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[31 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Teenage Dream 5 | 3 views]

I went back in the room I guess much happier than I came down.

“Ahhh gimme gimme! Laish 6awaltay?”

“Chubbb! I heated up the burgers for you!”

“Saroon chub zain minha yabatlich!”


“Sara, adri ina gilt ana mu yo3ana, but can you give me one burger?” I have never seen Kady look so innocent before, but knowing her for as long as I have I knew she was faking it. And apparently so did Sara.

Laaaaa al7een tabeen!”

Kady widened her eyes and nodded her head. Then Sara and Kady began arguing about the burgers, I saw Tala laughing at them but honestly, I was dazed in my thoughts. About Bader. In my entire life, I never dated anyone nor was I planning to and I haven’t met anyone with a boyfriend. We were squeaky-clean buutttt we are also girls, we were bound to have crushes. I had one when I was young, on Bader. But I was over it and it was in the past, yet I till had that hands are sweaty, heart racing feeling.

“Hey, Mezna, are you okay?”

“What? Yeah, no I’m just a little bit tired.” She knew I was hiding something but also knew not to ask me.

“Yeah so am I. Kady, Sara wagfaw its 2 a.m. lets sleep” Of course they were still arguing, then out of nowhere Kady shrieked.

“Fine! Take your stupid burger! I didn’t want it anyways.”


I started laughing, watching Tala try to separate then now wrestling duo. After a few punches, 5 bite marks and around a million kicks they let go of each other and started laughing. I have the weirdest friends ever.

I couldn’t sleep. I saw the clock hit 4 a.m.; they were all asleep and I kept tossing and turning. So I decided to get up and get a glass of water. This time I didn’t have to go down, it was in the living room’s kitchen. I walked in the kitchen and saw ice all over the floor and Bader trying to scoop it up.

“What the hell happened in here?”

I think I scared him because he fell back and dropped the ice in the process. Okay, I KNOW I scared him.

“Shit, you scared me”

“Crap, I’m sorry! What are you doing?”

I knelt down and started picking up the ice one by one. I looked up at Bader waiting for the answer but he tried looking focused on picking up the ice avoiding my question. I then noticed him trying to cover up one of his hands.

“Bader, can you show me your hand please,” he continued ignoring me, “Bader, please, your hand.” He STILL ignored, so I grabbed his hand and looked at it. It was swollen; 3 times its normal size and was red.

“Was this from tonight?” then of course he ignored me, and ripped his hand away from my weak grasp, “please let me have a look”

He gave me a defeated look and stuck out his arm. I gently took hold of his wrist, “Does it hurt?”

“Yeah, but nothing ice won’t fix.” He then gave me a smile so beautiful that I actually felt my heart beat against my ribcage.

I got up from the floor, and he looked at me with questioning eyes. I grabbed Ziploc bag from the counter and started putting ice in it.

“Laish ga3da?”

“Magidart anam, you?”

“Same, plus I was playing C.O.D”

“Stupid men and their videos games haha”

“Have you ever tried playing it?” I shook my head. “You can’t judge it without have trying it. Come”

We walked past the living room, past Sara’s room and into his room. It was a typical guy room, cloths everywhere, messy bed and a TV with video games around it.

He sat on the floor and pointed to the beanbag next to him so I situated myself on it. He started talking about the game and I just nodded not really focusing. What I was really focusing on is his enthusiasm and the way he not only spoke but also moved his hands (even the hurt one) around to better explain it to me. I laughed when he started acting like the characters with such passion and seriousness.

“So, you ready to play?” He looked at me with excited eyes.

“Haha no! I don’t know how to!!”

“You blocked me out when I was telling you how to play didn’t you? I could tell from your dazed eyes”

“Haha chub! I couldn’t help itttt! I had NO clue what you were saying”

“Fine haha.. Ill explain while you’re playing”

And that was how we spent the next two hours, playing C.O.D, laughing, eating, and laughing some more.

