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Shamma’s P.O.V

He smirked and leaned closer to me, so close that I could feel his breath on my skin, “hmm, no way in hell,” he whispered before he turned around, walked into his apartment and shut the door leaving me standing there flushed and frustrated like hell.

I let out a frustrated scream and shouted, “Grow up, will ya?!” before I stormed down the hall, my thoughts racing a thousand miles per minute. Catching the elevator just in time, I closed my eyes and leaned on the back wall, trying to breathe.

The door clicked open and I stepped out into the lobby, still a bit irritated about what had happened. I walked through the lobby and out onto the sidewalk out front. I leaned back against the wall as I looked up at the night sky watching the billions of tiny stars twinkling.

I sighed as I called Meera once again, muttering as I dialed the numbers, “Pick up, pick up, pick up.” Then, I froze, hearing the faint sound of a familiar ringtone jingling away from someplace nearby. “Weird..” I muttered as a slightly puzzled expression appeared on my face.

I quickly looked around, searching the crowd for Meera who was nowhere to be seen. After a while of searching, I finally spotted her and my face exploded with happiness. I ran towards her and practically squealed, “Meeeeroooh!” earning some surprised glances our way. “Surprised?” Meera asked as her face broke into a wide grin.

I threw my arms around her tightly and yelled excitedly, “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming here?!”

“Shammoh- can’t breathe- too.. tight,you’re suffocating me,” she choked out.

“Oh! shit.. sorry,” I muttered and let go of her, holding in a giggle. “Dude! I’ve got SO much to tell you! You’re not gona believe what happened, juicy stuff!” I said eagerly.

“Oh my gosh tell me!” Meera shrieked excitedly as she gave me all her attention preparing herself for some extremely juicy gossip.

“Ta3aly ta3aly let’s sit,” I said as I literally dragged her to sit at one of the café tables in the lobby. “T5aylay-”

Meera let out a low whistle, “now that’s what I call eye candy,” she interrupted me checking out a bunch of hot guys. “I’m gona go upstairs to freshen up and everything ba3dain you can tell me all this juicy stuff of yours,” she quickly said as she got up heading towards the elevator.

I shot her a quick look, “9dg ench mtfayja!” I shouted as I hit my head against the table. I plugged the iPod’s earphones into my ears and pulled out a book to read from my bag.

“What are you reading?” I jumped about a mile into the air when I heard the sweet velvet voice from about a foot in front of me. I lowered my book and saw the rude jerk, the one who bumped into me at the airport, sitting directly in front of me. The back of his chair was facing me and he was sitting with his legs on either side, his face merely inches from mine.

But I noticed all of this after. The only thing I could look at was his face.

His blue-greyish eyes were sparkling brightly with curiosity. His messy hair had a beautiful shade of dirty blonde that I’d never seen before. His nose was perfectly straight and sharp. His cheekbones were high and his mouth was pulled into a deliciously crooked smile, white teeth shining through.

“R-Romeo and Juliet,” I answered breathlessly. Get a grip, I thought to myself. So he’s hot, who cares? He looks like a troublemaker, a bad boy. Just like Khalifa. Not my type. Not at all.

“You like those kinds of books?” he asked, shock clear in his face. His eyebrows raised, his sparkling eyes widening slightly in surprise. He was still so close, his sweet breath hitting my face. I leaned back a bit, blinking.

“Yes,” I answered, my tone making me seem a little smug, “some of us actually like these kinds of books.”

“These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die like fire and powder which as they kiss consume,” he quoted flawlessly. My jaw literally dropped open as I stared at this boy in confusion. He smirked at me and I wanted to smack that sexy smirk right off his face.
This didn’t make sense, I thought to myself. Boys like him don’t like school books, or romances. They’re just womanizers, players, trouble makers, dancing through life without doing anything decent.

“You know it?” I asked. My tone was rudely surprised, but he just chuckled.

“It’s a classic,” he answered with a shrug. As he continued speaking, his voice grew more powerful, more passionate and so much more beautiful. There weren’t words for the way he spoke. “Plus, just because you think I’m a rude jock which is what everyone thinks, hot, arrogant, sexy you know, doesn’t mean I’m a major flirt or idiot. And I’m just as surprised to see that you like the classics, I thought beautiful, smug girls only liked shopping and boys?”

It took me a minute to answer him. At first, I was just really sad that he had stopped talking since I wanted to hear more of his enchanting voice. But then I realized he had insulted me. And wait, did he call me beautiful? Does he really think I’m beautiful? It doesn’t matter, I reminded myself.

“Just because you think I’m beautiful and smug doesn’t mean I’m a slutty moron,” I snapped back, “I’m actually quite intelligent and I love the classics.”

“Well I guess we both have a lot to learn about each other,” he said, flashing me another one of those breathtaking crooked grins. He held his hand out and I took it. The electricity that zipped through my hand froze me for a moment, but I didn’t want to let go of his hand. It was a good feeling. “I’m Saif,” he said just before he got up and turned around to leave.

“huh Saif? what the hell, he’s local?!” I mumbled under my breath.

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UPDATE: New Template for il sina il yideeda;p 3ajbatny fa latdagrooony;p- im in LOVE with thisyanwer el wayh.. YAANNNWWEERRRR- NEEWW YEEAARRSSSS !!! shbitsawooonnn ;p ? ana 7ady mishta6aa this new yrs;p madre laish ? masawaiiit new yrs resolution like …

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[29 Dec 2009 | Comments Off on My Life After You (22) | 1 views]

I’M VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY..SORRY! sorry ma postaaiitt lately :p bas wallah i’ve been very busy! s2law my msn buddies they know :p w sham3a 7abeebat albi i’m soo sorry ma 7a66aitlich comments..lail7een ma garaait :/ sorry wallah :*

w roman6i8 i’m fine bas too busy… :p

I HAVE AN EXAM BACHER..id3oolyy :p see? shftaaw shlon kitba post wana mashghoolaa..thba7oonnaa examz! HUFF!

this one is dedicated to ACA GIRLZ :D ;p

w 6awfaw badliyyaati :p

ENJOY :***********



Noora: open the car..

he opened the car and she placed him gently on the backseat , He took his hoodie off to cover him with it..

She smiled at him..he was always nice with kids..but he would never admit it

she smiled and turned around to leave…

the next thing she knew was a firm grip holding her wrist…

M7ammad: Noora..


December/ 1/2009


Iff madri shasawwi! 7addi mitwahig…Noora w 7amood ra7aw L ma6aar w lail7een ma raddaw! w *looking at his watch*..SHIT! 3ugub sa3taain! SA3TAAIN w HALA BTKOON MAWJOODA!

He was worried..terrified..he didn’t know what to do…how to react..he’d call m7ammad every 2 min. untill m7ammad …

1 msg recieved from 7amood


1 msg sent to 7amood

Ohhh! shasawwi ba3ad! 7is feeni shwaay ya a5i!

1 msg recieved from 7amood

ma77ad gallik tezawaj 3ugub bacher :)

1 msg sent to 7amood

9ij inik..7maar :)

1 msg recieved from 7amood

7abeeb albii :**

1 msg sent to 7amood

aaaahh…al7een fahamt..L a5 Gay? (6)

1 msg recieved from 7amood


7imdillaah w L shikir!..moo 9a7i hal rifeej wallaah…tloomooni? tloomooni laaish ana im3a99ib w mit5asbig w 7aalti 7ala!? shagoollaa ballaah shagoollaa?!


he heard the door slightly opening….



Zaid: shfeeek mit9argi3 chithee?

Shaheen: haa? la bas..OHh! wallaah dodahtooni! waain Hala!?

Zaid: ig3aad…*ordering* agoolik ig3ad!

Shaheen: inzain!

Zaid: Hala ma3a Jood biroo7on ytmashoon 3ugub bitwadeeha L ma63-


Zaid: Had a39aabik … in6ir 5alni akammil..bismillaah..


Zaid: Walaaaiiinn…Lo bacher 3rsik shbi9eer feek !? tara kilha *sitting on one knee and * “Hala..Ohh Haalaa!… will u marry me?” :p

Shaheen: iskit wla kilma w inthibir yammi..

Zaid sat next to Shaheen who was very nervous..Zaid would drop comments every now and then ..and Shaheen would shout at him….

5 minutes of waiting…

15 minutes of waiting…

30 minutes of waiting..




Noora: M7ammaad…m7ammad…M7AMMAAD!

M7ammad: haa!

Noora: waain sar7aaan!?

M7ammad: wala shay..

Noora: aha…

while they were waiting..M7ammad was thinking of a prank to do for Noora..he was squeezing his mind thinking of what she hates the most..trying to remember…

M7ammad: LIGAIT.HA!

Noora: haw! 7mdillaah w L shikir shfeek? yannaait!

M7ammad: hahaa…la la..kahum ummich w ubooch w9alaw…

weird person…very weird person..moo ashkara L nas traggi3 7ag 3umirhum!

Noora’s parents were now here..she went to hug them and greet them..while M7ammad acted like “prince charming”..he charmed them with his appearance his personality..and his gentleness…He helped them with the bags, left them to bring the car..and came back with a smile..

M7ammad: *opening the door* tifathilaw…

BU Noora: dam fathlik..ya36eek L 3afya M7ammad..ma ga99art wallah

Um Noora: ee wallah ya wlaaidy ta33abnaak ma3aannaa..

M7ammad: la ta3ab wala shay..tstahlon..*smile*

Noora’s Dad likes Zaid and M7ammad…he appreciate them being his son’s friends since a very long time..and being there for him through whatever..he was glad to see them again..

M7ammad always acts like the perfect one in the group infront of Zaid and Shaheen’s parent..but when it comes to the three of them he’s the craziest person..

waayyy waayy waayy! shftaaw! SHFTAW?! shftaaw shlon ysawwi roo7a “mr. perfect” ?!

they all got in the car..Noora and her mother sat in the backseats and her Dad sat next to M7ammad..

Um Noora: *whispering in Noora’s ears* Waaayyy ya 7lwaaa M7ammad…rayyaal ismillaah 3alaaihh…shfteee shlon y6laa3ich?

la7tha la7tha..yit.hayya2li illi sima3ta..or ummi biat t5oora? MIN 9IJHA!?

Noora: *angry* yummaa!

Um Noora: Waaaihh..ma 3ndich salfaa!

he had a smirk on his face..he looked at her from the rearview mirror..and smiled that devilish smile..only she knew what it means..


December 2015


M7ammad: Noora…

she was standing still in her place..trying to react..

shyabbi? i hope he let this go…

M7ammaad: *in a soft tone* Noor–

before he continued she looked around to face him..her eyes met his..

