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Nouf stared at her phone mindlessly, waiting for her phone’s alarm o’clock to announce her waking up, in ten minutes she was to rise up from bed, dress up and start her ordinary work day, except that there was nothing ordinary about today or the three …

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Breathe…just breathe. Breathe… for a broken heart that’s waiting for a chance to make it work again. Breathe… for a heart that’s willing to live, a heart that “needs” to live. Breathe…because once your heart stops beating every pain w…

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Breathe…just breathe. Breathe… for a broken heart that’s waiting for a chance to make it work again. Breathe… for a heart that’s willing to live, a heart that “needs” to live. Breathe…because once your heart stops beating every pain w…

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(KHALED’S POINT OF VIEW)Ga6ait zigarty oo rifa3t rasy, wela ashoof ajmal bint bil 3alam…Lujain? 6ala3t mobily bashoof itha radat 3ala my message wela lail7een ma radat. Shfeeha… She looked so hot. Labsa libs ilshalaih, nafnoof gi9eer wase3 shwaya b…

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Is it me, or does the first visit of Elizabeth to Pemberley; Mr. Darcy’s house, portraits an unexpected erotic scene? I remember when I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time, the description of this exact scene; the first sight of Pemberley where Elizabeth slowly progresses through the park, keenly anticipating her first view of the house, captivated me. It tickles in a away that you can’t apprehend.. The presentation of Pemberley is evoked in a manner that captures a sense of eroticism in Austen’s description of Elizabeth’s feelings towards the house and, of course, its owner.

The description in the novel goes as this:

“Elizabeth, as they drove along, watched for the first appearance of Pemberley Woods with some perturbation; and when at length they turned in at the lodge, her spirits were in a high flutter.
The park was very large, and contained great variety of ground.
They entered it in one of its lowest points, and drove for some time through a beautiful wood, stretching over a wide extent.
Elizabeth’s mind was too full for conversation, but she saw and admired every remarkable spot and point of view. They gradually ascended for half a mile, and then found themselves at the top of a considerable eminence, where the wood ceased, and the eye was instantly caught by Pemberley House, situated on the opposite side of a valley, into which the road, with some abruptness, wound. It was a large, handsome, stone building, standing well on rising ground, and backed by a ridge of high woody hills; — and in front, a stream of some natural importance was swelled into greater, but without any artificial appearance. Its banks were neither formal, nor falsely adorned. Elizabeth was delighted. She had never seen a place for which nature had done more, or where natural beauty had been so little counteracted by an awkward taste. They were all of them warm in their admiration; and at that moment she felt that to be mistress of Pemberley might be something!”

This passage, possibly, includes an erotic suggestiveness. This description masks what is really going on underneath. The anticipation and excitement of the revelation of the house has almost an erotic flavor. Elizabeth gradually ascends from the lowest point to the top of a considerable eminence upon which Pemberely suddenly becomes visible. Austen’s choice of details, the rising ground upon which the house is positioned, the swelling stream in front, and the warmth Elizabeth feels upon its appearance, makes this among Austen’s most sexually charged descriptions in the novel. And the house, of course, is the reflection of Darcy himself, preparing us for Elizabeth’s change of mind/feelings towards him. Pemberly is revealed to us as if it’s being undressed, slowly unveiling a full view of the magnificent place in its naked beauty. Elizabeth is breathing heavily through shock and admiration; and the house, to put it crudely, becomes an erection in both senses of the word. The house and the owner, Mr. Darcy, as being one and the same, reinforced with Mrs. Gardiner suggestion “perhaps the beauty of the house renders its owner a little less repulsive”. The connection between the house and the man is made explicit now. 

It’s extremely interesting to read between the lines and to go beyond the literal meaning of words of such a reserved writing such as Austen’s. 

