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Hii;*This is Mrs.Cj;*Wallah I know inna you guys expect something wow..bs 7addiii I had a really hard time writing this la2ana I’m not really good ib writing..so pleeeease sam7ooniii…;$Ee w tara I know il font faj2a yit’3ayyar ib the middle..bs la2an…

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[27 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on Confessions # 41 | 3 views]

I’m sooo sorry you guys for not posting in so long bas wallah i barely have enough to even go online! I was in San Francisco last week and now I’m in LA. San Francisco was AMAZING!! It was freeeezing! It was full of hot guys. If you are ever there, you HAVE to go the Cheesecake Factory in Macy’s, the waiters are GORGEOUS! Seriously madri min wain yaybenhom! Kil ma mar our waiter my jaw drops to

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[27 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on Unwanted Guests | 2 views]

My bedroom is located in a corner, which means I get to have more than one window, which is something I’ve always appreciated. I’m one of those people who HATE air conditioning, and do not hesitate to turn it off and sleep gracefully with the windows w…

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[27 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on Glitter 2009-07-27 00:30:00 | 1 views]

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[26 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on حازم | 2 views]

يا عز الشباب
كسرتني وانت ما تدري

أصلّي وصدري يرجف من العبرات
أدعيلك وأبكي
وانت ما تدري


رحيلك موجع، رحيلك قاسي
ابتلى به الله قلوب محبينك

الله يظهر الحق
ويرحمك برحمته الواسعة
ويصبّر ويآجر والدينك

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[26 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on Part 9- When the Sun Shines | 2 views]

Hey all, this is a long post just for you! =* and by the way silent readers, let me know what you think! ;P!


I type the webpage and write her name in the search bar, and here she is! Wohoo! I had a feeling of victory *or devil madness* I click to see her profile picture….LOL no comment! SLUTY!!

I woke up the next day anxious to tell S3eed what I have found out about Nicole! I really knew she has something strange! Y3ne seriously why would she add him, how does she know about him, uhhh questions are killing me!

I change quickly and grab an apple on my way out of the dorms; I rush quickly to reach my physics class early so I can relax before the quiz. I entered the class, there was 3 students already seated, but none of them was S3eed, uh where is that man when I need him the most!

It is 7:45 now, class in 15 minutes, lol did I come so early :O oh well, since the discovery I made yesterday about Nicole I couldn’t wait to tell S3eed.

A minute later he enters holding something behind his back..

S3eed: Good morning sunshine!

Me: =$ w chan ast7ee

S3eed: Lol la t9dgeeen 3mrch! I’m just in a good mood and ready to kick the quiz ass!

Me: Uhh!

S3eed: Enzeen I got you an Apple muffin on my way! Since you didn’t forget me ams, couldn’t forget you today could I ;p!?

Me: Yes g9oork you forget, after the time I wasted on you yesterday I was waiting for a gift ;p! Thank you! Oh btw!

S3eed: Yes?

Me: I so have to tell you shi after the quiz!

S3eed: Sho tell me now?!

Me: La la mabak tfaker now, lets focus!

S3eed: Good luck in the quiz! ;p

Me: Good luck back at you!

S3eed: I don’t need luck I’m acing this in a blink of an eye!

Me: talk about self-confidence =p!

S3eed: Hehehe =P

The teacher enters the class, and passes the quiz upside down, we wait for his signal to start, and as he said GO I could see S3eed going so fast, Mashala :P!

There were 20 questions, all multiple choices, it wasn’t hard but there was one question that tricked me! I stood by that question thinking for a while..

And then,, I could see S3eed hand in his paper and rush out of the classroom. Mashalla, Looks like he knew it all! Lol well see when results are out!

Minutes later, I handed in my paper, left the classroom to look for S3eed because I couldn’t wait to tell him about yesterday!

He was sitting on a red thing outside on the grass and had a basket of wood in front of him. Is this what I think it is?! Picnic! Wohoo!

Me: Awww S3eed, kla ha for me?!

S3eed: Hehe yes, I made for you some tea and cheese sandwich!

Me: =$ Aw,, what did I do to deserve a princess treatment??

S3eed: You stayed for hours yesterday making sure I do well today, so I had to treat you as a princess today!

Me: Awh thank you very much!

S3eed: Enzeen what were you wanting to tell me before the quiz?

Me: Hmm, Ill tell you later lets not ruin the moment!

S3eed: Lol la la tell me!

Me: Um well ams, when I Facebook’d Nicole, I saw someone strange on her contact list..

S3eed: Mno?!

Me: A7mad Al M.!

S3eed: My brother in law?!

Me: yes!

S3eed: Hmmm, why would she have him on her list, maybe he met her somewhere who knows..

Me: Madre, but I was suspicious, believe me I have a feeling something will go wrong because of her!

S3eed was trying to be positive and not imagining something negative about Nicole, but I really felt there was something between them; I don’t want to see S3eed hurt! He really changed into a better person now!

The next morning, my door knocks.

Me: Uhh,,,who will be knocking before my class, its very early!!

S3eed: Maha guess what!

Me: What!?

S3eed: The physics grades are out, there on a paper on the class door, I wanted to go but had to do it with you! Yalla bsr3a change!

Me: Yala give me a minute!

I was so excited lol, what a thing to be excited on, well I wasn’t excited about a grade, more of the success I did in making S3eed do well! I got ready quickly, grabbed my cardigan and headed out.

We were like crazy kids running to grab some candy! Wohoo! And as we reached! We both screamed!

Me: WOHOO!! 98!! Yay mee

S3eed was standing and had a shock on his face, I was so worried, and then a huge smile glowed on his face!

S3eed: I GOT A 100!!!

Me: OMGGGGG entaa ybt a7san 3nee =O! I cant belive it!

S3eed: Hahahaha! Thanks to you walla Maha, without you I don’t know what I would have done!

Me: Aw! Enzeen wala enk ga9 3lia, wanting my tutoring awna, e3trf!

S3eed: LOL..no comment

Few months have passed; S3eed and I were hanging together ALL the time! He was so fun to be with, and we click together!

Next week will be Christmas break, and the School organized a trip to the Alps, I really couldn’t wait to throw some snowballs on S3eed’s face! I was so excited were going out there, specially that S3eed will be there, and oh yea, Nicole as well! Lets hope she’s a bad snowboarder!

To be Continued!

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[25 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on Part 8- When the Sun Shines | 3 views]

Hey all, Im glad your enjoying the story, im liking where it is going =* w thanks to all of you for encouraging me!


Its Monday now, our Drama team decided it would be better to rewrite a classical play instead of acting since we don’t have many actors!

Well I actually convinced them to do so; I do not what Nicole to have an illusion love story with S3eed and stick to him! She’s damaging! Jeez! Can’t she put a brighter red lipstick then the one she currently wears! Her parents are probably vampires HAHAHAH!

S3eed and I have an appointment today at the library to study for our Physics quiz, yes Physics! I guess I always had an interest in science stuff! He said he needs me to explain for him some formulas relating to gravity issues! ;p

I passed at our coffee shop to get me some ice blended latté

I knew his an unhealthy person! ;p so I guess an Ice blended Chocolate will do it! And a fattening chocolate muffin lol very very unhealthy!

I went to the library, and found him there sitting with an Ipod plugged in his ear, let me try to steal his attention and take a peak at what his listening!

Me: Hey S3eed! I got you some breakfast!

S3eed: Thanks! Chocolate! Its all what I need!

I peaked at his Ipod, and it was a French song! Oh no laykoon it’s a Nicole effect!

Me: Ooh, awn, you listen to French Opera! 3ash hatha ely nag9 ;p!

S3eed: LOL! Well I don’t, lakn Nicole asked me to give her my Ipod so she would load songs that will inspire the play writing thingie!

Me: Uhh!

S3eed: Shfeech jlbaa el wayh!?

Me: Ana meb m6amnaaa el hay el esmhaa Nicole! Shes such a stalker!

S3eed: Lol La la y7leelha!

Me: La y7lelha wla shyata! Shes so mn ta7t el ta7t! im soo Facebooking her out!

S3eed: LOL ente el Stalker 3yal hahahah ;P!

Me: I have to fear for our safety mn hay el freak!

S3eed: lol no comment! Ok lets start the lesson!

I started explaining to him roughly the important points in the lesson! It seems that he understood everything! Mashalla, he is very smart, dunno where he was hiding that!…well I did know he had some smart genes gbl! I really should do something to convince him that University is a better place! And la7g 3al she’3l

We had our first quiz tomorrow! And it was the physics one, I really think that S3eed will do great, he is a bright student!

I head back to my dorm, the one I share with Amy, a very sweet Italian girl! Shes so adorable! Everyday she’d wake at 5 AM fix her a fresh orange juice and go jogging, mashalla her body was always fit! I should start changing my sleeping habit and matching hers I want to Bring sexy back! Lol 3 yea right

Anyways, I finished reviewing for my physics quiz, I was sure I got everything so I decided to have some playtime on my laptop! Oh! I remembered that I wanted to Facebook find Nicole the freak!

I type the webpage and write her name in the search bar, and here she is! Wohoo! I had a feeling of victory *or devil madness* I click to see her profile picture….LOL no comment! SLUTY!!
I click on her friend list, looking for anything Suspicious…omg omg omg omg what is HE doing on HER list!

To be Continued!

