge it between his shoulder blades.
Gladly he would die for this moment.
God strike him down, but he could not stop.

Do you want me to continue? I need feedback people!!!

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Continued from the previous entry

Then I heard a ‘dinggg’ and the elevator door opened to our floor and I stepped out with tears streaming down my face and I ran to my room.

Once in my room I couldn’t stop crying. It was quiet, and all I could do was think about what happened in the past few days. There was one word (or should I say name) that kept repeating in my head over and over again.


Why the hell was I such a bitch to him? Sara’s right, he doesn’t deserve this. He’s the nicest, most likable guy I have ever met and I threw him away like a kid would throw out an old toy. That’s exactly how I was acting, like a child. A greedy, spoilt, stuck in the past child who still believed that 7amad was going to come galloping on his white horse just like prince charming.

But I’m not stuck in the past anymore. Seeing Masha3el today was just what I needed to get over her, proof that she was a man-loving whore. She just goes from one guy to the next, not thinking about the consequences. I bet Fahad’s just like her, just like 7amad. He probably told his girlfriend (or fiancé in my case) that he loved her, then hours later hooked up with Masha3el. I feel so sorry for the both of them, especially Masha3el. I look down on her, I pity her. W I thank god that she did what she did, she proved to me that 7amad wasn’t worth my time, effort and most importantly love. I realize now that I’ve kept my heart in a box, sealed away because of fear that what happened before with 7amad might happen again, but I’m not going to do that anymore.

Didn’t I just say that I wouldn’t discuss the past? I’m over it. Completely over it. Anyway, I remembered that I didn’t speak to Khaled since I sent him that text message so I looked through my messages hoping to find an unread text message from him, but to my dismay, there was nothing.


From Khaled’s Perspective

Rja3t ils3oodya 3shan I didn’t know what to do. Shift her message
‘Babe, wallah I’m so sorry… Bas you know what happened with 7amad before…’
Keif tigdar itgool babe ba3d ilee 9ar? Ba3d kl ileee 6ila3 mn famha itgool ‘babe’. Bas it’s true, a3rif aish 9ar ma3 7amad w I kinda take the blame for what happened. I shouldn’t have said I love you, maybe it was too soon? Maybe I should have waited until she said it first? Ma3rif, I’m too confused right now. A day passed w I didn’t reply to her message w she didn’t send anything. Does that mean she thinks it’s over? Wla yimkin she thinks that because I didn’t reply that I want it to be over? Ufff ilbanat marra confusing!

I decided to send her a message and just forget about everything that happened, just continue as if masma3t shay because as I said before, me telling her ‘I love you’ made all of this happen, so I sent her this

‘When are you leaving Dubai? Ab’3a ashoofk’

That was simple, and I did want to see her, talk to her face to face about what I heard, and what I was going to do until I heard what she said.


Juju’s perspective, continuation of the diary entry

Right after putting my phone down, disappointed that he didn’t reply to my message, my phone vibrated indicating that I received a text. 

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[26 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Carnival Crush Part 22 – realization | 3 views]
Hey everyone ;**… enjoy
I opened my eyes at the sound of noise; a lot of people talking at one time, a sour taste, and something cozy under my head. Wait, there are other sounds… what are they? Trolleys? Yes trolleys! I opened my eyes, and the ceiling above me was moving quickly. What the hell is going on here? I think I hit my head, and ouch… it hurts!

I decided that everything would be much less confusing if I closed my eyes again.

* * *

“Ha dictor, binty shlonha?’

“i6aminay, ma feeha ila il salama. Bas lazim tirta7 shway”

“ya3ny mita ra7 ti6la3?”

“mita matgoom oo it7is inha misti3ida itrid… itrid. 5alty lat7ateen tara ma 9ar feeha shay.”

“eeeeh, inshala.. mashkoor”

I was listening to them with my eyes closed. I still wasn’t ready to open my eyes, but I was gathering all my energy to do so…. I want to go hooome!!!

After several minutes, I opened my eyes.. everything looks blurry!


