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Noura’s POV: 

I remember I shed a lot of tears. 

I remember my heart was hurting in a way that i have never experienced before.

I honestly thought I might die because it was aching so bad.

I vaguely remember shouting and screaming but all that came out of my mouth were mere whimpers. 

In my head was a maze of thoughts and what if’s ..

A dark forest of sadness and regret..

A vast ocean of tears.

I remember I hated myself..

I hated everyone..

I can still feel a sting in my heart when I remember waking up to see my mother and sister crying.

Even Mit3eb shed a few tears.

I remember waking up in shock, why are they crying? Do they think I’m dead?

I wanted to tell them that I was fine and that I’m still alive, but I felt searing pains as soon as I moved my head.

I felt my throat all dry and heavy.

My heart beats accelerated by the second, I wanted to know the reason behind their tears!!

They still hadn’t noticed that i was awake, so I tried talking but no sound came out.

Am I dead? Is this what death feels like???

Thankfully, my mother noticed my movements and came rushing to me. A few seconds later they all gathered around me bombarding me with questions.  

My head was about to explode, and I felt a little sick. 

“Shisalfa? Shfekum tabchon?” I managed to whisper to my mother.

She tried sugar coating it..

She tried to make it seem like it was no big deal..

She tried to spill it out quickly hoping I would somehow not hear the horrible news.

But how could I not?

How could I act as if it was a normal occurrence in my life?

How could my heart not break into a million pieces hoping and praying that it was all a dream?

I felt a part of my soul die after I heard that my baby..

The small human that was growing inside of me..

The small person I grew attached to everyday.

My baby had died.

It was a very bad phase in my life that I had stored in a small part in my brain and hid it deep deep waaay deep down. Its a memory I like to think of more like a scene from a movie than my actual life.

I was so horrible, especially to Mit3eb.  I don’t know why but I hated him, as if this was his fault.

Later, I realized what was obvious from the beginning. 

Of course its not his fault, hathy kitbat raby o enshalla y3awethna bedal el yahel 3asher.

Now I feel like he hates me because I’ve been treating him so bad.. Mayinlam el9araa7a..

Kint kela mnaafsa o wayed aroo7 3ind umy.. 

Awal shay kan ejamel we7awel elaa6if eljaw bs ana ma9akht’ha o uhwa gam e3a9ib o mayig3ad blbaait..

I over-reacted, and now the old Mit3eb is back!!

Al7een ga3da a7awel arathyy eb shatta el6uruq bs maku fayda!!

Yoom min el ayam ga3adt ma3a Mit3eb..

“Mit3eb, 7abeeby, Elyom ahalik bero7on eshalaaih khanro7 ma3ahum,” I said as I moved closer to him on the couch.

“Maly khilg,” he said looking at the TV.

“Yalla 3ad Mit3eb shda3wa minzimaan mo ray7een elshaalaih!! O eljaaw mal ba7ar,” I said.

“Noura gitlich maly khlg etha btro7en ro7ay ma3ahum!” He breathed.


“Ok 3ala ra7tik,” I said as I got off of the couch.

He’s so cold!

After a while he came to our room,

“Umy tawha daga tgoly ta3alaw ma3ana eshalaih.. Entay gaylatlaha tkalimny?” He asked angrily.

“Laa! Walla makalamt’ha!!” I said quickly.

He gave me a cold stare and walked away.

Chills ran up and down my spine.

He came back, “Esa3a 4 bamshy lata2akhirain!”

Okk ay awamer thanya?:) iff enarfiz!!!

I started packing our bags, adding our pajamas, bed sheets, bathing suits and all the other things.

7ail astanis asawy list elashya elly ba76hum bljan6a. also, I love crossing out the items as I add them into the bag. I’m sad, I know. :(

7ata wana msawya list o 7alty 7ala eyeely sh3oor eny nasya shayy!!:)

I started going through the stuff and making sure everything is in the bag when Mit3eb stormed into the room.

He widened his eyes when he saw me, “Makahlastaay?!!!”

“Emballaa bas bageely shwaya,” I said.

“Ana mo gayilich 3 entay zahba???” He said.

“Laa!! Gtly 4!!” I said.

“Noura!! Ana adryy shnu gilt!! Yallaa bsr3aa khalsaayy ana na6rich ta7at!” He roared.

Staghferallahhh yaraby!!! Many gadra asta7mila!!!!

I quickly changed and called Leen to bring the bags downstairs.

I went downstairs ..

“Wain elaghrath?” Mit3eb asked.

“Ka al7een Leen btyeebhum,” I said.

We waited for two minutes..

“Kil hathaa tyeeb laghrath! Wainhum!!” Mit3eb said.

“Madryy 3anha!! Leeeen,” I called.

