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[31 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on Worth Mentioning …. | 6 views]

New online fashion boutique, tawa fate7…www.shabby-chique.com

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[30 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on love ;** | 3 views]

To those of you who read my cousins blog please sam7oha she hasn’t forgotten about you but she is going through a hard time right now death is never easy on anyone!She will be back, she loves her readers too much but for now she needs her time alone

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[29 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on Stay. Part 1 | 4 views]

Hello :>

Her name is Sara. She is 19 and is returning to Kuwait after studying medicine in England for 3 months . She missed the country and decided to come back to study at Gust university .

She got into the plane and sat next to a Black haired , maybe also 19 year old boy. His sharp features made him mysteriously handsome. She got the window seat which made her pretty happy, but sitting next to a boy might be pretty uncomfortable, she was hoping to sit next to a girl this time, maybe be friends with her. She missed her friends, parents, neighbours, and obnoxious little brother ;p – you know what i mean ! –

She took out gum from her carry on bag, and also took out some london candy. What’s an airplane flight without candy?

She tied her dark-brown curly, wavy hair that was falling loosely to her shoulders into a ponytail and took out a piece of gum, she thought it was rude to eat like this and not ask the boy next to her if he wanted some she looked at him to see if he did want some, and their eyes met. He quickly looked some where else, he probably was staring at her while she was thinking if it was rude not to offer him some gum.

” i want to offer him gum, but fashla. itha ma 3a6aita bikoon fashla ba3ad la2ana that would be just rude, and if i offer him some and he says no i would turn red and it would be awkward “

She then built up her courage and turned to his side to offer him gum. He wasn’t there, then she realized that for the past 2 minutes, she was thinking about gum, and whether to give the handsome stranger next to her ‘ gum! ‘

She put on her headphones and was looking for interesting movies or some tv series. She then decided to choose the category “movies” and count them till she reaches 33 , the 33rd movie would be the one that she would watch. It was ‘A Little Princess’, after about 30 minutes when the plot begins she started to drown in her tears, she was expecting something that dramatic. Poor Sara.

” stupid 7ath ! Al7een ana a3ed lama 33 w ma ye6la3li ila hatha? “

The movie finished, she sighed and dropped her head back. She looked to her right she found the boy holding his laugh, which turned into a wide grin later.

” I hate him! Stupid good looking guy! “

The movie was about an hour and a half , so she had 5 more hours to spend. She waited for the seatbelt light to turn off so she could go to the ladies room, she got up, the handsome boy smiled and put his feet up. She got into the ladies room to check if she looked horrible after the crying, but it was like she never did cry, well except for the red eyes.

She put some tissue in her front pocket and headed to her seat, she saw a tray of food on the table right below the TV.

” Meat, or chicken? “ the guy said ..

His voice was beautiful, it had some kind of childish tone, but it was very much of a man’s voice.

” what? “ she said with her eyes wide open for some reason ;p

” umm , la7am wella diyay? “ he flashed a smile and winked.


” Ga3da tis2ileeni wella tjawbeen 3ala il su2al ? “

” ajaweb ” .. ” i guess! “

” ashwa , lanna yat w s2alat what would you like for your friend w glt diyay “

” ok , thanks ” she half smiled

Will something happen between those two? Follow and you would know what’s happening next post!
Comment below :)

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[28 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on Paisley! | 2 views]

Hey all!Shloonkom? Kil 3am w entaw 9iyyaam ;p I’ve missed you guys and blogging SO much! But I’ve been unbelievably busy with so many things atm so sam7oony for disappearing!I’m sure none of uu fathyeen cuz its ramadan n everyones busy now with eid sho…

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[28 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on A letter to you | 2 views]

Dear readers;

When I first started Hamsa’s story, all I had in mind was how excited I felt and just wanted to pour it out here in my space, and share it with all of you.

The second I hit the “Publish” button, my heart skipped a beat as I realized this is a sensitive subject that i shouldn’t have discussed out in the open. And as one commentator said: Mo mal netkallam 3annah in blogs, hatha kalam ebyoot o lazem ma ye6la3 barrah.

I thought about deleting the post. But when I checked, it already received more than 100 hits. So it was too late.

I just want to clarify that I know what I’m doing. I wouldn’t have suggested Hamsa’s name if I didn’t think she would be perfect for him. Even when I asked X, he said ma ra7 yelga a7san menha.

Hamsa mo ay wa7da. Jamal 0 akhlaq o tarbiya. O fog kel hatha, she comes from a big respected family. Her father- my aunt’s husband, is a very influential man, and his father is a pillar of this community.

So I didn’t think this small matter would be an issue, especially since my family didn’t make it an issue when my aunt married her husband.

So dear readers of mine, I’m opening a survey here on whether to continue the story, tell it as is. Or to delete it 3shan we don’t ruffle any feathers.

Kindly cast your vote, and i’ll sure oblige.


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[27 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on Foolish Games.. (24) | 4 views]

“I love how suddenly everyone makes ‘the best cupcakes ever’ like they didn’t come right out of a Betty Crocker mix!” Mya said as we sat on the kitchen counter watching Khaled make chicken nuggets.

“I know, right? Like it took some divine magical ability for them to combine water, eggs and oil into a bowl with the dry ingredients and mix!” I replied in annoyance as I swiped a few fries from the plate next to Khaled.

“I know!” She exclaimed as grabbed a few herself.

“Great, now there’s two of them.” Khaled said sarcastically to no one in particular, “I can’t wait for their periods to sync up.”

I giggled as I heard Mya reply with yet another threat to pour the hot oil down his back if he didn’t shut up.

“Really, your obsession with BDSM is getting a little out of hand.” He replied dryly. “You might wanna tone it down a bit.”

“HA! Never!” She answered, “What’s taking you so long? I’m starving, I haven’t eaten since breakfast!” she added dramatically.

“You were munching on jellies when I called you after class.”

“Okay but I haven’t had anything since then!” She conceded with a pout.

“I had lunch with you!” He reminded her, “I sat across the table watching you practically inhale your cheeseburger.”

Her eyes widened in shock, “That was THREE hours ago! Are you insane? That doesn’t count!”

He shook his head, gave up trying to reason with her and turned his attention back to our dinner. I saw him smile to himself as he moved the food around the pan and couldn’t help but feel a smile spread on my own face, too. I genuinely couldn’t remember another time when he seemed so happy with anyone and I’ve seen the parade of his girlfriends ever since he discovered that girls didn’t have cooties. This was different, I could hardly believe he was the same guy head over heels for Haifa months earlier.

“So did you guys have fun?” he asked us.

“Surprisingly, yes. Even though she refused to stop singing ‘London Calling’ the entire time and jumped up and down while the bus was moving when the tour guide pointed out the studio where Hendrix recorded Purple Haze. Even though she kept eying the only other Arabic man warily whenever he shifted his eyes. Even though she stopped paying attention when it started raining and tilted her head all the way back chanting “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” repeatedly. Even though-”

“That’s enough already!” I cut him off. “You can’t blame me for the rain thing, I live in Kuwait. God knows when I’m gonna see that much of it again!” I justified. “Besides, you completely lost your right to complain about anything when you hauled your ass on a plane and came all the way down here just to see me.”

