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Shamma’s P.O.V

When I arrived at the university, it was so early that it was still nearly deserted. Meera and I had most of our classes early in the morning, while most students had theirs in the afternoon. There were a few students scattered here and there, but otherwise the building was mostly empty.

I greeted some of my friends and headed down the long hallway to look for Meera. It was too early for the students in my class to be in yet, so it was empty and dark. I passed through by it and into the studio. It was scattered with instruments and equipment, all dark and shut off. The walls were dark with the foam soundproofing covering every surface. The studio had some homey touches added, which was nice since we spent so much time here. There were a couple of worn Persian rugs scattered over the bare concrete floor and there was a sagging, squishy couch in one corner.

That’s where Meera sat, waiting for me. It was at least half an hour before anyone else was due in, so we had plenty of privacy.

She folded her long legs underneath her and turned to face me as I came in. She was “dressed down” today, in no makeup and her black hair in a high ponytail, wearing ordinary jeans and a white t shirt and she still looked unreal.

“So” she began as soon as I walked in the door, “tell me everything.”

“Before I say anything… I didn’t tell you this before, but SaifandIarejustfakingit.”

That caught her off guard. “What? What do you mean faking it?”

“He wants his ex back, I’m helping, long story. It doesn’t really matter. El mhm sm3yyy what happened el bar7a…”

“aih enti shu hoh eli it doesn’t really matter? Why are you helping him?”

“Ba3dain Ba3dain, now sm3eeeeeny!”

“Shammoh tell me now!” she warned.

“Listen listen listen listen listen listen listen listen listen listen listen listen…”

“Ufff 5alaaa9 I’m listening! Yallah fkeeeny w tell me what happened yesterday.”

“Oh my god I saw the cutest couple yesterday. Seriously, Meeroh. It was like in a movie, with little hearts circling their heads and their eyes going all starry and birds singing and shit. I’ve never seen anything like it…”

“Wait,” Meera barked, pointing her finger at me, “We’re getting distracted. What about you? What happened el bar7a? What are you trying to hide?”

I closed my eyes and sighed before falling onto the sofa heavily beside her. “Ugh Meeroh, it was awful!”

“Awful in what way?”

“He was mostly a jerk, a total ass. It was really uncomfortable. I mean, I wasn’t thrilled either, but I was at least willing to try and be civil. But he was rude and arrogant. And then….” I trailed off, not sure how to explain the other things that happened, although I knew I’d have to.

There was no fooling Meera, though. She knew my face too well.

“What happened? Did he do anything?”

“Laa. Maybe. Haih..”

“What did he do?” Her teeth were clenched.

“It wasn’t that big of a deal. At least not at first. There were those girls in the library and they were saying how all this is actually fake and everything, so Saif wanted to pretend to make out. And at first it was… just pretend. It was even kind of funny. But then… I don’t know. Something changed. And then he was kissing my neck and…” I could feel the fierce blush flooding my face up to my hairline.

“Then it wasn’t pretend anymore?” she asked softly.

I shook my head, my eyes squeezed shut. Just talking about it made it all come back, his lips on my neck, his fingers on the back of my neck… the memory was making my heart race and I hated my weakness.

Then I took a deep breath because I hadn’t even told her the really bad part yet.

“But we got past that. I made him stop and he did, and we went our separate ways. Bas ba3dain, he came over to my place and…”

“It happened again??”

“Worse.” Or better, I thought… depending on your point of view. “He kissed me.”

Meera let it hang there a minute, waiting for me to explain, only I didn’t know what to say. Finally she asked me, “and…?”

“Oh God, Meeroh…” I flopped back on the couch and let my head fall back, staring at the ceiling. The memory, and the heat, was flooding my system. I fought to control my breathing and calm myself down.

“That good?”

“No one has ever, ever made me feel like that,” I said, blushing again. I hated that my body always gave me away like that. “This was… so beyond. And it was just a kiss…”

“Shit. Poor you, this is complicated.”

I nodded my head, “Very complicated.”

Her eyes snapped up to me. She could hear the guilt in my voice. She knew what I was torturing myself about.

“Did you kiss him back?” she asked accusingly.

I couldn’t even answer, I just shut my eyes tight and nodded.

“I couldn’t help it,” I finally managed to whisper.

“Well, that makes it harder. And glty enah he wants Chloe back so mb chanah this is like so weird somehow. Maybe you should pull out. I don’t want you to be hurt. I saw the way he was looking at you before and I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself.”

“Yeah tell me about it, bas come on Meeroh. It’s not all on him. I didn’t exactly beat him away. And besides, I don’t even know if we’re on anymore. We got in a fight after that…because of that. He said some awful things and I got pissed and said some awful things back and we didn’t really talk later on. We might be done. And what I said to him… well, I don’t think he’ll kiss me again. Which is good. But it sucks a little bit too, t3arfeen?”

“Yeah, I know.” Then she laughed and shook her head slowly. “Only you Shammoh.”


“Only you could get into a fight with Saif, the definition of sexiness, because he kissed you, when every other girl on the planet would be begging him for it.”

“Yeah, well, that’s why I fought with him. To keep myself from begging for it.”

I thanked God for Meera. That I had someone I could be so brutally honest with. It felt good to confess what I was feeling to somebody, and I knew she wouldn’t judge me at all, even though I’d acted stupidly and engaged in completely inappropriate behavior with a total jerk.

“So, now what?” she asked.

“I don’t know what’s happening next and right now, I really don’t care. I just want to forget for now..”

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In university, I’m taking a photojournalism course .. Has nothing to do with my major other than being part of my college but I’ve taken it for the heck of it ..

We had an assignment, our first assignment for the course .. And the assignment was: Photograph 10 things that you will miss should you ever go to space and never return, aka the Spaceship Assignment ..

Easy, right? WRONG! The photo actually has to mean something while being a decent photo .. And that’s not as easy as it sounds ..

So my 10 things were:

The big Kahuna in the house, I can’t go without my father!
I am beyond obsessed with shoes, and these are my all-time favorite pair


We have these alphabet and number magnets on our fridge in the kitchen and I love playing with them and writing stuff, especially my name .. Unfortunately, so do my little sisters, who always remove what I’ve written .. So I’ll miss them, even if they’re annoying as hell!

No girl can be without her trusty red lipstick!
My karak .. Milky goodness

Strawberries.Chocolate.Whipped Cream. Need I say more?
Of course I’ll miss cupcakes, but I’ll miss baking even more .. Baking is my way of de-stressing and relaxing .. It’s my therapy
And finally ..
The beach, because I adore the beach and it’s my getaway place
Now my question to you guys is .. What would be your 10 things that you would miss?

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WARNING: There might be some very detailed sexual scenes and situations, for those who are shocked by such things or are too young to read this, are advised not to. Thank you.

An extra extra long and sinful post to make up for lost time, Enjoy ;*

A couple of days passed after the fateful incident. Things gradually got back to normal, although her father’s face stayed glued in her mind like glitter on paper. His reaction was beyond words. He still had that stone cold expression, yet a hint of sadness in his eyes. She shook it off every time since she had a performance coming up in a couple of days. She was also anticipating her birthday. She’d finally be 18 and could openly be in a relationship with J. Well, at least not have to keep it to between her, J, and Moh’d. The relief and the weight that would be lifted off her shoulders was inexpressible. She shifted that thought aside and was practicing the piece she had in front of her. She was doing her own acoustic version of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”. Yea it was ganna be kick-ass. She was continuously practicing during her free periods, between lessons, at home, any time that she could use. She barely had time for J.
She was tired.
She was frustrated.
She needed a break.
She needed J.
She grabbed her phone and started dialing his number.

Meanwhile, J had just stepped out of the shower after a long and tiring day at the gym. He treasured any gym time he had since teaching took up most of his time. He was changing when he saw a picture of Nayla and him on his nightstand. It was at taken at a spring of love festival. They had an amazing time that day, and the memories were those of the spontaneous kind. Especially one of Nayla pulling him into passionate and lust filled kiss. He remembered how it gave him goose bumps and vast feelings of pleasure. It was the first time he had seen that side of her and thought to himself

“This girl is ganna drive me crazy”

With that thought in mind, his phone was ringing and her name was flashing across his screen.

Call Started

J: “You were just on my mind”

Nayla: “So were you… “

He noticed her tone of voice and knew instantly what it meant. He was about to have the adventure of a lifetime. Well , that’s how it is with her..

Nayla: “Hello, you there baby?”

J: “Yea sorry, just drifted off a bit…”

Nayla: “Well I was saying I think I should come over, I miss you…”

J: “I miss you more cutie, when do you want me to pick you up?”

Nayla: “Hmmm, Give me an hour…”

J: “alright baby, take your time. When you’re ready, just call “

Nayla: “alright baby, see you later “

J: “You too”

Call Ended.

That gave her enough time to glam up. She had to look good after all. She stepped into her bathroom and started taking a long yet quick lather session. She washed her hair and body with the cherry blossom and vanilla scented set that J was insane about. He’d always keep her close to breath in her scent. She lathered up twice, scrubbed thrice until she felt like the scent had been absorbed by her skin. She dried off and started air drying her hair, and ran her hair through it a couple of times until she got the right amount of volume and curls she wanted to achieve. Hair, check. She moved onto make up. She went through the basics and added a few more things to give her the extra oomph! She added her MAC studio fix, then a bit of bronzer along her cheek bones, loads of mascara, and Russian red lipstick. She looked divine. Make- up, check. Before moving on to wardrobe, she messaged her mom letting her know she was going out. Her mom was at work and instantly replied giving her the green light. She decided to go for her black lace underwear and bra set, along with her ruby red body hugging just above the knee dress, along with her black Mary janes , and black clutch purse. DAMN! J was sure in for a surprise. She added a few sprits of Bali dream here and there before taking one last look in the mirror before leaving. She gave herself a twirl before J messaged her.

J: I’m outside baby

Nayla: I’m coming ;*.

She headed down the stairs, and saw J waiting there. He was really a sight for sore eyes. His eyes were practically popping out of his eye sockets. He was hypnotized by how astonishing and sexy she looked now. He wanted her. He wanted her right there and then. The sight of him made her laugh a long and sensual laugh. He felt like his heart literally skipped a beat. She got into his into his fully tinted black on black 1970 ‘stang.

Nayla with an amused look on her face: What’s wrong baby?

He was lost for words. She was breath-talking

J: You…Look…Incredible…

Nayla: Thanks Honey.

She planted a light kiss on the rim of his neck. That drove him crazy.

She giggled a bit to herself, knowing that she just lit the fire.

During the quiet yet exhilarating ride back to his apartment, they both were in different worlds yet one thing was on their mind. They were both getting something tonight” if you know what I mean”;

To Be Continued…..

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Will You Marry Me … ? (20)Awal Shay To All Kuwaitii Ppl … Happy NatiOnal DayyhFdait Elkuwait w Fdait Ahalha w Fdait My Kwaiti Roots !(btw adrii late bs l2na knt katba elpost mn gabl bs ma kamaltah ;p )Thaneyan , Ill Fast Forward AlotL2nah 3ndi e7sa…

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Shamma’s P.O.V

I groaned when I heard the doorbell ring. I forced myself up and dragged my feet across the hall to answer it. Rolling my eyes and in an annoyed tone, I shouted, “I thought I told you not to come!”

I flung the door open and to my utmost surprise, there stood the last person I thought I’d see right now.

“5-5leefah?!” I asked shocked.

“Can I come in?” He was already stepping into the apartment before I had a chance to answer him.

“Be my guest.” I replied sarcastically.

“What’s with the sarcasm? And balach msta’3rbah? Were you expecting someone else?” he asked as he eyed me.

“uhh haa? Laa ma7ad t7arait Meeroh was going to come over,” I stuttered nervously.

“ahaaa Meeroh haa?” he looked at me suspiciously.

He went over to sit on the couch and said, “ta3aly ba5abrch shay,” as he patted the seat next to him.

I walked over closer to him, “5leefah why are you here?”

“Listen forget everything that’s been happening. Can we like start over?”

“Start over? Shu 8a9dek?” I asked as I tilted my head to look at him.

“I want to be with you Shamma. I thought I told you that already.”

“5leefah forget it. If you had said this to me way back, I might have had a different answer. But right now, after knowing your true colors, I’m gona have to say no, I don’t want to.”

“Is this because of hal 7aywan Saif?” he said gritting his teeth.

“Don’t talk about him like that. Plus enta may59k feeni, so don’t get involved in things that have nothing to do with you at all!” I told him as I let out the anger that was buried deep inside me.

“Awanch 3ad matr’6ain 3alaih?”

“T3arf shu? Go to hell! You’re one to talk,” I retorted, my voice full of venom, “the girls back in bu’6abi, girls at the club and now Chloe!”

“Ya3ne shu you’re jealous al7een?”

