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Dear Readers,   I’m so pleased that one of our long time readers from the UK Stephen Daedalus has agreed to …

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[26 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Ramadan Kareem | 0 views]

In Kuwait, the first week of Ramadan is spent in exchanging Ramadan greetings and visiting family and friends and people …

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3ashan ma tnson my blog kitabtlikom random post :p…..its like a strong grip not letting go of your heart..like a heavy stone sitting on your chest..like every breath you take comes with pain, difficulty..when you can’t sleep because you’re thinking…..

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Hello!tara i posted halal part 23 bas for some reason mo rathi y6la3 bil dashboard ;p

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Aloha!-awalan Mbarak 3alaikom il shahar w kil 3am wntaw bkhair ;p -thaniyan sorry for being late as i mentioned earlier i was out of Kuwait -thalithan atwaqa3 my old readers already know this bas i usually don’t post brmithan ;p-rabi3an insha…

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[17 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on A Mistake (22) | 0 views]

The conversations with 3azeez were not the same anymore! China mag9oob iykalmne and I hated it! Ever since I told him my name he never called me by the name! I guess it takes time for him to get used to it! And I’m willing to give him all the time he …

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[16 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on buying lingerie | 0 views]

CNN’s Rima Maktabi reports on Shopping for Lingerie in Saudi Arabia. The clip was taken in a Jeddah mall and …

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[16 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Drama Therapy | 0 views]

“Scheherazade in Baabda” is a workshop performance by female inmates of Baabda prison in Lebanon. The performance is directed by …

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[16 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on quantifying pain | 0 views]

the pain we love to hide by Gravitonas  Filed under: Music

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[14 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on a brief musing on tea and moments of absolute finite joy | 0 views]

Sometimes one lifts the tea-cup expecting it to be empty but really hoping for a final sip left in it …

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[14 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on A Mistake (21) | 0 views]

I know it’s been forever since I last posted and I doubt that anyone is reading but I need to end this story because I’m taking forever to write it! Every detail of this story is true except for the names off coarse it’s not my own story but it’s a st…

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[13 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on aurora in situ | 0 views]

Flick off the white gauze let it slip down my back. Tonight cradle me; hold me close I want to …

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[9 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Protected: Hind: Summer in Paris | 0 views]

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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[9 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on Heal Me 40 | 0 views]

Ok there you go finaly done :D enjoy!

