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[30 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on crazy in love part: 7 | 1 views]



Jana: SHOUGG! He’s our second cousin! And very close family friend! And you know…

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[28 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Contrasting Realities 32 | 2 views]

It was a while before I heard his voice in the corridor looking for me. By that time, I was already halfway down the stairs, since I didnt have it in me to wait for the elevator. I took the stairs two steps at a time, being very careful not to trip. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I ran through the lobby, knowing very well I attracted lots of attention behind me.

Until I stepped out of the hotel.

Into the pouring rain.

Yet again, with nowhere to go.

I reckoned it was about 7pm now, but I had no phone, no watch, no wallet and no destination. And no intention of finding one either. So I just turned to my left and started walking. Not strike that, it was more like a jog. And from there on, I just kept walking, waiting for the streets to take me somewhere…anywhere.

I wish I could say I was thinking about this and that, or analyzing this and that, or feeling guilty over this and that..

but I wasnt…

I was just blank…completely blank.

No feelings, no emotions, no thoughts….


It was still early January, and the city was dressed in all sorts of lights from Christmas. I walked in the rain admiring their beauty, all the while amazed by how a bunch of lightbulbs could make me smile.

I wasnt sure if I was walking very slowly, or if the slow motion was all in my head, but eventually, I found myself at an intersection, and through the pouring rain I saw Hyde park across the street. Perfect, I thought to myself. It couldnt have come at a better timing. Deep down, though, I was pretty sure my subconscious dragged me here, if that was at all possible.

I crossed the very slippery streets, nearly losing my balance a few times, and ended up at the gate. Then I walked in, and made my way to my favorite place in the world: the lake.

As I passed that infamous tree struck by lightning, I muttered a silent prayer thanking God there was none today. I was glad to find that all the benches were empty, and I quickly skipped to my favorite bench next to the cafe, only to realize how stupid that was when I got there. After all, what was I expecting, that someone will beat me to it?

It was my first time in Hyde Park at night. I’ve been warned numerous times about how scary the place gets at night, and how its very easy to get mugged there. None of that mattered though. It was raining. It was quiet. It was peaceful.

I could hear nothing save for the sound of the rain falling on the grass and water. I could see nothing save for the rain falling on the grass and water.

It was perfect.

I took in all its serenity and tranquility, and with every breath I took I felt my heart rate slow down and I felt myself regaining composure. Slowly, the numbness started subsiding, and feelings slowly came back. I could now feel the rain trickling down my forehead from my soaked hair, and I could hear it playing melodies as it hit the lake in small and big droplets, quickly and slowly, forcefully and softly. Some falling straight from the heavens, and some off the dancing trees hanging above it. Some falling from the heavens, to the trees, to my hair, then trailing down my body and clothes, onto the floor and into the lake.

I closed my eyes and felt the connection between my body, and the lake, and the rain, and the trees, and the sky. Suddenly, a strange sense of peace dawned upon me, like nothing in the world could hurt me.

And even though I expected it to disappear as soon as I heard his voice, it didnt.


Even though I didnt hear his footsteps, he didnt startled me. I didnt cry. I didnt collapse. I didnt break down. I didnt even flinch. Or turn around for that matter.


There was a moment of silence. I could tell he was confused, thinking of what to say.

“Shga3tsawen?” He was standing still.

“Ga3da…” I spoke, once again without turning around.

“Eb hal mu6ar?” He spoke and this time, his voice grew closer as he walked towards me.


“Mo bardana?” He was now by the bench.

“La2” I spoke as I looked out into the darkness of the lake.

He walked over and kneeled infront of me, holding my hand. He was looking into my eyes, but I was still looking ahead. I could see his baby blues lighting up the place from the corner of my eyes, but I refused to face him.

“Haya…” He brought his hand to my face, turning it towards him, “are you okay?”

He was wearing the same clothes he was earlier. He obviously left in a rush since he wasnt even wearing a jacket. His hands were trembling on my face and as he gripped my hand. His eyes were filled with emotions, so many conflicting emotions that I couldnt even comprehend, but I’m pretty sure concern made the vast majority of them. The rain was flowing down his face so vigorously, but he wasnt even blinking as it hit his face. He was just staring at me.

It was now my turn to reach for his face. I placed my palm on his face, and traced his features with my fingertips. I felt his soaked hairline, his tense temples, his dripping eyebrows, the soft corners of his eyes, his strong cheekbones, and when they got to the corner of his lips, I looked up into his eyes once again. He was looking at me with a dazed expression on his face. I could tell he was confused, and unsure of how he should react. I felt his lips tremble underneath my fingers, as he opened his mouth, but sealed it shut again, changing his mind about whatever it is that he was going to say.