“ahahahahaha me?! Jealous?! You wish! You could be worth millions to somebody, but to me, you’re just like any ordinary person out there right now.”

“You know what?” I said as I pulled him up by his hand, and dragged him to the door. “Baykoon a7san if you just went back to where you came from.” The door flew open and I instantly pushed him outside. “w don’t come back here again!” I screamed as I quickly shut the door, leaving him standing outside, before he opens his mouth to say anything else.

As I was just about to walk back to the living room, I heard the sound of the doorbell once again.

Ohooo shu mshkelteh haa!

I stomped back to the door and flung it open, “ya5eee what the hell do you want?!!?”

“Damn girl, lhadaraja tkrheeny? If I knew, I wouldn’t have come,” Saif said pulling off a fake upset voice the whole way through, “5ala9 I’ll go back wala yhmch.”

He turned around to leave when I placed my hand on his arm to stop him. “Oh sorry wallah, don’t go. I didn’t realize enah it was you.”

He slowly turned back around to face me. His eyes were full of concern as soon as they met mine. “Shamma shu feech?” he asked, concern filling his voice.

“laa mashay I’m fine, just tired that’s all.” I said pulling off a fake smile, hoping that it’ll ease his worry.

“tg9een 3ala mnu? I don’t believe you,” He chuckled slightly.

“Oh…” I said, because I had no other response to that piece of information and his nearness was making me positively stupid.

“Shamma?” His face was just inches away from my ear.


“Hold still,” he said, and then his mouth came down on mine.

His arms were around my shoulders as he turned my body into him and pressed my back against the door in one swift motion. The vibrations of electricity I’d felt when he had his lips on my neck was absolutely nothing to what happened now. Every single inch of me exploded against him.

His lips moved firmly against mine. It felt commanding, but controlled, and I thought for a minute that this might really just be for the benefit of getting used to being near me, no matter how I was responding to it. He felt and tasted every bit as good as I thought he might. And his scent … I could smell his alluring scent filling up the air around me. I didn’t quite know what the smell was, after shave, cigarettes, mixture of perfumes and something else which must have been just Saif. It was making me feel drunk.

I felt his tongue slip along my bottom lip. Oh, God. This was so not for show anymore, since there wasn’t anyone here! My stupid traitorous body didn’t seem to care. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I met it with mine. My hands flew to his shoulders to steady myself, but then I realized I was gripping him hard, pulling him into me. His hands slid up to cradle the back of my head, his fingers knotting tightly into my hair. He moved forward into me and my back pressed into door. He kept moving and crushed himself against me. And now it didn’t feel controlled anymore… at all.

My hands slipped up to the back of his neck and I finally got to touch the hair that had been calling to me since we met. I tangled my fingers in the hair just above his collar and made a tight fist. One of his hands left my hair and slipped down over my shoulder.

That’s that’s when my brain woke up. Because there was only one place this was leading. And it did not matter that no one’s hands and lips had ever made me feel like that. I was not about to let myself do this, continue making out with this incredibly hot and sexy stranger, consequences be damned.

This is so not me! What the hell is happening to me? I’ve got dignity, morals, pride! Bas 3gb shuuuu!?

This is complicated because we have an arrangement to deal with. He actually wants his ex back, as he said. How can I forget that? How can he forget that?!

So I let go of his hair and stiffened in his arms for a second time tonight. He moved back a tiny bit, sensing my resistance. He pulled his lips from mine and I dropped my head quickly, so I didn’t have to look at him as I gasped for breath. His breathing sounded just as ragged. He moved his hands to rest lightly, harmlessly on my shoulders.

“I didn’t mean for that to happen…like that,” he muttered, his voice sounding a bit bothered.

I took a deep breath hoping I could trust my own voice.

“Let’s just forget it.”


“Forget it,” I snapped, because if I didn’t get mad I was going to cry. “Look, let’s…” I was about to go off on him, but instead, I slipped out from underneath his hands and walked over to sit on the barstool. He paused for a millisecond and then shot out in front of me.

He fell into the barstool next to mine before he threw a glance at me. I fought to hang on to my anger. He started talking before I could.

“Sure that got a little intense. But I’m not sure what you’re so unhappy about. We’re supposed to be a couple. So we got carried away a little bit. Since you’re in this for grabbing a hold of 5leefah, I thought that would make you happy. It’ll make you ecstatic, right? Mb enti you’re chasing 5leefah? Ma tbainah? And isn’t that what you want? Isn’t that why you’re here?” His voice was dripping with sarcasm.

I drew in a sharp breath and my eyes narrowed at him. Fucking asshole.

“That is not why I’m here. I couldn’t care less what this does for me. I don’t give a shit about 5leefah or anything else. I would do almost anything most of the time to help out others, even something I hate. On the other hand, even though I don’t care what people say about me, and I don’t care what the public thinks most of the time since a3arf 3mry 3adel, I do care now. They probably think I’m some type of whore. People actually saw us. This might actually get you Chloe back. And that’s a good thing. For you.”

Okay, I was exaggerating a little. There were definitely parts of tonight that I in no way hated. But I needed to gain control of this situation. And he needed to not touch me anymore. That wouldn’t get us anywhere.

He clenched and unclenched his jaw for a moment, staring straight ahead as he thought about what I said. I really didn’t want to keep fighting, so I sagged with relief when he simply stayed quiet.

My phone beeped to indicate I had a text. I grabbed it and glanced at the screen. It was Meera. What happened? –M

I texted back. Long story. Tomorrow –S

Saif glanced from my phone to my face and back again.

“Do you need to call someone?”


His face turned to stone again and he didn’t speak. I had no idea where we stood. Was our arrangement still in place? Or were we done before we’d even really started? But I was too upset and tired tonight to ask him, especially since he looked so angry and mean. I was just going to try to forget about it for a little while and figure it all out later. Besides, if we talked about this anymore tonight I was pretty sure I would cry and that would be humiliating to the extreme.

He stood up and walked to the door, without a single word. I didn’t want to linger to see what he would or wouldn’t say.

I hurried up to my room and shut the door. I heard shuffling in the living room for another few minutes before I heard the door slam shut. Much to my dismay, I started to cry. Not hard, but tears leaked out from under my lids nonetheless.

My phone rang. “So?” Meera jumped right in, “What’s going on? Shu estwa that day when you ran off telling me that you gotta do something 3gb ma you asked me all that weird stuff?”

I just sighed.

“Tell me everything!”

“I will Meeroh, I promise. But not now. Tell you what, get to el jam3a half an hour early tomorrow morning and I’ll tell you then.”

This satisfied Meera and I was able to slink off to bed and bury my miserable head in the covers. I wasn’t going to sleep any time soon, though, I knew it. Between thinking about what tomorrow would bring and reliving every touch from him, I tossed and turned the whole night, finally drifting into a restless sleep in the early pre-dawn hours. I dreamt of Saif, Saif’s hands and Saif’s lips, and Saif’s words. I woke up feeling just as close to tears as I felt last night.

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Waaaaaaayyyy Wanaasaa :DL yom w Bacher i7tifalun 7AFIl :p (shraykum bil kilma) 25 febrayir 7a88a8na L isti8laali

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Sorryyyy :***

i was very busy..a9lan i didn’t go online for 2 whole days! CAN U IMAGINE THAT? :O

now ana fathya do glt baktiblikum cham post.. :D

hehe :p

OHh OHhh! Tadroon shino baacher?


akeed tadroon :p

bas ill tell u shino bacher ..Bacher ;p


Maaa a7ib L ghbaaar!

9ootii rayi7! moo rayi7 L mab7oo7 illi yshawig..its more like 9oti “imbanchir” :)


yallah bassi garga ;p

this one goez out for UM FLFOLA! (Um Falafil :p) :D




ana shfeeni?

laaish killa afakkir feeha!?

he tried focusing on the road but her eyes was the only thing he’s seeing…



rakkizz raakkiizz…

kilha bnt tara..


he turned on the radio..and there was Majeed (5osh wa7id majeed tara :p)..

he sang along with the lyrics till he got home..

He entered and heard his aunt’s voice talking to someone from the kitchen…he was worried from her tone..he stood there behind the door and listened carfuly…

Laila: 3abdullaah int shga3id tgool!?….La La! ma gtlihum!…..*sigh* eee bas…SHINOO?!..yallaah yallaah bye…ana baroo7la..

she shut the phone and went out from the kitchen’s door…

3thman was worried…

shfeeha 3ammiti Laila?

w 7ag mino btroo7?

w shino illi ubooy ma yabeeha tgoollina 3anna?

questions started to run through his mind..he ran through the stairs..changed his clothes..and watched Tv as he waited for his crazy sisters to come back home..




He giggled on the couch as he heard them talking..





Maryam: *smirk* agoool 7ag 3thmaan 3ayal….

They looked around and saw 3thman’s head popping behind the sofa..Maryam wiggled her eyebrows for Deema..

Deema: waayy waayyy SA5EEFA!…SO WHAT I GOT AN F BIL 3ARABI!

3thman:*going with the flow* mino yaab F?

Deema: *hands on her heart* HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Maryam: *sticks tongue out* ashwa ina intay illi fath7a roo7ich…

3thman: shoofaw mali 5lg azifkum L7een…*trying to hide his giggle* 3ugb L ghada. thintainkum ib dari..fahmeen?

they nodded silently as they sat on the table..

3thman: ma taboon itbadloon?

Deema: *inoccent look* laaa…3ashaan la tan6ir wayid w ityoo3..9a7 meme?

Maryam: *nodds*

3thman: *giggle* E7m…eee eee…


Deema: IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! okaayy fine i got an F! bas its not fair 3thman! wallah wallaah i studied hard! i’m just not good in that freakin subject! w ba3daain ma y9eer ma y9eeer! DON’T BUY MEME THE SHOES..I SAW THEM FIRST!


*continuing the fight*

adri inhum chathabeen…bas mali 5lg 7annat.hum…a9lan shahadat.hum taw L nas 3alaiha bas yallah L mohim yaskitoon!

3thman: BAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!…5alaa9 siktaw..bacher ana a5ithkum min L madrisa w awadeekum kil wa7da tishtiri illi tabee…bas fikoonii..la IT9AR5OON! Zaain?

They nodded as a smiled was plastered on their faces..

Maryam winked at Deema and deema laughed..

it was all planned for..no one got an F..They were shocked he actually believed them…

after a coulpe of minutes they saw their aunt Laila coming in…her face was pale…she looked sad…

they didn’t know what was going on…

He got up and went to her..

3thman: L ghalya shfeeha za3lana L yom?

Laila: *forcing a smile* ma feeni shay 7abeebi..bas shway ta3bana…

he knew she was lying…he knew her very well..she was a very bad liar..

3thman: akeed?

Laila: *smile* ee yumma…ma feeni shay..yallah ana baroo7 arayyi7 ib dari shway..

she got up and went to her room…she cried there silently….and slept..

3thman: *sigh*

Maryam and Deema were exchanging looks..

3thman: shfeekum intaw ba3ad?

Maryam: uhh..3thman…ams lama kina ib nsba7 bil pool..

Deema: sima3na 3amiti Laila it7achi ubooy..

Maryam: and madri shino galat..bas someone is back an-

Deema: and ubooy gallaha ma itgoollina..

3thman started to connect things..what he heard earlier…he tried to find a logic connection but he couldn’t..

3thman: *smile* La it7atoon inshallah maku shay..

he was worried himself..he felt there was something going on…but what could it be?




Shfeeha 3ammat.hum Laila?

what is she hiding?

NO guesses?

Mwa7a7a77a7a7a7aa (6)

Ull never know untill next post ;) ;p

P.S. tara my cliff hangers L 9ijiyya Lail7een ma 6la3aw.. (6) :p

LUV U :*********

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Shamma’s P.O.V

Oh. My. God.


I latched the bathroom stall door and sat down on the closed toilet. I put my head down on my knees and squeezed my eyes shut. I drew deep breaths, trying all my old tricks from the early days, when I had horrible stage fright during school plays.

Slowly I felt like I was regaining some control over myself. I pulled out my cell phone and scrolled to Meera’s number. I had typed in the text, one word, HELP, and paused with my thumb over “send”.

Why was I texting Meeroh? Up until a minute ago it had been going okay. Sure it was awkward and forced, but we were complete strangers pretending to be dating. It was bound to be awkward. Okay, so he was an ass, and frikin impossible to deal with.

But then he kissed my neck…

I couldn’t argue with the reason he’d done it. That’s what we’re supposed to do, to make people believe that we’re together. And when I thought back, it really had started out innocent. I was even sort of giggling.

And then it hadn’t been so innocent.

So he got carried away, why am I so freaked out?

Because I did too.

Damn it. That had been the hottest, sexiest thing that had ever happened to me. And the feeling when he touched me…my God. Like I’d been zapped by lightning. I’ve never felt like that ever. My skin still tingled at every point on my body that he had touched.

