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[30 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on i… Sharon… The Nanny… *14* | 1 views]

“Tell me what happened!” Reema asked in excitement. “he apologised,” ‘3zlan replied. “wai3 i know he did. Abe details!! Did you kiss?!””Reemo shhal 7ache! No he just came to me bil swimming pool, he said he missed me everyday…””aaawwwww””….he apol…

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[30 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on i… Sharon… The Nanny… *13* | 1 views]

She turned around and found him approaching her. She looked away, she didnt want to face him. “hi,” he said. She didnt say anything. He stayed quite for a few minutes. “I miss you every single day” She kept quite, while she was burn…

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[24 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on I’ll be Okay | 2 views]

I never failed doing anything, I was always that “lucky” person. As hard as it gets sometimes I always pull through. I always stay strong. I always work it out. I didn’t do it to hurt you…I did it because i had to. I know it seems hard to unders…

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[23 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on Figment From My Minds Eyes. | 1 views]

He pulled me into his arms, he was tall enough for my head to be placed exactly on his chest when I hugged him, hearing every beat of his heart. “I love you,” I sighed, and hugged him tighter. Then suddenly the warm feeling escaped and I was filled wit…

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[20 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on Teenage Dream 9 | 1 views]

Hope you guys like this one! I wrote this a few months ago oo ma9adig how cheesy I am when writing. ilmushkila I’m really not in real life! Quite the opposite actually lol, anyways feedback is always appreciated! thank you x


The next few days were pure bliss. I got really closer with Bader if it’s even possible. We spent most of our time together because our dads golfed a lot and our mothers and Sara shopped most of the time. I would usually be with them its just I wanted to devote this trip on living, going places I’ve never been to, instead of going through department store to department store with legs that have seen much better days. So Bader and I decided to go around London without planning anything. Just do whatever comes to mind.

But he’s sick. I mean he had a really sore throat and a cold on the first two days but he does look much better; the only thing wrong with him is that he lost his voice, not entirely though which means that I get to hear him talk in a deep, husky voice. I’m not complaining. He sometimes has to repeat things twice for me to actually concentrate on the conversation… thank you god…

Currently, I am screaming my head off, jumping off a bridge, hugging Bader. Confused? Let me rewind just a few hours. It is 1:00 p.m and we are eating breakfast at this cheap looking diner in one of the many tiny streets in London.

“So, what do you want to do today?”

“I don’t know..”

We sat there in silence awkwardly looking at each other.

“So, this is fun..”


We sat there for a few more seconds..

“Oh I know what you are doing..”


“You’re doing that defeated look of yours so I can agree to your first idea!”

“Ugh, what? No, wait, no.. okay maybe”


“COME ON BADER! You spent most of the first night here explaining to our parents how we’re supposed to live!”

“Yes, LIVE! Not die!!”

“It’s bungee jumping Bader, it’s not like I’m ramming myself on walls repeatedly! And stop being selfish! Sara told me you did it before..”

“I did.”

“Why wont you let me do it?”

“I don’t want you to get hurt”

The way he said it would put Johnny Depp to shame… I involuntarily blushed.

“I can take care of myself Bader..”

“Believe me, I know you can”

“Haha so that settles it! Bungee jumping at 3! We’ll go to the music store down the street until then”

I got up and waited outside as he paid for our breakfast. A guy, maybe in his early 20’s, walked towards me with a smile on his face.


My knee’s really weakened at the sound of his deep, British accent.


How are you?”

“I’m very well thank you, and you?”

“Ah, you know, good”

“Uh, that’s good.. Im sorry but do I know you?”

“No, but a beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be standing outside alone on a day like this..”

“A day like this?”

“Oh you know, beautiful and warm..? haha sorry I just wanted an excuse to talk to you..”

Gleam in this eye, flirtatious look. Shit, he’s flirting with me. Don’t blush. Don’t blush. Don’t blush. Shit, I blushed.

“Actually, I’m not alone. My friend is inside and I’m just waiting for him”



He asked me about where I’m from and about my vacation, places I visited during my stay and he talked about what he does, his family and stuff. After a few minutes, Bader walked out and looked at me with a smile, but it faded when he saw the guy.

“Minu hatha?”

“Bader this is.. sorry I didn’t catch your name.”

“Steven, my name’s Steven”

“My name’s Mezna and this is Bader, my best friend”

“Nice to meet you”

“Yeah, same, listen sorry man but we gotta go..”

“How bout you go ahead and Ill come in a few minutes..”

He looked at me for the longest time but soon nodded his head and walked away.

“Are you sure you’re not together?”

“Yeah, he’s just a friend why?”

“It’s just the way he looks at you and the way he eyed me just now..”

“He’s protecting me”

“Protection huh? He was ready to rip my head off”

“Hahaha that’s Bader for ya… Well I gotta go..”