Noora: na3am?

M7ammad: Noora ana..A-ana..

she looked at him waiting for an answer..she haven’t heard from him for the past six months..she missed him..she looked at him hurt .. sad for why the had to be apart..she couldn’t handle it..she couldn’t handle “him”..

Noora: M7ammad please..

M7ammad: Noora sim3eeny..9adgeeny agdar ashra7lich..

Noora: tshra7li shino? haa M7ammad!? kil L deera it3arif ib salfitik w ham ana adri…w yay tabi tshra7li!?

M7ammad: 9adgeeny intay fahma L mawthoo3 ghala6..Noora L salfa moo chithee..laaish ista3yaltay gabil la itta2ikidaain minni!? moo wath8aa feeni?

Noora looked at him with teary eyes…could he be right? could all of them be wrong and he’s the right person?

M7ammad: ridday 3alay Noora…MA KNTAY WATH8A FEENI!?

she turned around quickly she couldn’t look at him anymore..tears started to fall on her cheeks..

Noora: madri *sniff* madri!

he felt guilty..he walked near her and he put his hand on her shoulder..

M7ammad: assiiff..ma kaan 8a9di..ba-

Noora: Laish ma daggaait!? laish ma sa2alt ? six months m7ammad! *sniff* SIX MONTHS..w ba3dain yaay tgoolli laish ma ta2akkadtaay?! haa?

M7ammad: Nooraa anaa…

Noora: intaa shino!?…Bas m7ammad 5alaa9! insaa L mawthoo3!

m7ammad: nooraa la7thaa..

she ran to her car locking the doors behind her..he thought of following her home but was hesitant..he did it anyway…he had to get her back..show her that he never cheated on her…

the memory of dec.1. 2009..kept repeating in her head..she smiled while remembering that day..the day he confessed his love to her…



w comments pweeeeeeeeez?

hehe ;p

LUV U :***************

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Shamma’s P.O.V

Just as I was about to turn around and leave, the door flew open and my eyes shot open in shock.

“oh you have got to be kidding me!” I grumbled, “this is great, just great.”

He just stood there before me with a smirk plastered on his face.

“huh? 5leefah?! w-what the hell are you doing here?!” I yelled.

“well, there is this little fact that I live here, ” he said sarcastically.

SLAM! the door had evidently been closed in my face.

I just stood there for a moment, eyes wide and mouth hung open in shock, unable to understand what had just happened.

Seconds later, the door swung open again getting me out of the wave of shock that ran through me.
“oh and by the way, guess you’re not even close to being miles and miles away from me,” he added quickly, his evil smirk reaching from one ear to the other as he shut the door in my face, AGAIN!

I groaned in frustration and let out a scream, stomping my foot down hard against the floor. With steam blowing out of my ears, I swiftly spun around and stormed off down the hall to my apartment.

As soon as I got there, my hands dove frantically into my pockets searching for my blackberry, more frustration pouring onto me by the second. I madly looked around the apartment and then I called out for Jane, “Jaaane, where’s my phooone?!!”

A beeping came from the couch in the living room, I quickly ran over, flicked my phone open and my fingers frantically dialed my brother’s number. I pressed call and waited. It rang and rang and rang …
Please please, pick up!

Me: 7amdaaan!! enta waain bl’6ab6?!
Hamdan: balach t9ar5een? shu 5aloof didn’t tell you?
Me: tell me what? enzain answer me, where are you now?!
Hamdan: i heard you before! There’s no need to shout!
Me: uff 7amdanoh answer me w fkny!
Hamdan: i’m at the airport?
Me: huh airport? what? why? 3ala wain enshallah?
Hamdan: i’m going to Germany for a while for this uni-related-thingy
Me: why didn’t you tell me sooner?! and what the hell is 5leefah doing here?!
Hamdan: i had no idea, I just found out today. Oh and 5aloof is there because I called him so he could keep an eye on you since I trust him .. and well, to keep you company since I know you guys are close and all, he’s there so you don’t get bored out of your mind, you know.
Me: bas 7amdan, you should know that-
Hamdan: the plane’s about to board, I need to get going, talk to you later Shammoh.

He frickin cut me off! and hung up before I could say anything!
I heard the dial tone. I closed my eyes and breathed out, slightly frustrated.
This is just fan-fucking-tastic, I thought to myself.

I stormed over to Hamdan’s apartment, well “Khalifa’s” for now I guess, trying my best not to cry or scream or break anything I would regret destroying.
I knocked calling Khalifa’s name, but of course the door didn’t open then, so I started pounding on it positive that he’s in there. “5leefah open the door!” I yelled.

I just stood there for a few more minutes with him still ignoring me. I started to get more frustrated than I already was since I heard fidgeting from the other side of the door. Oh so he’s definitely ignoring me!
“5leeefah! Damn it! Open this damn door or I swear I’ll-”

Khalifa’s P.O.V

I swung the door open to reveal a very pissed off looking Shamma, frustration written all over her pretty face.
“You’ll what ha?” I asked challengingly, “what exactly are you gona do 7abeebty huh?!”

She just groaned and ran her hand through her hair. “Lain mta nawy tg3ad hne enshallah? And why aren’t you staying at your place ha?” she retorted, as she shot me a knowing look that said i-don’t-want-you-here.

“How about you go ask your brother?” I smiled wickedly, loving the fact that her face was showing more frustration with every second.

A flash of fear appeared in her eyes, like she knew that this wasn’t good, but she kept her voice steady, “7amdan isn’t coming back, is he?”

“You got that right,” I smirked lazily at her.

She narrowed her eyes and raised an annoyed, questioning eyebrow at me, “What are you smirking about?!”

“Nothing, just that you’re stuck right across the hall from me cuz I ain’t going nowhere,” I replied, my smirk widening as she glared at me.

“5leefah,” she called my name softly, it sounded perfect rolling off her tongue, as a fake smile appeared on her face.

“5air?” I replied coldly.

“Can we at least just try to be civil? Since we’re going to be seeing a lot of each other lately, you know,” she said in a sickenly sweet voice. “We don’t have to be best buddies and all,” she added quickly.

“Sure, I’d love for us to be friends,” I said, sarcasm dripping from my voice.
Suddenly, I threw my head back in a fit of roaring laughter, “HAHAHAHA! Now you wana be friends ha?”

Shamma stepped backward staring back at me annoyed and irritated and shot me an i’ll-kill-you look, and if looks could kill, I’d probably be out cold by now.

I smirked and leaned closer to her, so close that she could feel my breath on her skin, “hmm, no way in hell,” I whispered before I turned around, walked into my apartment and shut the door leaving her standing there flushed and frustrated like hell.

‘Bingo’ I smirked to myself, let’s see how you like that, Shamma.


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لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له , له الملك وله الحمد وله الفضل وله الثناء الحسن , يحيي ويميت وهو حي لا يموت بيده الخير , وهو على كل شيء قدير , …

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 Ja’afar was taking a walk in mishref with his twin brother, yasser when it happened. When ja’afars life was taken. Ja’afar was a 19 year old university student studying in the states. He had just come back and was reunited with his family for the…

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Shamma’s P.O.V

The plane ride passed by quicker than usual. We were going to land soon, and I couldn’t help the big smile that formed on my face, though it looked out of place amongst all the other tired and dull expressions that everyone around me wore. I was far far away from him, back to the place I call my second home, back to where everything seems to be much better.

A few minutes later, we were on the ground. I scrambled through the airport looking for the nearest exit. I found one and ran to it as quickly as possible. Hamdan told me he’d be here, but he’s nowhere to be found! I groaned, flipped my hair over my shoulder, and started to help this guy carry my luggage. As I was walking towards the exit, someone bumped into me, so hard that I dropped the bag I’d been carrying.

“oh my god, watch it!” I cried, bending down to pick it up.

I heard a scoff, and I looked up to see who had bumped into me. Standing before me was a guy not too much older than me. He had a yellow, zip-up hoodie on, with the hood pulled up, covering his messy, dirty blonde hair, which stuck out from the edges of his hood. His hoodie was unzipped, showing off his wrinkled plain black shirt underneath. His dark jeans were ripped at the knee, and he kept his hands in the pockets. He was wearing yellow converse sneakers and he hadn’t even bothered to tie the laces. He was a walking dress code violation.

He was undeniably handsome though, that much could be said, but the rugged kind of handsome. He had a scar that ran down his cheek which made him look even tougher than he already did. His intense blue-greyish eyes glanced down at my light brown ones for a split second.

“sorry, princess,” he spat.

“what the hell is your problem!”, I glared at him, already disgusted.

“whatever,” he said, pushing past me.

“one hell of an ass,” I mumbled under my breath, trudging to the exit behind the guy carrying my luggage.

There was a black Mercedes waiting for me outside and a driver opened the door for me. I got into the backseat of the car, it was warm inside and the leather seats felt safer than the plane. I let a smile spread across my face as the engine revved into life. We zoomed down the familiar streets of New York, and I watched the rain trickle down the windows. The lights of the cars that flashed past were hypnotizing and I let them fall into a steady rhythm, before looking away.

I dug into my bag, searching around for my iPod until I found it.
“Jane, wake me up when we arrive,” I told my maid, putting the headphones into my ears. The driver shifted gear so we were speeding along faster. I let the music fill my ears and take me away. As soon as my eyes were closed, I was woken by the stillness of the car.

“we’re here Shamma,” Jane told me.

I looked out the window, it had stopped raining but the sky still looked creepy. I entered the building and went up to my apartment. I left Jane there to unpack my bags, make sure everything’s tidy and polished, as I went over to Hamdan’s place.

I lightly knocked on the apartment door. KNOCK KNOCK. No answer.
“7amdaaan”, I called to him, “efta7 el baab.”

I knocked again. KNOCK KNOCK. No answer again. I tried the door handle. Yeah, no such luck.

I banged loudly on his door, but there was still no response.
“7amdan, open the damn door!” I yelled as I kept on banging.

“ugh! where the hell is he?” I thought to myself.

Just as I was about to turn around and leave, the door flew open and my eyes shot open in shock.

“oh you have got to be kidding me!” I grumbled, “this is great, just great.”

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Enjoy part 3, sorry its short ;*”baba t3aly aby akalmich”My father had a worried look on his face, but I didnt think much of it.”baba there has been a change of plans”He wouldnt look at me”with what?””m3a Bader””um shloun ya3ne?”My heart was beating, …

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Shamma’s P.O.V

It started ringing once more, but this time it seemed like an international call. I thought I’d just ignore, but they kept calling, once, twice, 3 times, so I picked it up.
“Umm, hello?”
“Hey you, guess who”
I recognized this deep masculine voice, but I I couldn’t quite put a face to who the voice belonged to. “Uhh..”
“Shu shammo shaklech nsaitena ..”

