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[30 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on eff or bee (22) | 1 views]

SUPER LONG ONE!ENJOY !JUICY .. PARTS… :PSO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINKA few months passed by, winter was gone and spring rolled in. JawaI woke up and looked next to me, emptiness. My husband wasn’t here he was in training in Khobar or Rub3 al khali o…

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[25 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on This time I blame you.. | 1 views]

 I miss living abroad… I miss the feeling when I didn’t fit in. When I felt individual. When I felt special.I miss the desire to explain things about my country to random strangers when they ask me where i’m from.Or, the true feeling of independ…

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[24 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Add Insult to injury. | 1 views]

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[23 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on I’m falling… | 1 views]

….I fell.

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[22 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on |emˈbrās| | 1 views]

I sit here embracing the depth of the reality I foresee. Will it happen?Won’t it happen?Thinking of the myths I had been told and the fictional characters that I believed to be true..Is it good, or bad?May I even refer to it as an “it”?Implying it…

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[22 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on addictions | 3 views]

“Addiction is the hallmark of every infatuation-based love story. It all begins when the object of your adoration bestows upon you a heady,hallucinogenic dose of something you never even dared to admit that you wanted- an emotional speedball, perhaps, …

It's all about me, X and I »

[20 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on مزاج اليوم | 1 views]

So we met, and I have to say I had a really good time. She was a bit tense at first, and a little reserved, as though waiting to see how I will treat her first. I was very casual and wouldn’t let my despise of her husband affect my relation with her. So after all, it all went well.

The problem is with every success, there will be a price to pay. X has chosen a path that he loves, and managed to buid himself a career away from his family’s name and business. His father couldn’t be more proud, and so am I.

لا تُقذَف بالأحجار إلا الأشجار المثمرة
That’s what I tell him ..
All he has to do is wait it out, and I know Allah ma ra7 ethaye3 lah ta3ab :-)


مزاج اليوم

حب و روقاان

Enjoy ;*

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[19 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Insignificance of holding back. | 1 views]

The smile hasn’t left my lips in a while.. In four days, to be precise.I’ve been called emo before, and sad, and frustrated, and, and, and, and….But, at this moment in time, I can say i’m genuinely happy.See, I know I was typing up posts mumbling abo…

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[19 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on T.J.G. CHAPTER 11 | 1 views]
School, Lunch Break… 

The school’s cafeteria was filled with noises of students talking, dishes cluttering, and chairs being dragged around. In the middle of the cafeteria area is where the Jiggy Girls usually sit.

“Hi guys” Rachel sat on their table. “Oh hi Rachel” replied Stacey.

“Guys, did any of you see Mally today?” Ammy wondered. “No” Rachel, Chester and Stacey replied.

“Weired!” Ammy continued “She was fine yesterday but didn’t see her in class today”

“Maybe she was talking to Justin all night” Stacey joked. They all laughed then Chester leaned on Stacey and whispered ” I wanna talk to you all night or maybe do something more” Stacey blushed and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“Check it out” Rachel said to the group. They all turned and saw Jesse waiting in queue at the food corner. Then Leo came with his tray and sat next to Ammy. “Hi sweetie” he said and gave her a kiss.

She asked him ” Did you see Jesse?”. “Yeah, we talked” he answered.

“Really man?” Chester asked “How is he?”

“OK i guess, but he didn’t get out of his house the whole weekend” Leo answered and took a bite from his sandwich. Then Rachel waved at Jesse to join them, and he came “Hi everybody” Jesse greeted them and sat next to Rachel.

“Hi Jesse” Stacey replied “How are you? Where’ve you been?”

He looked at her and said “Sorry if I’ve made you worry about me but I’m fine now” then Rachel said “Good to hear that ’cause we missed you and we don’t get to see you around lately”

“Well..” Jesse said “Here I am”

“Seriously man” Chester said to Jesse “If you need anything name it, alright?”

“Thanks dude. I really appreciate it” answered Jesse.

Molly’s House 6:00 PM …

Mrs. Black heard some knocking on the door, she went to open it. “Oh hi Ammy, Leo. Please come in”. “Hi Mrs. Black” Leo Smiled politely.