“hala yoma” I whispered, but I don’t think anything was heard… I cleared my throat

“7abeebty.. 7AYATY.. shlounich al7een? Rasich y3awrich? Day5a? yo3ana? Goolay goolay.”

“yoma, ma feeny shay. Bas aby arja3 il bait”

“7ather 7ather 7ather” she ran to the side of the bed to help me up “yaallllaaaaaa…. 3afya 3afya wala…” suddenly her voice was sharp and serious when she said “oo tara 7sabich ma3ay”

Riiiight… I forgot about that part!

Lama wi9alt il bait oo ga3adt… ma midany atsanad chan tabdy il zafa….


Ma wa3ait ila s6ar yany on my left cheek… chan a7i6 eedy 3ala 5ady oo abchee… bichait 7aaaaaaiiiiiiil…


My mom is 3a9abiya her whole life… and I’m so used to it… but I never saw her that angry before… not even when I ripped her chanel dress before going to my cosin’s wedding.


Oo she left the living room and slammed her room door…

What have I done? I never expected Fawaz to be that devil he turned out to be… but how? How can he act SO damn good and LIE TO MY FACE and tell me he loves me… and s3ood, dear s3ood, all he ever wanted was to avoid this problem as much as possible… He kept giving him dirty looks, he slapped him, hit him… FIGHTED with him for me… how come I was so stupid, so blind, not thinking about the consequences… Love is stupid.. it doesn’t even exist! I know it from my experiences now… I’m done with love.. DONE… I can’t do it anymore.. I wasted years of my precious teen years searching for my true love… thinking he’ll be there, thinking we’ll love each other from first sight… that’s STUPID! I’M STUPID for believing those insane fantasies. S3oood was right… he was damn right about everything. I didn’t listen to him, I ignored all his attempts to protect me even after I messed up with him in the carnival. He even convinced his mother to fire Fawaz because he wanted MY safety, he didn’t want anything like this to happen to me…

I cried waaaay too much, more than anyone can, my cry turned to an ugly cry.. where you make all those funny faces and noises trying to get it all out.

I’m stupid

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[25 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Summer Fling 3 | 2 views]

Hellow!!!! This is H!!!I dedicate this post to…..Kilmin bil Kuwait allah 3enkom 3ala il ‘3abar oo il 7ar!!!Salmooli 3ala il Kuwait!!;p Miss u!!!!!oo 2 kilmin eb Ameereca…Miss u!!!!oo 2 Kilmin eb Franca… Yala mita eb tiyoon!!!oo 2 kilmin eb Swissr…


[25 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on I Can’t Live Without You, I Just Can’t [1] | 4 views]

Note: There’s so much drama in the blogosphere it’s unbelievable. It’s almost like being back in Middle School. I thought this was supposed to be a place to get away from all the real life crap and have a sort of online sanctuary? …

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[25 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Flana on Twitter | 2 views]

Hi everyone, another announcement, I’m on Twitter now you can follow me here – @flana_

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[25 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on What About Now? part 13b | 2 views]

Missed u my readerz! hehehee ;*** this one is dedicated to EVERYONE! ;p


7:30 pm

She reached home and ran upstairs…she locked herself in her room, took a bath, curled her hair and wore a simple dress that she already had in mind since yesterday…

incoming call “Ya Far7a Ma tammat”

Zaina: aaalo0o0o0….Haaa??!!

fara7: Zaino yallah nizlay il naas ta7at!

Zaina: chathaaaba abbaaaih!!! shifteehum??

fara7: la2 la2 lail7een ma dashait…ommi galatly 6illay 3ala zaina o 3ugub adish o intay itdisheen waraay…

Zaina: ifff Zain…kani L7een banzil…


Fara7: OMG!

Zaina: shinu??!! fee shay ib sha3ri?! WHAT?

Fara7: Your dress…

Zaina: shfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh??



Fara7: *ib buro0o0o0d* glbee

Zaina: eee bas wain shlon mita o laish o madri o ba3ad…

fara7: yaw yaw yaw! shga3da itgo0leen? :p

zaina: haa? madri ifff asti7i!


