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[31 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on My Life After You (26) | 1 views]

MU6AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR! A7IB L MU6AR! REE7TAA 7LWA! W YES L MU6AR 3NDA REE7A THAT I CAN SMELL :p la itti6anizon :p Hal post g9ayroon i know i know BAS………


moo ma3thooreeeeeeeeen! ma 3ndikum examz w wla shay thani! :p

THIS ONE IS DEDICATED TO HOPE :* ( GOOD LUCK IN UR MIDTERMS HUN) <–how ironic tawni agool maku exams :p la la bas ihya 3ndaha :p hehe

P.S. 6awfaw badliyyati :p w adri L post shway 5ayis w ybachi mn kithi ma ohwa g9eer..YES A3TARIF! bas ta7ammilaw..FEENI L NOM :) w EEEEEEEEEE i have a new story! ba5alli9 min hathi 3ugub cham post! :D YAAAYYY 9a7? 9A7? 9AAAAAAAAAAA777777? okkaay bassi garga :p



Feb. 2010

spring break/Kuwait

Meanwhile other things were happening with the other characters..Noora and M7ammad are better then ever..not engaged..nothing yet..M7ammad thinks he’s too young to take the responsibility..just not yet he thought..Noora agreed..it was too early for them..but Zaid..he decided he’s going to join the club…and by that i mean “the marriage club“..Zaid and Jood are officialy engaged now..everyone knows about it..everyone includes MSHARY..



9ij ini mstanis ini 5a6abt Jood w wafi8aw..bas fee shay ghala6! a7is Mshary nawi 3ala shay…9arla mudda moo imbayyin..7attan Joody tgool ma gaam ydizlaha msgat..Allah Yastir!

True…Mshary has been away for a while, no one knows what is he up to. Letting go? or planning for something? He was too quiet, even his mom was afraid…yeah he’s a player, but he truely loves Jood.



UUUUUGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! this dude keeps sending me msgs w i don’t even know him! ohwa shaku ib M7ammad A9lan! waayy! w shdarraaah!?

1 msg recieved from M7ammad


msg sent to m7ammad


1 msg recieved from M7ammad

L nas tgool na3am :)


msg sent to M7ammad

asfa..na3am? :)

1 msg recieved from M7ammad

afa! bas na3am? :)

msg sent to M7ammad

laish 3ayal shtabeeny agoollik?

1 msg recieved from M7ammad

hmmmm…”Asfa..Na3am 7amoodi 7abeebi galbi?” yeaah sounds good to me ;)

msg sent to M7ammad

i dnt flirt :)

1 msg recieved from M7ammad


msg sent to M7ammad

6AB3AN!..i love u! thank u !

1 msg recieved from M7ammad

Kil hatha 3ashan ba6nich yal 3ayyara? waain illi i dnt flirt? ^^

waayyy abbaaihhh NIKTA! noo waayyy he’s cheating on me! 7adda no waay! that freak sending me msgs im5arrif!

msg sent to M7ammad


Noora and M7amamd were happy together…they were really good friends..M7amamd felt like himself around her which really made him comfortable. and if ur wondering about the msgs..the sender is an anonymous (3ala 6ari L anonz..i repeat plz write ur names :p) and what he’s saying about M7ammad is not true, Noora ddnt belive him, but the msgs kept increasing day after day.



Bas Ya Mshary! 5alaa9 insahaa…shtabi ib wa7da ma tabeek!? *sigh* Bas hathi Joody…shlon ansaha ib yom w laila? wana min sneen a7ibha…

He kept smoking his lungs out in the shalaih..he kept staring at the waves crashing on the shore’s golden sand….He decided, well he thought he did…


at that moment he saw his friend Jasim, he hanged out with him and tried to clear his mind off Jood.

Jasim: Int mn 9ijjik!?

Mshary: shino illi min 9ijji!?

Jasim: Hathaak illi isma Zaid 5athaha minnik wnt ib taskit!?

Mshary: *sigh* shasawwi Jasoom…mahma ykoon ittim bnt 3ammiti..

Jasim: maa glna shay .. bnt 3ammitik 3al 3ain w L raas…bas oho shi9eerlik!?

Mshary: Jasoom int shga3d tgool!?

Jasim: int fahim ana sh8a9di! w 3arif illi ib bali Zain!

Mshary: haa? ya3ni it.haga chithee?

Jasim: akeed!

Mshary: la la…Jasoom willi y3afeek 5alna b3eed 3an L mshakil!

Jasim: Kaifik…bas itha nwait itsaweeha in6ir 3ugub L 3rs..

Mshary: laaish?

Jasim: madri 3ahsan y3arif inik moo sakit 3anna 6ool hal modda

Mshary: ohhhhh…jasoom gtlik laa2!









bacher fee post thany ta3weeeeeth :*


ma tadrooooooon? Mwa7a7a7a7a7a7a7a7aaa(6) :p

LUV U :*********

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[30 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on Khamacheer w Khalajeen #something+1 | 4 views]

– Melenzane.. KHAYAAAAAAAAALLLL !!! their mini burgers EBACHOOOOOONNNNNNN ;P kalait akel el shar;phakom raqemhom 7ijzaw w iklaw;p97299288- Sarah Jessica Parker chinha 7san… a7ebha… bs chinha 7san ;p- Our New Iraqi Song lil isbooo3;p… w 6ab3an ra7…

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[30 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on Mutabi3eeeni L a7ibba2 ;p | 1 views]

I have some news :p



Thalithaan…. I LOVE U WAAYIIIDDD :p


5amisan..widdi i post today bas i have ALOT to do…itha gidart ill post billail :D

Sadisan…BARKOOLII! 9RT MAA7IB AKIL! (moo 9ij 6ab3an :p i’m saying this to convince myself :p) W i feel that i’m losing weight! :D L 7mdilla ;p

Sabi3an….bat7acha laain awa99ilhum 3ashiraan :p


tasi3an… W BAS! I GUESS ILL RETIRE …. u know..stop blogging?

3ashiran wa a5eeran…NAAAAHH! i have a new story :p just messing with u guys (a)

LOVE U :********

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[29 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on 27 | 8 views]

Kilish kilish maly khilg aro7 baythum bas of course I had to.. I got ready, I knew he like juicy trainings so I wore a grey one with an anthrapologie floral scarf and had my hair just wavy. I put light make up on and was ready. Ri7t wiya umy.. yibna de…

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[27 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on This Is It | 2 views]

How cool is this? And in how many prisons will you find 1,500 inmates dancing like this?

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[26 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on part 10 | 2 views]

I missed you all !!Inshalah back to posting maybe not everyday but I promise whenever I can ;*Enjoy ..Previously on part 9He was leaning towards me, his eyes shifting from my lips to my eyes. My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty I knew what he was…

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[26 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on Karma’s a Bitch* #18 | 1 views]

Was this fast enough for you guys? and it’s pretty looong too, eh? ;) you could actually use a break in the middle of it haha :p newaaays hope you enjoooy! :D and silent readers don’t forget to commeeeeeentt ! :p

Shamma’s P.O.V

“Well we better go,” I said practically dragging a dumbstruck Saif by his hand. “Bye Chloe,” I shouted with a huge fake smile plastered on my face. I passed by Meera and she was giving me a look that screamed ‘what-on-earth-are-you-doing?’ “Meeroh don’t kill me,” I whispered, “bat9lbch later wallah.”