“Molly is in her room with your friends.” Said Mrs. Black. Then Ammy and Leo went upstairs.

Stacey was setting on Molly’s bed holding her hand. And Chester was setting on a chair next to her while Nikita was standing near the window.

“Sweetie!!” Ammy rushed in and hugged Molly. “Hey Ammy” she said hugging her back.

“I heard what happened last night. How are you?” Ammy asked in a concerned tune. “I’m still a bit shaky but I think I’m alright.” Molly answered.

Then Lucey and Rachel entered the room hurriedly and hugged Molly. “They told us what happened!” they both said in a shock.

“It’s ok girls, I’m fine. Honestly.” She said to them and attempted to smile to prove it.

“Tell us how it happened exactly” Chester asked Molly.

She straightened up on the bed and asked everyone to set down. Then she went on “I was sleeping after our meeting yesterday. Then some cat fight woke me up. I went to the window to see what’s going on. Then I turned my back for a sec…” Molly paused and looked at the window, then continued ” And there it was, the blood covering the window. It was awful”

“Oh my god!” Lucey said, shocked.

“The scariest part is” Molly said “That ugly big black cat just sitting there, biting the other cat by its neck. It actually killed the poor cat!! It was disgusting. “

“Hold on for a second” Nikita interrupted “How on earth did the black cat managed to climb all the way up to your window that fast while carrying the dead cat with it?!!”

“I don’t know!!” replied Molly with a concerned look on her face.

Then Leo asked “Excuse me, but is it just me or… ” he looked at Chester “do you remember any meeting yesterday?”. “No!” he replied “why?”

“Because I don’t remember either! Hmmm, what’s going on girls?” Leo looked to the Jiggy Girls “What was this secret meeting that we don’t know about?”

Then Ammy looked at Stacey to give her a hint on what she could say to him. But Stacey couldn’t say anything.

“Leo” Nikita said “We tried to resurrect Angel’s spirit yesterday to help us know what happened to her but it didn’t work.”

Then Ammy said quickly “The reason we didn’t tell you boys is because we didn’t want you to get into trouble…”

“COOL!” Leo interrupted. “TOTALLY!” said Chaster in amusement. Ammy looked confused cause she didn’t see that coming.

“But you should have told us anyways. We could have helped” Leo said. ” I’ll make it up to you” Ammy teased and kissed him.

“Get a room!” Rachel frowned at them.

Then Lucy said “I think it’s time to go. We should let Molly get some rest”. Then she looked at Molly and asked “Are you going to school tomorrow? ” Molly nodded, and they all left.


Life is a Big Circus, X and I »

[18 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Testing .. | 1 views]

Testing , testing

*taps on mike*

Can you hear me ,, ??
Are there ppl still reading this ??

Testing testing 1 2 3 ..


الفترة اللي فاتت انشغلت حيل بمشروع جديد شجعني عليه اكس
وبفضل ربّي انفتحت لي بيبان كثيرة وتيسرت كل الأمور وبديت أحصد ثماره ولله الحمد

لكن بالمقابل، اكس بدا يواجه مشاكل بالشغل
بالبداية حاولوا المنافسين له استقطابه للعمل معاهم، ولما رفض حاولوا الاستيلاء على مشروعه، ولما ما قدروا صاروا يشوشرون على شغله

حبيبي أهوا وايد يحب شغله ويبدع فيه، لكن حاليا مو قاعد يجيب له إلا الضيق والهم
حسبي الله عليهم ونعم الوكيل


I was out with X when I got this phone call:

Aloo Glitter, wainich yal ga63a? mn ziman 3annich
Hala 7abibti. Sorry wallah I was very busy. Intay shloonich? Walhana 3alaich jad

Khooosh damich walhana 3alay, let’s meet this Thursday for brunch. That’s te reason I called aslan. Amal suggested it and asked me to call so we can all get together
Amal !! Baaiih shakhbarha?? It’s been years since I last saw her

Ee yallah 3ad esh geltay, Thursday morning ok for you?
Sure, but where?