“uhh ha..” I stuttered

The person on the other side of the line just laughed. That laugh! I thought.

“oh my god 7amdan is that you?!” I screamed into the phone.

“haih it’s me who else would it be ya3ne?” he teased.

I gasped, “you remember me! I’m flattered, wallah I truly am.”

“hahaha very funny shammoh”, he said sarcastically.

“lala 9dg I’m surprised u called, I thought u forgot all about me.”

“how can I ever forget u little sis?” he chuckled.

“Soo how r u? and sh7al ma6oor? how’s the U.S? did u buy me anything?..” I just kept on blabbering and throwing questions at him.

“woah woah shway shway 3alay, everything’s great, we’re all fine, the States’s amazing. El mhm el mhm, the reason I called in the first place is cuz I wanted to ask you etha u wana come visit us for a while since you’ve got a holiday n all.”

“haaaih akeed I wana come! when? did u talk to mom and dad?” I yelled excitedly.

“yeah everything’s been taken care of, it’s just that I wanted to check with you and see if u feel like coming”, he replied, “oh and FYI the flight’s tomorrow”, he mumbled.

“what?!! tomorrow?! shu 2mrw?!! but I’m not ready yet!” I shrieked frantically.

“too bad, dabri 3mrch”, he chuckled, “yala I g2g now so I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“god okay”, I mumbled, “bas 7amdaan I ..” he hung up and I heard the dial tone. I sighed, sometimes my brother could be such a hard ass.

I groaned as I walked back to my room and flopped back down on my bed, only to stare up at the ceiling. I better get a goodnight sleep, I thought to myself.

*Next Day*
“bas you guys, umm my flight leaves tonight”, I mumbled to my friends as we were having lunch at Hédiard.

HE was there, even though I had not glanced his way since I entered, I knew that he had yet to take his gaze off of me. I could feel him boring holes into my skin with his eyes. He wanted me to look at him, to stare into those pleading eyes of his and listen to him. That reason alone is why I refused to acknowledge his presence, for if I took the chance and looked at him, I might fall into his trap and be just another name on his list.

“Shammoh are you serious?! 3nbo tawch radah, why are you going back now?”

“yeah tawna radeen, it’s just been a couple of months!” Meera cried out.

I was hardly listening to what they were saying. I didn’t care, it didn’t matter to me how much they tried to convince me to stay, there’s no way I’m gona change my mind. I could see him getting up from his seat and I hear footsteps coming toward us. He stood right by our table pretending to talk to one of the waiters, but I just continued to ignore his presence.

“madre a7s I wana go back, and I will go back, everything seems to be better back at the States”, I said as I drummed my fingers lightly against the maple colored table.

As soon as I said that one sentence, everything seemed to happen in slow motion. His perfect face slowly turned towards me, and I found it hard to swallow. He looked shocked, like he wasn’t expecting me to go back so soon. He dug into his pocket, pulled out his cell phone and frantically began punching some stuff on it.

A few seconds later, he walked back to his seat and I felt my phone vibrate on the table. New text. I opened it up to see who it was. I frowned.

“Are you seriously leaving tonight? Look, I’m sorry about what happened, just forget everything that has happened and let’s go back to how we used to be, like way back, just friends. I guess I screwed up, so sorry. –5leefah”

I bit my lip. Did I want to forgive him? My first reaction was no. Usually I hated going with my first reaction, but in this situation, I felt it fit. I clicked reply and typed furiously.

“I don’t think I wana be friends anymore. You fucked up. There’s no chance of us being together if that was what you wanted.” I sent to him. I tapped my fingers against the table waiting for a reply.

I was pretty much numb. No incredible feelings were rushing through me like before. It was as if I was in some sort of trance. The trauma, probably now that I think about it. I felt absolutely nothing, and it was horrible. The hole in my chest where he was, was simply an empty space now that he was gone. Him and I used to be really close, the fact he could simply shatter everything we had like that made me wonder if he ever felt anything for me at all. Sure, he claimed to love me, but did he really? I didn’t think so.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I jumped when my phone vibrated again.
“I know, and I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me, what made me want to do that. I know that’s not an excuse, but it’s all I got. I need some serious help.”

I chuckled a bit before replying.
“No, it’s not an excuse, and yeah you should get help.” When I was done texting, I took a quick glance at him and he was staring at his cell with a frown formed on his face.

I received another new text and got startled again.
“Yeah, I should. I really wanna talk to you about what happened, face to face, again.” he admitted. I gulped. Was I comfortable with seeing him again? The obvious answer was: not in the slightest.

“I don’t. I’m not comfortable around you anymore, 5leefa. I’m sorry, but I don’t think we should be talking to each other right now.” It was probably incredibly pathetic of me to say something like that over text, but I couldn’t do much else without having some sort of breakdown. Funny, I still didn’t cry. Not one tear had been shed. I’d been thinking about crying, sobbing really, like before, but I never did. He texted back quickly.

“Okay. I don’t blame you. I’m sorry again.” Not even then did I lose my self-control. I simply shut my phone and stared at my friends without blinking at all. I wasn’t sure exactly how to deal with all of this. I could see him getting up and heading to the seats outside.

I started to tremble again, holding myself in a way. Still there were no tears. I started to wonder what I was going to tell other people about what had happened. We used to be so close, everyone knew that. I sure as hell wasn’t about to tell them the real reason, so I had to think of some sort of cover story. A fight about something I didn’t want to talk about, possibly? I supposed it could work. I sighed, letting my head fall back against the chair, my gaze still firmly fixed ahead.

Some sort of battle was going on in my brain. A part of me was just telling me to shut him out completely. The other part wanted to hear him out, see what he had to say.

“agool I’m gona go outside shway, I need to take a call, it’s 7amdan u5oyah”, I told my friends.

“do you want me to come with you?” Meera asked me since she knew that I always ask her to tag along when I go anywhere, and vice versa.

“la 3ade it’s fine, ma ba6awel”, I replied as I walked towards the outer area of the restaurant.

Walking along, I spotted him leaning over the rail smoking a cigarette, “What do you want 5leefah?”

Wow, she actually noticed I was gone, Khalifa thought to himself.

He turned his head slightly to look at me, “ha achofch you came”, he smirked then turned back around.

“Whatever”, I scoffed, “do you want anything or what? ana mb fa’6yatlk.”

“Well, there is one question I think I’m entitled to ask you, considering you just dropped a bomb on me”, he paused to see my reaction, but I just nodded.
“Why do you wana go back there?” he asked.

I just stared at him. After a few minutes his left eyebrow lifted a tiny bit, and I realized he was waiting for an answer.

“Is it because of me or something? I’ll stay away from you if that’s what you want. Do you want me to hate you, love you, what?” he asked once more.

I smirked at him, “I could care less if you love me or hate me, it’s what they call life you know, life’s a bitch.”

He stared at me indifferently, his dark eyes locked into mine. I shivered. A blank expression found its way across his handsome face, and he didn’t utter a single word.

“Honestly, you know why I wana go? Because it’s miles and miles away from you,” I shot back as I headed straight back in without glancing at him once.

Life truly is a bitch, I grinned to myself pleased with what I’ve just done.

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A7IBKUMMMM! thats why i wrote a loonngg post for u guys :D inshallah hal post clears things a bit..illi lail7een moo fahim ygoolli.. ;D raa7 y9eer parts min 2015 .. w parts min 2009…they’re all related..try to relate ;p

THIS ONE IS DEDICATED TO….MARY POPPINS! I luv u hun ;p weird,,i never luved u before :p Jk Jk ..



September/ 2009

The 2 next days were extremely fun..M7ammad was getting along perfectly with Noora, Shaheen and Hala are still crazy, Jood and Zaid were catching up..and Mshary was leaving today..

In Uni..

Zaid: Shaheenoo are u sure about this?

Shaheen: ee..

M7ammad: here comes commitment!

Shaheen: 7amood chub

M7ammad: athakriikk bas..

they both stared at him..and he kept quiet

Zaid: okaay tara i7na jahzeen..wana kallamt Jood w ishta66at…

M7ammad: ee w Noora galat bityeeb L akil…

Shaheen: *deep breath* okaay…w mino biyeeb ummi w ubooy min L ma6ar?

M7ammad: ana w Noora…

Zaid: sh9aar 3ala ahalha?

Shaheen: Ummi daggat 3alaihum w 56ibat.ha .. w galat ina ma 3ndaha mani3..bas L raay raay Hala..w ma ygdirroon iyoon

Zaid: *smile* L 7imdillaah..Allaah Ywafgeek

M7ammad: pshh…wallah inkum ma6foogeen..istansaw ib shabaabkum..la7geen 3al zawaaj!

Shaheen: agool 7amoood chub willi y3afeeek..bas malna 5lgik..

M7amamd: afa! L7een ana anchub?

He gave him that killer stare…

M7ammad: zaain zaain..baskit..

Zaid & Shaheen: hehe

M7ammad: *imitating them* hehe wayihkum..roo7aaw roo7aw 3ndikum class L7een..

Zaid: bnroo7 … int illi shbitsawwi?

M7ammad: ana bas 5alal9t mu7atharati L yom..barid L sh8a..

Shaheen: 7amood dam fathi..6alli3 Nooraa i5ti..ga3da broo7ha ma77ad ma3ahaa

M7ammad: haa?

Shaheen: ee illi sima3ta..bas 7i6 balik 3alaiha…tara hathi i5ti ya 7amood..

M7ammad: ee eee…*leaving*

zaid: moo 9a7i rifeejna tara..

Shaheen: tawwik tadri..

They laughed and headed to their next class

the plan was all set..Shaheen wanted everything to be perfect..the perfect proposal..


Jood and Hala were in class…very boring! they almost slept..well Hala did..but Jood kept waking her up..

Hala: *zzzzZzzz*

jood: *whispering* Halaa…hala!

Hala: Haa! shfeeeechh?!

Jood: shhh shhh…fitha7teenna!

Hala: waaayy wana 3abali nightmare 6ala3 9ij i’m in Mr “bu6bu6’s” class!

Jood: heheh yal hablaa :p … la tnameen ana broo7i mitmallila!

Hala:*yawning* inzaainn..


Hala: *grabbing a note* *writing* sh9aar 3alaich?