She didn’t answer.

“LEEEN!” Mit3eb bellowed.

“Yesss sir,” she said as she hurried to us.

“Waain aghraath??” He asked.

“Shnu aghrath?” She acted clueless.

“Elly gitlich etnazlenhum!” I said.

“Entay maku ygol shay!” She said.


“Leeeen latyaanineeeny tawny gaylatlich!!!” I said.

“Roo7ay yebeehum bsr3a e7na bnirkab elsayara,” Mit3eb instructed.

“Etnaarfizzz,” I muttered under my breath.

“Shgltay?” Mit3eb asked.

“Leen etnarfiz kila mchathbatny,” I said as I got into the car.

“A9lan elmafroth mati3tamdain 3alaiha o entay ejablen shghlch bro7ich,” he snapped.

Of course :))

We stayed quiet the whole way to the shalaih.

I’m trying my best to make things work but he’s not helping at all!!

3ad I had this whole night planned 3ashan shway asa7la o yertha 3alaay..

After everyone went upstairs, I turned to Mit3eb..

“Khanroo7 nig3ad 3al ba7ar..” I suggested.

“Maly khilg baroo7 anam,” he said.

“Mit3eb please!!! Minziman maga3adt ma3ak!!” I begged.

He sighed, “enzain yalla.”

We went outside, took off our slippers and started walking silently by the beach. The salty air tickled the back of my neck and played with the strands of my hair.

The moon was a beautiful round shape that lit up the night sky; it’s reflection swayed beautifully on the calm ocean waves.

The smell of the ocean swam through my nostrils giving me the urge to just forget everything and jump!

I closed the gap between Mit3eb and I and reached for his hand. I tried holding his hand but I think he’s pushing mine away…..

Wow, just wow.

Bs mara7 akhaaleek!! Bamsik eeda gha9ib!!

I reached for his hand again and enveloped mine onto his before he can move them away.

“Walaht 3alaik,” I whispered.

He didn’t reply.

My heartbeats started accelerating, why is he being so cold?

“Shlonik ma3a el dawam? Minziman masolaftly..” I said trying to start a conversation.

“Zain,” he said sternly.

A chill ran up my spine. I’m not sure if it’s from this bitterness or from the moist air. 

The sand tickled my feet as they dove deep into it. The feeling was nice except for the small shells and rocks that got in the way.

“O shloon Nasser o Mohamad rab3ik?” I asked.

“O laish tis2leen 3anhum?” he asked.

“Umm madry awal kint kela tsolif 3anhum o faj2a fachait,” I said.

“Ya3ny wayed ehimich et3arfeen shlonhum?” he snapped.

I stopped walking and turned to him. The words started piling up in my mind and my heart started thudding in my chest. Its like all I can hear now is the rhythm of my heartbeats.

“Way Mit3eb shfeek?” I said.

“Mafeeny shay, yalla khanrid ta3abt,” he said as he continued walking.

I held his arm and turned him towards me, I’m sick of keeping this inside of me all this time.

“Mit3eb goly shfeek!! 7aail mitghayer! 9ayer 7ata matishtihy tshoofny laaaish???” I asked.

“Noura latsaween aflaam mafeny shay!” he said.

“Shoof!! Min meta tkalimny eb hal isloob!!” I said pointing at him.

“Shfee islooby ba3ad?” he asked.

“Ethahir enta mo 7as eb nafsik shloon ga3ed et3amilny!! Mit3eb meta akher marra gilna salfa wa7da 3ala ba3ath’ha min ghair la nit’hawash??? Ana shsawaitlik 3ashan t3amilny chthy???” I said a little too loud.

“Ya3ny matadreen entay shmsawya??? Min tewafa el yahel wintay mi3tafsa 7altich mata7shmeen elly jedamich!” he shouted.

“Ok a3teref enny kint ghal6anaa bas ana marait eb 7izzin!! Elly 9arly mo shwayaa Mit3eb lazim ta3therny!!!” I said.

“La walla??? Ya3ny bs entay elly maraitay eb 7izin? Tara mithel ma elly tewafa wildich tara uho wildy o mithel matiga6a3 galbich marra ana teg6a3 alf marra!! Bs mo ma3nata enny as7aab 3ala el 3alam wely fee!!” he roared.

My head was crowded with thoughts and regrets. The sound of my heartbeats got louder and the thumping in my head continued.

I felt a lump form in my throat and hot fat tears fall down my cheeks.

“Getliik enyy asfaa Mit3eb shnuu tabeeny asawy akthar min chthyy?? O al7een ana ga3da a7awel aratheek warid kilshay nafs gabel bs enta mo mkhaleeny!!!” I said.

