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[29 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on a7BeeK THa Ne9eBii 2010-07-29 02:14:00 | 28 views]

…I’m so excitedThis is my first blog entry ever and hope you will enjoy reading what I am up to.. This story will talk about love I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD BE IN LOVE LIKE THISS.!! My name is Dalal I’m 20 years old. Girl who live with 3 brothers. Farah…

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[28 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Will You Marry Me … ? (28) | 0 views]

Will You Marry Me … ? (28)ill shut up this time ;penjoy (L)**********But I dont care what they say im in love with youThey try to pull me away but they dont know the truth(Bleeding love – Leona lewis )RashidI left 7amdans room and headed downstairs t…

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[28 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Shoes, Shoes, Necklaces…. Aaaand more Shoes | 0 views]

Vacation update:Ramadan in Kuwait inshaAllah. X has finally relented on the promise that next year we try at least the first couple of days abroad. Ee 3ad lamma Allah ye7yeena o n3eesh le ermothan next year ye7elha alf 7allal…My obsession this year:S…


[28 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on My Mind is OPEN ? | 0 views]

WALAAAHT 3ALA RMITHAAAAAAAAAAN!Yallah mita iyeena? ma walahtaw 3alaaih? :pOh w about the post wallah i’m working on it..bas things are getting complicated w ana abi akhali9 L story fa mabeeha t6ool ;pso instead…i wrote u guys a debate post!SHARE UR O…

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[27 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Mama Sabbacha (1) | 0 views]

Salaaam 3alaaikom a3ezza2y 8orra2y a7ibba2ee,wa amma ba3d.awwalan a7ib a3tither 3ala ilta25eer illy 7a9al.. il’6a36 la3eb li3ib faa 3ayzana aktib asfeen yal’3alyeen sam7oona!ilyoum ra7 a3arrefkom 3ala il-ahal killihomNabdee min ras il-mal:-ANA..Mama Sa…

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[26 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on LITS! | 0 views]

HELLOOOOO I MISS YOU DEAR BLOG!I am officially “Lost in THE STATES” again :PI have been hereee since the 23rd!I heart the place we’re staying at. It rocks.If I had to live anywhere in the states forever it’d totally be HERE!Also, the weather isn’t 50 C…

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[26 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on LITS! | 0 views]

HELLOOOOO I MISS YOU DEAR BLOG!I am officially “Lost in THE STATES” again :PI have been hereee since the 23rd!I heart the place we’re staying at. It rocks.If I had to live anywhere in the states forever it’d totally be HERE!Also, the weather isn’t 50 C…

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[25 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on I blame Cinderella too! | 0 views]

الأفلام الرومانسية الكوميدية تضر بالعلاقة الزوجيةنبهت دراسة استرالية حديثة إلى أن مشاهدة الأفلام الرومانسية الكوميدية يمكن لها أن تضر ب…

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[25 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on another him | 0 views]

He didnt look like him.
He didnt have the same hair.
He wasnt as tall or as dark.
He had a narrower chin and a sharper nose.

He didnt dress like him.
His shirts were much tighter and jeans much skinnier.
He biceps were much less defined and his chest less warming.

He wasnt him.

She knew it and she didnt have to look twice to confirm.

But something about him struck her as familiar….

The way he walked?
His confidence?
His Ray-Bans?

The way he smiled?
His arrogance?
His tan?

She didnt know….she just couldnt quite place her hands on it.

He wasnt him.

But was he another him?

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[24 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on REREAD THE POST! | 0 views]

illi garaw L post min ghair la asaweela edit go reread it! :pzidt ashyaa2222! w kal 3ada 6aggait publish bidal save bil ghala6 (a)w bas ;p

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[24 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on The Others (29) | 0 views]

I’M BACKKK!! WITH A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNGGG POST! :DNext post madri mita la ts2iloon ;pOH OH OH! 3indi salfa it.tha7ik!Allah y3afee 6amzFee wa7da ib tin5i6ib..okaayy?L mohim fa she never saw hal insan ili 5a6ibha w ma tadri shlon shakla..yom L 5i6ba inzal…