360, Life with Cacao @ 11am
Done. See you then inshaAllah

I hang up with a smile.

Who was that? ” X asks .
That was Sara, asking me to go out with her and Amal next Thursday

Amal ?? Who’s Amal ?
Amal al Flani, an old friend from school whom I haven’t seen for ages. Etsaddig she was the one who suggested we sit together. Ya7lailha wallah feeha alkhair

X stops and looks me dead in the eye..

What?? What’s wrong ?? ” I say.

Mo ma3qool, don’t you know?? .. This Amal is the wife of Flan elFlani- the guy who approched me, the guy who’s responsible for all my troubles at work !

I gasp ..
I hadn’t realised ..
I know who Amal’s married to, but I never connected the dots ..

And my earlier smile turns upside down!


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[15 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Teenage Dream 8 | 1 views]


I am so so so sorry for not posting anything these past months! I finally found the folder! I just have to rewrite a few pages again :’) you guys have no clue how awesome it feels to be back! Anyways I wanted to ask your suggestions about the title, stick to Teenage Dream or change it to Teenage Crime? and now onto the new chapter:D


Two morning’s later, we met each other in the airport at 10 p.m. Being an only child traveling was never THAT fun because I had no one my age with me. Now? My best friends are with me.. Well half of them! I tried convincing Kady the night before but she didn’t budge; one I hated the fact that I was leaving her here alone and second she wasn’t gonna be here at my birthday which sucked.

When I was younger, the day before my birthday, someone we were close to passes away. It was my grandfather on my 7th, my mom’s best friend on my 10th, my dad’s aunt on my 12th and so on. So I learned to never appreciate it. Birthdays suck and ever since the last two years my friends tried to make my birthdays unforgettable which they amazingly did. I don’t know it felt weird not having Kady around.

When we got in the plane, we all started to sit in our assigned seats. My parents together, behind them were Sara’s parents and two rows behind Bader and Sara sat AND I was just three rows behind them sitting with one of the most beautiful British man I have ever seen. He sat in the aisle seat and my seat was the window so the situation was a wee bit awkward.

“Hey, im sorry but..”

“Is that your seat?”


“Oh im sorry” He gave me a sweet smile and got up to make it easier for me to go in.

“Its okay, awe thank you”

“Its no problem”

After sitting down and getting myself comfortable, I noticed the dude was trying to hold in his laughter in. I cocked my eyebrow at him and he nodded his heard towards the stewardess standing right in front of us. It took me a while but I finally saw it, her shirt was ridden up so high I swear her underwear KILA yibayin. I looked at the guy and we started laughing our asses off. Every time we calm down, one of remembers and laughs again which causes the other person to laugh. Finally after a short while, we pulled ourselves together, introduced ourselves (isma Jesse) and started small talking.

“Are you going to London alone?”

“No, I’m with my family and friends… speaking of..” I pointed at Bader who was getting up from his seat with his back to the aisle. That was stupid move because as he walked back he hit the stewardess who dropped the food in her hands. He kept apologizing and helped her pick up the food frantically, obviously freaking out. I laughed at his nervous state.

“I’m guessing he’s one of your friends?”

“Haha proud to say he is” He laughed and looked at Bader who was now coming towards us with a freaked out face.

“Im glad my suffering amuses you”

“Haha you love me”

“Sure I do”

“What are you doing back here?”

“What? Can’t a grown man visit his best friend?”

“A grown man would never say best friend and darling it’s been 20 minutes since the plane has taken off”

Jesse laughed at our bickering.

“Oh, Bader Jesse, Jesse Bader”

They said their hellos and started talking about stupid business crap so I blocked them out. Somehow I found myself staring at Bader. I stared at the way his lips moves when he speaks and how when he laughs his eyes wrinkle in the sides. The way when he speaks with a person, he’s giving them their undivided attention. The way he likes to move his hands or puts one of his hands on his chest when he says something he’s really passionate about.

“Take a picture it’ll last longer”

“Asshole haha tana7t”

He was about to say something when the stewardess came behind him and asked him to take his seat because the seat belt sign was on which he did. After seeing that Bader was in his seat Jesse turned to me and told me something that really caught me off guard.

