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[15 Oct 2012 | Comments Off on The End. | 5 views]

Hello there!adri ina 9arli fatra 6weeeeeeeelaaaaaa wana mga9ra ma3akom, o i dont post that much ;po adri ham in a fee nas lail7een na6ra takmilat 6alalI’m getting busier by the day wallah!o lama aftha 9adgoonyyy ina akhir hammi ykoon my blog :p o thats…

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Wahab is still running into the mysterious girl who was everywhere he was. He still couldn’t see her or figure out who she was. The thing was, it was effecting his relationship with Shaikha. He seemed distant and she didn’t know what to do. Abdullah, Wahab’s cousin & his best friend tried to tell him to snap out of it, and concentrate on the one thing that was great in his life after his girlfriend’s death, Shaikha was the one person who helped him change to the better. She helped him forget and live a little. With her weird quirky ways she made him fall in love with her. But Wahab was scared for her, and for everyone else.. the mysterious girl even started showing up near his door! She had to be stopped. But Shaikha had no idea about all of this because he didn’t tell her, is he planning to?

3baid still didn’t tell Wahab that he saw Shaikha at the cardiology department at the hospital at the night she was supposed to be at a wedding party. He thought it wasn’t his place to say anything, and he didn’t know the full, real story behind it.


” I miss going back there.. you know to swiiim and feel the water tickling my neck and my feet.. ” Shaikha was telling Wahab, then she realized.. he wasn’t even looking at her, she sighed. This wasn’t the first time he had done this, for two weeks now Wahab seemed distant.. always thinking, or staring outside.. she didn’t want to ask nor did she want to make a big deal out of it.

” Wahab.. ” She said

” Hmm ” He suddenly looked up like he was taking a nap and she just woke him up

She just smiled ” Aren’t you going to eat that? ” She pointed at his plate, which was almost full.. he hadn’t eaten a thing. Just like Shaikha he was a big fan of Sushi, But tonight he was odd.. Shaikha felt it, but didn’t complain.

The rest of the night Wahab hadn’t said much, while Shaikha tried to talk and talk.. but she felt like she was talking to herself, so she stopped.

She went to bed that night a little upset, but She wasn’t the girl to get upset about the little things, Maybe his mind was busy.. maybe there was something going on that he didn’t want me to worry about.. She kept telling herself. And there was something indeed.

Ever since the last time Wahab saw the girl who’s been apparently stalking him, he was out of it. He was determined to find out who she was and what she wanted, he was so angry at her that he didn’t know he was driving the girl he loved away.. he was paying less and less attention to Shaikha.. Sure he was there when they arranged an outing, he called eventually, but something was missing..

Wahab did not go to bed that night, he stayed up staring out his window.. and just like he suspected.. a car pulled up near his house.. “Halla wallah” he grabbed his keys and went out the door

The car seemed to have moved as quickly as possible when Wahab was next to his own car, he revved up the engine and flew behind it! this time, he was determined not to miss it

He drove and drove until the cars got more and more in his way, but his eyes were still glued to that exact one that parked by his house.. He tried to get closer and closer.. He tried to take a look at the driver’s seat, a girl he hadn’t even seen before.. but wait.. what’s that? The girl NEXT to the driver.. Wahab tried to concentrate, no.. it can’t be.. but right before he could take a second look, a very loud sound came from another car horn and interrupted the entire thing

But soon enough, a traffic light turned red.. and to Wahab’s surprise the car got away! that’s it.. he couldn’t catch up..

He wanted to punch somebody in the face, as much as he wanted he couldn’t find the car even after the light turned green.. he searched and searched but then gave up

But was what he saw real? was it just his imagination? or was it in the back of his head?

This time he didn’t even tell 3baid.. a part of him didn’t feel the need to.. another part was scared to.. He didn’t know if he was crazy of just imagining things.. but mostly.. he was afraid of being judged.

He knew he was doing something that had bad consequences.. on him, his life, and on Shaikha

Morning came and Wahab stepped out of the shower still thinking, he rarely slept last night.. next thing he knows he grabbed his phone and dialed a number.. an old friend he used to know..

” Alo.. hala bo khalaf! hala bl 7abeeb.. shlonik?.. 7abeeb!.. bs b’3aitik tsa3dny.. ma yamer 3alaik 3ado.. bs 3nde raqam sayyara, w abeek t6ali3ly kil ele t3rfa.. tslam bo khlaif, 5ala9 ana na6rik.. mashy ” He hung up and couldn’t believe what he’d just done.. he made an effort to know what is going on, but the question remained in his head.. Did he want to know?

Minutes later his phone vibrated, “Baby i’m up! want to have breakfast with me?” he smiled and texted back “I’m swamped with work with my dad babe, how about next time?”

Yes, he lied. He felt terrible, he didn’t want to do this, not to Shaikha.. but he felt that he had to. He knew he couldn’t face her again and his head was too busy with something else.

Shaikha received the text with a pound in her heart, she was very upset indeed.. but she didn’t want to dwell.. She knew there’s only ONE thing that could make her feel better.. ONE thing only.. the one thing that got her through her mother’s death.. her issues when she was a teenage girl.. and her problems with her father..

She grabbed a small handbag and started packing, ” Alo? baba can you tell Noor Eldeen ana yaya elshalaih? i won’t be able to make it to lunch ”

As soon as she got there, she knew what she was going to do. She threw the bag on the couch, took out her towel and headed towards the sea. It wasn’t a weekend, the place seemed calm and the water looked beautiful under the morning sun. It was a bit cold but she didn’t care. As she moved closer to the water she stared taking off her jeans and her T-shirt, she hurried and jumped right in with her navy blue swimsuit. Yes, this WAS the most amazing feeling she could ever experience. And now she could clear her head.. and think about absolutely nothing.

Someone way in the back, at his own shalaih on the terrace.. was watching her.. part of him was amazed.. and part of him wanted to jump in there as well.. Not to go after her ofcourse, but to clear his own head.. & heart.

3baid had no idea who was that girl or where she came from, he saw the back of her head and her flawless jump in the water.. she moved like a dolphin .. dancing beautifully with the small waves of the sea. He looked up near him to see the shalaih she got out of but he couldn’t figure it out. He did not care.

Abdullah had problems of his own, he loved coming out here to clear his head too. That was something they both had in common, him and Shaikha. The thing was, they were both there to escape a sadness that filled their hearts and they couldn’t make it go away.. They were in the same place for different reasons.. but then again, they weren’t so different.

How could she do that to me? 3baid thought..

Last but not least!

To my amazing followers i love you all and thank you for reading and baring with me. To the lovely souls that follow and read anonymously i truly do love you & i want to thank you for caring to read my stories and for reading what my heart pours out. And in the end i want to apologize to all of you for not posting as much as i should, & a very special apology to a certain anonymous reader who keeps commenting and still coming to read what i have to write, i am SO SORRY i took so long! love you! and i will enshallah keep posting beautiful things for all of you to read.

Thank you, & feel free to tell me whatever you want down at the comments sections! Reviews, guesses on what will happen, future story ideas and general comments!

Love you lovely people