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[24 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on What About Now? part 26 | 3 views]

I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SUPER SDUPER SORRY! W TO PROVE THAT MA 7A66AAITLIKUM CLIFF HANGER :O!!! YES…GLITTERY MA 7A66AT CLIFF HANGER! :Pp Thanks to EVERYONE WHO ASKED ABOUT ME! I’m fine L 7imdillaah Bas my braain was not functioning for a couple of dayz..or weeks :/ :Pp …hehhee anywayz TADROON SHKITHIR GLITTERY IT7IBKUM? LAAA2 MA TADRRON! A7IBKUM KITHIR 90859068490379057898778965874687678698789080-9569089798709680-90-8289752978561786897468907868907298608790899089086089 this :p Hehehe .. This one is dedicated to EVERYONE w special dedication for “IDENTITY” Wooohoooo! Luv U all wallah :*


Enjoy :************************



7amad: min Gaal ina ma raa7 ykalmich?!

Zaina: *starting to cry* U don’t know Bader! u Never will! 9aa7 he seemed happy o 9a7 he was smiling all the time bas HE’S SAAD! o He will never *gasp* Talk to me agaain!

7amad: *hugging her* Ssshhhh 5alaa9 everything is gonna be ok…

Zaina: *hitting his chest* Wa55iirr *gasp* Wa55ir 3anni! Its All Because of u ! Kilshay 9aar ibsibbitik int!

7amad: Ma Ra7 Awa55ir! Zaina Sim3eeny!

Zaina: Mabi *gasp* Maabii wa55iirr..

7amad held Zaina so tight so that she wouldn’t be able to escape away from him..he didn’t want to lose her….again


7amad: Bas Zaina…please La tabcheen..ma a7ib ashofich chithee..

Zaina: Bas *gasp* Bader 7araamm…

7amad: Zaina 9adgeeny bader moo za3lan minnich…a9lan ana o Bader r7na 3nd Ubooch w kallamnaa…

Zaina: *moving away from him* Kallamtoo? *wondering* 3an shino?!

7amad: Zaina..bader ma gallich 3an kil shay..

Zaina: *wiping her tears* shlon ya3ni?

7amad: imshay nig3ad 3ashan ashra7lich

He held her hands and she walked with him desperately … they settled down on a bench near the beach..

7amad: Zaina a7ibbich…


7amad: *sigh*…. Bader kallamni w Galli ina ohwa Mla7i’6 inich mit’3ayra 3alaaih…w Galli…

Back to lunch…

Bader: 7amad adri inik it7ibha…Nathritik 7ag Zaina nafs Nathriti laha..

7amad: Dam tadri ini a7ibha laish ma 5allaait.ha li!

Bader: Ma Fakkaart..w ma knt Gadir afakkir! Kil tafkeeri kaan ini maaby zaina itko0n ma3a wa7id ‘3ary!


Bader: Bas Zaina ma it7ibny…it7ibbik int..

7amad: *laughing sarcastically* wnt shdarraak inha it7ibni lo it7ibni chan ma wafi8at 3alaaik wla 3zimitik L yom!

bader: ihya ma 3zimatny!

7amad: ?

Bader: 7amad ana L yom kallamt 3ammi o glta ini ma agdar atzawwaj zaina…la2inha ma tabeeny w ihya wafi8at 3alay bas la2inha it3arifni…w i8tana3..w gtla ini ana illi bakallimha..fa gal 7ag 5alti ‘3alya ta3zimni…

7amad: ….

Bader: 7amad abeek itroo7 ma3ay 3nd ubo Zaina..

7amad: laaishh??

Bader: Abeek ta6lib eedha minnaa…


Bader: it7ibha?

7amad: eee

Bader: 3ayal la t7aty imsh ma3aay w Zaina nshAllah bitko0n min ni9eebik…

7amad: Bader?

Bader: na3am?

7amad: int laish itsawwi chithee?

Bader: ana sawwait chithee 7ag Zaina…9ij ini a7ibha w widdi itko0n min ni9eebi bas shil fayda itha ihya btkon za3lana…willi y7ib laazim y’6a7i ya 7amad..laazimm..

7amad: ……………..

Bader: yallah 3ashan 3ugub nro07 inkallim Zaina…

He told her evrything…except the part were they both went together to her father..(ina 7amad will ask her to marry him)

Zaina: *smiling*….

7amad: Ya3ni 5alaaa9*grinning*…. 6a7 L 7a6ab?

Zaina: *nodding*…uhhh bas ma gtli laish r7taw 3nd ubo0y?

7amad: *smiling* lama triddeen L shalaaih ohwa illi raa7 igoollich…

Zania: *confused* uhh bass…

7amad: Lat7ateen kil shay bi9eer ok *smiling*

Zaina: *smiling* umm…yallah 3ayal ana baroo7 3ind L banat..

7amad: w ana? *pouting* ag3ad ma3a mino?

Zaina: *laughing* hehe killish ma yloog u pout :p

7amad: HUH!

Zaina: ifff fine i’ll stay …

7amad: *grinning* hhahaha … Tabeen kakaw?

Zaina: mmm la2

7amad: uhhh….tabeen 7alaw?

Zaina: mmm ham laa2 ;p

7amad: 3ayal shtabeen ;/ ?

Zaina: abi Ketchup

7amad: Ketchup?!

Ooooooooppsss! bil ‘3ala6 wallah bil ‘3alaa6 … la yro07 tafkeerkum ib3eed ;/

Zaina: haa? la 8a9di abi bu6a6 ma3a ketchup … hahaha

7amad: *weird* aha…moo im9adgich

Zaina: ifff kaifik!

7amad: EnJaaainnnn bas La it3a9been

Zaina: Moo im3a9ba!

7amad: *winking* 3alaainnaaa?? haaaa??

Zaina: 7amaaaaaaaaaad!

7amad: Zain zain yuba ma glna shay! bassich 6anagir 3aad *wink* ’67kaay

Zaina: *smiles*

7amad: eee chithee…*winking*

Zaina: basssik winks ba3daain 3yo0nik it3allig!

7amad: la 3ady waayid i winked o ma 9aar shay

Zaina: *pretending to be angry* Laaaiiishh?? how many girls did u wink for gabli? haaaa???

7amad: waayiiidd

Zaina: MINO? *really pissed now*

7amad: waayiiid ma it3arfeenhum…

Zaina: inzaan GOOLI MINO?

7amad: moo lazim..

Zaina: *getting up to leave* okkaay 7amaad!

7amad: la7tha! ma sa2alteeny shino asameeehum??


7amad: Killihum it3arfeenhum!

Zaina: *looking at him with angry eyes* UHH!!! MINO?

7amad: wa7da minhum isimha Zaina…

Zaina: OTHERS!

7amad: w L thanya isimha Zaina…ham L thaltha isimha Zaina.. w L rab3a atwa88a3 inha Zaina…w L 5aamsaa…Allaah 3ala L 5amsa a7laahum 3aad itsadgeen bas ham isimha Zaina *wink*

Zaina: *blushing* 7amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

7amad: Hehehe…6ab3an i didn’t wink 7ag wa7da ‘3airich ;)

Zaina: ifff okkaay! bas 5ala9 baroo7!

7amad: Zaain…

Zaina: 7amad La it3a99ib!

7amad: inzain 5alaa9 ro07aay istansaay…*pretending to be sad*

Zaina: now anadeelik Fawwaz..

7amad: Fawwazoo 3nd Basma…

Zaina: o ‘6ari?

7amad: ‘6ari 3nd Fara7!

Zaina: uhhh!! o Samya Tg3aad 3nd mino Ballaah! ana Baroo7 ag3ad ma3aha! o U Dabbirlik a7ad!

7amad: zain!

Zaina: OK!

7amad: Yallah roo7ay!

Zaina: BAROOO7!

7amad: BYE!

Zaina: BYE!

7amad: LA7’6A!

Zaina: NA3AM?


Zaina: MADRI!


Zaina: OK!

7amad: ZAINA?

Zaina: WHAT?

7amad: IT7IBEEENI?

Zania: Hehehhe :p LA2!

7amad: OK!


7amad: MABI!




7amad:*smiling a devilish smile* YALLAH 3AYAL ROO7AY 3ND SAMYO… TABEECH!

Zaina: OK!

Yeah so as you can see things got back to normal with Zaina and 7amad. Zaina went back to shalaaih and chit chatted with the girls…’6ari and Fawwaz joined 7amad, they were all having a great time.

Its 2 am and they all decided they’re gonna sleep. Zaina’s mother talked to her earlier about Bader and how life is this way..bla bla bla “mother’s speech” ;p .. She wanted to see her father . She wanted to know what was 7amad not telling her.



The Next Day everyone woke up early, they were having a breakfast picnic on the beach…shabab and girls ga3da…w ummahaat w ubbahaat ga3da :p

Shabab & girls Ga3da

( Zaina, Fara7, Basma, Samya, ‘6ari, Fawwaz, and 7amad)

The girls were sitting on the same side w the guyz were sitting on the opposite side…

‘6ari: Agool Fawwazo 3a6na L 3a9eer ma 3alaaik amir..

Fawwaz : ay 3a9eer? maku 3a9eer …

‘6ari: laa L 3a9eer L a7maar illi jiddaami ma tshoofaa?? tsk tsk tsk … 9ij inik 3AMAY!