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[21 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on One last time? | 0 views]

Dedicated to H.. ____________________________I’m going to miss you.. akeed you’ll ask why now?! why are you telling me this now?! well.. la2ana 5ala9 I’m going to block all your memories and delete you out of my life, my brain, maybe my heart too .. I …

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[21 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on a7BeeK THa Ne9eBii 2010-07-21 03:49:00 | 29 views]

On 7:00 am Khalid: 9aba7 al 5eer :DMe: 9aba7 al norKhalid: yah yah ga3da embacher alyoom , weniichMe: ee `3areeba 9a7 ;p , bel sayaraa ,uKhalid: tawna 6al3 mn beatWe9alt al thnawya, kent ib thanya thnawy oo ehwa last yearBel sa3a al thnya we9ali msg 6a…

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[19 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Meant to Be (Part 38) | 0 views]

This post is dedicated to Unchained Melody and Mrs. Chuck Bass… and I think it’s the longest I ever wrote!! and my email is shushuxd@gmail.com ______________________________—– m7ammad Days passed and I got better. I had to go to work, b mustashfa …

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[19 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on NEW WRITER! -Interview | 0 views]


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[19 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on AAAAHHHH! | 0 views]

i cant post today sorryy laptoppy 5arban w guess what? My dad took the rest of the computers for updates and formatting and whatever :pwallaahh im soo sooo sorryy!Tawni gmt baktib post w nawya aktib wa7id 6weel ba3ad bas maku laptop or computers :””(…

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[18 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on غريد الشاطيء – بتروحلك مشوار | 0 views]


[18 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Sorry? | 0 views]

MY SECOND DEBATE POST!I just love debating! ;pbut for this one i really have no clue on which side i should be…Sooo…lets hear you out! btw..illi 3inda interesting topic 7ag debating or anything else u really want to bring up just let me and next de…

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[17 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on The Others (28) | 0 views]

AHLAAAANNN! loonngg timee haa? :pwell…3INDNI MUFAJA2A!AGOOL?AGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL?okayy bagool ;pa new writer will be joining my blog inshallah! :Dinsana waayiidd waayiiidd itshawwig w 7aail 7abooba..ull love her! she’s different than any other writ…

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[16 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Will You Marry Me … ? (27) | 0 views]

Will You Marry Me … ? (27)Heeey ..Sorry for the delay … WARNING : This post is short =p Also sorry for not replying to your comments, but I honestly have no chance to do so.Anyways I read them all .. & THANKS ALOT ALL I LOVE YOU (LL) !*********…

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[16 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on What Fate Holds For Me 16 A. | 0 views]

Whew!! I’m finaly back home!! :DI know I promised a post on Monday bs knt 9yma fa I didn’t really have the energy to write. So here is part A, and inshallah aw3adkm part B tomorrow inshallah. Like I said Suzy is back for good :)I love you all and misse…

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[16 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Vacation | 0 views]

Hello hello hello0o ..This is me dropping a note to say that I am away at the moment, travelling to where the sun shyly plays hide and seek, where the clouds form the most amazing shapes, where the cool breeze washes your soul, and when it’s night time…

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[16 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on dear readers, | 0 views]

i am so so so so soory!

i know i promised a post soon, but my laptop 9arla fatra gone all whacko :(
im hoping to get a new one soon!

sam7oony 3al g9oor :(
oo wish me patience!

ps: i wanna go mac….who knows what about em?

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[15 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on The Others (27) | 0 views]

ANOTHER POST! xDshiftaw Eclipse?laish kilman 3ajba illa ana 7asaita waayidd malee8? :ptiwa8a3ta waayiidd a7la!anyways baghaneellikum ighniyyaa..mooody ghinaa2ii L yom (chna moo kl yom moodi ghina2i :p)*singing* *tana7na7* E7m e7m..YA Naaseeenaa Yaa nas…

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[14 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Interesting | 0 views]
I got this e-mail & I just LOVED its content & thought I’d share with my lovely readers :*

لكي تكون ملكا مهابا بين الناس ..إياك أن تتكلم في الأشياء إلا بعد أن تتأكد من صحة المصدر .. وإذا جاءك أحد بنبأ فتبين قبل أن تتهور .. وإياك والشائعة ..لا تصدق كل ما يقال ولا نصف ما تبصر.. وإذا ابتلاك الله بعدو .. قاومه بالإحسان إليه .. ادفع بالتي هي أحسن ..فإن العداوة تنقلب حباً ..

