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[31 May 2012 | Comments Off on The End | 1 views]

That was the last post coming from jassim and loraaa ,, I have to admit when writing this story I had two people in my mind and I have to admit this is what I wish has happened , the accidents that happened to this couple did happen to someone , but not that girl to be precise ,, what im trying to say , is that she lost her will to love forever cz she had a hamad in her life and he tore her heart apart and she has a raheeb but hes wrong families .. don’t give up on love , u never know if you’re the lucky one that comes out of it alive.. she came out of it alive but with a broken  heart w 5a6ir maksoor , i5thooha mini 5alha 3la allah w ymkin allah ysahelhaaa.,, if your in love and your reading this I honestly hope your blessed with happiness and you get your fairytale ending .  her raheeb wil always be her raheeb.., the guy that sends happiness to her soul while hamad was her first love ever… the path of love is harsh and dry , I chose to end this cz it represents and end to me , im starting a new life hopefully someday il find my raheeb that fits my family name. don’t give up readers there is that someone I do believe that honestly , I met mine but I lost him so don’t lose yours no matter what .. if any guys read this . fight for your girl the way jassim did . you don’t know how much a girl can endure in silence so becareful not to cuase anymore pain ..im sorry itha ga9art b7agkum ya jma3a .. 

Enjoy the summer and wait for  my new story soon:) 

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[31 May 2012 | Comments Off on Ch 62 | 1 views]

The Week Has PaSSED


lora woke up realizing its her wedding day , its her day . she quickly changed and headed out to the hotel to meet the girls .

Girls Room:

L: im scared I don’t think I can do this anymore

R: ok darling calm down

Mimi: istahday bilah

L: wow ba6nee gam y3awrnee

R: its nerves don’t worry

M: calm down

Lora was getting ready and so were the girls ,, time to get her wedding dress on so R and mimi both were helping ..

R: darling (tears in her eyes ) you look amazing , an angel mashla

Mimi: a vision in whiteee ( tabchee)

L: don’t cry crap im crying

R: la don’t I warn you

Mimi: makeup becareful

Loras mum called R to tell her that’s it was time the bride walked the aisle…

Loras dress was vera wang it was tight on top then a fishtail design for the side and the back , it was a cocktail dress and she had somewhat of a veil on but it was attactched so delicately to her hair with diamonds it resembled something greecian her hair was a low bun , and her makeup was simple since she didn’t want to look like w ghost..

L: ok I cant do this magdar

R: im calling jassim

R hand the phone to Lora

J: a7bich

L: magdar anzil jassim I cant do this

J: sm3eeeni its your wedding lazim il kil yshoofich 3aroosa

L: a5af

J: 7abeebti it wont take long , everyone ilyowm by7sedni 3laych wareehum laish

L: I love you . ok so I can do this

J: that’s my girl , il see you in a bit

Lora went downstairs and the doors were opening . Renad was her flower girl so Renad walked down the aisle before her..

As she approached the door , she saw her sisters tears and her mums face and her aunts , her nanny was crying too , everyone waited for this day…

The music started playing and lora was walkingggg to it. She couldn’t listen to the words she was looking at everyones faces , everyone was smiling at her . she had tears in her eyes but she didn’t want to cry …

She got to the kowshaaa it was white with flowers all placed elegantly.

R and mimi helped her.,

Everyone baraklaha , half hour passed then they announced il m3ris is coming..

L: R how do I look

R: breath taking don’t worry

MMimi: laish 5ayfaa jassim will be surprised

L: ufffff im scared..

The zafa started and she sees jassim in his bisht , yama both brothers , she saw that and teared up , talal was behind him w Khalid and m7amad and loras cuzins with jassims cuzins too.. The moment she saw jassim she relaxed a bit , he was smiling at her , talal was smiling too..

They reached the kowsha , jassim kissed lora and he stood while the guys ysalmoon  , talal il wa7eed from the guys ily salam 3layha ,,, . they all took pictures , all the guys left except talal , Khalid and m7amad 6ab3an loras brothers were their too .

The most amazing thing happened next , the dude announced that thers a surprise min il m3ris layl il 3aroos , lora looked at him and he has that cute cheeky smile on his face, talal and Khalid and m7aamd were smiling too , she was shocked at who walked through the doorrr

“ raheeeb wala raheeeb , jma3ti kil il ma7asin ya lora” majeed was walking towards the kowsha to them , the 3 boys started smiling at jassim and everyone was shocked including R and mimi , ma7ad twa8a3 this. Loras face was priceless , it was tearfull she couldn’t imagine the effort ily sawa jassim for her , he leaned and whispered

“ sam7eee raheebich 5ala9”

L: your forgiven I can believe hes here”

J: I have another one too ;p

The 3 guys were smiling they couldn’t wait for the other surprise..

Majeed “ a7la 3aroos w m3ris ,7ab agoolik ya jassim ma7’66ooo’6 5athayt zaynat il banat w a7lahum ya 3al hal ma7aba tdoom w ya lora 7e6ee b3yoonik cz how w3dik b shay 9a7 w ma nsaha w byowfee ilyowm moh galik how “ ma ya5thnee ila il mowt”

Lora was confused , the doors opened and fahad al kubaisi entered singing that song . the crowd claps , lora ma 9adigat , talal mask fahad al kubaisi w wagaf m3aaa w fahad was singing and smiling at the happy couple .. Khalid glanced at R in the meantime and M7amad didn’t stop staring at Mimi….after fahad entered the 3 boys left .

Fahad al kubaisi “ ha majeed ma3 b3a’6” they both sang two more songs and then it was time for il couple to leave bas it was one heck of an exit being escorted out with majeed and faahad al kubaisi.

They went out .. and the 3 boys were baraa . talal gave her a huge hug the moment he saw her , his eyes were tearful cz he realized that in the past he saw her as his.. he whispered” lucky jassim w a7la 3aroosa bil dinya mafee a7ad mithlich”

They went to cut the cake , R , mimi , loras sister all joined..

A slow song started playing

T: jassim tsma7leee;p b hal rag9aa

J: bada3t btnshbnee b 3rsi

T: kayfik

Talal grabbed lora to dance , he was the cutest thing alive in his dishdasha  . jassim interrupted the dance

J: finally il dinya kilha tsh’had inich li

L: I honestly have no words to say

J: as long as im forgiven

L: r u kidding , I love you for putting so much effort jassim . thank u

J: a7bich wala

L: me 2


J: tara bnsafer b3ad sa3tayn

L: wayn im not packed

J: your mum  w sister packed

L: wayn

J: think b ur ask lama ktbowlich wayn honeymoon shrdaytay;p

L: omg we’re going on a safari

J: yupJ I don’t understand ur love for wild animals bas bnroo7 w allay aster

L: I loveeeeee uuuu thankkkkk u

J: bas b3dayn fee another destination;p

L: wayn;p

J: you can find out in the next 4 days

L: South Africa her we come

J: ashoofich ana chithee tswa 3ndi il dinya kilha

She realized at that moment that she was right not to give jassim up no matter what  …he was her hubby

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[31 May 2012 | Comments Off on Ch 61 | 3 views]

One week has passes which leaves us one week from the wedding :D J

So lora w her friends are done with uni and their summer has officailay started , loras nerves are getting  the best of her , she was scared but she didn’t want to tell jassim , jassim on the opposite side was happy he couldnt wait for it… he had so many surprises for her…


J: “ one week and then your all mine”

L: :$

J: I cant wait

L: adree feek;p

J: honeymoon ra7 ykoon 3ajeeb

L: so were r we going

J: im not telling you

L: my clothes

J: your covered don’t worry bas brace yourself for an adventure

L: this is when I worry;p

J: abee ashoofichL

L: nopeJ

J: laishL

L: cz may9eer since bagee only one week mabee ashoofik 3shan t7is fee farg on the wedding day

J: plz

L: no:$

J: az3al ya3neee

L: moh b2eydi

J: ok

L: :*

J: abeeha bil 9ij

L: this is when the conversation ends;p

Jassim al flanee tweeted 1 mins ago

“ one week and hopefully all what I did will be forgiven , it’s the day you whitness my love and me trying to prove it ,,, all what I want is forgivness”

Talal al flanee mentions jassim al flanee

@jassim alflanee “ masmoo7 yal 3a’6eed , int 6labt il smoo7a w hiy jayitek , masmoo7 ya bo jwayes”

Khalid al flanee mentions jassim al flanee

@jassim alflanee “ ya7lamooon ily feek yfakrooon y abo jwayes;p masmoo777777;p”

M7amad al flanee mentions jassim al flanee

“ @jassimalflaneee” masmoo7 yali t3athar;p”

lora was very confused whats up with the guys what are they planning to do , whenever the guys plan anything she knows its huge .

Lora al flaneee tweets

“ one week , nerves kicking in”

Jassim al flanee mentions talal al fanee. Khalid al flanee. M7amad al flanee

“@talalalflanee@khalidalflanee@m7amadalflanee: na6r ana tngaleee “ masmooo7 ya jassim masmoo7:P , il salfa m6awllaaa ya jma3aa il ‘6a7er 9a7bkum byg3ad 6ool 3mraa yan6ir”

now lora was super confused , but she realized she never told jassim that’s hes forgiven for everything , is jassim still worried , I guess her last tweet made him suffer even more , he was terrified she was going to leave him..

jassim and lora were both scared of whats ahead but both were ready to move on and start together cz they got it the hard way , they cant live without each other…

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[31 May 2012 | Comments Off on Ch 60 | 3 views]

Jassim wakes up and talal is up , bagee lora bas

T: roo7 ga3dhaa

J: tsma7leeee

T: roo7 roo7;p

Jassim goes upstairs and opens the room to see her sleeping , ma hanta 3lay yga3dha she looked so peaceful , he went closer to her and he leaned to kiss her

J: lora 7abeebti wakey wakey

L: jassim (shocked to see him , she was sleepy allah il 3alam shlon shakilha , shlon shaf’ha chitheeeee , fashlllaaa)

J: shfeech i5tra3tay

L: why didn’t u knock the door

J: gelt aga3dich ana ;p

Lora covers her face with the cover

L: i6la3 5an agoom

J: yala gumay

L: lama you leave

J: gumaaay

L: no

J: akeed

L: eeh

Jassim pulls of the covers and starts tickling her , she starts screaming cz shes so ticklish ,

L: jassssimmmm basssssss ,,,, ayyyyy jassssiiim

J: tstahlayn moh ma tabeen ashoofich kah sheftich yal dala3 bas

L: 5alaaaaaaa9999 hedniii

J: ok bas t3abt w ana shaylich

L: 7maaaaaarrr

J: ba6a ba6aa wala

L: fine im not talking to u

J: amoot w a3arif shlon t9adgeen lama agool ba6a , ur so skinny a9lan yabeela 5dood again

L: waaaaaaaay i6laaa3

J: your maid w driver ta7at ba5aleeha tyeeblich ur stuff fowg

L: ok

Within 30 minutes lora got dressed and went downstairs to find both jassim and talal eating .

L: talal latakil

T: shtabeen feeeni

L: may9eer

T: bas yo3an

L: bas drink 7up w youghurt ikil

T: n3am shino rowb tabeen akil lat7rjeeeniii

J: 5aleee intay shaku feeh il walad m3dita fa’6ya

L: bas moh zayn

T: shasaweee yo3an

L: ikil shwaya inzayn

T: inshallla

L: bil 3afya both of you im heading back home

J: al7eeen

L: yup I have work to do

J: mithl

L: homework

J: taw il nas

L: ana abee aroo7 ( giving him a dirty look cz she was pssd at his comment)

J: abeech bas ta7lifeen inich z3ltay

L: bye talal w matshoof shar yal ‘3aly ( she kissed talal on his head w left)

Boys Side:

T: laish z3alt;ha

J: nsayt ana salfat body self image crap

T: la 7owwwlll 3ad t3al fahim il banat intay moh mteena w intay reesha

J: shasawee al7een I feel guilty 59ooo9an adree ina ihya cz she got sick she lost the weight

T: allah yhadak bas

J: 5ala9 lgayt’haaa

T: shino

J: tshoof

Lora got home , took a shower and started working on her assignments when their door bell rang.

5 minutes later the nanny walks in

“ Mr jassim send this to you”

lora leaned and it was a cake on the shape of jassims pullover that she loved and it said

“ your mine now and forever , I love you my one and only”_Raheeb

she laughed and took a picture of it and bbmed to R and Mimi

Mimi; cutiieeeeeee 7ada

R: that’s effort

L: that’s the sweater I love

R: allah ytamem

Mimi: did u thank him

L: no badig now

Lora calls jassim

L: thaaaankkkkkk u jasssim

J: im sorry

L: its fine 7amdilla im marrying a guy yfham

J: afa 3laych

L: a7ib ina ktabt 3layha “ raheeb”

J: moh hatha ismi

L: eeh:$

J: theres a story after naming me raheeb ;p w I wana hear it

L: al7een

J: eeh abee afham sm3naa cz gabl la tahdeeni the song mara sma3t Mimi tgoolich “ lora raheebich warach”

L: fashlaaaa

J: yala goolay

L: remember election day

J: min ynsa

L: lama kint la7gnee baytna , I opened the radio w kanat “ raheeb wala raheeb “ was playing fa 7ashnee hatha raheeebi

J: 3ashaw

L: it’s a cute story;p

J: kilish moh hayna lora bas wow the amount of denial ily kintay fee

L: shlon

J: a55 t’eli w 9ad

L: b3ad lazim im a girl

J: you’re my girl w bas

L: aww w inta my raheeb ;p

J: kamlay ur hw ;p think in two weeks this time , i7na honeymoon

L: 9ij

J: a7la shay 9owtich t’3ayar. Your still not sure about me r u?

L: shaku im just nervous of the wedding day itself , moh 5ayfa min 7ayati m3ak cz we saw a lot together were gna be fine

J: then shfee il wedding day

L: fee ina bamshee jidam 400 people a5af a6ee7

J: latfakreen feeha

L: I love you , you made my day

J: w allah ygadrnee ina I make it everyday..