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(LUJAIN’S POINT OF VIEW)I woke up from the best sleep ever feeling so refreshed. I actually wanted to get out of bed. I wanted to start a new day. I wanted to go out to breakfast then head to shalaih, but most of all, i wanted to talk to Khaled. How wa…

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(KHALED’S POINT OF VIEW)Laish ma radat? Ga3adt bfrashy na6er yimkin itrid itdeg 3alay?Somewhere between thinking of her breathtaking curls to her dazzling eyes and her slender body, i drifted to sleep..*6oooooo6*Lujain:Hi, Khaled AlFlani? Sorry i texte…

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(KHALED’S POINT OF VIEW)Dagait 3ala wa7id min ilshabab oo 3a6aita raqam sayarat Lujain, bas kint abe a6ali3 raqamha abe akalemha. eli abee i9eer law shino.. bakalmha ya3ni bakalmha.Qarart aroo7 ilshalaih 3ind i3yal 3amy, mityam3een… fa wana bil 6iree…

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” yalait yakhthich wild Mona rifeejti, mashalla 3alayh adab o akhlag  weshzeena, o foug kil hatha 3inda khair mashalla, bes enti wayn kella emkamkima 3omrich matyeen tirtazayn ma3ai bil 3azayim” Nouf’s mother told her while Nouf drove them to the …

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(KHALED’S POINT OF VIEW)6ool il6ireej wana afaker feeha, makhtha 3agly.Shes so beautiful. Her hair, her skin, her smile, the way she freaked out when i talked to her. Her name, Lujain… so beautiful.Waaaih min mita ana chithee? wayed 9ayer romancey..D…

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Dedicated to each and every person that commented thank u ;**I sang to him the whole birthday song’3alia: “happy birthday too youuu happy birthdaaay too youuu happyy birthdaaay tooo 3azeezaaan happy biirtthdaaaay tooo youuuu kil 3am winta ib alf 5aiir …

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(LUJAIN’S POINT OF VIEW)Shfee hatha misha bser3a? Mu chena etfaqna ib nathratna ina binshoof ba3ath 3ugub ilclass? i swear i felt it. Or maybe thats just me being me, living in a fairytale. Gimt, khthait aghrathy oo gilt 7ag Fajer ina i have work …

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Adele on (one&only), jewelry off, hair up… ready to write. This one goes out to my lovely silent reader- C:*(MR. DISHDASHA’S POINT OF VIEW)Ga3ed bel class akhiz ilsa3a, 7ade malait. 9oorat’ha mu rathya ti6la3 3an baly…Marat ilsa3a oo chinha sa3…

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Makoo feedback laysh :( How do I knowww if people are reading 3ashan akamil wila la2..

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Hey I’m sorry for the delay may i be forgiven ? :D

again I’m sorry and there you go

the weather is so depressing and somehow my family are liking it *sigh *

but guys its better than having earthquakes and floods wallah I thank god for that!


I was suddenly daydreaming

Then my phone buzzed on my lap that it got me back to reality, it kept buzzing non-stop!!

Me: mako 9aabrrr!! Ifff (and I grabbed my phone)

It continued pinging that got me going crozy for a while, and when I clicked on tht bbm icon I see that this stupid person pinging was surprisingly the one right next to me!

He burst out laughing thinking it was funny

Dhari: hahahahahahaha wallah inich 9aida

Me: ana 9a-aii-daa?? Ha (got up)! Ta3aal ya 8aleeeel el 7aya (runs after him)

Dhari: *running away* ana ely a3arfa 8aleel el adab o jleeel el 7aya mu 8aleeel el 7aya !!

Me: ta3aaaaal taa3aaaaal a3almik mno ana

Dhari: ookhh o laish ana ma a3arfich mn gabl? :p

I decided to shut up because answering back was not helping at all, then I chased him halfway around the chairs my flip flop was kindof in my way when turning and running on the ceramic floor, it was so slippery when I started running, that I fell while I turned to continue running after him!

You could picture me laying down on my tummy hands covering my face! I looked so pathetic and embarrassing

I could feel him walking over to me somehow not laughing I really don’t get how he managed to hold his laugh because myself was laughing at myself silently

He held my right arm and I helped by turning to face him

Me: hahahahaha (covering myy face back again)

Dhari: 7mdellah wesheker grindizer mu bnaya ;p

Me: tadry etha t3awwaaart chan ebtelasht feeny 3adel fa bas e7mid rabik!