Khaled’s head suddenly snapped up and he faced 3azeez. “You didn’t tell her?” he asked in an accusatory tone.

3azeez’s warning look was received a little late by Khaled who stood there with his arms crossed, waiting for an answer.

I felt the smile I had plastered on my face earlier wavering as my heart started beating at a frenzied pace. My mind immediately jumped to a thousand different conclusions in those few silent moments. I tried pulling it back to the present situation but my efforts were unheeded as I found myself contemplating the possibilities. Was he in trouble? Is he sick? I pushed the fact that he lied to me to the back of my head momentarily, forced myself to remain calm and keep the nervousness out of my voice as I took a deep breath and asked, “Didn’t tell me what?”

My gaze shifted between them and I took in their contrasting expressions from Khaled’s angry one to 3azeez’s pained one. I glanced at Mya’s direction to find her deeply absorbed with her fingernails, not able to look me in the eyes. It dawned on me that I really was the last to know. Something was going on, something that obviously concerned me in some way and everyone was privy to the details except me. And just like that, the realization effectively silenced my nerves and fueled my anger.

I turned to 3azeez with hardened eyes, temporarily forgetting my previous worries and asked again in an infinitely more steady tone, carefully enunciating each letter, “Didn’t tell me what?”

I knew I was being irrational but I hated being kept in the dark, my mind was still going into overdrive, exploring all the different prospects of what the secret may be.

He took a deep breath and started to explain, “Ghala, I-”

“No.” I interrupted calmly, surprising myself as much as I surprised him.

He looked up at me quizzically, “No?” he asked as I nodded

“No.” I repeated, taking in his confused expression, “I’m a woman, being fickle is in my nature, sue me.” I added with a shrug. “I’m not sure I want to know yet, I need to think.” I wrapped my scarf around my neck and pulled my boots over my socks, “I’m going for a walk, I’ll be back soon.”

“I’ll come with you.” Khaled volunteered.

“No, don’t. Really, I’m fine! I don’t even know what the big secret is yet, remember?” I asked teasingly, hoping to fool him. “I just need a little air, that’s all.”

“Are you sure?” He asked as he looked intently at my face, looking for signs of insincerity.

“YES!” I answered, “Get back to finishing the food before Mya passes out from hunger.” I added

“THANK YOU!” She cried out with a huge smile.

“I’m coming with you.” 3azeez stated.

“You guys are making me feel like a drama queen, enough! I need a little quiet, that’s all, I don’t need babysitting.” I pointed out

He smiled gently at me, “I know, but I’m not about to let you walk out alone at night in a foreign city. I won’t talk, I promise, not until you’re ready for me to.”

I eyed him suspiciously, not knowing if I should trust him to keep his words. I help up my pinky finger and waited for him to assure me. He rolled his eyes and linked pinkies with me.

“I pinky swore! There, you happy?”

All I could do was smile in response as we walked out together in perfect silence. It wasn’t deafening, it wasn’t heavy with accusations, it wasn’t uneasy. It was exactly what I needed it to be, comforting. I didn’t even think of what he had to inevitably tell me. I cleared my mind and concentrated on the feeling of the icy night air calming me down.

True to his words, he didn’t speak a single world as he walked with me, following me unquestioningly. I rubbed my hands together at one point and he silently took them into his own and warmed them up. I walked into the supermarket to buy junk food and he mutely shadowed me, not uttering a single syllable. I walked into a pharmacy and dumped condoms and various other birth control items into a basket, just to see if he can maintain his silence. He laughed, put everything back and forcefully ushered me out.

I lost all sense of time, I had no idea how long we were walking for. I only remember my legs finally giving out and collapsing on the nearest bench with 3azeez soundlessly following suit. The subject couldn’t be avoided much longer.

“You didn’t come here for me.” I stated. We’ve been walking in silence for so long, the sound of my voice was foreign to my own ears.

“I did. The radio was on when I was driving back home after I dropped you off the day before you left and that song you like by The Script came on. I couldn’t even hear the lyrics, all I could hear was your voice screeching “I’m not moviiiing” at the top of your lungs and I couldn’t stop smiling. I knew I could wait out the two weeks but I didn’t want to.” He paused to take a deep breath, “I wanted to be with you.” He added simply.

I bit back the smile tugging relentlessly on the corners of my mouth, instinctively knowing there was more to his explanation than that. “But?”

“I told my parents I was going to visit a friend there and my dad told me about this job at his friend‘s firm. It’s weird, it’s an entry-level type of thing, but it’s actually challenging! It pays twice as much as I’m making now and I wouldn’t care if it paid half as much. It’s really interesting and the thing is, they’re setting up a branch in Kuwait in two years.” he paused to gauge my reaction and continued, “So my dad figured I could work there for now and his friend guaranteed him I’ll have a spot at the Kuwaiti branch when it opens up.”

My heart sank with every word he spoke. Maybe I should’ve let the silence drag on a while longer, I certainly wasn’t prepared for this. I put on my brightest smile and feigned happiness for him. I knew I would be eventually but not that moment, not today. “Mabrook! It seems like a great opportunity, I‘m sure you‘re gonna kick some major English ass!” I said as enthusiastically as I could and looked down to hide what I’m sure was a shattered expression.

“I didn’t accept the job.” he clarified, “Yet.”

My had snapped up and I met his eyes, “What? Why not? You seem really excited about it..”

“A couple of months ago, I would’ve jumped at the opportunity without as much as blinking an eye. Now, however, I have more than myself to think about.” he said as he locked eyes with me, daring me to blink.

Then it all became clearer and I checked the impulse to run in the opposite direction. “Me?” I asked tentatively and he nodded in response. Alarm bells started sounding off in my head, this was not happening.

“Yes, you.” he answered. “There’s no way I can make this decision without involving you, I told you time and again, I’m serious about this, about us. But I’m not silly enough to pretend we can make this long distance thing work.”

I didn’t know what to reply, it was a lot to take in, to put it mildly. I opted for the playing dumb routine and asked, “What are you saying?”

He took one of my hands and pressed a kiss onto the palm and held on to it. “I’m saying I love you. I’m saying I’m happy to stay in Kuwait with you and decline the job offer, but I need reassurance in return. I know I’m asking you for a lot, but I need to know if you think there’s a future for us. It’s only been a few months, but there’s no doubt in my mind, I’m in it for the long haul. Question is, are you?”

I blinked back the tears searing the back of my eyelids, seeking release. Cleared my throat and said the only thing I could, “No.”

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[27 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on aaaaaaaaand….. | 2 views]

He wants to see her :-)

More details later ….

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[26 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on Ramadhan Reflections | 4 views]

I know I knowI have been neglecting my blog for a while for various different reasons – mainly its time constraints. I have been keeping myself really busy on the weekends. Mostly either going to Dubai or hosting friends in town. The last weekend befor…

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[26 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on Wain il3ageed Abu Sh’hab? | 4 views]

*This fresh post is dedicated to Bin3agul ;-)

“Yamow, ana kteer khayfe 3la ibin 3ammi…”
“te2bireeny 7beebtii Allah yreddo bssalama ib jah inNabi ya 7a2”

I’m watching Bab il7ara, 7ad il indimaaj, sitting in my favourite spot on the sofa, all curled up and covered in a little blanket, when X comes in.