“Yeah, before he get’s a heart spasm”

“Haha it was nice meeting you Steven”

“You too Mezna, good luck on everything”

“Thank you, bye!”


I walked away towards the music shop.

“Wait, Mezna!”

I turned around to see Steven jogging towards me.

“I’m not trying to get to you or anything but here’s my number, we’ll do something as friends I promise. Bring Bader if you want, we’ll hang out”

“Haha sure, see you Steven!”

I waved at him and walked into the store and saw Bader fidgeting in front of the guitars.



He smiled but looked away towards the guitar.

“You know.. to make you feel any better. I think he’s gay and he doesn’t even know it yet..”

“What makes you say that?”

“He checked you out when you walked away,” I cracked a smile and he hung his head back and laughed the loudest laugh anyone can ever hear.


He gave me a hug AND a noogie. Ass.

We looked at the guitars and the pianos until it was about 3:30 when we decided to go to the bridge where we were bungee jumping. The bridge was sort of empty excluding a few men adjusting the ropes and a couple of women sitting on the curb. The instructor told us what to do and got us all ready for the jump.

“So first time love?”

“First time for me but he’s been”

“Well it’s a good thing you’re gonna do this with your husband”

“He’s not m-“

“YES, yes it is”

I raised my eyebrows at him and he just shrugged. The instructor walked to the side of the bridge to secure the harness, so I ferociously whispered.

“What are you doing?”

“Who cares it’s not like we’ll see him again and frankly I’m sick of correcting everyone who thinks we’re together so we might as well”

The instructor led us towards the edge of the bridge and made us stand facing each other. I look deep into his soft, brown eyes and I swear I saw them shine brighter when he locked them with mine. He smiled slightly before turning his head towards the instructor who was telling us last minute information. I tried my best to follow but I couldn’t stop staring at his face. He smelt like cigarettes. This is new. I didn’t know he smoked, how the fuck did I not know? He looked back at me and my knees weakened when I caught his eyes. Fuck me. Get yourself together woman. Shit. I’m going crazy. What’s happening? My eyes widened a little bit. He looked at me and chuckled and I couldn’t help but blush that widen his smile. Yes, Bader. Thank you for making my stomach flip and my knees weak. Really. He kissed my forehead lightly and I closed my eyes taking in the moment.

“Are you ready to fall?”

He asked thinking it was just another simple question but with all its simplicity, it held so much more meaning to it than he thought.


“We’re in this together”

He mouthed counting down numbers. When he got to one, his arms tightened around me and we jumped, just like that. It was exhilarating. My stomach dropped with the fall. He screamed so loudly, half laughing half scared out of his wits. I laughed my ass off at him. He held me so tightly I thought I was going to suffocate. I put my head in the crook of his neck anticipating the moment we dunked in the warm water. I took his smell in and smiled despite how much I’m against whatever the fuck this feeling is.

We swung, upside down, until we came to full stop. Suddenly, the rope was cut and we were completely in the calming river. We swam to the edge and Bader helped me up. We silently grabbed our coats and put them on to avoid hypothermia. We walked for god knows how long along the river in complete silence. It was perfect. I couldn’t help but want to bring up the smoking thing. When did he start? Why did he start? Most of all, why didn’t he tell me? So right until we reached the end of the small path, I faced him in all seriousness and stated.

“You smoke”

“Um what?”

“You smoke”


“When’d you start? Before we became close?”



“Okay? I thought you’d freak out or something”

“I mean, I don’t condone smoking but I won’t stop you from doing what you want”

“Why do you look sad?”

“I just don’t understand why you didn’t tell me”

“I wanted to quit. So many times. For you. I wanted to quit so when I’d tell you, you’d be proud of me. So you wouldn’t hate me for smoking”

No wait stop right there. There is nothing in this entire world that you can do that can make me hate you in the slightest. I love you more than words can express. You’re my best friend Bader, 9adigni smoking won’t change that. I mean if you move away without telling me then yes but this…. This doesn’t even come close”

The smile on his face would’ve made the straightest man in the universes knees go weak. I blushed despite myself but at that moment I didn’t care. Just as he was going to tell me something, my phone ferociously vibrated against my leg.



“MAMA! Il7imdillah zain, shlonkum intaw?”

“Il7imdillah zaineeeeen! Wainich manshoofich intay oo Bader! 7aram 3alaikum imsafreeeen ma3a ba3ath may9eeer chithi!”

“Shinsawi ba3ad mama kilma itgooloon bitghayroon ilplan itridoon 3ala shopping oo golf hahaha”

“9aja 7abeebti shinsawi ba3ad hatha ily nigdar nit7amala mu intay oo Bader kil 3ashir thuwaani ib mukan thani”

“Hahaha hathi wanasatna”

“Eee walla kaifkum ba3ad shasawifeekum thnainatkum raskum akbar min il thani”

“7aram 3alaich!!”