He got up and stretched out his arm for me, like I’m gonna get hold of his arm…

Me: ya3ny betra’9eeny mathalan maad eedik ? (getting up)

Dhari: afaaaa hatha yzaaay el7in ya shagoool

I went over to the washing machine to take out the clothing and put ‘em in the dryer.

Me: aahh mmm dhari , click numbers 3 4 and 5 7ag el nashafaa :D

Dhari: inshallah Mary! Wallah 7ala el7in mary ely mfroo’9 teshteghl 7ge gam tsha’3elny

I gave him that stare but I don’t think it scared him

Dhari: ba3ad hatha el9ij ! yaaahh

Me: 6aa3 hatha agool bas 6gly el buttons, etha ana mu 5al6a lehdoum chan sheft-hom fougik bas lel2asaf our clothes are mixed ! :|

Dhari: yallah 6agayt :p

Round and round the dryer went, then I suddenly remembered the last time I skype-d with my niece and nephew. Actually the last time I did was before heading back to Kuwait, god I miss them and the way Fares called my name and how Feda calls me aunty when she sees me.

Me: Dhari ? ( I looked his way)

Dhari: hala

Me: negdar we skype elyoum bakalm e3yal o5oy o ahaly welaht 3alaihom

Dhari: eee enshallah shoufay ohwa tara a7san wagt ba3ad shway wela tabin nes-har tkalmeenhom el 9b7?

Me: 5al nes-har chena enamoun embacher fa manla7eg 3ala ma n5ale9 laundry

Dhari: yallah 3ayal 3gb dewaniyatna elyoum americh mn 3nd al3noud

Me: ok thankyouu

I got up before my whole leg goes numb; I walked around the seats and in no time the dryer stopped. So I rushed to it with one of the baskets and threw all the fresh, cleaned clothes in it. Then I did the next two.

I placed the two baskets on top of the washing machines and started folding our clothes. Undies to shirts to pants to dresses to leggings to socks and I was DONE!

I turned to find Dhari sound asleep on his chair head tilted backwards, phone in his hands. I walked over to him and started taking his phone out of his hands to wake him.

As I pulled half of it out of his hands his eye lids started to open :p

Me: Rise and shine bsmellah tawna ga3din 7atan ma 9ar el ‘9hr :p

Dhari: malayt wana an6erich shasawy (rubbing his own eyes)

Me: yallah goum ? o tsheel ma3ay sallah please?

Dhari: yalah 3a6eeny (he got up)

I got him one of the baskets I felt really sorry for waking him up but I don’t really get how he slept b/c to me it wasn’t that comfortable sleeping on a hard plastic chair!

We walked to the elevator and then into his apartment.

Me: meta betrooo7 7ag your dewaniya? (I asked dhari as I was putting away his clothes in his closet)

Dhari: ba3ad shway

Me: tan6erny a5ale9 o abadel then u drop me off at al3noud’s ?

Dhari: sure

Me: mashkouuur (I shouted at him)

Dhari: 7ayaach

I arranged all his clothes back in the closet and left mine in the basket, then I got changed and we headed to Alanoud’s. He dropped me off and went to meet his friends.

I knocked on her apartment door once and she quickly opened it!

Me: chena u were waiting for me by the door (trying to act special)

Alanoud: laa bas knt by the counter and the door wasn’t that far lat9adgy nfsik

Me: a7eb shloon u keep trying to talk kuwaity * hug*

Alanoud: at least I’m trying “mu mthlich” u gave up on learning how to speak in Saudi Arabian accent

Me: it sounds so funny when I do !! a7s nafsy a nerd that doesn’t talk other than “lo’3a 3arabiya “

Alanoud: t9adgy 7abayt the Kuwaity way of talking…anyways lets watch a movie and o I’ll make popcorn and heat up water for macarooonii and cheese baby!

Me: wohoo yeah long time since w last saw a movie together! Ohh please this time no horror or I’ll be sitting on your lap by the end!