Hala 7beebii“, I say absently. My eyes fixed on the screen.

Glitter babe, 3indy lich salfa“, he says.

Ok 7abeebi, can it wait till the commercial time?

Glitteeeeer“, and he stands between me and the TV, “Come one..!!

I look up at him, and there’s a twinkle in his eyes. Hmmmm shakelha salfa ma tet6awwaf. I’m intrigued. I pat the space right next to me to invite him over. He comes and sits next to me, all smiles and says the following:

Mishari wants to get married
And I couldn’t help but squeel with delight..

Mishari is one of X’s close friends, and I simply adooore him. He has a strong well-toned body that is in sharp contrast with his doe-eyed baby face.

Who? when? do I know her? I hope she’s worthy of him….

X raises his hand while laughing to stop my ongoing questions.
The thing is …. ” and he looks me straight in the eyes, “He wants YOU takh6obeen lah“.

Mee ?!! ” I ask, surprised and flattered at the same time.

Yes“. X nods, “He told me to ask you, and he said he trusts your judgment, and that he’s sure you’re going to find him a suitable bride “.

How sweet :-)
Didn’t I just say I ADORE him hal rayyal?

I start thinking,,
who do I know that would be perfect for Mishari?

yes yes YES. HAMSA.
Ma yabeelha tafkeer.

Hamsa is my sweet, delicate cousin.
Tall and feminie, sweet and demure. Her hair is soft as silk, and her voice is merely a whisper.

My God, I’m a genius.
I should really start me a match-making service.

I can just picture them together.
A perfect couple.
THE perfect couple.
No, scratch that last sentence.
THE perfect couple are Sweetness and Flan.
Ok ok, they can be THE second perfect couple.
6ab3an X and I excluded ;-)


to be continued….

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[25 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on Mulish (16) | 4 views]

nomee mla5ba6 sry for not posting….;p oo for some readers y3ne plzz be nicer y3neENJOY ;)_________________________________________________________________________________Zain…..”safar…?!” i gasped. His secreatary looked at me, surprised by my re…

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[25 Aug 2009 | Comments Off on hmmmm…. | 5 views]
okay emm wi9alne hal email its about deeratna liq8….elle katba 9ij fee 7arra madry laish bss wayd ashya2 r true i have to admitt…….soo read it through and send me ur comment……….

** شهالديرة اللي .. ما فيها أدباء ولا فلاسفة ولا فنانين ولا شعراء ولا فقهاء ولا علماء ولا رياضيين و لا اقتصاديين ولا أوبرا و لا متاحف ولا آثار ولا معارض ….

** شهالديرة اللي .. فيها طيران عمره ما طار بالوقت …. و المضيفين يحتقرون الركاب …… وما تطير طياراتها إلا حق دكا و دكار بومبي وسيلان !!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. محد فيها يحترم قانون المرور ، و السيارة تنساق مثل ما تنساق سيارات التصادم … كل من يحد كل من …. وكل من يخز كل من …. وكل من يكره كل من …… وكل من يقط زبالته بالشارع …. هذا ينظف طفايته بالشارع وذاك يقط كيس الماكدونلد بالشارع وذاك ينخم بالشارع ….. وذاك يطشر قطف زجارته بويه إللي وراه هم بالشارع …. وذاك ياخذ شور بالشارع ..!!! وسلم لي عالأدب !! وتقوله يالحبيب عيب ما يصير !!!! قال لك : كيفي كويتي !!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. اللي فريقها يوصل كأس العالم سنة 1982 و يطلع الأخير بكأس الخليج سنة 2007 !!!! ويفوز بكأس آسيا سنة 1980 …. وما يقدر يوصل نفس الدورة سنة 2007 !!!!!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. إلي اللاعب فيها لما يسجل هدف …. ربعه اللاعبين يطبون على رئيس النادي و يبوسونه !!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. إللي ينطق فيها الضابط بلبسه … و الطبيب بعيادته … والمدرس بمدرسته …..!!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. كل شي فيها بالواسطة ….. سرير بمستشفى بواسطة … تعيين بوظيفة بواسطة …. موعد طبيب بواسطة . و الليسن بواسطة ….. وأتدخل أعيالك مدرسة خاصة وتدفع فيها دم قلبك بواسطة …. تلعب بالمنتخب !!! هم بواسطة !!!!!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. أهم اهتمامات الشباب فيها إن يظبط بنات …. حتى لو غصب … يفتح باب سيارتها غصب …. يرقمها غصب …. يتل حجابها غصب ……. شنو حرب !!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. البنات المتحجبات يحطون قوطي نيدو تحت حجاباتهم ويقولون …. ستايل !!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. إللي الريال يطلع مع زوجته وكل الشباب يخزونها بلا حيا ولا مستحى ….!!! والريال فقير مو عارف شسوي !!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. كل شبابها معضلين !!!!!!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. فيها الخدامات عندهم موبايل …. !! والسايق موبايل ….. والصبي موبايل ….!!! والياهل إللي عمره 3 أيام …. موبايل !!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. فيها البنغالية أكثر من عدد الشعب !!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. لما تسب واحد مو كويتي تقوله : يالمصري !!! يالسوري !!!! ياالزلما !!!!

وهم تقوله : شفت خشمك !! طاويهك …… طا حاجبك ….. يالحافي يالمنتف ….. يامعوعو …!!!! شالحجي الماسخ !!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. الشعب صار له 20 سنة يتحلطم على نوعية أعضاء مجلس الأمة !!!! طيب منو انتخبهم ؟؟؟؟؟ سكان الأسكيمو !!!!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. فيها مذيع الراديو يظغط المتصلين !!!! كله ظغاط ظغاط ظغاط !!! وبعدين …. لو تسأل المذيع وين آيسلندا قالت يم ….. تنزانيا !!!!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. أشهر مذيع فيها من نوعية : مشعل شايع !!! ما يذكركم بلاري كنغ !!!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. التعليم الحكومي فيها تحت الصفر !! ومدرسة الابتدائي تكتب للتلميذات على اللوحة : أنتي فتات ….. يعني : إنت فتاة !!!!!!!!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. فيها الأوادم السنعة ضايعة …. وبشار الشطي يستقبله بالمطار 20 ألف آدمي !!!!!!!!!!

** شهالديره اللي .. ماتعرف بناتها من شبابها كلهم لابسين polo او نظارة ريبان شنو كلكم نفس الستايل !!!

** شهالديره اللي .. بس تطلع شغله الكل يبي يشتريها حتى لو يتسلف واللحين هابين بتلفون بلاك بيري ويدلعونه يسمونه بيبي … بالله شالمصاخه ! ايقولون تلفون قز حطه عالطاوله واهو يضبط صج مخوخهم كله بالبنات والمصخره … جنه ماعندهم اهل مالت عليكم !!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. جرايدها تكتب بالبنط العريض : أحمد داوود صورة مشرفة للشاب الكويتي !!!!!