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[31 May 2012 | Comments Off on Ch 59 | 1 views]

L: I cant believe him , I had no idea he had issues

J: ana karaahaa hal cuzin

L: he suddenly changed he wasn’t this way

J: maybe because now you have me w your leaving them , cz ya3nee 5athayti ‘3areeb

L: hes nuts I don’t want to think about it

J: ana ma hamnee bas tara geltlich our wedding end of this month zayn ma a5alee next week al7een

L: r u serious 7ata il dress ma 5ala9

J: shaku bil dress ana

L: ughhhh jassim il mohem wayn banam

J: 3ndeee

L: your sleeping 3nd talal to check his temperature

J: la 3ad

L: jassim ;p

T: intay btnameen hneee

L: sorry g3adnak

T: jassim 7abeebi bnam 3ndeee hnee bil 9ala , intay fowg ya baba

L: adree;p

J: mnshbnee b kil shay

T: yeebli may roo7

J: ufff ya 6alal

T: 9arafna faka , shmnawmich 3ndina

L: my cuzin sawalina salfa w jassim t;hawash m3a w decided ana manam hnak

T: eeh kafu bo jwayes

L:its so weird ini banam mokan ‘3areeb

T: shalaih jassim as in raylich ‘3areeb

L: eeh;$ cz mat3wadt madreee now its hitting me in im leaving my family w starting a new life

T: lora shfeech wayich ngalab

L: im freaked out

J: shkntaw tsolfoon 3ana , shfee wayhich intay ma9doom talal shgelt

L: ma gal shay , baroo7 fowg same room ily nemt feeha I think lama u got lost , bad memories bas I love that room

J: eeh t9adgeen lama radayt galatlee omee I was so happy inich nmtay feeha;p

T: wa9ilha fowg w inzail ha w lat6awel tara bayeek fowg itha 6awalt

J: fech 3anee allah yhadak

L: lead the way

They both went upstairs , jassim opened the door and memories started bombarding loras brain …

L: ufff jassim ayam

J: allah layredha

L: eeh

J: yala sleep

L: I need pj’s

J: ikthay shirt mini w namay

L: abee pullover malik ily lama kint b spoons fee;p

J: 7alalich bil cupboard

L: thank u;p

Talal screaming

“ jassiiiiiiiiim , t3aaaal abeeee 7up”

L: a7b talal wala;p

J: ana karhaaa ilyooowwwm mal 6aggg 3la ily ysaweeee

L: inzila maskeeen

J: bamshee 5ala9 bas goodnight kiss  w aroo7;p

L: adree feek;p ( kissing him on both cheeks then pushing him out)

Lora tried sleeping but she couldn’t , she kept tossing and turning , the whole room presented jassim in so many ways , pictures of him and jake , and pictures of his mum and dad and his friends. She fixed the pillows but something was under it and she saw that her picture was under the pillow. She was thrilled and shocked at how much jasssim hanged on to it , it’s the same bloody picture , my god this boy is remarkable .

She bbmed him

L: u up;p

J: yupL who can sleep with talal

L: maskeen did u check his temperature

J: nzalat 9arat 37.6

L: 7amdilla good job:*

J: laish ma nemtay shkither 7anaytay tabeen tnameen;p

L: cz I found something interesting under your pillow;p

J: ashoof ma nemt cz mt3wid ina your picture m3ay;p bayee a5th;ha ymkin anam.

L: la ;p 5alha 5ala9 mokanha;p

J: L

L: ana anazilha;p

J: coming

L: great;p

Jassim knocked the door in the matter of seconds .

L: wow your fast

J: wareenei what u wore;p

L: taraaaaa( showing him , she was in his pullover w his af shorts;p)

J: cutieeeeeeeeeee loraaaaaaaaaa ( putting both arms on her , w ysheelha)

L: nazlneeee;p

J: tshawgeeeen b my clothes too adorable

L: in boy clothes ;p

J: in my clothes bas;p

L: min 9ijik;p

J: kinda irresistible mal hugs all day

L: I think it’s the pullover;p

J: hug thanya w banzil a5af talal yg3ad w yabee shay

Jassim gave her a hugeee hug w nizal .


A5555 how did I get so lucky , a7bha a7bha yaninatnee hal bnaya b t’3leeha bas ma a9adig day by day were going back to being nafs awal w akthar 7amdilla ya rabee radaytleee yaha radaytleee a7la shay b7ayati…sh7alat’ha w ihya baree2a chithee w aham shay 3ndi ana ..moh 3nd ‘3ayree la hamad il 7aywan wala her cuzin il mt5alif .. il mohem and ba5th’ha.. ya rabee latwareenei yowm bdoonha , yowm 3n yowm ga3id ymer w 3rsnaaa btem w 5ala9 ana wiyaha are heading for  a new start ..

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[31 May 2012 | Comments Off on 6alal (20) | 1 views]

Hola :D-A7ib agolikom itha ligaitaw kilmat “halal” matrosa bil post 3adi ikhthaw il mawthoo3 easy w la tin9admon. eeh na3am halal ya3ni 6alal :)  tara mo mini min il Stupid spell check :) ta3abt wana a3adilhom hfffff :'( -Thank you J for help…

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[31 May 2012 | Comments Off on Ch 58 | 3 views]

Jassim and lora in the car heading back

Talal calls jassim

T: jasoooom waynikn il7ag 3lay

L: talal whats wrong

T: a5r mara asma3 kalam 7amood w aroo7 ma63am

J: shfeek bo 6eli

T: t3al bas wadnee il 6abeeb magdar asoog

L: we are on our way

They got back to the shalaih finding talal in a horrible state , he was holding a bin and vomiting..

L: talal smella 3layk

T: aghhhh 7sby alla 3layk ya 7amood

J: wayn wadak

T: ma63am allah laywareek its new cusine shay veitnam madree Nepal kan low3aa

J: w int kil shay takil

L: yala bnroo7

T: latyeeen m3ana

L: shaku im coming

J: la shaku

L: ok so im going

T: yala bazawi3 ba6neee bamoot

J: yala bo 6eli t3al amsikik

L: cutiesss u guys need a picture for instgram

T: la la shaklee

L: too late;p

J: yala lets go

Jassim held talal till they got to the car , lora opened the door and talal poor sould lies down in the back seat

L: yala jassim drive fast he doesn’t look ok

T: ba6nee

J: yala w9alna bo 6eli

They all went down , the doctor was laughing at talal when he told him he ate weird food.

Talal got vaccines and he wasn’t happy..

T: yala wadnee il shalaih

J: imsh imsh bas

L: awww honey are you ok

T: la

J: yala bo 6eli shway w now9al

They got to the shalaih and talal lied in the 9ala ,, lora got him a blanket and jassim went to get him another bin and kamadat cz he was getting the fever.

L: maskeen talal

J: 7sabee ana m3aa 7amood il 5ayes

Lora t7i6laa kamadat barda w talal poor soul was whining in pain .

L: bng3ad layn tnzil 7ararta

J: mt2kda u don’t want to leave

L: la shaku 7abeebi 6layel

J: w jassim shino

L: 3mreee kilaaaaaaa

J: la tstahlayyyyn kiss

L: waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy

T: intaw 3eeshaw 3la 2fay

L: r u feeling better talooli

T: eeeh feeha talooli im fine

J: 7eta w wint maree’6 talal irked

Talal slept and lora returned back to her shalaih only to find her cuzin standing outside

Cuz: taw il nas

L: uff shtabeee

Cuz: maku ra8eeb

L: stay out of it g6a3

Cuz: mino g6aaa3

L: int shtabee

The cuzin stands infront of her , but jassim didn’t leave so when he saw that he got out of the car

J: roo7ay il sayara mara7 tnameen hnee ilyowm dam 5altee moh hnee

Cuz: shtabee int

J: ana m7trmik leana b yowm min il ayam int bt9eer 5al 3yalee lil asaf

Cuz: ma atsharaf ina my cuzin 5ataht ‘3areeb

J: moh 9a7y int walaaa ana baskit bas shoof kilma t7i6ha bil bal shooof latgarib yam merti la aksirik fhamt

Cuz: ya baba int gal6aaan

J: ana bamsheee bas bnshoof il ayam baynee w baynik

Jassim went back into the car he was furious

J: hatha 7aywaan

L: btrednee il deera al7een

J: ya trdeen il deera ya tnameen 3ndina bil shalaih bas 5an adig 3la obooch 3shan ur cuzin bas lay9eed shay

L: ok I guess

Jassim called her dad , and her dad said yes he said it was fine.

So both lora and jassim headed to join talal in the shalaih…..

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[31 May 2012 | Comments Off on Ch 57 | 1 views]

Next  Morning

Jassim side

J: bo 6eli shnsawee ilyowm ba6la3 ma3 lora

T: ana agool 5alha 3lay bas be here inta wiyaha by 8

J: shbtsaweee;p

T: wala y6la3 mini;p

J: inzayn shbtsaweee ilyowm

T: ana w 7amood bnroo7 madree wayn ma63am ydeed hal 5bel yygool 3ajeeb

J: yala have fun w 5alood madree ohwa w ahala bzorron ahal R ilyowm madree sh3ndhum;p

T: eeh g3daw intaw w 7areemkum ana wiyaaa 7maydan bnroo7 .

Jassim calls lora

J: ahlan ahlan b 7abeebti w 3mree kila

L: hello

J: wayyid 3laych bas ra’6ee;p

L: so plans ilyowm shino

J: maku jawab

L: shlon ;p

J: cz well our date is planned by talal

L: eeh im so looking forward to that allah yaster

J: looool bnshoof bo 6eli

L: I have faith in him he has a romantic side I know he does

J: a7ib inich t3arfeen hal shay

L: eeh well you know talal and me historyyyyy;p

J: waaaay mal kaff bas lama ashoofich

L: law sama7t tar ail tazor u

J: ya ilahi ana shbsawee fecch bas btybeenli tazorr;p

L: fine what time bta5thneee min shalaihna

J: at 8 inshalla

L: ok  bas no messy activities im wearing a dress

J: eeh ksh5eeli ha;p

L: byyyyeeee;p

Lora closed the phone thinking how is this date going to be like , since it’s the first time t6la3 ma3 jassim with no one …w no disturbances hopefully

Lora got dressed in her white dress , heels of course and red lips with defined liner w heavy mascara .. she sent a pic to R , R approved and she was waiting for jassim to call..

Jassim callsss….

J: ana bara;p tawnee adree your cuzins hnee

L: eeh they are yala il come fast 3shan no investigations

J: ok

Loras cuzins were standing outside

Cuz: ooob ooob shal 7ala wayn ray7a feeh a7ad yalbis b shalaih chithee

L: im going out with jassim

Cuz: 3rabee ya bint il nas … ahalich yadroon

L: r u joking ,, mlachna ams

Cuz: galowli il 5abar il ta3ees ams

L: bye

Lora enters the car w jassim leans over to give her a kiss, loras eyes meet her cuzins eyes and they were filled with anger and fury..

J: your cuzin w bas

L: shfee

J: shagich 5az it was disturbing to watch

L: 5ala ywaleee tafih

J: shgalich laish 39btay

L: wala shay

5 mins w they arrived at jassims shalaih

L: are you kidding me we are going to your shalaih for the date

J: shtabeen according to talal its going to be amazing

L: yes this is when I worry ;p

J: nzlay nzlay bas

L: open the dorr please 9eer 5osh wa7id

J: inshalla

Jassim opened the door and lora came out

J: yah yah yah shal 7ala kilaha shasaweee ana feech bas;p

L: thankkkk u:$

J: according to talals bbm we have to go beachside so btamsheen shway

L: np

J: il heels don’t hurt

L: shway bas 3ady;p

J: take them off  w walk 3ady maku a7ad

L: la ;p I prefer walking with shoes on;p

J: ily yray7ich;p( he held loras hand so hard he didn’t let go of it the whole time w kept playing with the ring he gave her)

L: garabna 9a7;p cz now they hurt

J: one minute

L: ok;p

They got there and they see an open tent with candles lon the whole masana , it was like everything around them wasn’t important , the light of the candles hit the sea in so many perfect levels , its exentuating the smooth tides  and dinner was on the floor with white rose petals all over the tent and on the carpet thr gna sit on .. it was beautiful.

L: awwwwwwww omg its amaziiingggggg I cant believe talal did this for us .

J: y6la3 mina bo 6eli bas dress w on the floor should be very interesting;p

L: la a3arif ag3ad 3adil bas shoes off

J: eeh ;p

Lora al flaneee tweets

“ allah lay7rmneee min a’3la naseee ma a9adig bo 6eli ily sawayta @talaalflaneee”

Jasssim al flanee tweets

“ yslam rasik y abo 6eli@talalalflanee”

talal al flanee replied to @lora alflanee @jassimalflanee “ feeling the love ya jma3aaa;p shwaya b7agkum  7abaybeee yala enjoy”

J: abee your phone

L: laish

J: no phones allowed bas me and u

L: ok

J: I cant believe after this long journey we are together waala t3abt nafsiyaan bdoonich

L: worst days ever

J: I still remember election day t9adgeen ma ansa

L: wala ana the cutest visitor ever;p

J: bas tkfayn tgooleenli laish intay w your sis kintaw t2ashroon 3lay

L: la I wont say

J: la btgoleeen 3shaneee al7een 5athaytich maku hard to get ;p

L: I was telling her ina you were cute bas ihya f’6ee7a

J: a7san shay sawita;p 5alatnee I meet my fate

L: 9a7 fate brought us together

J: bas lora kintay very quite lama your car 5ribat bil shalaih 7adiiichhhh nafsiyaa;p

L: kint mftashlaaa min 9ijik

J: adree tst7een

L: eeh;$

J: good days 7amdilla the chase is over 6a7 7aylee

L: a7san it should be a chase

J: I ended up in my death bed so I hope that’s enough

L: jassiiiiiiiiiim ( hugging him)

J: 7amdilla enough ya3neee min gadee 7a9alt a hug ta6awir 7amdillaaa

L: 7maaar;p

J: ana ashoof il food uneaten laykoon bas tst7een

L: la bas not in the mood to eat

J: 6ayr lora 6ayr yakil chithee

L: heeeyyy my eating habbits are fine

J: no there weird

L: shtabee I love food

J: eeh wayyid

L: la bas ya3nee im not used to eating jedamik get over it

J: awaklich 5ala9

L: no

J: mbala:D

Jassim grabs the spoon w starts feeding her

Lora: ba8i9 wala

J: fashal ana wiyach romance bna5ith fee 0

L: I have no problems as long as I don’t choke

J: ok;p

After dinner

J: lich 5ilg tmshee

L: eeh sure

J: yala mshayna

L: bil sayara ;p

J: eeh mara7 a5aleech tamsheen b jootiyech hatha

L: thank god

J: ge6i ana asheela yibaa 3la ma now9al il sayara

L: 9ij;o tsheela li

J: asheela w cham lora 3ndi ana ya b3ad hal dinyaaaaa kilhaaa

L: ya b3ad 3mr lora kilha w 6wayif loraaa

J: la la min gadeeeeeeeeee

L: tstahel damik btsheel my heels maku minik 7amdilla you’re a keeper

J: laish kina nl3ab awal;p

L: wayn bntmasha

J: bawareech a spot lama kint akalmich awal kint akalmich min hnee w lama t’6eeg il dinya feeni aroo7laha

L: afaaa kanat t’6eeg il dinya feek w ana mawjooda

J: la la la tnakteeeen intay awal kanat sb7an allah madree one person shlon yt7ama b your happiness , kintay happiness w misery mixed together tgdreen tgoleen t3thabt ana

L: awwwww 7aataaa ana its weird I get it bas jassim think this way , from my side your love will never expire , it doesn’t reach an expiration date 7ata when we were not together that’s was my status cz living with only a memory of you was so beyond hardd…

J: again im going to spend my whole life trying to apologize 3ly sawayta w 6ool 3mrreee mga9ir ra7 akoon ma7ad yt7amal ily intay shftee w kil ma athkir you saw that your life wasn’t worth it without me it made me stronger cz I knew our love was bigger than anything

L: thank god that test was over

J: yala 93day

L: manee mlabsa il jooti ge6a wara

J: 7amdilla miyana al7een;p

L: eeh b3ad 5ala9;p

J: la7;6a that’s our song playing

Lora listened to jassim as he sang along to  “ ma ya5thnee ila il mowt” thinking that jassim took it literal , actually both of them did that..jassim was so cute when he sang w 3ash jawaaa , she loved him that’s the only thing she was sure of in this lifetime.