“Are you guys together?”


“You’re in love with him, I mean you look like you are” he told me in a matter to fact voice.

“Oh no no no no no no no no.. Noo haha no no no uhh no?”

“So I’m guessing no?”

“No, wait no I mean yeah.. I…”


“No, hes my best friend. I love him but I’m not in love with him”

“Why don’t you look certain saying that?”

“He’s my best friend”

“That doesn’t mean you cant fall in love with him”

“I… I’m not”


“My religion and that fact that it’s Bader”

“You never know..”

We both sat there quietly; me lost in my own thoughts him laughing at me serious face.

“So wanna change the subject?”

“Haha yes please”

We talked for hours. He’s 24, an architect but aspiring musician. Loves to read and mountain climb; has a girlfriend back in London who’s waiting for him to finish work so they can travel the world together. All in all, he was a pretty rad guy. It was around one when my eyes started getting droopy so Jesse told me to sleep. Yet I was always the kind of person who doesn’t sleep on planes so I just rested my head on the window with my eyes closed. I heard someone come next to me, I was gonna open my eyes when I heard Bader’s voice.

“Is she asleep?”

“Yeah man she is”

Then I heard nothing, I thought he left but I heard Jesse clear his throat and say, “dude you’re whipped

“Nahh it isn’t that bad”


“Haha shut up”

“Are you gonna do anything about it?”


“Why not?”

“Too soon I guess”

HAHAHAHA I had no clue what they were saying and for some reason that is hilriouuuus. I felt someone sit on the floor in front of us (we had a lot of space) and I peeked through one eye and it was Bader. I accidently smiled WHICH got me caught. Bader laughed, got up, kissed my forehead and started tickling me lama gal bess. I diiieeedddddd!!! I tired my best not to laugh out loud so the other passengers wouldn’t wake up but I couldn’t help it! After the torture was finally done, I punched Bader.

“Dude, what the hell was that?”


“I hate yooouu :)”


I just shook my head and blushed a little at his stare.

“So Jesse, you sing?”

“Oh yeah man, mostly alternative..”

“You know Mezna can sing..”

“Shut itttt Bader!!”

“You can sing?”

“A little bit, not really good though..”

“She’s being modest, she’s amazing”

“What about you? Your voice is incredible!”

“You can both sing?.. I think its safe to say that I have never met anyone like you both…”

We laughed and talked about music and how much Bader and I loved it and Jesse talked about some shows he’s done in the past. Before we know it the seatbelt sign was on and Bader had to go back to his seat. We sat there in silence as the plane went down. He got up took his bag down and handed me mine.

“You know you and Bader should come to one of my shows, we have one next week. I want you guys to meet Anna.. I know she’ll love you guys”

“Yeah for sure, you have my number, text me the date and time.. We’ll be there”

He gave me a hug and waved at Bader who was standing 20 feet away with the family and left. I walked over to the family.

“Ya7laila he invited us to one of his shows..”

“Ohhh ohhh Meznaaaa’s in love”

I stared at Bader with the straightest face. He cleared his throat and I just punched him in the arm and walked towards our parents who were all laughing.

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[11 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on An Award for being Lovely? | 1 views]

Man, I haven’t done one of these in ages. First of all, thank you Deema. <3 Alright, so I suppose I’m supposed to share 7 facts about myself?1. To me, the most annoying thing is ignorance, and lack of logic. Aggravating!2. I’m a coffee add…

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[8 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Once upon a lie 26 | 1 views]

To all my lovely followers and anonymous readers, am so sorry for not posting as often as i used to but i’ve been having some eye problems that prevented me from using my laptop as often ;( but am, fine 3ade it’s not that big! am so sorry guys i really…

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[8 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Meant to Be (part 44) | 1 views]

Hey ;DAdry, adry :pI’m sorry bas I needed the break is all I can say.. Thank you killikum, your comments and emails mean A LOT! Please aby a3arf if you want me to continue the story till like part 50 .. Or taboony a5ale9ha bser3a in like 2 parts?short …