“7ilwa hathy mo mkhaleeny!!! Noura mo 3ala kaifich kil ma 9ar lich shay titghayirain 3alaay o ta7gireeny machiny raylich!! 7eta tmur 3alay ayaam madry entayy wainich 7ata matabeen tkalmeeny!!!” he shouted.

I covered my face with my hands and sobbed. I had so many words to say but they don’t want to come out.

A part of me was wishing that this is just a horrible nightmare and that I might wake up any second now.

“O hathy mo awal marra tsaweenha feeny!! 7ata awal ma 7amaltay 3amlatly feeha ana ally aby umy o magdar astaghny 3anhaa o tharbatny bil7ai6 machiny adimy 3indich bil bait!!” he said.

“Mit3eb bs please lat9aarikh!!!” I said between my sobs.

“La ba9arikh!! Mo entay tabeen t3arfeen shfeeny??? Ka ga3ed agoolich!!” he said.

His face turned into different shades of red. I think that if I looked closely I might see fumes coming out of his ears. He was so angry that he was shaking.

“Enzaain khalaa9 Mit3eb ya3ny shinsawyy al7eeen??” I asked. Seriously, what do we do after this fight? How do we get it over with?

“Barid el shalaih,” he said as he turned around.

“La7thaa!!” I shouted as I grabbed his arm and turned him towards me.

“Khalaaaa9 Nouraa rasy m9adi3!!! Tukfain lat7ineeen!!!” he snapped.

A vein on his forehead popped.

“Mo ga3da a7in bs Laih meta o e7na chthy!!!” I said.

Our voices were growing louder and our hearts were beating faster, the air around us was so electric and scary. The ocean that was once so peaceful now looked menacing, like it might envelop us in a huge wave and drag is deep down into its stomach.

“Madry!!” he said.

“Shlon matadry?? E9ara7a ana maby a3eesh chthyy!!! 7ata magdar atfaham ma3ak!!” I said.

He widened his eyes, “ma7ad qa9bich 3ala elshay elly matabeena!!”

“Embalaa!! Enta elly qa9ibny eny a3eesh chthy!! kilshay asawy mo 3ajbik o tkalminy o nafsik eb kashmik!! Bas ta3aabt!! Madry meta eb tit3adal!” I said.

“La wallaa?! Tadreen shloon tray7een nafsich min hal ta3aab?” he shouted.

“La wallaa madrryy!!” I said.

“Noura entaay….. entay 6alig!!!” he shouted.

I don’t think I can feel my legs anymore.

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Le3youn: @FajerJahani7, @DreamingInClass

Taiba’s P.O.V:

dsheit kik on the day lmn kna benrou7 kheiran, wla the HOT guy I saw in bid3 his name is Dhari btw :p He sent me something.

KIK Chat:

Dhari Al Flani: 3asa doum hal tha7ka
Taiba Al Flani: haw shdrak eb my kik?
Dhari Al Flani: sm3t el banat ynadounch :$
Taiba Al Flani: inzain.. t2amer eb shay?
Dhari Al Flani: wdy ashoufch :$

I blushed. he was beyond sweet. I was beyond scared and mtwatra. Madre shlon a3aml b’hal ashya2.

Taiba Al Flani: ana el7een omw 2 chalet so madre :/
Dhari Al Flani: 9dfa ya 7louha, ana b3d bl chalet.
Taiba Al Flani: 9j enha 9dfa hahah! Ay chalet?
Dhari Al Flani: kheiran ou enty?
Taiba Al Flani: haw sb7an allah ana b3d.
Dhari Al Flani: Inshalla en6g eb b3ath

I ended the chat. I was scared ou ma3arf shard. So, after I decided to talk to the girls about it.

Afaf’s P.O.V:
I walked into my and Afrah, Shahad, Noura and Ghada’s room when we saw…

Noura: om el houl shaybha?
Ghada: shtabee hal stepmonster?
Afaf: shoofay Leen, tkfain tkfain maly 5lgch. Fa raja2an 69ay aw agoul 7g oboi. Malna 5lgch ou sawalfch. A7na malna sh’3l feech fa raja2an 7leee 3nyyy.
Afrah: LOOOOOOOOL “7lee 3nyyy”
Shahad: la la la la jad, 6l3ay.
Noura: hathee shaklha matfham!!!!
Leen: ou la fahma. ou keteer kaman. *she is ba7rani/lebanese*
Daddy: n3m?
Afaf: agoulk, shoof murtk mo rathya etsharf bara el bab.
Daddy: 3aib. Yalla e7trmeeha ehya akbar mnch!
Afaf: hatha el 9j akbar mny eb 5 sneen. Kubr Taibo. Chnk mtzawj bntk.
Daddy: ayal jeelalat el 7aya! Yalla entay 6l3ay ou entay 7saby m3ach.

when he left.