J: w9alna

L: omg I know this place inzil bawareek shay

J: hnee ana a5af inich t3arfeen hal mokan

L: imsh imsh

J: ma tabeen jootiyich

L: 3ndik flip flops

J: eeh malowt il ba7ar wara la7’6aa ayeebhum

L: ok bser3a im stepping on sand w omgggggg jassiiiim there is a creature jidam il sayara

J: eeh hatha ‘6ab

L: bil 9ayf ako ‘6ab maynoon int

J: shoofay ( jassim was behind her and holding her with both hand on her waist)

L: jassiiim latdizneee a5aaaaaffff

J: t3alay bas awareech il ‘6abb

L: waaaaayyyy jasiiiiim pleaseee jasiiiiiiim ( screaming on top of her lungs)

J: la la mara7 ahidich ila lama tgoleenli a7bich b a3laaa 9owt yala abee kilman ysmaaa3

L: yal maynooon omg I married a crazy persooon jasssiiiim hdnee w ily salm 3mrik

J: ma asmaaa3 a3laaa

L: a7bik bas hdneey

J: still unheard abeee asma3 il echo bil bar

L: a7biiiikkkkk yal maynoooon ( lora screamed it but it was worth it seeing how jassim’s eyes beamed and he had the biggest smile )

He let her go..

L: jassim …

J: 3yooonaaa

L: a7bek

Jassim kissed her head and he hugged her .. he held her so hard , but it was perfect she felt safe with him…

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[30 May 2012 | Comments Off on Imaginary Love – Part 3 | 2 views]

Fouz on her way to Reem was thinking about the strange connection she’s been feeling towards “him”. She never imagined herself being attracted to someone like “him”, even though he was the funny and class clown type of guy but she had witnessed a coupl…

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Hey All! *hides face* I guess you can say I’m some-what back, I know its been almost a year but what can I say, life has been busy for me ;p
I missed you all! and since its summer time.. I’ll try to get back and start something new and different..
Soo How have u all been?

As I said, I hate leaving things un-done so I wrapped up the short story You, I didn’t really know how to end it but its done ;p




“did u have to embarrass me infront of him?” I said looking at Back-up
he just stared at me giving me his puppy eyes look

 “your evil you know that?”
 I patted him and continued my workout around the neighborhood..


I came out of the shower and saw Faith laying down on my bed..
Faith: Heyyy Babyyy (she said as she looked up from the magazine she was holding)
Me: Hiiyaa honeyy (I replied while going to my closet)
Faith: miss me?
Me: of course, how can I not?!
Faith: save ur drama for ur boyfriend ;p
Me: I don’t have one yet.. oh my god What time is it??
Faith: its 6, why whats up?
Me: I have a date at 7 with Trust!
Faith: Trust Whooo??
Me: He’s the guy that helped me out with my car when I had a flat tire yesterday
Faith: oohh so he’s ur prince charming!
Me: haha shut up and come help me choose what to wear
We both spent some time deciding on what dress I should wear.. I settled on a very simple kinda short flowy red dress , not too revealing though..
I let Faith do my hair and make-up,, I check the time and it was 6;45 pm
Me: He’ll be here in 15 minutes.. quick tell me how do I look?
Faith: One word babe, Hotness!
Me: *blushed* thanks to you of course
Faith: we better go down he’ll be here any minute
I grabbed my stuff and we went downstairs and waited in my big living room..
A couple of minutes late my fone vibrated and it was him, I picked up
Me: hey
Trust: Hey, you ready?
Me: yup
Trust: ok I’ll be there in 2 min
Me: I’ll be waiting

End call

Me: he said he’ll be here in 2 mins
Faith: great, come on lets go wait for him outside
We went outside and walked thru the garden as I saw a car approaching, I knew it was him..
Faith: Damn he’s hot
Me: *sigh* I know
He stopped at the gate and saw us walking towards him, he came down and approached us, he held a flower bouquet in his hand
Trust: That is for the beautiful lady
Me: Aww that’s so sweet thank you.. oh and that’s faith my friend
Trust: nice to meet you
Faith: Likewise
Trust: Shall we? (as he gestured with one hand towards the car)
Me: Yes,, we shall..
Faith: Have fun
Me: Thanks babe, ill c ya later
Faith: bbye (and she Headed back into my house, she’s like my sister so she’s practically livin there)
I got in the car and we drove until to wat seemed like 15 minutes
Me: Why wont u tell me where we’re going?
Trust: I told u, it’s a surprise..
Me: But I don’t really like surprises
Trust: Trust me you’ll love it
2 minutes and we came to a stop in a very quiet parking lot
Me: where r we exactly?
Trust: we’re here! ;D
He got down and came to my side, opened my door and reached out his hand.. I hesitantly placed mine into his as he pulled me out gently
Trust: Come on its this way (He didn’t let go of my hand and I didn’t him to either)
Me: Trust r u kidnapping me or something?
He stopped midway, turned and looked sharply into my eyes
Trust: Are you scared from me?
Me: Should I be? (I answered a bit trembling)
Trust: Look into my eyes and answer me
I stared into his eyes and I simply found myself drowning in them, he had magical hypnotizing eyes, and I don’t know how but I felt home.. like a child being finally reunited with his favorite teddy bear
Me: I trust you
He bent down a little and got really close to my face I could feel his body heat radiating on my skin, he came closer to my ear and whispered..
Trust: Good
He sent chills up ad down my spine, he pulled away and smiled and we continued walking as he led the way..
We went around a corner and I couldn’t believe my eyes!
Trust: Soo what do you think?
Me: Oh my god why didn’t u tell me u were taking me to a theme park?!
Trust: And ruin the surprise?
Me: How did u know I love theme parks? (I asked excited)
Trust: Just a wild guess (Smirk)
Me: But im wearing  a dress ;(
Trust: Don’t worry no one will be around, its just us! ;)
Me: we have the park all to ourselves?;o
Trust: yup, come on lets not waste time and go in already
We went in and we had a BLAST! I couldnt remember the last time I had that much fun since I was 5 !
After trying almost every game in the park, we decided that it was getting late and time to go bk, on our way out of the park..
Trust: Oh look!
Me: What? Where?!
Trust: look at that booth over there!
Me: r u talking abt the one that says “Kissing booth” (I gave him a teasing look)
Trust: We did say we have to try everything, I guess that’s the only one left *Smirk*
Me: (I Went along with his game) Oh then I guess we have to go there and try it
Without wasting any more time he took my hand and walked all the way to the kissing booth.. 
We got to the booth and I just stood there not knowing what should happen or it should and a million thoughts were racing through my mind.. 
I didn’t know If wat was going to happen is right or wrong? 
How did I find myself with a man I don’t even know? 
Spent my time completely alone with him? 
Wat does this mean? 
He cut my trail of thoughts as I felt his index finger touch my chin..
Trust: Hope.. (He whispered, I guess he must’ve sensed my discomfort)
Me: *I looked up and met his gaze* Hmm..
That was all I was able to let out.. I don’t know how he has that effect on me!
Trust: We don’t have to if you don’t want to..
Without saying anything I leaned in slowly and he understood what I wanted so he responded by leaning in towards me until we got inches apart,,
 I whispered “I do..” that was when his lips met mine before I even finished the sentence,
our lips moved like they were in sync with each other, 
I got lost into a whole different world, 
I reached both my hands behind his neck to support me frm falling as he had one of his hand grazed into my hair while the other supporting my lower back.. 
He pulled me in closer and we kept on kissing to what seemed like forever..
We only parted cuz we both needed to breathe in some air,  
I instantly looked down feeling a bit embarrassed and I didn’t want him to see my now flushed face so I burring it into his chest and hugged him.. 
He held me tight and whispered..
Trust: Come on, lets go bk (he said as he kissed the crown of my head)
I simply nodded, held his hand and walked back to his car…
We got to my house and I turned to look at him..
Me: Thank you for tonight, I really had fun (I said smiling)
Trust: Anytime
Me: Goodnight (I said as I left his car)
Trust: Sweet dreams
I got into my house and I found Faith already asleep in the guest room, I didn’t want to wake her up and so I went into my room and got into my PJ’s and into my bed..
I closed my eyes.. and this is when I drifted into the other side of the world..
Flashback into the dream

I Started to run as fast as my feet can go..

As far as I can reach..

As far away as I can hope..

As far away until I’m sure that I’m safe again..

Until I can be able to catch my breath again.

Until I am absolutely and positively sure that Im not being chased, yes and I literally mean chased by..


yes, him.

I wont stop running until he is not following me anymore..

Why was Trust chasing me?! 

And Why was I so terrifyingly running away from him?!

I couldn’t understand what was happening until I tripped over something and fell into the ground..

I was wounded and couldn’t help myself get up, I turned and saw him approaching me,, he got closer and I was terrified because his face had a deadly expression..

He came closer, and I hugged my knees and buried my face wishing that he’s just go away!


I looked up startled my his question, he knelt down next me and that’s when it hit me that the expression he had earlier was a worried one, not a scary one!

It was so stupid of me to have doubted him, to have doubted his intentions towards me..

I woke up startled from my phone’s ring tone..

I picked it up and smiled, because I knew deep down, that when you hope for something, all you gotta do is trust that it is finally here when the perfect opportunity comes along your way

Me: Hey, I was just dreaming about you

The End…

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Ali has just woke up from his nap. He decided to chill and watch some tv so he switched to wanasah tv. He enjoyed listening to Mafy A7ad Merta7 while thinking about his life. Ali was the type of person who would daze in his own thoughts just thinking a…

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Talal alflanee mentions jassim alflaneee

“ il layla ‘3ayr il liyali”

Jassim al flanee tweeted 1 mins ago

“ lets do this”

it was an awfully quite day in their house , normally her brothers would scream and play around.

Lora decides to head to her grannys cz her granny was planning to go to shalaih , after the incident she didn’t go , she misses her horse so she took that chance.

They were sitting bil shalaih in the glass house when sm3aw nas tyabeb

L: shssalfa

Lorasgranny: madreee

The ybab escalated , shway wala the room is filled with people (jassims mum, talals mum, loras aunts, R, Mimi, om lora , loras aunts and her sister and cuzins)

L: hmmm shga3id y9eer

Jassim enters

J: were officialy married

L: are you joking

J: nope ( 6ali3 a paper)

L: that explains what cant you wait for;p

Jassim whispers “ meta a7a9il il kiss”

Lora : im going to kill you  I cant believe were married jassim

J: wala ana bas ana 6ayer min il far7aaaaaa

L: bas I want a wedding

J: next month inshalla

L: I love how you have everything planned

J: la this time mara7 atnazal

L: ma ist3yalt

J: la bas ba5ith ra7tee 3shan ma7ad ygooli shay

Lora was so happy that night , she couldn’t sleep so she sat outside near the sea

Lora bbmed jassim

L: r u up

J: itha kint nayem agoomlich bas

L: t3al yeeb the boys too w jakey plz

J: 7a’6r

5 mins all the guys r there with jakey.

Talal: 3aroooosattttnaaaaaa

L: talllooooooool ( running to talal and hugging him , its been a while since she saw him , talals hus were amazing)

T: jassim sam7lee b hugs w kisses on the cheeks w head

J: eeh shay thane bo 6eli ya waylik

K: mabrooook w a5eeran bnfra7 feech

L: thank u

M: finally finally , mabroooook alla ytamem ya raaab

L: thank u 7amood il fal lik

M: shhofay zawajti khalood hsrayich tzawjeeni b3ad;p

L: no problem whatsoever

T: aywaa w ag3ad ana single la la 7amood t3awath min ibleees

They all sat and started remembering the whole journey and how long it was , jassim held loras hand he couldn’t think that’s there is a possibility of losing her again.

L:abee anam yala leave roo7aw namaww

T: mshaynnaa yala

J: im coming sbgoooni , Khalid i5th jake

K: eeh yala inshalla

J: so on paper were married

L: where r u going with this;p

J: salamat 3mrich bas we need to go out on a date ya3nee

L: right wayn?

J: madree afakir w agoolich

L: yala roo7 nam shaklik moh nayem 9arlik days

J: eeh cz I just wanted Thursday to come ma gdart anam;p

L: awww yala go sleep il talk to u bachir

Jassim tweets

“ she makes me the happiest person alive , being with her is a blessing”

Lora al flanee tweets

“ allah lay7rmnee minik”

Talal al flanee mentions loraalflanee w jassimalflanee” ya 7elw m3areesnaaaaaaaa , allah ytamem ya raaaab”

Lora slept with a big smile on her face , she couldn’t wait for tomorrow . with jassim back she knows its going to be happy days agaaain….

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Next day

Lora was heading home and on the radio , what song comes on

“ raheeb wala raheeeb”

lora smiled and tweets

“ thank god the song had a good outcome;p “ raheeb wala raheeb” 1 mins ago

Jassim al flanee tweeted 1 mins ago

“ mayfargnaaa ila il mowt”

Talal al flanee tweeted

“ 7amdillaaa ba’3a il mowt ydish 3ar’6 yal 7abeeeb@jassim al flaneee”

Jassim replied to talal al flanees tweets

“ Thursday y abo 6eli abee iyee asra3 min il saree3 @talal alflanee”

she wondered what was happening on Thursday , it was 2 days away…

she arrived home , she was feeling tired but she wanted to go to her grannys today since there was a dinner for her w jassims mum is coming too so she needed to go.

She slept and woke up at 4 , just in time to shower and get ready

She checks her phone and finds a bbm from jassim

J: btw bayee ma3 omi ilyowm;p

L: laish;o

J: shal ist8bal bashtkeee 3nd 5altee

L: lazim tyeee ya3ni very unnecessary

J: w9alna waynich;p

L: b baytna

J: n3am

L: tawa ma 6la3t 5 mins w ow9al

J: ok ana ban6rich bara

L: la

J: laish

L: bas;p

J: la mbala abee adish m3ach

L: ok

J: fee maw’6o3 abeech later on with

L: ok

Lora got there to see jassim looking so handsome in his dishdasha mashalla w his smile was beaming . min ziman ma shafta smiling min galb.

He opened the car door . she got out w they entered together.

J: la7’6a bagool shay

L: al7een

J: ee

L: shino

J: a7bich

Lora just smiled shyly , she loved him after all what they went through together , she was happy to see him.

They went in , everyone was so happy including  their mothers . lora’s cuzin just had a baby so bil yam3a nazilow baby zayna so everyone can see her , her aunt gave baby zayna to jassim , jassim was nervous but he was a natural with kids , none of her aunts know why fachow il 56baa , so the aunt says

“ il fal ma ashoofik ya jassim masik bintik w weldik”

jssims face was priceless but lora quickly interrupted

L: inshalla bas taw il nas

Jassim excuses himself to the bathroom , she knew he wasn’t ok w 7az b5a6raa

L: shkint btgool msa3a

J: wala shay shfeech la7gatnee

L: a5af tn7ash bas;p

J: la im not going anywhere

L: whats happening Thursday

J: wala shay

L: why were you tweeting about it w countdown bbm

J: wala shay ;p salfa baynee w bayn 6layel

L: ya 5owfee min swalifk bas

J: thank u

L: 3la

J: tadreen ina t’6ayagt w yetay u check up on me

L: eeh I wanted to make sure your fine , im sorry jassim bas ma7ad yadree cz its private

J: a7bich

L: adree;p

J: ma tabeen tgoleenli

L: not feeling it;p

J: la hal daraja lora intay kintay shayla 3lay mabee tfar7eeeni b kilma

L: it takes time jassim

J: adreee w il wait

L: yala lets go back

J: agool baroo7 il diwaniya shlon

L: geltlik latyee al7een ya sha6ir i6la3 minha

J: watch me

Lora and jassim join the family .

