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Hola :D-A7ib agolikom itha ligaitaw kilmat “halal” matrosa bil post 3adi ikhthaw il mawthoo3 easy w la tin9admon. eeh na3am halal ya3ni 6alal :)  tara mo mini min il Stupid spell check :) ta3abt wana a3adilhom hfffff :'( -Thank you J for help…

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[30 May 2012 | Comments Off on The Dangers Of Homeschooling | 0 views]

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[30 May 2012 | Comments Off on Imaginary Love – Part 3 | 0 views]

Fouz on her way to Reem was thinking about the strange connection she’s been feeling towards “him”. She never imagined herself being attracted to someone like “him”, even though he was the funny and class clown type of guy but she had witnessed a coupl…

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[29 May 2012 | Comments Off on Imaginary Love – Part 2 | 0 views]

Ali has just woke up from his nap. He decided to chill and watch some tv so he switched to wanasah tv. He enjoyed listening to Mafy A7ad Merta7 while thinking about his life. Ali was the type of person who would daze in his own thoughts just thinking a…

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[27 May 2012 | Comments Off on Imaginary Love – Part 1 | 0 views]

Once you see that person that means the world to you and imagine your life with him, the perfect feeling hits you.Well the feeling may hit you however you are for sure stuck in the ugly reality.. well that’s the story of my life.Ali thinks about Reem, …

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[24 May 2012 | Comments Off on :) | 0 views]

I sit here typing my feelings letter by letter, the only problem is i don’t really know what i feel. i have everything i have dreamed of but I’m never fully satisfied, i always have the urge of wanting more, I try to stop it and be thankful for what i …

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[23 May 2012 | Comments Off on Part 22 : Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned | 0 views]

Previously on Memoirs of a disturbed teen…She walked away leaving Nayla dumb-founded and white – faced . She was trembling all over , her heart beating at what felt like 1,000 beats per minute . A million thoughts were rushing through her head. What…

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[22 May 2012 | Comments Off on 6alal (19) | 0 views]

Hello :Dna2saf 3al ta2kheer..*hides in the closet*bala3eemi ba66een chabdi, ga3deeen nil3ab 9aida ma9aida ana wiyahom. Marra y3awrooni w marra ma y3awroonii! irsaaww 3la baar yaahh! 7ta madri itha mareetha wla la …hathi 7ala ibthimatkom?Huuuffffffff …

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[22 May 2012 | Comments Off on Hi | 0 views]

Hello :D I think I miss my blog, and I think that i want to get back to writing again! I have a new story which i might start posting tomorrow? yes or no? ;pP.S. I miss everyone! :( 

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[12 May 2012 | Comments Off on Once upon a lie 29 | 0 views]

Helloooo bloggers!Okay i know i’m a bad blogger.. No, scratch that.. a TERRIBLE blogger! bas wallah soooo many things were going on! last course at Uni and hard work! but i promise i’ll try to post more often ;( i love you guys all so much my 120 follo…

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[12 May 2012 | Comments Off on Heal Me 39 | 0 views]

We stayed at the mall till dark, so that we make sure not to come back to it again. I couldn’t remember any of the car ride, b/c I woke up as Dhary opened the car door for me.
Noura & I carried the babies as the guys brought up the shopping bags. We all chatted for a while as Dhary and Aziz started to plan for the weekend, which starts tomorrow.
Aziz: Dhary… Sara tgderon 3al yahal bro7kom 7ag hal weekend bas?

We both looked at each other and Dhary’s eyes were saying “say yes”, so I smiled and sat up.
Me: umm eee sure

Dhary:  ma 3endy mane3

Aziz and Noura smiled, I figured they wanted to relax and have a break from those midgets.

Aziz: ba7jezlena ana o Noura bnroo7 o nred likom el a7ad enshallah, bs Dhary etha tgdar teye tg3ad hnee 3ashan mat9eer Sara bro7ha weya el yahal

Dhary: ee la wala ehemik, ana mawjod… ta5thon sayarty? Mo a7san likom feha gps o klshay o 3ashan hal sayara feha ashya2 el yhal

I was about to let out a loud laugh from the way Dhary replied, he got too excited over them leaving which meant that he’d spend the weekend with me, without any supervision! hahaha

Aziz: yalah 3ayal 5oush, o mashkour matga9er

Dhary: hatha el wajeb… yala ana mashe tabon shay?

Aziz: la allah weyak

Dhary got up and left the apartment as I went after him to lock the door and we all headed to bed.