Afaf: ee 3baly b3d. MA ABL3HUMMMMMM. LAZGA HNEE *points at neck* matdsh 7ta 7aljee!! WAI3 WAI3 WAI3.
Afrah: 3fya feech. zain sweitay.
Noura: 5twalee hathy el 9ay3a.

Afaf: chthy youm bazn6’ha ou motgouloun laish ma laish! Akraha. Akraaaha wai3 wai3 wai3.
So nzlna t7at 3shan enshoof mno mn el shabab brou7oun jet skiing or chthy. 
Misheal: ana ou 3bood wya Noura ou Afaf?
Misheal was my closest cousin he loved Noura and Noura loved him. They dont know they’re meant to be bas everyone else does chan they blush.
Afaf: ee yalla.
Abdullah: yalla msheina?
Misheal and Noura same time; OKAY.
They laughed b3dain wayehum 9ar 6ummaaaa6a!! 
Abdullah whispered to my ears: ythakrouny feena. Allah. Ayaaam.
Channn aa5zzzaa.
Afaf: 7sstny 7abeina b3ath mn arb3een sna.
Abdullah: eee 5o 7bayna b3ath wa7na yahal.
Misheal: t7shoun feena?
Noura: shaklhum.
Abdullah came jdamy and he danced.
حبيتك انا من الصغر ظليت احبك للكبر

انا بهواك تنفس ياهوا ينطيني عمر
Afaf: chubb 3boodd
Abdullah: a7bchhhh! 
Afaf: zain ena 56ab6ny -.- el7een elkl yadree feena ou a5eerraan!
Noura’s P.O.V:
Ana ou Misheal kna jdam 7ail ou ohma warana.
Noura: yshawgoun.
Misheal: 7ail.
Noura: eee allah layfrghum 3n b3ath.
Misheal: ameen. Ou a7na inshallah mthlhum.
Noura: aha.. Chthy n’9amk.
Misheal: la2 bl3x awal mara akalmch chthy ou tdreen feeny!
Noura: adree feek st’3rbtnyyy 7ail.
Misheal: ela Noura chm 3umrch?

Noura: 15 haw nseit?
Misheal: ya 7lailchh akbar mnch eb sntain.
Noura: 7sstny dahar akbar mny.
Misheal: zain a7san adal3ch yal banya.. Tabeen barbie?
Abdullah: ana ou foofty engawmkum lay el jet ski’s?! 
Misheal: yalla.. A7na benfouz.
Abdullah took Afaf’s hands and Misheal took mine’s and we ran to the jet ski’s.
Bader’s P.O.V:
Ba3ad sboo3 shahr el3sal malna ana ou Zanoob bas inshallah y3jbha.
Zainab: yalla badoory gouly wain el shahr el 3asal?!
Bader: mo faja2a
Zainab: ouff sa5eef bader. Jaddd!!
Bader: afaaaa ana sa5eef? Yalla wla tz3leen agoulch. Maldives!
Zainab: allaahhh!!! Baderrrr mo mn9jk???!!! 
7mdella et7b el maldives law ma gltlha chan etwhgt :$
Bader: enrou7 en ajr el garee mal thnnain?
Zainab: laish la2?
Duaij’s P.O.V:
Dana: Duaij tkfa. Maly 5lgk!
Duaij: 5o enta mta lch 5lgy a9lan?!
Dana: asfa.. Shtabee?
Duaij: waiyy 3ad nafsetch hathyy!!
Dana: 5l9ny.
Duaij: inzain.. Badoor etzawaj, ou el 8zam 3bood 56ab bga ana.. Ou entay..fa shraych?
Dana: la yuba, cousins and marriage ma7b.
Duaij: tlageen a7san mny? Never.
Ou gmt ou msheit 3nha arou7 7g rab3e ahwan lee!!
Afrah’s P.O.V:
Wee el kl ma3a a7ad ela ana. Wla ashoof wa7d wayha mo ‘3areeb 3ley.. Haw! Wld 3mety Lolwa, Msharry!
Mshary: Ma a9adg.. Afrah?! 7mdella ench zaina. Wain hatha el kalb el bagch 5la ksra.
Afrah: hh lat’thakrny, shd3wa el shr6a maksraw.
Mshary: walla wain el ahl omy bl syara m3a Ywasif. Matdreen 3n salfet’hum?
Afrah: mno?
Mshary: y3nee mno, Ghada ou Yousef.
Afrah: *gasppppp* layykoun?
Mshary: 89at 7ub mo 6ab3yeeya! Klyoum el fayer dageen 3la b3ath ana 9t’hum mara. Bas wala7ad ‘3eirna yadre. T3arfeen ghada ou kl shay wla sm3t’ha. Ela 9j ely galaw? Afaf ou Abdullah?
Afrah: eeeeeee. Ou feehaid yabee dareen. Ou misheal ou Noura. my cousins klhum bytwaz3oun xD 
Yousef: ahh afrah salem ou3leikum.
Afrah: ou 3leikum el salam.
Yousef: uh uh uh .. Ghada waiinhee?
Afrah: ashkara chthy. Ehya bara 3nd el ba7ar tgra rewaya. 
Yousef: uh..uh.. Mashkoura.
Afrah: chna nsa ana ma56oufa.
Mshary: agoulch mu5a em5arf.
Afrah: allah yhadhoum bas, ela ent shlonk?
Ghada’s P.O.V: 
Ga3da agra rewayat Noura. A7s’ha 7ail mo 3umrha. Ou ana ga3da agrah ashoof eedan 3la ergubty.
Yousef: mshtaglch
I smiled. Yousef :)
——: entaw shga3d tsawoun?!
CLIFFHANGER! Who is that person? Wht will happen? :o :o :o