Alanoud: hahahahaha I’m in the mood for comedy/romance kinda movies

Me: suree!!

Alanoud: A Walk to Remember ? mnzmaan ma shfnah

Me: eee a7ebaa yallah! Bas aby a box of tissues please

Wondering why I need tissues oh then here I am telling you I am that kind of person that my eyes tear up a lot when those kinda scenes pop up. And if I ask for a tissue during the movie Alanoud would just kill me so why risk it ! get it myself and stay outa trouble :p

About an hour later after the movie had started and we’d eaten half of what we have. I got too tired that my eyelids shut down basically.

I was awakened when Alanoud tried helping me up I guessed that Dhari came to pick me up.

Me: I’m sorry babe I slept during the movie 9aa7?

Alanoud: ohh 3ady no big deal we’ll watch it again

Me: ok

I walked to the door and saw Dhari waiting by the elevator

Dhari: 9aba7 el 5air

Me: hehe 9aba7 el nour

We got in the elevator and out then into the car and he started the engine and tried reversing out of the car park he said…

Dhari: sara nazlay el kersy mn el buttons etha betnamin

Me: la maby anam bnkalm feda o farosi nesayt *I turned his direction&smiled then I pulled the car mirror down*

Omg I looked so hilarious my hair was all over the place and my eyes looked sleepy and funny. I looked t my wrist hoping that I have a hair rubber band. Wohoo I do have one actually. I braided my long black hair loosely and tied it.

Dhari: ya7lailich t3achfin 7ag nafsich

Me: eee wayed sahel mno may3aref :p * I looked at the digital car clock* ashwa esa3a 11:20 ya3ny ma9ar belail 3ndhom :p

Dhari: ee la yamdy

He parked we got down Dhari went to the trunk and brought a handbag with him.

I actually didn’t bother asking from where he got it but I didn’t like the feeling I got because when we got upstairs he took out clothes, which seemed like they were his and some of his underwear and put them on his bed.


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Heeey ;** I’m sorry inee I’m not posting bas mashoof comments! The more I see them the more I inee ashta6 o I post soo please share ur thoughts o let me see what you think about what’s going on soo far ;DOoo Enjoy ;*I don’t know if I should believe him…

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Good morrow to all and sundry! *wipes dust off of blog*I’m aware that I’ve said this many, many, MANY times before. *sadface*It’s been so bloody long, I’ve literally forgotten how to ramble. Surely that’s a sign leading to the impending apocalypse!My a…

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” so you’re telling me that he had the chance to kiss you but he decided..not to?”Sheikha asked Nouf slowly trying to analyze everything her dear friend had just told her with so much anger and frustration. ” jeez, that’s weird” Noura frowned. Nouf nod…

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Hellooo ;DDI miss my blog soooo much and i miss all of you guys!!Thank you those who have been in touch, and I promise that I will post one part of the story this month, even if it meant failing an exam or two ;p This is dedicated to all my readers and…

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*rinnnnnnnggggggg riiiinnnnnggggg*My peaceful sleep was interrupted with my damn alarm, i think it was time to change it to a more peaceful one, one that didn’t give me a heart attack with every ring.I looked at the time, 8:01am. Perfect, enough time t…

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*MR. DISHDASHA’S POINT OF VIEW*Shesemha ilbnaya?  em6ayra 3agly.I’ve never been the type of guy to fall in love with a girl from first sight. I mean, how could i fall for her? I dont know a thing about her, not even her name. I need to find a way …

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*MR. DISHDASHA’S POINT OF VEIW*The only reason i came today was because awal ma i2athen ilthiher, kint abe an6er ib sayarty ashoof itha she shows up or not. Ashwa ina i’m close friends with one of his nephews, so i have an excuse to stay there all day….