I woke up to a blinding flash. I opened my eyes to see the girls looking down at me, laughing with a camera in Sara’s hand. I felt something heavy on my stomach and when I looked down it was an arm. I looked around trying to understand what the hell is going on when I saw that I was in Bader’s room and it was HIS arm. Awkward. We must’ve passed out throughout the night because his TV was still on.

“Oh my god you guys look adorable,” she whispered because Bader was still asleep. I couldn’t help but blush; I flipped her off and they all laughed at my current state. His arms were snaked around my body and our legs were tangled. The only way I could get out of this without waking him up.. well was by waking him up.

“You guys! What the hell am I supposed to do??” I said in a quiet, strained voice.

“Hahahaha oh my god I cant stop laughing!” Then she started hitting her thighs like a retarded seal.

“What the hell are you doing here anyways?”

“This is honestly not the time to ask me!!!!!! HELP”

“I know what to do!”


Then out of nowhere she kicked Bader on his leg and he woke up so startled that he flung his arm and punched my face. Perfect.

“Aww COME ON!”

Then the idiots started laughing even more; so much that Sara was on the floor, Tala was in tears and Kady was hyperventilating.


“No no its fine its fine”

“Does it hurt?”

“Haha heyyy I asked you that last nighhtt,” I said trying to make him feel better. But I guess it didn’t work since he got up and left the room. “uhh okay”

“Now can you tell us what happened last night?”

“I couldn’t sleep so I went out for a glass of water when I saw Bader and we just hung out; I guess we slept.”

Then Bader walked in with the same Ziploc bag I got him yesterday filled with ice and sat next to me. He gently placed the bag on my face, smiled a soft smile and stared at me. I gave him a questioning look but his smile got even wider. I shook my head smiling and put my hand over his and slowly took the bag out of his hand and thanked him. I turned to my friends only to find them smiling at our little exchange.

“Thank you Bader,” I didn’t specify what I thanked him for because it was too much. I waved goodbye then pulled my friends out the door.

“He’s in lurrvee with you”

“Chub haha”

We all started walking into Sara’s room when Sara stopped me.

“Minziman masima3ta yith-7ak that much”


“Last night, gawamni, bess itwaqa3t it was the TV or something… Masima3ta yith-7ak chithi min Tariq’s death”

“I guess he just needed someone to help him not think about him all the time”

“Who would have known you were perfect for the job?”

“Hahaha beats the hell outta me”

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[30 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on A Mistake (13 b) | 1 views]

‘3alia: ee?3azeez: hal bint ihya intay…I was shocked I was seriously shocked I blushed I felt goose bumps all over my body madree yimkin la2naa its the first time any guy has ever said that to me wila la2na the fact that he really liked me or even lo…

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[26 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on happily screwed 2011-03-26 16:20:00 | 1 views]

I hate how short my post’s are.

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[26 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Teenage Dream 4 | 3 views]

To say that my friends were mad at me was an understatement but they forgave me as soon as I told them what happened (I kept the car part out of the story).

We all had a blast talking and catching up. I reunited with some friends I lost touch with and all in all, the night ended with a room filled with laughter, bad karaoke, dancing and an awesome rendition of Dancing Queen. We all had a killer time.

Tala, Sara, Kady and I all slept over at Sara’s. We all got in our pj’s (boxers with a fitted t shirt) and talked all night.

“Seriously you guys, giltha khamseen alf mara bess bagoola mara thanya… thank you guyyyss!!”

“haha don’t worry about it you deserve more!”

“7adi yo3ana mu makla shay, bess la7ga Mezna it7oos”

“Inzain intay shako la7gatni kil mukan aroo7?”

“Madri! 7asait 3umry thay3a..”

“You’ve been coming to my house since we were kids Saroon.. uhhh?”

“Haha chub bess walla 9ij mayta you3”

“Roo7ay yeebeelich akil… lail7een fee bil ma6bakh..”