Jood: *replying* 3an shino?

Hala:*reply* DUH! u w ur mom!

Jood: *replY* i talked to her yesterday..bas i didn’t tell Zaid..

Hala: and shgilteellaha?!

Jood: gtlaha ina the guy i was with is Zaid..she was relieved after knowing that w i told her ina he slapped me..w ina he was kissing a girl..

Hala: *screaming* CHATHABAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Mr. Dunkin: HALA! the anoyying bee in my class!

Hala:*mumbling* wallaaaaiinn..*looking at him* sorrryyy…

Mr. Dunkin: STAND UP!

Hala: *mumbling* Dude i said i’m sorry…

Mr. Dunkin: what? excuse me but were u calling me a dude?

Hala: mee? Naaahhh…

Baall! 3afyaa athoon! broo7aa shayib ohwa w karshita! madri shlon 3ayish hal insaan..

jood: *poking her* waayy Halo shut up..

Mr. Dunkin: whats with ur atitude lady!?

Hala: what with “my” atitude..?

the whole class was giggling,,and Hala was half asleep..thats what Jood thought..

Jood: *standing up* excuse her preofessor she just didn’t get enough sleep last night..

Hala: heeyyy! i’m not sleepy..at all! ohwa illi madri shfee 7imdillaah w L shikir..

Mr. Dunkin: U know what? u and ur little friend..OUT!

Hala: na3am? i mean what?

Mr. Dunkin: i said out..

Jood got up, grabbed Hala’s hand..and stormed out of the class..cuz she knew Hala would do something crazy to that professor if she stays for one extra minute..

Hala: hehee…

Jood: ur crazy tadreen..

Hala: waayy fakkaa..9ij ma kaan li 5lga! ee kamlaay! shgalaat ummich!?

Jood: i dunno..she was very weird when she talked to me..7assait.ha guilty..china she knows inha thlimatny…w ina mshary was lying..madri mino illi far ras.ha…she was like ” i know..i’m sorry mama”


Jood: ee bas … madri Mshary still doesn’t know about it..w my mom shlon faj2a ghayyirat rayhaa? its not making sense to me

Hala: waayy waayy waayy..intay laaish it3abeen mu55ich..bas istansay! w tell Zaid!

Jood: madri…iff lets go out..hathi a5ir mu7athara w bcuz of u .. we got kicked out :)

hala: i know u love me…

jood: hehe ;p ..thi8aa

Beep Beep

Jood grabbed her phone to check the msg..

1 msg recieved from Misho..

La tstansaain wayiidd…7attaa lo infallat L 5u6ooba…ma ra7 a5aleech ittahanaain ma3a Zaid.. :)

Jood: FREAK!

hala: mino..mino?!

she gave her the phone and Hala started looking at the sender’s name..and reading the msg over and over again..

Hala: waaii333! moo min 9ijjaa hatha! shdarraaa a9laan!?

jood: madri..! something is not right..

Hala: whatever..lets go have fun shwayya!

They left uni, went back to their sh8a..

December 2015


She enetered her cozy home, opened the lights, and smiled at his picture hung on the wall…she missed him…
she carried her son and walked to his room..he woke up and looked at her..

7arith: Mama..wain baba?

she smiled and kissed his cheek..

Jood: Baba yaay bil 6ireej 7abeeby..yallah naam..

7arith: hehe

he smiled and went back to sleep..he was like an angel..he had her eyes..but his father’s face..his tan..his hair..everything else looked like his Dad..

She went to the kitchen and baked some cupcakes…decorated them with frosting..perfect! Just the way he liked them she thought…

She heard the door slightly opening..a smile formed on her pretty face..it grew wider when she saw him..she hugged him tight..

Zaid: i missed you Joody..

she looked up at his face and traced the scar on his forehead..her heart ached remembernig the incident..she smiled..

Jood: i missed u too



He took 3abdullah to The Jam3ia..he was at Shaheen’s place…he saw a common figure searching for smoething..he smiled..he missed her alot..he heard the convo the old lady started with her..and felt sad that she was going through this becuase of him..if only she would give him a chance he thought..

Ohhh! waain 3abood..tawwa ma3aay! akeed 9on L kakaw! Halool imwa9yatni ma yishtiri shay…

He went to the chocolate area to see her with him..smiling and talking to him..

Noora: hehe 3abadi shyaybik L jam3iyyaa broo7ik..wla yaay ma3a shaheen w mama?

3abdullaa: laa ana yaait ma3aa un–

M7ammad: Ma3aay…3abdullah yaay ma3aay..

She looked at him speechless..his tall figure his tanned body..he didn’t change a bit..he was wearing a navy hoody with grey sweat pants (since its winter)

3abdullah jumped out of his place when he saw him .. he hugged Noora’s legs ..and she let out a slight giggle..

They stood there silently staring at each other..he wanted to talk..to apologize..to
explain..to do anything..just to get her back..

M7amamd: e7m..yalalh 3abood ta2a55arna..

3abdullah: MAABII!!! maabiii ayee ma3aak!

Noora: 3abadi 7abeebi roo7 ma3a M7ammad..

3abdullah: maabi! ohwa ma y7ibni!

Noora: hehe..laish ma y7ibbik?

M7ammad smiled..he missed her voice..he missed everything about her..

3abdullah: ma y5aleeni ashtilli kakaaaaaw!

M7ammad: ana ma a5alleeeek? haaa?? ma sima3t ummik it9ari5 *imitating Hala’s voice* tgool no kaakaawww!

3abdullah: laa laa! intaa ma it7ibnii! aunti noowaa it7ibni ibtishtireeli kakaawww!
tha7 aunti noowa?

Noora:hehe.. kakawa wa7da bas..

3abdullah: *sticking his tongue out* thift! aunti noowa it7ibnnyy!

M7ammad: 3aaib ya 9baay..

M7ammad walked towards them and lifted 3abdulla off the ground..thats when he
started screaming and everyone started looking at them…


Noora: shh 3abdullaah bas…

M7ammad: 3abood iskitt..

3abdullah: maabeek maabeeek abii Nooowaaa!

they were both talking to 3abdullah..bas they didn’t talk to each other…it felt weird..

Noora: *clearing her throat* e7m..m7ammad 3a6ni iyyaah..awa9la laay L sayyaara…

M7ammad: la mala da3ii..ana awadee..

Noora: raa7 yabchi waayid..3a6ni iyaah..

he couldn’t disagree..she took 3abdullah from him..and they both went out to the parking lot..

noora: aayy 3abaadii..hehee…

he was behind them .. he smiled at her..he always thought she’d be a good mother..

finally..they reached the car..he walked near her so he can take 3abdullah from her..

M7ammad: 3abdullaah..

3abdullah: *sniff sniff*

M7ammad: 3abdullah yallah ta3aal 5alaa9 ba36eek kakaww..

his voice felt like he was whispering in her ears..his was inches away from her face..she
could feel his warm breath on her cheeks..

Noora: uhh..3abadi 7abebi..roo7..

3abdullah: maabiii

he held her tighter and dug his face in her chest

they stayed there for a while..3abdullah was holding Noora’s neck so tight and crynig…they waited for about 10 minutes till he finally stopped crying and slept on
her shoulders…

M7ammad: naam…

Noora: open the car..

he opened the car and she placed him gently on the backseat and took his hoodie off to cover him with it..

She smiled at him..he was always nice with kids..bas he would never admit it

she smiled and turned around to leave…

the next thing she knew was a firm grip holding her wrist…

M7ammad: Noora..


END OF POST! ABI COMMENTS! I DESREVE IT! ibakaaifi i deserve :p hehe.la la 9ij 3ndi sab3eenalf shay ma sawaait.hum just to write this loonnggg post…yaayyy!! :D shbi9eeer? no guesses? mwa7a7a7a77aa…ull never know untill next post! (6)

LUV U :***

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Ana mkhasisaaa 3omre 7ag elbal3a;pW kil ma 7a6aw review re7t 6ayraa ajareb .. So far jarabtAyami (ehaaaabbbbeeellll !!! Kalaiiina akel elshar! Their big pizza-like thing 6alabna the vegetarian one.. Naaa63aa! W their rose sorbet ebachy;p)Fondue (laaatt…

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Six months ago… “Tell me a bedtime story,” she whispered into the phone, pulling her comforter up to her chin. “7ayati… you know I don’t know how to tell stories. Intay goleeli? I love your stories.” Shaha closed her eyes and conte…

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Gabil ams knt Bil 9alon..i was getting my hair done w this girl ga3da yammi … kil shway it6ali3..w ana ath7aak 3alaaihaa…asawwi roo7i ma a6ali3ha w i can see her eyes on me..w when i look at her she quickly looks away…same for 6amz…kil ma s2alat ummi shay..”yumma hatha 7ilu?” kil illi ga3deen ilifoon wyoohum! w y6al3oon w mindamjeen ma3a her convo ma3a ummi :p…hello she said “yummaa” u can’t all be her mother can u? :p then i realize..they we’re just being girls…Ligafaat banaat :) .. hehehe intha7ik wallaah :p

This one goes for the winners…KISS (P.S 7AMAD IS MY NEIGHBOR ILLY KILLA Y2ATHEENII the one who sent me a love note :) …MOO MY BROTHER :p ) .. w UNCHAINED..W IDENTITY! YAAAYYY!!! :*





Zaid: JOodyy..shraa7 itsaween?

JOod:laazim akallim ummi…

Zaid: and?

JOod: bas 5alaa9 … i can’t stay with him anymore Zaid..i just can’t

a smile formed in his face..he was happy..he’ll finally get the chance to prove to her that he’s a changed man..but he felt bad for her…for what mshary did to her…

Zaid: w itha s2iltich laaish? shbitgooleen..btgooleenlaha illi 9ar?


Zaid: Joody?

Jood: *shaking her head*..he’s still my cousin..i won’t ruin his reputation..*smile*

Zaid smiled she’s still Jood..his Jood..she changed yes..but her big heart and smile never did…and never wil he thought..

Zaid: *smile* 3ala ra7tich..

She was about to call her mom when her phone rang…

Jood: aloo…hala mama

Zaid rested on the couch while hearing the convo she started

Jood: shino? .. mama shfeech?..laaish im3a9ba!?…ANA?..SH.SAWAAIT?

shfeehaa JOody glibat alwaan…sh9aayir?

Jood: la mama ..intay it3arfeeni 3adil w tadreen ini no way asawwi chithee!…LA2! … YUMMAA I’M NOT GONNA MARRY HIM!