Zaina: haa? weee ok intay dishay 3ala ma ana aro07 aglib nafno0fy o ayii..

Fara7: hehehe ok…

Zaina: Fara7!

Fara7: ZAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIINAAAAAA! ya a7la na7laa! :p (dedicated to Um S3o0od) ;p

Zaina: CHUB! umm….minu titwa8i3aain?

Fara7: heeheeeh madri…7AMAD! :p

Zaina: *sarcastically* hahahahaa..yallah go

Fara7: WEIRd! ok ;p


Fara7 entered the living room dying to know who’s the lucky man for her sister….

Fara7: OH-MY-GOD!


Ifff Ifff Ifff! moo ra’6i yinglib sh.hal nafno0f il Di3la! *8alliding fara7* lazim tishtireena 7ilu … waay abbaaih Zaino ma 3indich tho8! ….ifff wai3 KILL ME! ….abbaaih mobiley ga3id irin! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Zaina: haa mama…ok ok now bayee..

she went down the stairs nervous….her heart was beating a million beats in a minute, she was curious and scared of what will she see..and whether he will be “the one”


She took a deep breath and entered the room…she knew the mother…”what is she doing here?” she thought to herself…”no..it can’t be….HIM she sallimed 3ala everyone then sat on the couch her mom pointed at….it was a bit far from all the noises where “HIM” was waiting for her looking handsome wearing his white crisp dishdasha..and shooting her his million dollar smile…


ADRI ADRI…WALLAH MA99A5T.HA :P BAS I’M LUVIN IT! 6AMZ ITGOOLLY UR EVIL 7ARAAM 3ALAAAIICH…BAS HEHEHEHEE shasawwi i have to be “glittery” :Pp next post u’ll know I PROMISE! ;************ LUV U!

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7addi fa’6ya ….
I’m drinking Laban Up :p

7addi Fa’6ya…..

I’m eating kakaw IM3AFFIN!

7addi Fa’6ya….

I gained 7576985789 kg BAS TODAY!

7addi Fa’6ya….
I’m reading blogs garayt.hum for the 20th time!

7addi fa’6ya….

I’m looking at my scho0l’s yearbook illi a8dam minna maku!

7addi fa’6ya…

I’m refreshing this webpage for 100000th time!
7addi fa’6ya….

7addi fa’6ya….

so i guess i’ll go write a new post xD
7addi fa’6ya….

7addi Fa’6ya….


7addi Fa’6ya….

Fa 8arrart i stop writing hal post L faaaa’6yyy!!!

Hehehhehehee i guess i made it clear inni waaaaaaaaaaaayiiiiiiidddd fa’6ya! ;p

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Remember how I said I was gonna do this Thing in 10 posts. Ive done 2 already one about my mom which apparently was a HUGE hit. LOL. The other one was about how I look. Well tonight I was out to dinner with some friends and this discussion came up and …

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[24 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Sh9ayer?? | 2 views]

I noticed lately ineh ako wayid nas are getting very worked up about other blogs and the contents of these blogs. Lately i fell across two worrying blogs both with content warnings which is the first indication of danger.One is what appears to be this …

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Ok, so .. I’ve been working on Lady Dazzy’s project thing

I’ve been wanting to do it since EVER :D And i finally got inspired by the wonderfully amazing song she recommended, Breathe Slow .. ahh it’s so amazing
Dazzy: I know I was supposed to email this to you, bas I’m too lazy to search for your email, so I’m posting it here, w inshallah you see it :P
And I hope you guys like it, because for once in my life I actually like something that I wrote, w this was actually funnn !!! I wanna do more

Anywayssss, here it is


I could feel the tears as they slowly made their way down my face. I could see my reflection in the window, I could see the tears as they reach my chin and linger there for a second, maybe two. Then they would let go and fall into uncertainty. I could see the cars outside, going to places, coming back from places without a care in the world. My breathing starts to accelerate and my mind keeps going back to what I saw, what I read.