“Bess maly 5ilg! Please a7ad iroo7 iyeebli!”

“i5ooch mawjood!”

“Haw 3adi ag9a Bader”

“Laa laa fashla, ana mara7 aroo7”

“Wala ana”

They all turned to me and smiled.

“Haha ashoofich saktaa”

“You guys pleaseeee! Sara itnarfizeen roo7aaaayyy!”

“Please please please!!!!!”

“Waaaay inzain iff, 7adi 6ayba…”

All: “Chubbbbb”

Haha I was laughing leaving the room, I wasn’t worried about anyone being here knowing Sara has only Bader who’s at the duwaniya and her parents who were in the bedroom already.

I got in the elevator and went down to the kitchen. I grabbed some ice cream from the freezer and saw mini burgers on the table so I decided to heat it up. I popped it in the microwave and sat on the table eating the ice cream waiting. I suddenly heard the door close and saw that it was Bader. Laish kilmara yishoofni I’m in very little clothing??? But he didn’t comment on it when he saw me.



I wasn’t in the mood to talk to him 3ashan 9ara7atan kint lail7een im3a9ba fa I turned my back to him and continued eating the ice cream. I saw him get a water bottle and look at me as if wanting to say something. When will the stupid mini burgers finish? 62 seconds come onnnn!

“Mezna please look at me.. Please, I’m really sorry for what I said, I really didn’t mean it the way you think I said it”

Then please tell me what do you mean. Did you think I looked like a slut?”

Yes that was harsh but I couldn’t help it. 33 seconds.

“A slut? Seriously? You think I meant that? Oh god no that was not what I meant! Walla fihamteeni ghala6!’

“3ayal gooli!” 19 seconds.

“I.. I”

“Please leave.. It’s ok I’m fine”

I gave him my back again. 7 seconds.

“When I said ‘looking like that’ I meant too beautiful too resist”

Well that I did NOT expect.

I turned around to see that he already left, I was a bit shocked at what he said but a beep took me back to reality. The burgers were done.

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[23 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Mezna’s Dress! | 2 views]

I love love love this dresss!It wasn’t the dress I first envisioned when I wrote the first chapter; I pictured Blake Lively’s dress but I can’t get over how beautiful this dress is. It’s perfect!

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[22 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Teenage Dream 3 | 2 views]

This post forrr girl with the petite appetite!!! Thankkk yoouuu!

They start of really short but they’ll hopefully be longer soon!


11 missed calls

Mu min9ijhom! I left the house 5 minutes agooooo!! How do they expect me to get there earlier? Plus I had to pick up cupcakes and the cake but my new driver was too much of an idiot to know where he was going and also the fact that he doesn’t have a clue where Kady’s house is. Hahaha bidait ath7ak broo7i, al7een il sayiq 3abala ana maynoona… loool mu shay yideed…

When I finally got to the cupcake store I ran in, in my HEEEELLS, and asked the clerk for my order. So while waiting, I looked around the store and saw that half of the people were staring… Typical Kuwaitis.. But out of all looks of hate and annoyance I noticed a smiling, familiar face. It was Bader, Sara’s older brother. I’ve known Sara my whole life, so Bader and I were sort of friends… He walked towards me with a warm smile. My heart raced and my hands began to sweat.

“Hala Mezna, shlonich?”

“Hello, I’m good, inta?”

“Il7imdilliah, zain”

We stood there awkwardly for a few seconds while I raked my head for something to talk about. Shit. He’s staring at me. Is there something on my face? SPEAK WOMAN!

“So are you ready for your second year of college?”

“Aww man, don’t remind me, a7awil ansa bess la7ignee kil mukan aroo7la!”

“Ullaa, lihadaraja tikrah il dirasa?”

“ila jam3a nafsha imka2batni”

“Ma gilt tabi itsafir bara?”

“Eee bess ma9arat..”