Even after I pulled away, as I looked at him, looking so damn stunning with that gorgeous hair going everywhere, all I really wanted to do was keep going where we left off.

This was bad. But it’s also not really his fault. Okay, so he started it, kissing my neck like that, but it’s not his problem that I can’t control my reaction to him. I was just another stupid girl falling prey to the ‘Saif charm’. I would have to be stronger than this. I could do this. I had to.

I stood up and left the stall and checked myself in the mirror. I might feel like an earthquake just rocked my whole body, but I looked just the same, so that’s good. I caught the girl to my left checking me out in the mirror sneakily. I could nearly hear her thoughts.

Yes bitch, I’m with Saif. And I ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I straightened up myself again, threw my shoulders back and headed back to the library. The girls that Saif had ratted out as spies were so engrossed in some major gossip conversation.

Hope you enjoyed the show, ladies. It was all for you. Well, it was supposed to be for you. My feelings told a whole different story.

Saif was sitting at a chair outside the library with his head in his hands. He looked up at me questioningly as he noticed my presence. I shot him what I hoped was a calm, reassuring smile, even though the sight of him made my stomach clench and my heart speed up. He looked at me a moment longer then shrugged slightly and looked away.

Before I knew it, Saif was standing and getting ready to leave. We still hadn’t said more than a handful of words to each other.

He cleared his throat, “e7m, Shamma ana baseer, I don’t have any more classes for the rest of the day.”

“uhh yeah okay me too, I’ve got a lecture in 5 mins.”

I turned around quickly and started to walk away without some sort of proper goodbye.

I stopped for a minute and looked back just in time to see a skanky-looking girl literally checking Saif out from top to bottom. And it was pissing me off for some weird reason that I can’t seem to wrap my head around.

Hey bitch, this may be ‘fake’ but you don’t know that! He’s with me!

All I could do to stand there and stare into space and pretend I didn’t notice her grinning at him and him shooting her that crooked sexy grin.

As I regained my focus back, I realized that Saif was gone already. Suddenly, I whirled around and headed to the main door. To hell with the lectures, I’m going home.

I slipped through the gate to the parking lot and started walking back to my apartment.

“Come on, pick up!” I repeated over and over again into the receiver. “Damn it Meeroh!” I cursed shoving my cell into my bag.

My mind was whirling and swirling.

I was still walking, occasionally picking up the phone and dialing Meera’s number, but every time I had no answer.

“Where is she? Yom I desperately need her, ma a7a9lha!” I was talking to myself like some lunatic when all of a sudden, my phone rang. “Finally!” I breathed in relief as I quickly answered. “Where have you been? I’ve been calling you mn el9b7. You won’t believe what happened!” I said in one breath.

My face turned bright red when I heard a familiar voice from the other side of the line.

“Hey, didn’t know you wanted me that bad. That kiss in the library left you craving, huh?”

I could almost feel that cocky smirk plastered on that face of his.

“Saif!” I hissed between clenched teeth.

“The one and only, love.”

“What do you want?” I growled.

“I think the question is, what do you want? Mb enti eli tawch tgoleen ench mn el9b7 you’re trying to reach me,” he answered cockily.

“I thought you were someone else,” I answered dryly.

“Who?” The question was out of his lips before he could hold back.

“Ma7ad!” I barked.

“Yala 3ad, I thought you were supposed to tell me everything,” he replied smugly.

“Since when do I have to tell you anything?”

“Since you became my girl.”

“I’m not your girl, Saif.” He was really starting to get on my nerves.

“Of course you are.”

“What do you want?” I asked again.

“Just wanted to know how my girl was doing,” he continued with a slurred tone.

“I’m fine!” I said hanging up the phone on his face.

Seconds later the phone was ringing again.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Not nice to hang up the phone in someone’s face babe. Especially not your boyfriend.”

“You are not my boyfriend, Saif!”

“No need to shout love.”

I sighed loudly. The sound of his voice the next second caught me off guard. Gone was the cocky voice to be replaced by a serious and almost concerned tone.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” I said frustrated.

“You don’t sound fine.”

“Saif, just leave me alone. I’m not in the mood for sa5afatek and another of your games. You win ok?” I was almost begging him.

I reached the building and the sound of the elevator was heard.

There was a moment of silence before he said, “I’ll be there in two minutes.”

“What? Saif? La!” Before I could say anything else, I got the dead signal from the other side of the line. “Oh God no…”

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Another POST!…

9ayra 5osh blogger 9a7? (a) :p

Shraykum ib this picture?

ladies and gentlemen…welcome to my lovely e-mail…need i say more? :)

ma ra7 agrig waayid (a) ;p

This goes out to Lama :D

ENJOY :*******


as he got out he saw her…she was busy looking for something in her bag…he kept waiting for her to notice him…

akeed hatheech L mara ma kanat shayfatny…shoofaw L7een akeed bit6ali3…

…he stood there infront of her for what seemed like ages..this never happened to him before..i repeat NEVER…that was enough for him..he got mad..and so he walked angrily towards her..

He had this smirk plasterd on his face…

he was moving faster as he saw her walking still busy with something that he didn’t really know..



AAAAAAAAHHHH!! Waain mobileey!? i need it i need it! L yom 3indi maw3id ma3a Jacob! Ifff i hate being la-


she felt something hitting her shoulder hard…

she lifted her head slightly to see what did she hit..

and there she find him…

3thman: oh..*smirk* ma shftich… (LIAR)

she looked at him…

and he wished she didn’t…

he was lost in her hazelish greyish <–shraykum bil lon ? :p wide eyes…

Lama: e7m..7a9al 5air..

she tried moving but she couldn’t because he was still there standing infront of her..






Shfeeeni sa66aalt?

He took a deep breath and took a few steps back…she didn’t really care..she turned around giving him her back and walked away..

he held her wrist tightly to stop her…

3thman: la7tha..

she turned around again..this time looking at the floor..


3thman: uhhh…6aa7 minnich mobilich*giving her her i-phone*

Ohhh! i wondered where it was!
Lama: thank you..

and she left…

he unconsciously looked around if she dropped something else…

he wanted this stupid conversation to last a bit longer…

what was it ? he thought…

he stopped when he realized how stupid he was acting…

he got back to normal..

caught his breath..

and walked to his car heading home…



adri adri..short ..

Next part shway a6wal ;p

I REPEAT shway..


no guesses?

Mwa7a7a7a7aa… ;p

LUV U :***

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*TERARARARARARARAA* i’m still singing by the waay ;p

W 3ayyiddiii ya Kuwaaiitt…ya a7laa Balaaad…

ana lich ghanaaitt..*clears throat* E7EEMMMMM…

9oti raa7 :p




This one goes out to AbdulWahab :D

P.S. check out this blog..
http://m-a-r-y-o-o-m.blogspot.com/ … 3AJEEEEEB! U goo Maryoom :p



He went to his Lecture and came out “imsa6il” after 2 whole hours..thank GOD that was the only mu7athara he has today…he went back home, took his daily afternoon nap..woke up for lunch..then changed again and went to 7adag with Khalid and a couple of his guy friends..


Deema: Meme…ifff meme!

Maryam: WHAT?

deema: i’m bored..

Maryam: yeah me too..

Deema: 5ansawwi shay!

Maryam: hmmm..shino?

Deema: lich 5lg nsba7 bil pool?

Maryam: umm..yeah what else can we do ?

deema: hehe yallah!

they changed into their swim suits and went to the backyard (where the pool was) .. they heard their aunt’s voice..she was talking to their Dad..

Laila: adri 3abdulla adri… ee bas mita rad?…haa?…5ala9 okay…lala ma ra7 agoollihum..akeed la it7aty..bilsalamah inshallah…

Maryam: Deemo! shino illi ma tgoollina?!

Deema: madri..iff whatever lets go swim !

Maryam: YALLAAH!

they jumped in the cold pool screaming and laughing..

what was it that she wasn’t supposed to tell them about? what were they hiding?


3thman came home tired..he literally threw himself on his bed and slept…ZZzzzZzzz and he was in another world…


Laila: *dar3iming* Hhuuuhhhh!! 3thmaan 7abeeby yallah goom! L sa3a 8:30!

3thman: mm…5ams degayig bas..

Laila: shino 5ams degayig! Yallaah goom! L yom mu7athartik L sa3a 9!

without knowing ,he said…

3thman: *sleepy* yummaa bas shway..

She paused there for a while…she knew how much he loved his mother..he was VERY attached to her…

Laila: *sigh* yallah 7abeebi 3thman goom *shaking him gently* Yallaah goom…

He got up streching his arms..he looked at the clock next to his bed and jumped…

3thman: TA2A5ART!

Laila: hehe..yallah 7abeebi ibsir3a baddil w roo7.

He changed quickly and drove like a maniac to Jam3a..



3aad shifukni min hal d3la L7een…

He opened the door carfuly looking at his professor busy talkig about the lesson..he walked slowly and nosielessly till he reached his seat…


ma baghaait!

the boring lecture continued..and they were finally dismissed…

as he got out he saw her…she was busy looking for something in her bag…he kept waiting for her to notice him…

akeed hatheech L mara ma kanat shayfatny…shoofaw L7een akeed bit6ali3..

….he stood there infront of her for what seemed like ages..this never happened to him before..i repeat NEVER…that was enough for him..he got mad..and so he walked angrily towards her..





MWA7A7A7A7A7A7A7A7A (6)



waaaihhh..ma tadroonn?

well too bad…ull have to wait untill next post..MWA7A7A7A7A7A7 (6) :p <–GOD I LUV SAYING THIS! :p

LUV U :******

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Waaayy a7ib jaw L 3eed L wa6ani ;p

ams bil sayyara chinni habla a3id L byoot illi 7a66een a3laam L kuwait ;p YWANSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!



mista6riba 7adddiii ;p


Yallah Ill leave u guyz with the post 3ala ma t5alli9 L 7afla illi 3indi ;p

DEDICATED TO L :*********

P.S i’ll be dedicating randomly :D



i repeat..MIGHT..

post part 5 today :D



Mino hathi?


awwaal marra ashoofhaa…

w laaish ma 6al-

Fara7: *waving her hands infront of him* HELLO!

3thman: *clears throat* E7m…na3am?

Fara7: *raising her eyebrows* la wallaah?

3thman: shfeech?

Fara7: ana illi shfeeni…wla inta illi shfeek thiba7t L bnt 5az!

3thman: *acting dumb* ay bnt?

Khalid gave him a look…he was shocked himself..

Fara7: Lama..



Yallah Far7oo GOOLAY!

3thman: mino hathi?

Fara7: *smirk* and u care because?

3thman: i don’t …

Fara7: aha…

Khalid: Yallah ana baro7..mu7atharti tbda 3gb 3 min

he got up and left Fara7 and 3thman alone..


Fara7: huuff! FINE! dont give me the silent treatment please! isimha Lama..kanat 3aysha ib London w she just came back to Kuwait last week i think..

Adri feeha Far7oo..tmooott itha ma ta7achat..hehhee..

3thman: *half smile* aha…

he didn’t know why..but he wanted more about her…knowing this is not enough..why didn’t she look his way? he was still confused..his ego and pride always comes first..yimkin la2ina she’s taken?

3thman: uhh..is she..?

La7tha laa7thaa … ana shfeeeni?

Fara7: is she what?

3thman: haa? nevermind…

min mita ana as2al 3an wa7da!? *laughs sarcastically* L thaher ini bidait a5arrif..


Fara7: *sigh* No…she doesn’t have a boyfriend…irta7t L7een?

fahmatny…. madri shlon killa itchikny hal bnayyaa…

3thman: BAL! intay sh3arifich ib hal suwalif!? min waain tyeebeen L a5bar!?

Fara7: DUDE! its called GOSSIP!..plus i have my ways..*smiling widely*

3thman: *giggles*

Fara7: look 3thman..whatever your thinking of just leave the girl alone..

3thman: sh8a9dich?

Fara7: madri bas we’ve been friends since FOREVER! w i know u too well dude..she’s not that type..and “YOU” are definately not her type..

3thman: *crooked smile* i’m everyone’s type..

Fara7: again i say it….MAGHROOOR!

3thman: hehe..

she started playing with her nails to annoy him..she knew her friend..he hates girly stuff..accidently she hit the table hard and one nail broke..


AAAHHH AAAHHH! gal3iti wallah gal3iti! astaahil!

3thman: *imitating her* Myy naaaiilll!…3an L dala3 yallah..kilha thifir…bacher bi6ool..

fara7: laa! i just did them bil 9alon! AAAAHHH!

3thman: *shakes his head in disaproval* ma ityoozeen….

Fara7: UHH! Lo Khalid hnee chan cha3imik! *getting up angerily* BYE!