منو أحمد داوود ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

** شهالديرة اللي .. الكتاب ينباع فيها بربع دينار ….. ومحد يشتري !!!!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. كل ما تكلم واحد قال لك : يبيله !!!!! شنو يبيله ؟؟؟؟

** شهالديرة اللي .. كلها صراخ و نجره ولويه وسب و قذف وبوق و حرمنه ورشاوي وشراء أصوات ……. وبعدين يقولون : ديمقراطية !!!!!!!

** شهالديره اللي .. الاهل قامو يحشون في بعض بالمدارس جدام الغرب ولا في مستحى ولا في ادب

** شهالديرة اللي .. حطمت الأرقام القياسية بعدد المرضيات و التزرق من الدوام وبعدين يقولون :

زيدوا معاشاتنا !!!!!

** شهالديرة اللي .. كل من يمر بشارع الحب يتلفت !!

** شهالديرة اللي .. بسنة وحده كل بناتها صارو مفصخات !! هذا الي يقول الي عمره ماتبخر تبخر وحترق) ويعيبون على الغرب !! الغرب صارو استر منكم !!

** شهالديرة اللي .. الكل فيها صارو منافقين يضحكون بالويه او يطعنون بالظهر !!

** شهالديرة اللي .. ريايلها قامو يحشون اكثر من حريمها !!

** شهالديرة اللي .. لمى يفوز واحد برنامج حفظ القرآن محد يستقبلة ولايدرون عنه . او لمى ايي واحد من ستار اكاديمي ولا 30 الف بنطرونه بالمطار !!

** شهالديرة اللي .. مايصلون الى شهر 12أو 6 علشان امتحانات اخر السنه .. وايد ناس قاعده تضحك اللحين

** شهالديرة اللي .. شبابها بالصيف كلهم يبون يسوون برونز !!

** شهالديرة اللي .. شبابها وبناتها كلهم قزيزه اوكل اسبوع بمطعم وكله يشكون ماعندنا فلوس !!

** شهالديرة اللي .. لازم الكل يوم السبت يروح الافنيوز او يقعدون ابلورنزينو يعني قزيزه !!

** شهالديرة اللي .. فيها كل هالبلاوي أو أكثر ويقولون …. الله لا تغير علينا ..!!!!!

و هاذي الكويت صل على النبي

Soooooo what do you think….???

its harsh… the way it was said bsss its true….and either way hathee ilq8 oo no matter what we r proud to be kuwaities!

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After the whole show down with Marwa , Moh’d had some what achieved some self-peace. He knew something like that would stop Marwa from pulling another circus stunt like that. He took out it cell-phone and started dialing Nayla’s number..Meanwhile, J an…

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اللهم أعنّا على الصيام والقيام، وتلاوة القرآن
وغض البصر وحفظ اللسان

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ONEawwal shay mbarak 3laikom elshahar oo kil3am wentaw bkhair…oo inshallah yen3ad 3laikom b2alf 9e7a oo salama ;**TWOyou guys confused me with your results! al7en the results of the poll says ena u guys want short posts, bs the results of the comment…

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I have no idea, whether to go or not. It seems way too….mysterious for me. Maybe I should reject? I have no idea, and I’ve moved enough for one day, but still, he wanted me to come.So for the millionth time today, I asked Lati to come with me and cal…

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So Saturday is Ramadan, right? I’m excited! I love ramadan! And I think I’m going to be cooking, I love cooking but the thing that annoys me in cooking is when you buy the ingredients. MALA8A!! Plain torture!! I’m hoping to bake molten chocolate cake! …

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bema ena ana t3abt weyakom…i’ve decided to let you guys choose what you want ;Pphere’s the deal:i can either write one long post once a weekORseveral little post (like the past 2) every day or every other day or somethingfa entaw think about it oo vo…

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This is for you, 63 ;*——On the next morning:11:00 AM.My family (and Lati) came to pick my stuff up and help me with the whole “getting out of the hospital” thingie. The doctor told me not to move a lot for a while, grrr!! Fa I have to stay home and…

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I opened the door to be faced by an empty room, save for Layla’s suitcase sitting on top of her bed and a couple of shopping bags laying around it. I stepped into the room to look for Layla, only to realize that she was in the bathroom. Moments later, she stepped out.

To say that her face was achromatic would be an understatement.

When she saw me, her eyes instantly filled up with tears, just like mine.

“Haya” her voice broke as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

“My Lilly” I felt my own tears rolling down my face as I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her. She placed her head on my shoulders and I felt the warmth of her tears on it as I heard her gasp for air. I held her tighter and patted her hair and back.

“Shhhhh…bas galby bas bachy”

“Haya she’s in the hospital oo ana mo weyaha…what kind of daughter does that make me?”

“Lilly galby 3umry…there was no way you could’ve known this would happen”

“Ee bs that doesn’t matter! She’s there now oo ana hnee oo ehya broo7ha” she said in between sobs.

“Baby Lilly don’t blame yourself for this…hathy mashee2at rabbich”

“I should be there Haya I should be there” she gasped loudly, “eli eli….eli 7ata lma they called and told me and I figured I had to go back, I couldn’t go back empty handed and I went and bought her the things eli wa9atny 3laihom” and she broke down into my arms as she lost her balance. I supported her till I got her to lie down on the bed.

Placing her head on my thigh, I sat stroking her hair and calming her down for what seemed like an eternity. I only realized that she had fallen asleep when she had stopped sobbing, yet her gasps for air continued even as she lay asleep on my thigh. I looked at her, and it just…it just broke my heart to see her like this.

The worst feeling in the world is to watch someone you love in pain, and realizing that there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

My thoughts were interrupted by Layla’s ringing phone. She immediately sprang up from the bed and, in a split second, was halfway across the room, picking it up from the nightstand. After taking a look at the name flashing across the screen, she took a deep breath, let it out and then answered.

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Hey my lovely followers! ;pSince summer is over I decided that it would be a perfect time to end my story “When the Sun Shines”.I am really thankful for all your support my fellow readers and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart…Hopefu…

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Hey everyone, this is F. I just wanted to tell you inna this is the first time i write, other than for english class. My friend R told me inna its perfect, oo i should post it early 3ashan you all read :D plz tell me if it needs any improvement!!

oo i almost forgot. I want to dedicate this 7ag o10, toota, rumrum, oo dumdum.




“mashkoora inich ri’6aitay inich it8ableenii “3azeez said politely

“la makoo moshkila bas yarait tid5al bil maw’6oo3 ibser3a” Meera said in a nervous tone which made 3azeez relies it.

“ok ana madrii ishloon abdii bas 7abait agoolich 8i9ity ma3a zaina 3ashan itsa3deeeni l2na intay agrab wa7da 7ag zaina”.

They both stayed silent for 10 seconds

3azeez continued “zaina mat3arif a7ad ib London 8airii ana ma3ach.

”“gool 8i9itik ana asmi3ik oo 7aba asa3dik imbayen ink 5oosh wa7ed oo zaina tistahil.