“Madri, il throof taghayirat fa magidart.. fakart antiqil ni9 il sina”

I knew he was talking about the loss of his best friend a few months ago but I didn’t think of bringing it up.

“Wain itfakir itroo7?”


“Allah, I’ve always wanted to study there!”

“laish la2? il sina il yaya, jam3a bara?”

“Laa lilasaf bil kuwait, il ahal my yirthoon”

“Haha 7asafa, 3ad fir9a..”

“Eee adri, bess shasawi ba3ad?

He looked at me and smiled a sweet smile while I rocked my feet back and forth awkwardly.

“Maaammm’mm, sorry for interrupting you but here are the cupcakes and the cake. ENJOY”

“Thank you so much! So Ill see you later Bader?”

“Yeah.. Bye”

I walked out of the shop to see a bunch of older guys staring at me, I suddenly felt naked. I was looking for my driver but he was nowhere to be seen. Shit. As I was calling the driver, one of the boys came towards me with a smirk and a scary gleam in his eye… The driver finally answered.


“Mohammad, where are you?”

“I go”

“WHAT? Why??”

“I don’t know you go inside, I thinking you stay there”

“Where are you now?”

“5 minutes I be home”

I was going to respond but I felt a hand touch the lower part of my back and I dropped my phone. “Ya7alat il banat ily yisti7oon” he got so close to me that I was ready to scream when suddenly I heard a loud smack. I turned around to see a red-faced Bader. I stared at the guy crying in pain on the floor and back to Bader who was now shaking his hand in pain. He grabbed my hand and started taking me towards his car.

“Wain sayqich?”

“He’s coming.. I think”

“Wain bitroo7een?”

“Bait Kady”

“Di5lay il sayara”

In other days, I would have said no bess ma gidart agoola la2, he was too mad and it was evident on his face.

He was a little bit speeding so I kept telling him to slow down.

“Bader, calm down, it’s ok”


“YES! Now slow down before you get us killed”

Fortunately, he actually listened to what I said and slowed down. Misak il sikan laiman his knuckles turned white. It was quiet for a while but Bader broke the silence.

“Sorry, if I scared you in any way”

“Why are you apologizing? You saved me back there, I should be thanking you”

“Seriously Mezna, why the hell didn’t you come back inside?”

“I don’t know I didn’t think about it at the time, I was thinking about the guy feeling me up” I replied in a sarcastic, mean tone.

“It wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t go out there looking like that.”

I didn’t know what to say, it was like I was slapped in the face. Min9ija hatha? He should’ve kept it to himself; I just stared dumbfounded at him. Wai3 I was so mad!! I turned around and just ignored him the whole ride. When we finally got there, I grabbed the cake and cupcakes, I just kept walking ignoring his calls.

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[21 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Teenage Dream 2 | 3 views]

Three years earlier..

“Saaaaraaaaa! We’re gonna be late!”

“Lat 5afeeeeeen we’ll get to school on time don’t worry about it”

I grabbed Sara and started running through the playground and into the huge doors that take us to the classrooms. It was our senior year and we had sort of a reputation with the teachers here; I was the charming, “innocent” one that loves to have fun and knows how to get out of trouble and Sara was the insane one who didn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of her and her confidence got her anything she wanted. I mostly got in trouble for being clumsy and very violent (NOT ON PURPOSE DESPITE WHAT ANYONE SAYS) for example Sara was gracefully cart wheeling to class and when I tried I landed on my -now bruised- tush.

“Yalla Sara min9ijich takhtheen ashya2ich al7een!” I yelled rubbing my butt. Yes, from all this you may think I’m a genius in school BUT honestly I do it for my father. He has always been hard on me on getting my grades up and I’m trying my best. He wants me to become a lawyer and I am planning on fulfilling that request. I’m freaking out because I cannot stand tardiness and il anisa Sara had to pick me up 5 minutes AFTER the bell rings. I will never rely on her again.