3thman smiled when she mentioned 5alid…

lo tadreen billi ib galb 5alid ya Fara7…

3thman: *laughs* Allah weyyaach..

maku fayda….9ij inha Far7o..min 3umr a3arifha w a3idha mithl wa7da min 5awati..bas bit.thil wa7da min the others…

P.S. shftaw lost? the others ? how they’re different w chithee….3thman looks at girls as the others…ana chithee tara (a) :p bas moo 3ala L girls 6ab3an ;p … fahamtaw mino the others L7een? ;p

He turned his face around and he saw her sitting busy talking to someone…he wanted to know more about her…

lama was the first girl that found a spot in his heart to settle in..



Could it be love from first sight?

or is there something else missing?


MWA7A7A7A7A7A7A77AAA (6) ;p

LUV U :*******

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I am SO SO SO terribly sorry, I got really busy o kl youm agoul I am going to post bs things just come up …. here is a post for you I hope you like it.Once again, im sorry ;sPreviously”aby a6l3 mn ehnee mny mirta7a b3dain abek ymy” I ran the back of…

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New post today inshallah…

sorry adri min zimaan i ddnt post w i ddnt reply ur comments….

ALOT is on my mind..

i can’t think straight :p

w eeeeeeeeee!

Our internet 5arraf shwayya madri sh.salfita …

9ayra malee8a adri wallah adri :p


Sorry :**

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The second star to the right
Shines in the night for you
To tell you that the dreams you plan
Really can come true
The second star to the right
Shines with a light that’s rare
And if it’s Never Land you need
Its light will lead you there It kil…

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Helloo :DDD L yom my mood 5arbaan fa ma ra7 agrig :p

dedicated to ALWAYS BE ;*



Its a new day..the girls woke up and changed into their school uniform…they ate breakfast and left early..

at 9 am 3thman woke up he changed into brown shorts and a polo…hopped into his car..and off he went to Jam3a…

he walked and he noticed the girls looking at him..he smiled proudly to himself…

no girl ever looked away when he was passing by…NEVER

…ohh and its not him who stares at them “his ego ma ysma7la”…

plus they’re still gonna stay from “the others” you know..so in 3thman’s case..its them who follow him…

Wallaaaiiinnn….Hathi shtaabi L7een?

He saw her from afar aproaching him…with her “ras bu burj” that’s what he calls her ;p (since she does a puff wa9ll L sima min 6oola)..her fushia lipsticks..her “toooo skinny” skinny jeanz and her too tight short sleeves top…here comes…May..

May: 3thmaaan …. uhhh .. 3thmaanii!

Play it cool…la mn shaaf w la mn dara…a9lan ana shft.ha?

Shftaaw ma shft a7ad :D

3thman:*chinna moo sami3* …………..

May: 3thmaan ga3da a7acheekk … waayy!

*deep breath*

Amri lillaaahh…

5anshoof shtaabi..

3thman: *turning around* ohh intay hnee…

May: uhhh! ee akeed ana hnee…

*imitating her* Uhh! Akkeed ana hneee..waayy waayyy (Laaish kil mmarra my cuzn w my uncles y3ayboon 3alay ygoolooli glittery waayy waayyy ? :p Sa5eefeen wallah ;p) ..3abaali hnaak it9adgeen? DALOO3A!

3thman: aha…shtabeen?

May: *sigh* 3thman tadri shino abi! Laaish u broke up with me? sawaitlik shay?

wallaaainnn….LAZGA LAAZGGAAA….

3thman: gtlich May moo minich ana illi abi break shway..

May: shino ya3ni break? laaish ana malee8a? moo gadr tit7ammalny?

7ASHAAA! intaay Malee8aa? shwayyaa 3alaaich L klma a9laan…*giggle*

P.S her voice is too na3im…”gha9ib ana 7aleema” :p min 7alat 9ot 7aleema 3aad ..

3thman: *giggle*..e7m… 3an ithnich ta2a55art..


Moo 9a7yaa walaahh…

he walked faster as if he was running away from her…

Gal3iti astaahaal….ana L ghabi L mafrooth min awwal shay im5alli9 L mawthoo3 ma3aha…ya3ni nafs L baji 3 dayz w BYE! hathi madri laish ga3adt ma3aha isboo3ain..wallaah 7alaah..

girls run after him he only gives them a 3 days shot..itha 6awwal 7addaa 1 week…for May it was 2 weeks…

….he saw his best friends Khalid and Fara7 sitting on one of the tables, he walked towards them smiling as they waved for him to come….

Khalid: Hala bil 3thm..

3thman: Hala ib bu waleed..

Khalid: haa shaklik malik 5lg L yom ?

3thman: willi yshoof um ras burj shlon ma ytheeg 5lga?

Fara7: hehee ;p .. ee wallaah um ras burj..

a girl passed by the table they were sitting at and she was staring at 3thman..nothing new..

Fara7: waayy abbaaiiih 3thman shft hatheech shlon 5azzitik?

3thman: *shrugs* 3aadi..

Khalid giggled at him..

Fara7: NO SERIOUSLY! madri laaish kil L banat mayteen 3alaaik! widdi ashoof bnt wa7da ma it6al3ik! moo min zood L jamal 3aad..

Khalid giggled more as she hit his shoulder for him to shut up..

3thman: *sigh* …

fara7: MAGHROOR!

Khalid: L mafrooth mit3awda 3alaaih ;p

3thman looked at him and smiled…

Fara7: yeahh..bas wallah madri shlon mrafjeen ba3ath..FARG FARG!

both: hehee…

Fara7: tadri shino widdi? widdi ashoof bnt ma ta36eek wayh! bas bashoof L reaction..

3thman: 9a3ba..ma tlgaain..

Khalid held his stomach from laughing…Fara7 cracks him up all the time..

just then a tall, tan, simply GORGEOUS girl walked..she was so sophisticated, very stylish, her wavy chestnut hair was flying as she walked confidently…


He turned around out of curiousity…

she passed by their table… She didn’t seem to care…it was the first time a girl avoids him..the first time a girl doesn’t look his way…..the first time he starts “the staring”..he never looked in a girl’s way….EVER!

mino hathi?




who is she?

3araftaw mino the others? :p

tara its a figure of speech ;p

Ull never know until next post (6) Mwa7a7a7a7a7aa…

LUV U :*****

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i was gone for too long, wasn’t i ? =x So sooorry you guys! :*
e9ara7a i wasn’t in the mood for blogger, seriously :p
el mhmmm .. i’ll leave you with the post, yalla scroll doooown! =p

Saif’s P.O.V

She let out a deep sigh, pulling her arm out of my grip. “What do you suggest we do?”

I paused for a moment, even though I already knew the answer to her question.

I just hadn’t figured out the best way to inform her of it…

“Well, we…”

“We kiss. In front of everyone,” I finally managed to say.

Shamma’s eyes widened in horror. “I can’t kiss you. If I kiss you I’ll probably… La laa I just can’t!”

“She’s not dating Saif. It’s all a scam to get Khalifa.” We heard the girls insist on the other side of the bookcase. Their voice was becoming clearer and it was obvious that they were rounding the corner to enter the same corridor me and Shamma were in.

“Hey Shamma,” I murmured, scooting closer to her with a smile, “See the girls over there? Don’t look!” I motioned slightly with my chin. She nodded. “They’re coming closer. As you obviously heard, they don’t believe this thing going between us. I think we should give them a little something to accept the fact that it’s true, don’t you?”

Her eyes widened in alarm.

Damn, was being touched by me really such an unpleasant thing to her?

“Relax, it’s just for show.”

And before she could flip out or protest, I angled my body across hers and buried my face in the crook of her neck.

“See? No big deal,” I whispered into her neck. She just about leapt out of her skin.

“You’re tickling me!” she hissed.

“Hold still!”

“But it tickles when you talk!” she was squirming underneath me and trying to stifle a giggle.

“Quit wiggling! Okay, I won’t talk.”

She started to squeal, but I slid my right hand up to the base of her neck and angled her head to the side, giving me better access to her neck. I trailed my lips along the length of her neck, just barely touching her.

My intention was to just goof around, give those girls a show and maybe get a rise out of Shamma at the same time. But now that I was here, with my nose buried in her hair, her floral, pleasant scent was making me lightheaded. And her hair, what was that scent? Strawberries. It was such a simple girlish smell. I was used to women smelling like a complex mix of very expensive products. Her silly strawberry shampoo was killing me. And there was this feeling when I touched her like this, like electricity, I could feel it sing along my fingers and down my spine.

It was crazy, and intoxicating, and I didn’t want to stop.

My fingers unwillingly caressed the back of her neck and her eyes slid closed. I dragged my lips back up her neck with more pressure and I gave it one slow open mouthed kiss and let my lips linger. She drew in a long unsteady breath. My own breathing was becoming ragged.

I really should stop this.

I had only meant to fool around for a minute.

I had had no intention of starting anything.

But she wasn’t stopping me.

And it felt really good.

And I really wanted to.

I’ve wanted to touch her like this since the instant I laid eyes on her.

She softened in my arms. My left hand, that had been resting lightly on her hip, clenched into her and pulled her closer. Her hand was slipping up my back, clinging to me. I gripped her hip tighter. My lips traveled back up her glorious neck and then along her jaw. I could kiss her. I’m almost there. I’ve been staring at her mouth all day and wondering what it feels like, what it tastes like.

I pulled my face back just enough to make eye contact with her. Her hooded dark eyes met mine and then snapped open. Her spine stiffened and in one movement she’d slid herself half a foot away from me.

“Wh-what was that?” she stammered.

I held my hands up in front of me trying to look innocent. “Sorry, I got carried away. You smell really good.” I tried a flash of the dazzling smile, but she wasn’t having it. She scooted around to the other side of the bookcase in a flash.

“I have to go to the toilet.”

A high-toned squeak announced the girls’ presence and I turned around to look at the dumbstruck duo. I smiled secretly as I realized that I had achieved my goal.

I then watched Shamma as she strode across the library and into the hall. Then I watched the face of every goddamned guy in the place as they watched her cross the hallway.

They should really back off. She’s mine.

Except she’s not. And the point was, a girl like her wouldn’t be mine.

That’s why this stupid “pretend game” is laughable, really. I could probably get any girl I want, and they’d be ready, willing and eager. But Shamma…she freaks out and runs to the ladies room. So okay, maybe Ghanem was right. She was different and too good for me. Or maybe it was that I was too bad for her.

Except that… she liked it?

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When will it end? In the crisp breath of Spring I walked clumsy as the people pass in twos; hands wrapped around a steaming paper cup of coffee. The divine pleasure of decadence in the morning by myself. And yet something told me that I was ready…

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Wa7aashteenii…wa7ashteeeeniiiiiiii….w Jeet as2aal as2aal..w athin ini 3ala baaalik..*terararara*..3asa maa shaar? 3asa maa shaar?… WAYY WAAYY WAAYY RASHED IS THE MAN! :p Oh OH…guess who sang this song? :p YES YES..KETCHUP SANG IT! ;p Bas whatever i luv hal song..bas ohwa 3gaidi wallah..3/4 L ighniyya y9affir :) …L7mdillaah 3al 3agil ya rabbi :D

MY MOUSE 7ASHA PANIC ATTACK…no no seriously madri shfee ga3d yarjif :p 7imdillaah w L shikr!


wanasa :D hehee ;p waaayiid istanast ina u liked it…bas bagoollikum sha..Bedayat L 8i9a ya3ni awal cham post maku wayid action..bas in the middle…bityinoon min kthirhum ;p

hehee ;p


P.S. ohh 9ij..my email 7ag illi yabi shay min zimaan ma 7a6aaita ;p glittery-butterfliez@live.com

ENJOY :***



La La La….BAGI6HUM IB NI9 L 9A7RA WAHIDHUM! a7saan..5awafeen…

Wallah hal banaat madri shlon 9ayreen..


Allaah yer7imich yummaa…lo kntay mawjooda chan ma rithaytay ubooy ydalli3hum chithee..*sigh*…ihya L wa7eeda la ya3ni moo L wa7eeda L wa7eeda 3amiti laila ma3aha ba3ad ;p ..illi moo mithilhum…moo minhum!…moo min the others…

La itgooloonly ma 3araftaw mino the others lail7een?


hahahaa…mani gayyilikum..bit3arfoon broo7kum..

la7tha baghasil hal alwan illi 3ala wayhi…*washing his face*


eeee chithee…wla tarseeen wahyi 5arabee6 9ayir chinni fefe 3abdu!

ohh 9ijj ma ta3arafna..

Ma3akum 3thman 3abdullah Al-X

age: 21

Occupation: Student

Height: 189 cm..

irta7taw L7een?


taboon shakli ba3ad?

la la mani gayil 3ashan la tgooloon 3anni maghroor…ba5alli Glittery tgoollikum.. ;p

HIII! its mee ;p okaayy so 3thman is Tall (duh) Tan…his eyes are dark and mysterious, his nose is the perfect sharp thin 5aleeji nose..dirty face..w imgari3 :p moo 9AL3A…just imgarri3 (the good looking way)..*whispering* he’s the most maghroor person ull ever meet..malkum shighil fee… ;p i’m serious tara…WAAYIIDD MAGHROOR!