”“bagoolich il8i9a min il bidaya” 3azeez said


Zaina continued her walk to her class, drinking her caramel macchiato, as she enjoyed the peaceful nature around her. She thought about how 3aziz played on her and how he treated her like the other girls. She was just one of them to him, she thought. She did not believe how incredibly stupid she was for falling in love with him and his lies, even though she heard her girlfriends, back in Kuwait, saying that nearly every Kuwaiti guy was just a player and was just looking for some fun, but deep down in her heart she just knew that 3azeez was not lying to her but in fact he was head over heels for her.

When Zaina went to grab the door of the building – where her class was- she was surprised by an empty and peaceful hallway. To her this was weird, because usually at this time it was like a circus in here. She power walked towards the door of her mo7a’6ara, eager to find out what’s happening. There, she found a letter tapped to the door. It was written by her professor, in which he wrote that class was canceled for today. she read the note like a 100 times la2ana lail7een moo gadra tistaw3ib inna today’s off. Oo since it was a Friday, she thought about having a good, long relaxing weekend, which included some good old shopping and relaxing by the pool at her apartment’s building.

She skipped out of the building thinking about what shes going to do to keep her self busy until 2:30, the time shes going to meet her “friend”. Nothing came to mind. Nothing to do because it was currently 11:am and was a little too early to do some shopping. She thought about going back to the apartment, bas it was empty, Meera had early sessions. The only thing that came to mind was going back to Starbucks, drink more coffee –even though she hates it- and read fashion magazines.

During the walk back to Starbucks, Zaina started making a list of the things she would do during the weekend and they all included Meera. She wanted to bond with her, because after all they were “roomies”.

She entered Starbucks and couldn’t move her feet. She did not believe what was happening right in front of her. 3azeez, the love of her life –even though they were at a rough patch right now- was hugging Meera, her roomy. She gasped and cried right there, in front of everyone’s stares and weird looks. She didn’t care, all she saw was 3azeezs smile and Meeras hands on his back.


Ana gilt 7ag Meera kil il 8i9a ily bany oo bain zayoona oo ihya she agreed inna shell try to make zain understand inna Linda was just a partner oo inna he was not 2 timing her. He really loves her, he would kill himself if she asked him to. Fa before he left he hugged Meera, because she would be the person to bring Zaina back to him, oo to his surprise she hugged him too. During the “hugging session”, he heard a loud gasp and sobs. Everyone in the restaurant turned toward the source. Willa before my eyes I see zaina, zayoonti crying oo wiping her tears. I walked toward her, but before I reached her she ran out the door and into the daylight sun. I tried running after her, but she was nowhere to be seen.


I ran out of there as fast as I can. I cant believe Meera would do that to me oo I kind of wasn’t surprised to see 3azeez in that situation because after all I did see him 2 timing me in the fancy Italian restaurant.

I ran as fast as I could but to nowhere in particular. I had no one oo I couldn’t go back to the apartment 3azeez might be there oo definitely Meera too, trying to erag3oon 7ag nafishom.

Then I remembered Amber, this girl I meet during a shopping spree. She was half s3oody oo half British. She lived with her mother in London since her father has another wife bil s3oodiya. She speaks very good Arabic oo too me that’s a relief because I can chat with her in Arabic oo it reminds me of home.

I walked to ambers house oo to my luck she was having a party. I was very hesitant to go in, even though I was invited – oo ba3ad she told me to bring some friends, I was going to ask Meera ib the Italian restaurant, bas with the whole 3zeez situation I forgot-. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by Amber. I hugged her soo tight, she sensed something was wrong 00 took me too the pool house –away from the noise- to find out what was going on. I cried my heart out and told her everything with 3azeez and Meera from point A to Z.

” Don’t worry honey, u have me now. You can sleep here in my guest/pool house for as long as you need. And don’t worry tmw ill make u forgot all about aziz and Meera. You’ll have fun.” Amber said.

” thank u, thank u, thank u soo much you’re an amazing friend to have. Oo ba3ad I’m sorry I barged in like that, but I had nowhere else to go” said Zaina.

“its ok, your practically family, u can stay in as much as u want to” Amber said.

Soo Zaina stayed with Amber for 5 days, and during those 5 days 3azeez went crazy looking everywhere for Zaina. Meera on the other hand, did look around but did not care as much as 3azeez did.

5 days later……….

Zaina returned to her apartment at night, 3amdan 3ashan she wouldn’t face Meera – she was probably sleeping right now-. She entered her apartment, went straight to her room dropped her things wore her gap pullover with leggings and uggs. It was a little chilly outside since winter was coming. She went to this playground near her apartment and sat on the swings all alone, looking up at the sky, and thinking about her descions she made about her love live. After all she was in love with 3azeez for 4 years and when he confessed his live to her, she was on cloud 9.

A tear fell from Zainas eye as she remembered the most magical moment in her life. When suddenly a hand reaches out from the darkness and wipes her tear away. Straight away she knew who it was, just from the scent – fierce min A&F.


Ha, wat do u think?? was it good?? :D

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Show your support

Donate your blood

The blood bank is in desparate need of all blood types to save the victims of Jahra’s fire.



*Picture courtesy of Hashemy.

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Marwa felt scared. Sweat started forming at the brow of her eye , her hands started shaking as the person she was facing was looking her died in the eye.Moh’d : ” Hey home-wrecker ? Up to no good again I see… “Marwa: ” Hey Hamood..How.. “Moh’d: ” Don…

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I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SUPER DUPER SORRY! Thanks for everyone who asked about me..it means alot wallah :* ” Love..Identity..Zain..Hope..Cookies n Cream and everyone else :* “ I’m fine..i got sick a couple of times, and passed through crazy crazy busy weeks..my fav. cuzn getting married and stuff…3eed shopping…and most importantly Rmthaaan…w u know how busy this month is…i know i was wrong that i didn’t put a note or stuff..bas wallah i didn’t have the time! ask 6amzo ;p … Ma it9adgoon shkithir i miss u people! i miss ur comments waayiid :p w 3eedkum Mbaraak mu2a55aran :* Tadrooon shkithir A7IBKUM? i think la2 3ugub hal ‘3aayba… :$ BAS WALLAH WALLAAH WALLAAH WALLAAH I LUV U WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID WAAAAAAYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDD WAAAAAAAYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDD!!!! :*************** Quick note before the post: as i said before thanks 7ag illi s2alaw 3anni .. but there was this comment that seriously cracked me up! :p LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL She’s really funny laazim itshoofoona ;p

Anonymous said…

Yal Zag we hate ur posts i use to love them bes 6ila3tay ma tistahlayn intab3ich!! :@ :@

oo from now on i won’t comment oo i will tell everyone not to follow ur blog!!! :@:@:@

you will see in the next post no one will comment le2ana makoo a7ad i7ibich aw i7ib ur blog oo malaw min il na6ra!!! :@:@:@

malat 3elaich feshalteena!!!!