Can’t forget to breathe slow
Count from one to ten

With my eyes closed

As I take in a breath I could feel it cleansing me, then I sensed a shiver go through my whole body. I took in my second breath, third, fourth and fifth. I kept counting the breaths as I drew them in, as I exhaled. When I reached the last breath, just before I could inhale my doorbell rang.
            Great I thought to myself. I stood up, grabbed a tissue and wiped away my tears. As I was walking to the door I passed by the mirror and I saw my reflection. My face was bloated and red, ashkara I was crying. My hair, which was once in a messy bun, became even messier if that’s possible. Strands of my straight dark brown hair were all over the place, some clinging to my face.             I assumed it was my friend Reem, so I just called out “Ooooone sec, I’m coming”. I ran to the bathroom, opened the tap and splashed my face with cold, refreshing water that all of a sudden energized me. I dabbed a towel onto my face and looked in the mirror for any proof that I was crying, I found none. Good. I undid my hair and tied it back into a high ponytail. I ran back to the door and just before opening it I tucked in the loose strands behind my ear, fixed my posture and opened the door.
            There wasn’t anyone there. I stepped out and looked to my right and found nothing except for my neighbor’s welcome mat. I then looked to my left and found the elevator. No one was there. As I turned around and headed back into my apartment I tripped on something and I almost fell over my coffee table. When I looked down I found a bouquet of a dozen red roses that were left there. I wasn’t surprised, but I didn’t want anything to do with them, so I picked them up and headed towards the trash can. Just then, I spotted a card in between the roses and it read ‘I’m sorry, I love you… turn me over :)’. So I turned the card over and it read ‘I love YOU, and only you. No one else’.

Just then, as if on cue tears filled up my eyes,

I love you too much

It shows, all my emotions go out of control

When I can hardly see

From the tears that flow

I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. I was just over it… I didn’t think there were any more tears in me to flow out! Tawnee I felt energized and refreshed, and now, here I am, crying again. If someone walks by my apartment they’ll see a girl in her pajama shorts and tank top holding a bouquet of roses in her hands and crying like a sad little child. Pathetic I know. I feel so weak, fragile and useless. I feel abandoned, unwanted and neglected. I turned to close the door and everything was a blur, I couldn’t see from the tears that kept pouring out of me, and my body felt frail. I threw the roses onto the couch and sat on the floor, against the door with the card in my hands. I kept reading it over and over again ‘No one else’. Did he really think that sending me a bouquet would make me forget everything that happened? Did he really think that I’d pretend that it’s all okay? Does he believe that sending me these flowers would prove to me that he’s faithful? I knew one thing for sure; I knew that he wasn’t faithful. He was disloyal, faithless, deceptive and devious. There was no way I was going to go back running into his arms. No way.
            Even though I love him.
            No, I don’t love him. I love the man that used to be him. He changed, and I don’t like the new him. Just as I was getting lost in my own thoughts, my phone starts to vibrate. It was on the coffee table next to the couch with the roses. I stood up, wiped away the tears and I answered the phone without looking at the screen. It’s probably Reem getting some movies for later I thought to myself.
I took a deep breath,

“Aloo” I said calmly. I was greeted by a voice I knew all too well.
“Hala Siham”
Ummm what? Did he seriously say Hala to me?
“Na3am? Shtabee? A9lan ma bagee shay for you to say, gilt kl shay. You know what, I hope you’re happy ma3aha, 5la9 gilna it’s over” A tear slowly crept down my face but I didn’t let it show in my voice “So shtabee ba3ad?”
“Mabeeha, abeech inti. I love YOU. Didn’t you get my flowers? Yalla ana na6rich ta7at, let’s go out ok? Yalla 7abeebti don’t be like this giltich I’m sorry”

I’m running out of patience

‘Cause I can’t believe
what the hell I’m hearin’

And speaking of hell, it don’t compare to this heat that I’m feeling


Still on the phone, I walked over to my balcony and looked down. And sure enough, there he was, standing outside his newly purchased red Bentley with his hoodie up because of the rain. I was interrupted by his voice; I completely forgot he was on the phone