I smiled.

He placed his hand on top of mine as I gently stroked his face. Then, he moved it towards his mouth and kissed the inside of my palm with his eyes closed. Even through the rain, I still felt his soft lips gently caressing my palm.

He then opened his eyes and looked up at me with his big blue eyes.

“A7ibich Haya”

I looked down again, feeling the guilt coming over.

“Haya please 6al3eny”

I didnt. So, he turned my face towards him.

“A7ibich Haya…w8asaman billah I do…wghalatich 3indy I do…oo if you give me a chance, just once chance, I promise you wont regret it. I’ll treat you like a princess. No, I’ll treat you like a goddess. Like the goddness that you are. I promise I’ll make you the happiest girl in the world,” he spoke very quickly, like this was his last chance and he was desperately trying to squeeze in as much as he can in so little time, “oo I promise those tears you cried would be the last tears you ever cry as long as I’m with you. I promise eni a3awthech 3an all these tears. I promise I’ll never make you cry. I swear Haya, just give me a chance and you’ll be the happiest-” he rambled on.

Realizing he was out of breath, I placed my fingers over his lips “Shhhh…”

“Laa Haya mo shhh…I’ve been quiet for long enough and look where it’s got me. Bas enough I cant keep it in anymore. I cant pretend watching you with someone else is okay anymore. I cant pretend watching you slipping through my fingers is okay anymore. Bas khalas Haya mani gader. I cant pretend-”

I leaned over and placed my lips on top of his, and kissed them softly. I felt him stiffen up for a few seconds, and I could feel his hesitancy. I kept my lips plastered on his until I felt him loosen up. Then, I felt his wet lips kissing me back as he cupped my face in his palms.

Feelings could not be described.

Neither could the intoxicating combination of sweat, rain and M7.

Love was in the air…or rather rain

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[28 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Dear You, The Blood Running Through My Veins | 1 views]

Great things come to those who wait.Another cliche comment / remark that is often used when someone is complaining about their life or about what they want and are not getting. This is a typical thing I always say to people when I am their shoulder to …

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[26 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Crazy in love part: 6 | 1 views]

Mi7sen turned around swiftly and grabbed her wrist, and dragged her to his car… he opened the door and pushed her inside. She couldn’t fight back he was too strong. All she could think about was hot sexy Mi7sen looked when he was angryMi7sen: 5al9e…

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[22 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on OhMyGod :/ | 3 views]

You guysss !Omg omg omg omg … I’m SO SO SO SORRY!I know I haven’t posted anything in like AGES ..literally.Again, I’M SO SORRY.I just had SO much work to dooo! And I just could not think about anything, bas now the workload is becoming less and I ded…


[21 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on أبي أكلم زوجج | 1 views]

يرن التلفون

أرفع السماعة: “ألوو .. “ه


أرجع أعيد: “ألوووووووو“ه

بصوت متردد دلوع أسمعها تتكلم أخييرا
ممكن أكلم صاحب البيت ؟

طقتني البوهة، اشتبي هذي ! ه

بعد لحظة تفكير رديت بسرعة
أنا صاحبة البيت

معاج قسم استطلاع الراي
تمط بكلماتها
تاخذ لها تنهيدة
وبكل دلال تكمل كلامها
أحتاج أكلم زوجج

من صجها ؟

اهو طالع ألحين

وسكّرت الخط بويهها ما نطرت تقول لي كلمة زايدة


عفوا بس اي قسم للاستطلاع اللي يدق تالي الليل؟؟

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[20 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Quit? | 1 views]

Good Afternoon sunchines :*

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[20 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Serat Al 7ob 23 | 4 views]

Salem: “Yuma, yuba, ana enshalla rayi7 lel ghou9 bacher el laila..”Bo Salem: “Nadri ya wlidi, matshouf umik hal ayam mush wela bud?”Om Salem: “Min eyi hal mawsim hatha yikhtinig galbi..”Salem: “La yuma enshalla maku elah el3afya..”Bo Salem: “Yala 3ayal…

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[19 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on B | 3 views]

Tired…sick…w lay3a chabdi :pw too pressured…i ditched 3azeemat L yom bas 3ashan bag3ad bil bait! just me and myslef and my crazy sister (whom i truely love :p) 6amzo ;pohh laa actually the real reason was bcuz i habve no FREAKIN’ TIME RO DO ANYTH…

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[19 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on backlight | 1 views]

After a very long exhausting day at work, she finally got into her room and let her laptop slide off her shoulders, feeling its thud beneath her feet when it hit the floor. She changed into her favorite fluffy pajamas, and looked at her face. Her now-r…