Meera was just gawking at us, the ‘odd couple’, her jaw glued to the floor along with everyone else’s


My arms snapped away from his the moment my feet touched the concrete on the other side of the street, away from prying eyes. I doubled my pace as I noticed Saif still staring at me, clearly not believing what had just happened. After a few painfully silent steps, I suddenly stopped and spun around to face him.

“Shuuu?!” I asked trying to sound as annoyed as I could, but the emotion in my voice was definitely awkwardness.

Saif looked down at me and his lips curled to one side for a slight smile. Nodding, he softly said “Thanks.”

I was a bit thrown off by his reaction, it actually sounded sincere. This was abnormal. I shook my head nervously as if trying to push down the strange feeling that crept up my spine.

“You’re welcome bas don’t expect me to do that for you mara thanyeh. Che a7s yatne some sort of allergic reaction just from touching you,” I tried to sound convincingly disgusted but failed miserably and I could tell he wasn’t buying it as his trademark smirk crept over his lips.

He shoved his hands into his pockets and started to walk beside me, “whatever you say .. 7ubi.”

“And don’t call me 7ubi!” I snapped at him as I shot daggers at him with my eyes.

“Sure galbi.”

There it was again!

On his face!

That stupid, dreadful, cocky grin that was making me …


What?! No!

Stupid dreadful cocky grin was supposed to make me angry ,, disgusted ,, annoyed …

Not nervous!

Never nervous!

I kicked myself mentally as I realized too much time had passed since his last reply for me to come up with a successful comeback.

That stupid distracting grin! I thought to myself as I kicked the pebbles that lay in my path.

Once again we walked in a nerve-racking silence, making me fidget with the straps of my coat. Suddenly I whipped my head around to face him. “Why are you here?” I asked out of the blue.

“Laneh my mom and dad were really horny about 19 years ago?” he said with a smirk.

Stupid, distracting … eheee snap out of it Shamma! I scolded myself mentally.

“Oh you’re funny!” I replied sarcastically.

He smiled at me and eventually answered the question sarcastically, “walking my girlfriend home.”

Somehow, that simple phrase made it impossible for me to control my breathing and swallowing at the same time and I was practically coughing my lungs.

“Are you ok 7ubi?” he asked somewhat concerned as he watched me bend over, trying hard to breathe.

Saif watched in panic as my face changed from red to purple to blue and finally back to red cheeks and a furious looking face.

I looked up at him, flushed face, shooting daggers at him, “don’t *cough* call me *cough* that…”

I simply started to march my way down the street and into the building with a panicked Saif trailing closely behind. “I hate you,” I grumbled as I sat down at one of the tables in the lobby.

“Same here Shamsa,” he answered crossing his arms over his chest as he stood close by.

I opened my mouth to protest but gave up half way.

I was too tired…

It was Friday afternoon and I’d had a full week.

I just didn’t have the energy to argue with hal annoying ensan.

So I chose to remain there perfectly still, occasionally letting out a sigh or two hoping that he might take a hint and simply leave me alone. To my misfortune he did no such thing. Instead he made his way to the where I was sitting and took a seat opposite of me, with the same annoying grin plastered on his face.

“Ufff shu tba?” I grumbled as I held my head between my hands, my fingers buried in my hazel strands, my eyes staring down at the marble table. Before he had a chance to answer, I let out a heavy sigh and looked up to stare at him, “why do you insist on torturing me? Just go. Go Away. Be free.” I waved my hand at him but he paid no attention to it.

“You know it’ll work. That’s why you helped me out today.”

“No I helped you out because that scene was just so painfully pathetic, that it just wasn’t fun to watch anymore,” I said, “I just don’t get it. Why in God’s name would you put yourself through kel hal embarrassing public humiliation just for her. What do you see in that fugly bit-”

I wasn’t able to finish my sentence as he was on his feet and towering over my petite form in an instant. “Gb’6y lsanech etha battkalmain 3anha this way. You don’t know anything,” he growled as he was still dangerously close to me.

A hint of fear sent a chill down my spine as I looked up at him, but my facial expression never showed that. The strong fearless look was still on my face and it didn’t fade for a second. It was like awany 3ad mb zay’3eh even though I was actually zaga el 3afya. I couldn’t help but let out a small sigh of relief when he backed away moments after.

“Look I’m sorry… I- Just don’t talk about Chloe that way,” he finally said as he moved back to his seat.

I held my hands up in the air in a sign of surrender, “fine.”

We stayed in an awkward silence for a few minutes, both trying hard to find a topic that would put an end to this uncomfortable moment.

Saif was the first to try, “so…”


“What about the plan? Is it back… on?” he dared to ask.

“You really like her that much?”

Saif said nothing. He simply nodded. It wasn’t necessary for him to say anything.

I shook my head as I couldn’t believe what I was about to say. “Ok. Fine. I’ll do it,” I grumbled in a low voice.

An instant spark flashed in his eyes, “what?!” he asked in disbelief.

“Are you deaf aw shay? Glt I’ll do it, zain che?”

In a flash he was out of his seat and pulled me out of mine wrapping his arms around me, smashing my small form against his chest in the process.

I froze.

My paralyzed arms were glued to my sides.

I didn’t know what to say.

I was in shock.

Eventually, when I realized he wasn’t going to let go of me any time soon, I said, “umm … Saif? Shu yales tsawe?”

That simple question was enough to bring him out from his abnormal bizarre moment and in an instant he let go of me and took a step backwards. “Sorry. Wasn’t thinking.”

“Next time you have one of those weird moments, let me know, ok?” I said nervously as I sat back down.

He simply nodded and dropped back onto the chair.

“Why are you sitting down?” A puzzled look spread across my face, and I raised an eyebrow as if waiting for Saif to tell me something I didn’t know.

“Umm,” he mumbled confused, “we have to plan?”

“Plan what?”

“What we are going to do tomorrow, you know. How we are supposed to act,” he said as if he was stating the obvious.

“Oh…” I frowned for a moment, thinking about what the limits would have to be, “we’ll walk together and hold hands?” And with that I slumped against the chair and stared up at the ceiling. A beautiful and expensive-looking chandelier dangled down from the high ceiling, the tiny crystals coated with a thin layer of gold. I started to count the crystals not knowing what else to do.

“Hold hands? That’s it?” he asked incredulously moving his chair closer to mine.

My eyes were still fixed on the chandelier. Nervousness took over me.

“H-haih,” I replied in an uncertain tone.

“Oh come on! Ma7ad bay9adeg kel ha if they don’t see some action,” he said lifting his eyebrows up and down as a naughty grin lit up his face.

“Hey! we’re not going to- There will definitely be no ‘action’. And there will be no one watching me and you do whatever it is you’re thinking about!” My eyes went back to the chandelier once again. Damn it! No more crystals left for me to count! What do I do now?

Saif smirked as he realized what I was thinking, “ya3ne making out, french kissing. Nothing else.”

“You want me and you to k-kiss? F-french kiss?!”

Saif simply nodded.

“I want to kiss you,” he forced out.

I was staring at him in disbelief.

“W-What did you say?”

“You heard me, I said that I want to kiss you. I want to be able to inhale your scent, to breathe in your amazing scent. I want to keep it with me forever and ever. Everyday. I want to kiss you so badly. I want to feel your lips on mine,” he said.