Ana L bchr..3ndi i5tain MIYANEEN…bas ythiloon 5awati w bathil u5oohum L 3od..magoollikum ma a7ibhum..la2ini bil 3ax waayid astanas lama ag3ad ma3ahum..bas la jad ya3ni maani gadir afham laaish L banat waayiid delalee3 w malee8aat w ma yn3araf lihum….Shfee L Zhaiwy? bs la2ina aswad w 9gheer w y7oos bil shwari3 y5afoon minna? DALA3!….Ummi Allah yer7amha tewaffat gabl 5 sneen ib 7adith sayyara…kanat 3amiti Laila tawha na8la 3indina la2ina ham ihya rayilha twafa Allah yer7ima…Athkir hal fatra 3adil…Kanat kilha bachi w 9ya7…gabil la ittiwaffa ummi ib cham yom kanat 7assa…galatli ” deer balik 3ala 5awatik…3thman int L7een kbart w 9rt rayyal, imta ma 9arat mshkila la tn7ash..l2nha mahma kanat kbeera bt.thil int akbar mnha..w inshallah ib tlga laha 7al..3thman ana athi8 feek” ma ansa kalamha…7asiat yomha ini basheel mas2ooliyya kbeera..w f3lan shilt.ha…

ubooy killa imsafir w lahi ib shighla..malooma…ma shft a7ad y7awil yas3id 3yala w y3ayish.hum a7san 3eesha mthla..


3thman: na3am?

Lora: 3osmaan…Yallah mama Laila say go down..

3thman: yallah kaani yay..

Yallah ana baroo7 atrayyag L7een..L yom sabt (ryoog L 3ayla)…7ayaakum ;p



Laila: Hala ib 3thmaani…Hala ib 7abeeby…

3thman: Hala ib 3ammiti Laila..Hala ib shai5at L banat..

Laila: weh weh 7abeebii … w ys2iloony laaish a7ibbik?

Deemah and Maryam looked at him jealous..

Laila: Deemaah goomay yeebay 7ag u5ooch 3a9eer..

Deemah: Inshallah..

3thman gave her a look as she stuck her tongue out at him…

3thman: e7m…3ammiti Laila?

Laila: haa yuma?

3thman: L yom ana 3azmich 3ala cinema w 3ugb inroo7 intaghada ib lenotre w 3ugub arakbich *looking at maryam and Deema* L “ya5t L ydeed”…


Deemah; Aaalllaaah! ni6reeny bayi ma3ach!

3thman: ana glt 3ammiti Laila…BROO7HA…min ghairkum intaw L thntain…

Laila: *giggles* eee 7abbeeby mita bnroo7?

P.S I have a 3amma chithee…isimha Laila ba3ad ;p …ITYANNIN! w ya 7bhaa 7ag L ryooogg … the whole character is based on her ;p

3thman: L7een 3ugb L ryoog nroo7…

Deemah: bas


3thman: *smirk* laish ma y9eer…ba6alli3 3ammiti sh7arkum?



Deemah: EEEEEEEE! U CAN’T BE MEAN TO US! *pouts*

3thman: Ma77ad gallikum sawooni barbie *killer stare* knt bawadeekum bas 3ugb L sawwaitooh LA2!

Maryam: 3thmaan 3thmaan 3thmaan 3THMAAAAAAAAAAN! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ!


3thman: haa 3ammiti Laila..awadeehum?

laila: ee yummaa wadhum 7araaam…

Deemah and Maryam: *angel face*

3thman: Zaaainn…bas 3ashaan 5a6ir 3ammiti Laila..

they jumped from their seats, hugged him then hugged their aunt and off they went to their room to change their clothes…

they had an amazing dayand they enjoyed every part of it..except the part were Deema started crying because she figured out she was wearing her dress backwards.. :p

tsk tsk … 9ij min the others!





La7atht ini 5arba6t bil colors :p Maali 5lg a3addil (a) 3aadii? sama7toony? ;p


HEHE LUV U :******

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[15 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on Will You Marry Me … ? (19) | 6 views]

Will You Marry Me … ? (19)Guess What ? ;OIm BACK !!!! =DDDDDDShock huh ? dont ask about my extra long absence please (AAAA)elmhm eny rja3t w raj3a gwyah enshallah ;)b9ra7a I miss’km WAYD ! ;****w SORRY ! =$Yalleh 7baybeee Enjoy (L)*********Ma damt el…

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[14 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on ***drum rolls*** | 1 views]

Heyyyyyy u guys :*******

ambaaaai ambaaai 7adi im sorry adry walla i didnt post mnziman…!!!



i have a good reason why…..ur gona be shocked !!!

im shocked ….hehehehehhe

ur kaboooot my luvies is……….MARRIED !!

Yes….u heard right…..marrried……mtzawja……

it happened bsr3a bsr3a ……bsss omg im soo happy ooo alllaa ywafg ilkil !!! 

a9lan i still cant astaw3b ena im actually married …. :$ 

anyhow im not gona promise u any posts any time soon bs walla 8adraw i mean i have a husband and my drasa to look after ….. and my husband needs  my constant attention hes such a baby hehehehe…..

p.s. happy valentines day….;****

luv u :****

gudnight :***

The Others »

[14 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on The Others (1) | 1 views]

MY READERS! U’ve been missed! :p

no seriously i did miss u guys.. *sigh* waayy waayy waayiidd ISTANAST MIN UR COMMENTS! Laail7een moo im9adga..the deal was i wair laay a5ir L isboo3 w i start posting my new story ;p hs glt la 7araam 9ij ma asti7i 3ala wayhi :p so i posted today ;p

hehe…i hope u like it :D

Tell me raykum ;p

Dedicated To Maryoom ( msn buddy) and as i promised a character that has the same name ;p

P.S la7thaw ini ghayyart my template lil marra L MALYOON :p the previos one itshawwig bas its tooo pink.. ;p

ENJOY :***


Deemah: Yallaah yallaah! waayy meme IBSIR3A!

Maryam: Iff Zaain Zaainn! bas laa7tha bayeeb L red lipstick…

Deemah: hehehe :p Yallah bisir3a! OMG I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIS FINAL LOOK!

Mryam: we’re soo dead for that tadreen?

Deemah: DUH! ;p bs whatever..YESTAHAL! Yallah!

Meet Deemah and Maryam..the crazy 16 year old identical twins…they’re tan and they have balck hair, they got their father’s eyes. (brown) and their mother’s lips and nose…they’re beautiful…Maryam is named after her grandmother..while Deemah is named by her aunt Laila who lives with them in the same house…

They tiptoed to his room, carefully opening the door, holding their set of weapons in their hands, they carefuly walked to his bed…

Deemah: *whispering* iffff nayim 3ala ba6na!

Maryam: *whispering back* 3aadii 3adii..i have an idea..

she got a feather and started tickling his ears..he moved his hand trying to itch his ears…she did the same thing over and over again, he was moving uncomfortably untill he finally settled laying on his back..

deemah: *whispering* hehee…wayy abbaaihh shakla filim!

Maryam: hahaha 3thman! *whispering* HERE COMES REVENGE!

P.S. He was supposed to take them on a trip on their new yacht but he didn’t…and they’re mad at him..

deemah pulled out the blusher from her pocket…Maryam got the glittery (gha9ib glittery ;p) blue eye shadow and they started to work their magic on him..

Deemah: *whispering* waayy ashwa ina noma thigeel…ma y7is ibshay !

maryam: hehehehe…

Deemah: *whispering* shshhh shhhh bas a5af ygoom!

3thman: mmmm….

Maryam: *putting her hands on her mouth*

deemah: *freezing*..

he finally stopped…

Deemah: *sigh* waayy ashwa..

Maryam: and now the red lipstick!

Deemah: *in a low voice* hehee …

Maryam: not forgetting the final touch!

Deemah looked at her sis and understood her right away..

she grabbed the black eyeliner and placed a big black dot under his right eye..

maryam and Deemah: PERFECT!

Deemah grabbed a big mirror and placed it right infront of him..while maryam put her face next to his ear and…


3thman: *jumping* haa? Shfeekum SSh9aa–*looks at himself in the mirror* mino Hal-…..AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


he got out of his bed furious following them as they ran out of his room…


Deemah: *runnig* laaa fullaa!



He suddenly stopped when he heard his aunt’s voice…

Laila: WEEE ghubra! 3thmaan shino hatha?! laaish moo labis shay!? *looking at his face* HHHHHHHHHHHHH!! SHFEE WAYHIK!?

3thman figured out he was only wearing his navy shorts..nothing else…

3thman: *deep breath* swalif Deemo w Meme!

he saw them sitting peacefuly minding their own business eating their breakfast..

Laila: *giggle* inzain yumma..ma 3alaih yahaal yahaall..yallah 7abeeby roo7 baddil hdoomik w *looking at his face* ghassil wayhik w ta3al tarayyag..

3thman: *sigh* inshallah…

he gave his sisters a glare..they giggled as they saw him running up the stairs..





P.S. i won’t be posting daily…bas inshallah mita gidart ill post :D

X and I »

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I wake up late today.
I walk lazily out of my room into the living room when I stop dead in my tracks.
There, on the center table, standing long and proud, is a bouquet of red roses.
I should be touched, right?
I should go all Awwwww and stuff..
Instead my reaction was more
WHAT THE HECK, heheheheh ?!?!?!
Let me explain:
The flowers was arranged in the most old fashion way ever, with an ugly white teddy bear holding a heart in both arms !!!
A teddy, seriously ?!?!

I call X to thank him,
ma gassar 7bibi..
So do you like it? ” he asks.
chan atwahhag!

Ummmm, u know there is a teddy bl mawtho3, right?

Really? ” He cracks out laughing

Ee, holding a giant red heart that says I love you

La wallah ? Hahahahahah. You know you have to thank my secretary for that

Is that right? I’ll be sure to call her then

X’s office, good morning

Hi, is that you Angy?

Yes, hello Mrs X

Hello Angy. Happy Valentine’s day

Oh thank you Mrs X, happy Valentines to you as well. Have you received your flowers?

Yes dear, thank you very much

No problem at all. Allah yekhalleekon la ba3d inshaAllah

Thanks Angy. However, I will be emailing you a list of my favourite florists for next time

A moment pause, then I hear her voice: “Sure

Thanks again dear, and have a lovely day

You’re most welcome

Now I can go though the day knowing that this adversity will never happen again
Happy V-Day all ;*

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[12 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on RIP McQueen | 1 views]

“If you want to feel like a Queen, dress in McQueen”

I heard that phrase a few months ago, God know’s where from .. And I hear that McQueen hanged himself in his London home yesterday, at the start of New York fashion week and a few weeks before he was due to show his new collection in Paris fashion week .. I also heard a rumor that he hanged himself cuz him mother died a few days before .. Maybe he was depressed and that pushed him over the edge?

Of course I heard it off Twitter ..

Ah McQueen was an artist! Your eccentricity in fashion will be sorely missed!

RIP Lee Alexander McQueen March 16 March 1969 – 11 February 2010

My Life After You »

[12 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on My Life After You 32 (FINALE) | 1 views]


UR COMMENTS! :'( BAGHAAIT ABCHI! :p ma bichaait bas baghaait ya3ni :p Gaaayim soogii L yom wallah ;p TUF TUF TUF…kish kishh (to illi 3yoonhum 7arra :p) waayy waayy min gaddy! KAYYAFT 3ALA UR COMMENTS! GA3ADT ANAGIZ CHINNI HABLA! aham shay illi paris willi ib Ryadh ;p w Qatar! hmm..mino ba3ad? EEE WILLI BIL 3RS! LOOL :p ANONYS :********** Ba3aad galby :* thank u for commenting bas THI3T wana agra maku names ;p

THANK U ALL FOR COMMENTING! KNT BASAWI relpy bas waayiid mashallah ;p MASHALLAAH MASHALLAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! :p w glt aktib post a7san 9a7? :p

bas wallah i red every comment! kil sa6ir kil 7atrf! U GUYZ JUST CRACKED ME UP!


u get the point right?

wayid garagt?

okaayy bas 6awfaw my badliyyat ;p

ENJOY :*************



Zaid L yom birid min L sifar..9arla 4 ayam ib Dubai 3nda shighil….bazoor Mshary..*sigh*…ill give it one last chance..madri laish but i still feel guilty…i mean a part of why he’s in this situation was becuase of me…Ughhhh! i hate this feeling!