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[18 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Crazy in love part: 5 | 1 views]

As I was getting up, m7isen stayed put on the sand. Tala was nowhere to be seen. Zaid rushed towards me and pulled me by my arm. I was confused and tired…Mi7sen then abruptly got up to follow Zaid. What was going on!?Shoug: Shil-salfa?!!!Zaid: hal zb…

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[17 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Escapade | 1 views]

It’s always nice when you see your hard work being brought to life. See what you put down on paper become a reality. Watch people admire your work. Know that it was time and effort well-spent. It’s what motivates you to go at it again and watch your ha…

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[16 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Crazy in love part: 4 | 1 views]

Throughout the rest of the week, mi7sen couldn’t keep his eyes off Shoug, and everytime Mi7sen wasn’t looking she stared at him and his gorgeous body. He was taken aback by Shoug’s beauty and her cool, subtle attitude. He wanted her, she was clean …

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[14 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on The Secret of Unfolding Flowers [I] | 1 views]

It was getting pretty ridiculous. I on any set of spare front steps, waiting to be let in only to have the door slammed in my. Time after freaking time. “Shfeech, what are you still doing there?” my friends would ask; it was their tired, p…

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[14 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Serat Al7ob 22 | 1 views]

Ana asfa ini 6awalt 3alaykum, sam7ouni :* ehda2 7ag blue lillies..Gololi shraykum :p——-Mansour: “ENTAY..ENTAY SHLOUN ETIZAWIJAINA WIT’HIDEEN 3ILAQATNA?! SHLOUN?!”Abdullah: “MANSOUR!”Bo Salem: “Ghaneema? Shfeekum yuba 7ayakum?”Abdullah: “Wala ya 3am…

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[14 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Crazy in love part: 3 | 1 views]

Should i accept or ignore? ya rabi shasawi? waaaih…let’s ask asoola and yara since their friends with himOne message delivered to Asool and Yara:Mi7sen added me on fb. Accept or ignore? Meanwhile in Aseel’s house after school…Tala: Asooool, you g…

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[13 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Removing…… | 1 views]

Helloo pPl….

I’m removing my first story after a couple of days…

waayiiidd fthee7a :P

W bas ;p

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[13 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Crazy in love part 2 | 3 views]

Yara and i enterd homeroom . As i opened the door, all eyes were on us. Whispers began to fill the class

Tala: Who’s that? and why is mi7sen staring at her like that. mi7sen! stop staring !

Mi7sen completly ignored her remark

Aseel: Thats…

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[13 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on The Others (12) | 1 views]

MY NAME IS GLITTERY AND I’M NOT A TERRORIST! :p shftaaw L movie? moo glittery..khan :p WAAYY 3AJEEEEEEEEEEEEEB! YBACHI! ;'( :p SHOOFOOOOOOOOOO! BTW i’m very sorry min zimaan ma postaaitt ..bas wallaah i was busy…AGAIN…this is a VERYYYYYYYY LOOONNNN…

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[12 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Crazy in love part:1 | 1 views]

First of all i’d like to mention that the story i am about to write is not like any of the stories you have ever read before. I want to show you how really things go down in Kuwait. What i’m about to show you is what i call”Kuwait behind the scenes”……

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[10 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on 5-Pericles. | 1 views]

In the fifith century, the aging Greek leader Pericles was engaged in a heated debate eith his nephew Alcibiades over how athen shoud be governed . The frustrated Pericles finally played the “Age Card”.”When i was your age,Alcibiades,” He charged conde…

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[10 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on 4-George Bernard Shaw. | 1 views]

After an opeing preformance of Arms and the Man in London in 1894, playwright George Bernard Shaw joined the actors on stage o acknowledge a rousing, appreciative ovation. Amidst sustained applause, a solitary voice cried out : “Boo! Boo!” Shaw looked …

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[9 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Randomi-dom dom | 4 views]

My most favourite looks of Oscars 2010..I’m happy for Sandra Bullock. I really am :)She strikes me as a really nice lady; Funny, real and down to earth. I just loved LOVED her speech when she won. It was heart warming, yet hilarious at the same time, a…

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[9 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on The Day I Saw Him Was the Day I…. (Part 2) | 1 views]

The weekend ended and it was time to get ready for jam3a.I woke up Sunday morning and got ready for my first class at 11. I had only one class today from 11 till 12:30.I got down and saw Dharooy having breakfast.”6a3 wayhich shfeeh matfooo5 man97ich t6…

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[9 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on 3-Muhammad Ali. | 1 views]