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[8 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on Once upon a lie 25 | 1 views]

Okay the WEIRDEST thing happened! a5er marra knt msawya post eb my phone w madry enna en7a6 published!!!! so sorry guys walah! bas 7ata ma 7a6ait el takmela ;s

Here it is and am SO SORRY for the mix up!!
Love you all! my 109 Followers and my anonymous readers! ;* enjoy
P.S. Ymkin short shwayya bs la2ana takmilat 24, kanaw el mafrooth 1 post
P.S.S to make up for my mistake am making another post RIGHT now and am gonna post it for you

“ Yeah but I’ll need some help.. I don’t DO shopping “

“ Fine I’ll go with you after lunch, I’ve got experience”

I stared at him wide eyed

“ Back when I had an actual girl to shop for, rakkiz! “

I laughed “ What happened 9ij?”

“ I don’t wana talk about it “

I would’ve pushed it even more, but he sounded serious and angry.. so I just dropped it “ So here we come DYNAMITE!!” I shouted to lighten up the mood and he smiled

“Hathy 7ilwa..” i held out a Swarovski necklace with a small crystal heart, it was beautiful. I imagined it on her, reflecting her dark hair and eyes and I quickly had the urge to buy it

“ Yeah that one’s nice” 3bdallah agreed

“ Baby!” I suddenly answered the phone, terrified! Hoping she didn’t see me.. I laughed nervously when I realized she was at home “ Ee ana m3a 3baid.. eheh.. ee adeg ana b3dain” I sighed after I shut the phone

3baid was looking at me up and down” 5ebel ent 5ebel?! Shfeek dageen 3alaik amn el dawla?!! Shfeek 5ayif? “

“ Ent chub la a5aleek tred eb taxi “

He rolled his eyes

I was so excited the next day, I couldn’t wait to see her. I couldn’t wait to give her the present. I took a long shower, got dressed in the newest shirt I bought from La Martina yesterday (3baid’s idea ofcourse) and was ready to go

“ Hey you..” She said into the phone, but she sounded muffled

“ Babe what’s wrong? “

“ Nothing.. nothing just umm.. can.. I know today’s is super important and I know we’ve been waiting for it but.. can we do it some other time?”

My heart sank, I was disappointed but mostly scared, what was up?

“ S-sure of course whatever you want, but can you at least tell me what’s wrong?”

“ No don’t worry walah it’s okay.. I just need to go with my father to do something and it might take a while”

“ I’ll wait for you, any time you’re ready boo” I said holding the phone tighter to my ear, hoping she’d still come

“ It’s just..” She wanted to say something I knew it” Just not today Wahhabii..” The way she said my name while she breathed into it, it was like something was aching in her, like she was hurting

“ Whatever you want” I said worriedly

“ Okay.. I’ll talk to you later” she said and quickly hung up

I was worried sick, but hoped for the best

“ She WHAT?!” 3baid said into the phone

“Al7een ana ele 9ayer fene, ent shaku met2azem?”

“ whayyib el necklaaace wel T-shiiirt, hal wagt kina ngdar nro7 n6ali3 feh el mbarat!”

“ Chub el mbarat ma3yooda, w b3dain ent ele ‘3a9ib btyee, elmohim.. wainik ent ana bamer 3amoor el dwaniya dam mako anniversary”

“ Ee yalla ana bas rayi7 achayik 3ala maw3ed el waled el sboo3 el yay.. wayeekom enshallah”

“ Mashy 9ar”

3baid walked into the hospital, said hello to a few people at the register and checked in to arrange the appointments for his dad

“ No I told you I don’t need this, no! swair it’s a bad idea “ 3baid heard someone say behind him, he took a quick glance behind him then looked again

What the-

IT was Shaikha! What was this?

A girl was playing around with the wheelchair and Shaikha was sitting on it, she was mad.. VERY mad. The girl was fooling around and Shaikha didn’t want to be seated in there he could tell

“ Sara my dad is waiting “ She said, she suddenly met the eyes of 3baid then she flinched, quickly looking away

Her friend turned away and quickly disappeared into the hospital

He shook his head, she couldn’t have possibly skipped her anniversary to come play on a hospital chair .. But didn’t Wahab say she worked in some sort of clinic? Maybe she was working.. or maybe she was here with someone and was goofing around out of boredom..She didn’t look sick, did she?