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Dedicated to C:*—————————-MR.DISHDASHA’S POINT OF VIEW:The funeral was very crowded mashallah. I remember ilmar7oom as a kid when me and my dad used to go to him bilsharika to say hi. He was such a sweet man, allah yer7uma, ma hagait …

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Jawa’s uncle was very sick. They had a very big family mashallah, very loving and caring. I would always go over to their family gatherings, i was really close. 3amy 3abdallah (her dad’s brother) was a very kind man and wasn’t married. Jawa was like th…

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5’7, tall with a slim body, dark brown, curly shoulder length hair, wide hazel eyes framed with thick long eyelashes outlined with thin paint brushed eyebrows, sun-kissed skin, cherry chin, and butterfly lips.. that Lujain, that’s me. The most importan…

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A person can’t service with a pain in his heart and I’m one of them. Pain is all over me, starting from my heart and spread to my lungs then my ribcage after comes my liver and stomach and passes through my large and small intestines and covers my both legs and my legs consists of thighs, knees, ankles, and toes. Then it goes back to my upper body.. My both arms and hands and fingers, then rises to my neck and up to my face, lips, nose, ears, eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, till my brown reddish short hair!! That’s the pain that makes me cry from the inside, instead of having tears on your cheeks, I have them under my eyelids. I truely feel sorry for my brain and I don’t blame him for going crazy an not think straight when I want him to!! But there is only one thing that I want to tell him… 
Dear brain and dear heart,
Thank you for not giving up on me, thank you for still focusing and understanding what I need and want, thank you for believing in me and digesting every shock I faced in my life. You my friends are doing a big favor for me, and that favor is something that not even my soulmate can handle!! What I’m trying to tell and explain to u is that I love u both and I’m proud to have u both in me!!       

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Read this:http://angryarabiya.blogspot.com/2011/04/letter-to-president-obama.htmlI strongly hope from the bottom of my heart that this letter does make a difference. I’m very doubtful, but I truly hope that I’m wrong. Sigh..Allah ykoon eb 3oo…

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Read this:http://angryarabiya.blogspot.com/2011/04/letter-to-president-obama.htmlI strongly hope from the bottom of my heart that this letter does make a difference. I’m very doubtful, but I truly hope that I’m wrong. Sigh..Allah ykoon eb 3oo…

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Sorry it’s been a while! Life’s been a bit too hectic! _______________________________________________

After that day at Sara and Bader’s it became a ritual. Go home. Do homework. Go to their house.

I was closer with them than ever. Especially Bader. It became the point where I have to stay more than 5 hours a day or something or I.. I don’t know I’ve never tried being away from him that much. I know, intense. Honestly, I had the time of my life with them even though all we do it talk and play. We were so comfortable with each other and knew each other so well that by the fifth month being that close we began finishing each other sentences. He was the big brother I never had. My friends kila yi6afrooni and tell me how perfect we are with each other but I guess the idea of him being my “older brother” stuck. And by that fifth month, I knew everything about him down to the kind of underwear he uses (weird conversation that was…), the fact that we both loved karaoke and also our deep love for alternative music.

Today was the last mid-term of this year; I walked in our house so smiley and happy because it was easy AND winter break’s finally here. I was about to walk in my room when my phone beeped.. I saw it and it was from Twitter indicating that someone mentioned me.

@Bader12: @MeznaAl KIDDD! Did you hear the news?

@MeznaAL: @Bader12 Nopppeee! Whats going onnnn?

@Bader12: @MeznaAL: Go find your parents then come over :D

I did as I was told. I walked in the living room and kissed my parents forehead.

“Haaa shisalfaa?”

“Ukhh mamidaaccchh yaya tis2ileeeen!”


“Inzain inzain haha, binsafir landan this winter break!”

“9IJ BABA!!!! AHHHH!!! Ya3nee bakoon ib landan on my birthday!!”

“Eeee 7abeebty”

“Bess laish Bader mishta6?”

“That’s the other best part”


“Their family is coming with us”

“YAAAAY WANASAAA!!! Thank you babbaaaa”

“Yallaaa roo7ay 3induhom”

“Thank youuuu”

Couldn’t believe it! Kint a7in 7ag London min bidayat il sina and now we’re finally going! WITH MY BEST FRIENDS!

*calling Kady*


“Hahaha hawwww shsawaaait!”

