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[29 Aug 2013 | Comments Off on behind these hazel eyes 2013-08-29 12:53:00 | 2 views]

hello…remember me? not even sure if people still read blogs, but wouldnt be awesome if no one do anymore?  I can come here whenever I want, vent, spill my guts and write abouty everything and anything and get away with it ( nope, you cant do thi…

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[3 Aug 2013 | Comments Off on Chapter 21 | 2 views]

Halla ;)Awal shay thankyou for the 5353 views, ashkrkum wayed. Thany shay ana emsawya blog ydeed le kl ely t5araj ou ely byt5raj ou ely ma bga shay ou yt5raj. A7s ena my new blog wgft el 6aboor r7 ykoun mn a3thm blogs ana ktbt! A7s. Ou tkfawn egraw ou …