Serously… rude much? :p w the funny part illi 9ij mit 3alaaih min L thi7ik “malat 3alaich fashalteena”…i mean shaku? a3arfich it3arfeeni? a9eerlich i9eereenly? …OMG 3ARAFT! laykoon intay my new manager wana ma adri!? :O hehehee moth7ika ;p another one… Anonymous said … Ya maynoona i hate ur posts i use to read them bes 6ila3tay ma thoola oo maynoona!!!:@:@ oo from now on i wont comment oo i will tell everyone not to follow ur blog!!!:@:@:@ You will see in the next post no one will comment le2ana makoo a7ad i7ibich aw i7ib ur blog oo malaw min il na6ra!!!:@:@:@ malat 3elaich feshalteena!!!! ana anon’s friend oo ihya 9a7 kalamha!!!!

hehehehee :p Laa walllaah? 7ilfaay bas 7ilfaay! tha7akteeny wallaah…bas lo u used anon’s twin chaan 9aar waayid athbaa6 ;) anyways thanks again to everyone :D I LUV U WAAYIIIDDD :*********

P.S. i accept criticism..a9lan bil 3ax thats the only way i can improve…w chan zain ib kalaamhum kaan fee 1% criticism it was all sab w 6aab :p Allaah Yahdeehum inshallah =) Waayiid garagt haa? :p ENJOY :***


it was a dinner full of laughter, “flirts” ;p, and FOOOOD! They ate till they weren’t able to move :p

Zaina: 7amad thank u!

7amad: Zaina ur welcome!

Zaina: yallaah roo7!

7amad: laaa??? imga3datny 7ag L akeel haaaa???

Zaina: La la .. moo 8a9di wallaah .. bas its really late w u have dawam bacher ;/ w ana i have jam3a..

7amad: aha okkaay…yallah 3ayal bye..

Zaina: WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYyyy!!! 7amad!

7amad: hmmmmm….

Zaina: shlon btrid baitkum?! MA RA7 A5ALLEEEK ITNI6!...NOT AGAIN!

7amad: *couldn’t help not to laugh* hehehe…Laaa Hal marra yaait bl daray..

Zaina: *looking at the daray* ohhhh…

7amad: soo??

Zaina: soo??

7amad: bit5alleeni aroo77?

Zaina: umm….ee ;D

7amad: tsk tsk tsk tsk….okkaay ya zaaina! in ma ga33adtich min fayr Allah ma akoon ana 7amad!

Zaina: uhhhhh!!! u can’t! BYE!

7amad: Bye! *climbing the ladder*

Zaina: *waiting for him to reach the roof safely* WI9AAALT???

7amad: EEE!

Zaina: inzaain bye!

7amad: Bye…………………..I’ll miss u btw :p

Zaina: hehehe ;$ Yallah Gd night! waraak dawaaam

7amad: Gd night! *winks*


5 days past..Zaina and 7amad were doing great with each other..and Fawwaz finally realized that Basma is in love with him..well actually he didn’t..she told him :p Fara7 and ‘6ari had a fight…and they won’t talk to each other…and as for Samya..she was just being Samya..


Zaina: okaaay okkaaaay! 5 min. w a5alli9!

Fara7: *dar3iming int
o Zaina’s room* OMG U LOOK GORGEOUS!

zaina: hehehe :$ than
k u ;p

Fara7: *halaaalooooyaaa* OMG! *going to
zaina’s window*

Zaina: Haw shfeech? 7mdillaah w L shkr!

Fara7: Trust me u love me s
is! *popping her head out of the window” He’s here!

Zaina: who’s here?



Fara7: i know i know…u’ll thank me later!…7AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

Zaina: Faraaa7 stop! a9laan shdarach ina he’s here!??


Zaina: UH STOP!



Zaina: *min5asha da5il L kabat*


Fara7: Laaaish?? *winks* it5aaf 3alaaihaa??? ^^

7amad: INATY SHTABEEEEEEEEN?! Zaina feeha shay?

Fara7: OMG!

7amad: shfeech??


7amad: A6eee7??


7amad: ?



Zaina: *running to the window” 7AMAAAD!

7amad: uhh…hi?

Zaina: uhhh… inta ma 67t?

7amad: laaa..

Fara7: yeaah yeaah yeaah…i know u love me *running to her room*

Zaina: 3ayal shfeeek?!

7amad: ma feeny shay..bs tawni adri ina L gumar sakin jidami ;)

Zaina: *blushing* hehee..

: nice dress btw .. ;)

Zaina: *looking at her dress* HHHUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! LAAAIISHHH MA GTLYYY!!!!!???? *hiding behind the curtain*

7amad: gtlich shino?


7amad: 3abaaly tadreen :p

Zaina: Laa wallaah! adri w ba6la3lik chitheee…!

7amad: bas it was worth it ;)


7amad: hahahhaa ok ;p

Zaina: uhh..7amad?

7amad: hmm?

Zaina: Bamur so plz wa5ir..

7amad: a’3amith 3yooni yallah muray

Zaina: La La La.. wa5ir in5aash! get out of ur room!

7amad: ollaa ollaa shda3waa…!

Zaina: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz

7amad: ok Zaina: wa55aart??

7amad: ee yallaah murraay

Zaina: akeeed?

7amad: ………………

Zaina: ohhhh yshawwwig 9ij wa55aar...

She passed infront of her window and found 7amad’s window closed she smiled…for the first time 7amad was Mr. Goody goody..at least thats what she thought…she didn’t know he was straing at her behind the curtains mesmerised by her beauty…

Fara7: yallaah ma 9araat 7amad!

zaina: Ur dead btw :)

fara7: Yeaah whatever

Zaina was wearing a baij strapless D&G dress..its very simple…she did her hair into a “fyonka” on the side ( 3araftaw l tasree7a ? :p) wore simple makeup with red lipsticks … red cutch and her cute red heels taht also had a fyonka on them ;D

As for fara7..she was wearing a weird dress that i can’t explain :p bas its nice..her make up was classic…black eyeliner, thick coating of mascara and maroon lipsticks she wore her jimmy choo black heels, held her classic black clutch, and was all ready for her best friends wedding :D Zaina: Omg :O is it only me or everyone here is looking gorgeous?!

Fara7: Naaahhh…its just u…ana a7la wa7da(a)

Zaina: wayhich!

Fara7: waayy waayy waayyy…i know 7adda iyannin

Zaina: maleeee8a :)

Fara7: u came first .. so ana 6al3a 3alaaich :)

Zaina: Maani radda 3alaaich ..


Zaina: ee wallah kaahi! w ma3aha Lama rifeeejat.ha!

Fara7: ee ya7laaihum imshay insallim 3alaaihum!

Zaina: Yallaah!

Lama: ohh Zaaina Faraa7 shlonkum!

Fara7: L 7imdillah B5aair intay shlonich?

Lama: I‘m great L 7imdillaah All: dom :D

Zaina: haaa Lulu shlonich? sha5baarich? shimsawya?

Lulu: walah L 7imdillaah kilshay tamam

Zaina: hehehe good..w shlon M7ammad ;) ? <–dedicated to the thought of love :p

Lulu: hehehe :$ zaain L 7imdillaah


Zaina: eee ya7laailhum kaahum!

Fara7: imshaw nroo7 ing3aad yamhum!

All: Yallaah so zaina, Fara7, Lama, Lulu, Layan, Jumana, and Jana were sitting next to each other…all looking pretty and gorgeous :D

rashed…”Bala 7ub bala wija3 galb .. wsh jana mn wara hal 7ub..’3air L alam ‘3air L ta3ab…wsh janaaaa???…” … song playing..