Zaid jumped out of his place..he was on his nerves…

Jood: mama plz sim3eeny….yummaa wallah moo ga3da amathil….magdar atzawwijaa magdaar!..shino?! *gasp*..CHATHAAAB!,…yumma plz la la…mama plz sim3een–

6ooooooooooooooo666 66ooooooooooooooooooooooooo66 6ooooooo666

Zaid: sh9aayiirrr?? shfeech?..JOOD TA7ACHAY!

Jood: *inhale* galatli L shahar L yaay L milcha…

Zaid: SHINO?

she was soo calm..she had the urge to cry..bud she couldn’t

Jood: dag 3alaaihaa…gallahaa ini a5oonaa…

Zaid: ayaa L 7aywaan!

Jood: w gallaha ina ana a5aaf troo7 min eeddii w min hal 7achi..fa ummi galatla malik shi’3il bittizawijik ‘3a9bin 3alaaiha..


Jood: la zaid! in6ir…i know my mom lama tkoon im3a9ba ma t7ib tsma3 min a7ad shay…


Jood blushed..she didn’t know why she just did…

Jood: *blushing* …i won’t..i’ll talk to her 3ugub ma thda w tell her L salfaa…

Zaid: hehe…

Jood: Laish tith7aak?

Zaid: hhee..wlaa shaaayy..

she smiled at him..and he smiled back..

a7is.haa mit.thayga…i can tell..w ma raa7 itgooli..a7is widha bas ma tabi..

Zaid: uhh…JOod?

Jood: *smile* na3am?

Zaid: shraayich nroo7 nyeeblina green gushers? :p

Jood: green gushers?

Zaid: ee insawwi movie night nafs gabil..ma3a gushers w uno :p shraayich?

Jood: hehe..okaayy :p

She smiled…she missed those days alot..the times she and Zaid would spend the whole day together..eating,laughing,playing or watching a silly movie…

Zaid: indig 3ala Halool w shaheen w 7amood?

Jood: yeaah! yallah call!

Zaid: okaay ;D

so Zaid planned a fun night for Jood..he wanted her to have fun..


M7ammad came with Noora..and Hala came with Shaheen..they had alot of fun..Jood, Noora, and Hala seemed to get along very well…M7ammad would look at Noora every once in a while and smile..he was glad things were kind of back to normal..but he was still scared of taking the second step..for now..they’re just friends…

OMG! DON’T TELL ME I DIDN’T TELL U THAT M7AMMAD IS IN LOVE WITH NOORA!? .. I DIDN’T? :O … :O :O :O..okaay okkaay bagoolikum :p… M7ammad fell in love with Noora since the moment he first saw her..he knew she was different..the way he felt when he saw her was different than what he felt while meeting/dating/chatting..etc with any other girl…kaan killa y6affirha..w once she told him that she hate him min kithir ma kaan y6affirha..w he took it seriously..from that day he was too casual with her…as in too much



msg recieved from +965998*****


She kept staring at the number on her screen…she didn’t see it for a while… she threw her phone on her bed..took a bath.,.changed her clothes and went to jam3ia…

Noora: alooo ha mama?..inshallaah okaayy…maku pound cake mixture bs fee sponge…okaay … inshallah..okaayy bye

FINALLY! waayy sa3aaa…laaish chithee 7osaa?! caka hnee w L thanyaa hnaak..abi kakaaw!

A woman stopped her on her way…

woman: Haw Nooraaa??

Nooraa: *smile* hala 5alti…

woman: shlonich sha5barriiicch? ana Um Na9er bait yeeraankum..3arafteeny?

mino hathi? iff…maali 5lgg…

Noora: hhee..ee 3araftich 5altii…

Um Na9er: shlon ummich salmaay 3alaaihaa..w shlon shaheen u5ooch..ya 7lwaaa 9ar 3nda walad moo?

Noora: hehe L 7imdillah killihum zaineen..min zimaan shaheen 3ndaa walaad 5altii..

Um Na9er: ee 9aa77….ilaa intaay shlonich? simaa3t inich fallaytay L 5u6oobaa 9ijjj?

Noora: *forcing a smile* .. ee ..

she didn’t know someone was listening to them …

Um Na9er: ygooloon kaan ma3a wa7da thanyaa 9ijj?

Her words felt like a knife in her heart..a knife that stabbed her very hard…

Noora: ..maadrii..

Um Na9er: 9ijj ma ysti7ii 3ala waayhaa 8aleel L adaaab! L7een y5aalli hal gumaar w yroo7 7ag wa7da thaanyaa? jileel L 7ayaaa…

Noora: 3an ithnich 5alti ana ta2a55art laazim aroo7..

She left her and walked near the chocolate area only to find that little figure that she knows very well picking some chocolate..she tiptoed and poked his back…

Noora: BOO!

3abdullaah: HHHHHHH!!!!! auntyy nooowaaa!!

noora: hehe 3abadi shyaybik L jam3iyyaa broo7ik..wla yaay ma3a shaheen w mama?

3abdullaa: laa ana yaait ma3aa un–















M7ammad: ma3aay…3abdullah yaay ma3aay…


TARARARARARAA!!!! W 5ALLAAA9 L POSSSTTTTT!!!! :p hehee…shbi9eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr????????????one sing…whats happening in the future..will be explained billi ga3id y9eer L7een .. fahamtaw? ya3ni next post ill try to make it extra extraa loongggg 3ashaan tfhimoon L salfa.. okaay? ! yaaayyy! :D shukraaaannnn …

LUV U :*************

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just a one-shot story ..


A pale hand traced over the door, dreading to enter the room that held his love. Taking a deep breath, he reluctantly opened the door. Stepping in his breath caught in his throat, even after all these years, his love still captivated him. He saw his one and only, lying on the bed, even though her skin was paler than before, he still thought she looked amazing.

He slowly made his way towards the bed, not wanting to disturb her. Sitting down, his eyes raked over her body, taking in her figure, every curve, every feature and engraving it in his memory. Taking a hold of the still hand on the bed, he couldn’t help but let his mind wander back to the day that shattered his perfect life.

Hamad had walked into Dana’s art gallery, looking to the side he saw her with her head in her hands.

“Shamsa, Dana what’s going on?”

Shamsa looked up at her best friend’s boyfriend and sighed, her eyes filled with pain, “7amad, I think you should sit down.”

Hamad heard Dana’s silent sobs, and in one swift movement he was kneeling in front of his love, “baby, shu feech? what’s wrong?”

Dana looked up with tear stained cheeks, her eyes went from Hamad to Shamsa then back to Hamad.

Hamad looked over at Shamsa, who stood up and placed her hand on his shoulder. After a few minutes, he stood stiff, he couldn’t believe what Shamsa had just told him.

“No this can’t be, Dana you’re perfect, there must be some sort of mistake…” Hamad sat down looking over at Dana, he quickly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close.

“I’m sorry, 7amad. We’ve ran so many tests and the results are all the same. Now, it seems that her body has given up, and unfortunately, ma ngdar ensawi shay, it’s too late for any treatment.”

Hamad heard a sob from the warm body that was clinging to his shirt. “Don’t worry Dana, we’ll find a way”, he said kissing his lover’s forehead.

“No 7amad, you heard what Shamsa said.”

“I refuse to believe that. I’m not letting you go”, Hamad cupped Dana’s cheek in his hand.

Dana closed her eyes at the touch. “7amad, I…”

“Maybe we could travel somewhere and…”

Dana shook her head, “no, it won’t work, it just won’t work.”

“Please, I can’t lose you. You’re everything to me.”

“7amad plz, I don’t wana fight this. I’ve come to terms with it”, Dana sobbed into Hamad’s chest. “Just keep loving me.”

He nodded, running his hand through her hair, “always”

End of Flashback

The faint sound of sheets shuffling, brought him back to reality. Looking over he was greeted by the sight of a small smile on his lover’s lips.

“Hey”, Dana whispered softly, looking at Hamad.

“Hey, sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

She smiled slightly at his concern, “la you didn’t, I just pretended to be, so the nurse wouldn’t bother me.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle; that was his girl, always finding ways to get out of things. A frown quickly formed on his lips, remembering why he was here. He felt Dana slightly tug his hand.

“7amad, please don’t”, she pleaded knowing where his mind wandered to.

He felt anger boil in him. He pulled his hand away from her and began to pace, “Dana, I can’t. How do you expect me to let this happen? I’ve seen you get worse and it’s killing me! wallah it’s just killing me”, he sighed retaking his seat next to her bed.

“7amad plz, 5ala9 I’ve learnt to accept this, plz …”

“Why don’t you let me take you somewhere where you might get better treatment…” he pleaded grabbing a hold of her hand once again.

“No 7amad, you heard the doctors, they said that there’s no way for me to get better, 5ala9 it’s over”, she put her hand over his, “if there was a way, you know I would do it.”

“Please”, he begged, placing his forehead against hers, “I can’t lose you, Dana.”

Looking up, he could see the tears form in those chocolate-brown eyes that stole his heart. Sitting on the bed next to her, he brought his hand up and cradled her cheek, “you’re my life Dana, you’re my only reason to live.”

Dana stared into the dark-colored eyes of Hamad, the eyes she had spent so many years with. “As you are mine. Baby, there’s nothing we can do. I’ve come to accept that”, she said as the tears fell from her eyes.

“But I can’t, I can’t live without you”, Hamad said his voice full of sorrow and heartache, his eyes full of tears, “it’s too soon, we promised each other forever.”

Dana sighed, she knew he would have a hard time, but she wanted him to realize that it was time, and that one day he’d be okay, “I know we did, but this is my fate 7amad, plz don’t be sad”, she said as she pressed her hand against his cheek.

“How can I not, when you’re going to be taken away from me?” he said closing his eyes wanting to memorize the feel of her warm hand on his cheek. “It’s too soon”, he repeated, bringing his forehead to rest against Dana’s once more.

Dana swallowed the lump in her throat, “it might be, but just remember that I’ll always love you and I’ll be with you no matter what. Just remember the times we had, and how hard we fought for our love. I do not regret any of it. We have shared more love than anyone in this world and no one can take that away from us”, she whispered to him.

Hamad nodded, not trusting his voice, and kissed her cheek softly. He hated times like these, he wished he could have some sort of way to release the pain he felt in his heart.

“Promise me that you’ll go on and live for me”, she whispered as he broke the kiss.

Hamad began to shake his head, “I can’t promise you that, but I will promise that I’ll live as long as I can; as long as I can bear without you, which won’t be long.”

She sighed, “now plz, no more tears. Just stay here with me, hold me in your arms for one last time.”