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I closed my eyes and backed up a few steps leaned against the wall and sat down putting my head on my knee caps and wrapping my arms around my head.
Little did I know that Dhari was holding a bucket of water soap!
Dhari: sorry but I really want to do this *devil *
And he poured the bucket over my head
Me: aaahhh!
Dhari: latchaathbeen mu bared, dafee
Me: bas maay o 9aboon!
The kids: ambaih aunty kela maayy :O
Me: oh this is not over mister (:
I got up walked passed him, he pulled my right arm, made me face him directly and held my other arm. And suddenly he lifts me upp!!!
Me: naaazilllnyyyy ambaaiihh
Dhari: gltay btsaween shay?
Me: eee baroo7 atsabaa7 AGAIN thanks to you
Dhari: ee 3abaly ba3ad
He placed me back down slowly.
That was when I learnt my lesson not to mess with someone double your size, because it’s just impossible for you to win the fight (:
I left the bathroom screaming “UNCLE DHARI 5AAYES”
I got in took a quick shower changed into my Winnie the Pooh pajama nightie, and let my hair down to dry off naturally.
I went back to the kids and Dhari in the other room to see them wearing their pj’s and ready for bed. Honestly I was BEYOND shocked!
Me: what? When? And how?
Dhari: shda3wa shgalooolich ;p
Me: omg impossible! *still shocked *
Dhari: ge3day m3ahom babadel waye
Me: they need milk
Dhari: done!
Me: HOW?
Dhari: mrt okhoch katba klshay 3al wrega ely 3al thalajaaa! (he shouted as he walked out of the room)
Me: OHHHH! ga3ed ta9demny
I totally forgot about that paper! Hahah Noura wrote it down in case I missed something out of the kids daily routine.
I turned off the lights and took the kids to the big bed. The layed down in the middle then started fighting over who wanted to sleep next to who. When Dhari came in the problem was solved!
He was wearing his white underwear top with checkered baby blue pj shorts. He looked so hot and I had to avoid thinking about that by telling him to get to the bed and be quite.
It was me, Feda, Farosi, then Dhari. Both of our elbows on the pillows facing each other except that the kids were in between. I covered myself and Feda with the pink quilt and handed Dhari the blue one, suddenly the kids clung to us and slowly drifted to sleep.
Dhari got up and came to my side.
Dhari: asheelha 3anch * and he carried feda slowly to her crib and tucked her in*
When he carried fares, fares woke up and didn’t want to let go. So I got up and carried him and walked around the room then put him back on the big bed between me and Dhari.
I got under the covers, and just when dhari wanted to get up Fares held his shirt.
Me: leave him here between us bs ana de5t
Dhari: yalah kk
He got under the covers as well and moved Fares to the middle, I placed my hand over farosi’s body and finally slept after a long day!
I was awoken by the amount of sunlight that came from the window, I turned to see a non-baby like arm on my waist wain ra7 faroosi!
I sat upright on the bed mn el 5ar3a, I realized that was Dhari’s hand, seconds later Dhari got up, ofcourse he doesn’t even remember having his arm on my waist…
Me: bsmellah, Faroosi waina wadaitah frasha?
Dhari rubbed his eyes and sat up…I’ve got to admit he looked so cute :( only if I could I hug him right there but again I have to act it out.
Dhari: shfeeech t3awethay mn eblees, nightmare?  Eee 5eft enfaq9a
Me: Eeeh, ok 5tera3t
He got up looked over the kids cribs and left the room, and came back holding a glass of water! 
CUTIE! And ofcourse me… well lost in my own world I suppose, legs crossed on the bed
He sat right infront of me and handed me the glass…
Dhari: samay o shrbay
I did as I was told and drank the water then he took it back to the sink and never came back, it was 6 am so I decided to go back to sleep before the munchkins wake up!
Something was attacking me, I’m gonna get hurt, this thing will leave bruises and wounds on my body. AND I started running as fast as I could to be safe away from this creature. I ran in the forest between canopies and bushes till I stumbled over a twig while looking back… and the creature got me
I woke up my heart beating so fast, sitting up-right and finding farosi on my lap, and Feda on my right and Dhari in the doorway laughing his heart out!
Me: so you are that creature that was following in my dream huh?
I pushed the kids back to lay down and tickled their tummies, till I heard ‘ATOUUB BAS KALAS’ !
Me: waaay I loveee youu!
The twins got up ran out and started giggling.
Dhari: entay elyoum Hahahaha walah film
Me: * I gave him that (this is not funny) stare* plus mafro’9 met3awed :p
Dhari: mo mshkilty shaklich 9aida (leaning on the wall) true ;p
I got out of bed walked past him and punched his karsh
Me: ana mu 9aida OK? *punch *
Me: AAAA7! My fist! Shno hatha *pulled up his shirt * :O SINCE WHEN O.O
Ok I never knew he started working out and he had muscles… sexy! :( 
Dhari: When did you ever touch my abs to feel how hard they were…yes he side-hugs me but i don’t touch his body and actually feel his tummy :p
Me: just did
I walked to my room changed washed up and came back to the kids and Dhari in the living room, the kids were so into  Sesame Street I pinched their cheek
Me: Dhari mayshawgooon? :(
Dhari: hhh enshallah someday allah yarzegch eb your own kids ;)
Me: lets not go that far :D
Dhari: ta3alay g3day hnee khalich mn hal yahal :p * he patted on sofa *
I got up and sat beside him on the couch and pulled my feet up, then I leaned in to his body basically stuck to him and raised my head to see him smiling back with his arm over my shoulder.
Me: laman atzawaj abe albes ana w rayly w 3yaly nafs eshay bas my husband and son same shirt o ana o bnty same dress wenroo7 shalaih a7es such a cute family
Dhari: shgltay?
Me: olaa laykon tabeeeny a3eed bas khalas expired :p
Dhari: bs awal klmetain?
Me: laaiimaaaaan aatttzzawaaaaj *I said it slowly not realizing what was wrong *
Dhari: correction * laman NETzawaj, I’m marrying you whether you like it or not fahma?
I was taken aback, shyness took over me, 7ade sta7ayt I didn’t see that coming.

Dhari: ya3ny msta7ya? Okk 5ala9 bnaskit…
10 mins later after day dreaming about my future life and Dhari so into the TV with the kids playing on the floor right in front of us.
Dhari: elmara elyaya etha oboy dag o zafny bagool 7ag omy tdeg 3ala omich…

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[3 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on 6alal (22) | 0 views]

ALOHA!- awalan sorry for taking so long, i’m currently out of Kuwait ;p-thaniyan I POSTED!- thalithan ana iktishaft iktishaf 7azeen. 6ifoolti kanat ta3eesa :( ifff kisart kha6ir nafsi wana at.thakar a9lan :(  laish kil il cartoons ili kint a6ali3h…

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[1 Jul 2012 | Comments Off on "Eve… I’m an uncle!" | 0 views]
not able to occur, exist, or be done

What does that really mean? What is not possible? Not able to occur, exist, or be done? 
Well, honestly, I would’ve thought what my life is like right now is impossible. Unable to occur, exist, or be done. I had dreams about certain events taking place in my life, but I always just coughed them up to nothing more than mere dreams that may never come true. But, did they come true for me?
I’m in a very good place right now. I love life at the moment, and I can’t complain about anything (well, except for class, maybe!)
I miss my family, yes. And I absolutely miss my friends. But, I’m doing things I didn’t think i’d get to do until years from now. 
I made a brilliant friend named Ron who has done all he can to make my stay here wonderful. In fact, the title of this post is the last thing he said to me, because his niece was born today! (Eve is my nickname)
This was the first step I had to take until my life absolutely turns upside down (in a good way, I think?). When I get back to Kuwait things are going to take place in my personal life (can’t say what yet), and then i’ll start my final semester at GUST in September, and graduate in January!
I’m terribly excited. I should be back here in the States next summer (fingers crossed).

I’m just writing to write, I missed my blog. Good night xx.