I looked really confused.

“You can’t be serious,” I whispered, searching his eyes for the truth.

My face was turning very red and so hot that Saif could probably feel the heat radiating off of me.

“I really want to kiss you. I haven’t been able to stop to thinking about you. The feeling of your lips on mine is always on my mind. You’re always on my mind. So can I kiss you?”

I was now flushed, seriously!

“uhh w-what the hell? I- I- what are you saying? No. No way! I wouldn’t want to touch you with a ten-foot pole, let alone let you stick your tongue down my throat!” My face flushed in all sorts of ways as I nervously searched for something to occupy myself with.

A roar of laughter erupted from Saif, “HAHAHA! YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR FACE! WAHAHAHA T’6A7KEEN WALLAH! 3ad eli ygool I actually wana kiss you.”

My face was flushed by the sudden burst of heat.

“Chub chub don’t flatter yourself, I’m immune to you. A9lan you don’t have that effect on me w plus I was just hot cuz estwa 7ar hne and-” I said.

“9eeeeew 6aaaaaa5! yeah right! a9lan I was just messing with you bas it’s not like you wouldn’t like that. I know you think I’m hot and you sure as hell wana kiss me. You want me to kiss you senseless, make the rest of the world just disappear. Don’t deny it,” he said with that smug smirk of his.

His voice was so deep and husky and simply oozing sexiness. It made me shut up!

“hahaha sakatnaha! Enzaaain el mhmmm … so we’re just supposed to hold hands?! They’ll never believe it and you know it!” he said.

I. Am. Not. Kissing. You,” I said flatly.


“Take it or leave it!” I said as I stood up, my chin held high as if I had made my mind up and there’s no use trying to change it.

Saif knew that he couldn’t make me change my mind no matter what. He couldn’t help but sigh, shaking his head as he mumbled, “fine .. we’ll just hold hands…”

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[26 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on KOLOLOLOLOLOLOLEEEEEEEEEEEESSHH? | 3 views]

Alf L 9alaaat W L salaaam 3alaaaik ya 7abeeb Allaah M7aammaaaddd…







I don’t get it :p

Laaish inyabbib?

ya3ni wanasa?

Laa 9ij wallaah…chinnaa hnoodd 7umir :p

i’m crazy? (a)

yeaah i’ve been told :p

ma anlaaam ga3da adris :p


W Bas :p

adri ma 3ndi saalfa ;p


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[26 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on My Final was at 8 AM | 3 views]

chan ag3ad min il noom 7:55 :)ahabel mo ?

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[25 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on I WUV U ALL AND I AM SOWWWWY | 2 views]

I am extremely sorry all you guys walla I know I promised bas I was going through a lot of things and I am kind of back so I will hopefully write a post as soon as possible… sorry again kids :*** ma kansh asdeeee :p

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[24 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on Karma’s a Bitch* #17 | 2 views]

yo silent readers out there how about you make some noooiise ? =p

Shamma’s P.O.V

Angry footsteps echoed through the entire apartment as I made my way back to the living room.

“Oh god not again! Will you stop doing that?!” I growled as I saw Saif sprawled on my couch, TV remote in his hands as he mindlessly flipped through the channels.

“Doing what?” Saif asked without looking at her.

“Msh chaneh I kept you out? Why don’t you go over to your place? It’s my TV, my living room, my apartment. What are you doing in it?!” I glared at him as I stood there, arms folded over my chest.

Saif turned his head and glanced at me before returning his attention back to the screen. “Ya5e kaife,” he mumbled, “enti shu 7arenech?”

I stomped my way to the middle of the living room standing between him and the TV.

“You’re blocking the view love,” he grumbled looking up at me.

“Glad you noticed, that’s the point. What are you doing here?”

Saif sat up and turned off the TV, “talk about tomorrow.”

“What about tomorrow? Saif wake up. It’s over! It didn’t work,” I tried to knock some sense into him.

“Shu ba3ad it didn’t work? Of course it did,” he said.

“What reality were you in? Cause in mine people were staring at us like we were crazy or something. Everyone knows we hate each other. It’ll never work,” I said firmly.

“It’s going to work,” Saif insisted standing up.

“Ok which part exactly didn’t you get? Cause Bared ashra7 again and again if you need me to.”

“I need to make this work Shams-“

“IT’S SHAMMA!” I screamed waving my hands in the air and trudging my way into the kitchen, leaving him behind.

A few seconds later, he was in front of me leaning against the fridge. “umm .. I’m sorry?” he mumbled.

I just stood there, a warm mug of hot chocolate in my hands, watching him with an annoyed expression.

“I need for this to work…” he started after swallowing hard, “I-I need her back. I need Chloe with me or…” The words seemed to choke in his throat.

Somewhere deep inside, I felt a hint of pity for him but before I could stop myself, harsh words escaped my lips. “Seer 9ee7 ba3ad, why don’t you?”

Saif froze looking down at me. He narrowed his eyes, instant anger flashing in them. Without a word, he turned on his heels left the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

I just stood there for a second, a pang of regret causing me to think about going after him.

Shit I forgot. My wisdom says never hurt a man’s ego. Men survive on their ego. To hurt their ego is like pulling the plug on their life support system. Bas whatever, it’s not like I really care about hurting Saif’s ego, right?

But eventually that pang of regret disappeared and I just left him be. The day passed by wala chanah shay 9ar and all was good.


The next day while I was at uni, I let my head fall limply to the desk, while in the background the teacher’s voice rambled on and on about the importance of engineering education to the world’s continued success and bla bla…

“God! Just kill me now and end my suffering,” I mumbled between clenched teeth.

As if someone had answered my prayer, the teacher announced that the class was over. In a flash, I straightened up looking wide eyed at my watch. “It’s a miracle!” I sang out as I gathered by stuff, “I survived! Fakkah! Thank God today’s over.”

“You really do hate this class, don’t you?” Meera laughed.

“More than anything in the entire world,” I answered as we walked out of the classroom. I came to a stop as I saw the infamous Saif further down the hall, “Correction, it’s the second thing I hate most in the world.”

“So we’re back to hating Saif?” she asked.

“What?” I asked as I was too engrossed in my blackberry, not really listening to what Meera was saying.

“Hating Saif. Back on the priority list?”

“Oh top priority! No doubt!” I nodded forcefully.

“Good, cause that little episode in the food court area yesterday just seemed so .. what’s the word? Oh yeah, wrong!”

I smiled slightly at her and just as I was about to reply back, the conversation going on a few feet away from us caught my attention.

“Come on just for a second. I need to talk to you,” Saif’s begging tone made my stomach crunch up as I turned around to see him leaning against the wall, “Please just for a sec,” he practically begged while Chloe remained still, arms crossed over her chest, staring annoyed into nothingness.

“Are you done yet? I told you Saif, it’s over! I have nothing to say or hear from you. Stop being so pathetic, just go get a proper life and let go of this,” she said turning on her heels to leave while everyone in the hall eyed the couple. But he didn’t care. He needed to talk to her, get some sense into that pretty little head of hers, so he grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him.

“Come on!” he growled, “just…”

“Just let go of me!” Chloe said freeing her arm from his grip, “I-“

“There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you.”