Hamad nodded as he slowly wrapped his arms around Dana’s thin frame and cradled her to his chest, never wanting to let go.

“a7bk 7amad Al X, always and forever”, she whispered once they were settled.

“a7bch Dana Al X, for eternity”, he whispered and kissed her forehead.

As the sun began to set, Hamad held Dana to him, sitting in a comfortable silence. Nothing mattered to them right now, just the two of them and their time together, however long they had, both remembering their life together. He ran his hand through her soft hazel locks, kissing her forehead and cheek every so often. Soon her breathing slowed and she was fast asleep.

Throughout the night, Hamad held her in his arms. He could feel his lover begin to slip away, he cradled her closer to him not wanting to let go, trying to save any piece he could, every memory. Before sunrise, he knew there was nothing he could do, her heart had stopped. His love, his soul mate, his everything was gone, taken away from him. Cancer had taken the only thing that kept him alive, and now as he held his lover’s lifeless body to him, all he could do was be grateful for having one final goodbye.

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Shamma’s P.O.V

It’s past midnight; I’m sitting alone in the music room lazily playing my guitar, lost in deep thoughts.

It’s been a week since that day we talked, and I’ve been surprised since I expected lots of awkward and uncomfortable moments, angry stares and evil eyes, maybe even occasional tear shedding seeing as watching him with another girl has broken my heart no matter how much I pretend it didn’t.

Luckily, none of that happened because we’ve drifted apart and we haven’t been talking to each other even when we bump into one another. I just deny his existence, pretend he’s not there, and he just tries to talk to me constantly but I just wouldn’t give him the chance.

I don’t know exactly when I started to feel attracted to him, but the feeling was there. I would always stare at him, without him knowing. I had a crush. There was no use denying it. I had it for him so bad, it was almost an infatuation. I never showed these feelings to anyone though, except Meera. He didn’t know, sweet little innocent Shamma, was obsessed with him. Bleh, pathetic.

He just loves to flirt, he loves being a player. He is well aware of the fact that he broke a lot of hearts during his life.

At the time, the time when I was sixteen, I thought Khalifa would stop being a player, a badass. I thought this crazy obsession might turn into something more. Looking back, it was just a little crush back then. Back then. But times have come and gone, right?

I’m nineteen now, and I know how I feel. I do have feelings for him, I admit that, despite certain things. But I’m gona forget those feelings, forget about Khalifa. He’ll never stop playing around with people’s hearts. He’s only gona keep hurting me and apologizing after every single time, that’s the way it goes with him and girls, and I don’t want that …

The buzzing of my phone startled me from my deep thoughts and all thoughts of Khalifa left my head. That’s weird i thought, who would be calling at 3a.m.? I took a look at the screen, and my caller ID said it was an unknown number. The phone kept buzzing and it was only a matter of time before it stopped ringing.

It started ringing once more, but this time it wasn’t an unknown number, it was an international call. I thought I’d just ignore, but they kept calling, once, twice, 3 times, so I picked it up.

“umm, hello?”

“hey you, guess who”

I recognized this deep masculine voice, but I couldn’t quite put a face to who the voice belonged to. “uhh..”

“shu shammoh shaklech nsaitena ..”

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Shfe eljaw? Ilsib7 mi6ar w 3asifa welbait byinhad 3ala rooosna.. Wel 3aser 7ar w fi6eeeees abe atmasha eb short?SHFEE?!Wal7eeeen sadag ena khalas winter w sar 7ar.. Bs mayseer nalbes sanadel coz ninzaf;pAna mo mayta 3alaih,, fraga 3eeed.. Bs khal efare…

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Shamma’s P.O.V

I got into my car and told the driver to just drive with no destination in mind. I sighed, my gaze darting over to look at him through the window as I drove away. I reached into my Hermes bag to pull out my wallet. I opened the clasp with a flick of my finger and I’m met with a picture, I looked down at it, it was a picture of him and I. We were so happy and care-free back then, we were ‘just friends’, nothing more, nothing less .. or that’s what he thought at least.
That’s the problem… things aren’t the same anymore, things have changed.

I shook my head, my bangs falling over my eyes. I sat up straight and pushed my hair away as realization finally hit me, he doesn’t care
I made my decision at that moment. I decided that I was worth more than this.

I sighed as I remembered the way things were running my fingers over the photo’s edge. A few minutes later, I reluctantly returned the photo back into my wallet. Gone were those days …

I snapped back into reality! Why the hell do I care? Why am I making a big deal out of nothing? I have to face the fact that he obviously doesn’t care, I have to get used to it. Most importantly, I’ve got to forget he ever told me anything, just erase every single word he told me from my mind, forget that he told me he loved me ..
I scoffed, what kind of fucked up love is this?! Today, he proved something to me, that he doesn’t know what love actually is.

I decided to drive down to the beach instead of home since I needed time to think things through, and the beach house was the perfect place. No one was there. I sat all alone on that beach, our beach, and looked out across the darkened, rippling water. The sun was just beginning to set, the blazing yellow fading into a cool, gentle orange.

I sat on that one smooth rock near the water, with my knees pulled against my chest, listening to the unending rhythm of the waves upon the shore. I thought of all the times I’d sat in this very same spot, away from the rest of the world. This place is my own personal heaven; no matter what happens in my life, I could always come here to be comforted.

It’s getting kinda late so I guess I should be heading back home right about now. As I was getting up, I noticed a figure standing on the beach. Who is this mysterious figure? I walked up and noticed that it was Khalifa. Why is he here? What does he want? All those questions were running through my head.


I closed my eyes for a second and stared out emptily onto the expanse of ocean that laid out before me.

“I’m sorry, I really am, I promised you I would never let anyone hurt you, and I’m the one who just hurt you.”

He stood there looking at me, I didn’t look back at him. He listened to me breathe for a second and continued to talk.“Can you please just look at me? Just for a second?”

I took a deep breath and turned my head to look at him.

“I just wana know one thing, why are you feeling down? I told u I loved you years ago, but did you say it back? No .. you didn’t, you said you didn’t feel anything for me. Am I right or what?! Isn’t that what you told me?”

I finally said something, the only thing I thought I could say and not reveal anything.
“You THINK you love me, but you don’t. ‘I love you’ is not like ‘good morning’, you know? To say it, you got to mean it. Don’t you say you love me, don’t say you need me, don’t say it. Don’t say it cuz I know deep inside you don’t mean it, don’t say it cuz you don’t know the meaning of this word, so stop saying it cuz I KNOW you don’t love me, and now you’ll know that ‘I’ don’t love you!”

That instant EVERYTHING changed ..

Khalifa’s P.O.V

An hour later, I just drove aimlessly and searched frantically for her. I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t find her. Not willing to give up now that I’d found the courage to talk to her, I eventually tracked her down. I found her, at our place, lost in her thoughts.

She got up since she was just about to leave and started walking towards me because she couldn’t quite recognize who I was. As she came closer, she realized that it was me.

“Shamma”, I whispered into the night as her name rolled off my tongue.

She turned her back towards me and continued to stare out into the ocean. I apologized for hurting her, but she just wouldn’t look at me.

“Can you please just look at me for a second?”

I stood frozen as she turned to look at me with her startling, brown eyes. A warm feeling washed over my body.

I asked her why she felt that way when she saw me with those other girls. Why did she look so sad? She clearly stated that she doesn’t love me more than a ‘friend’. Am I missing something over here? Does she see me as something more than just a friend?

She finally said something, something I’d never thought she’d say to me. She told me that I clearly don’t love her, that I duno what love is, that I duno the meaning of the word ‘love’, and that SHE doesn’t love me.

Maybe she has point, maybe I truly don’t love her YET, maybe my feelings towards Shamma are more than what you’d feel towards a friend but not close to love yet. Obviously I have strong feelings for her, but after that talk she gave me, I have found out that I dont’t just have a crush on her, nor do I really love her. I think I just really really like her. All I know is that I want to be with her, more than just friends, more than what we used to be.
If only she feels the same way towards me, if only ..

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Okaaay so tawni radda min L 9alon :p…w while i was getting my nails done i got this TREMENDOUS IDEA! :O :O :O

Wanna know?



okaayy i’ll tell u :p


There will be 3 winners….

Whats the prize?

I will send u a part of the story that i still didn’t POST IN MY BLOG!
In other words ull know shbi9eer bil 8i99a before anyone else :D


Whats the comp. ?

U should answer the following questions: (that might be hard :p )

1) who’s 7amad? <– if anyone answers this wrong ma3nata 9ij u don't know me :p

2) “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” <– who said this?

3) “The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” <— who said this?

4) ma howa 3adad al ayaat fi L 8ur2an?

5) Ma hiya awwal sayyaara fi L 3alaam?

6) what’s her name? —->->>>>>>>>
7) IT7IBBOOOONNYYYYY?? <— hatha a93aab su2aal :p
8) shkithir a7ibkum? :p <– hatha a93aab …adri adri :p
9) 1+1=1 true or false.. ? i’m out of questions :p
10) 1346809-897697= ? find the answer ( 6ag6agt ar8aam laain glt bas :p )
E-mail teh answers to me…first 3 with the correct answers will recieve an e-mail inshalalh on saturday or sunday..or maybe today or tomorrow…whenever i’m done from the post…ill send it to u guyz ;) before i post it in 24 hours :D
LUV U :**********

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To tell you the truth guys..

The last previous months I’ve been having trust issues..

La2ane ektshaft enah kl ma I fully trust someone w I give them my all they manage to really let me down and hurt me…

So my plan was to simply not let anyone in.

And guess what it worked perfectly ya3ni a dear friend of mine or should I say an X dear friend of mine did something Ebe6 el chabd… !

And for the first time I Didn’t feel a THING I wasn’t down and sad and all and I didn’t spend a whole month just crying my heart out!.. Which felt pretty good!

But sometimes in life there are ppl who you simply can’t NOT fully trust and love.. Like mathalan fee Dee!

This person who I have known for a while now didn’t do one bad thing to me (jadd alaah etamem ;p!) she’s just an Amazing person whom I’m VERY PROUD OF btw :p!

This certain person I can just trust her with my life without worrying!

she’s the type of person ely etgul klmaah which will emediatly effect you and would just put a smile on your face without knowing shly ga3da etsawy..

Ya3ni mathalan gabl Cham sbou3 mar 3alay youm I was EXTREMLY down and I just wanted to cry my heart out ..

We were just solfing on msn and she just felt how down I was w I told her it was nothing ..