3baid shook those thoughts away, he only saw her for a split second.. plus, she will surely explain it later to Wahab.. He didn’t have the right to talk about this. Maybe it was personal, or maybe she would tell all to Wahab later.

He left the hospital and washed those thoughts way, heading straight to 3ammar’s house.

While all the guys were sitting there, Wahab’s phone rang and he took it outside. 3baid smiled knowing it was Shaikha.. “ Good, “ He thought, “ It’ll all be cleared out to him now, it’s none of my business”.

Wahab got back and sat next to him” Soo” 3baid winked “ Was it her?”

He smiled widely” Yea.. she just got caught up.. We’re meeting next weekend for sure”

3baid smiled” Cool, Yalla shabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab!!” He suddenly shouted “ Kout bo 6!! “ wahab smiled and jumped in to join the circle

The following week seemed to have taken forever to come. AbdulWahab was more than excited to see his girl again..

“ Whayyib tge6ny 3ala sayarty? Ga6ha 3nd bait 7mayin ams..”

“Yalla mashy, goom bs la nt2a5ar “

While the boys drove , listening to Mu6rif’s sweet tunes Wahab suddenly shouted “ KART!!”

“ Huh? “ 3baid wondered

“ 3baid kart! Ma sharaitlaha kart!!”

“5arra3tny allah yil3an ebleees!!!! E9fe6 e9fe6 yam Markaz sil6en Salwa”

“ Yalla degeega w yay!” He left the engine running, and 3baid stayed in the car

Abdullah laughed, the girl got his cousin sprung ..

3baid was glad Wahab seemed so happy.. after all he’s been through 3 months ago, no one would recognize him now..

He was the scariest guy, a very dark sense of humor.. most people looked away when he passed them! They were too afraid he’d start a fight.

Now he was different, he seemed calm and collected.. he seemed HAPPY. He laughed and joked and his face got it’s color back.. 3bdallah was glad.. he actually wanted to thank Shaikha . She must be some girl to have did all this.

The door was opened and closed so fast making the noisiest sound ever, it was like a rock being broken

“ Woah woooow! What up dude?!!” 3baid said

Wahab didn’t talk, he just pushed the gas pedal as hard as possible, making the car SQUEACK in the process

“ whayyib shway shway shfeek ga7a9t?!! yannait??!!!”

Wahab didn’t seem to be with him at the moment

“ Whayyib! Shfeek?!” 3baid repeated

“ It’s her..”

“ WHAT?! Who? Shaikha? “

“ It’s her.. the girl I was telling you about..”

3baid was confused.. then he quickly remembered “ Oh no.. not that girl again.. “

Wahab seemed determined, he was following her

“ Whayiib la tyin! Shaikha na6retek 5al hathy twally goom roo7 7g el bnt”

Wahab didn’t answer him

“ Whayyib.. shfeek ya5ook 5alha twally shfeek..”

3baid saw that scary looking face again, there was NO talking him out of anything.. Wahab was PISSED

“ GODDD!!!” HE suddenly shouted, I” lost her!”

“ Wahab! Ge6ny bser3a w goom roo7 7g el bent! Ent yannait?! Shfeek? 5alha twally yuba shal salfa ele mo ra’6ya t5ali9? “

Wahab calmed down again, he seemed to realize what he was doing

“ You’re right.. am sorry I didn’t know what’s gotten into me” he slowly said

“ It’s not me you should apologize to.. it’s nearly 8 your girl is waiting “

Wahab looked at the clock, he looked broken.. he quickly picked up the phone and called her. Luckily she had just arrived at the restaurant and he just finished dropping 3baid off

“ Go get her dog “ 3baid punched his cousin “ and DRIVE , el tag7eeee9 el sa3a 9 3nd bara7at 7mayin bacher mo elyoom! soog wely y3afeek roo7 7g el bnya “

He laughed and drove off

When he finally arrived, he saw Shaikha wearing a light silver blouse with small crystal beads all over it and very long flowy white trousers, she looked like magic .. and the necklace would go great with it.