“Hatha il9ijjj! Inzain sim3ay ilyoum kilna ib nit3asha ib ilma63am ily khaltich gaylatlina 3ana isa3a 7. Abeech intay oo Bader itkoonoon minakk!”

“Inshallah walay himich”

“I love you 7abeebti oo salmay 3ala Bader”

“Inshallah yo9al! Love you too”

I closed the phone and told Bader the plan. We decided to go back to the hotel to get ready for dinner even though it was only 4:30. The cab ride was completely silent. Halfway through the ride, rain started splattering on the windows. I rested my head on Bader’s shoulder; I closed my eyes and took everything in. The soft classical music playing on the radio, the cab driver’s random commentary about the people in the street, the magical sound of the rain attacking the windows. I felt Bader snake his arms around my torso and I guess he thought I was asleep. Just as I was going to hint that I was awake, I heard the cab driver clear his throat and start talking to Bader.

“Fine woman you got there”

“Excuse me?”

“Your little lady, she’s beautiful”

“Yes, yes she is”

“You in love chap”

“Nah, just transfixed”

“Naw mate, I know love when I see it”

I felt Bader chuckle and he just wrapped his arms tightly around me. It was quiet for a while but next thing I knew Bader was shaking up.

“What’s going on?”

“You slept halfway through the ride”


Bader paid the driver and we went into our hotel and into the elevator.

“What time is it?”

“Almost 5:30”


“Yeahhh, it was a long ride”

“Okay so we meet at the lobby by 6:45ish?”

“Yeah sure”

I walked into my hotel room and slowly closed the door. You know that scene in movies where the girl stands with her back to the door smiling like an idiot holding stomach like butterflies are molesting her insides? That was me at that moment. I felt like every inch of me was levitating, metaphorically of course. I took a long hot shower and started getting ready for dinner. I put on some music from my laptop to help set the mood. I stood in front of my cloest for god knows how long before deciding on wearing this lace dress I had for a while. I was fell in love with it immediately because its knee length with long sleeves but it’s taken me a while to actually wear it because it is completely see through. I got a short tube dress that fit perfectly with it yet I couldn’t find the right occasion to wear it in until now. I laid my dress on my bed and just as I started to do my hair, I heard a soft knock on my door. I rushed to see who it was before realizing I was only in a towel.

“Um, who is it?”

“It’s Bader”

“Oh hey, sorry I can’t open the door, not really decent”

“No it’s fine, I just wanted to see how long you’re going be”

“It’s 6:45 already??”

“No no it’s only 6 I just finished way too early”

“I’m going to be a while but you can go it’s okay”

“No no I can wait”

“No I’m serious. I’ll be fine! Go go!”

“Mazoon are you sure?”


“Alright see you in a few!”

“Bye bye!”

I spent the next half hour applying my make up and curling my long, brown hair. I just started putting my skintight tube dress and the lace dress before hearing the familiar ringing from my laptop. I looked at it to see that Kady was calling me. I then realized how much I missed my retarded friend so I accepted way too excitedly.


“Whoa woman way to blow my speakers”

“Hahahah I’m sorry! I MISS YOU!”

“I MISS YOU SO MUCH MORE! Guess who’s with me?”


Next thing I knew Tala popped up from behind Kady.


“I came to surprise you guys! Nisait intay ib landan!”

“Bess ra7 ashoofich 9a7??”


“Inzain Mazoon shaghlay il video manshooofich”

“Oh ee nisait hahaa”

I put on the video thing and as soon as it worked both of their jaws dropped.

“Oh. My. God.”


“Who the HELL are you trying to kill??”


“shit you scared me hahah THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

“Where are you going?”

“Dinner with the family”

“The family only?”

“Sara and Bader’s family as well”


“What’s with that ‘ahh’? I don’t like the sound of that woman speak!”

“At first I thought you were going to make the British men go crazy over you but now..”

“What now?”


“Oh you guys just shut up”


“Hahah walla klab no I’m not!”

“Yes yes you are!”



“Oh for the lov-“

Just then my phone started to ring and speak of the devil.

“You guys chub it’s him!”


I rolled my eyes and muted them.


“Mazoona it’s almost 7 wainich?”

“Shit got lost track of time, al7een yayaaa”

“Damn gotta call waiting yalla lat2akhirain oo 3ala shani be safe”


I smiled in spite of myself, I knew my friends could hear and see me but I couldn’t help it. I unmuted them thinking that they would’ve been screaming their asses off yet they just sat there smiling like idiots.


“Oh nothing”

“You guys, he’s like an older brother”

“You don’t see me blush when I talk to my brother”

“…I gotta go you guys”

“We’ll talk to you soon beautiful!!”