“So? Shgiltee? Ok?”
“LA! IT’S SO NOT OK.. YOU TREAT ME LIKE SHIT W YOU EXPECT ME TO COME BACK? I’VE BEEN PUTTING UP WITH THIS FOR 4 YEARS 7SAIN! 4 YEARS! W KL MARRA ITGOOL SORRY. 5LA9, I’M PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” I was so surprised, I’m not usually this emotional, but my emotions are out of control. He was so taken aback by what I said; I could hear the hesitation in his voice. He didn’t say anything.
“7sain, 5la9.. that’s it. I won’t be treated this way anymore” At that point the tears came back.
Perfect. I was crying so hard. I knew that he could hear me gasping for air, but I continued talking,  “Please… don’t call me anymore… bye”

            And with that, I ended the phone call. I sighed a big sigh of relief and comfort. I texted Reem, ‘Wenich? Please ta3aleely w get movies and ice cream pleaaase :)’. Then I noticed the roses were still on my couch. I picked them up, walked slowly to the balcony, and threw them out… signaling the end of the relationship. And I suddenly felt a sense of liberation wash over me, a feeling I haven’t felt for the past four years.

Can’t forget to breathe slow

Count from one to ten

With my eyes closed

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[23 Jun 2009 | Comments Off on Part 6- Lucky Bracelet | 4 views]

Shamma opens the email with all the excitement..wanting the reply to be as her heart desires….for her anything will be perfect coming from him…whether it’s a greeting or anything…everything but rejection.. the email opens…she reads it with tears in her eyes…tears of joy..

Ahmed’s email:

Hey there Shamma,
I also couldn’t stop thinking about you..your clumsiness surely grabbed by attention. LOL.

Shamma’s cheeks went red she didn’t know how to react…she was happy but kind of embarrassed…she didn’t know what to do now..she then calls me for suggestions…

Me: Bismelah el ra7man el r7eem! 5air?!
Shamma: RAD 3LIA?!
Me: Mno rad 3leech! W shwy lower your voice ethnee ra7at feeha!
Shamma: A7maad a7maad rad 3lia
Me: A7mad?! What the hell lol asmeech t5blteee…enzain golele kaif klmte?
Shamma: Ma klmta.I emailed him on facebook w rad 3liaa AHHH am so happy
Me: lol enzain…so glteela how much u so so so love him and dream of him klyoom!
Shamma: Sktee enzain!! =p =$….
Me: hehhee ur adorable when ur in love…enzeen so what are you going to do now
Shamma: Traa ana 3lshan chee mt9ltlch!
Me: lol w sho shyftnee 5abeeera
Shamma: 3n el t6aneez…sho aswee..should I email him back?
Me: Yes…
Shamma: Enzeen sho agoola
Me: umm ask him for his email…w get to know him…=p w then fall in love…
Shamma: hmmmmmmmmmmm
Me: Just email him…he might like u as well
Shamma: enzeeen!

*closes the phone*

Shamma emails Ahmed back…

Hey back!
LOL…im not that clumsy..=p you just took my breath away =$ sho aswe y3ne….this is my email (xxxx) ill be waiting for an add!

Looks like shamma handled the situation…as she closes the web browser…her msn gets an ADD box…