The entire hall froze in place watching as I moved closer to Saif, touched my fingers to my lips then placed them on his lips, letting them linger there for a moment. I turned to Chloe with a smirk on my face, “hey Chloe!”

Chloe just looked at me with a frown, while Saif simply stared at me not knowing what the hell has got in to me.

OMG! Seriously, what has gotten into me?!

“Well we better go,” I said practically dragging a dumbstruck Saif by his hand. “Bye Chloe,” I shouted with a huge fake smile plastered on my face. I passed by Meera and she was giving me a look that screamed ‘what-on-earth-are-you-doing?’ “Meeroh don’t kill me,” I whispered, “bat9lbch later wallah.”

Meera was just gawking at us, the ‘odd couple’, her jaw glued to the floor along with everyone else’s while I was just lost in deep thoughts…

Where did I get the guts? What did I just do?

Most importantly, why does Saif want Chloe back so bad?

It’s like his want for her had become like a need more and more everyday as she disappeared from his sight.

Does he really love her that much? Are they truly madly deeply in love? Or fe shay thany wara kel ha?

There has to be something else.

Something else going on there, behind the scenes…

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[24 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on sorry ;s | 2 views]

sorry everyone, I have been a bad blogger bs walla I have been super busy I am transferring back to il kuwait o 7osa o loya 3la ma I get all my paper work to actually apply to a university fa just bare with me hl yomain 3la ma I get everything settled …

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[23 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on شفتووووه ؟؟؟ | 0 views]

Did you see it?
Yesterday night on MBC max, did you see it?

I should have posted abt it ams, so the ppl who didn’t get to see it can go watch the re-run but X came home o sak 3alay :-/

فيلم هندي مدبلج
مو للعربية، لاااااااا باللهجة الكويتية

ما أقدر أشوف هالعيون الحلوة تبجي
يقولها جذيه

ترد عليه


But I really enjoyed it..

The movie was RICH:

Beautiful scenary
Amazing costumes
Wonderful songs/ dances <— 6ab3an ashoof waqallid 3ala 6ool :$

And if that all didn’t convince you to sit and watch,
then kefaya agool “Ashwarya Rai” bs !!

يا ربي هالبنت جمالها يمصع القلب

كان صوتها بالكويتي حلو ، سامعته من قبل، غمضت عيوني و قعدت أدقق


عرفت صوت منو




بس اللي مثل دور البطل ما عرفته

كان صوته بعد حلو، دافي ولايق على الدور


منو الشاطر اللي يقدر يقول لي منو صوت شاروه خان؟



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[23 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on My wish list :D | 5 views]

Min L faraghaa…

w theegat L 5lgg…..

wa L malaal….

Wa L zaahgaaaa….

W kilmaan yadris….

W I hate TV :@

w Facebook 9aayir 9a55a w maleee8…w killa y3allig :/

w i think u get the point? :p

SAWWAAIT “picture wish list” :p


w yshaajji3 :p

laa 9ij istanast ;p

ma raa7 awareekum kil my wish list..


Ill show u some :D

Awwaalaan…abi SCUBA LICENSE! 7addaa widddi :( … inshallah this summer :D
yeaah yeaahh…i want to feed the sharks :p wallaah a7is wanasaa ;D

BUNJEEEE! moo 5arboo6i mal L shi3ib…laaa :p BUNJEE MIN MOUNTAIN…nafs hal adimi :p
*sigh*….no comment ;p

habbatlikum Habbaa 3ala Hal BORA BORA island … 7addaa widdi aroo7 ;p w inshallah i will :D

CRUISE TRIP! barra L kuwait 6ab3an :p
Hathaa Allah ysallimkum ice hotel in sweden…9arli 4 years sam3a 3anna..W MAYTA BAROOO7! w again inshallah i will :p

Aaaaahhhhh baas Aaaahhh…every girls dream.. abi a closet nafs malha…bas 7ag my shoes! ;p
this one is for my mom… “Yummaa ana moo THIN…I REPEAT I AM NOT THIN…this is thin… ” :p
w bas :D
do one..its fun wallaah :D

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FAJ2A l YOM TITHAKKART sALFA…I have this habbit ini a7achi nafsi w L ashya2 jiddami lama akoon broo7i..i get bored quickly :p chan at.thakkar ubooy..kina ga3deen me w my sis w ohwa nakil oreo cake.. (3AJEEBA) Abaaihhh 7atta my Dad..he’s like that :p faj2a broo7a sara7 ..w 9aar 7iwar drami baina w bain L shoka illi feeha L caka…dad (ya3ni L cake): *creepy voice”laa taakilnyy”…dad (as dad):”moo ibkaaifich .. BAKLICH!”…Dad(as the cake): *creepy voice*”la la Allah y5alleek la takilny!”….dad (as dad :p):” HUUUMMMMM *eating it*” .. . Us: kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! :p ……..welcome to my totally normal family..the life of glittery :p LOOL

w yaaayy another post seee? :p

ENJOYY :*******



JOod: la ma irt7na..u should say the whole sentence…


Noora: HUUFFF……inzain…I “LOVE” M7AMMAD! chithee zaain? haaa? ZAAAAIIN?

Hala: i knew it wallah i knew it!

JOod: abbaaihhh ma yloooggg! 7amood is soo in love!

Hala: i knoowww…

they suddenly heard a voice from behind…

M7ammad: *clearing his throath* e7im…*smirk* 6aggait L bab w ma raddaitaw…ligaita maftoo7 fa da5aalt…



okkaayyy…this is not happening…NOT HAPPENING..

Hala and Jood exchanged looks then looked at Noora who was shocked..frozen in her place..

Jood: uhhh? how much did u here?

M7ammad: *looking at NOora who was still not moving* hmm..*smirk* moo wayid..mn awal ma noora galat la it5izoon..

JOod and Hala tried to hold their laugh, they looked at Noora who was STILL IN HER PLACE..

Jood: abbaaihh sorrry…*holding her stomach*magdaar..KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKK


M7ammad stood there..his eyes on Noora…

laa laa laaaaa…LAAAAA2222222222!!!

Noora: LAAAAAA2!

okkaayy chini glt.ha ib 9oot 3aalii? FASHLAAAA!

she stood up and ran to the bedroom, locked the door behind her..and cried min L fashla…

i hate them wallah maleee8eeen!…*gasp*why do they have to make it soo awkward!?

she could here their voics from behind the door…

Hala: abbaaihhh *gasp* Noorooo fichaay L baabb 3aadii 3aaaddii….its 7ammooodd…

Jood: *laughing* ee plus ymkin ma simaa3 shdarraach?


she didn’t answer..she just kept crying..she could here M7ammad talking to them..

M7ammad: Bas 5alloohaa…5alaa9…

Hala: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! little M7ammad has finally grown up!

Jood: waayy Haloo bas bas *laughing*…

M7ammad: ma tnlaam Noora itha yannat minkum!

she laughed from behind the door…they heard her..and he smiled…

M7ammad: Yallah 3ayal ana baroo7…Shaheen galli ayeeblikum L extra cake…*looking at Hala* ygool Hala akeed ma raa7 itnam itha ma kalat baji L cakea :p

Hala: :O :O …okkaayy ana awareeek!

Hala closed the door “just to make a sound”, locked it , hid the keys in her pocket, and went back to Jood who was holding back her laugh…

M7ammad: *whispernig* yal 5bla shitsaween?