Girls “chuckling”

P.s. Fara7 was wearing a colorful dress…



Fawwaz: *clueless* Agool ‘6wairy … Tara biyeek Bux AL7EEEN!

‘6ari: 9IJ MA MINNIK FAYDA! 9AAAYDA! Agool fara7!

Fara7: Haaaaaaaaaa??

‘6ari: L naas itgool na3aam!

Fara7: Na3aam…amirr tidaallaal…shtaabi??

‘6ari: AAhhh Ya Albi!

Fara7: IFFFFFF! Ma 3indik SALFA!

‘6ari: abi cocktaail shlon?

Fara7: roo7 yeeblik !

‘6ari: Wallaah innich a9yaad min Fawwaazo!

Fara7: Maleeee8 :)

‘6ari: 6aali3 3alaaich :)

Basmaa: *whispering to zaina* hehehe itha7koon ‘6ari w Fara7 :p

Zaina: *looking at 7amad* haaa?

7amad smiled at zaina and “winked” at her, which made her blush like crazy..

Basma: HELLO! *snapping her fingers* ANA HNEEEEE!

Zaina: Umm…sorry knt sar7aanaa…

7amad: sar7aanaa?? *winking*

Zaina: uhhhh…

7amad: *winking*


7amad: *winks* inzaaain :p

Basma: Ifff malee8een maleee8eeen maleee8eeeen!

Samya: tell me about it!

Basma: ee 9ij samya cham 3umrich?

Samya: 25 ;$ laaaissh?

Basma: mashallaaah ma ybaayin 3alaaich! u look like 18 or something!

Samya: hehehe thank u ;$

The Girls continued their talking…the guyz continued flirting…and 7amad coudn’t stop WINKING :p


Ummahaat w Ubbahaaat Ga3da

Um 7amad: *whispering to Um Zaina* Illaa ma glteeli bu 3umar kallimich ams?

Um Zaina: ee kallaamny!

Um 7amad: inzaain w shinu raayich bil mawthoo3? 7amad wldi moo gadir ya9bir!

Um Zaina: Wallah ana imwaaf8aa w maa 3ndi ay mani3..w mashallaah 7amad 5osh waa7id…w ba3dain daam Ubooha imwaafi8 i7na malna shor…

Um 7amad: w Zaina? imwaf8a?

Um Zaina: L 9araa7a ma sa2alt.ha bas 3aziz igool ina ohwa ma raa7 ya’39ibha 3ala shay w ohwa wathi8 min illi ga3id isawwweeh…

Um 7amad: Hehehee…wldi 7amad mo9ir inha ma tadri..

Um Zaina: ee L thahir 3ashaan chithee ubooha ma gallaha!

Um 7amad: eee ohwa raa7 kallima ams…Itsadgeeen ‘3alya..madri laaish wlidi 7amad i5aaf min raylich 3aziz!

Um Zaina: *laughing* hahahahahaa! Lail7eeeeeeeeeeeeen??

Um 7amad: Haw shinu laail7een!? laaiissh sh9aayir? w laaish wldi y5aaf min raylich?!

Um Zaina told her about the note “years ago” and how Zaina’s father lectured him and “ziffed him” :p

Um 7amaad: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ‘3ubraa! kil hatha y6laa3 min 7amaaad! bil 3ithir yaabi L bnayyaa :p

Um Zaina: Hehehheee … Ya 7lwaa romaansyy wldich waayiidd

Um 7amad: *winking* 6aali3 3alaay ;p

Um Zaina: eee wathi7 mashallaah

and soo they continued their “women” chats..


THIS POST WAS LONG! W MAKU CLIFF HANGER! I DESERVE AN APPLAUSE :Pp Hehehe…next post inshallah is sooon … bas ymkin i9eer fee cliff hanger …w shbi9eeer? who’s staying bil shalaaih? w who isn’t? any more drama? WELL U’LL NEVER KNOW UNTIL NEXT POST! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA (6) <— God i miss saying this :p Btw i know hal post malee8 shway :p a3tarif bithaalik BAS ITS IMPORTANT! w salaamatkum ;p

hehehe LUV U :***************

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[24 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on Kot bo 6 | 2 views]

I win.
For the 3rd time in a row, afooz 3la X bl kot!
*victory dance*


7beebi yetwattar, o yenarfiz..
o afooz 3laih, heheheh


La wemsammi fareeqah : “Dream Team” ;-p
Hahahah ….


Abbaih bas bas kifaya shimata la yagleb il7ath wefooz 3alay,
killish maby a6ee7 belsanah *heart pounding*

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[23 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on Summer Fling (6) | 10 views]

Hii!!… this is M;****

Srry i didn’t post earlier but i had the wrong username ;p;p ….

Okay so this is dedicated to ever whom is reading and thnks 4 reading ;p..
… oo 6ab3an its dedicated to 010 ;D … and to the Cow that is desperately missing me ..; p

I also just opened my own blog recently… oo if anyone can tell me how i can add it to scarlet lights.. that would be a pleasure ;D


Okay 3a6eeny ya …” He said, and I gave the phone to the driver. They talked for a while and before I knew I t, I was in front of our building. I thanked the driver and headed to my dorm room, with a smile refusing to leave my face.

I was just walking towards my room, with a big smile across my face, I must look ridiculous but I just can’t snap out of it… all the thoughts are rushing through my brain at once

Meera came over to zain…starring at her suspiciously..

“zain eshfeech?”

Suddenly I snapped out of it.. ifffffff kila it5arib my special moments!!!

“ma feeny shay!.. intay eshfeech?”… I mean im fine..maybe something is wrong with her really.. shes weird… why don’t I invite her to dinner ?!..i hardly know her..and I want to get to know her better.. im practically spending all my time with 3azeez.. I got to make new friends don’t I?!

“haw?..intay chiftay nafsech elyoum bel cafe… eshkintay ga3ada itsaween..wat was that all about!?”

“Meera mali 5ilg plzz 7adee day5a…anyways..tabeen el youm inroo7 nit3asha ma3aba3th!? Oo ehnaak 7acheeny”.. I felt like I was avoiding her lately..

“sure..i was just about to ask u the same question!” she said pleasingly

“okay then”.. I smiled back..she doesn’t seem that bad after all..

“I think ill take a nap now im exhausted… if im not awake by 6:30,,please gawmeeny!!?..k?”.. I said politely …walla I was tired after what I heard today… I mean a boy and not any boy …3azeez told me he loves me!! ;O

“inshalla..byeee gd night” …

“byeee”..and I went straight to my room and shut the door,..I wore my comfortable pj’s… and set the alarm clock to wake me up at 6:30 and laid down in my bed…I kept thinking about 3azeez over and over again… I kept thinking about the way he touched me…the way he kissed me .. the way he said a7ibech!.. just thinking about him gave me the chills..i couldn’t be happier… I mean from all the beautiful girls out there.. he picked me.. he really picked me!!..i really don’t know why cuz im so average and embarrassing at times… but oh well I guess im lucky….ZZZZzzzzzz


Meera and I were walking towards a restaurant..we decided to go to a Chinese restaurant..while walking and talking about our studies and stuff…I felt that any minute now she’ll bring up the story about me and 3azeez… I swear I miss my friends in Kuwait…I feel our conversations r less boring… but after all I have to get to know her better… im sure she is a sweet fun person…while Meera was blabbing… suddenly I saw 3azeez…at the other side of the street.. I felt like my heart stopped… and I became so nervous and my hands started sweating.. whats wrong with me!?… I saw him today and I was just fine.. I guess after he told me that he loves me and all… I became more nervous around him… did he see me !?.. should I walk towards him!?.. or should I make myself as if I didn’t see him!?.. I can hear Meera in the background still talking!

“Zain Zain!!” Meera broke in an irritaited tone!


“Zain intay ga3ada tismi3eeny!?”

“Zaiiiiiiiiiiiin!!” 3azeeez voice broke into excitement after he saw me from the other side of the street..

Meera was just staring at me ..with an unreadable expression!.. but me I just broke into a huge smile…when I heard his voice!…

Suddenly he was crossing the street… quickly..what is he crazy!?.. the walk sign is red.. which
means cars could pass by any minute now its green light for them… why can’t he wait till it’s safe for him to cross over!?.. ow well I guess there isn’t any cars nearby… while 3azeez is hurrying to cross the street to get over here…a huge truck came by..and I dotn know how it happened but in a blink of an eye 3azeez was lying in the rough streets of England… and my heart stopped…I broke into tears… I felt like a waterfall was coming through my eyes.. but I have to do something.. what do I do!!?

“3azeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!”.. I ran to him while soaking with tears!!..ombay wayha ey5ari3.. he is covered with blood shasawee.. “la 3azeez goooooom .. 3azeeez gooooooooooooom/!!!”

“3azeeez..tisma3ny!? ..3azeeeez!!!…”

“I think we should call the ambulance maam”… said the driver of the truck that hit 3azeez

“u ! idiot !!..what have u done!?..of course call the ambulance and the police now!!”

“Zain ZAinnnn!!”.. Meera said in a determined manner

“What now!?”… el 7een kil hatha 9ayer..5al itsa3idy bedal la it7in oo it2atheeny…9ij hal bint itbo6 el chabd.. I placed my ears in 3azeeez chest to see if his heart is still beating..

“zaaaaaaaaaain” Meera continued!