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[19 Jun 2013 | Comments Off on Chapter 16 | 3 views]

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[15 Jun 2013 | Comments Off on Important! | 2 views]

Hellooo beautiful people!!Adry adry 6awaalt o bi6goony bs wallaaI’m  soooo busy akhalis min shay y6la3ly shayy thany o next week kila mte7anat:)Fa sam7ooony wayeddd bs walla madry meta I will post! Aby ajabel derasty o lama akhali9 enshallah aktib…

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[9 Jun 2013 | Comments Off on Mit3eb ElGalb 28 | 2 views]

Mit3eb’s pov:

Awal ma ga3dat badalat o 6ala3t 3ala 6ool!

Ra7aat 3alay nooma o ta2akhart 3ala 3amity

6la3aat 3amity rada elbaait o rabe3 Noura ga3deen 3ndaha

6ab3an ana kal 3ada ga3adt barra ..

O marraat elayaam we7na 3ala nafs el7alaa..

Noura tnaam o tg3aad o 7arart’ha mo rathya tanzil..

Walla a7is minziman mo shayif murty o ana ga3ed jbaal ghurfatha kilyoom!!! 

A7is ana akher wa7id to9ala akhbarha o ana awal wa7id yo9aal el mustashfaa o akher wa7id y6laa3!

Ma chinhaa blghurfa elly yamyy! A7is’ha msafraa o m6aaawla eb safratha!

Bs ana bedal la ag3aad at7al6aam kint kilyoom arid elbaait o ad3y rabyy ena 7alat’ha tit7asaan! 

Abeeha trid lyy, abeeha trid bait’ha!

O el7imdlaa, allah mayriid elly yad3eeeh! 

Ma khalaa9 lisboo3 ella 7alat’ha ta7asenaat waaaayed! O 6ale3ooha min el 3enaya o wadooha ghurfa 3adeya 

El7imdlaa mafeeha 7arara o egool ediktoor bekhaleeha yoom zyada 3alama ykhalis el antibiotic malha

3adaa elyoom o radaat Noura bait’hum 6ab3aan ma yat 3endyy

Elmushkila ma shfthha! Bs kalamt’ha bl telephone!

Gilt elyoom bamurhum o bag3aad ma3ahaa kaifha 3aad mitnasya mo mitnaasya mayhimny!!


Wesaalt bait Noura o dagait 3alaihaa.. Ana mo gayelha enny baye a9lan :p

“Aloo,” I said

“Ahlaaan,” she greeted.

“Hala feech, tara ana barra,” I said.

“Shnu?? Barra wain?” She asked.

“Barra baitkum,” I said with a chuckle.

“Abaiih shyaaybik??” She asked.

“Afaaaaa al7een bedal matgoolen 7ayyaak allah elbaait baaitik!!” I said.

“Haha laa mo qasdyy bs faja2tny ya3ny chan gtlyy enik bityee! Yalla ka al7een agoolhum yft7on el bab,” She said.

Ne6arthum yft7oon el bab o dakhelony 9alat listiqbaal.

Ne6aart el anisa Noura tanziil o 6ab3aan kal 3adaa sina 3ala ma yaat..

She opened the door and then closed it behind her. I swear I think my heart just skipped a beat.

I’ve never seen her so beautiful!!

She looked like an angel..

My angel..

O ba6enha bayyan shwaay

Her smile.. It’s breathtaking

“Walhanaa 3alaaik,” she said as she walked closer to me.

The way her eyes gleamed when she saw told me a thousand sentences that she couldn’t put together.

I stood up and took a few steps to close the gap between us.

“Anaa akthaar walla!” I said.

I enveloped her in my arms. 7asaait radaatly elroo7!!