The next day was chaotic the kids were all over the place, Dhary was here, and Aziz and Noura were packing. I had no idea what kind of plan they had on mind for their weekend, and I didn’t bother to ask. Dhary and Aziz were putting the luggage in the car while Noura got a mini picnic bag and started shoving all kinds of snacks in it.
Unlike other kids my niece and nephew were so happy their parents were going away leaving them behind. They were actually waving goodbye while watching Sesame Street. Their mom and dad kissed them goodbye and left.
Noura: 7e6ay balich 3ala 3yaly :p
Me: mn9ijich a9lan el babysitter na6ra bara wara leshyar :p

Noura: ya kaalbaa (she said as she punched my shoulder)
Me: love you take care (I waved as she left)

Seconds later Dhary came up, messed around with the kids while I went to change into something suitable.
I wore my light blue jeans and my cute ribbon printed top with my comfiest Prada flats, and let my hair loose.
I walked out to find Dhary standing by the counter with the kids in front of him in their highchairs eating cornflakes.
Me: park 9a7?

Dhary: ee el jaw zain … 7a6aytlich cornflakes bs yeebay 7aleeb

Me: ga9 3alaihom?

Dhary: wallah ohma yaboon ana maly shghl (he said as he put his hands up like *maly shghl *)

I ate up two spoonfuls then changed the kids and walked to the park with Dhary pushing the stroller.
I was too busy bbm-ing AlAnoud as Dhary started asking questions trying to start a conversation. My replies were ‘hmm’ or ‘haa?’ after 20 seconds of being asked or told…which pissed him off
That’s so cute!!! I’m starting to like him *hug *
Sara Al A


Heyy no hugs he’s mine * devil face*

Dhari & Sara mmm well I guess it sounds okay
As I was about to reply back, Dhary pulled my BB out of my hand and looked at the screen dumbfounded. My face turned into shades red! I looked at him innocently as he smiled devilishly, and placed my phone in his pockets.
Dhary: grounded no phone for the day :p

Me: haayy not fair

I crossed my arms and walked by his side as we got to the park and let the kids loose. (7asayt dogs mo awadem)
We scared the kids as they slid on the slides, chased them around the outdoor games till they lost all their energy and started mumble stuff that didn’t make any sense. We walked back home and made ‘ Mac o teez’ for the kids as they watched Barney (: (yepp that is Macaroni&Cheese)
I sat on the couch reading and flipping through my magazine as Dhary came and sat on the other end of the couch.
Dhary: ashoof 3a6eeny el majala a5af feha ashya2 wa95a ba3ad entay underage! *he snatched the magazine and ripped off the cover *!

Me: DHAAAARRRYY. Wai3 wai3 defasha! Awal shay ma5th talefony wel7in esheg majalety! *I got up and went to my room *

Ok I realize that I’m acting like a baby, but I seriously hate it when someone does this, I was so into that article!

I decided to shower after a day at the park and then changed into my leggings and the university pullover, I sat at the vanity applying perfume, wiping off makeup with my Johnson’s wipes. I pulled my hair up in a bun and applied lotion to feel fresh and clean. As I lay on the bed thinking I heard light knocks on my door.

Me: mno..

The door opened and the kids came running in, they sat on my bed and slowly started to talk one by one.

Farosi: amy Dhary say solly

Feda: he.. said solly

Me: okay * I hugged them real tight * kiss aunty bser3a!

They both pulled my neck from their opposite sides and kissed my cheek.

Me: yalah emshaw ensawy bubble bath weya yellow duck ba3dain enam!

I got up held their tiny hands and walked out of my room, and as soon as they saw Dhary they let go o my hand and ran to him.


Dhary: hathy cookie for you and you

He bribed them…why am I not surprised

Me: khalhom 3endk bajahez hdoum 3ashan asabe7hom

He nodded, I went to their room prepared pj’s underwear and diapers, and started the water to fill the tub.
Me: yalah bser3a mno awaaal

Faj2a mashoof ela earthquake bl sheqa Farosi yarketh o wara e5ta o warahom el giant (Dhary), maytin ‘97ek, atwaqa3 ‘3mai’9a :p
I quickly undressed the kids and threw their clothes eb wayh Dhary ely wagefly 9anam maysawy shay.
Dhary: hooob hoob shayfatny sallah

Me: saw shay mufeed eb 7ayatik tkfaa!

Dhary: laish tfa95een Faroos 3aib tshofin

Me: 6a3 hatha

Dhary: ee wallah 8aleelat adab

Me: :O

I whipped his back with Farosi’s pants o g3ad yeth7ak el kalb.
The kids jumped in as me and Dhary watched them and took pictures, bubble bath foam was everywhere, the kids splashed water on the floor on my face and ofc Dhary helped them do that.
Me: tawny metsab7a ya klaab

Dhary: mafeha shay 2 times a day, no harm

He said as he took foam from the tub’s surface and scrubbed it on my face, that’s when it became chaotic … 

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[8 May 2012 | Comments Off on Stupefied | 0 views]

I’m gone for a month and a half, and I come back to find that Blogger has a new layout? Hmm. It looks more like wordpress now.Anyway, I don’t know if anyone is reading anymore, but I missed posting my thoughts here.I’ve been writing a lot lately- just …