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The post you’re about to read is dedicated to a new blogger, i’ve just been acquainted with her blog and I only read one of her posts, yet it has led me to write this one.Deema, here’s to you._____________I clench the necklace in my hand. Thinking, won…

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There you go as promised :D

Dhary: momkin tfahmeeny wain kentay?

Me: excuse me? Am I your sister? Daughter?

Dhary: jawbeeeny

Me: Malik sheghl

I said and walked past him to my room and before I could shut the door and lock it stopped me and pushed the door open

Dhary: laman akalmich yufathal ena mata36eeny thahrich o tamshin fahma?

I looked at him taken aback

Dhary: 9ij eny mu oboch wala o5och bs ley 7ag arakeb ta9arofatich el tafha

Me: laish enta rayly? * I gave him that look of sarcasm*

Dhary: SARAAA ! intay ga3da mny weyaah broo7ich! Gabl ghaaiiiir gabl e7na mawjodin ma3akom o en 5alainakom bn5aleekom degayeg mu sa3aat!

Me: He’s just a friend 7ala mn 7alik hatha ba3ad we don’t sleep in the same apartment methl ma ga3da asawy 7aleyan weyak!

Dhary: ana maddry entay shno shu3ooorich tejah Fahad o maaaby a3aref bss…

Me: bsss shno!

Dhary: bs haal ma95ara maby ashofha mara thanya!

Me: ay ma95ara hathy! Ag9aaha chay o enkaab !


Me: EEE ee la o ana bafham enta shtaby mny bthab6! Adry kesart 5a6rik o 3ayashtny 3endik and you took care of me and thankyou for that bs now I can live by my own!

Dhary: ek moshkila eny magdaar la2ana O5OOOCH mwa9eeeny 3alaiich ! *sigh *

That’s when I started tearing up and I realized that all of this was because Hamad’s last words were to Dhary and that he wanted him to take care of me since he’s gone…

He looked down at me and said…

Dhary: while I was doing all this for my best friend’s sister, I fell in love with her

I looked up at him covering half of my face, actually covering my smile and my tears, then he pulled my hands away to see my face. That’s when I started blushing

Me: hmm

Dhary: shno hmmmm mn9ijy tara

Then I opened the door pushed him out and locked it

I heard his laugh and heard footsteps walking away, I laid down on bed started thinking then I realized what happened and started jumping on the bed like crazy but I tried not to make any noise so he doesn’t hear my excitement. Then I ran to the toilet to take a shower, when I was drying my hair with my towels I heard knocks on my door.

Me: hala?

Dhary: ba6lay el baab… akalmich mn wara el bab mathaln?

I unlocked the door and peeked with my wet hair dangling

Me: yep?

Dhary: barid sheqety tamreen 3ala shay gabl la amshy?

Me: Mmmm shrayek tnaam eb dar 7amad? :D

Dhary: t5aafin ha? * wiggles his eyebrows*

Me: laa bas a5aaf 3alaik enta bro7ik mno ye6ba5lik :p

Dhary: eeee raag3aaay ;p 3ariif sowalfich ana ;)

Me: khalas kaifek Go sleep at your apartment ALONE

As I was about to close the door he pushed it open and came in


Dhary: bs dashayt ba3ad shno la2

I was only wearing a tank top and boxers… girly ones I mean, I quickly grabbed my baby blue robe and put it on!

I bit my lip and started looking left and right, my cheeks were best described as tomatoes!

Dhary: sta7aytay? ;)

Me: *whispered * No

And now my cheeks turn into a darker shade of red…

Dhary: btnaamin?

Me: I guess

Dhary: yala goodnight latagfelin bab darich it frustrates me ana bagfel bab el sheqa wamshy

Me: hmm ya3ny mara7 tnam hnee? * I asked disappointed*

Dhary: ze3altay ? khala9 khala9 banam hnee Bas elyoum!

Me: okay :)

Dhary: ga3deeny okay? Mu 3ala bo mesta7ya tkhaleeeny anam laih elyoum ely warah ;p

Me: heheh enshallah

I woke up the sound of my daily alarm, and then I washed my face, changed into a dress and fixed my hair. Then I went to Hamad’s room, which is now Dhary’s… I hesitated but then I took a deep breathe knocked on the door and went in.

Me: hmmm Dhary yala goum inta gtly aga3dik

No Answer… so I walked to the bed to see him shirtless deep in his sleep. He looked so innocent in his sleep that I felt bad for waking him up but he told me to do so.

I placed my hands on his bare arm and shook him slowly

Me: Dhary yala go—oummm

When I was about to say my last word he pulled me and suddenly I find myself on the bed on the other side.

Dhary: ana ga3ed mnzmaaaaaan * yawns*

Me: :O

Dhary: alaaaah 5oush shu3oor klyoum agoum walgach eb wayhy

Me: mashallah 7adik romancy ! (I said as I was about to get up)

Little did I know that he was going to pull me back again!

Dhary: ta3aalaay hnee wain ray7a!

Me: chethy t3aber 3an 7obik by breaking my bones! Aaaaah

That’s when he pulled me into a hug and squeezed me real tight

Dhary: o chethy ba3ad :D mmm enzain ma glteely entay mat7ebeeny?