Zaina: I LOVE THIS SONG! goomaw nargi9!

All: Yallaah ;D

They all stood up and walked to the dance floor… dancing, smiling…singing along..it was fun..until suddenly…

“someone poking Zaina”

zaina: ayyy far7oo stop…
“more pokes”

Zaina: ayy far7oo bargi9 baasss fashalteennaa!

“more pokes”

Zaina: *turning around* LULU!

Luluty: BOO! :p

Zaina: *dancing and igriging* hehehe abbaaih mita dashaitay ma shftich..

Luluty: tawni ;$

Zaina: haw! ma ga3adtay? :p

luluty: Laa :p awwal ma dashait rigaa9t..7addi mishtahya! ma it9adgeen min mta wdi aroo7 3rs! ;D

Zaina: Yeaah i know the feelin
g ;p

they continued their dancing..then joined their friends who just came “laura” , “Zarh” , and “fara7”

Laura: *whispeing in Zarh’s ears” abbaaih mino hathi?

Zarh: ayhi??

Laura: hathi illi labsa black short dress yshawwig…chinni a3arifha!

Fara7: ohhhh…hathi AL-LULU!

Laura: Remind me please? ;p

Zarha: eeee 3araft.ha!

Laura: helloo…? mino?

Fara7: shfeech hathi cuzn L jawa…illi ga3da hnaak…labsa black and red dress ma3a tights!

Laura: eee ya7laailhum! still ma 3araft.ha ;p

Zarha: 3ayal ma it3arfeenha…’3a9ib? :p

Laura: hehehe ;p

Al-LULU sat next to her cuzn Al-Jawa…and they noticed that all of Msa3ad’s 3 sisters were wearing black…they all looked cute and elegant…even the twins who were wearing a short strapless black dress .. and his eldest sister “the elegant mature one” was wearing a long black velvet dress….

Ladies…let me introduce the sisters ;)

“Sara”…and the twins..”Jana and shoug” <– i hope its ok ini sawaaitkum sisters btw :p Jana: OMG OMG OMG! shougo are my lips still red?

Shoug: OMG OMG OMG! they are! what about mine?

Jana: They are!


Jana: I KNOW! both: hehehehehe :p

Sara: 7imdillah w L shkr…bdaal la itmad7oon ib nafskum g3daw salmaw 3al Nas

Both: iff zain..

Sara: *distracted by the people” ohh hala…allaah Ybarik feech 7abeebty L faal lich inshallah =)

More people started to come…the wedding was HUGE! and by huge i mean LOTS OF PEOPLE! Friends from everywhere….ya3ni if u go there u should atleast find 2 people that u know…

BTW It3arfoon the Famous “Glassheart” ? w The Famous “Jay” ? yeaah well they were there :p w I almost forgot Daloul w Hope? do u know them? Abbaaih i love those people.. hope ur so sweet wallah ;* w…SENDIS! it3arfoonha? illi it7ib Bader haw shfeekum? :p yeah well they all looked gorgeous! bas ofcourse ma77ad y3arifum illa ana .. 7arraaa :p

Weeeee!!! Lail7een ma warraaitkum 5awaat L 3aroos….asameehum.. “Lujain” w “Lulwa”.. They’re cute..w simple..waayiiid yshawgoon…trust me u’ll love them when u meet them ;D ………………………………….……………………………..

Fara7: Zaino shfeech imsa6la?

Zaina: Abbaaih who is this?

Fara7: who’s who?

Zaina: Her!

Fara7: hathi?

Zaina: la la la! haathi…she looks…“DAZZLIN”

Fara7: abbaaih mashallah 7adha! GORGEOUS! shakilha moo kuwaitiyya…

Zaina: yeaah

Dazzlin girl: Heyyy Daahhllinggzz ;D

All: Heyyy

Dazzlin Girl: U have space for me? .. i’m Al-Maha btw..or Maha..seriouslt maha or al-maha not a big deal eh?

All: hehehee ;p

Zaina: i love ur dress :D

maha: AWWWWW! Thank u i love urs too !

Zaina: hehehe .. so ur not from kuwait 9a7?

Maha: oh no hun… i’m from the UAE … but i came for the legendary wedding *whispering* emnilia’s wedding

Zaina: ohhhh :p

Maha: hehehe ;p

GLITTERY SPEAKING: too much people 9a7? :p i had to shasawwi ba3ad…waayid nas yaboon y9eeroon characters…6ala3na killina n9eer 7ag ba3ath shftaw shlon? :p hehehe i hope u like it 3aad :D

It was now the time for “Sara” to come in…She looked Simple yet Beautiful…she walked blushing and flashing everyone a wonderful smile…ofcourse all the girls were awing.. Fara7 was crying…ya3ni its her best friend :p everyone got up and congratulated Sara..took pictures…and dropped some comments…girls will stay girls right?

Its 11 pm….which means its time for the groom to come in…

Music on “w Yaa M3aaireeees 3aain Allaah Tar3aaak w L gumaar w L nijoom Tamshii waraaaak….” continuing…

Here comes the groom looking Oh so ugly..”kidding :p ” with an army of his friends and family behind him…his dad and her dad behind him..his brothers i guess..and this familiar face..if he could only turn around so i can take a closer look at him…



Who is it? 7amad? Fara7’s Ex? could Fara7 have and Ex boyfriend without anyone knowing about it? or maybe he’s a hot guy? hmm….maybe only maybe he was the reason of Fara7 and ‘6ari’s fight..They had a fight remember? :p This ladies and women was the hardest post i’ve ever written! La jad it was because da55alt waayiid new characters taht i weren’t planning ini ada55ilhum .. bas i’m really glad i did…i enjoyed writing it..I hope u like it too :D Btw tadrooon ina it was written min zimaaaaaaaan w ba3da inmisaaa7! TA5IYYILAAW INA INMISAA7! W I HAD TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN :( bas tistahloon wallaah :*

LUV U :*******************************

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Heeey this is R:D
I dedicate this post 7ag kill o10 oo especially m oo F oo n … 7adii I miss you guys oo I hope to see you soon . oo 7ag all the lovely readers .
tara I wrote this post 7ada ibser3a cause gabel ams radait il Kuwait bilail oo ams was my b-day fa I didn’t have time fa please sam7oonii itha feeh typeos .. Sorry its shwaya short.


Akeed ga3ada itgi9 3alay law 9ij she had someone in her life chan galatly bil wagt ily kina feeh friends.. I have to do something 3ashan iitridly …


I am falling in love with him why did I lie about this stupid ring everything could’ve gone back to normal after he apologized 7adii ‘3abiya kint lazim atfalsaf ya3nii…

The next day

“Where did I put her number?” aziz told himself

“ooh kahoo “ aziz said
Let me call her before I change my mind.

“6ooo6 6oo6 aloo “ meera answered

“hii ana aziz refeej zaina 3arafteenii “ aziz said

“eeh 3araftik tabii zaina “

“laa laa mabii zaina oo mabii zaina tadri iny ga3da a7acheech “ aziz said

Aziz was getting his thoughts organized while meera was holding the phone and talking to herself aloud “hatha mo 3abala ina yigdar egi9 3alay mithil maga9 3ala zayoon ana tara mob sahla eeeh mo 3abala 3ashan ohwa 7ilw yigdar 3ala kil ilbanat “ aziz heard her and so he cleared his voice to remind her that he is still on the line with her .

