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hello…remember me? not even sure if people still read blogs, but wouldnt be awesome if no one do anymore?  I can come here whenever I want, vent, spill my guts and write abouty everything and anything and get away with it ( nope, you cant do thi…

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I’ve been a bad blogger lately but this year has been hectic for me o adry wayed mga9ra ib 7agkom basma3alaih intaw 6ybeen o i7na nestahl :p There it goes the last post of this story might be starting a new one soon!It has been a pleasure with your patience and kind words in your comments and on twitter :*I wont be able to thank each one by names and initials because i might forget one so this goes out to every single one out there reading this :DENJOY!

btw it’s the longest post i ever typed… I think! :)

2 hours passed on a table with 3 strangers peacefully, we all got up said our goodbye’s and headed at our different directions after leaving the restaurant.
We got home washed up and got ready for bed, only to remember that I haven’t replied to Dhari’s text from the restaurant…
-Sara Al A
Let me know next time or I wont show up :)
-Dhari Al A
HAHA yeah we’ll see about that ;)
I had nothing to say so I drifted to sleep waking up for a long day of boring classes. Days and weeks passed of time that I spent mornings at university and nights with my mom and Dhari’s family! Aziz & Noura headed back to Kuwait a week after the dinner, my mom is leaving in two weeks.
I got to know Dhay more, my mom shopped with her mom while I took her to some amazing stores. It was a little awkward talking to my love’s sister but I managed.
Dhay: shetsawon hnee way deratkom matwanis klsh awal Dhari kan e7os feeni eb USA wayed amakin a7la mn hnee
Me: wallah e7na n7ous bas mostly ga3den eb sheqaqn a movies o chethy
Noodie my one and only started counting the days till my 20thBirthday
I don’t know why but I was never excited about my birthday because I don’t want to expect something big and then get that feeling of disappointment.

Classes, assignments, quizzes, midterms and finals.
Till it was finally the day before my Birthday and the weather was perfectly sunny when Noodie thought we should go tan at the Club since it’s a day before my birthday and she also booked the club’s private pool area. We stayed there for the whole day. Had the day to pamper ourselves with massages, manicures, pedicures hair treatments and so much more!
Noodie: wanna go for a guy to massage you or a girl *winking *
Me: NO thankyou! I’m pretty sure the girl is just fine *gave her that look ely CHUB* hahahha!
Noodie: MY FRIEND IS SO BORING *t5z el sgaf o ana a6al3ha chna mako shay *
The massage lady came massaged both we slept for 10 minutes during then woke up for the herbal tea and got up.
As we were getting up to go to the locker rooms and get back into our clothes Dhari called.
The last time I talked to him was 3 WEEKS AGO? Long time don’t ask why but he was acting so weird!
Me: Dhariii is calling :/ last time he called gabl shahar! Haw many rada
Me: Maby mo 3ala mazaja when he wants to call he does and he expects me to answer!
Noodie: You’re pushing him away! Then he wont call again STUPID
Me: you got a point, FINE!

I picked up after Noodie’s consistent blabber! She is the only one that can manipulate me easily.
Me: ……..
Dhari: alo sa-ar-aa  (he sounded so sick I started to worry!)
Me: aloo Dhari shfeek? wainik?
Dhari: ta3aleely esheqa ana ta3ban
Me: enshallaaah shwy wakoun 3ndk
I quickly hung up changed like a crazy person and told Noodie to hurry up she quickly changed drove us there, as soon as I saw his apartment building I had my hands on door handle and quickly got down as she parked in the drive way and ran up the stairs as fast as I could wearing beach flip flops a white dress over my swimsuit and water drops dopping off of my wet hair!
I tried to catch my breath on the last step and knocked twice on the door before I swung the door open.
My hand still on the doorknob astonished.
My eyes looked around examining the place then fell right into Dhari’s eyes, it was so embarrassing when I’m under the spotlight and someone is starring  shyness takes over.
At the hard work that he has put into this, it was a romantic atmosphere with jasmine flowers all over the place, holding a big jasmine in his hand with a jasmine necklace! The lights were dim, and the table was set for two by the window with the curtains wide open.
I looked at Dhari standing by the sofa wearing not so formal clothes! Thankgod.
Wearing Lynen beige shorts with a white belt and a light blue lynen shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned, he literally threw his phone on the sofa and walked over leaving 1 meter distance, while I stood there awkwardly holding a strand from my long hair and twisting it around my pointer till it got tangled and I had no choice but to let it go.
Dhari: 5ara3tich? Hehehe
Finally breaking the ice

