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[20 Jun 2012 | Comments Off on Boundaries | 0 views]

il mafrooth ana nayma tara…bas faj2a wana nayma ishathait aktib. Kitabt hal post wana mghamtha 3ain w mba6la il thanya :p 3ithroni itha aku badliyat w i hope you like this short story ;p…..He was looking for someone with her eyes… just not her.He…

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[17 Jun 2012 | Comments Off on 6alal (21) | 0 views]

Aloha!wanasa ma baghait akhalli9 il post! :p Again thank you J for helping with the post.gabil la akhalekom ma3a ilpost a7ib a3azi ahl il s3odiya ib wifat il ameer Nayif bin 3bdil3azeez. 3atham Allah ajerkom, 3asa Allah yer7ima w yghamid Roo7a il janna…

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[13 Jun 2012 | Comments Off on New Blog | 0 views]

so have a new blog for all of you … please follow and enjoy this onetoo ..www.raheebwalaraheeb.blogspot.com . enjoy and show yoursupport .

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[7 Jun 2012 | Comments Off on Dalal & Abdulwahab Part 1 | 0 views]

Dalal and her friend walked down the crowded street heading to get a quick dinner, on the way they ran into a couple of friends. Everyone said their hellos, there were three guys with the girls one of them was with Dalal in class. Muneera, their friend…