*———– —–*

إذا أردت أن تكتشف صديقاً .. سافر معه ..
ففي السفر .. ينكشف الإنسان ..يذوب المظهر ..
وينكشف المخبر ! ولماذا سمي السفر سفراً ؟؟؟ إلا لأنه عن الأخلاق والطبائع يسفر

*———– —–*

وإذا هاجمك الناس وأنت على حق .. أو قذفوك بالنقد..
فافرح ..إنهم يقولون لك .. أنت ناجح ومؤثر ..
فالكلب الميت.. لا يُركل !ولا يُرمى إلا الشجر المثمر !

*———– —–*
نم باكراً يا بني .. فالبركة في الرزق صباحاً
وأخاف أن يفوتك رزق الرحمن .. لأنك تسهر !

*———– —–*

وتذكر قصه المعزة والذئب حتى لا تأمن من يمكر ….
وحينما يثق بك أحد فإياك ثم إياك أن تغدر! سأذهب بك لعرين الأسد .. وسأعلمك أن الأسد لم يصبح ملكاً للغابة لأنه يزأر ولكن لأنه .. عزيز النفس ! لا يقع على فريسة غيره مهما كان جائعاً يتضور .. لا تسرق جهد غيرك .. فتتجور

*———– —–*
تعود يا بني .. أن تشكر …اشكر الله
يكفي أنك تمشي .. وتسمع .. وتبصر
أشكر الله وأشكر الناس .. فالله يزيد الشاكرين
والناس تحب الشخص الذي عندما تبذل له .. يقدر

*———– —–*

اكتشفت يا بني .. أن أعظم فضيلة في الحياة.. الصدق

وأن الكذب وإن نجى .. فالصدق أخلق بمن كان مثلك

*———– —–*
بني …وفر لنفسك بديلاً لكل شيء .. استعد لأي أمر
حتى لا تتوسل لأي نذل … فهو يذل ويحقر
واستفد من كل الفرص .. لأن الفرص التي تأتي الآن .. قد لا تتكرر
*———– —–*
لا تتشكى ولا تتذمر .. أريدك متفائلاً .. مقبلاً على الحياة ..
اهرب من اليائسين والمتشائمين وإياك أن تجلس مع رجل يتطير

*———– —–*
لا تتشمت ولا تفرح بمصيبة غيرك … و إياك أن تسخر من شكل أحد …فالمرء لم يخلق نفسه .. ففي سخريتك .. أنت في الحقيقة تسخر ممن صنع والذي أبدع وخلق وصور

*———– —–*
لا تفضح عيوب الناس .. فيفضحك الله في دارك
فالله الساتر .. يحب من يستر ولا تظلم أحداً
وإذا دعتك قدرتك على ظلم الناس .. فتذكر أن الله هو الأقدر

وإذا شعرت بالقسوة يوماً .. فامسح على رأس يتيم
ولسوف تدهش .. كيف للمسح أن يمسح القسوة من القلب .. فيتفطر
*———– —–*
لا تجادل .. ففي الجدل كلا الطرفين يخسر
فإذا انهزمنا فقد خسرنا كبرياءنا نحن
وإذا فزنا فلقد خسرنا الشخص الآخر ….
لقد انهزمنا كلنا … الذي انتصر والذي ظن أنه لم يُنصر

*———– —–*
لا تكن أحادي الرأي .. فمن الجميل أن تؤثر وتتأثر
لكن إياك أن تذوب في رأي الآخرين … وإذا شعرت بأن رأيك مع الحق فاثبت عليه ولا تتأثر

*———– —–*
تستطيع يا بني أن تغير قناعات الناس ….
وأن تستحوذ على قلوب الناس وهي لا تشعر
ليس بالسحر ولا بالشعوذة … فبابتسامتك .. وعذوبة لفظك تستطيع بهما أن تسحر ابتسم … فسبحان من جعل الابتسامة في ديننا (عبادة) وعليها نؤجر !!