Hala: *whispering back* inta wla klma…w ig3ad bil ma6ba5!

M7ammad: haa?

Hala: *ignoring M7ammad*NOoraa yallah fichay L baab!

noora: MAABII!

he stood there trynig as much as he can to hold his luagh…

Jood: Nooroo fichee! 5alaa9 m7ammad raa7!

Noora: aggoooollikum maaby!

Hala: waaayyy waaaayyyy! yal yaaheel! *jumping* AAYYYY!

m7ammad pinched her when she said that..

Hala: 7mar *she whispered*

He signalled to her “ana awareech”..while she stuck her tongue out at him..

Jood: Yallaah Noora..plz plz..fichee..

they heard the door opening…and M7ammad finally went to the kitchen…and she got out..

Noora: I HATE U!

Jood: sorry Noora…wallah sorry..bas L wath3 ytha7ik :p

Hala: i agree…

Noora: HUff! *deep breath*…tadroon shkithir yfashil L wath3!?*serious look*

Jood and Hala: ……………..

Noora: ifffff! akeed ma tadroon …. *heading to the kitchen*

there was a 3tiba 3nd bab L ma6ba5…she tripped from it…


Nooraa: aahh!

she was saved by m7ammad’s grip

M7ammad: *giggle*

Noora: HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH!! i thought u..i-…uhh..u left?

Jood pulled Hala and got in the room..

Hala: aayyy ayy! 5alleenyy bashoof shbi9eer!

JOod: 7ashaa! ga3 tshoofeen movie!

Hala: huuf! ya3ni imnakta ma3a L wayh!

she ignored her and dragged her along..

M7ammad: knt baroo7..bas Hala ma 5allatny..

Noora: *half smile*

M7ammad :uhh Nooraa?

NOora: *awkwaard*

M7ammad: 9ij it7ibeeny?

okkaayy m7ammad ashkaraa L naas tgool? waayy waayy hal 9baay biyannini!

Noora: *looking down*

M7ammad: ygooloon L skoot3alamat L ritha.. *laughs a victory laugh* <–chinni 5rta bil phrase? :p ma 3alaaaih 6awfaaw :p

Noora: *blush*..

M7ammad: hehee.. okkaayy 3ayal yallah ana baroo7 .. ashoofich ba3dain noora *wink*

Noora: uhh..bye..

she watched him as he left to his apartment..

WAAAYYY FAASHLAAA! fashla fashla fashla! :$ a7is its very awkward seeing him after today..3araftaw? :( babchi wallaah!


2 months later…

February 2010 :D <–3ajibny L date :p

in Kuwait..”spring break”


in shaheen’s car

Shaheen: Hala we’re actually married tadreen!?


Shaheen: HALA!

Hala: Sssshhh….lazim astaw3ib..*closing her eyes*

Shaheen: hehehee…

hala: ur distracting me…

Shaheen: asif…*holding back his laugh*

after 5 min..

Shaheen: Hala?

Hala: hmmm…

Shaheen: lail7een tstaw3ibaain?

Hala: eee…

Shaheen: ifff inzaain 3al a8al 7acheeni! 3a6eeni wayh shway

Hala: inzaain..shtabi?

shaheen: wain tabeen nroo7? .. tara hathi awwal 6al3a 7agna as husbans and wife :p

Abbaaihh! i’m a wife! abaaaiihhh abbaaihh abbaaaihh !


Shaheen: hala?

Hala:*teary eyes*………………………..

Shaheen:*looking at the road* HALA!

Hala: *gasp*abbaaihhh Shaheeen…*sniff* …abbaaihh abbaaihhh…*sniff*

he pulled off the car and looked at her..


Hala: abbaaihh i can’t believe we’re married! abbaaihhhh abbaaihh *sniff sniff* magdaar Shaheen magdaar *gasp* shlon bayeeb 3yaal w shlon ba9eer *gasp* Um…magdaar w ba3-

she was totally freaking out

Shaheen: *trying to hold his laugh* Ssshhh…hala bas hadday..taw L naas 3al L 3yaal..tawna malcheen…lail7een ma 9ar L 3rs..w ba3dain itha intay tgooleen shlon ba9eer um..ana shlon ba9eer ubo!?

waaayy Shaheen…iyannin wallaah..

Hala: *sniff sniff*

Shaheen: *wiping her tears* Yallah bas laa tabcheen…

Hala: *sniff*

Shaheen: Haloolii?

Hala: *smile* inzaain..

he kissed her forehead and started the engine…they went to lenotre (illi 3al ba7ar)..there first “6al3a” as a married couple..


Meanwhile other things were happening with the other characters..Noora and M7ammad are better then ever..not engaged..nothing yet..M7ammad thinks he’s too young to take the responsibility..just not yet he thought..Noora agreed..it was too early for them..but Zaid..he decided he’s going to join the club…and by that i mean “the marriage club”..Zaid and Jood are officialy engaged now..everyone knows about it..everyonc includes MSHARY..



a7taaaaj anaam!…shftaaw shlon..2 posts wara ba3ath wana 3ndi exams? SHFTAW SHLON? :p


ma tadrooon?

any guesses?

try to relate ma3a illi 9aar ib 2015 :D <– i'm giving u hints ba3ad :p


P.S adri waayid badliyyaat 7addi imsa6la w i ddnt check :p

Luv U :****

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A7eb'ha. For posting things while sitting next to me in a movie theatre.


She's amazing.
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Wataniya Telecom

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She's hilarious. She's kind. She's honest. She's loyal. She helps u look at the bright side of things. She cheers u up. She helps u believe. She believes in god. She believes in his prophets. She believes in his people. She looks for th…

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So yesterday, I was reading my magazine when X comes in after work, all excited, and says:
You wouldn’t believe what she wore today!

I roll my eyes, and play along.
And what did little miss Gorgeous wear today?

A skirt this short” , he puts his hand to mid thigh, “Aaaand heels this long“, he gestures with his hands.
I’m telling you Gigi, that girl is simply WOW


X has been noticing this girl ever since she started working in the same building. He know nothing about her except that she is drop-dead-gorgeous, very stylish, tikana ma ta36y wayh, aaaand the only solid info he got is that she drives a G-Class off-Roadster, or what we call Mercerdes Box Jeep!


He picks up the phone:
I’m calling Bo Sal3a

What for?!

I want him to get me her name, hathy ma tet6awwaf

I shrug and go back to reading Elle. I hear him dictate her license plate to his friend and hang up.

Bo Sal3a never disappoints!
5 minutes later, X’s mobile rings. He picks it up. But….. I hear him shout at his friend!!

What’s the matter? Didn’t he get you her name?

He did, he got me her full name. It’s ****** **** Al ******

So why were you upset with him?

Coz that’s all that he got me. Mako address, mako shy. What if this is her mother’s name. I need more info

My eyebrows hit the roof, like huh?
And you expect him to get these details how ballah?

Madry yetsarraf


And just before I finish “10 hot looks for the Spring” article, his mobile rings again. And this time I hear him laughing and thanking the dude.

X comes to me, looking all triumphant, and hands me a small piece of paper.

I read and there is not only the girl’s name,
but her detailed address,



She’s perfect for your brother, isn’t she? “, he looks at me with a big smile.
I smile back and nod my head, “Indeed” !