J: tawich tgoleen y3awrich itha kilish kilish 5an awadeech baytkum ta5theen meds w tnameen

L: u think so

Lora’s mum: shfeech

L: madree bas I feel tired ( she felt guilty bas kila min jassim)

Jassim: 5altee bawadeeha il bayt a5af bas y9eer feeha shay

Jassim got up “ yala imshay”

They both left


L: omg your too good jassim your worrying me

J: a3jbich

L: yima minik

J: baytkum greeeb lil asaf chan car ride al7een ana wiyach

L: oh 9a7 this the first time were together in a car w im realizing ur a wreckless driver.

J: shtabeeen feeni;p

L: w9alna 7amdilla

J: kila tabeen il faka mini

L: 7amdilla t3arif broo7ik.

She said bye w left. She was so tired that she slept without changing.

Next morning was Wednesday and jassim tweeted

“ tomorrow I cant wait”

Talal: bachir layltik y abo jwaayyyis 1 mins ago

Lora dm’s talal

L: shb9eer Thursday

T: madree

L: latchathib

T: wait and see

The whole day was spent watching tv and catching up on her assignmentts .

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the day goes by and lora had to get another drip since shes refusing to eat it made her drousy so she sleeppppt not knowing about whats going around her..

Om jassim: shlonich b3ad 3mreee sha5barich shftay hal 3yal yabelona il mara’6 kil yowm shay allah yhadahum

Omlora: eeh wala shftay shsawaw allah yhadaaahuum bas

Om jassim: ana agool nfik roo7na w n5aleehum ybtalshown b b3a’6 hal mara ya om lora 5an namlich 3yyoon il nas ma tr7am a5r mara ma tamat bas al7een b2thn allah item.

Om lora: kila b2eyd binti in galat ee ee w in galat la laaa

Om jassim: inshalla 5ayr

Lora’s Dad heads to jassims room to have a talk

J: 3amee hal shlonik

Oboolora:hala jassim

J: 3amee ana asiff

Obolora: shoof ya jassem ana ba’3ayt a5sir binti martayn fa mabee a5srha thane mara , itha tabeek tabeek ma tabeek moh ga9ib jassim

J: adreee 3ame kila b ri’6aha

Oboo lora: yala i6la3 min il mistashfa w y9eer 5ayr

J: 3amee 6labtik shay

Oboo lora: gool ya jassim sh3ndik

J: 3amee 5al namlich hal mara 3la 6ool

Oboolora: nshoof

Next morning

Lora wakes up and decided to open her phone to check on everything..

She sees 30 mentions from her friends and family wishing her to get better soon , her bbm was full and she got a msg from talal , shes guessing when she wasn’t awake he sent it

Talal: i5teeee il 7elwa meta ma tg3ad tgoooli 3ndi special delivery

Lora replies to talal

L: Gm sh3ndik ;p

The door opens and in comes renad w fay9al with flowers . those kids made her day.

L: rooooooniii , fa9ooooooliii come give me kisses

Fay9al : aunti lora I miss you

Roooni: uncle talal told me your sick bas we told him nabee we see you

L: awwwww rooooni come sit hneee (pointing next to her)

Talal: shrayich feehum  

L: I love you for bringing them thankkkksss bo 6elii

Talal: fa9ool sing ily 3lamtik yaha bil sayara

Fay9al starts singing

“ hala beli t7ibaaaa kil asbaaabbiii’’ uncle talal I forgot;p

L: talal 7afa’6ta maskeen m7mad 3abdu;p

T: shfeek nisayt

Fay9al : ba’3anee the other song

T: ay song t3al ana ma 3lamtik ila wa7da latf’6a7naaaaa

Fay9aaalll : mbala ana sami3ha mama mat5aleeni I sing it itgool haligiya bas int 3ndik yaha

T: iskit iskit

Fay9al starts jumping around and sings

“ goool b a3la il 9owt a7bik w itrek il 6ab3 il 5ajooool”

L: waaaaayyyy sh7afi’6a shams talal your bad influence

T: iskit fa9ool basic;p

Roooni: uncle jassim told me this song is yours

L: which song roooni

Rooni: “ raheeeeb wala raheeeb”

L: eeh its my song I sent it to your uncle jassim before w he remembers

T: 3la 6aree uncle jassim wayna mafroo’6 6ali3 min ziman

L: madree he didn’t come her

Fay9al: baroo7 7amam bara

T: eeh ok imsh

L: ako bathroom hnee

T: la bara bawadee 3nd 5adamta

L: w roooni intay shaku ray7a b3ad

Roooni: basaweee number 1

Talal: imshaw yala

Lora felt weird cz they suddenly left something was up

In 5 minutes jassim comes in all dressed up in his dishdasha holding renad on his right w fay9al on his left and he had a stupid smile on his face but his dimples were so adorable.

Renad was holding something , it looked like a box and fay9al had one too.

J: ok so here it goes, hmm these rings ana msawyeeehum min ziman since awal mara sheftich 7ata you can check the date , it’s the date I saw you b jam3atkum bil elections I have it engraved cz it’s the day allah kitablee 3mr ydeed. ( he opens the ring that’s with fay9al and fay9al like a good boy gives it to lora w insists ylabis’ha)

Fay9al: uncle jassim shoof di5al

Renad :ana balabis uncle jassiim ok (looking at lora for approval)

L: eeh 7abeebti labseee

J: y7a9ili renad tlabsnee yala

Fay9aaaaaalllll : uncle talal galeee lama you were your rings agdar agool shay bas renad galatlee la2

Renad : fay9al 3ayb

J: la goool gool

L: laish im scared ina ygool;p

Fay9al: you may kiss the bride

L: bakfa5 talal 5al ydish bagool 7ag i5ta lat5alee fay9al m3aaa

J: maskeen ma gal shay bo 6eli , ism7eeli ya3neee one on the cheek

L: la;p

J: moh bkayfich ya baba ( he kissed her cheeks )

Fay9al and renad start clapping . talal comes in

T: ha tamat il mohema bo jwayes (winking)

L: t3al shway abeek b shay

T: amray

Lora pinches talals cheeks layn gam y9ari555

T: a77777 shsawayt ana

L: fee a7ad y3alm yahel chthee

T: fanan fa9ool

Renad: I told him no

T: 7abeebat 5alich intay t3aliii t3alay 3a6ee 5alich big hug

Renad sits on talals lap w fay9al on jassims lap .

Door opens

R w Khalid enter together , they look so cute.

R: mabrooooooooooook my loveeeee

Khalid : bil Mubarak jasoom

L: thank u

Jassim : mashkoor yal 3a’6eed

L: roooni this is the other roooni

Renad stares at R for a while then she comes and sits near lora on the bed and whispers

“ bas ana t7beeni akthar”

lora kisses renad and says “ eeh 6ab3an ;p)

the whole room was filled with people she loved , she was happy .

the day passed smoothly , tomorrow was the day she leaves the hospital for good .

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Next morning

Dr: fee donations ktheer kanow fa inshalla ha t2oom bas kolo 3n nafsiyaaa

T: btgoom inshalal

R: eeh she will

Mimi: she will I know she will

R goes to hug loras grannys w t6aminhaaa

As they were sitting in the room , the door opens

Jassim on a wheel chair with Khalid and m7amad

The whole room was silent but everyone left leaving jassim alone with lora and talal.

T: ma a5aleek broo7ik m3aha

J: talal manee msawee shay

T: ya waylik ya jassim

Talal leaves leaving both

J: please have the strength to wake up , lora guumaay latsaween chithee feena tkfaynnn , moh 3shanee bas 3shan yaditich w rab3ich w talal maskeeen guuumaaay .

Lora was starting to wake up as soon as she saw him she was relieved he was fine .

J: are you ok

L: abee water

J: yala ok handing her the glass 3shan tshrab he realized he had to give it to her cz her hands cant move bcz of the tubes. She drank it

J: lama t6l3een min il mustashfa bnamlich

L: la

J: laish

L: itha talal gal ee il consider it bas bdooon his blessing la

J: talal min 9ijich

L: eeh

J: ok ( nkisar galba lma galat talal)

L: roo7 nadaaa abee ashoofa

J: ok

Jassim pushed the wheelchair and opened the door 3shan ydishoon ily bara.

L: yimaaa tara ana moh ga9deee latabcheeeen yimaaaa

Granny: laish sawayti chitheeee

L: im sorry mama

R: omg darling why would you do that

Mimi: laish chitheee

L: it was a moment of weakness cz I was alone

T: 7amdilla 3l salama ( bas ras’ha w g3ad 3ndaha)

K: yala jassim lazim trid ur room yabeelik drip al7een

M: matshofeen shar bas mara7 n7asbich al7een

L: im sorry wala

Everyone leaves since it was il thi7er 3shan they eat lunch w rest leaving talal with her alone.

T: mara7 asam7ich la hal daraja 3balich intay r5ee9a

L: tkfa 6alal isma3neeee madree what happened

T: intay bttzawijayn hal 5ara hatha a5r kalamee intow t6l3oon min il mustashfa w tamlichooown magdar ma2asssiii akthar

L: are you serious

T: eeh yiba thnaynatkum ta3thabtaw plus ana I can control jassom ana mhadida ini athbi7aa itha 9arfeech shay

L: maku minik taaalllllaaaal wala a7bik

T: intay il ‘3alyaaa a5r mara tsaweeeenha lora intay ma tadreen intay shino intay i5ti w my best friend I cant lose you . your family

L: you wont yakil tiben jassim itha y’3arr int il 3azeez il ‘3aly

T: wala ini a7bich bas al7een 3sa jassim ysam7nee 3l ily geltaa

L: he will if he ever wants to get married

T: a7bich yal niz8aa

L: talal ahali yow9oon ilyowm ya3nee magdar ashoofkum any longer

T: adree fa chithee ga3id 3ndich ana al7een

L: il miss you L t3wadt 3laykum

T: 7ata ana wala bas shoofay inti w jassim same floor so ana ashoof lama maykoon 3ndich a7ad ayeech

L: promise me

T: you cant get rid of me

L: good meta a6laa3 talal malayt I hate hospitals

T: galow 3gub bachir

L: 9ij may9eer bachir

T: nshoof bachir If ur ok n6al3ich

L: thanksss

T: bashoof jassim al7een ana w awa9ee 3la i5teee l ‘9’3eera (talals eyes were tearing up he realized it was time to let go 5alaaa9)

L: bo 6eliii I loveee youuu . t3al give me a hug ma 3ini I hate hugs bas min  ygool la teddy bear hug minik

T: t3lay bas

Talal leaves

Boys side:

T: jassooom bil Mubarak a5eeran bafra7 feek w feehaaa

J: tadree inha galatlee itha talal gal la mara7 ttzawjnee

T: la ma kint adreee tawnee adree inha t7bneeee

J: ya 7maaar tara a’3ar

T: iskit bas al7eeen ana ba3arif ahalha shlon ykoon wa’63hum

K: maku majal ygoloon la2 n5alee 5altee awal ma tow9al omha tgoolaha ina yamlichown moh 56ba la milcha lazziim we document it

M: ana 3n nafsee that day bbamsik 7alj jassim 3shan lay5oorha

J: ahalha m7trameeni leana ana ma 7a6ayt’hum b maw8if mo7rij

T: yiba ma re’6aw na56fhaaa;p

K: ya 5owfee minik ya talal

T: lat5aaaaf bttyasar y abo jwayyis bas m3rsna lazim tt8awa ha;p

J: yal 7maaaaar basik

….is it finally going to be a fairytale ending….

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R was in  la la land , her milcha was scheduled 3la 6ool after 9ayfeee so lets hope this milcha actually happens.

It was a week after the proposal and as usual lora bil shalaih ma3 yadat;ha alone . her family were coming next week so she was enjoying the last bit of freedom.

Lora al flanee tweets

“ I miss renad and fay9al”

talal dm’s her

T: shalaih ahali hnee w renad w fay9al hnak tabeen ayeebhum

L: min  9ijik

T: eeh tara its 5 mins away

L: 3yal yebhuuum abee fa9ooli w rooni

T: min 3yooni

After 30 mins talal arrives with renad w fay9al . as soon as both kids see lora they rush to give her big hugs , lora didn’t see that jassim was with them too , her eyes met his and she saw that he was upset cz im guessing memories are hitting him that he cant have kids w lora loves kids . lora smiled at him , she ddint care to be honest she just wanted jassim bas jassim doesn’t get that.

L: rooooni tadreen ismich 3la a’3la friend w fay9al ismik 3la ism il ‘3alyy

Roooni : 9ij ya3nee ana mithlhaaa t7beeni

L: eeeh wayyyyid (kissing the little girls cheek)

Fay9al: ana abee b3ad big hug

Talal: hatha 6ali3 3lay bas ya 7a’6ee gool kiss

J: talal int ibda3 5alhum msakeen

L: yshawgooon I honestly cant get over them , talal meta Im going to meet your sisters basshoofhum

T: imshay ana a9lan abeech you meet omi moh 5awati;p

J: tara shalaihum greeb w omi hnak b3ad

L: la fashla im in my free cities not the best look when meeting mothers;p

T: shaku your gorgeous

J: shfeech maynoona sh7alatich yaalaaa

L: la next time 5an akoon mtsan3aaa plus talal omik awal mara tshofni gool om jassim shafatnee b my worst when the accident allah lay3ood those days

T: eeh wala allah lay3oodhum

J: imsh tlayel 5an redhum 7ag omhum bedaw they lose it ( pointing at roooni w  fa9ool the kids starting kicking each other)

L: eeh china mallow

Fay9al : banam 3ndich

L: 9ij ;0

Roooni: ana banam 3nd uncle jassiim a7iba akthar  min kil il nas w uncle jassim is so cute 7ata 5altee tgool

T: eeh bdayna bil f’6ayi7 sktay

L: cutiess wala

Jassim ysheel renad 3n il ar’6 w he gives her a huge hug w yg3ad he kisses her . lora’s eyes were covered in tears but she didn’t want them to come down , how is that jassim cant have kids , hes amazing with them , why is life unfair . her eyes caught up with talal’s eyes , he realized she still loves jassim . he came up to her w he squeezed her hands w he whispered

T: redeela lora 5ala9 ,how yt3athab ga3id tkfayn

L: shlon tgooli chithee talal

T: geltich ana itha ana sheft sa3adtich ma3 ‘3ayree ma 3ndi ay problems

L: maku minik wala bas I cant trust him talal , he left me once hel leave me again.

Jassim : shga3id t7shoon

L: salamtik

T: yala roooni w fa9ool namshee

Roooni: mabee abee uncle jassim

Fay9al : eeh abee uncle jassim ysaweeli 9aroo5

J: yala roo7aw ma3 talal w ana warakum asaweelik 1000 9aroo5 bas awal shay you give aunti lora a kiss mini

Fay9al hurries to kiss lora and renad joins too.