Shamma: wow..that was fast..shakla he was sitting waiting for my reply…ahh She clicks accept and waits for him so start a conversation…..it looks like both were waiting for each other to start one…he started….
Ahmed: Hey there
Shamma: Hi :)
Ahmed: Sh7alch
Shamma: Im fine 7emdla…enta sh7alk…
Ahmed: Ah..not bad?
Shamma: Shfeek a7mad? Shaklk mt’6ayg
Ahmed: :(
Shamma: Tkalam sho feek am here for you….
Ahmed: 5lna a7eena mn 9d3at rase….sooo I wana get to know more about u…
Shamma: =$
Ahmed: ummm awl shi what r ur hobbies?
Shamma: I love reading and sleeping
Ahmed: Lol…who doesn’t like sleeping
Shamma: hehe shft 3ad
Ahmed: enzain you like horses
Shamma: I adore them Ahmed: Hehe! Am glad u do….cause am a horse rider =p aba 7rmtya t7b horses as well..
*Shamma is shocked now…did he just say “my wife” why is he talking about his future wife now….does he mean me?!..
Shamma: Lool..nawy t3rs?.
Ahmed: walla ive been lonely for a long time…I think its wagtha..need to take my mind off lots of things!
Shamma: aww..enzeen 7ad 7a6 fe balk?
Ahmed: well la….not yet…am looking for someone that I can relate to….somone that understands me
Shamma: *with all guts* like me?
Ahmed: (6) lol uve got nerve! I likeeeeeee that…
Shamma: =$

Shamma and Ahmed stayed talking to each other day and night….Ahmed really clicked with Shamma…he liked her a lot and found her to be the wife he’s looking for….Ahmed knew that Hessa won’t like it if she knew that he likes Shamma and wants to marry her…. He knew how crazy their relationship was….by no means he wanted to angry his sister……he decides to talk to his sisters friend Mona…and see if she could help out….

Ahmed: Hey Mona
Mona: Halla ahmed sh7alk
Ahmed: 7emdela b5air..what about you
Mona: 7emdelaa fine
Ahmed: Abach fe klmat ras….and this is only between me and you enzain?
Mona: don’t worry I promise…
Ahmed: You knw Shamma? Hessa’s Ex-BFF
Mona: Ya ya..sho feeha
Ahmed: Ok…a while back I met her here…when you had the party….and then after..we got to know each other and I really liked her…
Mona: aww! That’s good! Walla shes such a sweet girl regardless of what happened between us…
Ahmed: enzeeen…ana aba a56bha…w a5af Hessa tz3l….
Mona: Ma 3leek…5la 79a 3lia…ill speak to her…

Mona thinks deeply before approaching Hessa….couple of days later…she talks to her…at first Hessa rejected the idea at all!..

Hessa: Y3nee 3nboo ma lgaaa 7ad ‘3yrha! Come on bnat el nas wayed!
Mona: I told you gabl…Shamma bnt 3rab w shes such a good person
Hessa: Ya right
Mona: Shofee knaa yhal gbl…were old enough now! I think its time to let go….
Hessa: Let me think! W laish a7mad ygolch w ma ygole
Mona: 5afch tz3leeeen….or burst just like now!

Hessa couldn’t stop thinking about what Mona said…she thought about it a lot….she knew that Ahmed misses joy…and that he got to be happy even though shes not….Hessa then calls Ahmed.

Hessa: Halla a7mad..bel embarak lgeet el bnt ha? ;)
Ahmed: *with all excitement* Yes!
Hessa: enzeen mta tba nseer n56b!
Ahmed: Lw 3liaa elyoom gbl bacher!
Hessa: Loool enzain…sho rayk aklm el bnt w agolha were coming…..
Ahmed: Great that!…walla cant wait….!

Hessa calls Shamma…at first Shamma didn’t know what to say..she was shocked that Hessa called…she was afraid that Hessa knew about whats between her and her brother…but it wasn’t that at all…Hessa told Shamma that Ahmed finds her to be the girl of his dreams and wants her to be his wife…they both continued talking for a while…and decided that their families will meet this weekend for 56ba… Shamma was very excited….she couldn’t wait….she was so happy that her luck turned the way she wanted it to be…thanks to the lucky bracelet..

it’s the weekend now…everyone is excited..Ahmed was so happy but he still couldn’t get what happened couple of months ago out of his mind..he knew..that before starting his new life…he has to close his old life….and nothing like the truth will close the past..

To Be Continued

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I’m developing a feeling of hate towards the blogosphere at the moment…When I first started it was a way for me to face my own reality indirectly at times, and to run from it at other times. Then it stopped making much of a sense when I wrote more …