Then I felt my eye open..and saw Meera up close…waking me up…….

I went straight to hugging meera!!..

“please pinch me!”

Meera did wat she asked for

…..“oww ..not that hard …Thank God it’s just a dream!!”

“whats wrong zain!?” Meera looked concerned

“I had the most horrible dream..bss ashwa inech ga3ateeny… thnks”

“no problem… inzayn tabeen water shay!?”

“la 5ala9 im fine!”… omg wat kind of dream is this!?.. it is the worst dream I ever had!!!..i have to go see 3azeeez now!

“3ayal yala goomay libsay!.. im starving” Meera complained

“k kany”

I headed towards my closet and picked out any t-shirt and a light colored jeans…I rapidly tied my hair into a bun…I didn’t care how I looked I was too busy thinking… I kept thinking omg..what an awful dream..what does it mean!?.. I could never lose 3azeeez..never ever!!.. I mean I hope he is alright now!!..i truly truly love this boy…I got so attached to him these past few days!

So I decided to call 3azeez..

6ooo6 6ooo6… he did not answer!

Let me try again… 6oo6 6oo6

“aloo” 3azeez finally spoke

“hi”..abaay im so relieved to hear his voice

“Hala 7abeebty!?…3asa ma shar ..feech shay?!”

“laa.. I just had a horrible dream about u… oo kint bachayik if ur okay?”

“la el 7imdiallah ..ma feeny shay..lat 7ateen”

“shaklik mash8ool?”

“ee I still didn’t finish my project im still working on it..”

“aha k 3ayal… yala byee..take care”

“u too..byeee”

“yala 5ala9tay zaain!?” Meera called out ..

“ha ee kany kany!”… i grabbed my oversized bag and headed out the door

“inzayn ay ma63am tabeena inroo7!?” Meera asked

“mmm… madree anything but not Chinese!” really anything but Chinese..i don’t want to
remember that horrible dream again

“k… mishtahya Italian restaurant.. hatha ely 3al zawya”

“k that sounds good to me” ..anyways I like Italian

We decided to walk to the restaurant…it was few blocks away… and it was just 7:15 pm and the sun is still not down. While walking towards our destination… Meera starting talking about uni and the courses she took and asked me a few questions… and I was waiting for her to pop out the question about me and 3azeez..im sure she’ll investigate. Well she did when we were nearly arriving at the restaurant..i guess she didn’t ask me too early so it doesn’t seem like shes devastated or something..

“inzayn el youm esalfetech..bel café.. falling for a guy…walla 3a6ayty wayh zayid 3an lizoom!?”

“Meera 7abeebty ..tara ana mo ray7a feeha.. ana ma a36y wayh ay a7ad… oo I know wat im doing… ya3ne hatha 3azeez ey3arifny 3adel ana oo ahly… oo he helped me a lot. .. oo he is a good guy trust me.. oo ba3dayn kan yabe yegooly shay bss..”

“k whatever u say so…bss I want u to be careful..that’s all!”

“k thanks for ur concern!”

We arrived at the restaurant… we went in… there were lots of people..i thought we were too early it seems not..

We sat down on a table… then Meera started talking again

“isn’t this ur 3azeez..sitting right over there!?”


“right behind our table..choofay warach!”

Meera was pointing at a table behind me..i couldn’t see cuz I gave my back to them and Meera was facing them… so I decided to look over my shoulder.. im sure she’s mistaken 3azeez with somebody else…..i just called him he was working on his project or did he finish!?
I looked over or there was this beautiful blonde girl… with blue eyes facing somebody.. I looked over or yes it was 3azeeez.. facing this mysterious girl…. Wat the hell!?… im sure he has an explaination for this!?… but why did he tell me he was working on a project… why!? … Meera was right!!… why did I fall for a guy I hardly knew…laish 3a6ayta wayh .. I felt that any minute now I will burst into tears.. el 7een shagool 7ag Meera.. this is the guy that I trusted….this is the guy that I was smooching with early today… laish esawee feeny chithy eyfashelny jidam el 3alam… laish ga9 3alay !?… I was swallowing the pain.. I was such a fool for fulling for his tricks…

“hatha 3azeez 9a7!?” Meera confidently stated

“ha ..ee ..9a7 tithakart galee beroo7 wiya his classmate this Italian restaurant to discuss
something about uni”… what a lie!!…bss ma kint abee yinga9 wayhy.. after I told her that he was such a good guy ….well now i know he’s more like a jerk …

“ee ya7layla he tells u everything..so honest!?”

“ee” I put on a fake smile..

“inzayn roo7ay salmay 3alayhom”

“la ba3dayn..i don’t want to bother them while they r working”


We ordered food and all.. and Meera starting talking..and I just put on a fake smile here and there.. I could hear 3azeez in the back talking to her in his brisitsh accent…the accent that I love..he used his freakish accent on another girl..well I guess she cant talk Arabic bss still ba6 chabdee…I just wanted to go straight up to him and slap him on the face…. and get out of the restaurant and never see him again…. This would be my dream come true…but this would be more scarier than the dream I had..

“baro7 el 7amam ebser3a”

“k…”.. im sure shes bored with me since im not paying any attention to her!

Ohh No!! 3azeez is coming towards me…what now …another lie!? ;@

3azeez percpective

Kint ga3ed asawee project with my partner that the professor have chosen for me… ya3nee she is a girl partner…5ift agool 7ag zayn she’ll freak out … fa my partner kanat yo3ana..fa ri7na Italian restaurant.. oo gilt nakil oo in kamil our discussion… faj2a dagat 3alay zayn…maskeena ek9irat 5a6ry… kanat it 7ateeny bcuz she had a horrible dream… kint ba6aferha oo agoolaha la gimtay it7ateen …i wanted to tease her..i was sooo happy and excited that she cares about me…. I was a lucky man to have someone like her to care about me… but I couldn’t take long ..i had to make the conversation short…cuz I want to finish this project as soon as possible… I had it with this project… and i dont even like my partner …she’s so cocky… So we were doing our project in this Italian restaurant…when I realized zayn was infront of our table…. Abaay laykoon chaftny shasawee.. ri7t feeha.. a5af itfaker shay ‘3ala6.. akeed bitfaker ‘3ala6 ….gitlaha ina I was working in a project and now she saw me in an Italian restaurant with a girl…abaay shasawee …ana e7mar laish ma gitlaha ina my partner bint!!…I don’t want to lose her..im sure she saw me.. 5an aroo7 asalim 3alayha 3ashan abayinlaha ina ana mo gam asawee shay gala6… oo I also can introduce her to my partner…bss a5af mat 9adig oo it3a9ib oo ti6la3…. ;s

“Linda I will come back now ..ill just go say hi to my friend and come back”

“sure but make it quick ..we need to finish” the blonde girl said

I stood up and went to their table… abaay shaklha em3a9ba..i can see it in her eyes.. a55 shes so cute when she;s angry…oo she looks amazing today..in a comfortable tee shirt and jeans…. el 7een how do I explain!?

I went over at her table…. she was sitting alone..

“zain..hala 7abeebty”

Sudeenly I felt something hard hit my face… and saw zain waking away and telling me

“and say to Meera I left home!”

Zain percpective

Faj2a achoofa yalee eb kil beroood… oo la2 shigoool … hala 7abeebty!!.. wara kil hal chitheb itgooly 7abeebty…. I felt so angry ..remebering that he told me he loved me earlier today… I felt like paradise today.. I had a feeling like no other today..after I knew that he cared about me..and now he goes out with another girl.. and covers it up by saying he has a project…no wonder im angry… i should’ve known that his kindness was too good to be true…. fire was building inside of me…. I was so frustrated and angry with him right now.. I had nothing to say to him… I couldn’t think anymore… so I just put my hands up in the air and slapped him so hard without thinking… I felt his face change to so many colors .. but I didn’t careless.. I grabbed my stuff and I walked out… when I went out the door I kept thinking..omg I just slapped a guy!!!..and booy that felt real good!!

I hope u liked it XD

plzz comment!! .. even if u have complaints ;p

Thnks 4 reading!! ;D

…if u dont have nothing else better to do..plzz check my blog .. http://my-littlehidingplace.blogspot.com/ ;D


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Yes yes, my break is taking waaayyy longer than expected. Bas madry, a7is im not a very deticated blogger cuz i dont post daily, or even weekly! w tadroon shinu el mushkela? el mushkelaa ya nas is i dont feel like posting ela ib skool days;p

Its not like im on vacation wela shay. im here in dusty ol’ kuwait doing nuthing just watching tv or reading.
so heres a few teasers about the upcoming post of To Hold & To Have;
These are a few words describing whats going to happen next. i hope it gets you excited.
hmmm, ba3aad shinu?
Youu guys should watch Harpers Island. Its just 13 episodes, bas 7ADAA 3AJEEB! ya3ny its the type ily you cant stop watching it until you finish it. w 7adaa you wont expect the ending.

A horror thriller/mystery TV Show, Harper’s Island centers on a series of riddling murders. A group of friends and some relatives attend Henry Dunn and Trish Wellington’s wedding celebration on the picturesque and secluded Harper’s Island off the coast of Seattle. The mystic location is renowned for some unelucidated crimes which took place seven years ago. The suspense reaches the maximum level when the guests are killed one by one.