I smiled as I shut the laptop. I quickly grabbed my heels and huge fur coat and ran out the door. 6:53.

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[19 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on Meant to Be (part 45) | 1 views]

Hellooo :)Sorry 6awalt bas uni is taking up all my time!Inshallah I will try to finish the story in this break!Enjoy:D______________________________________________—– Shai5a University was extremely stressful, the pre-med competition, the crazy sche…

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[18 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on تفرق | 1 views]

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[7 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on NO post today :( | 1 views]

Unfortunately I cant post today because I have an exam tommorow o I’m not done studying…. inshalla I’ll be posting a long one tommorow or the day after!;*

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[6 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on A Mistake (20) | 1 views]

This one’s dedicated to RR ;*

ادري انــــــــــك مـــــن نــصـــــيــــبــي بـل أحــلام وادري انــــــك لــغــيــري لا بــــغـــيت الـــحــقـــيــــــــــــــقه

Deep down I always knew that I would never belong to him but I kept convincing myself that there might be a chance a simple one or there even might be some hope….

3azeez never asked to talk to me on the phone gabil hal mara I think he was being considerate or is it because he knew that I would’nt approve of it well Im not really sure

3azeez: ‘3alooya

‘3alya: 3yoonhaa

3azeez: tslamleee hal 3yoon

‘3alya: :$

3azeez: abee as2lich

‘3alya: is2al?

3azeez: lay mita bintim chthee?

That’s the question that I’ve been avoiding all the time

‘3alya: 3ala shno mafahamt?

3azeez: ya3nii lay mita bintim nitkalam 3al msn

‘3alya: madree 3azeez ya3ni inta tadre ina min ilbidaya ana giltlik ina magdar akthar min chthee hatha 7adii mara7 afeeedik ib shay
– o anaa adree ina inta malayt witha matabee tkalmnee anymore ana ra7 atfaham ilmaw’6oo3

I know that what I said hurts but I cant give him more mabee yit2amal o bil nihaya adgira

3azeez: hah ‘3alooy sh.hal kalam bas la2na mino il7een yd5al msn! tara walla aana mad5al ilaa 3ashanich wila hal sowalif moo malat nas ib 3omerna wallaa tara i7na mo yahal

‘3alya: adree ina i7na moo yahal o 3az alla shanik bas wallaa magdar wallaaaa

3azeez: 5ala9 3ala ra7tich ana bas kint bashoof yimkin t’3ayren rayich lana wala this is not fair Im doing all this for you wintay moo ga3da ta36eene wala shay bil mogabil

‘3alya: 7aram 3alayk Im sacrificing everything just to talk to you winta tgol inee moo ga3da a36eek shay bil mo8abil!

3azeez: inzain 3ayal warene shaklich!

‘3alya: 3azeez shfeek???

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM! kilmaraaa iysawee chtheee lama i give up o eventually do

3azeez: matgdreen tkalmeene bil phone o matabeenee ashofich bil9ij dzeelee 9ortich

‘3alya: im sorry bas no

3azeez: shftay agoolich maga3da ta36ene shay bil mo8abil

When he does this he makes me feel bad about myself and he makes me seem unfair…. ilmoshkila inee ga3da a36ee akther minilazimm bas I always fall for what he’s saying o I bil nihaya asawee ileee ohwa yabee

‘3alya: 5ala9 okay bas 1 pic

3azeez: okkkkk :D basss abeeha wa’67a

‘3alya: ok!

I picked one of the blurry pictures so that he wont really recognize my face
بسم الله الذي لا يضر مع اسمه شيء في الأرض ولا في السماء وهو السميع العليم

I kept repeating that in my head and pressed on the send button

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I sat on my bed with my laptop sitting by my side roaring out the lyrics to a love song, singing along with the tunes I had escaped reality and entered my own world. I inhaled oxygen only through my cigarette. Soon, the lightheadedness took over; I put…

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[2 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on A Relapse of Judgement. | 3 views]

I quivered at the thought of being in a relationship. I’m not the girl that would throw everything away and put my life aside for a man. Despite how much i’d like to have someone to care about, I still can’t grasp the idea of being with someone, living…

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[2 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on It happened one (new year’s) night (1 of 2) | 3 views]

Helloo dear readers! merry christmas and happy new year, this is my gift to you…much love xoxoFinishing her creamy rich mushroom soup, she sat the tray on the other side of the four poster bed and put her throbbing head back on the sof…

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[1 Jan 2012 | Comments Off on The Diary of a Lost Girl. | 1 views]

My confusion has exceeded mere confusion and erupted into frustration.One day he likes me enough to kiss me in the university elevator. Another day, he doesn’t know I exist.Why do I like him? I could make a list of all the things I like, and on the con…