So little miss Gorgeous with your boxy mercedes jeep, if you are anything like my hubby described, please expect a handsome young man lurking around in your building in an attempt to see you. And if all goes well, we should be calling your mother by the end of this month ;-)


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okaayy;p min ziman momsawya hal posts;p ga3adt ayame3likom new things 3ajbeeennnny 3ashan itseeer post malghoom ;pFIRST:Dolce & Gabbana Lipsticks:adre mako bil q8.. bs liq8tyeen mnagi3eeen ib london fa ib tilgoona hnaakkk w 6ab3an Italy.. w i want …

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A second post for you tonight, I love ALL my readers il silent wl mo silent aham shay 3ndy you are enjoying the story o let me know if you want me to change aw add something to the story ;*Enjoy..After his angry outburst I ran up the stairs and locked …

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L Faan…wa maa adraak mal L faan? :p I Glittery bint Flan L butterfliez…*winni3im* support L fan w L fannaaneen :p ….. Ex: RASHED AL MAJED



lail7een 3ndi exams bas kitabt post..see? :p

ooohh! nisaait agoollikum…3ala 6aari L fan w L fannaneen..8arrart basawi da3aya evrery week/ two weeks 3an home businesses w hal suwalif :p

illi yabi da3aya ygooli ;p ( glittery-butterfliez@live.com)

this one goes out for G ;* …. LUV U :**

P.S, Good luck to everyone ..with ur exams w kilshay w whatever..w moo 3ajibny L post tara :/ bas its the best i can do…sorry? no? okaay :( :p

w ENJOY :*************




Noora: *sigh*…M7ammad?

M7ammad: *whispering in a clear voice* la2ini a7ibbich Nooraa.. (wa

5ezyaaaaaaaaahhhh…..fashlaa :p)

Noora: …………….

M7ammad: *deep breath* yallah rkbay ta2a5arna..

she got in the car..shocked..

What? no no..akeed ana sam3a ghala6 .. bas laaish? why mee? …huuff!
the drive back was in complete silence..M7ammad was distracted..he stopped the car when they reached the resturaunt..

Noora: uhh….thank u…

M7ammad:*he smiled* ana babdil w bayi..

Noora: umm okaayy…

she got in the resturaunt, asked the waitress to take her to the table..her parents, Shaheen, and Zaid were already there..she sat and smiled to them…


Zaid: illa wain M7ammad? mashoofa ma3ach..

Noora: gaal bebaddil w yrja3..

shaheen: wagta!? WAGTA YROO7 YBADDIL !

Um Shaheen: yumma Shaheen had a39abik..moo zaain itsawwi ib 3umrik chithee..

Shaheen: *deep breath* inshallah yumma…

Zaid: *giggle*

Shaheen shot him a glare..which made him giggle harder..

Bu Shaheen: shfeekum tith7ikoon broo7kum? shitha77ik ballah fahmooni?

Shaheen: ma feenna shay yuba..

Zaid: ee 3ammi ma feenna shay..*jumping from Shaheen’s pinch* aaaa7777!

Shaheen: *giggle*

Bu shaheen: tsk tsk tsk..3umrikmu ma raa7 ta3gilon*turning to face Noora* Noora…

Noora: *sar7ana*

Bu shaheen: Noora!

Noora: na3am yuba?

Bu Shaheen: ma tadreen mita biyoon Jood w Hala?

Noora: L mafrooth 3ugub rubi3 sa3a iyoon…

Bu Shaheen: 5osh..

10 min. later M7ammad came in..he sat next to Zaid “infront of Noora” he smiled as they greeted him…

Um Shaheen: haaw! M7amamd shfee wayhik yumma? laaish chithee mzorig?

M7ammad: ha? laa bas wana abadil kifa5t rasi bil kabat..*faking a laugh* hehee..

Noora was quiet..she didn’t dare to look at him..

Um shaheen: weee ghubra .. ma tshoof? tara ma ytha7ik balllah ghashaait w ma kaan aku a7ad yammik? haa? shitsawwi? goolli ballah shitsawwi?!..

They all laughed at Um Shaheen’s reaction..

bu Shaheen: kalaaitay L 9baay! malik shighil feeha wana 3ammik ikfa5 w irga3 rasik lo ib 6ofat L shari3..3adi 3adi rayyaal shayil nafsik..

Um Shaheen: int hatha illi fali7 fee?! itshayyish 3yaal 5alg Allahh…*continuing the zaffa*

M7ammad: hehehe..bas bas..haddaw 5alaa9..

Shaheen was too busy counting the minutes left for Hala to come in…Noora and m7amad kept avoiding looking at each other..Zaid knew somethnig was wrong with m7amamd..but he kept quiet..

ma shara7t L mukaan 9a7? :p


since Hala is not from the lovey dovey type…roses are just regular flowers to her…she’s more of a lilly person..their table had a sea view and was surrounded by colorful partishons *spell check* :p..pink and green balloons were everywhere….they all had Hala’s name on it…it was a hawaiian tropical theme *imagine it..mali 5lg ashra7* :p…anywayz it was perfect for Hala..oohh ohh..and they were all wearing those flower necklaces…3araftoohum ? :p w bas..

RING RING RING.. *noora’s phone ringing*

Noora: alooo..haa? okaayy okkaayy..5alaa9 bye..*ending the call* …. YAW YAW!

Shaheen: 7lfaayy!! uhh—-…shasawwi?!

Zaid: la itsawwi shay..ig3ad w inthibir mukaanik…

suddenly they heard a voice…

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhi2 ihi2..

they turned around to see Um Shaheen crying…

Um Shaheen: *ihi2 ihi2* wlddyyy ib ytzawwaaj w y5aleeeniii…*sniff*

Bu Shaheen: Yallaaah it9aabbirny bas! Allah yhadaach bas…wagta? chan bichaitay gabil ma itdig L bnayya!

Shaheen was super nervous he couldn’t handle his mom crying..

Shaheen: yumma Allah y5aleech..ibchay ba3d shwaay..

Um Shaheen: hathaa yizaay? *ihi2 ihi2* hatha yiza–

Noora: yumma bas 5alaa9..haddaay..

they managed to get her quiet before Hala came in…NOora held her mom tight..as if she knew she’ll do something crazy when she sees Hala..

M7ammad: kaahumm yaw..ashoofhum mn b3eeed…

All the waiters and waitresses got up..wearing their hawaiian clothes..they greeted Hala with flowers..the lights were dimmed and their were candles that led to their table..

Hala: umm…Jood?


Hala: JOody!?

Jood: haa?

Hala: why on earth fee wayid lillies w fee balloons 3alaihum ismi?

Jood: *acting stupid*madri…

Hala: abbaaih ! plz tell em ina L yom moo my brthdaay! :O

Jood: hehee… habla wallaah…


They all stood up to greet them…Hala’s eyes were popped out of their place..

Hala: uhhh….uhhhh…hi?

Shaheen spoke quickly before anyone else did…he was scared that his parents might say something that will ruin the day..but i guess he ruined it himself :p

Shaheen: uhhh Hala…i have a speech…

Typical Shaheenoo…:p

Hatha w lail7een ma tizawwaj! widdi ashoofa yom 3rsa!

wlaaidii 7abeebi kibaar…

Awww cute!

7abeebi he lost his words!