The kids w talal leave leaving lora with jassim alone

L: they adore you mashalla

J: ana basafir

L: shino

J: im leaving Kuwait for good

L: are you serious

J: I have nothing to stay for here kilish , Kuwait means nothing to me . plus lora ana magdar ag3ad w ashoofich a5r shay b2eyd ‘3ayree

L: bt5aleeeeni jassim

J: shino ba5aleech

L: your giving up again jassim

J: ma kint adree you want me to try

L: are you stupid

J:magdar ag3ad w intay chithee t9deen magdar at7amal

 L:jassim law abee ‘3ayrik chan I moved along bas I love you il never be over you

J: you honestly don’t know how much it hurt , u never saw it from my side to let go of the only real thing in your life tadreen shkither 9a3baaa

L: you cant leave jassim please

J: I have to I need you to live your life

L: ya3neee ma tabeeeni jassim

J: ana mabeech allah 3laych bas ana mabee roo7i moh mabeech ana ga3id amoot agoolich ma buga mini shay

L: why are you doing this

J: cz I love you

L: no you don’t jassim seriously ( pushing him )

She leaves him and goes back to her shalaih crying

Lora al flaneee tweets

“ ttfanan bta3theebi”

talal al flanee calls

T: la7’6a shisalfa laish hal maynooon 6la3 bil sayara bser3aaa sh9aaaar sh9aaar

L: bsafeeer w y5aleeni sheft ya talal hes killing me

T: yayich 6l3ay bser3aaaa bab il bar bndawiir hal maynooon a5af ysawee shay

L: ok bser3aaaa

5 mins w lora gets out to meet talal , she rode the car

lora was still crying w talal was silent ma yadree shgool mayet 5owf 3la jassim.

Khalid calls talal T(Khalid on speaker)

K: l7goona il mustashfaaa bser3aaa talal ana w m7amad mwadeen jassim

L: shinooooooooooo jassim shfeech

K: intay shmwadeech ma3 6alal , 6alal redha shalaihum bala f’6ayi7

L: omg hes trying to kill himself again

K: lora reday shalaihkum w t3awithay min iblees

L: fine bas I swear this time I wont forgive him , this is so over hal maynoon yabee ythba7 nafs w ythba7nee m3aaaaa

T: yala ana la7gkum bas awadeeha

Lora cries her head off , talal was shocked ta jassims behavior , he was disappointed ina rfeeja chithee imana b allah ‘63eef , laish sawa feeha chithee ihya ma yadree 5sarat fay9al b 7adith ya3nee laish ga3id

y3athbhaaa 7araaaam>

talal; dropped lora off .

lora calls mimi w R

L: sawa 7adith

R: mino haw mino why are you crying

Mimi: are you ok

L: jassim ya jma3aaa jassiim . kan 3ndee w gali bsafer we argued and I told him I loved him bas for some reason he told me ina 5ala9 hes leaving I didn’t know he wanted to kill himself d3am 3amood kahraaaba imagine

R: that boy is insane

Mimi: ana w omi yayeenich w bnmer R you cant sit alone

L: plzzzz come quickly im going to die laish ysawee chitheee

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Khalid w m7amad w talal just staring at the wall confused why did jassim do that

Doctor: mino loraaa?

K: laish

Doctor: howa bil 3amaliya w howa b2ooll “ 5al lora tsami7nee lazim t7alilini”

K: ya3nee kaan bynt7er

Doctor: aywaaa

Khalid and the boys let out screams and talal grabs the doctor from  his neck

T: shoof ahala al7een bjoon latgoolhum chithaa hatha wa7eedhum gool ina 7adith fhamt

Dr: ok

M7amad : badig 3la o5ooy agoola ysheela min malaf il ta78ee8 3shan laninf’6e7 bas

Khalid: bser3aaa

Khalid: laish ya jassim tsawee chithee

Talal: tara hal mara zawadhaaa may9eer ysawwwee chithe may5af 3la nafsa y5af 3laaaynaaa i7na o5waaaanaaa yr7am oma

K: ya3nee shino al7eeen

M7amad: b5aloona ndish wala la

Dr: il 48 hours ily jayeen homa il 9a3ba itha jassim 3adahum hay3eesh bas itha la hatha ra7 ykoon ..

T: latkamil lat5aleeni azni6ek thane mara yala ithlif

K: talal bas

M7amad: imshaw bndish ga9bin 3ana

Jassim’s chest was covered in tubes and his body looked so helpless lying there , the guys realized that wasn’t their jassim they lost teir friend but could love be this destructive , could love kill everyone around it , what happened to happily ever after , was it that hard to achieve. Their thoughts were interrupted by jassims mum crying outside

T: Khalid roo7 shoof 5altee

Khalid goes out to calm jassims mum , but the poor lady didn’t stop crying

Om jassim: 7asby allah 3la hal sayarat

K: 5altee id3eela

Talal: jassim goom 7sabee ma 5ala9ta m3ak goom law feeek 5ayr law int rijal gum wajihnee

M7amd: yanayt int shfeek

Talal know starts crying and shouting

“ moh 3la kayfa ysawwee chithee 5alana 3la a39abnaa shino ygoola 7ag il dr gol 7ag lora t7alila hatha 5ali9 min 9iji yr7amna 5al y5af raba feeha”

M: talal 5ala9 t3awath min iblees w ana o5ook la7’6at ‘6a3f

Girls side

R and mimi rush to lora finding her lying on the floor covered with blood . they checked and they saw that she cut her veins . they both started screaming , the ambulance came and lora was carried out.

Her grandma was shocked , R w mimi went to a state of shock they were so confused why did their friend do that

Hospital (girls )

Waiting room:

R: omg he killed her , he killed her hal 7aywaaaan

Mimi: allah mara7 ysam7aaa

Om mimi : t3withow min ibleees id3oow 7aghum thnayna’huuum

Gradma: shagool 7ag bnti ily 5alat bint’ha amana agoolha bint’ha 3la frash il mowt

R: la yima latgoleen chithee , shes tough , ihya a8waaa insane ana a3arifhaaa

Miimi: eeh wala

R calls Khalid crying

R: Khalid tara i7na bil mustashfaaa, lora tried killing herself

K: shino ay mustashfaaa

R: ……

K: nafs il mustashfa malatnaaa. Ay floor

R: madree bas come quick

K: yayich yala

Boys side:

T: lora 9aa7777!!! Goooli sh9aaar

K: lora 7awilat tnt7eer

T: kila mina il 7aywaaaan 5ala yguuuuuuuuum yshoof shsawa in 9ar feeha shay mara7 asam7aa

M: istagfir allah ya rabeee

T: ay floor , tadree ana badawrha 5alik 3nd 7abeeb galbik

The boys were all nervous and mad and their anger was getting the best of them. M7amad stayed with jassim since jassim was already in the ICU .

Girls side

R: omg talal

Mimi: ya sater shfee chithee m3a9ib

R: abay byf’6a7naaa

T: ay dr

R: madree ma9ree

T: ok 6la3 gal shay

R: la

Ma mdaha galat la2 wala y6la3 il dr

DR: 7alat’ha 9a3ba hiya feeha anemia w losing the blood didn’t help

T: ya3nee shino

Dr: id3oolaha w hiya mafeeha energy to go on , hiya mo7awilat inti7ar

T: ikil tiben latgool chithee

DR: fee aayyy

T: ana badish ashoofha

Dr: b9ifatik meen

T: b9ifati ily b7i6 il jooti b7algik

Talal storms into the door, and he sees her lying down with machines all over and her little hand were falling so helplessly. Talal started crying he couldn’t believe hes losing the love of his life in this waaayy. He sat their without  moving holding her cold hands , his eyes tear up as soon as he sees that shes just lying there, he was used to seeing her a burst of sunshine , love killed both how did that happen.

Loras grandma joined talal with the girls inside

Khalid gets a phonecall from m7amad

M: jassim gam agoola

K: la latgoola ohwa moh nagi9

 As soon as talal heard that he left the room fast , Khalid followed to stop him from doing something crazy ,

K: yal maynoon 6alal wayn btroo7

T: agoola how shsawaaaa

K: talal tabee t’6ba7a

T: how thba7’ha

K: talal talaaaaal la7’6aaa

Too late talal opens the door .

T: sheft ya 7aywaaan shsawaaayttt , you killed her int moh kafu int ‘6ba7t’ha thalath marat awal mara lama bil ba7ar thane mara yowm gelt ma tabeeha w thalith mara al7een , ya 7a8eeeeeeeeerrrr

J: shino ya3neee talal lora shfeeha

T: kanat m3ay bil sayar kena ray7een ndawrik w Khalid dag gal int d3amt w mo7awilat inti7ar ihya yanat ga6ayt’ha shalaihaa w lgowha il banat b3ad sa3aaa 3l ar’6 hiy b3ad she tried killoing herself

J: haaaaaa ( jassim bangs his head on the bars of the bed )

T: jassim itha 9ar feeha shay int la o5ooy w la ana a3arfik ana ga3id amoot leana thanbee ana ina 5alaytik m3aha broo7ik

J: talal isma3 ana asif

T: mayfeed il asaf int chalb wala w ma tstahilha wala

J: ana a7ibbhaaa taallaaal ifham

T: ily y7ib maysawee chitheeee

J: waynha

T: ga3deen ydawrooon blood doners she isn’t doing fine shes barely breathing kila minik

Khalid: talal bas i6la3 bara bas

T: eeh ba6laaa3 bas jassim 7sabik 3aseer

J: lat5af talal itha matat abashrik bmowtee warahaaa….

Back to the girls side

R: I called her parents they are coming on the next flight , her mother was crying 3awrat galbee

Mimi: ma aloomha

Om mimi: allah kareeem

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the girls came to join lora , they sat and ate lunch with loras grandma. They all watched tv ,

rakzaw ya jma3aa 3l 150 days;p

lora leaves the girls and calls Khalid

L: how are the nerves

K: im dying

L: meta ma tabee n6ali3ha lik gooli;p

K: ok shoofay latgarboon 9owb il ba7ar layn agoolich

L: inshalla

Lora joins the girls

R: isht’hayt amshee 3l ba7ar yala

L: la la reee7a 5aysaaaaa it smells like crap

Mimi: maybe sewage

R: way to ruin the day girls

L: b3ad shtabeeen

R: intay ilyowm your awfully quiet normally smella 3laych t7oseen ‘6ay3a

L: ba6nee y3wrnee

M: smella 3laych moh wagtich

R: haw maskeena l bnaya maree’6a shaku moh wagta

Little did R know her big proposal was today

Lora gets a bbm from Khalid


L: abee amshee abee fresh air yala

R: haw besm allah tawa ree7a 5aysa

L: 9arat 7elwaa yala

The gilrs open the glass door to find Khalid standing in the middle of the sea .

R: shfee Khalid wagif , is he ok

Lora w mimi push her and renad and fay9al look so cute came and took her hand to lead her to Khalid

R: shga3id y9eer

Jassim , m7amad , talal join mimi w lora on the side waiting for Khalids big moment.

The moment R w9alat 3nd 5alid renad w fay9al come join them

As R was standing 150 white birds got released w Khalid was standing in the middle of 150 red roses ,, R was tearing up cz she knew Khalid will kneel anytime soon

K: ana 7abaytich min awal masheftich , I never thought love is so powerful till I met u the moment I saw you I knew you were mine , ana bas I want it to make it special for you cz u deserve everything w law tabeen ily tabeena ayeeblich yah . so here it goes b basa6a tgoleen eee w t5aleeni as3ad insan wala tgoleen la , la la a9lan maku majal tgoleenla w tfashleeni ;p . ttzawijayni?

R: omg Khalid I cant believe you put so much effort , eee I will

The scene was amazing it was sunset  w 150 birds flying over you with flowers in the scene it wasd amazing

Khalid signals to the gang that she said yes

Kilhum gamow y9ar5oon , mimi w lora 6ab3an yabchoon ga3deen, talal w jassim w m7amad all happy

Renad w fay9al ran off to Khalid to hand over the rings . Khalid labas;ha w maskeen il walad 6ayer min il far7aaaaaa.

Talal: renad , fay9al t3alaw give lora a kiss yala

J: sh3ndek ilyowm

T: kayfi lil asaf ohma y7a9ilhum w ana la22

J: radyanaaa

T: shtabeee

L: they are the cutest kids alive ( both kids held loras hand w they wouldn’t let go . they both had talal’s piercing eyes they were beautiful kids mashallaaa)

T: 6al3een 3lay

L: ana ash;had

M: agool ana 3amhum tara meta btmd7eeni;p

Mimi: feehum shabah shwaya b3ad minik;p

M: shftaw shlon san3a t3arif il 6ayeb 5a6ir il wa7id

R and khalid join them

Both girls hug her they were so happy for her , tears came down her eyes as she realized she got her happy ending because of lora , she hated seeing her friend suffer.

L: mabrook kahloodddd

K: ybarek feech yal ‘3alyaaa wala w rabee awal bnaya ismha loraaa bdoonich chan kila ma 9aar

L: awwwwww (hugging him)

Mimi: mabrook Khalid and you better take of her , I acnt have any other friend that’s hurt

They were all silent shocked bas thank god the silence was broken with renad screaming at fay9al to stop pulling her hair

Lora takes fay9al away w talal ysheel renad , talal was amazing with renad especially , that girl adored her uncleee. Fay9al shay6an china talal .

The guys leave w the msgs about R’s engagement were bc’d.

Loras status

“ mabrooooook R w Khalid may happiness surrounds you always”

Mimis status “ mabrooooook my R”

Jassim status

“ mabrook bo waleeeed”

talals status

“ mabroook khalood allah ytamem

m7amad status

“ maboooook bo waleeed tstahel kil 5ayr”

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Next morning lora woke up realizing she misses her family , her sister , her little brother and she misses her bigger brother teasing her , she was in such a bad mood ..

Lora al flanee tweeted 1 mins ago

“ I miss my familyL I cant stand be alone anymore”

she quickly gets dressed and heads out to sit with her grandma

Granny: lora shfeech yima ma kalaytay matabeen shay shaklich za3lana

Lora: ay za3lana yima y7a9ili ag3ad m3ach w agool la

Her grandma and her watched tv for a while then her grandma excused herself to take a nap leaving lora alobe. Lora realized she misses jassim in these situations he was always there , she went out to the beach to take a walk when she sees jassim with jake ,

L: hello mr handsome (leaning over to pat jakey)

J: ahlan ahlan

L: ga9dee 3n jakey;p

J: w 9a7ib jakey mala rab

L: la lah rab;p shlonik

J: 7amdilla b5ayr intay

L: im good , ashoofik alone way nil bajee

J: talal i5ta wlidat w m7amad ra7 m3a leana i5t talal mtzawja i5t 7amood, w Khalid ra7 ykalim ahala 3n R 3shan bdgoon ilyowm china

L: tawnee adree 3n o5o m7amad w i5t talal ;P THAT’S SO CUTE , yala allah ytamem 3la Khalid w he proposes;p

J: maskeen mshta6 he wants it memorable

L: malooma;p mara bil 3mr (choking on her words)

J: 9a7 il insan may7ib ila mara bil 3mr

L: yup


Jassim’s phone starts ringing

J: hala bo 6eli , ytraba b3zkumm ya rab w y5alee 7ag 5ala;p , ana bil shalaih t3arif ma 3ndi a7ad;p meta mat5ali9 t3alaw ha I wi7da li3bat feeni w ana o5ook.