إن لم تجد من يبتسم لك .. ابتسم له أنت
فإذا كان ثغرك بالبسمة يفتر .. بسرعة تتفتح لك القلوب لتعبر

*———– —–*
وحينما يقع في قلب الناس نحوك شك .. دافع عن نفسك … وضح .. برر …لا تكن فضولياً تدس أنفك في كل أمر تقف مع من وقف إذا الجمهور تجمهر بني ..ترفع عن هذا .. إنه يسوءني هذا المنظر
*———– —–*
لا تحزن يا بني على ما في الحياة فما خلقنا فيها إلا لنمتحن ونبتلى حتى يرانا الله .. هل نصبر ؟؟؟
لذلك …..هون عليك …..ولا تتكدر وتأكد بأن الفرج قريب
فإذا اشتد سواد السحب .. فعما قليل ستمطر

*———– —–*
لا تبك على الماضي .. فيكفي أنه مضى ..
فمن العبث أن نمسك نشارة الخشب وننشر
أنظر للغد .. استعد .. شمّر
كن عزيزاً .. وبنفسك افخر
فكما ترى نفسك سيراك الآخرون ..
فإياك أن تحقر نفسك يوماً
فأنت تكبر حينما تريد أن تكبر ..
وأنت فقط من يقرر أن يصغر
*———– —–*

Ow dimtaw salmeeen:*:*

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[14 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on The Others (26) | 0 views]

Ana waayiidd WAAYIIDD WAAAYIIIDD ASFA!i honestly have no excuse illa ini mali khilg aktib (a):psorry wallah bas yabeela mazaaj ;panyways..inshallah inshallah INSHALLAAH! another post tomorrow! :DI LOVE JULY! ;p OH OH OH! ma gtlikum 3an my latest new wo…

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[13 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on LIGHT YEARS | 0 views]

The clammy darkness of his hands encased her eyes, like a giant second eyelid that was more difficult to open, more persistant in hiding her vision from what was to come. She could smell the unusual scent of Dior’s Fahrenheit and pretzels on his finger…

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[10 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on TV Series | 0 views]

I LOVE LOVE LOVE American TV series. I actually have watched many over the past years.Modern Family is the title of a comedy show that I currently started watching. It’s hilarious and very different because the actors are acting as if they’re in a real…

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[9 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on London: Day 2 | 0 views]

Day 2 in London will be one of my most memorable days here .. Why? Well, because I was with the girls who made New York special for me .. 4, including me, of the 6-strong group were together in New York, and this day out in a country abroad took us back to that place in our minds and subconsciouses .. After a trip without the parents and with the best companions, every trip doesn’t live up to the great times we had together .. This is why today was the best day of my vacation ..

Morning consisted of hailing a taxi to Oxford Street and getting busy walking up and down, and in and out of stores .. All we saw there were other Arab women doing the same thing .. It’s as if you can smell the burning of plastic from the women’s wallets! Except, at the end of the shopping trip, we were forced to walk back to Knightsbridge because the roads were completely blocked due to traffic, and it consisted of, at least, a half hour walk -,- with heavy shopping ..

The highlight of the day was going the Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.. Seeing as the few days I’m spending in London is as if I’ve discovered this city for the first time, going to the V&A was something I wouldn’t have thought of doing .. But Grace Kelly is a style icon, and will forever remain so .. Seeing as Van Cleef and Arpels have sponsored a Grace Kelly exhibition, it was only fitting that we go ..

It was gorgeous! Most of her famous outfits were on display there .. The dress she got her Oscar in, the dresses she had when she was pregnant, the dresses she was snapped in, the pieces of clothing that helped reinforce her elegance and grace were all there for the public to see .. Of course, what Grace Kelly exhibition is complete without her jewels and the Hermes handbag that is names after her? Yes, they were on display, and I have never wanted a bag more that when I saw it encased in the glass box, hanging so elegantly as if it will be pulled out in a matter of minutes and have the lipstick slipped in and drape over the arm, lending it the understated elegance that is the Hermes Kelly ..