I hugged her so tight, and then I realized I might be crushing the baby.

After a few seconds Noura pulled away and gasped.

“Abaaaih!” She exclaimed.

“Shfeech??” I asked.

Tears contoured her face.

“Mala7atht shayy?” She asked while placing one hand on her stomach.

“Shnu?” I asked.

“Ra7aat el nisaat!! Ma a7is eb shayy ya3ny 3adyy etha garrabt minik!” She said.

“Eeee ashwaa el7imdlaa mabaghaat troo7 enisaaat!” I said.

She grinned and her eyes were gleaming.

“Ee way el7imdlaa!!!” She said.

I wiped her tears with my thumb and hugged her again.

A7is mabyy ahid’ha akhaaf tridlaha elnesaat o ba3daain twakher o tsawy suwalif!

Laaa Mit3eb shhaal 7achy!

“3ayaal yalla shna6raa zahbaay aghrathich o rday ma3ay el bait,” I said.

“Hahaa 9iij??” She asked.

“Y3nyy titwaqi3aain eny batghashmaar eb hal mawthoo3? Akeeed eee!!” I said.

Min9ijha noura!! Ana an6er hal yoom na6ra!!

Yat Nouraa 3endyy wakheeran!!

Maraat el ayaam o ana wilanisa Noura mistaanseen 3ala 7mayyin kil mashafat ma7al yahal galaat taby tidkhal etshof shay 7ag el baby.. o el9ara7a matinlaam..

Bs elmushkila ena 7ayat’ha al7een kilaha 3ebara 3an el baby ya3ny mo ga3da tih’taam eb shay thany ghair el baby o shighl el baby.

Ya3ny walla ana fahem enna ehya mishta6a o madry shnu bs y3ny ham lazim tihtaam eb bait’ha o rayelha!

Kil magiltlaha shaay galatlyy magdar ta3bana o teg3aad e6ali3lyy a3thaar, 9aar ehtimamhaa o el shaay el wa7eed elly eta7cha 3anna uhwa hal yahel..

O foog kil hatha, m6ay7aa eb bait ahalhaa 3alabuna umha tsa3edha 3ala suwalef el 7amaal.. ok 9ij enna ana mee7 eb halsuwalif bs haam ana agdaar asa3edha mo bas umha!!

Ma3qoola ga3ed aghar mena o uhwa lail7een ma ya?

Yakhyy walla khatha 3agel Noura gabel la eyyee! Walla 7ala o ana hnyy 3ayyazt o ana a7awel akhaleeha tfaker feeny kither hal yahel many gader!

3ad thak elyoom kint 7ady mitnaarfiz o nafsy eb khashmy!! O Noura mnarfizatnyy ba3ad!!

Gilt aqtiri7 3alaiha eqteraa7 aksiir hal routine o enghayer shwaay.. mathaanityy eb tarfitha!!

“Shrayech?” I said as I sat on the bed next to her.

Kanat, kal 3ada, ga3da tegra ketab 3an 7awamel.

“Shnuu?” she asked.

“Ensaferlina youmain enghayer jaw?” I suggested.

3ad ehya tmooot 3al sufar!!

She looked at her stomach, “magdar asaafer,” she said.

“Laaaish ba3aaaad,” I asked.

“Maadryyy lazim as2al el diktoora,” she said.

“Ts2leeen 3an shnu? Ma9arat diktoora kil digeegtain sa2lat’ha so2al!!” I complained.

Walla kil magitlaha shay galat madryy as2al el diktoora!! Yakhyy wallah karaht hal diktoora wihy malha thamb!!

“Etha agdar asafer wela la.. ana bilshahar elthalith o madry etha e9eer,” she said.

“O khair ya 6aair? Kahum kilwa7da karshat’ha meter jedamha o ga3den esafroon matharhum!” I said.

“Walla Mit3eb mo ga3da ayeeb el kalam min 3indy!! Eb kil elkutub katbeen enna mo zain o ham aby akoon ma3a umy eb kil el awqat 3ashan etha la sama7 allah 9ar shay tsa3idny!” she said.

“Noura shda3waaa arba3a o 3shreen sa3a ma3a umich 3ashan ETHA 9aar shay?! Tara walla halshay mubalagh fee!! Ya3ny entay kilish matigdreeen tit9arifaaain broo7ich? O kilha 
el safra yomaain mo sintaain!!” I said.

Adryy eny ga3ed a9arekh bs walla ga3da tnarfizny ya3ny m9akhat el salfa jad!!

“Mit3eb shfeek allah yhadaak ya3ny ana awal mara a7amel o aby adeer baly 3ala nafsy o 3ala el baby wain el ghala6 bil mawthoo3?” she said.