Haaaiihhhh….thakkarni ib ayyaam shibaabi yom 5i6abt Sanaabil..

P.S. Sanabil is Shaheen’s mother..yes yes weird name..madri shlon ya 3ala bali 7attaa :p

All: *giggles*

Shaheen: 8a9di ya3ni..uhh….

Hala: *eyes opened wide*..abbaaihhh shaaheeeeeeen!

Shaheen: eee ya3ni…*looing at hala who distracted by the setting*…Hala!

Hala: na3am?!

Shaheen: shoofay ana knt imjahiz 7achi w ashya2 w ybt ummi w ubooy 3ashaan y9eer official..w …

Hala: *jaw dropped*

Shaheen:…ana 56abtich mn w ahalich rithaw…bas L7eenbuga rayich…*deep breath*..fa shgiltaay?

Hala: *teary eyes*

Um Shaheen: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhiiiii22222222…*sniff*

Hala: *nodding her head silently*

Shaheen: ya3ni imwaf8a?

Hala: *looking at the floor* ee..


M7ammad looked at Zaid..it was their part now…

M7ammad: Yallaah Zayood?

Zaid: Yallaah…


YES…sharbikaw w yabbibaw w bichaw..w habbibaw ib ma63am amreeki in Miami… ;p

NOora and Jood were laughing at them..Hala was blushing like crazy…

Um Shaheen: waayy ma ynlaam wldii laay 7abbich…sh7ilwich it.hableeeeen…

Hala: *blushing* mashkoora 5altii…

Bu Shaheen: Mabroookeeen mabrookeeen…

both: Allaah ybarik feek…

it was an amazing night…they had fun..Hala was very happy..they took alot of pictures…Noora and M7ammad didn’t talk…



Iff mobiley moo rathi yaskit! 7a66ita vibration bas still..sab3een ald msg mn Mshary! I guess ummi galatla ina we’re not getting married…w his msges are starting to freak me out :S

msg revieved from Mshary..


msg recieved from Mshary

istansaay L7een..istansaay.. bnshoof mino illi byistanas 3ugub ya bnt 3ammiti ;)

msg recieved from Mshary

ma trideen? akeed mashghoola ma3a 7abeeb L galb

msg recieved from Mshary

Joody :*

wallaah a7ibbich :(

OKKAAY FREAK!? la2 ya3ni seriously! threats w i love u w madri shino..hatha wana his cuzn :S

I have a feeling a very bad one…


They all went back home….each in his own world…



urrgh! i can’t i can’t! laazim agool 7ag a7ad! hufff…hala w JOod? agoolihum..?

Hala: yaw! what upp?

Noora: are u drunk?

Hala: i’m alwayz drunk..psshhh… :p

Noora: hehee ;p

Hala: shfeech?

Noora: haaa? shino shfeeni? ma feeni shay…

Hala: ahahaa…3alay? 3alay ana ya Nooraa..tell me shbaynich w bain M7ammad?

Noora: *gulp* wla shay…

Jood: yeaah la7aatht Noora..shfeekum? laaish y6la3ich chithee?

Noora: uhhh…

Jood and Hala: *smirk*

Noora: okkaayy okkaayy okkaay! bas laa it5izooni chithee bagoolikum!

she told them…they were shocked…

Jood: OH

Hala: MY

Jood: GOD!

Hala: 7amood? 7ammood 7ammoodd? OMG HE HAS A SON!

JOod w Noora: WHAT?

Hala: yeaah Jassoom!

Noora: *shocked face* nooo nooo! shlon 3inda son!? noo waaayyy noo waaayy!

Hala: chill…its his laptop.. hehehe :p

Jood: *laugh* hahahahaaha…9ij moo 9a7yaa..

Noora: YA 7MARAA U FREAKED ME OUT! *throws a pillow at her*

Hala: oh oh..somebody cares….WHY?

Noora: i don’t care!

Hala: *looking at Jood*

Jood: ahaa…

Noora: uhh shfeekum?

they stood up right infront of her..moved their faces to her level (since she was sitting) and kept staring at her…

Noora: okkaayy..freaks?

they ignored and kept staring…

Noora: bas bas! la it5izzoon!


Noora: WAAYYY BAS 5ALAAA9! *closing her eyes* SHTABOON!? <– i have a friend chithee…tit9arga3 itha a7ad 5azha :p LOOL …itgool ashyaa2 L mafrooth ma tgoolha..asrar mn sinat alf w ts3imya w 76iba t6la3 mn hal 7araka :p

both: *in low creepy voice*the truth…


Jood: simple…

Hala: yeaah simple…

Jood: ya3ni..

Hala: do u …

Jood: “love”…

Hala: *smirk* M7amamd?

Noora: haa? bas bas plz 5alaa9…





JOod: la ma irt7na..u should say the whole sentence…


Noora: HUUFFF……inzain…I “LOVE” M7AMMAD! chithee zaain? haaa? ZAAAAIIN?

Hala: i knew it wallah i knew it!

JOod: abbaaihhh ma yloooggg! 7amood is soo in love!

Hala: i knoowww…

they suddenly heard a voice from behind…

M7ammad: *clearing his throath* e7im…*smirk* 6aggait L bab w ma raddaitaw…ligaita maftoo7 fa da5aalt…



well the only reason ina maku cliffhanger…cuz my brain can’t think straight :p 7azzat imti7anat .. w my cliffhangers must be real cliffhangers :p tasroon ba3ad..glittery (A) :p


ohhh…shbi9eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer?…WELL ULLNEVER NOW UNTILL NEXT POST..MWA7A7A7A7A7A7A7A7A7A7A7A (6)

P.S. I’m missing ur comments :(

LUV U :************

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What is an appropriate reaction to all the crazy that happens to you? It happened on one of the only cold days. We sat on his balcony and watched the traffic. It was one of those days and moments that no matter how much you flip through a dictiona…

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Yadity skyping ekhet’ha.Ya sater istir!!Sent from my iPhone

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Linked by a friend in a moment of her being high LOL

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il jaw 5yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal aby hot chocolate m3a marshmallows wg3ad bl balcony o make s’mores ;pEnjoy …He kept receiving phone calls on the drive over to his parents house, and I could tell they were all work related. I just kept looking at myself in…

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Sorry 6wlt 3laikum, wasnt feeling well !Enjoy ;*It took me a while to fall asleep, the thought of him sleeping close to me made my stomach flip. After a few hours I managed to doze off, but to be quickly awakened by a faint voice calling my name.”jana…

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Ya naass…

Ya 3alaaaamm…..

Eeddii it7ikni…lazim aktb 3an hal mawthoo3 :p

L mafrooth ana ib dari studying 7ag my exam…bas i can’t!


9ayra chinni habla…bas ga3da afakkir ib CHOCOLATENESS!

Aaaaahhhhhh ya gaalbiii :p … 7addi mishtaahyaa …

plz goolooly sima3taw 3anna!