Wehya kanat 7adha fa9la w madri sh9aar chan age6 ga6aah chan taf9el th7k 3alay.. (I just love making ppl i love laugh especially ehya min ‘3alatha walah :)! ) Chan agulaha “I aim to please..” Then she had to go but before she left galat .. “Even when your down :p” she simply drew a Huge smile on my face w 7azatha it felt really heart warming which was EXACTLY what I needed walaah;**

3ala golatha you make me laugh even when maly 5lg ath7aak and I make you happy so we’re even ;p

She trully puts a smile on my face everytime I talk to her.. ;$

So yes this is deticated to Dee;* you may not me my Bff right know bas jadd I love w you w jadd 3asalahh la y5leeny Minich yal ‘3alya ;***

You know i wish i could feel the same way about my bff (she’s just a whole other story) she’s the type of person that would ditch me for a whole month 3ashan her bf .. ;S
I told her that somethings are just not forever (which is fine with me honestly) but she just won’t let go..
Ma tadry enah she lost me min awal mara chathebat 3alay ;S!
w ana ma wedy i hurt her so i just suck it up and act like everything is okay .. m3ane I feel like I don’t recognize her anymore 7ata our ramblings don’t feel the same anymore .. I just wish she would realize that so we can get along with our lives even if we don’t have each other feeha..

One always has to know when a stage comes to an end. If we insist on staying longer than the necessary time, we lose the happiness and the meaning of the other stages we have to go through. Closing cycles, shutting doors, ending chapters – whatever name we give it, what matters is to leave in the past the moments of life that have finished.

Closing cycles. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because that no longer fits your life.

Shut the door, change the record, clean the house, shake off the dust.

Stop being who you were, and change into who you are.

Closing cycles – by Paulo coelho

So Do you have anyone like Dee ?

Having Bff problems ?

Wana let go of something bas mo 3arfeen shloun/shtsawoun?


Ps: Dee etha chakaitene w you read this please mabe a3aref ;)

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Shamma’s P.O.V

A few months have passed since my arrival back home, Khalifa was nowhere to be seen, and if you ask me how my life is at the moment, I’d tell you perfect. You see right now everything is just right, I’m living my life to the fullest, I have almost everything I could possibly need, the perfect family, perfect circle of friends, and that’s all that matters at the time. Then HE walked back into my life and fucked all that up! HE turned my life into complete bullshit.

My friends and I have headed to Starbucks to grab some coffee and just chill. Everyone was chillaxin and just havin a good time. I was busy typing away on my blackberry when HE walked in.

Meera’s eyes popped out of their sockets and her jaw dropped down to the floor. “oh my god u guys, check out that dude that just walked in.”

All of them turned their heads to look at him, while I was in a world of my own. They’re always like this when it comes to guys, especially hotties, so I didn’t really care about what was happening at the moment or who they were ogling.
“mashallah 3alaih!” “5saraa kel hal jamal and he’s with those blonde bimbos.” “Look at that ditz kaif gab’6tnah!”

“Shammooh! Just look at him!” “Just a quick look, la yfootch” “Chofeeh .. bas na’6ra w7da!” “Just ONE look! You won’t regret it trust me”, they kept going on and on while I was too occupied with my phone.

He was moving closer to where we were seated meaning we could get a better glimpse of him. Meera was still going gaga over him, “Yee shu hal jamal hayda msh ma32ooool”, when all of a sudden her mouth shaped into perfect ‘O’, she covered her mouth with her hand, *gasps* “laykoon this is…!?!”

I still wasn’t aware of what was going on around me, so I looked up from my phone and turned to face her, “Shu esalfah? What’s going on?” I asked carelessly then turned back to my phone once again.

She pointed her finger at something behind me, “Look! over there!” I lifted my head and looked around, but there’s no one behind me. I turned back to her confused, “where? There’s nothing there that would make you wana gasp and go all ‘OMG’!”

“Not here..”, she pointed again but to a different area, “there”

I turned my head to look once more and I wish I didn’t. I just froze .. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There he was .. there was Khalifa, standing right before my eyes, with his arm practically embracing some bimbo’s waist. I was gona shift my gaze not wanting him to see my face, unfortunately it didn’t work just as I had thought. I could sense that he stiffened and his eyes widened as soon as he saw me. He let his lips linger on her skin for a few seconds as he kissed her cheek while she was hanging onto him like some lovesick puppy. I quickly shook my head and our gaze broke. His eyes were locked on mine, my eyes were fixed elsewhere. Was it all a lie? Am I not a drug that he can’t stay away from 3ala goltah? Didn’t he mean everything he said to me?

I tilted my head slightly so that I could look at him out of the corner of my eye once more, he met my gaze and I could see the guilt wash over him. I held back my tears and walked away. I didn’t want to look at him, I didn’t want to look at anyone, I just wanted to disappear …

Khalifa’s P.O.V

I walked through the door of Starbucks with a ridiculous grin on my face, and a bunch of girls attached to my hip. As soon as I stepped into the place, every single head turned to look at me. This isn’t something new to me, I mean it happens all the time, I’m used to it by now. People gawk at me everywhere I go, and girls practically follow me around like paparazzi.

I walked to the counter with certain confidence and arrogance. While I was waiting for my order, I put out my arm to encircle one of the girls’ slender waist while she wrapped her own arms around me and rested her hands on my back.

You know how sometimes you can feel someone watching you .. well I had a feeling like someone was watching me. The feeling of eyes on me was unmistakable, I swear I could feel someone’s gaze burning right through me. I turned to see who it was, right there I saw the two most beautiful eyes, it was her. She was so stunning that she could take anyone’s breath away by just a single glance.

I can see that she didn’t want me to see her, but she was too late. We both froze, our eyes locked. Not a word was spoken between us. I felt a rush of fury deep inside me as I remembered how she left, so I tightened my grip around the girl’s waist, and touched my lips lightly to the soft skin of her cheek without taking my eyes off of HER. I let my lips linger on her skin for a few seconds before breaking it. She looked away from me breaking the gaze clearly hiding a pained expression, while my eyes were still locked on hers. Why the pained expression, I thought. She clearly stated that she doesn’t feel anything for me, or does she?

She turned to look at me one last time then walked away, away from me, away from all of this. Unwanted guilt washed over me .. the regret of hurting her was stabbing me like no knife could .. I wanted to go to her, to hold her gently. I have never done anything to hurt her before. Had I chosen wrong? Did I hurt Shamma by doing this? I sighed softly. Even if I had been wrong, it was too late to take back the pain, the pain that I’ve just caused her ..

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عن حذيفة، أن النبي- صلى الله عليه وسلم- قال: ((إن المؤمن إذا لقي المؤمن فسلم عليه وأخذ بيده فصافحه تناثرت خطاياهما كما يتناثر ورق الشجر))ه
In 3aza, when I go to pay my respects, the most thing I dread is having to kiss all the people in line. I go to offer my condolences to a friend and I end up kissing all her family. LAISH?!
I remember when we had a 3aza of our own, I used to HATE it. People I know and don’t know pull me close and shower me with kisses. And I grew tired of it, and somewhat disgusted to be honest.
My most annoying experiences is when they kiss you and blow on you, I mean they literally exhale while kissing and their breath just blows at the side of your face *shivers*
And when they kiss you and their cheeks are so moist with foundation it actually sticks to your face *yuck*
Oh, and some people even kiss you twice, bl dakhla o bl 6al3a :-(
I try to extend my arm to offer a handshake, but no they pull you o lazem they kiss you. AND I’M HERE TO TELL YOU TARA WALLAH MO LAZEM YOU KISS.
Mind you, I don’t do that. I just offer my hand and sincere words of “3atham Allah ajerkom“, or “3asa mathwah eljanna“, o that’s it.
So pls ppl,
A hand shake is enough,
so pls, just kiss and hug the person you came for, and as for the rest of the family a handshake is enough wallah.
No need to go on kissing the whole neighbourhood!
La lil qubolaat, na3am lel mosafa7aat
Aslun you get more ajer this way..
Who’s with me?

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HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! Miss me? (a) ;p w noo ma 5alli9at my break :p i’m still not posting this week..bas ill post today…rakzaw 3al twaree5….w ra7 tifhimoon L salfa :D…any questions ana mawjoodaa…SILENT READERS WHO ARE NOT SILENT ANYMORE..I LOVE U WAAAYIIIIDDD WAAYIIIDD WAAYIIIDD! THANK U FOR COMMENTING :*

BIG APOLOGY TO 7AWOORY :* I’M SORRY HUN min zimaaan ma 7a66ait comments thats bcuz i ddnt have the time to read :$..sorry wallah :* forgive me? (a) i will inshalalh whenever i have the time :D

This one is dedicated to..PURPLE SKY :D …. Yaaayy!

Enjoy :***




it.hagon ib trja3ly?

Maaku ila ini adig 3ala 5alti !



Noora: ee bas at least inta mo im3a9ib w im6angir 3alay…

M7ammad: *smile* … 3umri ma 3a99abt 3alaich Noora…


After 6 years


Jood: Mshary asfaa wallaah asfa! please rid 3alay!


Jood: Mshary?

He gave her a cold stare..one that scared her..that gave her goosebumps all over her body..she lost every word she prepared..

7arith: mama…mama…

She looked at her 4 year old son…who looked just like him..

Mshary: roo7aay…L yahil binaam…

She carried 7arith and left the room..

It was the first time he talked to her after what happened…the first time he spoke..

she drove her car and headed home..the place she always felt safe in..


September/ 2009


Calling Um Jood…

Um Jood: Aloooo?…….. minoo? aloooo……

Mshary: aloo hala 5alti…

Um Jood: Aloo mino?

Mshary: ana Mshaary…

Um Jood: Mshaary! Hala wlaaidi shlonik sha5baarik? 5arra3tni Allah yhadaak sa3a 3ala ma trid..

Mshary: hahaha..sam7eeni bas knt sar7aan shway…

Um Jood: Allah yhadak 5arra3tny yom shft l ra8am 5ft JOody 9ayir feeha shay…

Mshary: la 5alti la it7ateen ma feeha illa L 3afya…

Um Jood: ashwa L 7mdillaah…shfeek yuma..9otik moo 3ajibny…9ayir shay?

Mshary: wallah ya 5alti madri shagoollich…

Um Jood: gool 7abeebi gool..ana ib 7isbat ummik…

Mshary: 5alti L yom shft Jood ma-


Mshary: moo 9ayir shay ya 5alti haddaay a39abich intaay shway w sim3eeny…

um Jood: zaain zaain..kammil yumma asmi3ik..