A murderer transforms the celebration into a struggle for survival giving the “until death do us part” quote… a new meaning. Everyone is a suspect and no one is safe. Until the end of the thirteen episodes, only a few will survive… or not? Has the killer returned or is another murderer playing the devil and all with them?


And yeaa, thats it.

Peace, love and jelly beans.


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And again I missed it – for some reason i keep thinking its in October and I just decided to double check and it turns out that it was in June.Aaahhh never mind.Hope I will catch the 4th on time.

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Shaha was sitting in the center of her bed, her back resting against the headboard, surrounded by pillows with silk pillowcases and cotton balls soaked in acetone and the residue of Blue Satin resting on piles of tissue paper. She held a nail filer…

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We were in drama class, the teacher was telling us the assignments that we have to do throughout the semester, we had the choice to either find a classical play and act it out, or write our own!

Well, I was already thinking Juliet and imagining S3eed as Romeo! Ahhh Snaps Out!* Lol what the hell I’m thinking! I’m out of his league! Or Im out of my mind! Ahhh! I just can’t take my eyes off him; his smile makes me the happiest person ever! Literary! As soon as he smiles, it’s like I’m in Neverland! Where everything is happy and everyone is smiling!

Lol I could see him day dreaming for a while then looking back at me and striking me with his devilish eyes! Dude! Am so sure he is planning something loool! I have to run as far as I can from him :O!

Next to him sat this blond, I think her name was Nicole! Anyways! She’s totally checking him out and I could see it! Am I starting to be jealous? WTH no I aint, ive got no feelings for S3eed!

Oh god, shes so looking him from tip to toe! Jeez, 9dg ma tst7ee! -_-, French Fries w7da! Lol that’s her nickname from now on, since her hair color is close to Fries and shes French! ;p wek wek!

The teacher asked us to start choosing our partners, each group had to have 3 members, I knew whom I wanted, but that meant there is still one more to join!

I could see French Fries jump from her seat and heads to S3eed, and starts talking and smiling! God, b3d an ugly smile >.> weeh! Omg yweeelhaa lw d5lt our group! Totally yweelha!

S3eed was starting to walk my direction, and French Fries was following!, I held my nerves, not wanting anything to show on my face, the least I wanted is for S3eed to feel something!

Me: So, decided who the group will be?

S3eed: Well, we need one more member, and Nicole asked me if she could join!

I stood not shocked, since I knew that she was SO interested in S3eed! Duhh why wouldn’t she! Hes such a hottie! Ew no no no whats happening to me I guess I’m love sick!

Me: Well sure! Lets sit together and decide on what we will do next…

S3eed: Hey Nicole, were going to go outside have a seat in the garden and discuss what were doing, would you care to come along team mate!

UHhhh shes a team mate now! God she just gave me a 7gara loook! Very typical French Fries w7da!
S3eed: So, which assignment do you want to do, act or write a play!

Me: Well acting will be SOO MUCH MORE FUN lol well have a great time

Nicole: Yea I agree with that! We should do something Shakespearean like Romeo and Juliet!

Ohhh nooo!!! Wainn tbaa hai!! Im so sure she wants to act Juliet and off course hell be Romeo! Omg she totally is into him ew ewww! I have to warn S3eed!

S3eed: Hmm interesting! But very romantic…

Me: Hehehe w 3ade enta awnk ma t7b el romance w hay 6ay7aa 3leek!

Nicole: What did you say??

Me: Nothing, I was just telling him that we should do some Childhood romance, just like Cinderella!

Lool yel3an aboo el chathb! hahaha!

S3eed: Ya! And I will be the Prince!

Nicole: And im Cinderlla!

Ya right! walla it looks like well never get over with this assignment! Uhh I need to do well but first I need her to stay away from my man! *oopsy* I mean S3eed! =O shfyaa ana yarbe!

To Be Continued…

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I MISSED U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILLIKUM ! NaaaaaaaaaaHH I didn’t :Pp Laa Laa Wallah i did :p AnywaYz I’m Really confused about the ending Ya3ni do u want Zaina’s story to finish first…( zaina/7amad/Bader) then continue with the other characters….OR other characters then ( Zaina/7amad/Bader) ??!!! Cuz u know those three are the maain…so do i finish from them first o ba3dain ago0llikum sh9aar ib kil waa7iidd??!! Madri Fakraaw i wanna do illi yrayyi7kum…VOTING!


– illi yabi (Zaina/bader/7amad) awwal o ba3dain kil wa7id bro07… Vote for 1

– the other one :Pp …. Vote for 2

– ok? :pp

– Tadro0n GLITTERY shkithir it7ibkum??? … if u know the answer then kindly tell me :Pp

W Salamaaaaaaaaatkum ;*

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This post is dedicated to: Jawaher, Teenager at sea, Dazzlin, without your comments on the previouse post, I wouldn’t have written this! =**!


S3eed: My dad is ill I have to go back to Dubai now and be by his side!

Me: La s3eed la tseer, trust me, your in the place where your dad wanted you to be the most…!

S3eed: Sho y3ne a5lee ymoot w am here! LA ma aroom ma aroom!!!!

I stayed calm sitting by him, helping him pack his things, he was determined to leave, and then, his mother called.


(Conversation Between S3eed and His mother)

Mom: Hallaa S3eed sh7alk

S3eed: Umayaaa!!! Goleleee uboya b5eer wlaa sho! Ana ga3d 3la a39abee w yals aswee shan6tyaa 7ag ard Dubai!

Mom: S3eed La laa! Ubook b5eer el 7emdella, ma blaaah shi! W a9lan ubook yfra7 yoom ydree enk ga3de tdrs hnak!, rdlnaa w entaa rafe3 rasaa wladya…

S3eed: Bass umeee!

Mom: La basss wla shyata, S3eed n7naa klnaa 3nd ubook, w e5tk 7e9a w rylha ma g9raw

S3eed: El 7emdella 3la kel 7al, 5la9 b5leech a7een umee, la t5loon uboyaa fe 7ala.

Ahhh! 7emdella, it looks like his Dad is fine after all! He better apologize for what he said earlier, like seriously el denya foo’6a wela shooo ;p?!?!!

S3eed: Maha!

*He said with a loud voice as I jumped from the seat next to him…*

S3eed: Anaa yoo3aan! 5lna nseer nakl shi!

Maha: Hehe! W ana b3d :p 3geet ‘3daya 3lshank *ma tstaaahl*!

S3eed: Ana ma astahl!!! Yalee ma tst7een 3la wyhch! Chub yalla =p!

Me: Lol im ignoring you w your mean comments, shklk doomk rude che, ma 3lmook el European some etiquette ya 5sara 9dg enk emaraty ;p…

S3eed ignored what I said but he certainly struck me with a devilish eye, looks like he is planning something! Lets hope its not revenge! LOL yweela!

We sat in the same table, having lunch, he had his favorite which was a Margarita Pizza, while I had some Salad *dieting as usual*

S3eed: Hm, awnch tsween rjeem? Kaak!

Me: Im a healthy person entaa sho y3rfk!

S3eed: Ya right!

Me: 6ansh Ta3esh Tanta3sh!

S3eed: Weeeeh walla thakrteneee eb my sister! She always says that to me

Me: Your sister?

S3eed: Ya, ana bs 3nde one sister 7e9a, shes the eldest in the family and the next to inherit dad’s empire if I do not straighten up things!

Me: Aint you young to start running a company..

S3eed: Kelhaaa young *shows me his muscels* Im old enough to know whats right, w Inshalla once I graduate from here with honors, im going to go back to Dubai to work!

I froze for a moment! Did he just say that he will be working after he graduates from high school?! What about University! Is he letting his future go away because he has to inherit something! bleeh!!

Me: Are you seriously going to work straight after high school?

S3eed: Yeah! Ana mnzmaan atryaa el yoom ely I run dad’s companies!

Me: What about University? Don’t you have your own inspirations?

S3eed: Well I do have, lakn I cant leave this empire to my sister..

Hmm, ok it looks like his relationship with his sister is at odds, wonder why!

S3eed: Her husband (A7med Al M.) is one greedy man, I have told dad previously that I think under all the “nice” he is a devil that wants to take over everything, I cant let dads work go with the wind!

Me: Enzeen akeed ur dad wont fall for his play!

S3eed: Oh, guess what, he already did! A7med is the CEO of one of dad’s companies! My dad would never believe me, he thinks I’m jealous from A7med’s success, since he graduated from a well-reputed University!

Me: That’s why you should go to University! Listen to me S3eed, nothing will kill A7med more then your success, and your Dad will eventually know the truth!

The lunch break was over, but our talk wasn’t, we stayed chatting as we walked to our next class, it was Drama class! That will be fun!

Me: S3eed Drama Class! Your specialty!

To be Continued!

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[21 Jul 2009 | Comments Off on Im Sorry,, But | 3 views]

I cannot continue with my previous story “When the sun shines”!
Well, only few that knew me before blogger, know that writing wasn’t an easy job for me! and since I have proven to my self to be capable, I have reached my goal!

I couldn’t let my self write a story that gets boring and uninteresting, therefore, the story will not be continued. However, you will get some stories about my real life, not imagination or fantasy, just the real life of me and some blabbing ill continue to do!

Im sorry if I have disappointed you, but I wouldn’t want you to get bored reading something I wrote
Thanks for your support!