After the exhibition and some wandering around in Knightsbridge, we decide to head for lunch as I could feel my stomach trying to eat itself from hunger .. Stop at Joe’s Cafe and have to wait in line, which just made us hungrier than Godzilla trying to eat Tokyo .. As we got seated and ordered our lunch, Mayed Bin Mohammed walks in, and gets his food before us :P we, on the other hand, had to wait 45 mins for our main dishes to come and another 15 mins for the heavenly sticky date pudding to come .. I’ve heard it’s good, I’ve heard the one in Dubai isn’t as good, and I’ve heard it’s a must-try if I ever step foot into the cafe .. It was the BEST date dessert I’ve had! And now if I go back to Dubai and it really is not as good, I’ll really get disappointed .. Who cares about the calories?! It was worth every last one!

As we were finally back in the hotel, we decide we’ll act like Arabs and hang around Harrods as it is the tradition here .. The Kuwaitis who were also hanging around there made my dad furious with their staring -,-

So we went out for dinner at one of the Lebanese places that’s popular with the Arabs, and we’re back in the hotel and I’m tucked into bed! So this means goodnight from London gorgeous readers! ;*

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[8 Jul 2010 | Comments Off on Reality 7 | 0 views]

This post goes out to all my beloved readers, thanks for encouraging me. I love u all:*

Me: “Inzain yalla gomay 5alnamshi la2na ma bagy shay 3ala wagt el ‘3ada yadowb awa9lich ow aroo7 baitna”


Me: “I’m not going to tell you now I still need to talk to Wahabi until I’m 1000% sure believe me you’ll be the first to know, even before my mother. Now lets get going I don’t wanna be late. MOVE IT”

She stared at me angrily and I could have sworn I saw steam coming out of her ears….lol

Mesho: “pffffffffffft….FINE!!! I’ll forgive you for now but believe I won’t forget this, you owe me!”

Me: “KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK…insh’allah 3amiti”

I dropped Sha3oola back home and sped off to my house. I didn’t want to be late in respect to my father.

Lunch went well and after lunch each of us was off to doing their usual routine, mom and I having our afternoon tea and the men were back to doing whatever they were doing. I was started to feel disappointed because it seems that Wahabi forgot about our little meeting.

All of a sudden…

Abdulwahab: “Yuma itha ma3indich mani3 be’3ait Jawaher fi sha’3la” he said smiling

Talk about the devil..

Mom: “Laa 7abibi ma 3indi mani3, gomay yuma shofay eshyabi o5och minich” she said as she patted my hand

I nodded and said “Insh’allah”

We headed out to the garden to have our privacy.

Abdulwahab: “Yalla Jawaher I’m all ears, golay eli ib 5a6rich”

Me: “Wala madri shloun abdaa2….mthel ma enta tadri wild 3ami Jaber mtqadimli ow ana kilish ma a3arfa 3adil ow ohwa 3inda shroo6 ishway 9a3ba ow ana 7abait a5ith rayik feeh ow fil salfa kiliha”

Abdulwahab: “Laaaa mash’allah 3alaih Jaber rayal ow men a3az elnas 3ala galbi ow mash’allah e5af rabah ow e9oom ow e9ali taqreeban kl farth bl masyad ow ma3inda 7arakat kilish and I’m not just saying that 9j ohwa rayal seeeda…ana el9ara7a atmana ena ekoun raylch 3nda mn a5laq Jaber bas fil a5eeer elqarar qararich 7abibti….”

I kept quiet because I was just listening to what he was saying and trying to assure myself that the decision I have in mind is hopefully a good one.

Abdulwahab: “Ela ta3alay, ma geltili shino ohma shroo6 Jaber?”

Me: “Ummmmmmmmmmmmm….yabini at7ajab ow atnaqab”

My brother didn’t see that coming it showed…his jaw literally dropped ! Then he started to rub his head as if he was trying to show me that he was in deep thought.