Um Jood: Ha! aloooo? Mshaary waain r7t?…gtlik gool 3aadii…

He acted…oh he acted very well…

Mshary: *nervous* wallah ya 5alti ana bagoollich wntay kaifich..9adagteeny wla ma 9adagteeny..wallaah ini ma8moot w thayig 9adri w mani 3arif shasawi…

Um Jood: shfeek? sh9aayiirr? gooll..

Mshary: ana L 9ara7a shft Jood ma3a wa7id thany..w yom r7t bas2alha chan tn7ash w sawaat roo7ha ma it3arifni…shft L 9bay illi kanat ma3aa marra thanya w glt ymkin ana fahim L mawthoo3 ghala6 w yom r7t sa2alta int sht9er 7ag Jood galli ana ma a9eerlaha ana a7ibha! wana moo gadir ya 5altii moo gadir! a7ibhaa..w mabeeha itkoon min n9eeb wa7id ghairi…w ma 3araft shasawi fa glt adig 3alaich..

Um Jood:…………….5alla9t 7achi?

Mshary: eee 5alla9t..bas tkfaain dawreely 7al..maby a5sarhaa…

Um Jood: Mashkoor Mshary…ashwa inik gtly…ana illi ba3allimha…3ugub shahar milchatkum..awwal ma trja3 7ag 36lat L christmas ib tamlichoon 3ala ba3ath!

Mshary: haa?? ee bas shlon ? shlon 3ala Jood..

Um JOod: la it7aty..5al JOod 3alay ana…3ugub illi sawwita malha raay….moo ibkaaifha…lazim tamlichoon!

Mshary: 9ij 5alti?! ya3ni artaa7? ma a7aaatii? wallah ina kil 5ofi inha it6eer min eedi…

Um Jood: la it7aty ya wlaaidy inshallah Jood btkoon min ni9eebik…yallah ana baroo7 asawwi chay 7ag 3ammik..ma3a L salamaa..

Mshary: Ysallmich…


hhahahaha…JOod min ni9eeebii….7atta lo jood bitdig 3ala umha L7een ma ra7 it9addigha…kilha shahar..shahar waa7id bas…w Zaaid ana ili bawa5ra min 6ireejna!


W 5ALLAA9 L POSSSTTTT!! I KNOW I KNOW WALLAH I KNOW ITS SHORT! Bas 9addi8oo aw la tu9addi8oo raddait L bait gabil sa3a w i need to study 3ndi exam bacher…w mali 5lg adris fa i wrote a post! Yaaaayyy!! :p hehe..shbi9eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr??! no guesses? at all? shda3waa ;p … mwa7a7a7a7a7a7aa..ull never know untill next post (6) :p

LUV U :***


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14/12 This date may not mean anything to some of you. May not make a difference to any of you. This date means the world to me. I just hope you know. I miss you. 04/08

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Dear RevealedSecrets, Anonymous1, Anonymous 2, Serenade, fingerprint, dalal, red, khalid, blbm:**, M, a journal entry, and captivated.I just wanted to thank you guys for the prayers for my mom, it means so much to me. Inshalla allah yisma3 minkom w min…

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tathkirooon my makeup posts wayeekom far7anaa miktashfa baby johnson lotion w kharabeee6y ?i found a blog DEDICATED to this stuff w 7aliyan ga3ed anagez min il wanaaasaa!!!!elaykom blog “Hi-Maintenance”ma yubgaa Amla, w ki7laa, w cream, w shampoo, w na…

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7issaaaw feeeniii shwayyaa a7taaaaj kakaw….

*ihi2 ihi2*



Hmm…what else?

eee i know everyone is hating me right now 3ala a5ir post :p bas trust me things will get more interesting..kilman im3a9ib :p hehe…funny wallah (a)

By Za Waay… 3adi a5ith break?

bas laay next saturday? (a)

see i’m being a good blogger w i’m taking permission…



no really i’m so busy this week :/

anyways any questions i’m here w my e-mail is here ..w my heart…aaahhhh 3ala my heart… lan yufari8akum :p

okaay waai3 that sounded a bit gay :)

P.S. stop guessing my name i won’t say itha its right or wrong…w its not an old name tara :p wa shukraaaaaannnnn

weee 9ijj! fee shay waayiidd mohim nisaait agoolaa :p … 7ag illi 3indihum FB (faceBook) accounts..3adlaw ur settings again..cuz all accounts are public now…sawwoohum private (only friends)…deeraw balkum :D

LUV U :*

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Her heart was beating probably a thousand miles per hour. Well, it felt like it. As her heart was racing , her head was pounding harder and harder by the minute. Her hands were shaking worse than a sidewalk when a jackhammer hits it. Yea , that bad. Th…

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LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! :Pp mit thi7ik 3ala ur guesses!…bas 5alaa9 i can’t take it anymore! ma knt adri ina hal names tloogli a9laan! :p R..aham shay ina something starts with D :p w Unchained..a9laan ur not aloud to comment :@ la intay wla 6amz! w Red w despirate dreamer: Shag7aa? la la hatha isim bnti allah yhadakum baas :p w 7amood..chan kitabt kil asmaa2 L dnya ba3ad? :Pp LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL bas fee comment 9dimatny L sara7aa…la ALZAIN! yibtaay ismi yaaaiib! ya3ni my name w my father’s name w grandfather w my great grandfather w my family name ba3ad! ahanneech 3ala ur amaazing guess :P Khuzama bint falfil bin 7umu9 bin machboos al sufra <– hatha ismi :p

anyways..no one guessed it right ;p

bas 5alaa9 no more guesses..


ma chayyakt fa 6awfaw :)

P.S. my msn buddies…my msn 5arban…thats why la 7is wla 5abar mini :p anyways e-mails lail7een mawjoodeen tara glittery-butterfliez@live.com e-mail me itha taboon shay :D killikum :p

ENJOYY :*******



M7ammad: Noora?!

Noora: *facing the ground* umm…eee Noora..

M7ammad: shlon yeetay? mino illi yabich? w laai–

Before he continued showering her with his quetions he remembered Shaheen was still here…

oh i guess you guys still don’t know who Noora is right? .. any guesses? no? okaay fine :p Noora is Shaheen’s sister..and no Shaheen is not cheating on Hala.. ;p

Noora: uhh..yaait broo7i bil 6ayyaraa…

Shaheen: E7m..

M7ammad: uhh…3an ithinkum ana baroo7 shway..

Shaheen: ha! waain rayi7 tawwik yay! in6ir shway…

M7ammad: ee adri..bas tithakkart fee shaghla lazim asaweehaa..

Shaheen: 3ala ra7tik..wain hal shaghla?

M7ammad: 3ndina bil sh8a..

Shaheen: inzain wa9il noora ma3aak ib tg3ad 3nd Hala…

M7amad: haa?

Noora: la mala da3i aroo7 ma3a L taxi..

Shaheen: la la roo7ay ma3a 7amood..a7san w ba3dain m7ammad moo ‘3areeb 3adi w jna6ich ana ayeeblich iyyahum…haa m7ammad shgilt?

M7ammad: ee akeed..*looking at Noora* mishaina?

Noora nodded silently and followed M7ammad outf the garage…

P.S. the way from the garage to their apartment takes 30 mins of walking..

5 minutes of complete silence was filling the air…Noora walked behind him silently and he walked ahead of her without looking back…

You’re probably wondering how does she look like..right? well Noora is very petite..she too thin but she has rosy cheeks..full red lips..thin nose..big black eyes..and black curly hair.



Anaa sh.sawwaait?! shlon maddaait eedi 3alaiha?! Mahmaa ykoon hathi bnt 5alti….L7een akeed maku raj3a! ma tabeeni..btroo7 3nd hathaak illi isma Zaid! laazim araji3ha…9ij ini ghal6aan w chathabt 3alaiha..bas chathabt 3alaiha min na7yat 7ubi…7abbaait.ha w lail7een a7ibha..ee bas shlon?! shlon w hal ZAAID MAWJOOOD!? Shlon 3ugub ma MADAAIT EEDI 3ALAIHA!?

it.hagon ib trja3ly?

Maaku ila ini adig 3ala 5alti !



iff! laay mita ib ya36eenii thahra..w ib ya7girni?! ana sh.sawwaait!? 9arla sintaain ma y7acheeni w ma y3abbirni madri laaish! Ifff..i’m sick of this wallah…

Noora: M7ammad

M7ammad: hmm…

Noora: M7ammad ga3da a7acheek

M7ammad: *turning around to face her* na3am?

Noora: *sigh* M7ammad shfeek?

M7ammad: shfeeni?…ma feeni shay

Noora: shlon ma feek shay wnta kil ma tshofni tikti2ib..kil ma azoorkum hnee titghayyar…ma knt chithee bil Kuwait..laaish?

M7amamd: moo mikti2ib wla shay….*forcing a smile* haa chithee Zaain?

Noora: iifff….

she walked infront of him upset..

waayy waaayy waaayyyyyyyyyyyyy ybi6 L chaabd! maaleeeeeeeeeeeeee888888888……..laaish chitheee??! …

M7ammad: nooraa..nooraa!

Noora: na3am?!

M7ammad: moo hatha 6ireejna…

Noora: inzain!

M7ammad: *giggles*

Noora: Ma ytha7ik!

M7ammad: hehe..

Noora: hehehe..

M7ammad: tawwich im3a9ba…

Noora: ee bas at least inta mo im3a9ib w im6angir 3alay…

M7ammad: *smile* … 3umri ma 3a99abt 3alaich Noora…


After 6 years


Jood: Mshary asfaa wallaah asfa! please rid 3alay!


Jood: Mshary?

He gave her a cold stare..one that scared her..that gave her goosebumps all over her body..she lost every word she prepared..

7arith: mama…mama…

She looked at her 4 year old son…who looked just like him..

Mshary: roo7aay…L yahil binaam…

She carried 7arith and left the room..


W 5ALLAAAAA999 L POSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHRAAYKUM? Bare with me shway..3ashan it3arfoon shbi9eer ba3dain…inshallah bil next posts tihngs are gnona get clearer.. :D ooo ooo SHBI9EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR????!! Noora w M7ammad? any clues? what about Mshary w Jood?! noo guesses? well ull never know until next post..MWA7A7A7A7A7A7A7AA (6) Boyy i feel evil :p

LUV U :*********

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this is gonna be short…etha ri7taw Cafe Supreme (freezone) w ga3adtaw bara guess what they do?EWAZ3OON 3ALAIKOM KANABEL !!!!!!!!ehabloon ;p ana wayed mo3jaba fehom ;pta7iyaaaaaaty;*