“Laish matdegeeeeen tiseleeeeeeeen?”

“Kady 7abeebti intay tawni shayfitich bil madrisa..”

“Haha fine! Whats the news Bader was talking about on twitter?”

“Yal stalker”

“Chub… Abi a3arif what the beautiful couple are saying”

“Cham mara agoolich! STOP CALLING US THAT”

“Well you guys are beautiful together… Even though you’re not together haha”


“Kafich.. don’t come to me in a few months telling me how much you love him cause I’ve been telling you for MONTHS now!”

“Metaphorically, METAPHORICALLY! If I like him IFFFF!!! Whats good that gonna do? Ill be depressed over the fact that we both will never be together.. SO WHAT GOOD IS THAT GONNA DO?”

“This is all metaphorical right?”


“Fine fine! Inzain whats the news?”

“Binsafir! Kilnaaa!!”

“As in you, Sara, Bader and the parentals? WHAT GIVESSSSS!!”

“I KNOOOOWW!!! Kady laish matiyeen ma3ana?”

“Ta7lifeen? T3rfeen my parents law shinuuuu!”

“Cant you trryyyy?”

“Mezna… haha chub:) wainicchh?”

“Im home!”

“Mara7 itro7een bait Saroon?”

“I’m going over there now”

“Hahaha saaayyy hi to lovvvaaaa booyyyyy!! OH LETS DO DINNER TOMORROW”

“Bader and I are friends.. nothing more and okaaay!”

“Mmmhmmm ok byeeee see you lovvvee!!”


I closed the phone, quickly ran to my room, changed my clothes and started walking over to Sara and Bader’s house.

@Bader12: @MeznaAl: get your ass dowwwnn here woman!

@MeznaAl: @Bader12: I’m walking over right noowwwww! 2 minutes!”

@SaraAl: @MeznaAl: YALLLA @Bader12’s KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god he started singing.. Get your stupid tanned ass here”

@MeznaAl: @Bader12: Kill my bestie and Ill kill yooouuuuu!!! IM WALKING THROUGH THE DOOOOORRRR!!! And @SaraAl you can’t deny your brother’s amazing voice!

@Bader12: Oh my god @MeznaAl is finally here… ALL IS GOOD IN THE WORLD!

@MeznaAl: @Bader12: Stop exaggerating I was half an hour late hahaha

@Bader12: @MeznaAl: Whatever…

“Did they tell you? Did they tell youuu?”

“Did I ever tell you how annoying you are?”

“Yeah but you love me anyways:)”

“Yeah you wish.. Haha yeah they did tell me!!!! IM SO FREAKIN EXCITED!” I yelled then punched his arm. The he have me one of his favorite looks.. the “wtf man?” look. Hahahaha hilarious!

“Dude? Whaaaaah?”

“HAHHAHAHA oh my god hahaha im dying”

“DUDE FINALLY! I thought he was gonna go insane!”

“Ullaa ullaa shd3waa!”

“I missed my girlfrienddddddd” I froze.

“What did you just call me?”

“Uhh what?”

“Did you just say girlfriend?” I’d be lying to say that my heart wasn’t skipping beats. Wtf? Wtf? Wtf? Whats going on?

“Oh you know.. a friend who’s a girl..? Wow I do not pull of ghetto talk do I?”

“haha,” I laughed nervously, “you don’t at all”

After that tiny awkward moment, we want to Sara and Bader’s parents and just hung out with them talking about the trip and how excited we were. I was talking animatedly to 3ami Jasim when I realized Sara and Bader weren’t in the room anymore, I excused myself and left the room and headed towards Sara’s room when I saw Sara whispering to Bader with a stern look on her face and he just look down with a sad smile.

I hid beside the door but I couldn’t hear what they were saying but all I did hear from Sara was, “you’re both idiots, maybe that’s why you’re also perfect for each other, c’mere” they she hugged him and they started walking towards me. Shit. I have to hide. Dammmiittt!! OOOHH THE PLANT! I hid behind the huge plant and all I can think about this moment is how awkward I must look. This is awesome.