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Shda3wa this morning kan kil shay tamam oo ga3 agra the first part of Al Razeen oo yeet aby asawy comment lakin at work 3indna shwayat 5arabee6 – bas pop up comment boxes i can comment with. wal7een 9irtay private – la oo bidoon ma ti3zimeeny ba3ad?? l…

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“Ya shai6ana,” I said as I watched Gobgoba type in Zbaide’s password to his facebook account. “Where’d you get his password from?” 

Gobgoba gave me a sly, devious look and said, “never underestimate me.”

“Ok, ok,” I said hurriedly. “Go to his friends list.”

“Msta3yila 3ala shofat el 7abeb!” 

“CHUB!” I flushed slightly. “I’m just curious!” 

“Embala,” she said sarcastically with a snort. “Ok, this is him.” 

We both edged towards the screen closer waiting for it to load and we were not disappointed for he had so many pictures. Gobgoba opened up an album. The first picture was of some AC Milan players. The next was also of a player taking a shot at the goal .. The next 10 were also of soccer players. 

“Ok we get that he likes AC Milan,” Gobgoba mumbled flicking through some more random photos until we stumbled upon a photo of a man sitting in a tent with his hands outstretched above some coal to warm himself. His eyes were pitch black, framed by thick black eyebrows, a sharp nose and a broad crooked grin. Gobgoba let out a low whistle. 

“Shda3wa Gobgoba, he’s okay,” I said blandly lying as I rolled my eyes. 

“Yal chathaba!” she exclaimed as she grabbed my face and brought it closer to the screen. “Fech khair 7i6ay 3ainich fe 3ain el 9ura o golay mu 7ilo!”

“Mu 7ilo,” came my muffled voice as I ogled at the man in the picture. 

“Mo muhim,” Gobgoba said letting go of me. “Love is not based on looks alone!”

“Love mara wa7da 3aad!” I said as I sneaked looks at the picture. Gobgoba who just caught me smirked at me folded her hands across her chest. My face flushed and I slammed the laptop shut. Gobgoba raised an eyebrow in a teasing way and if it were possible my face turned a darker shade of red. 

“FINE! a3tirif .. he is 7-7ilo! Shwaya bas..” I added. “I mean mafe shay zood bas he’s okay ya3ne–” 

“Maida!” Gobgoba said interrupting my rambling. “Shut up.” 


Three weeks have passed and thankfully the subject of Hamoor was not brought up again. I was so busy with quizzes and upcoming midterms that I didn’t even have time to consider the whole idea. That was until my mom came to my room one night. 

“Haa Maida ma 5ala9tay?” My mom asked as she sat on the edge of my bed. 

“Embala mama,” I said as I flicked a page of a book I had in my lap. “Bas ga3da araji3.” 

“Yala sahalat enshala,” she said. 

I could tell that there was something she wanted to tell me so I shut my book and looked at her questionably.  

“Yuma e7na sa2alna akthar 3an Hamoor Al Flani,” she said answering my unasked question. 

“Hamor?” I said blankly. I had pushed him so back in my mind that I was surprised when she brought him up. 

“Ee shfeech? Ana wboch mo gaylenlich etfakreen eb mawtho3 el zawaj?”

“Yuma men9ijich? Ana ma abi atizawaj!” I exclaimed readying myself for a dispute.  

I expected her to argue with me, press the subject more on me but I was taken aback when she simply got up and left my room. I don’t know why but a  bad feeling slowly crept upon me. I couldn’t focus anymore with what was what I was reading so I snapped my book shut, switched off the lights of my room and hid under the covers. But I couldn’t sleep that night. I kept tossing and turning on the bed angry with myself. If this was what I wanted, I asked myself, then why was I feeling this way?


I woke up the next day still with that awful feeling, and if that were not enough my day was full with a series of unfortunate events. The day began with a battle with my wild hair that just refused to be tamed, I arrived late to my quiz which I would guarantee getting an F in it, and I spilled coffee all over my shirt which was why I was back home. 

I walked into the living room to find my father watching the news. “Salam.” 

“Hala fe Mayooda,” my dad replied, grabbing the remote and switching the T.V off. “Ta3alay baghait akalmich.” 

Not surprised at all I plopped down beside my dad on the couch and he put his arm around my shoulder. “Ya benti, tara ana gelt 7ag omich matkalem el nas. Ana adri al7en 3alaich thaq6 wayid eb derastich o abi laman ye9fa thehnich etfakren bel mawtho3 3adil. Tara ohwa weld 7alal shareech, weli methla ma yenrad. Ana ma a’39ibich 3ala shay bas abech etfakren bel mawtho3 zaain. Tara entay al7en kebartay mentay zqera .. ma boga shay o takmlen 22 inshala. Ana abech taw3ideni etfakren bel mawtho3 eb jadiya, haa benti?”

“Bas baba,” I said in a small voice. “al7en el zawaj 9ar 9a3ib. Kela mashakil oo sowalif etkhari3 nesma3 3anha.”

“Oo kaana ana oo obooch,” came my mothers voice from behind us. Apparently she’s been eavesdropping. “She7lailnaa sa3edeen o metfahmeen o n7ib ba3ath. Oo shofay banat 5altich merta7en el 7emdila.” 

“Fine, fine!” I surrendered. I could tell this was a lost battle. “Bas bshar6. You give me all the time I need oo my answer will be final.”  I looked at my mother in the eye and at that moment the telephone rang. 

“Alow,” my mom answered in a formal tone. “Ya halla , ya halla eb Om Hamoor.” 

Speak of the devil! I started to gesture to her with my hands for her to put the conversation on speaker but she gave me a silencing look. 

“Walla e7na eb 5air..wentay bashrona 3an a7walkum? el 7eemdila, el 7emdila. Sam7ona Om Hamor adri 6awalna 3alaikum,” she said letting out a nervous laugh. “Bas tadreen wagt emti7anat bel jam3a wel bent lail7en etfaker,” then my mom went silent, nodding and mmming every now and then. “La ma fee mani3 ya Om Hamor enhum eyt3arfon 3ala ba3ath shwaya .. Bas kahi yame 5aleni ashof meta teftha tadren al7en wagt emt7anat..” 


My eyes were about to fall out of their sockets. What about our deal we just made moments ago! Had it just fluttered suddenly out of the window! I stood up in front of her shaking my head and waving my arms. 

“Yuma Mayda meta 3indich wagt fara’3 3ashan eshofich el walad wetshofena?” My mom asked with a sweet voice. 

I just started at her disbelievingly. I looked back at my dad for support but he just mouthed to me not to embarrass her. I could not believe the injustice of it all! 

“3ogob bacher esa3a 6,” I replied bitterly. 

“3ogob bacher el sa3a 6 eynasibkum?” my mom said to Om Hamoor. “5air enshala 3ayal… Ala yej3al feh el 5air…Ma3asalama.” 



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HEY PEOPLE!! I am sorry for the delay… but I was lazy ;( don’t kill me!

I am tired of typing! I wanted it to be longer, but I got tired sorry I’ll post in a day or two I promise!


Enjoy ;*



It was a mortal sin, to lust over one’s brother’s wife. Not that they were wed as yet… but soon enough they would be, and he had no license to burn as he did. It was the crimson she wore, he told himself that set him afire. Dominique B was ablaze as she rode within the bailey atop her small palfrey. Her gown was rich crimson; her cloak, crimson; her lips, as sumptuous a shade as the ruby jewel she wore at her breast. And her hair…it burned a shimmering copper beneath the late afternoon sun, a glorious mass of ringlets that defied rule. Like some enchanted fairy creature, all of her seemed to glimmer with each stride of her horse…


Against his will, his body quickened at the sight of her. She was bold, he decided with a shudder. Perchance too bold. Why else would she ride so fearlessly into their dominion? What did she hope to gain? Whatever it was, it was other than she claimed, he was certain. She was dangerous, he sensed. Still he craved her…craved as never before…and for an instant…for the first time in his life…he coveted his brother’s place-though only for an instant, and then he cast the unforgivable sin away, to that black hollow deep within his soul.

Hardening his heart against her, Blake D cast a glance at his brother, scrutinizing Graham’s reaction to the woman who had elicited such a profound response in himself. Graham stood impassive, seemingly unaffected by the creature riding so proudly on their midst, looking every bit a pagan sacrifice of old.

Did she feel herself a sacrifice?

He wondered, wishing he knew precisely what was in his brother’s mind. Graham’s face revealed, if aught, a slight uneasiness, thought little else. For his part, Blake only wished he were so undisturbed, and he couldn’t keep himself from wondering how else he might respond was he the one receiving this barter bride today.

Impatient? Doubtful? Mistrusting? Not indifferent, he was certain. Never indifferent-and he couldn’t help but consider, too, that he had been given his rightful place as heir…she would have, in truth, been hi. Aye, he knew. He’s known for long, for confidences were rarely private with so many ears about. Yet it mattered not, for he was firstborn merely by a matter of moments, and if aught wounded him more, it was the simple fact that his father had all but disowned him. The truth was that he’d sworn to serve his brother, and serve him he would until his last walking breath.


If he felt aught of anger, it was fir the simple fact that their father had done Graham an injustice, consigning him as leader, for either his brother knew naught of warfare, despite his years of battle training, or he held himself a death wish. This of the two, Blake knew not. Only one thing was certain: Graham needed him. God’s truth, but his younger twin brother would never have survived without him, and Blake had long made it his life’s purpose to protect Graham at any cost.