Me: atwaqa3 ebayin mn lebsy * I said looking down at my now nearly wet dress*
He held my hand allowing me to let go of the doorknob as he shut the door still holding my hand and led me to the table.
Dhari: my plan ena elyoum ana awareech my cooking skills bema ena 6oul hal fatra 3raft ena 7abeebty fashla bl 6ab5 glt lazm athmenly mstaqbal gabl ma athoug el you3 eb kl a7wala
I covered my face and started laughing
Me: 7aram 3alaik asawy klshay bs enta maybayin eb 3ainik
Dhari: 3alay 3al nebyyy * he said as he held out his STOP hand jdam wayhy *
Me: 5ala9 5ala9 ana fashla a3teref  * covering my face*
Dhari: chef Dhari needs minutes to prepare the food maa’m
Me: take all the time youu need!…3ade arou7 I change? Ma a6awel
Dhari: ee o nashfay sha3rech seshwarich awal drawer tlgaina
Me: ok
I got up got into his room with my bag and quickly changed into underwear and dried off my dress and my hair, added eyeliner and just as I was about to put my hair in a bun Dhari knocked on the door and came in.
Dhari: yalahh ;)
As he was about to leave he looked back again and pointed at me while saying
Dhari: Dhari e7eb sha3ar Sara mafloool
Me: then sha3ar sara ra7 yenfal le3yonaa

Shit shit shit!!! Shlooon ana glt chethy? Afashl :S

I never knew how to flirt!! I think he was amazed… omg this is so embarrassingg

I walked out right after him, he pulled out the chair for me and pushed it in as I sat. Most of the time he would talk and I would blush at the most simplest things that he’d say not that I’m used to it or not but the fact that he planned this just took me away daydreaming about the future.
He served us each steaks with mashed potato on the side with mushroom sauce and sautéed veggies.
The came the molten cake that we shared, Dhari knew I loved breaking a molten to see the chocolate melt down from the heart of the cake.
But this one had no melted chocolate and the heart of the cake was hard, so I just put down my desert spoon and drank chef Dhari lemon with mint juice.
Dhari: Affaa shfeech mataklin msaweelich your favorite!
Me: Dhari latez3al bas yabsa bl middle mako chocolate! Ymkin lazm t76ha zyada bl feren?
Dhari: la ana met2akked jarbay again mn hal 9oub
Me: Mmm ok
I picked up the spoon o amry la allah ba3ad shasawy feeh akelha bdon chocolate ma3alaih wala eny akser eb 5a6ra maskeen ga3ed ye6ba5ly god knows mn meta o ohwa ejahizly hal menu :p

I kept poking the cake mo rathya! And I keep trying from each side till I took a try from the top and pushed the half off SHIT shsawayt DAAAFSHAAA

The molten broke in half and the hard thing that I was poking the whole time was a BOX! :|
My hand was still on that cake but I lifted my eyes to meet Dhari’s and his smile was plastered all over his face.
Dhari: Rathya enich tkonin Mrs. AlFlani?
I felt my face burning I think the rainbow was all over my face!
Dhari: esekout 3alamat el re’9a 9a7?
Me: 9a7
You cant believe how much I am in love with this guy no matter what he does I still love him, the way he changes the subject when he notices how I feel how he reads my eyes how I’m transparent when I’m with him it’s just indescribable. I may not have had him in mind when I first met him, the way we met but right now I’m pretty sure that he is the one!
He held my hand and kissed it, as shivers ran up my spine, butterflies were all over my stomach. The he placed it back on the table with his hand over it.
Dhari: yalla ba6leeha 5anshof obo le3yal shemhabib
AND!! He always ALWAYS manages to keep me smiling not any smile but the ear to ear smile

I pushed the residue of cake that was on the box and picked it up, then I opened it and took it out from the cardboard wrapper and there was that jewelry box waiting to be owned.
It was ring a silver ring, I knew it wasn’t the wedding ring, it was from Tiffany and I noticed it had engravings so I took it out to read what was on there and it said.
“You Are Mine, & I am yours”  DS



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Halla ;)Awal shay thankyou for the 5353 views, ashkrkum wayed. Thany shay ana emsawya blog ydeed le kl ely t5araj ou ely byt5raj ou ely ma bga shay ou yt5raj. A7s ena my new blog wgft el 6aboor r7 ykoun mn a3thm blogs ana ktbt! A7s. Ou tkfawn egraw ou …