“Elghalaa6 ya bint enaaas enich waaayed etwaswiseeen o wayed mihtama billy eb ba6niich o nasyaa kil shay thany!! Ana magitlich la tihtamaain bs waznaay 3al aqaal!” I said.

“Waay khalaa9 kaaifik etha taaby ensafer e7jiz ay mukan o khansafer o etha 9aar bil yahel shay ana maly shighil!!!” she said as tears began slowly falling down her cheeks.

Walaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnn! Kil el banat d3aaal chthy?

“Yuba khalaa9 tara mu qa9ub esalfa matabeen etsafreen mu lazim!” I said before I left the room.

Noura’s POV:

Waaay Mit3eb 9ayer mayit7amal shaay o kilshaay mo 3ajba!

Kil yooom lazim nit’hawaash 3alaa shay!!

Ya3ny shtaabeeny asawy!!! O al7een 3a9aab bs 3ashan getla enny magdar asafer? Ya3ny shthaamby etha mo zain esufar 3ala el yahel eb hal wagt?

Kil shaay qaa9eeb ifff!!!

I started inhaling and exhaling to calm myself down.

After a few seconds my phone rang, I looked at the screen to find Lulu’s name flashing.

Lulu’s POV:

I was so excited, I haven’t told anyone yet, but my official engagement with Saad is set for tomorrow.

Awal shay 6ab3an yaly Saad baitna o ga3dat ma3a akthar min marra. 7aaail eshaawig!! 7asaaita 6ayeeb 7aail o 3jebaatny 6areeqat tafkeera o el7imdla e9aaly o e9oom o ekhaf rabba o hatha aham shay!

Ashwa 6a7at el meyana shwayy.. estekhart akthar min marra o el7imdlaa a7is enny merta7atla.. elshay elwa7eed elly mthayigny enna uhwa ydakhin o 9iij m2azimnyy hal shay.. wedy agoola ena yeg6aa3ha bs madryy shlon!!

He visited me two days ago, we were chatting when I finally brought it up.

“Mo nawyy teg6aa3 elzigara?” I asked, a little hesitant.

He chuckled and stared at me for a second before he spoke, “7asaait enich bts2leeny hal su2al.”

“3ad 3assa zahabt jawaab ysiir?” I asked.

“Walla ana bakoon 9aree7 ma3ach!!” he said.

“Hatha el ma6loob,” I said.

“Ba7awel ag6a3 bas entay lazim t76een eb balich ena hatha elshay mo sahel o mo ma3nata enny bawagef bacher wela ba3ad sboo3.. elsalfa m6awla shway,” he said.

“Adryy walla adry ena mo shay sahel..,” I said.

“Ee.. enshalla ba7awel.. o entay lazim tit7amilaainyy,” he said with a smile.

He has the cutest little dimple on his left cheek.

“Akeed enshallaa basa3dik o I will be supportive o enshallah tiftak min hal zegayer!” I said.

“Ee aham shay el supportive!! Ya3ny bdoon el support e9ara7aa mara7 agdaar asawy shaay,” he said mimicking my voice when he says “support”.

Kil ma agi6 kilma bil English e3ayeb 3alayy ya3nyy nesait’ha bl 3araby saqa6a sahwaan shda3wa 6awif:(

“Hahaha kilish wala el support laa tit7arash feee,” I said.

Yaraab etaamim omoorna 3ala khaair!

I decided to call Noura and Dalal and tell them about the news. Dalal was obviously sleeping so I called Noura.

“Aloo,” she said.

“Alooo shlonich??’ I asked.

“Bkhaiir el7imdla entay shlonch??” she asked.

“Tamaam walla, bagoolich shay!!” I said.


“Asti7yyy,” I said suddenly feeling heat rise to my cheeks.

“Haw shfeech Lulu smila 3alaich min meta tst7een?” she asked.

“Haaa! Shnu min meta tst7een?” I said.

“Haha khal9eeenyy golaay sh3ndchh!!” she said.

“Ok okk bs abaaih madry shloon agool!!” I said.

My heartbeats accelerated and I felt sweat beads form on my forehead… jaaaaad shda3wa 3alaaay mista7ya min Nouro!!

“Tara ana daykhaa o thahry e3awerny fa etha ma3endch salfa bye,” she said, hmm pregnancy hormones.

“Hahaha la khalas bagool walla elsalfa qaweyaa,” I said.

“Enzaaaain goooolaaay yananteeenyyy,” she said.

“Umm taghreeeban enkha6aabt,” I said.

“SHNUUUU??? SHLOOON TAGHREEEBAN?? O MNUUUU?? O LAISH TAWWICHH TGOOOLEEEN??” Noura started shouting random questions.

Her voice was too loud I had to move the phone away from my ears.

