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[30 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on New Year.. (2) | 1 views]

I sat in my car singing at the top of my voice,’awal il7ub.. na’6ra.. o ibtesamat dalal, o aa5er il7ub.. dam3a.. o ibte3ad 6eweeeeel”My god stop being such a drama queen! I’m done listening to your songs’ said Mariam flipping through the radio channel…

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[30 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on New Year.. (1) | 3 views]

I don’t believe in love.Actually, I do, just not for me. I’m too cynical, always have been, always will be. I mean I’ve seen it happen, I’ve actually even felt it before, a long long time ago, it was beautiful, it was honest, it was ultimate bliss, unt…

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[17 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Home.. | 1 views]

No matter where you go in life, there’s always this one place you yearn to be,The place where your family is, your history, your heritage,Where you first fell in love, had your heart broken, mended yourself and moved on,Where the air smells sweet despi…

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[17 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Senses.. (End) | 1 views]

He stood as usual smoking his morning cigarette and waiting for her to arrive, it became their morning ritual, to walk in to the office building together. He smiled as she walked towards him,’I thought you were gonna quit smoking’ she said, feigning an…

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[13 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Senses.. (32) | 1 views]

Nouf: What are you doing Wednesday night?Fahad: Nothing, you?Nouf: Oh. I have a special day :)Fahad: ?Nouf: I’m getting married.He sat at his desk, frowning at his phone, the words in front of him not quite registering in his brain, does that mean that…

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[9 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Senses.. (31) | 3 views]

‘Just marry the damn guy!”Manal!!”Wallah! Put us all out of our misery, this has been going on for too long, how many times did he tell you he loves you?”It’s not enough, I know he does, I just don’t know if I’m enough. What if I disappoint him, you…

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[8 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on The First.. | 1 views]

They say your first is always the most significant, but define first?You weren’t my first love, you weren’t my first disappointment in life, you weren’t my first heartbreak but somehow you were the most significant.You were the first person I thought o…

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[8 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Senses.. (30) | 1 views]

It would be the first time he actually visits her at home, she thought nervously as she paced her dressing room, a pile of clothes tried and rejected scattered around her on the floor. She hugged herself as she continued to consider her clothing option…

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[7 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Am I Dreaming? (Part 3) | 1 views]
Hello all *hides face* 
I know I have been such a bad blogger but without inspiration comes nothing..
Here’s part 3 for my anon reader
If you guys are interested and want a faster post please comment below

Enjoy 3>


Khalid o 7amad 6la3aw bara…

7amad: Khalood shfee wayhik e3tifas shfeek?
Khalid*heavy exhale*: Madri shagoulik 7maid
7amad: Goul ta7acha khali9ny
Khalid: Mako shay yideed.. nafs ilqe9a..

Khalid: Omy tawha daga 3alai o ma shelta, adri shbitgoul o 9ara7a ta3abt.. khali9aw a3thary shasawy!
7amad: Khaloud tara omik ma tabee ila ikhair lik, shkhasran etha 6e3t’ha.. inta 3al aqal shouf ilbnaya o etha ma 3jebtik khala9 goulaha maku ni9eeb..
Khalid: Inta t3arif 7alty 7amoud! Magdar afaker eb shay isma zawaj aw khe6ba wana eb hal 7ala, la galbi wala 3agly mitqableen hal fikra ashouf sawad!
Khalid was in love for 3 years with a girl, Dalal, o lama kan yabi yetqadam laha ahalha rfethaw la2ana mu min muwakheeth’hum, the most selfish rule made by society..

Khalid (on the phone): Ha dalool bashray goulay shsar..
Dalal: Inta t3arif ina omy rathya, bs oboy… (trying so hard to hold back her tears)
Khalid: Shgal obouch? (3ala a3saba)
Dalal: Oboy.. mu.. 3ajba.. (Barely letting the words out)
Khalid: Shloun ya3ni mu 3ajba? Gouleely bil thab6 shgal?!
Dalal (couldn’t hold back and started crying): Khalid tekfa la tsarikh walla ma at7amal kafy srakh oboy!
Khalid (m3asib o mitnarfiz o mixed emotions): Dalal ta7achay please tara a3saby tega6e3at
Dalal (her voice mitqa6i3 min ilbachy): Kent ga3da ma3ahum oo omy galatla ina weld ya3qoub AlFlani yabi yetqadamly chan faj2a oo eb kil quwa gal La2 6ab3an! ma ta7amalt fa sa2alta laish la! Ilwalad mafi shay!