L: la il wi7da li3bat feek;p bism allah tawhum ams 3ndik;p

J: shtabeen ma7ib ag3ad broo7i

L: an9i7ek tshtree caskow ysaleek tara

J: la tst3b6ayn ;p

L: la shfeek min 9iji unconditional love wala;p

J: la shaku ana a7ib a9lan ;p fa m7a9il unconditional love

L: la mabroook good luck with that jassim

J: shfeech i3tfas wayhich

L: wala shay ;p

J: t’3areen

L: 3la what , a’3ar 3la jakey itha 7abha akthar mini bas 3layk la

J: mashkoora

L: afa 3layk bas

Jassim’s face turns upside down and he decides to leave it at that he realized this was going to be harder than anything but he wasn’t giving up.

Khalid’s side

K: yala yima degay

Mama: eeh inshalla

Phone call ends with his mum smiling at him w tyabeb.

Mama: Shoof ahalha wafi8ow mabda2iyan galow il bajee 3layk since int tabee you propose

Khalid : btfr7een soon inshalla (kissing her forehead)

Khalid calls lora

K: abee 6alab

L: tamir

K: waynich

L: shalaih

K: yala sa3a w akoon 3ndich w tara bayeeb il gang m3ay fa itha ako a7ad b shalaihum 9arfee its important

L: yala ok al7een 5ali w ahala they are going to leave , lama tow9al call me w dishow l glass house ana m5alyita open bas plz 9ik l blinders

K: yala inshalla

( they all wait for Khalid to say what he has to say since hes been prancing down the room up and down)

K: ok so ba56ib bas moshkila the proposal

T: ana agool ista3yel la7ad ya5ith’ha minik

K: eeh shoof il plan malteee bas talal bachir abee 3yal i5tek hnee , abee renad w fay9al dressed in white please

T: yala 5an adig agoolaha

M: 5alood ist2thini ana 3amhum

J: wagtik al7een shoof il walad m5tbi9

K: ana 3raft’ha 150 days

T: kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak 3adhum

J: iskit int b3ad

M: ya ilahi ya talal

L: so tomorrow is the day bafra7 feek khalood

K: inshalla hatha if she says yes

L: im going to call her at2kad bachir ihya w mimi iyoon

After lora calls the girls and fills mimi with whats happening , both girls end up crying . I didn’t want to say whats the proposal so you can live it with me in the next post;p

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L: talal , jassim I cant do this anymore , I cant be the girl in between , ana t3abt wala I don’t know what to do ( she started crying )

Talal leans over and hugs her , jassim just watchs silently

T: i7na asfeen i7na ma kina nabeech t5tareen ana wala kint fahim 7doodi bas wala 8a9bin 3aneee , ana ma fakart ini ba7ibich wala

J: ana asif ana ily wa5artich 3anee mafroo’6 malee shi8el itha bt7been ‘3ayree kayfich

L: jassimyou still don’t get do you , I tried so hard jassim to forget you to move along but I failed . tadree skither ana 5ayfa in ai don’t trust anyone anymore jassim its your fault

T: lora lazim nfta7 9af7a ydeeda jassim ma kan ga9da 9adgeeni how kan 5ayef 3laych wala

L: shlon tdafi3 3ana int tabee aridla , talal wala il 3a’6eem I tried letting you in I swear but I couldn’t im so sorry talal ( she sat and talal was still holding her , that boy kept trying to make her feel better , talal das 3la karamta w gal bwa5ir 3anha itha ihya btkoon happy bas ohwa ma fham ina ihya ma tabee both , moh 3n jassim bas , shes done with love for good)

T: ana madafi3 3ana wala 7abeebti ana moh ga9dee bas jassim y7ibich ana b3ad a7bich bas batnazal laish ina adree 3mrich mara7 t7beeni kithr ma 7abayti jassim , sam7eee 5ala9 may9eer chithee thnaynatkum ga3deen you suffer ana mt3awid 3la jassim kila thi8a w sha59eeta 8awiya min ftaragtaw ana 9ert ashoof b3yoon 05ooy il 7ezin ana mat7amal ashoofa maksoor wala ashoofich intay chithee b3ad

J: shino tabeeni asawee w asawee lora

T: ana ba5aleekum w jassooom la t6la3 ila w int mra’eeha w in z3lt’ha ya waylik hathee il ‘3alyaaa

Lora just couldn’t believe how much talal is an amazing person , talal doesn’t give of that good boy vibe but he had a good heart.

J: ma gelteeli shtabeen asaweee

L: mabee shay jassim I just want this nightmare to end , inta hent karamtee yowm gelt ma tabeeeni jassiim latyee al7een tgool magdar , shino b2akdlee ina int ra7 tt3adal w you will get over yourself

J: w3ad mini wala

L: you and prmises don’t go well jassim

J: ana t3abt 5ala9 madree shtabeeen basich ana t3thabt wayyyid 3balich sahal il maw’6ou3 ina ana t5alyt 3n akthar shay 7abayta , ana a7is ini nagi9 intay ma 3ndich galb shwayy

L: jassim int moh nagi9 you chose to see yourself this way , this isn’t my problem

J: ya3nee wayn w9alna

L: you want me to forgive you and I will , but you have to let  me go

J: ok. Il let you go and I guess if me and you are real you will come back bas don’t expect me out of your life. I cant stay away

L: its hard for me to cut you out jaassim

They both left the room and joined the other . talal had his head in his phone , lora felt that she broke his heart but she never meant to , she loved talal like a brother and a friend. The boys left leaving the girls to sleep.

Lora couldn’t sleep so she checked her twitter

Talal al flanee 1 mins ago

“ il 3azeeza 3ndi intot3arfoonha , ila hathee tkfa latza3loonaha”

jassim al flanee mentions talal al flaneee

“ matga9ir ya o5ooy w min ilyowm w rayi7 ya bo 6eli afdeek broo7i”

talal al flanee replied to one of jassim al flanees tweet

“ afdeek broo7i ya o5ooy sam7neeee bo jwayiissssss”

talal was dying inside the first girl he loved he cant have . lora felt like shit and jassim was glad she wasn’t going to alienate him from her life

the week passed without further drama

CHEEEERS  To The weekend

Lora and the girls head to 360 for lunch after their class . they sat at BF and enjoyed a quite lunch

L: I cant believe mara7 tnamoon 3ndee bil shalaih ilyowm shasawee broo7i

R: sorry bas you know the family bridoon bachir

Mimi: 56bat o5ooy b3ad

L: fine

The girls go to the bathroom when they see jassim and talal talking to 2 girls one of them was the girl who mentioned Kuwait confessions to ruin lora ana jassim before , the girl in her class. Are the guys serious they are into bitches now . she ignored but they had to pass by them since that’s the only way to the exit . the boys noticed lora and they seem to act very nervous they kept turning to see if she was looking .

She dm’d jassim

L: agool your standing with the girl who once tried ruining us “ flana al flanee”

Jassim calls

J: min 9ijich hathee flana

L: m glad your into sluts jassim

J: malee shi8el ihya yatna

L: ok enjoy bye

Talal dm’s lora

T: min 9ijich

L: yupJ

T: ok ilyowm ako shalaih

L: eeh a9lan im on my way

T: ok bil layl bayeech I have a mean planJ

She said bye to the girls and headed to the shalaih

She told the driver ysha8il il music and to her luck the radio has “ raheeb wala raheeb” on

She tweets

“ raheeb wala raheeb , down through memory lane thanks @88.8marinafm”

Jassim tweets : jma3t 7elw il ma7asin wish il gumaar wil ghazaaaall

Talal tweets : il gumaar 3ndak Ramadi w int il b3eed al gareeeb raheeb wala raheeb


Lora started laughing those boys were a story of their own

She got to the shalaih and  she just sat watching tv

At 11 pm

Lora al flanee tweets

“ I cat believe @mimialflanee@ralflanee moh naymeen 3ndi w im sitting aloneL

after 5 minutes she sees the 4 boys outside near the sea playing with jake , she decided to join .

L: jakkeyyy come her boy

K: maku il salam


M7amad : shfee il 7elo m6angir

L: madree is2al dumb and dumber

J: im guess ana w talal

T: shtabeeen shtabeen t’3areen

L: la bas you guys have amazing taste 9ara7aaa

J: basich we have a plan

T: plan 3ajeeb nafs ma flana hurt you time to get back big time

Talal’s phone rings it was the girl

T: hathee flana sktaw 5an a7i6 speaker

Flana were going to call Mariam

Mariam :aloooh

T: alo min m3ay

M: abay cham wa7da mra8im ilyowm

T: wala wa7da ohma yra8mooni ya baba

M: waaaaaayy 7adiiik th8eel

T: sh3ndich

M: ilyowm b 360 int w rfeejik kntaw t5zoon bnaya a3arifha awaaaal sh3ndkum m3aha , 9abat wa7id feekum

T: la bas ma3rifaaa rfeejat 5awatii

M: eeh wai3 7adee akraha

Loras face was so red she was so annoyed

Khalid noticed her face and decides to make silly faces at her so she smiles , he didn’t like seeing her that waaay.

T: 5osh bnaya tara

M: kanat m3ay b school 7adha shayfa nafis’ha leanha bint flan wai3

T: madree wala

M: maskeena kanat m9adgaaa inha shes going to end up with a fairytale a5r shay fachat 56bat”ha

Lora just gave jassim a death stare because of him that girl has something to say he gave her that satisfaction

Jassim just gave her  a sad look he didn’t realize how hurtful it was until he heard it

T: shaku bil nas intay 5alna minha , intay waayyn

M:  b shaliahna

T:9ij 7ata ana  wayn shalaihkum

M: mina 3abdulla 220

T: 7ataa ana tyeena 9owb il ba7ar

Lora’s face was shocked what is talal going to do , she kept kicking him but talal was determined to make that girl suffer big time

M: eeh sure ay wa7id shalaihik

T: tlgayniii wagif bara

Talal closes the phone with the most devious smile on his face

T: moh tabeen you get even with that bitch , time to make her suffer

J: talal may9eer int 3ndik 5awaaat

K: talal latyiiiin

M7amad : bo 6elii basic 3ayb

L: I don’t want it this way talal

T: I do ana sheft ina ihya tabee ttshamat w ihya mbayin 7a8eera w zbala fa hathee jizaat;ha

L: shra7 tsawee talal

T: wala milyon shay brasee bas awal shay shlon jakey ilyowm lah 5ilg he attacks

L: yanayt talal

T: la ma yanayt in ma 5alayt’ha tarki’6 chinha maynoona w tnf’6e7 b ar il layl inha tyee shaliahat 9bayan makoon talal

J: talal latyin

T: agoool ihya bint flan 9a7 3ndaha o5oo kan m3ana b school w just her luck I have him twitter , laylat hal 7aywaanaaa sowda

L: yal maynoon talal shbitsaweee

T: time to get even let me mention 9a7bna Kuwait confessions

Talal dm;s Kuwait confessions

“ @abdulla alflanee someone says i5tek b3ad nil sa3a btlgaha t7oos 9owb il ba7ar tlagi6 shabab”

lora was shocked from talal but he seemed very eager

T: yala ma3 il salama lora dishay da5il w la t6l3een

L: yanayt talal 3aybb hal swalif

T: ta7mid rabha mara7 asawee feeha shay law ‘3ayree chan ga6owha ga6at l chlab bas intay ma tadreen

L: talal laish your eager this much shisalfa

T: shoofay

Lora stares at his phone and she sees that the girl was saying shit about her to talal and she sent him there yearbook pictures. Mariam even mentioned another girl on twitter “ sheftay min sheft , the class of 2008’s biggest loser who thinks shes a saint and better than everyone”

L: revenge is sweet bo 6eli saw ily tabee ,

J: ana m3ak bo 6eli in ma 5alayt’ha tabchee makoon jassim

K: ana bat2kad o5ooga iyee bas talal bas gelt jaske bt’heda shay thane la

T: eeh 9adigneee mara7 asawee shay moh nagi9 w9a5 ana

M: tadroon shlon ana bawadee lora da5il , jassooom int hed jake lama tshoof;ha w goola he attack , khalood int 5alik standby

T: ana wala ba9awir ily b9eer kila in ma 5alayt l Kuwait kilha tshoof il video w ihya tn6ag ma akoon talal

L: do whatever you want talal , ana matwa8a3t la hal daraja

Mariam was in sight after 5 mins from there meeting

Jassim lets go of jake and tells him to attack . jake goes into a frenzy and starts jumping at her and Mariam starts to scream , just her luck her brother was behind her and he grabs her and starts hitting her so hard and pulls her from her hair back to the shalaih . jake runs off back to jassim’s hiding place. As soon as they were out of sight . talal and the boys go to join lora and m7amad

L: wow

T: its all on tape thwanee w group twitter f’6ayi7 banat l Kuwait mentions her w o5ooha il ta3ban ra3ee il mo5adarat

J: talal 5ala9 ihya 5athat jizat’ha lanzeed

K: talal 3a6nee 5an amsa7 il video

T: ma kint ra7 adizaa leana ana 3ndi 5awat bas lazim kanat tn6ag ta7mid rab’ha o5ooha ily 6agha bas

L: talal I cant thank you enough for showing me her msgs w ana a3arif at9araf later on

M: kalat’ha al7een 5an shoof shbtsawee hal slut

J: yala namshee 9arat il sa3a wa7da

L: thank you all of you

J: we’re always going to have your back 9adgeeeni

K: afa 3laych bas

Talal comes and gives her a huge hug and whispers

“ cham lora 3ndee ana wala il 3a’6eem in garibat 9owbich lora a’6ba7a” lora thanked him and the guys left

one heck of  a nighttt….

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[27 May 2012 | Comments Off on Imaginary Love – Part 1 | 2 views]

Once you see that person that means the world to you and imagine your life with him, the perfect feeling hits you.Well the feeling may hit you however you are for sure stuck in the ugly reality.. well that’s the story of my life.Ali thinks about Reem, …

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L: I missed you too jassim but that doesn’t mean anything now

J: laish

L: leana jassim int 3awart galbee you broke every promise jassim

J: adree law milyon sena matsam7eeni

L: I want to forget I want to act like nothing happened but I cant

J: tadreen what made me feel better that im the first one you called but what made it worst was talals arm around you

L: this is done( pointing at the hot chocolate )

Jassim grabs the kettle w starts poruing it into the cups.

Lora and jassim joined the rest , talal signaled to lora ina tg3ad yama bwareeha shay

L: ishrab ishrab 3ajeeb 6alool

T: yala dam min eydich al7en ashrab ( drinking the hot chocolate)

K: 3ajeeb tslam eydich

M7amad : wala y6la3 minich yal nitfa

Mimi: eeh shes good

R: thanks darling much needed

L: 7aram jassim helped

J: eeh sa3adt;p

T: m7amad latgoolaha nitfa tara tz3aaal w t6agir w ig3ad ra’6 feeha sena

Lora gives talal a dirty look and keeps drinking

T: t’3areen?