Dashait il 9af chini maynoona, I sat and smiled like nothing was wrong. Then Sara walks in ib kil biroooooooodd, smiles and sits. The teacher 5azatna for over 5 minutes -or it may have been less than a minute, not so sure- smirked, turned around and continued the class like they were never interrupted.

I turned around and rolled my eyes at Sara, she had that stupid look on, the one that say’s, “shiftaaaaay giltiliccccchhhhh”.

That afternoon, I stayed at home catching up on tv show’s I’ve missed. Kint 7adi mindamja when my phone started to ring. I saw the name and it was Kady, my very good friend.


“MEEEZZZNAAAA waynich? We’re waiting for you!”


“Dude, its Thursday, remember the surprise goodbye dinner at my house we’re having for Tala, remember her, your childhood best friend who’s leaving in less than 24 hours?”

“SHIT! NISAAIIITT! That’s tooodaaaayyyyyyyy? By the way I don’t appreciate the sarcasm”

“Tawa 9akaaitt il telephone minha galat ina tawich gabil sa3a imkalmat-ha ga3da itgooleen how much you were gonna miss her! Shfeech yal hablaaaa??”


“3adi kilman biyi at 8:30 so you have around 45 minutes!! Badlaaaaay and come to my house now!!”


I thanked the LORD for having Kady remind about the dinner. Tala is my best friend since I could remember, she was a year older than I was and was leaving for college in the states so we had been planning this for a few months now. It was a very very formal dinner at Kady’s house and consisted of 30 close friends of ours.

I ran to my closet and got my beautiful, gorgeous, black Balmain dress that Blake Lively once wore. I had to fight for this dress, literally. Kilish mo no3i I shop, I hardly care about clothes and half of the things I own are what my mother or my older sister got me. But Balmain, you have to be insane to even think of hating anything he does.

After I obsessed on my dress for 5 seconds, rikatht 7ag the bathroom 3ashan I take a shower. Asra3 shay sawaita ib 7ayati.. I wrapped myself with a towel and started putting my makeup. After half an hour of that, I ran to my room carefully put the dress on. Let my long wavy light brown down, wore my insanely high heels, and by 8 I was out of my door and already in the car. My new record.

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[20 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on 10 | 1 views]

I was tagged by Chick to state 10 un-known facts about me. And Chick let me tell you this tag was HARD!! .. I already bared my soul in this blog and finding 10 more things to say seems like a difficult homework!! :/

But never-the-less, I gave it my best. For the past week all I did was soul searching, o 3asart mokhy and this is what I came up with;

1. A couple of years ago I had a minor operation that I told no one about except X of course who was there with me. I knew my mother would be alarmed and worried while the doctor assured me it’s a simple procedure to avoid major complications, so I chose to do it abroad. X and I travelled and had it done and came back to Kuwait a week later and luckily I got away with it and all is good now :)

2. I don’t like Um-kalthoum! .. Now before anyone attacks me let me say that yes her voice is quite powerful, and she can sing like no other. But I feel her voice lacks warmth and sofness. Ma feeh 3othooba. Un-like the delicate Fairuz which I simply adore.

I also can’t understand the infatuation with Nabeel Sh3ail. I’ll admit there are a couple of good songs of his, but sorry his voice me no likey.

3. I have a little white hair on my left eyebrow :-(

Ashwa It doesn’t show unless you peer quite closely..

4. When I was about 11 years old I snuck into my granfather’s office where he keeps all his treasured books. His office was magnificent with walls and walls of books on shelves packed neatly from ceiling to floor. Ok so to get to the point, I ended up curled up on the plush carpet reading a book about Death and the After-Life. It freaked me out, and what I read about 3athab elgabor terrified me and literally shook me to the core.

I learned then that soorat alMulk ta7my mn 3athab elgabor, so I took it upon myself to memorize it. And I did.

And ever since then, from that early age till now, whenever I go to bed at night, I put my head on the pillow, and I recite it in the hope that it will one day save me from what is bound to happen.