“meera agdar ashoofich bacher ib 5ooo9o9 zaina “ 3azeez asked

“ la magdar 3aib matist7ee ana tara mo 3abalik iny sahla ..” she said angerly

Aziz replied “ 3afwan i5t meera 3an il8ala6 ana 8a9dii shareef oo 7ab a8ablich ib5i9oo9 zaina ur roommate fa atemana itfakreen ishwaya.”

Meera thought to her self that their might be something going on since zaina left the restaurant last night without telling her. And zaina wasn’t normal yesterday.

Meera agreed to meet 3azeez at 12 in starbucks he told her that zaina should not know about anything.

At 12 azeez went to starbucks to meet meera .

While he was waiting for his order he sat on a table. 3azeez stared at the door waiting for meera.

After 5 minutes surprisingly zaina entered 3azeez got confused and glanced back and forth at her he couldn’t believe his eyes . zaina went straight to the man to order while 3azeez was still looking at her . Two minutes later meera entered and walked straight up to 3azeez and she didn’t relies that zaina was standing their ordering. As soon as azeez saw meera coming toward him her started pointing at zaina so that meera would relies and stop. But meera didn’t get it and continued walking toward him. azeez got up from his seat and walked to a table that is blocked by a wall. Meera followed him to that table.

“ishwayeb zaina? “ 3azeez asked meera angerly .

“haw zaina da7een 3indaha class..” meera replied

“ imbala zaina ihnii please roo7ay latshoofna I’ll talk to you later.” Azeez said in a hurry.
Meera went to zaina

“Zayoon intay mo 3indich class now?” meera asked

“eeh I have a class now kanii ba5ith my drink oo baroo7.” Zaina replied

“mm mita e5ali9 ur class?” asked meera

“At 2”

“Sorry meera bas I have to go now I’m already late!!” zaina said in a hurry running toward the door.

“ra7 takleen bil bait ?”meera asked quickly before zaina was out of the door .

Zaina turned her face and yelled “no I have to meet a friend”.

Meera went back to 3azeez and told him that zaina is on her way to her class and she won’t be out until 2.

“mashkoora inich rithaitay inich it8ableenii “3azeez said politly

“la makoo moshkila bas yarait tid5al bil maw6’oo3 ibser3a” meera said in a nervous tone which made 3azeez relies it.

“ok ana madrii ishloon abdii bas 7abait agoolich 8i9ity ma3a zaina 3ashan itsa3deeeni l2na intay agrab wa7da 7ag zaina”.

They both stayed silent for 10 seconds

3azeez continued “zaina mat3arif a7ad ib London 8airii ana ma3ach.”

“gool 8i9itik ana asmi3ik oo 7aba asa3dik imbayen ink 5oosh wa7ed oo zaina tistahil.”

“bagoolich il8i9a min il bidaya” 3azeez said

end of post . xD

hope you enjoyed it..:P

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Noor called me and came to visit me in the hospital (maligatni biljam3a so she of course felt I was sick). But it was just me, my family, Noor and Lati :D. And Razzag after 8.Razzag kept visiting, we talked mostly about movies and actors and stuff, he …

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I know, I know, I’m sorry *pout* don’t hate me! Finals in two days, so I had to post. Also, a very persuasive letter from Carpe Diem forced me to finish this post so voila!;p I didn’t proofread, I have a million past exams to read through *sigh* let me…

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So sorry to my followers (I doubt you guys are still here :S). I took a long break and it’s about time I get my fingers working!! Inshallah I’ll post faster than usual l2ana seriously, I have NOTHING to do. Anyway, I’m gonna start writing now! Ciao! ;*…

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When was the last time you cried?
And why??

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راس محلوق على الزيرو
نظارة شمسية عاكسة
وضحكة حلوة تكشف عن أسنان لولو
يا حلو ستايله
عيزت بأكس أبيه يقص شعره جذيه
ما يرضى

بس هذا أبو الهامر اللي وراي
يا زيييييينه
قاعدة أطالعه بطرف عين من المرايا الجانبية
يضحك ويتغشمر مع رفيجه اللي قاعد يمه
شكلهم يشرح القلب
من زمااااان ما ضحكت أنا جذيه

هو هو هو
اشفييييه فتح الجامة بهالحر
اشقاعد يسوي
من صجه
قط باكيت سجاير بالشارع

فجأة تملكني الغضب، والإشمئزاز
وصار ودّي أحط ريفيرس وأرجع عليه
أطقه بوكس على عينه
ووعيت على نفسي إني بديت أفوووور
أستغفر الله العظيم
مسكي نفسج يا بنية

صار لي فترة وانا بهالحال
كبريت ما أستحمل أحد
الصبح أقوم إشزيني
كلي إشرااق وحيوية وأمل
بس أي موقف لو سخيف يقلبني فوق حدر
يا دموع أربع أربع
يا عصبية وغضب اللهم يا كافي

كلّه منّه
كلّه من حاازم، الله يرحمه ويغفر له ويحسن إليه

من أول ما اتصل علي أكس وهو يبكي يبلغني بالخبر
وأنا كياني تزلزل
الخبر نزل علي كالصاعقة
هز أعماق أعمااقي
وحسيت بهذه اللحظة إني أختنق

إنزين خلاص
لي متى
الحياااااة تمشي ما توقف على أحد
استغفري ربج وطلعي منها خلااااص

اللهم لااعتراض على قضائك
ولكن الموضوع كسرني
ما صرت أشوف الدنيا حلوة مثل قبل
إذا انسااان مثل حازم
تكون نهايته بهالطريقة
يااااالله حسن الخاتمة

مشاعر غضب، وخوف
حزن، رعب، وحنق . . تتملكني

أفكار سودااء
عن الدنيا والدين
وعذاااب القبر
تلعب وتلعب براسي

أطردها كل صباح
أستيقظ وأنا كلي أمل وإشرااق
عازمة أن هذا اليوم سيكون أجمل من أمس
ولكن ما إن تغرب الشمس
حتى تلفني الوحشة
وقلبي يسوده الظلام

أمسك القرآن
لتهدأة روعي
ومع كل آية تنهمر دموعي
ويزيد نحيبي
تصعد العبرة ثقيلة تخنقني وتكتم أنفاسي
وأحس برغبتي بالهروب
أبي أطلع برة جلدي
بس خلاص

وبعد كل هذا الكلام الكئيب
أنا الآن، في هذه اللحظة، وياللعجب، بدأت أحس بصفاء داخلي
هل لأني أخيرًا فضفضت
هل لأني نفّست عن مشاعر بغيضة كانت جاثمة على صدري
مما أتاح لي فرصة التخفيف من ثقلها على قلبي
ما أدري

اللهم إنك عفو كريم
لطيف ودود
تحب العفو فاعفُ عني
واغفر لي وارحمني
واهدني لما تحب وترضى
فإني أحبك، وأريد رضاك
وأخافك وأخشى عذابك