She changed her clothes, carried her and headed to see Mshary…

DING DONG (she ringed the bell hesitantly)

Um Mshary greeted her with a warm smile…

Um Mshary: 7ayyach 7abeebty…Mshary bil 9ala L 9ghera..

she saw the pain in her aunt’s eyes..he was her son after all..she held 7arith’s hand tighter and walked with him to the small living room…

Knock knock.. (she knocked softly)

no one annswered her..so she took a deep breath and entered…

she saw him sitting on his wheel chair, enjoying the view of their beautiful backyard..this room is his favorite room now…he always stays in it…

Jood: *clears her throat* e7m..L salam 3alaikum…

he didn’t turn around, it was as if she wasn’t even there…he kept staring through the window aimlessly…

Jood: *sigh* Mshary…?

again he didn’t move..

Jood: Mshary asfaa wallaah asfa! please rid 3alay!


Jood: Mshary?

He turned around, gave her a cold stare..one that scared her..that gave her goosebumps all over her body..she lost every word she prepared..

7arith: mama…mama…

She looked at her 4 year old son…who looked just like him..and by him i mean Zaid..

He kept staring at the little kid with her..he had her eyes he thought..then he shifted his gaze to her…she saw something she never saw in him before…she saw regret…he looked at her with his watery eyes..she was shocked…she never saw him this weak..

Mshary: *turning around* roo7aay…*clearing his throat* L yahil binaam…

She didn’t know what to say…without a word..She carried 7arith and left the room..


He heard the door closing and he let out a deep sigh..he felt his heavy heart pounding…he felt his vision blurring, he opened his eyes wider hoping that the tears of regret will dry, he kept staring at their garden….he started thinking…

laish itsawwi chithee? Laaish lail7een itzoorny? 3ugb kil illi sawaaita laha…*deep breath* lail7een ts2al 3anni…twi8a3t a5sarha…bas 5isart ryooli…*looking at his paralized legs* ta3athbt w 3athabt waayid nas ma3ay…shthanbhum? sh.thanb Zaid w Jood?…

he heard the door opening again..

his mom came in to check on him…

w shthanb ummi?

he smiled warmly at her…

its been a long time since she saw him smiling…her emotions started to take over on her…she walked closer to him and hugged him close as she cried on his chest..he stood strong…he didn’t shed a single tear…he tried no to ever be weak..that was Mshary..the old Mshary…the happy one…the good one…

He decided he’s gonna change….

a new life is waiting for him…



She enetered her cozy home, opened the lights, and smiled at his picture hung on the wall…she missed him…she carried her son and walked to his room..he woke up and looked at her..

7arith: Mama..wain baba?

she smiled and kissed his cheek..

Jood: Baba yaay bil 6ireej 7abeeby..yallah naam..

7arith: hehe

he smiled and went back to sleep..he was like an angel..he had her eyes..but his father’s face..his tan..his hair..everything else looked like his Dad..She went to the kitchen and baked some cupcakes…decorated them with frosting..perfect! Just the way he liked them she thought…

She heard the door slightly opening..a smile formed on her pretty face..it grew wider when she saw him..she hugged him tight..

Zaid: i missed you Joody..

she looked up at his face and traced the scar on his forehead..her heart ached remembernig the incident..she smiled..

Jood: i missed u too

Zaid: *sniff* ashim ree7at cupcakes!

Jood: hehee…ee ;p

Zaid: waain 7arooth nayim?

Jood: yup..

Zaid: imshay 5anga3da shareellaa sayyara ydeeda 7aga w 7ag 3abood…

Joood: inshallah nafs L lon w L shakil bas!

Zaid: *closing his eyes till wrinkles started to show*

JOod: Zaid! shfeek ismillaah 3alaaik yanaait?

Zaid: la7tha bat.thakkaar..

Jood: ohh…

Zaid: laa ashwa nafs L lon ;p

Jood: zain ;p

she tiptoed to his room and he followed her doing the same..

Jood: *whispering* yallaah…

Zaid: *whispering back* inzaain…uhh Joody?

Jood: *whispering* na3am?

Zaid: *still whispering* laish ga3deen namshi china 7aramiyya?

Jood: *in a low voice* hehee…la2ina 7aroothy nayim..

Zaid: ohh …*remembering*OOOOOOO 9IJJJ!

Jood: *turning around* SSSHHHH!

Zaid: ooohh asif asif…*giggling* tara ybtlich hadiyya ;p

Jood:*excited* 9IJ!?


Jood: *shyly* hehe ;p

they finally reached 7arith’s room who woke up as soon as they eneterd he jumped on his dad and held on him tight…JOod smiled at them…Zaid showed him his gift and was very happy…

I’m thankful for the family i have..thankful for having Zaid..for 7arith..for my friends..for my family…don’t think i’m not happy…i am!…i might be one of the happiest people in this world..yeah i sometimes remember Mshary but its hard to forget what happend when i see zaid’s scar every morning…i hope he’ll do as well as i’m doing..and-

Zaid: JOODY!

Jood: *waking up* haa?!


jood: hehee ;p

Zaid: btwakleeny wla tara an7ash min L baait? :p

Jood: la laa! wain tn7aash tawwik yaay ..imsh inta3asha

he giggled at her reaction…carried 7arith on his shoulders and wrapped one arm around Jood..as they headed to the dining room (DANG IT! I watch alot of movies! :p)



Shaheen: Nooraa shfeech!? Laaish tabcheen? sh9aayir?

Noora: *gasp* ana–*sniff*

there was no use of talking to her he hugged her tight as she cried on his chest…

Shaheen: bas Noora 5alaa9..la tabcheen…

he dropped her home worried about her…she ran to her bedroom, locked the door behind her, and cried her heart out..

she heard her mother knocking the door..then Shaheen’s voice from behind..

Shaheen: yumma 5alloolaa broo7ha shway…

she dug her head in her pillow and cried more…

she didn’t really know why she was crying…was it because she beleived fai9al? is it because of guilt? or is it becuase she lost M7amamd? she lost the man who took her heart away with him….(ee bas ay wa7da ib mukanha btsawwi nafs L shay itha moo al3an :p…u blame her? shafat b3yoonha? lo kntaw mukanha shbtifakroon fee?)



Kaan L mafrooth a3arif! AKEED BIKOON FAI9AL! ya3ni itha moo ohwa mino bikoon!? W Noora..*sigh*…ma gidart ashoofha chithee…w lama shft Shaheen 7asait L salfa ib tkbar fa r7t…adri moo ghal6at.ha….bas.. bas shlon? yimkin tkoon ghal6anna inha ma sma3atny bas ham ana ghal6an ini hadait.ha ib hal suhoolaa*sigh*…..aaahh..maku illa 7al wa7id…


1 week later…



Shaheeen: Shfeech sh9aayir!? wian kintay?


3abdullah heard his mom screaming and ran inside their room…

3abdullaah: *making a shock face*:O :O appaaaaiihh (lama knt yahil knt agool L B p :p waaii33 waaii33 sima3t recording fi9alt 3ala 9oti :p it was moore like “pappaaaa PyePYYyyHHhee ” :p LOOL )

Shaheen: *giggles* hehe…


Shaheen: shfeech abbaaih w abaaihh!!?


Shaheen: *sa66iling* haa? ma sima3t illa baby!? 3eeday shway shwaay..7ABBA 7ABBA…

Hala: *inhale* *exhale* agoollik knt 3nd L 6abeeb…w galli ini…*smiling widely* 7AMIL!

Shaheen: BA3AD!?

he was shocked as always…

3abdullah: mama thino?*laughing*heheheee…. laith tith7ikeen?

Hala: 3abadii 7abeebii…bi9eer 3ndina baby!

3abdullah: hhhhhhhh!!!! baby 9ijji?

Hala: *giggles* ee 9ijji!

3abdullah: wain binaam?

Hala: minnii ib ghurfatna..

3abdullah: *eyes popped* bath hatha mukaani!

Hala: *la 7abeebi inta L7een 9rt kbeer itnam broo7ik! *looking at Shaheen* 9a7 Shaheen?

Shaheen: haa? ee ee 9a7 kalaam mama…

3abdullah: maaabyy maabyy! ma7ibb L baby! *pouts* LA IYEEBOOOOOOONAAAAAAA!!! MA7IBBAAAAA!!!

Shaheen: baal! hatha min L7een ballash yghaar! Allaah yastir ba3dain!

Hala: *hugging 3abdullah* bas bas 7abeebi la tabchi 5alaa9 ma naby baby..

as soon as 3abdullah stopped crying Hala started crying…

Wallaaaiinnn….Allaah y3eennii bas..ma77ad makilha ib hal nisaat w hal bachy ghairy!

Shaheen: Haloolyy shfeech? laaish tabcheen? tawwich mistansa ..

Hala: w wldik y5alli a7ad ystanas!? 5ARRAB 3ALAY WANASTY! a5aaf ythba7 L baby!

Shaheen: *giggles* Allaah yhadach wain ythba7 L baby…hal yahil ythbaa7 marra wa7da!?

Hala: eee eee! a5aaf ythba7aa! ma tgra bil jarayid L yahal illi ythbi7oon i5wanihum! WAAYY WAAYY A5AAAF WALLAAH A5AAAF!

He hugged her as she cried like a baby….

Hala: waayy *sniff* itha 3abdullah lail7een baby..shlon bat7ammal baby thaany!? *gasp*

Shaheen: *murmuring* wallah maku baby ib hal bait ghairich..;p …

Hala: *sniff* shgilt?

Shaheen: haa? laa laa ma glt shay 7abeebty….agoollich la t7ateen ..lail7een L baby ma yaa inshallah 7azzat L 7azza ykoon 3abdullah kabraan shway..

Hala: *looking at him* 9ij?

Shaheen: eee 9ijj…

he smiled at Her and took her out for lunch with 3abdullah to celebrate the great news..they were all happy….



she was sitting on her bed reading some kind of magazine..eating chocolate cake..trying to chill and relax when she heard someone knocking the door..


Noora: *mindamja bil magazine* tfathaall…

her mom cam in with the biggest smile on earth…

Noora:*looking up* uhhh..yumma shfeech?


Noora: haa! yumma shfeech? laaish tabcheen?

UmShaheen: Iheeeeeeeeee22 ihiieee22!

buShaheen: *mn b3eed* ana gtlich la tgooleenlaha! ana illi bagool! intay ma t3arfeen ghair L 9yaa7!

UmShaheen: shasawwii ba3ad *sniff* hathi bnayti *looking at Noora* 3a6eeny L Kleenex yumma..

Her dad came in her room..

Noora:*giving her the tissue* haw sh9aayi!?

BuShaheen: *smile* moo 9ayir shay…bas ummich Allah yhadaha 3ala kil shay tabchi!

Noora: hehhee…3ayal shfeekum? shilsalfa?

BuShaheen: Mabrook yuba..

Noora: ??

BU Shaheeh: M7ammad Al-X 6alab eedich minni (Wwaayy 7assaait ayyaam awwal 6alab eedich mini ;p )

Noora: Haa–aa? Mm–M7amad?

BuShaheen: ee yuba adri ina Allah ma kitab awwal marra….bs tara M7ammad 5osh walad w ma yti6awwaf…

Noora: *looking at the ground*

BuShaheen: *putting his hand on her shoulder* Noora..adri billi 9ar bainkum..w laish ma malachtaw..M7amma-

Um Shaheeb: IHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE22222222222222222222222! wallaah ma testahlaain illi 9aar (sniff* feech ya bnaytii…*sniff*

BuShaheen: *murmuring* L wa7id ma ygdar ygool jumla wa7da kamla ib hal bait…*looking at Noora* M7ammad galli 3an kil shay…w hathak illi isma Fai9al ma ysti7i 3ala wayha..Allah yastir 3alaih bas…*sigh* mani im6awwil 3alaich bil 7achi..bas intay shrayich?

Noora: ee Bas–

BuShaheen: Laa bs wla shay…tara ana gtla ini imwafi8 bas L ray rayich w L shor shorich..shgiltay?






Jood: abbaaaihhhh Noora u look gorgeous!

Hala: Heeyyy moo 3ashan ana 7amil w karshiti jiddami takshitoon feeni! ana L gorgeous a9laan lo ma hal karsha chan 9akaait 3alaich *winks at Noora*

Noora: abbaaihhh do i look good? sha3ri thabit!? LAAISHH A7ISS YT7ARRAK!? waayy waayyy….*closing her eyes tight* abaaaihh magdar atnaffaas!

Hala: NO NO NO NO! honey ur breathing! shoofeeny! yallaah now breath in *inhaling* and Out *exhaling* good job yallah marra thanya..in..and out…SEE MA FEECH SHAY!

JOod: Noora sh7alatich ma feech shay la t5tar3ain!

Noora: la la la! abbaaihhh ya3ni ma ra7 a3eesh ma3a ummi w ubooy marra thanya! ma raa7 ashoofhum! ABBAAIHH *pouting* Laa Laa …SA3DOOONYYY *sniff* L bachyaa ib t6la3!