Abdulwahab: “Faja2tini el9ara7a, ana adri inah ohwa dayen bas matiwaqa3t inah ya6lib menich it’3a6ain..ya3ni tit7ajbeyan bengool ma3laih la2na shay mafrooth 3alaich a9lan bas neqab mara wa7da…9a3ba! Ma agdar at9awar e5ti 7abibti metnaqba ow eb hal 3mr…a9lan ana dayman at6anaz 3ala hal ninja’s eshloun e5ti it9eer wa7da menhum”

I couldn’t help but crack up on the word ninja…My brother started to laugh with me and I am sure he did that because he didn’t want me to think about anything…at that moment I didn’t know if I was laughing at my brother’s joke or the situation I was put in …

Abdulwahab: “Okay seriously, tell me how do you feel about the whole situation”

I started to tell my brother how I felt and how he seems like a good man and that I’m sure he will hopefully take good care of me especially that I’m related to him and from what I understood from my mother and his sisters that he is very family oriented which is great. I told my brother that I don’t mind marrying him but I need to tell him how I feel, so I asked my brother to give me his permission to have a talk with Jaber.

Me: “Etha ent ma 3indik mani3 ana widi tagool 7ag oboy inah ana abi ag3ad ma3a Jaber wagoola rayi ib shroo6a…kalim Jaber ow gola etha ohwa ma 3inda mani3 5alah eyeena elbait 3ashan narsi 3ala barr la2na ana adri inah omy ra7 tez3al etha refa’9t bdoon ma afakir 3adil bil mawthoo3”

Abdulwahab: “Ma 3indi mani3 bl 3aks fikra wayed zaina…5ali el mawthoo3 3alay ana bakalim elwalid ow Jaber ow may9eer 5a6rich el 6ayeb ya i5ti il3azeeza”

I gave him the biggest smile ever and got up to hug him “MASHKOOR YA A7LA A5 BEL DENYA”

Abdulwahab: “Ga9ri 7isich la ya7sidoona i5wanich el3uthaal…5o tadreen i’3aroon men 3elaqatna”


And with that we each parted, going back to our concerns

I headed back to my room only to find a billion messages from Sha3oola nagging me about my decision and when I let her know what it is…This girl is crazy seriously, ma3indiha 9abr

I texted back saying “Egoloon el9abr mfta7 elfaraj;)”

In less than a minute I got a text back… “HA HA HA…nesait ath7ak yal sa5eeefa!!! 5ibrich ana mawloda eb sab3at ash’hir mafini 9abr :P”


I answered her back saying “Kel shay eb wagta 7ilo ya 7ilo :*”

“FINE FINE!!! I’ll be patient but remember you owe me…muhahahahahahhaha”

I put my cell down and decided to have a shower attempting to relax myself…

I started to fill up the tub with all sorts of essential oils, I hopped into the tub and the smell of the oils and candles was just perfect and with Bu Noora singing in the background everything was perfect, nothing could ruin my mood.

As I was laying in the tub I couldn’t help but think of Jaber and his gorgeous light eyes.

When I was lost in his eyes I could tell that there was some sorrow and pain in them. I wonder what is hurting him?

I started to think of my decision and whether I should go ahead with it or not. I don’t want to rush into any decision, because marriage is for life !!!

يا رب اشرح لي صدري ويسر لي امري

I kept on repeating that sentence at least 10 times…I’m really scared I really don’t want to do anything and regret it later, elmas2al mu sahlaaa…

I just hope nothing goes wrong with my plan and I get to talk to him.

20 minutes later I decided to get out of the tub and start working on my paper for tomorrow’s class. I changed into something comfortable and put on my thinking cap.

As I was busy writing up my paper I suddenly heard my door knocking.

Me: “Tefathal”

It was my brother Abdulwahab.

Abdulwahab: “Jawaher ana kalamt oboy ow Jaber ow ma kan 3indihum mani3…bacher ra7 eyeena Jaber elbait 3ogob 9alat el3a9r, okay?”

Me: “BACHER?????”