OMG :O <–itha ma it3arfoona :p

HATHAA! illi iyeeboon ma3a wooden spoons…w 7addaa 7aaarr..w L kakaaw illi daa5laa….i shouldn’t even start :p IYANNIN <3

okaayy okaay bagoollikum.. :p

to all chocolate lovers .. Chocolateness have the best chocolate molten cakes ever!
moo ga3da abaaligh..9ij a7la moltens i’ve ever tasted.. :D

AS IN VERY GOOD! mashallaah

I got this description from their FB group

Chocolateness is a small project managed by Kuwaiti youth, it provides a home-made fresh chocolate goodies. And the Molten Cake is the main choice, which is known at the festivals as the best molten cake in Kuwait, because it consists of highest quality ingredients, thats why when you taste it you will feel the excitement of deliciousness. Simply, Do not miss it!!! so be lucky & try it as soon as you can in order to increase the pleasure in your life :D

ma iyannin? la la 9ijj..ma sa7aat sa3abeelkum wntaw itshoofoon ? :p

I AGREE! 9ij 9ij 9ij! wallaah 3ajeeeeeeeeeb….w it does increases the pleasure in your life…s2law imjarrib! ;p



Thank u to the one who created chocolateness…

i guess his name is “Rakan al-Fadhala”

anyways…whoever u are…THANK U ;p

w to everyone..TRY IT…TRY IT…I REPEAT…TRY IT!

W chan zaain isawwoon nutella molten cake .. ill be the first to buy it..w ysamoonaa glittery’s molten :p jk :p hehee… okkaayy i need to sleep :)

hatha ra8amhum itha taboon: 99906890 :D

wa shukraan….


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[18 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on Karma’s a Bitch* #16 | 2 views]

Sorry for the delay. I’ve got no reason, except that i didn’t feel like writing at all this past week :p

P.S. i suggest you read this if u haven’t yet! =p

-Khalifa told Shamma how he felt about her when they were 16 and now they’re 19 ,, and don’t be surprised if his actions say otherwise because he is a player che wela che and you know how it is

-A lot of time has passed so they’re not gona keep pining helplessly over each other all the time

-Shamma went to study abroad for 3 years after Khalifa told her how he felt and then when she came back, she was actually planning on staying in Abu Dhabi for good instead of going back to the U.S

-When she got a call from her bro asking her if she wanted to visit, she went to the States thinking she was staying there for a while but suddenly had a change of plans and decided to just stay there and not go back to Abu Dhabi

-Saif and Shamma truly hate each other ,, this ‘thing’ going on between them is just lust ,, she’s a girl, he’s a guy, a forceful yearning might stir inside them and something is bound to happen sooner or later

-Shamma never actually said she ‘loves’ Khalifa, she just really likes/liked him so don’t be surprised if her actions say otherwise too

-Saif honestly wants his ex back and is trying to make her jealous ,, so this isn’t just a way to get closer to Shamma

hope this cleared things up somehow ,, anyways enjoy


Shamma’s P.O.V

Meera mindlessly ran her hand through her hair as she sipped her coffee, her eyes scanning the food court area. Suddenly, they widened as she saw a certain guy heading their way and eventually sitting next to me.

“Hey!” he smirked as he put his arm around my shoulder as if it was the most natural thing to do.

Everyone in that place froze. They literally froze!

“uhh hey?” one of my friends calmly replied.

I freaked out once I noticed the questioning looks and daggers Meera and Ashley were shooting at me.

I shook his arm, pulling myself away from him, “hey Saif,” I squeaked in a low voice, my eyes never turning away from the mug of hot chocolate. It wasn’t a very pretty sight, but at least it kept me safe from the hundreds of eyes that fell upon me.

“So…” Saif tried to start up a conversation, but it seemed impossible considering the stunned state everyone was in. The girls at the table seemed to be drooling over him. Who wouldn’t?

“I’m Saif,” he said, flashing his million-dollar smile.

“y-yeah we know,” Ashley simply said as she was probably still too busy fantasizing about him.

The silence at the table seemed to fade away by the low whispering that now filled the entire place.

“Shu yaybnk hne?” Meera finally managed to snap out of her daze.

“uhh he- well we- he’s just-” I said nervously not knowing what to do or say.

“Just felt like sitting with the damsel in distress here,” Saif said as he leaned back in his chair and smirked.

“Damsel in distress?”

“Yup. Shamsa-“ Saif winced as I kicked him under the table. “umm Shamma, here was being mugged on her way home and I happened to be passing by and was her knight in shining armor.”

I was being mugged?! I thought we agreed to something that is more realistic!

“You saved Shamma from being robbed?” Ashley asked sarcastically.

“Yeah that’s pretty much it. Beat him up real good. And he wasn’t small either. Big, muscular, six feet and a half. Huge, giant- Ouch!” he winced as I once again aimed my 4-inch heels to his leg.

Allah y5s bleesah, oh my god shu yales y5rb6 ha?!

“What the hell?” i mumbled under my breath. “He’s exaggerating!” I said quickly giving them a wide, plastic smile.

“No, I’m not. He was huge and he had a gun-”

“No, he didn’t!” I cut him off shooting fireballs from my brown eyes.

“Yes, he did. You just didn’t see it,” Saif insisted.

“No, he didn’t.”

“Yes, he did.”

“No, he –“

“Someone please stop them,” Ashley pleaded banging her head on the table.

“I-I think that the important thing is that you’re safe and nothing bad happened,” Ashley said flashing me a fake smile. That smile that says ‘i’m not buying any of this crap, ya know.”

Saif and I eyed each other in disgust, eventually returning out attention elsewhere. There was silence for a long moment.

Not comfortable silence, more like the ‘what-the-hell-is-going-on’ silence.

We just sat there in silence for what feels like an eternity.

“Well, we better go,” I suddenly broke the silence and stood up as the stillness finally got to me.

“Yeah. Classes and all,” Meera quickly said following me and leaving the rest of them to just stare at each other.


“What were you thinking?” I shrieked as I stomped quickly down the road.

“I was just doing what you told me to,” Saif defended himself as he quickened his pace to catch up with me.

“What I told you to do? Six feet and a half? And with a gun ba3ad?” I stopped to look at him, incredulous.

“What? So I exaggerated a little,” he shrugged.

“A little? You call that a little?” I growled, “I think you should buy yourself a dictionary because that was definitely not a little. I mean do you honestly think that they would believe you. How dumb do you think they are?” I saw the cocky grin starting to spread over his lips and quickly added, “Don’t answer that!”

With a loud sigh I began walking again, the building coming into view.

“uhh I wanted to make the story a little more interesting?” Saif said trying to look innocent as possible.

“Interesting? I thought we were aiming for believable!” I said as I continued to make my way to my apartment without glancing at him.

I made my way over to the elevator the instant I entered the building. As soon as I heard the elevator ping, I got in with him right behind me.

“Look I’m sorry alright?” he apologized oh-so-sincerely. NOT.

“Sorry?” I started but he interrupted me.

“Ok, could you please stop repeating every word I say? It’s really starting to get to me.”

At that exact moment, the elevator came to a stop.

“Uffff…” I growled as I quickly got out, pushed the door of my apartment open and slammed the door in his face.

I tried to figure this whole thing out.

All I could do was pace around this entire place.

I was pacing like a madman on a mission in my apartment.

What the hell was I thinking when I agreed to this?!

I can’t stick to our little agreement.

I can’t keep pretending.

I hate him.

I can’t stand being close to him any longer.

I don’t want to do this.

Or do I?

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I opened my eyes hoping that it was all a nightmare and thank god that it was. I dreamt of being single all my life.. my friends coming over with their children, my nieces and nephews sleeping over while my brothers and sisters traveled off with their …