As the flight attendant made her final check of the passengers, She noticed that Ali’s seat blt was not fastened . When the Champ was asked to buckle up, the ever-playful boxing legend brought a smile to the faces of his fellow travelers by boasting “S…

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[9 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on 2-Bessie Braddock. | 1 views]

Bessie Barddock , a socialist M.P. from Liverpool , who finally had enough at a London Party . She reproached Churchill by charging “Winston , You`re drunk !!!”The Grand Old Man may have had one too many drinks , but he still had his wits about him , r…

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[9 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on 1-Nancy Astor . | 2 views]

Nancy Astor , an American socialite who married into an english branch of the wealthy astor family (She holds the disitnction of being the first woman elected for Parliment). At a 1912 dinner party in Blenheim Place . Lady Astor became annoyed at an in…

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[7 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on The Others (11) | 1 views]

SOOOORRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYY! i was very VERY VERY VVEEEEERRYYY busy wallah! i might be busy those two weeks but ill try posting… this post is EXTRA LONG (ya3ni ta3weeth :p) waayiiidd 6weeell! w fee important stuff!..now L 8i9a ib tabdi 3adel :p L po…

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[7 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Ambush | 1 views]

So my dad comes up to me a few days ago and tells me that his new wife is having an istiqbal on saturday, and that she’d like me to be there, but i’m not under any pressure to go. Out of guilt I agree to going because I knew he really wanted me there a…

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[6 Mar 2010 | Comments Off on Mana6iq Al Kuwait Part 1 | 1 views]

Bnaid Al Gar- do7a sgheera, kaan aku hawa gabul iyee min garoh iyeeb el gaar ou igi6a eb bnaid al gar. bnaid ya3ne do7a sgheera aw bandar.

Al Shameya- ahal el sham yanziloun elshamiya suwa2 7ag 6ireejhum lel shaam aw lil tijara.

Kaifan- Maay mumtaz, ou lama yishribounah ‘ekayfoun’.

Al Khaldia- 3ala Al Shaikh Khaled Abdullah Salem Al Sabah.

Al Murgab- Talla rifee3a, banaw ajdadna binaya eraqboun feeha elghizlan, el badu.

Al Do7a- feeha thyaba, yig6aq rizqhum hal thyaba. Faa gam Al Shaikh A7mad Al Jaber, uhu ou khidama yithba7 kel hal thyaba 3ashan erayi7 elnaas feeha.

Al Sabbeya- feeha 9akhar isimha el 9aab el aswad.

Al Jahra- Kel byout’ha banyeenha bel ju9 el abyath, ou layh 6la3at elshams 3ala hal byout, tujhir al 3ain.

Bo 7laifa- 7ilfa etha 3marat eb arth feeha nakhal itdamra w taqtila, mithl el thayil.

Farwaniya- nisba ela srour bin ferwan rayal shuja3 bes kan edakhin. eley edakhin gabul yajlidouna bel jalda 6ab3an, gaal 7ag rab3a ou 7ag Al Shaikh A7mad Al Jaber enah berou7 el 7asa 7ag chem youm ou raad. Lakin raa7 bayta ou ma 6ala3 7ag youmain min kithr fashlita enah shloun ejlidoh wuhwa mash’hour ou 7alta 7ala.

Ou Salamatkum wenshallah aktiblukum part 2..olu hathi el ma3loumat kelha yaya min Al Shaikh Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah allah yer7uma..kaan rajul kareem ou lah makana 3alya eb mujtama3na el q8i..tiwafa 1995 3ugb el ghazu..kaan rajul yitmayaz eb thakirah mashallah 3alayh ou yansib elnaas elah u9oulhum..fa eley weda eshouf aw yisma3 kalama 3ala mana6iq leq8 yeth’3a6 3ala hal link..


== حياته ==
 درس عند ملا راشد بن الشرهان والشيخ عبد الوهاب الحنيان.
 ترك الكويت وأقام عند قبيلة العجمان في [[السعودية]] حيث ذهب إلى أميرها ضيدان بن حثلين واقام شهرين.
 شارك في [[معركة حمض]] عام [[1920]] وهي أول معركة يخوضها في حياتة وقد تعرض بالمعركة لاصابه تم علاجه منها.
بعام [[1920]] شارك بـ [[معركة الجهراء]] وكان قائدا عاما فيها
 خاض [[معركة الرقعي]] عام [[1928]] واصيب بهذه المعركة بساقة اليمنى.
بالثلاثينات قام بتسفير اليهود الذين كانو متواجدين في [[الكويت]] حيث ذهبوا إلى [[العراق]] وذلك بعد ان عاثوا فساداً بالكويت.