Straightening to his full height, he turned to find her riding toward them still, her shoulder’s back, her posture erect; her eyes-she was near enough now that he could spy their color-deepest blue. And brilliant…as though with unshed tears. Reluctant, was the thought that first came to mind. His gaze shifted to the man riding beside his own steed, his dress as lavish as her own, and then back. Aye, he decided, it was reluctantly she’d come to do her brother’s bidding. Nevertheless…she’d come, and with that knowledge came a surge of resentment. For in truth, he did not trust her. Most assuredly, he did not trust her treacherous brother.


Like his father before him, William B was to be suspected-despite that he offered peace between them. Most especially not when he offered his exquisite young sister in the bargain…Graham was unwise to think it would end simply. These two were involved in some intrigue, and whatever they were after, he would discover it, by God.

That, he vowed as vehemently as he did that he would not-he refused to-covet his brother’s bride.


This, the, was to be her prison?

A quiver raced down Dominique’s spine at the sight of the stronghold that loomed before her. It appeared so. Upon their approach, Drakewich had appeared animated with preparations for their arrival-a flurry of movement upon the castle walls-yet now that they were within the bailey, it seemed more forbidding a place than London had surely been to the Empress Matlida-and she had been driven from the city by an angry crowd! Not a soul stirred, neither to greet them nor to spurn them, yet for the latter, at least, she was grateful. Even the donjon itself seemed a formidable thing, with its dark, high tower windows. From such a great height, a body could spy from the shadows and never be seen. It was no wonder William had sought this alliance, never in her life had seen the likes of Drakewich, so vast and so impenetrable did the stone fortress appear from within. Had she truly thought it modest from without? Had she dared deem Arndel its equal? Leaning discreetly toward her brother, she murmured beneath her breath, “They seem so…so inhospitable…” “Do they?” William answered noncommittally.


She looked at him incredulously. Sweet Mary, but how could he not have noted the overly cool reception?

Frowning, William berated her. “You fret overmuch, Dominique,” he said. “Nay, William,” she denied at once, “it’s but that…” She cast him a despairing glance. “What if they will not accept me?” He considered her at last, though the look upon his handsome face was that amusement rather than concern. “Come now, Dominique, you cannot have expected they would receive you with open arms?” “Nay, but-”

“Hush. I promise it will change with time,” he heartened, terminating her protest once and for all. He gave her a conspiratorial wink. “Cease your brooding, sister mine.”

Dominique nodded dejectedly, catching her lip between her teeth, recognizing his tone. Lest she incur his anger, she left off at one. Alas, but she could only hope he was right. She sighed, and her gaze strayed toward the area before the donjon, caught by the figure of a man, his stance proud, his countenance dark. She swallowed convulsively. Blessed Mary, but she knew him at once-the Black Dragon. He was unmistakable dressed in Danish black. God’s truth, but she’d tried not to imagine him when considering this union, tried not to think of him at all, but seeing him now, she could well believe every tale she’d ever heard recounted of his battle fury. And more.


Though he appeared to be weaponless, he wore hauberk and chausses, and to her mind no one had ever appeared more prepared for battle. She tried not to gape, but standing there, scrutinizing their approach, he reminded her of the barbarian Viking invaders of legend, his stance threatening even in his unaffected stillness

Fraught with anxiety, she cast a glance at her brother and found him watching prudently. Though William smiled in encouragement, panic burst through her at once. There would be no deliverance this day, she knew. He coveted this too much. With all her heart, she wanted to reel her mount about and flee before they chanced to lower the portcullis, entrapping her for always, yet merely returned William’s smile, reminding herself that she did this for him. Still, he hear raced so that it ached. For him and for peace, she told herself, trying desperately to calm the ruthless beating within her breast. God’s truth, but she thought she would dies here where she sat!


Nay, but how long had it been since last William has smiled so? She chided herself. The truth was that he rarely smiled at all, and now…now that he a found a cause to do so-well, she could not fail him. She observed him an instant longer and knew without question that it was the right thing to do. She would not fail him. Resolutely she turned towards her future, advising herself that she wanted this, too. It had been far too long after all-too many battles fought, too much death, and too much enmity. She, too, needed it all to end at long last-for William’s sake, for the sake of his soul, as well as her own. And if William was willing to call a truce, so, too, was she. Too long had this vendetta consumed her brother.


Still she shuddered… for how could ever be peace in the Dragon’s very den? That thought plagued her. “Smile, Dominique,” William commanded her. Through clenched teeth, startling out of her musing. She turned abruptly to find him leaning toward her discreetly. “Smile,” he bade her once more. “You look as though you ride to your death.” Mayhap it was because she felt so. Still, she made a better effort for William’s sake. “I…I was searching for my lord, Graham,” she improvised, trying to sound eager. “Perchance do you spy him yet?”


William gave her a sidewise glance. His blue eyes, so like her own, scrutinized her an instant, and then his bros knit as he indicated, with a very discreet nod, the very place Dominique had been staring so long. “There,” he stated, lifting his chin slightly and glancing in the vicinity in which the infamous Black Dragon so ominously. “Standing aside his black hearted brother.”


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Ahh..Gimt ri7t i9ala wila ashoof umy.. t6ali3ne w tibtisim.. bismila ttha7ik lolMum: ha 7abeebty shlonha.. 3aroosty shlonhaahehe twanis umySara: zaina ;p mamati shfeech ana gilt ee?M: laish mu rathya feee yuma !! shfee ilwalaaaad b3d !!S: yuma haday ma…

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Helloooo … 7addi maku shi’3il o 7addddiiiii ‘6aaayiiiG 5lgii Fa glt a7tirim Nafsi shway w aktib post :p Hehehehe… TADROON GLITTERY SHKITHIR IT7IBKUM???!!!….9A7! mA TADROON :pP Hehehe this one is dedicated to LAYMOOON cuz 7araam gabil ams 5arra3t.haa :p O its Also dedicaated to The One and Only….TABTAB!!! wOOHOOO!!! ;DDDDD

ENJOY :*****************


bader: Zaina i’m not saying goodbye..o i’m not ending our friendship…illi ga3d a7awil ago0la ina adri shtabeen o adri ina widdich intim nafs gabil..close friends o bas *smiling a soft smile* 9a7?

Zaina: *nodding silently*

Bader: o 7amad y7ibbich…

Zaina: umm..bas..

Bader: la bas wla shay kahu yammich 7achee..o ana L7een barid L deera..o La t7ateen ana bakallim L walda o ago0llaha ina maku ni9eeb :) *walking away*

Zaina: La7’6a bader!….*bader stopped and looked at her*…uhhh…thank you..

Bader smiled and went to his car leaving 7amad and Zaina alone to figure things out…


Before Zaina could say something before she could even turn around and face 7amad, 7amad started to talk..

7amad: Zaainaa ana asif…

Zaina: *facing him* ………….

7amad: Zaina 9adgeeny inni a7ibbich w 9adgeeny inni shareech..9a7 3a99abt 3alaaich o knt shway gaasi ma3ach L yom bas wallah ma kaan 8a9di w ma gidart ashoofich ma3a Bad-

Zaina: 7amad bas!

7amad: …. Zaina ana–

Zaina: inta shino?! haaaa??? inta shino 7amad?!

7amad: ana bas knt–


7amad: min Gaal ina ma raa7 ykalmich?!

Zaina: *starting to cry* U don’t know Bader! u Never will! 9aa7 he seemed happy o 9a7 he was smiling all the time bas HE’S SAAD! o He will never *gasp* Talk to me agaain!

7amad: *hugging her* Ssshhhh 5alaa9 everything is gonna be ok…

Zaina: *hitting his chest* Wa55iirr *gasp* Wa55ir 3anni! Its All Because of u ! Kilshay 9aar ibsibbitik int!

7amad: Ma Ra7 Awa55ir! Zaina Sim3eeny!

Zaina: Mabi *gasp* Maabii wa55iirr..

7amad held Zaina so tight so that she wouldn’t be able to escape away from him..he didn’t want to lose her….again


fara7: uhhhh..’6aarii??

‘6ari: *waking up from his daydreams* hmm?? fara7?

Fara7: uhhh knt barid L shalaaih chan ashofik gaa3id bro07ik o uhhh–

‘6ari: *smiling* ta3alay..

Fara7: uhhh …

‘6ari: La it5afeen ma ra7 a3i’6thich! ;p

Fara7: heheh ok

she sat next to him silently, they were both enjoying the view of the sea..

Fara7: (she just can’t shut up :p ) ‘6arii??

‘6ari: hmm??

Fara7: Ifff Malaa8a! shino hathaa?? bas ga3deen chithee 3al ba7aar…whats the use???

‘6ari: *holding his laugh* enjoy the view Baby!

Fara7: Ay Vieww??!!! Ag9aaha Ramil o Maaay! o Ba3daaaiiiinn??? o ba3daain ta3aal shino Baby?? HAAAAAAA??? SHINO BABY ???

‘6ari: ee baby…*6affering her* moo kil L yahaal imillo0n ibsir3a nafsich fa intay BABY!

Oh SHIT! how could i be soo stupid i thought he meant “baby” as in “7abeebty” WaaYy Fashlaaa ;$

Heheheh Daggart.haa :Pp 6a3 wayihha galab alwwaaan ;p

fara7: Heyy!!! Anaa moo baby yal maleeee8!