Khalid *on his nerves*: inzain..

Dalal: 3asab chan egouly sta7ay 3ala wayhich trideen 3ala obouch chithy! o sh7aga ga3da etdaf3een 3anna?! sh3arifach feeh?! Geltla ma3ay bil jam3aa chan ega6i3ny wigoul 7ag ommy shofay bintich shga3da tkharbi6!

Khalid: o shradat 3alaih?

Dalal: ma galat shay bs kanat t7awil et’hadee bs tinarfaz o galaha miskay bintich o mabeekum tefti7oun hal mawthou3 ma3ay marra thanya, la intay wala bintich!
Khalid felt like he was drowning, listening to Dalal’s words was breaking his heart into pieces, was this really happening? He finally met the love of his life, and this is how it will end? Her father was to blame, he stood in the way of a perfect relationship, im sorry, he ended it!

Khalid: Khalas dalal please la tabcheen, gomay ghaslay wayhich o entekallam 3an ilmawthou3 ba3dain

Dalal: ok…  (She managed to say)
Khalid thought about talking to her father but he threatened dalal about giving him his details, he just didn’t stand a chance with her father, he was stubborn and very firm about his decision, he hated Khalid by judging him based on illogical beliefs, Khalid had to end his relationship with Dalal since there was no hope left for them. Ending their relationship took all the strength he had to make it happen even though neither of them wanted to, but they both knew it was for the best. They struggled miserably, and Khalid decided to stay away from hal suwalif, he started hating the idea of a relationship, khe6ba, zawaj etc. He was convinced that he wouldn’t find a girl like Dalal again, and his heart simply wont let him forget her even though they were not together anymore.

End of flashback


Khalid (okho shoug) thought : Time is up! Barja3 shalaihna, let me call shoug.. ops low battery! kila min ilgames ily la3abt’hum.. akeed bitmil o terja3 brou7ha..

By the time Shoug was walking towards where her brother was hiding he was gone already!
She was walking 3al ra9eef, shafat the activities facility o galat trou7 etdawer there fa when she was about to cross to the other side ma intabhat 3al shari3 wila a group of kids riding the buggies passed by her the same time she took a couple of steps forward bil shari3 and they were soo close oo mashallah swagat the kids kilish not safe fa khtar3at and she tripped falling over one of these metal balou3a!! 

wilyahal kamilaw wala ka2anna sar shay! Ilbalou3a kan feeha sharp metals (madri etha 3eraftouhum ;p) o 6ai7at’ha kanat chaida wayed..

Shoug: aaaaiiiiii (started crying from pain)

Her things 6araw min ilkhar3a.. She sat there unable to move a muscle, both her feet were killing her! 

Her tight got ripped and her right leg was bleeding and scratches on her arms min ilgar.. awal ma shafat blood she started crying and she looked around but nobody was there to help her..

Shoug: KHAAALIIIIIDDD!!! (She screamed out to her brother hoping he was hiding somewhere close!) Wain mobiley!

She kept on calling out Khalid’s name up until…

Meanwhile on the other side of the area, where 7amad and Khalid were talking..
7amad: Khalid ga3d tesma3 a7ad enadeek?!
Khalid: Ha? Wain? La..
7amad: Embala esma3 3adil..
Shoug: Khaaaaaaliidddd!!!

Khalid: off ee wallah! imsh inrou7 inshouf minu..

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[6 Dec 2013 | Comments Off on Senses.. (29) | 1 views]

‘Fahad yumma?”Labaih yumma”Labait rabek 7abeeby.. Fahad.. shlonek ma3a Nouf?’He sat up straighter on the couch he was relaxing on after lunch, it’s been a few days since his conversation with her and he hadn’t heard much from her side, he decided it …