Hala and Jood quickly jumped infront of her making funny faces … Hala 9abbat 7wila ;p while JOod did a fish face..she laughed at them…

JOod: eee chithee! Nooraa 3aadii ma y5arri3…SMILE….*wiping her tears and fixing her hair* YALLAH SMILE!..L7een bifichoon L bab..

Noora: inzain inzaain…*deep breath*

Music playing…

w Haab L sa3aad….*continuing*

and there comes the bride “Noora” looking so beautiful..her black hair tugged into a classic elegant bun….her long yet simple strapless white dress following her to the cosha (madri shino cosha bil english :p ) her smile that that lighted up the huge 9ala….it was her wedding day..her day!

she walked as everyone was staring at her…Jood and Hala held her mother she was going to run and hug her…and ruin everything!

Noora fnially reached the cosha…she smiled at the people who she couldn’t recognize most of them..THE PLACE WAS HUGE! VERY HUGE! Her wedding was held at Al-Raya ballroom (dedicated to the girls that read from 3rs ams illi hnak :p) the theme was prurple…her favorit color..eveything was perfect! JUST PERFECT…

Ohh yeaahh btw its Noora’s wedding she’s marrying M7ammad :p.. while they were engaged they talked and each explained..she apologized for not listening while he apologized for letting go..tehy figure things out..they truely loved each other..and now..they knew that nothing could bring them apart..

Jood was wearing a classic long black dress, she pulled her hair into a side bun and put simple makeup and wore a pink lipstick…Hala left her hair down she wore a colorful yet very elegant long dress..it looked very cute with her karsha “3ala golat.ha ;p, the both looked stunning…

after a couple of hours the man of the DJ (IFF WAAIII3333 WAAII33 WAAII333 mala8a lamma tamsikoon L walkie talkie mal L DJ….never do it! NA9EE7A! ;p) announced that the men were coming in…

ladies wore their 7ejabs…shawls…whatever ;p while Noora’s heart staring skipping a couple of beats…

There he comes wearing his white crisp dishdasha holding his bisht with his hands..her father and his father were right behind him…she saw other men behind him but she didn’t pay much attention (la it7atoon fai9al moo ma3ahum:p) , ..her eyes were fixed on him “M7ammad” ..she couldn’t see anyone else…

He walked shooting her his million dollar smile…he didn’t turn around he was just looking at her…he was finally there..he kissed her forehead took some photos and sat next to her squeezing her hand…

M7ammad: *whispering in her ears* u look beautiful..

Noora: *shyly* m7ammaad…

he giggled as he watched her change into shades of red..

M7ammad: *looking in her eyes* a7ibbich.. (astit7i aktib L kilma :) too much cheeese ;pbas whatever lazim 3ashan the story :p)

Noora: *looking back* me too ….




they took a billion photos..JOod and Hala took some photos with Shaheen and zaid too ;p

It was a great day…

5 months later…

Hala gave birth to a pretty little girl whom she called “Tala” (gha9ib it6a88im ma3a isimha) :p
Shaheen was struggling along with her since 3abdullah was HELL jealous from the new baby..and yeah he did try to murder her :p KIDDING :p

Jood is now 4 months pregnant with her second child..she hoped it was a girl too…she bought a little store and she’s now starting her own bakery business…

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asala 3ayra ib wayeha sa7?china taghayar shibaha 3alay?———————–w 7esa el looghany raghm el sitara ele labsat’ha ZOOOOOOQQQQAAAAA!! ;p zaqaw 3alaiha el shabab:Pw eman najem alah ehadaha shlabsa? jad jad.. shlabsa? wedy atfaham ma3aha;p—…

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Hellooo everyone :D
FAKKAA FAKKAA FAKKAA! baftak min hal story…wagfa ib bal3oomi :p moo bal3at.ha killish :p
baghait a5alli hal post finale bas 7asait la2 ;p
yabeela finale broo7a..

anyways…sorry i didn’t post earlier but as usual i was busy! still am btw ;p



I hope u like it :D

P.S tara i read all ur comments … the only reason taht made me write this post today ;p

dedicated to AHN :*

ENJOY :**********




Msg sent to M7ammad

its over..

she ended it with him…he called her..msged her..tried everything…but there was no use…she told her parents and Shaheen that she couldn’t marry him..she still feels young and she wants to enjoy life..they tried convincing her but again there was no use..she couldn’t tell them the truth…as much as she was hurt from him, she couldn’t ruin his picture infront of them..

The anonymos person kept sending her msgs that had love songs and stuff like..

i’m sorry for what happend..

gtlich ina y5oonich…

tara ana mawjood mta ma baghaiteeny..

his msgs only made her hurt more…she still loves him…but she can’t be with him anymore…How could she be with him after what he did?


SHASAWII!? iffff shasawwi!?

Lo bas ta36eeny for9a!

Lo bas tsma3ny!

7attaa Zaid wgaf thiddi!

He was sitting in his room trying to reach Noora but there’s no use…he tried going to her house, yet there was no use..Shaheen told him to stop coming because Noora is not ready to get married..he didn’t know…

*sigh* knt ga3id ma3a Zaid in5a66i6 7ag L milcha…

kan ygoolli wain awadeeha w shasaweellaha…knna in5a66i6 7ag mufaja2a..

dazzatly msg w ma knt abeeeha it3arif waini 3ashan ma ti5tirib L mufaja2a…

awwal ma yat in9idamt!

ma kaan 8a9di achathib 3alaiha!

w ba3dain 6la3at wa7da w basatni..

NOora in9admat bas ana in9idamt akthar mnha..ma 3araft abarrir maw8ifi..ma 3araft shagoollaha!… itha ana broo7i madri hathi mino!

Bas lo tsma3ni…


itha Zaid rfeej 3umri moo im9addigny…

3ayal shlon Noora…

He sighed..took a deep breath and dialed Zaid’s number hoping that he’ll pick up..fortunately he did…

Zaid: aloo…

M7ammad: Zaid bakalmik..

Zaid: *silence*

M7ammad: Zaid 9addigny ini ma a3arifha! wallah L 3atheem ini ma a3rifha laish moo gadr it9adigny?

Zaid:*sigh* na6rik 3ndi 3gb rub3 sa3a..

m7ammad: bye..

he hung up and left to Zaid’s house..he had to prove that he doesn’t know her..he must get Noora back..


2 months passed and it was time for them to go back to America…Zaid believed M7ammad, he tried talking to Noora but she just wouldn’t listen…M7ammad was very sad and heartbroken…its been 2 months and he didn’t here from her or see her..2 months of thinking …who could’ve planned for such a thing? He decided to stop calling her and messaging her….sometimes he would think..if she truely loves me, then she would’ve listened…he just stopped…he moved on not forgetting her…

after 2 months Hala went back to Kuwait to give birth to her first baby…thank GOD it was christmas break..so Shaheen and the rest went with her…

She had a cute baby boy..and she named him 3abdullah.

M7ammad picked the name….he wanted her to call him Jasoom but here’s what happened in the hospital…

(Oh and just in case ur thinking Noora met m7ammad there..the answer is no she didn’t)


M7ammad: 7addiich 3ala Jasooom 3add. .. ma 3alaaihh…afakkirlich ib ism thany…*thinking* 3abdullah?


M7ammad: Hala!

Hala: *silence*…

M7ammad: *wavnig his hands* Haloo wainich?

Hala: Iffff..kaanii kaanii..ga3da afakkir!..

M7ammad: *weird* ahaa…

Shaheen: Hala..7ilu isim 3abdulla!

Hala: *silence*..

Shaheen: HALA!


shaheen: shtfakreen fee 3aad? :p

M7ammad; *giggles*

Hala: i can’t believe i’m saying this..bas 3abdullah is a nice name! SHLON MA FAKKART FEE MN GABIL! I LOVE IT!

and thats it they called him 3abdullah…everyone except for Hala went back to the U.S.

She was staying in Kuwait for a month then her mother will drop her to the US (7lwa drop her chinna btwa9ilha L 5eran moo US :p)

3 moths later JOod Gave birth in America…to a cute baby boy, they named him 7arith..

Her mother came all the way to america to visit her…it was crazy!..they decided they’re staying in America till the end of this year..then they’re coming back to live in Kuwait..same with Shaheen and Hala…

M7ammad couldn’t stop thinking of Noora…but he kept convincing himself…ihya ma tbeek..w ma wthi8at feekk…laaish lail7een itfakkir feeha!?

Finally 2010 is over…

a new year has come…

a year they’ll spend in Kuwait..with their friends and family…





Ma dag..wla sa2al 3anni…akeed ma yabeeny! akeed illi sawwaa 9ij…ta3abt wana afakkir…mallaait…itha L freak lail7een ydizly msgat wohwa la2…bas i should forget about him..

she decided…NO more M7ammad…but will she truely forget him…or let say can she forget him?

the freak kept sending her msgs…calling sometimes..but she never picked the phone up..she never replied any of his msgs…she thought he will stop…but little did she know..

M7ammad kept forcing himself to forget, 3 years passed…he didn’t call her or msg her…all what he’s thinking about is the girl that popped out of nowhere in chocolate bar…

3 years later…

2014 DEC

Hala and Jood were planning to make their sons best friends…7arith was the quiet boy while 3abdulah…Ohhh 3abdullahh..TORNADO will perfectly describe him :p

Hala: 3abadi! 5al 7arooth yl3ab ib sayyartik!

3abdullah: MAABY!

Hala: waayyy 3abdullah 3ayazt wana a3allim feekk..L na7asa moo zaina!

3abdullah: Hallooth ma ya3teeny sayyalta!

Jood: 7aroothy mama 5al 3abdullah yl3ab ib sayyartik shway..

7arith: *whispering* maabii…ma7ibbaa..

Jood and hala: Bas INTAW BEST FRIENDS!

Shaheen: Yannantaw L yahhaal! bas 5alaa9 moo gha9ib!

Zaid: hehe…ee wallah biyinoon minkum…

Jood: waayy waayy shfeekum! laazim y9eeroon best friends min L7een…

Hala: ee 9a7! iffff ma tfhimoon!

zaid and Shaheen exchanged looks then continued watching the football game…


Jood visited Mshary every once in a while…she always felt guilty when she saw him…he still wouldn’t talk to her..it hurts her alot…but she goes anyway…Zaid told her to let go..forget about him..but she won’t listen..whenever she see the scar on Zaid’s face she remember the accident..

M7amamd started his own business 2 years ago..it made him take his mind off Noora and the incident…he loved his job..he worked very hard to start it…he’s been away from everyone lately…his mom was staring to worry about him..

it3arfoon lama itkoonoon mi7tareen min shay w bas taboon it6al3oon 7arratkum ib ay 6aree8a?

for me i eat nutella (a) or i move like crazy :p

well from M7ammad the only runaway was his job…

He used to visit his friends once a week…just pass by and check on them..3abdullah loved him! he once saw Noora leaving from Shaheen’s house..but he stayed in his car, he made sure she didn’t see him… and waited for her to leave…

Noora was hurt..even though she’s the one who ended it she was surprise to find that he let go of her that easiy…the Freak started to call even more..which started to freak her out…

1 year later……..


calling M7ammad…

Shaheen: ALOOO … 7amood! int wainik?! ma chinna 3ndik rabi3!? … laaaaa??…wallaah hal shighil ma5ith minik kil wagtik……eee laa abad moo ma5ith…sha5baar Jasoom? :p … laaa .. zain zain sallim 3alaaih…L mohim, L yomm ghadak 3ndi! 3abood y7in 3alay yayni ygool uncle hamoodii uncle hamoodii…KAAAAAAAAAAAKK…zaffaaita shino uncle 5ay9eer rayyaal ya im3awwaad….zain zain…yallah 3ayal a5alleeek…

(my dad chithee lama yt7acha bil telephone :p hehe..)

So M7ammad was having lunch at Shaheen’s house today..He finished from his work, went home changed into grey sweatpants and a navy hoody..and off he went to Shaheen’s House..



Shaheen: Halooolyy ba6lay L bab hatha akeed 7amood…

Hala: *opening the door* MA9ADDIG! M7AMMAD!? sha5baaaarriiii….

M7ammad: L naas ysalmoon w yra7boon w ygooloon tefathal L baait baait-

Hala: inzain inzain….7ayyaak ;p

M7ammad: hehe..Y7ayeech ;p

He came in and was greeted with a big hug from 3abdullah…


M7ammad: *carying him* Hala bil 3ubd! Shlonik?

3abdullah: thaain…itwadeeny ja3miyya (ja3miyya=badliyyat L 6foola :p)?

M7ammad: ee inshallah 3gb L ghada awadeek…

they had an amazing lunch in the backyard since the weather was amazing…Shaheen missed his friend..he was glad to see him..he started wondering why him and Noora didn’t end up together…he could feel the pain in his friend’s eyes…but M7amamd always managed to make them laugh no matter how bad he felt..

3abdullah: uncle hamoodii!

M7ammad: haa?

3abdullah: yallaah yallaah! 5anlooo7!