What the hell was I thinking?, Wahab wondered, She smiled when she saw him approach and he smiled back

How could I leave THIS waiting for me?.. He thought mesmerized by her, The waiter closed the door of their private table and he slowly sat beside her, she was still smiling shyly, when wahab looked deeper into her eyes, she looked away “ Am sorry “ He said gently

“ For what? I didn’t wait long..” She told him

“ Am just sorry “ He whispered to her again and she grinned at him

He was in love.

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[5 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on LOVEJERSEY FANS! | 2 views]

Hello, How are you my beloved readers. School & universities are about to commence!LOL! back to school shopping must be done. Umm, hope you a great and easy year, filled with A’s and Gold stars!So to the main point of this post! Well, I’ve had so m…

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[5 Sep 2011 | Comments Off on i missed you | 1 views]

“I missed you” 

That was it. 

Three words. 

Three words was all it took. 

And just like that, her whole world came crashing down.

The whole fort that she had been building for years fell apart along its circumference; the building bricks that she made from the shattered pieces of her heart tumbled piece by piece onto the floor. The hard cement that she made by mixing her pride and tears together was liquefied in an instant, flowing undermeath her feet like a river. Even the sturdy pillars that she built out of pain -aching constant pain that was still there after all this time….even those she watched collapse right before her eyes. 

Her whole world came crashing down. 

And in less than a split second, her pride was being washed away with tears of joy  – the same tears of joy that were washing away her pain. In less than a split second, an overwhelming sense of relief that she hasnt felt for years, made it way to the broken pieces of her heart, trying to glue them back together. 

But it wasnt that simple. The damage was too extensive this time. 

Far beyond repair. 

The pieces were too small. The tears were too big. 

The damage was too extensive. 

“7abeebty?” he asked worried. She was quiet, almost in a state of trance as far as he was concerned. He saw that in her eyes, she had gone to a world miles and miles away. But he had been gone too long now to know her well enough and know what she was thinking. 

Seeing that his voice didnt grasp her attention, he reached for her hand. 

His skin touching her sent an electric sensation that she had been longing for. Suddenly, his warmth was radiating through her skin, feeding her heart, her mind and her soul..the same soul she would have happily sold the remains of to the devil, if it would have eased the pain she went through after what he had done to it. 

And through the rush of memories that his touch brought back, through the days in the garden and nights on the beach, through sneaked kisses and hushed phonecalls, through the life that they planned together, the only thing that was vividly imprinted in her mind was, not how it never happened, but why it never happened. 

And that memory was still as fresh and as painful as the day it happened. Infact, it was so painful that his touch now felt like a broken piece of glass piercing through her palm. She looked down at her palm that was now bleeding pain, and looked back deep into his eyes…into his soul. 

She saw genuine sorrow. She saw deep regret. She saw promises of how he will rectify things. 

But shining the most brightly of all these things, she saw longing and yearning…and lots of love. An amount that she had never seen before…so much so that it was pouring out of his eyes. 

And that drew a smile on her face, as she squeezed his hand. Her smile sent an overwhelming amount of joy to his heart, which reflected as beams of hope and dreams and promises on his face. 

But only for mere seconds. 

After she squeezed his hand, she softly put it down on the table between them.

Then, she watched his puzzled face as she let go of his hand and, still smiling, got up…..and walked away. 

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One word: Love.

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Aloha! adri adri 7addii 6awalt 3alaikom bas i was too busy in a weird way. weird 9a7? :p3eedkom mbarak w ta8abal Allah 6a3atkom mo2akharan, i3tabraw hal post 3eediyya minni ;pShlon L 3eed ma3akom? This post goes out to all my readers!Enjoy :D……Pre…

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Almost 3 am, and all I can do is busy myself with cleaning my room.I open my jewelry drawer and find that it is as if there had been a mini-hurricane that took place inside it. Gold tangled with silver. Necklaces tangled with bracelets. So, I deci…