5. I wish I was born a boy.

A woman’s life is restricted in some sense, while men have it easy !! *envy*

6. I’m a recycle freak. When I go to the supermarket, I take my own recycled bags to fill with groceries as I don’t use their plastic bags. Also when I go shopping, if the item I buy can fit in my big bag, that’s where it’ll go.

7. I love trees. And I lose myself whenever we travel in admiring them. My favourite one here in Kuwait is Alfitna tree –> what an elegant romantic tree it is :)

8. I wear my perfume before going to bed. This is not something I do for X. I just like to smell nice, even in my sleep.

9. Although I project a collected exterior, my insides are in constant turmoil. It’s like having two brains in my head, and I find me arguing with myself .. ( crazy much?!! ).

In short, Myself and I, don’t always get along, which can be really exhausting!!!

10. I’m not good to myself. I wish I can treat myself the way I treat others.


Áaaaaaand i’m done. Yippeeeeee … :)

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[20 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on 10 | 1 views]

I was tagged by Chick to state 10 un-known facts about me. And Chick let me tell you this tag was HARD!! .. I already bared my soul in this blog and finding 10 more things to say seems like a difficult homework!! :/But never-the-less, I gave it my best…

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[19 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Happily Screwed | 1 views]

Talented ?YES!Interesting?YES!Must check it out?YES YES YES!Check out this amazing new blog and enjoy! :Dhttp://happily-screwed.blogspot.com/P.S. I “MIGHT” i repeat “MIGHT” post tonight inshallah! ;p

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[19 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Happily Screwed | 1 views]

Talented ?YES!Interesting?YES!Must check it out?YES YES YES!Check out this amazing new blog and enjoy! :Dhttp://happily-screwed.blogspot.com/P.S. I “MIGHT” i repeat “MIGHT” post tonight inshallah! ;p

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[19 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on A Mistake (13a) | 1 views]

A month has passed and we were inseparable we talked all day and night he would sleep while talking to me I would get upset but he has his way into making up for what he didEvery night! Literally every night he sleeps while I’m talking to him I got thr…

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[19 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Teenage Dream | 3 views]

It was then just me in the room. No photographers. No family. No friends. Just me. I walked up to the mirror and adjusted the veil on top on my head then lifted it so I can wipe away my tears. I turned around only to Bader there looking at me with wide, curious eyes.

“You look.. beautiful”


We paused just looking at each other.

“What are you doing here?”

“I lied to you”


“When you asked me if I was okay with this. I’m not. I love you and I will always love you and you love me and everyone knows it. Just give into it Mezna.”

“Are you seriously telling me all this now? Again? It’s my wedding day Bader.”

“You were crying just now..”

“Because I’m getting married! Who doesn’t cry when they get married?!”

“Please don’t do it.. Please Mezna”

I looked at his pleading eyes, my heart screaming at me telling me to go run into his arms and comfort him telling him that I do actually love him.

“I do love you, so much but love is not enough Bader”

“Marry me then”

“Laish? 3a6ni sabab? And don’t say, “I love you””

“Sabab? Okay, I want to marry you because I want to wake up to your face everyday. I want to marry you because I want to wake you up at 5 a.m. because I can’t wait to hear your voice. I want you to marry you because when you sing every sound in the world disappears. I want to marry you because you make me feel good enough. I want to marry you because even though you don’t know everything about me, you still love me. I want to marry you because you’d make a really good first wife haha. I want to marry you because you eat ice cream like a 4 year old. I want to marry you because together we’d piss a LOT of people off. I want to marry you because if I ever want to get lost in a fucked up country I want it to be with you. I want to marry you because we’re in love. Plain and simple.”

I couldn’t breathe.