L: ma fhamt laish

T: njarib ya3nee

L: ya waylik ya 6alal wala il kill you ( she gets up from the sofa and starts to run)

T: t3lay t3alay wala mara7 asawee shay

L: chathab

She runs and stands behind jassim

L: ashoofik tgarib al7een

J: 6layel 5al l bnaya bas yanant’ha

L: eeh yanantneee 6alal wala

T: 5ala9 w rasich manee msawee shay

L: laaa ya3nee akeed btsawee shay

T: afa afa tshkeen b’3alatich wala ma 7laft b rasich ila leanich min a’3la il nas

Hnee the whole gang started to look at jassim and loras reaction , talal just blurted it out cz it hurts to see her this way.

L: ya3nee 5ala9 ayee ag3ad

T: t3lay t3lay g3day bawareech shay

L: ok

talal starts playing stuff on his phone ,

T: shoofay

L: shino hatha

 Lora stares at the video and it was the video of the 4 boys together as kids playing and hitting each other ,they were so adorable.

L: omg talal mal tgiri9 5doood ma a9adig , jassim such a cute kid mashalla, m7amad ma t’3ayar kilish w Khalid what a difference

J: shftay ana b kil mara7lee jameel

K: agool talal imsa7 hal video latwareee a7ad

R: bashooof la la

K: la la maala da3ee

Mimi : bashoof m7amad shlon kan

M: kint jameel

L: il thi8a w bas

Talal kept showing her the pictures of their childhood she was so confused why is he doing this , she realized she can never come between them eventhough she started to like talal bit by bit.

L: meta y9eer il 9b7

T: tabeen il faka mina

L: la;p

J: ashkara ee

T: agool shraykum i7na n6la3 w n5alee il 7abayeb ga3deen

L: la shaku im so sleepy bas a5af anamL

T: shaku t5afeen namay hneee

L: wayn ya3nee b7’6nek mathalan fee a7ad ynam bil 9ala;p

T: ma 3ndi ay moshkila

J: namay inside w 5alee the door open itha tabeen

L: smart good idea

T: abeek ta7lif hal idea

Jassim was furious with talla constantly nagging him and the way he just wanted lora was getting to him.

R: all of us want to sleep , we are going to leave the door open just in case

The 3 girls get up w go sleep in their room leaving the door open

Lora couldn’t sleep so she checked twitter

Jassim aL-Flanee tweeted this 2 mins ago

“ abeek w ma abee ‘3ayrik “

talal al flanee tweeted this 5 s ago

“ kil ma ashoofik abtsem dooon ma ash3r w agool fee galbee 3sa rabee ya7fi’6ak liya ya a’3la il bashar 5ef 3laya wala magdar”

Lora al flanee tweets 5 seconds ago

“ cant sleeepppp ufffffffffff”

she got a dm she thought it was talal but it was jassim

J: is something wrong

L: I cant sleepL

J: laish

L: madree im confused

J: I know 3n shino bas bagoolich sawee ily tabeena im backing off

L: so for the 3rdtime jassim you let go and give up on us , thanks

J: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jassim gets out of the living room and passes by the girls room to find lora sitting in the hallway ,

L: what are you doing

J: shhhhhhh latga3deenhum

L: shtabeee

J: wel talk bara

L: fine

J: shafham ya3nee

L: its so  you jassim to give up , you cant handle losing a competition so you actually don’t compete

J: la moh chithee il salfa

L: la chithee il salfa

Jassim was super annoyed and he wanted to prove his point so he grabbed her arm and lora was in pain his grip was too hard

J: lazim tfhmeen shay ana sawayt chithee leana ana a7bich akthar min ma a7ib nafseee , w ma kint abee a7rmich min shay

L: yoy didn’t give me a choice that wasn’t fair

J: ana ma wagaft 7obi lich bas intay gmtay ttmadaayn may ana gla6t w a3arif gal6ti wayn bas hatha moh ma3naa inich tl3been feeni

L: 3raft i7saseee al7een jassim

Talal interrupted pulling lora out of jassims hand

T: jassim yanayt

J: malik shi8el

T: la li shi8el

J: talal ana adree ink t7bha bas law int o5ooy chan ma fakart feeha

T: ana o5ook w law ana moh m7trmik chan sawayt shay thane

J: hiy lazim t5tar

L: la im done with this . both of you need to look hard at what you guys are doing to yourselves , both of you are going to end up hurting me even more

T: lora 5ala9 roo7ay namay 6la3 il 9b7 i7na bnamshee

J: nad il bajee yala

The boys left and lora was sitting in the living room crying her head out she didn’t realize shes going to end up sleeoing there.

Next morning

R: oh lora guuumaay yala ba7ar shakla 3ajeeb 5an nsba7

Mimi: barkab paddle boat yala

L: fine sbgooni im coming

R: ok

Lora al flanee tweets

“ crappy morning found myself sleeping in the living room , thank you”

she threw her phone and she went to change so she can join her friends.

They sat and swam , when lunch time came , they sat outside eating near their masana.

A group of guys passed by and she recognized one of them , it was RED

He smiled and kept walking.

Mimi: check ask

L: lool ok

She refreshed her homepage and she sctually got a question

“ ya 7a’6 min 3aynik tweda”

after 5 minutes she refreshed again

“ a7la shay ashoofch b jam3a b3dayn hneee”

lora decided to answer and post both questions

lora al flanee mentions mimi al flaneee “ ASK.Fm loool;p made my day”

within 5 minutes she got a dm from talal .

T: gelnalich 9eki

L: la kayfeeee

T: ok

For dinner the girls wanted starbucks so since they are so lucky lora was allowed to drive bil shalaihat so she drove to starbucks , the girls ordered w as thr leaving istw3bat a7ad 9ak 3la il sayara , shit

L: uffffff what the hell

R: this is so weird but this plate number china mal hamad

Mimi : it is I just checked

L: r u kidding me so mag9ooda he knows this is my car

 Lora w the girls entered the car and lora started beeping , hamad came out with the biggest smirk on his face

L: he better wipe that smirk off

R: childish behavior

Mimi: 9damnee 9ara7a

Hamad ignores thr presence and starts talking to his friends , you know how lora magrooda well this reached new levels

A g class pulled in and she recognized its jassims g class he looked and he saw the girls stuck. The 4 boys got of the car, jassim and Khalid know hamads car so they had a very harsh expression on thr face.

Khalid heads to hamad

K: hathee syartik an9i7ek tsheelha

H; la moh sayarti

K: ok

Khalid goes and tells the boys what happened ,all the girls saw was talal grabbing hamad from his shirt and starts punching him , this is when all hell broke loose and all of them started fighting. Lora was freaked out but someone knocked on the window its RED

Red: nzlaw hathee mfta7 sayarti i5teeha roo7ay shalaihkum ana ayeeblich sayartich b3dayyyn

L: thank you so much

The girls left and 3 of them were having a meltdown in the car.

They reached their shalaih and hurried out .

After waiting for an hr she reads in twitter

Jassim al flanee mentions @talalalflanee@khalidalflanee@m7aamdalflanee “ kafu 3shan il kil ya3rif 7dooda ily yt3ada 3layna nd3as rasa”

Lora knew jassim had anger management issues and now she realized talal too

Talal al flaneee “ in 6araw banatna tara feeha ga63 roos” 1 mins ago and it got retweeted by the other 3

Lora tweets

“ a night from hell”

she gets an email and it was from ask.fm

ana bara itha tabeen sayartich

lora ran outside to give RED his car and take hers

Red: asif 3l ta25eer

Lora”: thankkkkk yooouu wala madree shagoool

Red: wala shy wala yhemich

L; y9eer as2al so2al

Red: tfa’6ilay

L: l questions ily awal b ask inta 9a7

Red: ako ‘3ayree a9lan

L: thank you for everything again w t3btik m3ana

Red: 7a’6ir anytime

Lora went back to the girls too find that the 4 boys were all standing looking at her questioningly

L: min meta hnee

J; min yowm ma kalamtay wa7id 3l bab

T: mino hatha

L: he was getting me my car , w ya5ith sayarta

T: eh ana amoot w a3arif shlon aminich 3la sayarta w yah w shlon chithee miyana

Mimi: m3ana b jam3a

K: yah al jam3a il wadra ily ma iyee minha shay zayn

R: seriously stop making a big deal

M7amad : it’s a huge deal

L: ok so wow guys what a performance tonight

T: t6anzayn

L: sharyik sheft wa7id yazni6 wa7id

J: eeh leana ma tr’6a 3l 7ob il awaleee

L: seriously your bringing that up

J: eeh I am

T: madree itha intay mstw3ba i7na shsawayna ilyowm 3shanich

L: eeh mswt3ibaaa talal w ma7ad 6lab minkum hal shay

K: hatha wajibna

M7amad: lazim kan yalzim 7dooda

L: im thankful guys bas you cant judge and tell me what to do , red is just a guy who did me a favour , hamad is history w bas there isn’t ayhting in my life anymore , you don’t have to worry

J: we were trying to protect you

L: la chan you protected me minik jassim

T: bas 5ala9 intay wiyaa 5alna ninsa bas 5al hal layla t3adee 3la 5ayr

K: this is more than enough i7na bnamshee w itha tabeen shay call me , talal w jassim yabeelihum time out shway

L: jassim w talal I need to talk to you guys alone please………….

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R: can someone plz tell me how did jassim end up with a bloody nose

L: it was my fault I apologized so 6aff

R: was it on purpose;p

L: la bas it felt good

Mimi: madree shlon hafaytee 9ara7aa

L: lets check twitter shway

Talal al flanee tweeted

“ LOOOOOOOL w ma in al7ob ma 8atal y abo jwayis@jassim alflanee”

Jassim al flanee replied to one of talal al flanee’s tweets

“ sheft t3alam mini kalayt’ha 3adil@talalalflanee”

M7amad mentions the 3 boys with this

“ raja2aaan mo9eebtin ya 7elwaha min mo9eeba , plz ya3neee “

Khalid al flanee tweets

“ a7ibik w magdar a5abee”

L: omg Khalid dinyaa thanya ya jma3a w il thalatha il bajeen dinya thanyaa,, I can hear wedding bells

R: yshawiiig

Mimi: 7ada tharb tara so R shall we sing

R: madree lazim we see the parents and all

L: im so happy for you

Lora al flanee tweets

“ fun day , cant wait for more fun this weekend”

She got a dm min talal

T: fun 9a7;p 6agayti jassim

L: bil gala6

T : 5athayti 7aritich

L: eeh:$

T: zayn 3yal;p

L: sh3ndik dash 3lay dm’s

T: ya3nee may9eer asolif

L: 5ayr mr talal

T: agool t3arfeen ‘3neyat 3abdu “ masa2 il 5ayr w il i7sas w il 6eeba”

L: eeh I love it

T: zayn t3arfeen ily lama ygool “ hala bily 3jazt alga 3thareeba hala bily t7iba kil asbabi”

L: my favourite <3

T: hathi lich;p

L: :$

T: tst7een ya3nee

L: waayyyid

T: ya 7elo wala ily yst7oon;p

L: latbadi3 bo 6eli;p

T: amoot 3la ily kil yowm laha ism thani 7agee

L: loooooooooool basik;p

T: ;p

L: jabil jassim w 5ashma ma awa9eek

T:eeh 5arbay il mazaaajjjj L

L: shgelna

T: lazim jassim ydish bil salfa

L: ma kan ga9dee talal

Talal didn’t reply but he tweeted

“ laish y3athbnee w ana a7iba laih laih”

lora tweets

“ I never intended to hurt anyone , the sad part is that the most person whos going to suffer in the end is meL

talal tweets

Talal: ya3jiz lsaneee 3n wa9fik w ya3jiz galbee 3n tark 7obik

Jasism tweets

“ im letting you go , I guess if its meant ot be its meant to be , I never expected to lose you this fast please don’t forget to send my heart back, thank you”

Lora tweets

“ you killed it you have no right to claim it now”

Talal tweets

“ ana a7bik ifhaaammmhaaa bil 5a6 il 3areee’6 agoolik yaha a7bik itrek 3ank ma’6yeeeik an 7abeebi il 7a’6ir ana 3mree ma ajri7ek”


“ I cant do this”

Khalid al flanee mentions jassim al flanee , talal al flanee , m7amad al flanee

“ galo tshrab ‘6eeg 5ewiyek gelt 9iba”

M7amad al flanee mentions the other 3

“ 3sa allah layfargnaa”

talal mentions the 3 boys

“ ya 3saha il 3ishra tdoom “

jassim al flanee mentions the 3 boys

“ ana bdoonhum ma akoon ana , hom o5wani, hom far7iti , hom rab3ee ily 3shrat’hum tshra7 il 9adir”

Lora al flanee tweets

“ ya rab latfarghum”

talal dm’s her

T: wala yfarignaaa :*

L: amen

The girls stayed up all night talking w watching movies.

They heard a sudden thud this is when they freak out

Lora gets her gun out of the drawer and tells the girls to be quiet

Lora calls jassim

L: jassim

J: lora shfeech

L: jasism t3al int w il shabab al7een I think fee 7arami bil shalaih omg jassim bser3aaa

J: ok shoofay lock the door mat6l3een ila lama ayeech agoolich 6l3ay

L: bser3a jassim

The 4 boys hurried to the shalaih , jasism and Khalid from the beach side w m7amad w talal from the back side

After hearing thuds and screams and shouts

Someone knocks the door

Talal: lora lora ba6lay hatha ana

L: omg 6alal

Lora opens the door and sees talal. He grabs her and hugs her cz the poor girl didn’t stop shaking

Khalid , m7amad w jassim joined , jassim felt very uncomfortable when he saw talals arm on lora , he felt like something killed him over and over again. Khalid went inside the room to check if R and mimi are ok

R: omg Khalid wagaf galbee

K: are you ok t3alay 3ndee

 Khalid held R and he just gave her a huge bear hug , R was terrified she always lived in a bubble , she was always safe.

Mimi: im fine bas wow ( tears running down her cheek)

M7amad :  latabcheeennnnnnL ( he goes up to her and gives her tissues)

Lora stood outside the room with talals arm still around her shoulder ,she didn’t mind talal he kept her calm

L: im so sorry ga3adnakum

J: wala yhemich il 7aris masik il 7aramee w al7een il shr6a tyee

L: thank you jassim so much for answering that phonecall I didn’t know who to call

J: zayn sawaytay wala yhemich bas itha tabeen ng3ad lay il 9b7 ng3ad

R: eeh ana agool if you guys don’t mind sleeping bil 9ala

K: tamreen amir (winking at her) she smiled at him

Talal: maku ay moshkilaaa

L: thank you

Talal smiles and gives her a kiss on the forhead w yamshee with the boys yg3doon bil 9ala . the girls joined since they cant sleep , this is the first time the boys see the girls no makeup and in pj’s .

L: im going to make some hot chocolate

J: asa3dich

L: sure imsh m3ay a5af 9ara7a

Talal felt very uncomfortable , his eyes followed them

Kitchen scene

L: thanks jassim a lot

J: seriously lal7een mat3arfeen ‘3alatich 3ndee

L: la bas ina hmeee

J: moh moshkila 5ala9 mabee a’6aygich

Lora missed jassim so much she missed his voice , his smile , his dimples.

L: tabee extra creamy

J: yabeela

L: yala ok

Jassim just stood there watching , he was mezmirized by her presence , how can someone be this breath taking , he realized there was once a time she was his but he lost her , when she was standing near the stove he realized he just wanted to hug her , he realized she could have been always there when he came back from work but he lost her for good ,,,,,

Lora turns to find jassim staring in a weird way …

L: shfeek

J: I misss youuuuuu

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The girls all sat by the beach in the glass house which was fully equipped with cooling systems since none of them like the heat.