M7ammad: inzain dgeegaa w awadeek…

3abdullah: Yallaah hamooodiii pweeeeeeeeeezzzz!

M7ammad: *sigh* Yallah imsh…

he carreid 3abdullah on his back, said bye to Shaheen and headd to the door..

Hala: WAIN WAIN? la7tha waain ma5ith wldi?

M7ammad: bawadeeh L jam3iyya..

Hala: eee…La it5alleee yshtiri kakaw! wla 7alaw! WLA SHAY! FAAHIM! moo nag9a iyin 3alay billaail…broo7aa 9ayir 3twi!

M7ammad: *nodding*


M7ammad fahamna! maku kakaw…*talking to 3abdullah* 3abood sim3at?

3abdullah: *nodding with an evil smile*

they left and headed to jam3iyya…



msg recieved from FREAK!


She kept staring at the number on her screen…she didn’t see it for a while… she threw her phone on her bed..took a bath….changed her clothes and went to jam3ia…

Noora: alooo ha mama?..inshallaah okaayy…maku pound cake mixture bs fee sponge…okaay … inshallah..okaayy bye

FINALLY! waayy sa3aaa…laaish chithee 7osaa?! caka hnee w L thanyaa hnaak..abi kakaaw!

A woman stopped her on her way…

woman: Haw Nooraaa??

Nooraa: *smile* hala 5alti…

woman: shlonich sha5barriiicch? ana Um Na9er bait yeeraankum..3arafteeny?

mino hathi? iff…maali 5lgg…

Noora: hhee..ee 3araftich 5altii…

Um Na9er: shlon ummich salmaay 3alaaihaa..w shlon shaheen u5ooch..ya 7lwaaa 9ar 3nda walad moo?

Noora: hehe L 7imdillah killihum zaineen..min zimaan shaheen 3ndaa walaad 5altii..

Um Na9er: ee 9aa77….intaay shlonich? simaa3t inich kintay ma56ooba w fallaytay 9ijjj?

Noora: *forcing a smile* .. ee ..

ollaa! lail7een L nas it7achi!

she didn’t know someone was listening to them …

Um Na9er: ygooloon kaan ma3a wa7da thanyaa 9ijj?

Her words felt like a knife in her heart..a knife that stabbed her very hard…

Noora: ..maadrii..

Um Na9er: 9ijj ma ysti7ii 3ala waayhaa 8aleel L adaaab! L7een y5aalli hal gumaar w yroo7 7ag wa7da thaanyaa? jileel L 7ayaaa…

Noora: 3an ithnich 5alti ana ta2a55art laazim aroo7..

She left her and walked near the chocolate area only to find that little figure that she knows very well picking some chocolate..she tiptoed and poked his back…

Noora: BOO!

3abdullaah: HHHHHHH!!!!! auntyy nooowaaa!!

noora: hehe 3abadi shyaybik L jam3iyyaa broo7ik..wla yaay ma3a shaheen w mama?

3abdullaa: laa ana yaait ma3aa un–


He took 3abdullah to The Jam3ia..he was at Shaheen’s place…he saw a common figure searching for something..he smiled..he missed her alot..he heard the convo the old lady started with her..and felt sad that she was going through this becuase of him..if only she would give him a chance he thought and listen..

Ohhh! waain 3abood..tawwa ma3aay! akeed 9ob L kakaw! Halool imwa9yatni ma yishtiri shay…

He went to the chocolate area to see her with him..smiling and talking to him..

Noora: hehe 3abadi shyaybik L jam3iyyaa broo7ik..wla yaay ma3a shaheen w mama?

3abdullaa: laa ana yaait ma3aa un–

M7ammad: Ma3aay…3abdullah yaay ma3aay..

M7ammad?…now? after all these years….

She looked at him speechless..his tall figure his tanned body..he didn’t change a bit..he was wearing a navy hoody with grey sweat pants. 3abdullah jumped out of his place when he saw him .. he hugged Noora’s legs ..and she let out a slight giggle..

They stood there silently staring at each other..he wanted to talk..to apologize..to explain..to do anything..just to get her back..but he remembered..he was in the process of trying to forget her..she wanted him back…she wanted to be with him…but when she was about to talk she remembered that awful day in chocolate bar and she stayed quiet..

M7amamd: e7m..yalalh 3abood ta2a55arna..

3abdullah: MAABII!!! maabiii ayee ma3aak!

lazim awareeh ini 8awiyya..ini ma a7tajaa…

She finallay managed to talk…

Noora: 3abadi 7abeebi roo7 ma3a M7ammad..

3abdullah: maabi! ohwa ma y7ibni!

Noora: hehe..laish ma y7ibbik?

M7ammad smiled..he missed her voice..he missed everything about her..

3abdullah: ma y5aleeni ashtilli kakaaaaaw!

M7ammad: ana ma a5alleeeek? haaa?? ma sima3t ummik it9ari5 *imitating Hala’s voice* tgool no kaakaawww!

3abdullah: laa laa! intaa ma it7ibnii! aunti noowaa it7ibni ibtishtireeli kakaawww! tha7 aunti noowa?

Noora:hehe.. kakawa wa7da bas..

3abdullah: *sticking his tongue out* thift! aunti noowa it7ibnnyy!

M7ammad: 3aaib ya 9baay..

M7ammad walked towards them, her heart started beating faster.. he lifted 3abdulla off the ground..thats when he started screaming and everyone started looking at them…


Noora: shh 3abdullaah bas…

M7ammad: 3abood iskitt..

3abdullah: maabeek maabeeek abii Nooowaaa!

they were both talking to 3abdullah..bas they didn’t talk to each other…it felt weird..

Noora: *clearing her throat* e7m..m7ammad 3a6ni iyyaah..awa9la laay L sayyaara…

M7ammad: la mala da3ii..ana awadee..

Noora: raa7 yabchi waayid..3a6ni iyaah..

They were both trying to act casual, he couldn’t disagree..she took 3abdullah from him..and they both went out to the parking lot..

noora: aayy 3abaadii..hehee…

he was behind them .. he smiled at her..he always thought she’d be a good mother..finally..they reached the car..he walked near her so he can take 3abdullah from her..

M7ammad: 3abdullaah..

3abdullah: *sniff sniff*

M7ammad: 3abdullah yallah ta3aal 5alaa9 ba36eek kakaww..

his voice felt like he was whispering in her ears..his was inches away from her face..she could feel his warm breath on her cheeks..

Noora: uhh..3abadi 7abebi..roo7..

3abdullah: maabiii he held her tighter and dug his face in her chest

they stayed there for a while..3abdullah was holding Noora’s neck so tight and crynig…they waited for about 10 minutes till he finally stopped crying and slept on her shoulders…he kept looking at her, how she was holding 3abdullah tight and trying to make him stop crying..how she smiled when 3abdullah hugged her tighter trying to hide from him…it was lke he saw her for the first time…he can’t just forget her…how can you heal a

M7ammad: *clearing his throat* e7m..naam…

Noora: open the car..

he opened the car and she placed him gently on the backseat and took his hoodie off to cover him with it..She smiled at him..he was always nice with kids..bas he would never admit it she smiled and turned around to leave…the next thing she knew was a firm grip holding her wrist…

M7ammad: Noora..

she was standing still in her place..trying to react..

shyabbi? i hope he let this go…

M7ammaad: *in a soft tone* Noor–

before he continued she looked around to face him..her eyes met his..

Noora: na3am?

M7ammad: Noora ana..A-ana..

she looked at him waiting for an answer..she haven’t heard from him for the past six months..she missed him..she looked at him hurt .. sad for why the had to be apart..she couldn’t handle it..she couldn’t handle “him”..

Noora: M7ammad please..

M7ammad: Noora sim3eeny..9adgeeny agdar ashra7lich..

Noora: tshra7li shino? haa M7ammad!? kil L deera it3arif ib salfitik w ham ana adri…w yay tabi tshra7li!?

M7ammad: 9adgeeny intay fahma L mawthoo3 ghala6..Noora L salfa moo chithee..laaish ista3yaltay gabil la itta2ikidaain minni!? moo wath8aa feeni?

Noora looked at him with teary eyes…could he be right? could all of them be wrong and he’s the right person?

M7ammad: ridday 3alay Noora…MA KNTAY WATH8A FEENI!?

she turned around quickly she couldn’t look at him anymore..tears started to fall on her cheeks..

Noora: madri *sniff* madri! ba3dain ana shftik *gasp*

he felt guilty..he walked near her and he put his hand on her shoulder..

M7ammad: assiiff..ma kaan 8a9di..ba-

Noora: Laish ma daggaait!? laish ma sa2alt ? 4 years m7ammad! *sniff* 4 YEARS!..w ba3dain yaay tgoolli laish ma ta2akkadtaay?! haa?

M7ammad: Nooraa anaa…

Noora: intaa shino!?…Bas m7ammad 5alaa9! insaa L mawthoo3!

m7ammad: nooraa la7thaa..

she ran to her car locking the doors behind her..he thought of following her home but was hesitant..he did it anyway…he had to get her back..show her that he never cheated on her…

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Dear Glitter

I hope this finds you well.

I came across your blog a while back and I’ve been hooked ever since. And now I was wondering if you can help.

I’ve been going through this issue lately and its eating me alive. I haven’t really spoken to anyone about this, you’re the first, but ive always found it easier to speak to people who don’t know me. Something to do with being judged or something.

Ok anyways, I’m happily married. It was a love marriage. My husband was amazing, he treated me like a queen, whatever i wanted i got, spoilt me rotten. He loves me more than i do. Dont get me wrong, i love him too, i cant imagine my life without him, but its just extraordinary the way he does, and I’m so happy about it I’m in the seventh sky.

It wasn’t until he was promoted that I fell hard on the ground of reality. Things started getting really difficult. His job is very demanding and takes up all his time, takes up all his time. I barely see him anymore.

At first it was ok, it was a change and i sort of liked the me-time that i got, but then i started to miss all that attention he gave me. Mind you I never complained, cause i understand he has no choice.

I tried to fill my days with taking care of the house, hanging out with family and friends, but of course the husband is different and his absence was deeply felt as no one can fill his space. I miss him.

After a while he started to change, the husband i knew and fell in love with was becoming distant. I know he still loves me like crazy, but it just wasnt the same. i think he got used to being that way, and plus the pressure of work was stressing him out. whenever he wud get some free time, he wud prefer spending it at home than going out, said he was too tired, just wanted to relax.

Matters took a deep detour when I bumped into an old flame of mine. I was really happy to see him. We talked for a while and before i knew it, i found myself giving him my new number and told him I’d call.

And I did.

It was amazing to hear his voice again. I knew it was wrong but at that moment i really didnt care. i thought to myself. ok it’ll just be a phone call or 2 and then ill stop, but ofcourse I couldn’t.

He told me he never stopped loving me. He complimented me, said he kept looking at our pictures, he dreamt of me all the time, i was on his mind day and night. he was addicted to me. he said he tried to forget me, but he couldn’t..

Oh glitter, hearing those words out of a guys mouth after a long dry period at home was like giving water to a dying flower.
I just wanted to hear more of it, and started looking forward to his txts and phone calls.
I would get happy when my husband would leave for work or call me to tell me he’d be late cause that meant i could get more of him.

Let me just say, i dont have feeling for the other guy, i just love the attention, the words he tells me, and i know im taking advantage of him and the situation but i just can’t stop myself.

One day when my husband called me telling me he’d taken a couple of days off work so we could go away together for a few days and spend some much needed alone time. And instead of getting happy, i found myself feeling angry and dissapointed. Thats when i realised how bad this all was. How used to i had gotten to the other guy, how my husband didnt know anything.

Feeling guilty, i blamed my husband for what happened.
If it wasnt for his job and change in behaviour i wudnt be in this situation. So i fought with him over anything and everything: from the way he talks to the way he sits, from the way he drives all the way to how he arranges his closet.

Fel bedaya he would ignore and try to calm me down,but i guess there’s so much he could take and soon we were fighting everyday.

My marriage is falling apart, and i know its me and not him.

I’m the one who’s making a mistake.
I have a choice on whether to reply back to the guy’s msgs or not.
I have a choice on whether to answer his phone calls.
I even told the guy at some point, pls help me and don’t answer my phone calls and dnt reply back my msgx: If you stop replying back ill stop calling and txting.
But he doesnt seem to think im making a mistake.
He’s like you arent doing anything wrong, we never meet up, its just a few harmless msgs and phone calls.

I know have to take the first step.
It sounds easy while its really not.
In those dark lonely moments, it gets soo difficult im going insane.

I need some advice.
I dont know what to do.
I love my husband, but he’s never there, & I dont love the guy, but he’s always here.

I’m scared that those feelings i have forgotten in the past for the guy will come back and i do not want to reach to that level… cause i’ll never be able to forgive myself.

Please help.

A long reply email is already sent.

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