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[30 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on midnight roving on hilly bumpy thoughts | 2 views]

there are so many roses my lips need to be peeled back words like buds unraveling from my tongue licking …

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[28 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on Scarred -6- | 2 views]

Hello!!*I would like to comment on something I’ve been asked to do a lot lately! A lot of my readers are asking me to post more than once a week, Thank you all for the suggestions it really shows me how much your addicted to the story! But I’m sorry, I…

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[21 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on Scarred -5- | 2 views]

Hello!!*Thank you all for the comments on the last post, I was so happy to read some of my old readers comments!! *To all of my silent followers please don’t be silent anymore? *This post is LOOONG!*I got a request on ask.fm to dedicate this …

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[17 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on Up on a cloud called love (2) | 2 views]

She sat there, waiting in her chair at the Visa application center for the UK.. A man in his hat was sitting with his mom, a woman with her two children there, a middle aged couple filling out their forms.. there she was giving up hope that her Visa wi…

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[15 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on New Year.. (10) | 2 views]

‘So Khaled keeps calling me’ I said fiddling with my teaspoon. Mariam and I were both sitting having our afternoon tea at the four seasons, enjoying the beautiful view over the west bay area.’Did you answer?”No. I don’t want to, I don’t know why he ke…

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[14 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on Scarred -4- | 2 views]

HELLO!!*I hope that you guys are enjoying the story! Please let me know if you have questions!*The post is LONG! I would love to read your feedback ;)*This post goes to RSS because I miss her SO much!!!!!Enjoy it!!____________________________…

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[11 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on New Year.. (9) | 2 views]

Bliss.That, in one word is how my life has been going. I don’t think I could describe it in any other way. I wake up every morning with a message from him, we talk, we laugh; it could be considered boring if it weren’t so perfect.Ahmed: What are you do…

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[7 Mar 2014 | Comments Off on Scarred -3- | 2 views]


1. Thank you all for the supportive and lovely comments! 

2. Some of you asked me what does “bidon” mean, they are a group of people without a nationality “غير محددين الجنسيه”

3. Please skip all spelling, grammar mistakes for this post, I’m not feeling well I’ll correct everything later.

This post goes to all of you ;D


“Ymkin ikhta?”

AlZainah: laish ikhta btgoula 7abebe?

Sara laughed: 3adi

AlZainah: la mo 3adi

Sara: ymkin kha6eebta wala murtaaa

AlZainah: bas oboy ma gale ina kha6ib!! wala mitzawij!!

Sara smiled.

AlZainah: sh’hal ebtisama?

Sara laughed: ma abtisim?

AlZainah: la!!

Sara: ok okk

AlZainah was so sure that Hamad doesn’t have a sister.

Sara: inzain khal na7jiz 7ag 3i6lat next week

AlZainah: eee wain tabon? 

Sara: mukaan greeb 3ashan ahalna yrthon

AlZainah: Dubaai?

Sara: eee wait adizlhom bil group

AlZainah: khalas 3ayal agi6ich el bait warou7 7ag oboy agoula

Sara: nkhale Faisal iye wiyana?

Faisal is Sara’s elder brother, he’s a close family friend and a close friend to AlZainah as well.

AlZainah: eee!!! 3ashan oboy yirthaa


ALZainaah walked through the offices with her white maxi dress, she was in the mood to dress up, her eyeliner was perfect which made her feel confident.

“Waay shar7aa tyanineeeen!!”

AlZainah smiled at her father’s secretory: mashkooora khalti 

Secretory: shakhbarich?

AlZainah: bkhaair!! oboy fathe?

Secretory: la walah 3enda ejtima3

AlZainah: waaih!!! ma9adig mashghil el nass youm el sabt!!

The secretory giggled: la 7aram mo mshaghilna mako ila ana khathait awrag mohima o rada el bait al7een

AlZainah smiled: ma3a elsalama!!

AlZainah waited for the secretory to leave, she slowly opened her father’s office.

Bas ba6il 

“Laish ma tkhalone asa3id? ya yuba intaw amana 3indi!!”

Curiosity hit AlZainah, she wanted to know what is her father talking about.

“3al aqal tiftakon minaah! laish itimon shayleen ham!”

ifff mno hathail!!!

AlZainah’s mobile rang.


“Mnu 3ind elbab?”

AlZainah walked to her father’s office: ana!

Father: halaaa zayouna baba! shfeech? 

AlZainah walked closer to her father, she wanted to see who was he meeting with.

AlZainah: 3adi adkhal?

Father: ee ee 7ayach

AlZainah walked to her father, she pretended that she had no idea he was in a middle of a meeting.

Her father gave her a side hug and changed the direction she was facing.

Father: AlZainah binti

AlZainah felt her heart beat in her belly.

Father: Hamad o Ahmed Al Flani

Ahmed: hala zaina!!!! shlonch?

AlZainah smiled and walked towards Ahmed: hala Ahmed!!! ma taghayart kilish

Ahmed laughed: wala intay

AlZainah looked at Hamad’s direction he gave her half a smile and nodded hello.

Ahmed gave his brother a death stare and looked again at AlZainah with a polite smile.

Father: ha zayona sh3indch? 

AlZainah: mako umm bnsafir el isbou3 elyay please baba!

Father: wil jam3a?

AlZainah: 3i6la!!

Father: wain o ma3a mno?

AlZainah: ana o rab3e!

Father: mashalllaaaaaaaaah

AlZainah: Faisal biye wiyana!!

Father: wain btro7on?

AlZainah: dubai!!

Father: bas Faisal hne min el 9ib7 o ma yab el 6ari

AlZainah: umm ymkin nisa!!

Father: zayooon 

AlZainah: yuba please!!! wala karaft hal course!! astahil asafir!!

Father: bas Faisal-

“Shfeh Faisal?”

AlZainah giggled: FAISAL!!

AlZainah took a quick look at Hamad, he was too busy with his mobile, while Ahmed was smiling polielty at her.

Faisal: shfech??

AlZainah: kint agoul 7ag oboy 3an safrat Dubai next week!

Faisal stared blankly at AlZainah, they didnt have the time to tell her about the trip.

Faisal: ee Dubaai

AlZainah: eee!!

Faisal laughed: eee

AlZainah giggled and looked at her father: shift baba! Faisal mwafiq bas biga inta!!

Father: bas Faisal ma 3inda ejaza el isbou3 el yay

AlZainah: ta36eeh ejaaza!!

AlZainah took another quick look at Hamad, he wasn’t there.. he probably left the room and 
she didn’t notice.

AlZainah: okay baba?

Her father smiled and nodded: shda3wa agdar agolch la

AlZainah smiled: okay 3ayal!! bas bamshe la a3a6ilkom akthar

Father: wain Hamad?

Ahmed: 6ala3 shway, yatla mukalama

AlZainah: yalla ma3a elsalama!


Al Zainah and Faisal walked out of the office together.

Faisal: shqi9at Dubai?

Al Zainah: bnrou7 elisbou3 el yay!

Faisal: o laish ma giltoole?

AlZainah: el mafrooth sara galaltik!

Faisal: mo eb kaifkom qarartaw ine baye ma3akom!!

AlZainah: FAISAAAL! yalla 3ad please!! 3ashani!! min bida el course o widi asafir 

Faisal smiled.

AlZainah: plus la t7asisne inik btkoun 6oul elwagt wiyana!!! bas bil ma6ar! o 3gub inta wiya rab3ik wi7na bro7na! Please Faisal please!!!

Faisal: khalas khalas okay

“Shway please”

Faisal pushed AlZainah gently to his side so Hamad can pass, Hamad gave AlZainah a cold stare and entered the office.