R: ahh the beach looks so peaceful

Mimi : lora yshofoona ily bara

L: la ma a’6in

R: really then why are there boys standing right infront of us

L: crap that I didn’t see coming

The 3 girls quickly sit normally , one of the boys was RED ,

Mimi: omg its red

L: shit ya jma3a shinsawee ga3ditii kanat tfashil

R: I had my legs up in the air

L: crappy glass

Jassim , talal , Khalid and m7amad were walking with jake to loras shlaih so they can drop jake off

As soon as lora spotted the boys she ran out to greet jake

L: jakkkkkeeeeeey

Jake comes running and starts jumping around

R and mimi come out

R: this dog w bas intay wiya filim

Mimi: shlon mat5afeen

L: hes my one and only 9a7 jakey

Jakey crawls up and sleeps on her legs

L: shmsaween fee

The boys laughed

L: talal , m7amad w jassim w mimi bawareekum shay 3ajeeb

Lora grabs mimi w tamshee ma3 the 3 other boys whilst Khalid stands with R

K: shlonich

R: im great

K: 7amdilla

R: hows life

K: wala good . ba’3aytich b maw’6ou3

R: what about

K: R ana min sheftich tsba7t madree sh9ar feeni , 7abaytich I never believed in love at first sight but lama sheftich I knew ina you’re the one

Madree shagool 9ara7a ana I want to do this the right way min awal ma sheftich bas ba’3ayt a5ith green light minich

R: hmee Khalid I kinda felt shwaya the same way

K: shwayaaa bas;p allah yhadach bas kamleeehaaa

R’s face was so red

K: ya3nee omi tdig 3la omich

R: ahali msafreen the come back in a week

K: wala magdar an6ir bas amree lil allah ban6ir

They were interrupted by the gang

T: 5alood 6afik lora kfa5at jassim bil kora bil gala6 n7taj ice

J: mafeeni shay imshaw yala

L: again I apologize it was mimis fault since sport isn’t her thing

Mimi: haaaayyyy

M: shaku ihya b sports a7la l bnaya daloo3a

Mimi: fahmnee

M: 6ab3an 6ab3an fahmich

Talal: agool meta il maw’6o3 9ar couples

L: madree t9adig ( nudging him)

J: yala 6layel dam ana wiyak 3ar’6 dasheen imsh 7e6li thalj

T: imsh imsh w ana o5ook 3l a8al njabil b3a’6

M: haaay int wiya shfee omkum

L: im with talal and jassim

K: yala namshee 3n il 7achee il ma9i5 yahaall wala

L: Khalid tabee a5arib il maw’6ou3

K: la intay yabeelich bosa 3l ras a9lan

L: i7em i7em adree

T: istreee7 int bas wayn tboos;ha imsh imsh jassooom byaninoona hathayl

Jassim and talal start to chuckle and leave with Khalid and m7amad following with jake .

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Talals mind

Shsawayt ya 6alal , hathee kanat btkoon mert rfeejik

Bas mo b2eydik int 7abayt’ha w mara7 tjra7ha . jassim 5alaha fara6 feeha 5alaha tt3athab l bnaya lal7een maksoora w il seba ohwa bas ihya t7iba hathee il moshkila bas itha jassim jra7ha thane mara mara7 yloom ila nafsaa ana laziim awa5ir w ashoof ihya shtabee tsaweee , tawa talal yfakir ina 5ala9 when lora dm’s him

L: shino ya3nee mara7 tra’6eeni

T:ma fakart 9ara7a

L: kayfik bil 6agag bas shoof min bya36eek wayh bil layl

T: ok

Talal al flanee tweets

“ iz3al w ana a3rif kayf bar’6eek iz3al tdalal kayf mafeek law geltilik kilmat a7ibik trja3 hina min doon ma ajeek , adree itha tab3idni tmoot ya a7la min il sekar ma3 il toot adree ‘3aramik fel dala3 mowt amoot feek w t’3leek” 1 mins ago

lora al flanee tweets

“ 7ajm il z3al 3la 7asab 7ajm il ma7aba”

Jassim al flanee tweets

“ what a discusting love triangle this isnt happening”

Talal al flanee retweets jassim al flanee

Oh wow what an amazing set of events , lora kept getting distracted then finally it was time to head to the shalaih.

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The next morning lora woke up and started reading her timeline , the boys thank god stopped being childish.

She tweets

“ GM ya 9aba7 il Thursday”

jassim tweets “ il shams ta5ith min 5adik nooraha w tashrig”

a funny feeling in her stomach started to surface , she smiled and she just changed qickly since shes going to be late.

Talal dm’s her


L: hello

T: shlonich

L: 7amdilla

T: waynich

L: 7adra

T: pk bas guulay 7ag il sayeg shway shway fee 7adith

L: latgooolha I cant be late 3ad

T: shway shway class mara7 y6eer

L: eeh inshalla 5ala9

T: 3afya il sha6ra

L: oh talal ams b twitter shga3id y9eer feek , mashalla your tweets

T: ma89ooda kanat

L: 7ag mino;p abda3t 9ara7aaaaa

T: 7ag omi t9adgeeen

L: 9ij inik athwaaal

T: ya3neee 7ag mino basss;p

L: shdarani 3anik bas;p

T: 7ag 7abeebti

L: omg you have a gf I want to see

T: ana ibtalasht wala

L: b mino;$

T: feechhhh

L: gad’ha tara az3al

T: z3lay

Lora decided to tweet

“ awkward”

her phone starts ringing she knew the number it was…….

   “ raheeb”

lora couldn’t delete jassims number she couldn’t , so she answered

L: jassim?

J: shlonich lora

L: 7amdila b5ayr ( with a confused face)

J: lora so2ali ohwa talal shino maw’6o3aaa

L: madreeL hes a friend and a brother

J: bas …

L: jassim you kinda don’t have the right to ask me that but cz I respect you I answered other than that I have nothing else to say. Me and you are over and please remember who ended it so don’t ever come and judge me , but you know whats so sad that you keep causing me heartache , shlon tdig ts2alnee 3n 9a7bik ma faakart, ana 3mree b 7ayati ma adish bayn wa7id w o5oo even if it costs my happiness I guess you now a lot about causing me misery

J: latfhmeeni gala6 tkfayn bas 5eft lama sheft talals tweets , I know you wouldn’t do that to me

L: jassim I have a class il talk to you later bye

Lora entered class late and she couldn’t concentrate

She tweets

“ jani 7abeeebi min b3ad ‘3aybat sneen ygool sam7nee barid l mokani w ana w rabee ma tshafayt lal7een”


“ I will never stop loving you , you were my one and only and your still are”

Talal tweets

“ latjra7 5afoogi ana magdar 3la il 7erman”

lora decides that the only one whose going to solve this is Khalid

she mentions Khalid btwitter

@khalid al flaneee “ I need my brother asap”

she got an instant reply

@lora al flanee “ 7a’6ir tamreen il ‘3aly yr5a9 l i5tee”

she felt better she bbmed Khalid the issue , Khalid said that jassim already discussed this with him and jassim and talal are starting to grow apart and act weird. She felt so bad , its her fault.

L: Khalid shasawww

K: malich shi8el talal 7maaar mafrrooo’6 feham w jassim mala 7ag 3laych itha lora intay mt8abla talal kayfich

L: Khalid latgool chithee tadree shkither I suffered from jassiim

K: adreee fa mabee azzzeed 3laych do whatever makes you happy

L: ybayin ilyowm moh tnsa

K: la ma ansa min 9ijich , lora shalbis ihya shino tfa’6il

L: be yourself your fine bo waleed

K: ok:* 

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Lora went inside to watch tv, she was finalizing her english essay when she got a dm in twitter

T: nmtay?

L: la doing my essay

T: zaaayyyn hal 5ama namaw ma bega ila ana

L: nam;p

T: magdar fee so2al m7ayrneee

L: shino

T: lal7een t7beena 9a7

L: mino


L: talal L

T: 3yoona

L: int o5ooy

T: wala ana kintay intay i5tee l 9’3eera wala bas lama 3raftich shway shway 7abaytichL


T: asif t3dayt 7doodi

L: la wala yhemik talal bas mabeek ta5ith b5a6rik wala tz3aaallll magdar talal a5srik b3ad al7een ana t3awadt 3layk

T: min gal bta5sreeeni ra’6y akoon backup:P

L: awwwww talal that’s so sweet bas ana mar’aha 3layk wala yhemik nlgalik wa7da

T: mabeeeL

L: 5ala9 single yba 5alik chithee a7san;p

T: eeh a7sanli

L: roo7 nam

T: inshalla 3amiti

L: min 9iji

T: ana 3l a8al ma 3ndi jam3a ‘3ayree b6ig darb il deera

L: lat’thakrneeee

T: hanta ma buga ila 3 weeks

L: wayyyid w bdoon ahali b3adL

T: al7eeen baz3al w i7na wayn re7naaa

L: yiba ma afari6 feekum , ana asfa

T: yala 6esay namay

L: ya 7maaaarrrr

T: t9b7een 3la 5ayrrr

L: w int min ahala

Talal al flanee just tweeted this

“ lat8arini b’3ayreee ana manee mithl ‘3ayree int akthar  sha59 yfham ana malee mithl ‘3ayree”

lora wandered if talal took what she said seriously

talal al flanee tweeted this 1 mins ago

“ kilmat a7bik 3la 6araf lisani “

the tweets kept coming

“ t9adad theer ashwagiii w iskin da5il a3magee;p”

 but what worried her was the last tweet

Talal al Flanee just tweeted this

“ ana moh nagi9 ela ajeek w a7i6 galbee ana bdaynik wagoolik allah e5aleek a7ibik yalla efhamha”

wow so talal , really that’s what went into her brain so she decides to tweet

Lora al flaneee “ il ‘3aly a9la ‘3aly w il zayn yafri’6 nafsa”

Lora was getting ready to go to bed when  her phone started beeping like crazy . it was mimi pinging her

M: omg is talal losing his brain

L: madreee t9adgeen shfeee he told me he likes me

M: r u kidding me now everyone knows , did u read the last 3 tweets from jassim and talal

L: la sh9ar

M: la7”6a I captured the screen abdi3ow 9ara7a

Capture screen

    J: inta li malik l’3ayree

     T: ba5aleek ga9bin 3anik t7beni leana ana 9ert 3ashigek il majnoon

    J: ya7lamoon ya7lamoon ily feek yfakroon

L omg mimi

Mimi: yanaw hathyl

L: tlomeeni b jassim ya nas byannini bipolar mara7 y5aleeniii I move on

Mimi: u want talal

L: no talal is my brother

M: ashwa 5ara3tnee talal moh hayen ;p smella 3lay

L: llooool adree hal walad is so charming

M: GN lets sleep 

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Lora decided to tweet

“ dropping of jakeyL” 5 seconds ago

she got there and found talal with a leash standing outside , talal was gorgeous , piercing eyes but he has one problem his love for food so hes a bit chubby but eventhough he has charm

talal was followed by Khalid and the rest , lora kept waiting to see if jassim would come out but he didn’t

L: shal ist8bal il 7afil smella 3laykum

K: afa 3laych min y7a9ila shoftich w ygool la

M: 3sa ma athach

L: iyanin hal jake

Jassim was behind her but she didn’t notice so she heard him say

“ w 9a7ba shlona”

L: mayga9ir t9adig tfa’6al (handing jakes leash)

T: ha lora awa9lich 9arat 3ashir

L: la shda3waa its 2 shalaihs away

K: 5alik 6layel kamil il li3eb ana abeeha b maw’6o3 a9lan

L: sure yala imsh bo waleedd

J: tara meta ma tabeen jake tell me w ana ayeeba lich

L: thanks 3yal yeeba kil yowm , I finish classes at 3 so by 5 ana akoon hnee

J: 5ala9 at 5 kil yowm ayeeba

L: thanks jassim

Jassim shot her the biggest smile he couldn’t believe she was talking to him like a human being. Lora said bye and she started walking with Khalid

L: sh3ndik bo waleed shaklik mahmoom gooli w ana i5tik tara ymmin anfa3

K: mabee azeedich bas a7is R isn’t responsive

L: it takes time bo waleed cz shes scared , she kinta took extra gaurds after me and jassim

K: adreee

L: Khalid bachir R btnam 3ndii ihya w mimi shrayik bachir int tyeeb jake

K: inshalla abee shoofat:ha ana

L tam inshalla bas Khalid inshalla ttkalam we don’t read minds

K: inshalla inshalla . lora wareeni bbm profile malha

L: laish sh3ndik

K: bashoof her status

L yala ok

She opens her phone only to khalids luck R”s status is

L your so right “ dlooni 3la galb may5oon w 3ashig yshoof wa7id moh malyoon:”

Lora started laughing when she saw khalids face

K: abeech ta7lifeeen bas intay ily sha3ra hal sh3er ma3 wayhich

L: eeh ana;p

K: w ihya ma ligat ila hathaa

L: farg 3anik int min sheft’ha 7a6 a9eels soong “ galo t7iba “ 6la3t moh hayen

K: ana ma a7ibha ana mayet feeha

L: bachir inshalla

K: tara jassim byee m3ay 6ab3an jake a5af ybadi3

L: t3alow kilkum;p

K: t9b7een 3la 5ayr

L: w int min ahala

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Lora played with jake the whole day , she enjoyed the company of this fuzzy creature , jake had a mean grip but he was this cutest dog ever , it was 9 pm when she decided to go and take a wal under the moonlight with jake near the sea , it was a low tide which meant she can walk directly into the sea , she loved those walks.

She kept throwing a stick for jake to catch and in every time he caught it , he was such an active dog . she sat on the sand and jake just lied down near her lap . she checked twitter to find her timeline filled with tweets from jassim and the boys.

Jassim al flanee tweeted this 4 hours ago

“ ma38oola 5sartik?!!!!!!”

khalid al flanee mentioned jassim al flanee

“ la  bod in ail 6ayr yrja3 il 3isha”

Jassim replied to him “ t’hga ya abo waleed yrja3 shakla banala 3ish thane shakla 5ala9 t5ala”

Talal al flanee mentions jassim al flaneee “ malooomaaa “

Hmee lora thought that’s so weird why did talal say that so she decided to tweet

“ 6a7aww w 9a3baaa yridoon” 1 mins ago

“ don’t act like a victom”- 5 s ago

she got a dm from talal

T: ma 3ash min ykader 5a6rich , itha dmoo3 afa 3laych ana mst3id amsa7hum

L: allah layheenik ya talal than k you , you just my day

T: goolili shfeech

L: mafeeni shay yiba il shakwa l‘3ayr allah mathala

T: asheel il ham afa 3laych bas

L: shaklik bored talal , 24 hours checking my timeline

T: ma 3ndi shay asawee , kilna nl3ab deal chan a5sir fa ga3id atfaraj;p

L: a man that admits he lost wow

T: nkoon 9aree7een a7san:D

L: t3jbnee

T: a3jibek fee kil 7aja ila il z3al

L: on fire smella 3layk , anyways jassim 3ndik

T: eeh amray

L: 10 seconds w aw9al shalahkum min 9owb il ba7ar bas itha a7ad y6la3 ya5ith jakey mini

T: yala inshalla