‘6ari: Bala u are!

Fara7: LA2 I’M NOT!

‘6ari: *smiling* Bala ur my baby ;)

Fara7: I’M NOT A BAB–…. Excuse me?!


Fara7: Heyyy La t’67aak! iff wai3 wai3 wai3! UR DISGUSTING UR GROSS!

‘6ari: ana shino??? 3eedeeha 3eedeeha marra thanyaa..kaaaaaaaakk *imitating her* Ur disgusting ur grossss…WaaYy La22 ana grooossss :p


‘6ari: *still imitating her* WaaYy Iff chub…ana “Faraaaaaaaa77: Chuubbb ma tsmi3o0oniii ??waaaayyyyy…


‘6ari: Na33aaamm?? SHGILTAAY!?

Fara7: UH! i saaaiidd……gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy

‘6ari: ana awareech mino L GAY! *getting up to follow her*


‘6ari: in ma ga66aaitich ib haal maaay 3ala goltich ma ako0n ana ‘6waairry!




‘6ari: *couldn’t help not to laugh* KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!! *holding his stomach and falling on the ground* KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK

fara7: ??!!


fara7: Abbaaih Abbaaaaiihhh *going to ‘6ari* uhhh ‘6aari bas la ti’67aak chithee moo zain ba3dain i9eer feek heart attaack!


Fara7: *shaking him* STOP! STOP BAS UR SCARING ME! …..*then it hit her* OMG UR GOING MAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!


P.S. He recieved a Huge BIG strong sorry i mean SUPER STRONG Slap min fara7…:Pp

Fara7: *covering her mouth with her hands* HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

‘6ari: *rubbing his cheek* Baalll!!! Chithee 8awiyyaaa?!

Fara7: *shocked from what she did* I I …uhhhh…I–

‘6ari: ^O) …??

Fara7: I–Slapped ..*deep breath* you…

‘6ari: eee u slapped me..o thank u la2ina itha u didn’t knty ma ra7 awaggif ’67k laaayyy bacher ;p

Fara7: *excited* Oh 9ij?!

‘6ari: ee 9ijj :p


‘6ari: Shfeeeeechh??

Fara7: OH MY GOD!

‘6ari: shfeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechhhhh??


‘6ari: uhhhh…??


‘6ari: hehehehee … Bas 5alaa9 daraainaa ma 9araat :p

Fara7: oh ok ;p

‘6ari: Fara7?

Fara7: shtabi?

‘6ari: shway shway 3alaaay!

Fara7: hehehe sorry..na3am?

‘6ari: tabeen ice cream?


‘6ari: Yallah 3ayal imshay nro07 inyeeb ;)

Fara7: hehe ok…i’m really starting to like u DUDE!

‘6ari: Na3am?? shgiltaay???

fara7: Uhhhhh..la ya3ni i meant ina i don’t hate u like before i uhhh…

‘6ari: Fara7!

Fara7: haaa??

‘6ari: I like u too

Fara7: uhhh 9ij?

‘6ari: ee 9ijj!

fara7: hehehe ok ;p so what do people who like each other do?

‘6ari: uhhh madriii…still tabeen ice cream?

Fara7: Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!

‘6ari: 5alaa9 3ayal thats what we’re gonna do ;p

Fara7: hehehe okk ;p

And they went to buy themselves ice cream…easy eh ? ;p


BAS 5ALAAA9 ! 5ALLA9 L POST! MAGDAAR WALLAH MAGDAAR HAL AYYAAM ITS TOO HARD TO WRITE MADRI LAAISH! i know cliff hanger bas C’MOONNN ma ta3awwadtaw 3ala glittery L shirreera :Pp ?? hehehhe I LUV U KILLIKUM! ooo shbi9eeer with 7amad and Zaina o what about Bader?! Fara7 o ‘6ari?? Basma o Fawwaaz?? oo finally SAMYA…will she stay single? WELL THATS TOO BAADDD!! cuz u’ll never know untill next post! MUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA (6) :Pp

LUV U :***************

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I’ll give it right back to ya one of these days hahaha ♪

Yes, I find it necessary to sing along with the laughter in songs as well :$ KAIFI! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the song, SHAME ON YOU!

I mean, It’s Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix♥ Amazing riffs. Word.

I can’t concentrate walla I really do not KNOW how to study, please don’t ask me how that’s even possible, I just don’t! I have no attention span whatsoever when it comes to holding a book/paper/whatever and understanding ot acknowleging that I read any of the information. I think I’m going to resort to sleeping with the book under my pillow in hopes of magically absorbing the info into my brain by the end of the semester. Thank you, Noodles. Seriously summer semester is shite, I think I can almost see my brain cells escaping from my head and dying midair.

Oh, Oh, and I remembered why I don’t let myself wear shorts much, my thighs are too distracting! Not on the “Fudge, I have sexy thighs!” sense, noo! They just look so cleaaan.. and such a good place for me to draw on :( So I’m “studying” for my quiz, right? And I read about Spot Markets (ftw?) so I have my pen in my hand, underlining the definition and any other words that seem important and it goes something like this..

“Spot markets are terms that refer to markets where assets are being bought or sold for OMG I WANT TO DRAW ON MY THIGHS!”

Needless to say, after that I abandoned my handout and focused on my canvas. When I was convinced that I had sufficiently graffiti-d my thighs enough, I uncross my legs and stretch them to see how it looks like from a different angle (don’t ask, you don’t wanna know *rolls eyes*). THEN, I realize that my legs are strangely long for my height? I’m not short or anything, I’m like 165 cms, even though the pharmacy insists I’m 160, mu kaifkum? yes? kthxbye. But I digress, anyway! Yeah, so I walk about my room shwaya, hiking up my shorts even more in hopes of discovering that it’s all in my head, but no! So I decided to study, satasfied with my newfound discovery and then I uncross my legs, again -.- And then I start wondering how high up my legs can go? so I spend half an hour, give or take, trying to hook my right foot behind my neck so that it rests on my left shoulder? Naturally, every time it ends up with me rolling all the way back and dissolving into fits of giggles -.- I can’t stop laughing, seriously, what’s going on?

People should not post on saturday.. cuz I will ditch studying and read your updates instead. But please continue doing so anyway, you guys rock ♥

I want a baby dinosaur like the ones in Ice Age 3? So cute, I die! I keep saying it and getting the response of “THEY’RE EXTINCT” from my sister.. Inzain, I still want them? God, people *rolls eyes*

I just realized I should’ve posted this on my other blog, it is rambling after all -.-

I apologize to anyone who read this thinking it’s related in any way to my story *looks around* but secretly, I have the desire to point at you and go “kaaaaaaaaaaak!” Yes, I will resort to kaaaak-ing, I’ve been hanging around Kuwaiti guys far too long. I’m not complaining, they’re cool, they’re cool.. Oh did you guys know I’m not Kuwaiti? :O

I don’t even know why I’m sharing that, I don’t wanna get up and change. My quiz is at 8, so that ship has sailed, I hope my friends don’t read this til they get home.. I wonder if I can use the whole “I overslept!” excuse on them? Problem is, they know I don’t sleep! I will not underestimate your intelligence and lie to you guys, I love you guys *flicks halo back in place*

W bas? Yes? Oooh new blog? Yes? I feel all lonely being the only follower, so read and FOLLOW:@


I love you guys! *insert huge goofy grin here*

Thanks for reading? Or whatever?

Hahaha I just got a message from Noodles saying she might not do the quiz either.. aaaand I’m out of the doghouse! YAY! I change anyway, class at 9.20 -.-

Peace! :*


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hend aby agra ib bloggich :(

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“Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation. ” -Micheal JacksonThe King of Pop1958 – 2009walla maskeen michael ;( he was such an amazing dancer and singer!i’m still …

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Laish waayiid Mala8aaaaa???

Laish ma77ad gaa3id inazzil posts?????

Laish L awaaadim kilhum iMsafreen illa ana?????

Laish waayiid 7aaar????????????????????????????????????????

Laish Innaam mit2a55ir for no specific reason???????????????????????

Laish lail7een ma r7t Harrp Potter 6???????????????????????????????????????

Laish ana ga3da AKTIB HAL POST????????????????????????????????????????????????

Laish The color Pink WAAAAAAAAAAAYIIID INarfiZniii???????????????????????????????????

Laish ga3da ago0ol Laaaaish????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Laish ma arayyi7kum w ago0llikum Bye??????????????????????????????????

Laish 8arrart inni ago0o0l BYE???????????????????????????????????????????????

Hehehehe i guess because the answer is BYE! :Pp

3indi su2aal wayiid im7ayyirni…Laish isim Laish laish?…laish moo shay thaany?! OMG I’M GOING MAAD :p

W Salamatkum :p

One more thing: TADROON GLITTERY SHKITHIR IT7IBKUM???????????????? :*********


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To those who touched my heart and soul ..Thank youTo those who I might have hurted in any way ..I’m sorry May god bless you all Stay happy .. Stay safe ” We’re all born the same, but some grow up to be unique while others still chose to be the same”…

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Maya’s got so scared of that girl for some reason that she started shaking….5aled took maya’s hand and lead her away from Tahani…”you bitch” Tahani mumbled as she passed by them….Maya heard her but acted as if she didn’t hear anything but 5aled c…