“Haadaaay ya 7iilwaaa khaleeny ashraa7lichh,” I said.

“Shnuu khaleeny ashra7lich?? Hathyyy yabeelahaa ga3daa!!!! Bayeeelich!!” She said.

“7ayyaach yalla bagool 7ag Dalol ba3ad,” I said before I hung up.

Noura’s POV:

I was soooo happy for Lulu!!!!

One of my sisters is getting married!!! Wanasaaa!!

Yaraaab tis3idhum o twafig’hum!!!

7aail tshaweg tabeenyy a36eeha na9aye7 3ala golat’ha antum el sabeqoon wa na7no 
alla7eqon haha..

Bnii9 suwalifnaa daag Mit3eb, it was 10:30 pm.

Shit shit!!!! Gayelyy entay esa3a 10 bilbait o kaan 7aail m3a9eb!

A9lan bilyalla khalaany azorhaa!

I stepped out of the room to take the call..

“Aloo,” I said galbyyy ga3ed yergaaa3!

“Wainech?” he asked sternly.

“Kanyy al7een ba6la3,” I said.

“shnu? Al7eeen bt6l3en?? Ana mu gayelech entay 10 bilbaait?? Wela kilmity 9arat malha qeema?” he shouted.


“Laa wallah 7ashaa kanyy walla khathatna esuwalif o mashift elwagt sorry,” I said.

I felt like the heat in the room starting enveloping me until it suffocated my heart making it skip a couple of beats.

My palms started to sweat and my forehead too.

“Al7een t6l3een maby t9eer esa3a 11 o entay mo blbaait,” he said before he hung up.

I let out a long breath.

Waay enarfiz y3nyy shda3waa laish lazim eziif!!

Ya3ny ana mistansa lazem ekhareb 3alay o nit’hawash :(

I returned to Lulu’s room,

“Yalla ana lazim amshyy,” I announced.

“Cinderella mo Noura,” Dalal said.

“Awamer 3ulyaa lazim amshyy al7een,” I said as I grabbed my bag and cardigan.

“Hahaa yalla enshoofich enshallah,” Lulu said getting up.

“Mabroooook 7abeeeebttyyy bad3eeelichh o ay shaay tabeeen ana mawjoodaa!!! Abaih lama atkhayilich eb nafnoof abyaath a7is 3ady abchyyy,” I said as I hugged Lulu.

“Hahaa laa pleaseee latabcheeeen taaw enaaas,” she said.

“Walla el horomonat la3ba feeny li3eb, yallaaa bye,” I said before I left.

I started the car and backed away from the drive way and hit the road.

Ok shay wayed 7iluu ena el share3 wagef hal 7azzaa J akeed 7adeth allah ykafeena el shar.

Awal ma 3adait el 7adeth diiist lana shway wit9eer 11 o 7aaaaaady khayfaa!

Mobily ga3ed erin o kan biljan6aa, laykoon Mit3eb abaihhh

My heart started pounding in my chest and my hand started to shake as I rummaged through my bag for my phone.

Tara walla 9ijj el wath3 ekhare3 mo ga3daa abalegh 7i6aw nafskum mukany bs tikhaayilay ubooch elly ga3d edig o m3a9iib wallaa jal6aa!!

Ifffff wainaaa elmobilee!!!!!

I turned my head to the bag to look for the phone ..

Suddenly I heard a loud THUD!

My car shook

My head hit the steering wheel

Everything went black.

 **Hellooo people!! Please sam7ooony adry wayed 6awaltt!! I was busy! I will try finishing up the story as soon as I can lana I have to leave the blogging world soon. This post is dedicated to alll my beautiful readers and friends lankuum ta7amltoony adry wayed ga3da a6awel bain el postat!! I loveee you all so much and I hope you enjoyed this post <3<3

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Google reader will shut down by July 1st and i’m really sad,
how can I follow all of my favorite bloggers??


ولهت على هالمكان
ولهت عليكم

أذكر أول أيام ما كنت أكتب
ما كنت أدري انه فيه ناس طيبة راح تقرا لي، وتحبني بكل علاتي، وتتفاعل معاي وتدعي لي بالخير

أذكر اني كنت أكتب وأكتب وأكتب

أكتب عن مشاعري بكل صدق

جليتر عطتني القوة إني أبوح بأشياء ما اعترفت فيها لأحد من قبل

وانتوا حبايبي تلقفتوني

أحبكم والله

بس ألحين، أحس ما عندي وقت مثل أول
فيه ببالي أشياء ليلحين ودي أقولها
بس مادري
ماخذتني الدنيا بدوامتها


بديت شي حلو هنيه
وما ودي ينتهي

I’m thinking of moving this blog to Instagram, what do you think?



قبلاتي وأشواقي اللي كلها لكم حنين