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[19 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on New Beginning | 1 views]

I decided to change the ending of the story which made me change this beginning, so this next post is the new chapter of Teenage Dream:)

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[16 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on A Mistake (12) | 3 views]

I know its been a very long time since I’ve posted bas kaaa a post o inshallaaaaa itshofona long cuz 6awalt wana aktibaEnjoyyy o sorry 3al ta25eer again :***Most of the convos Ive copied and pasted so itha fee any spelling mistakes 6awfaw please ;pI th…

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[15 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on i need to meet him! | 1 views]

YANNII YAAANIII YAAANNNII!*sigh*aahhh ya Yanni ya Yoonani…i need to meet you dude….shay moo 6abee3i ;pkint ga3da asma3la fa glt lazim i sharehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3ork0msQ_ohathi one of my all time favorites!until the last moment-Yanni7al…

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[15 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on i need to meet him! | 3 views]

YANNII YAAANIII YAAANNNII!*sigh*aahhh ya Yanni ya Yoonani…i need to meet you dude….shay moo 6abee3i ;pkint ga3da asma3la fa glt lazim i sharehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3ork0msQ_ohathi one of my all time favorites!until the last moment-Yanni7al…

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[9 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on Once upon a lie 22 | 1 views]

Helloooooooooooo everyone ! ;*Am sorry i’ve been a bad blogger bas walah am trying to post as much as i can with all the stupid Uni. load ;( anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i missed you ! and i missed Blogger!Here’s your pooooooooooooost XD Enjoy it !LoveYouXoxo-…

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[9 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on حسافة | 1 views]

..وين عيونك
ما تشوف؟؟
يالله رووح قبل لا أغير رايي وانادي الشرطة


أنا قاعدة ورا السكان، وأشوفك حدك معصب، تأشر بايدك وتصارخ، والريّال الهندي المسكين واقف بذل يسمع كلامك، مو عارف شلون يرد على هجومك، وقبل لا يركب سيارته، مسح على مكان الدعمة بإيده، كأنه يحاول ويتمنى لو إنها تتصلح بسحر ساحر، وتنهّد ومشى في حال سبيله

..وصورتك الجميلة
..في هذه اللحظة
بعيني اهتزت

أدري إنه اهوا الغلطان
أدري إنه دعمني وانا مالي ذنب
أدري إنك كنت خايف علىّ

..ولكن للأسف


..إنك في هذا الموقف

من عيني شوية طحت

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..وين عيونكما تشوف؟؟يالله رووح قبل لا أغير رايي وانادي الشرطة!!أنا قاعدة ورا السكان، وأشوفك حدك معصب، تأشر بايدك وتصارخ، والريّال الهندي ا…

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I posted and guess what?Dashboard hates me :)W bas :p

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I posted and guess what?Dashboard hates me :)W bas :p

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Wa khizyaaaaaahhhhh…wallah ini miftashla minkum asfa wallaah asfa….I’m too pressured…min kil 9ob .. bas L 7imdillah w hal post 3al galbi! ma2saaaatt MA2SAAAATT! thank u to my lovely readers who helped me find a dress!Sarah i chose yours! ;pfee dr…

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Wa khizyaaaaaahhhhh…wallah ini miftashla minkum asfa wallaah asfa….I’m too pressured…min kil 9ob .. bas L 7imdillah w hal post 3al galbi! ma2saaaatt MA2SAAAATT! thank u to my lovely readers who helped me find a dress!Sarah i chose yours! ;pfee dr…

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And finally I accept it..it took me two months2 weeks of anger2 weeks of sadness2 weeks of regret2 weeks of happinessand I ended it with a minute of cryingI accept it now…I accept that you are really goneIt’s not farewell… it’s goodbye

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Hello everyone! Am baaaaaaack ! so heeeeerrrre’s your next post, hope you enjoy it! love you ;*—-Previously;” okay so you saw a girl trying to cross the street, so what? “” It wasn’t just ANY girl 3baid, I feel like i know her from somewhere.. “Shaik…

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widi aktib a new part from “i… Sharon… The Nanny…” bas mako inspiration!!!!! help?? ideas plz