Me: Mmmmm *my cheeks started turning redder by the second*

Dhary: sta7aat staa7aaat! *he said out loud *

Me: oushh latef’9a7na! *I covered his mouth with my hand *

Then he kissed that hand I used to cover his mouth with and said…

Dhary: sh-haal kash5a 7ag mno haa ? ;)

Me: kl mara aksha5 a9lan …enzain hedny fa8a9tnyy

Dhary: mu 3alay hasooowalif ;p.. many mhadich shbetsawin !

Me: yala goum bs 3aib mama ma ter’9a .. hahahhaa

Dhary: ya 7alat el mama o bnt-ha

I got up shyly and left him lying there in bed…

Suddenly Dhary started screaming from Hamad’s room while I shouted back

Dhary: swaaaiirr lebsaaaay OK! Baraygich bara

Me: ana labsaa enta goum ghasil o elbs

Dhary: lebsay shay e’3a6y hatha mu mal 6al3a….

Mmmm I seriously do not know what is wrong with what I’m wearing, it isn’t that revealing anyways but I think it’s because it’s sleeveless ! But I’m not going to turn something like this into a fight so I just changed into a pair of jeans, a cute top and wore my Vegan black and white toms.

I bumped into him as I was walking through my open door and thank god he didn’t comment.

care to comment?

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From previous comments I feel the need to write another post about my spiritual ideas. Please let me clarify, that I am not seeking help, please don’t try to fix me. I’m happy with who I am. Yes, I’m confused at times. But, who isn’t? Just because my r…

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and the scent of confusion escapes from my pores into the world.*sigh*I know how often people ask for answers, and I know that I have asked for them often. Of course, they’re still nonexistent. So, this leads me to think “what’s the point?”…i’m …

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So, this is the end of the road.Death.He’s gone; My uncle.Passed away on Friday.I read Quran to try and dampen the fire in his wife, and daughter’s hearts. Despite my beliefs, I knew his. So, he would want me to read Quran.When I used to read Quran, I …

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Finally, a new chapter…

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Hi readers. How’ve you been?How’s life?For those who’re fasting, hows the hot weather and the whole no water treating you?ma2joreen enshallaI wish every single reader Ramadhan kareem w 3sakum mn 3wada….again.heheEnjoy the post I just put up and I wou…

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MahaI look at the watch it was 9 a.m finally. I’ve been up since 3. Thinking whether or not I should tell my dad.I pick up my bbm. And I needed to talk to someone. I needed a third persons advice. So I decided to give adhwa a call. No answer.I got dres…

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So… All of you pray to god when you want a divine power to help someone in need that may be close to you.But, I think God is a Myth.So… all I can do is hope that my uncle receives whatever he wants- be it life or death.If you ask me, hopi…

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I’m so soo soo sorry for the extremly long wait ;$ I know I’m like the worst blogger!! you probably lost interest in this blog as well, but oh well, let’s continue…forgive me :*————————————————————————-…

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“I promise..”yet, that promise was broken.The biggest promise we should make, should be to ourselves. To remain humane, caring, and giving.Yet I find myself with people that couldn’t care less. Daily, i’m acquainted with these personalities.Why is it t…

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Hellooooo bloggers!

Okay i know i hadn’t posted since June! bas walah TAWNE m5al9a summer course ;( w i have to really work etha i want to graduate next year… ambai even the sound of it is scary! bas ana gilt 9ij i love this place w i love you guys …

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Good evening anonymous readers! This is just mee talking to myself! This is NOT part of the story! Bs 7adi mit7ab6a I really need to lose weight bs mo gadra shasawi!?!? I tried all the crazy diets bs I cant do them!! Ahli kelyoum i7noon 3alay w 3ayboon…

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The depth of the ideas that clustered onto each other; pinching and pricking one another. The contradictions that ideas face. Ideas are deep in meaning, yet perfect in their simplicity. A mere thought develops into an idea. “Think for yourself,” and “Think outside the box” are common sentences that are intwined with the thought process in which ideas should develop from. I thought in such a great depth about these ideas, just the idea of an idea. The deep concept behind that. I look around, in this brutal world and all I see are annoyances. Annoyances that may be fixed with ideas. So why, you may ask, do people not fix the world with their ideas? The answer to that question is within every individual. That, my dear reader is something you should contemplate. Is Newton smarter than you? He merely saw an apple and the moon. From observing the fall of the apple he had an idea, he tested it, and voila, gravity. Do apples and a moon not exist in your world? So, why have we made it a nuisance to think? 
This post is dedicated to Lord Aymz, since he’s the only reason I sat down to write it.

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This post is for my anonymous reader S!Enjoy! xxp.s short post——————————–Yara + Mi7senYara: haa wain benroo7? Prime & Toast ?Mi7sen: laah, ib9ara7a bs kint abi akalmich..Yara: 3an? tara i forgive you for what you did :)Mi7sen: …

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She sat thinking- contemplating. How is she to find the truth? Is she the only person seeking it, or are there others in the same place as she is? She lit her cigarette, and inhaled. The intensity that was in her being had disappeare…

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This post is dedicated to TSKuwaitienjoyy! xxp.s its kinda short.————————Tala: akhhh rasi i3awerniii*Tala had just woken up in an unfamiliar bed, she covered her eyes due to the bright lights above her. She looked to the right & saw…

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Mbaraaak 3alaikom ilshahaaaar my lovely readers!!! Shloon awal youm 9yam weyakom??new post coming SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.  :*********