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[12 Jul 2014 | Comments Off on Hello | 1 views]

*wipes dust off of keyboard* I’ve been contemplating writing this for the longest time, but writers block and lack of motivation have gotten the best of me. I’m happy to announce that I have recently been working on, and planning to publish the story that is already on this blog, with a second part to […]

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[11 Jul 2014 | Comments Off on Scarred -Finale- | 1 views]

Hi!!*This is the last part of the story! I might start a new story after Eid or maybe after that, I’m not sure yet!*Thank you ALL for the comments, love and support!!_______________________________________________________________”Yaaaal di3la!!! s…

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[4 Jul 2014 | Comments Off on Scarred -20- | 1 views]


*Thank you all for the supportive comments on the last post, I’m glad that you guys are enjoying the story ;D

*I know this post may be short, but its because the next two post will be the last two and I’ll make them long enshallah! thanks for understanding!!

*مبارك عليكم الشهر وتقبل الله طاعتكم ;)


AlZainah rushed downstairs.


She was almost running to her car when she saw Faisal’s mother park her car.

AlZainah: khalti?

AlZainah stood in her place waiting for Faisal’s mother to get out of her car.

Faisal’s mother: Hala Zayoonaa

AlZainah: hala khalti!! zayratna?

Faisal’s mother laughed: Ee! ila etha ma widich azorkom!

AlZainah giggled: la 7asha!! elsa3a elmbarika! bas 7asafa ana 6al3a! 

Faisal’s mother: ee 6il3ay 7abebte, 7afthich allah!

AlZainah giggled: 3adi tg3deen wiya omi brou7ich?

Faisal’s mother laughed: Zayona!! 3aib hathe omch!

AlZainah giggled and shrugged her shoulders: okaay!

AlZainah drove off while Om Faisal walked to the door.

“Hala hala! 7ayalllah om Faisal!” 

Om Faisal: alllah y7ayeech! Shakhbarich? o shakhbar Zayona?

Mother: kilina bkhair el7imdallah! 7asafa 3ad zayona tawha 6al3a!

Faisal’s mother sat down facing AlZainah’s mother, AlZainah’s mother poured tea and started to catch up with Om Faisal.




“BAS!! wala el3atheeem watartne!! “

“anlaam?! wala ma anlam!! Ya t9eeb ya tkheeb!”




Om Faisal: madre shlon abda el mawtho3 bas

She went silent for a couple of minutes.

Om Faisal: 6oul 3umrna nrabe 3yalna o nit3ab 3alaihom o ma nadre mita el dinya ib takhit’hom mina.. o dayman intakhayal ina ra7 ykbroun o nshouf 3yalhom

AlZainah’s mother sighed.

Om Faisal: allah ele 3a6ana yahom o allah yakhithom mina.. el7imdalllah 3ala kil 7al

Om Faisal smiled: min awal ma Faisal 3araf AlZainah wana atkhayal el yoom ele ayeech feeh wakha6ib zayona 7ag Faisal

AlZainah’s mother smiled.

Om Faisal: o allah khatha Faisal gabil la agdar akha6ibla.. Maha 7abebte! Ma 3indch ila Zayona o adre inha tiswa eldinya o mafeha 3indch bas tadren shil mishkila?

AlZainah’s mother shrugged her shoulders.

Om Faisal: el mishkila ina Zayona ma tadre.. 9ij inch 6oul 3umrch ta36eenha wayed ashya2 bas lama baghat shay wa7id rifathteeh

AlZainah’s mother: ele ohwa Hamad?

Om Faisal nodded: ma tit9awrain shkithir y7ibha o 3inda isti3dad ysawe ayshay 3ashan trthain feeh

AlZainah’s mother sighed.

Om Faisal: kawan nafsa 9a7 3ashan lama iye ytaqadamlaha tirthain feh.. Hamad 3an alf rayal, mit3alim o mashallah greeb o yfta7 elfir3 el thani mal ma63ima!

Mother: bas-

Om Faisal: bas oboh kan sayiq 3indkom?

AlZainah’s mother nodded.

Om Faisal: throuf oboh tikhtlif 3an throufa!! Maha! dam elwalad ygdar y3ayish bintch nafs el 3eesha ele 3ayshat’ha 3indch khalas o akhlaqa zaina! mala da3i itimeen tyebeen 6ari oboh! 





AlZainah suddenly rushed to her car, the girls were shocked.

The girls: Zayon!!

AlZainah stopped walking: HAA?

Latifa: shfeech?? 

AlZainah: tathkroun lama Hamad gali he has one more card to play?

Sara: ee?


Sara: omi??

AlZainah: ee!!!

Sara: shako?

Hessa: Zayoonoo watartene!! dizeela whatsapp si2leeh!

AlZainah sat down and the girls sat beside her.




Hamad didn’t reply to AlZainah’s text, She was starting to get worried but she didn’t want to pressure him.

She walked upstairs and found her mother and father watching TV.

AlZainah: masaa elkhair

Father: hala baba masa elnoor

AlZainah looked at her mother: mama shakhbarich?

Mother: tamam

AlZainah’s mother didn’t even look at her.

AlZainah: ana barou7 dari abadil wanam 

She walked to her room when her mother’s sentence stopped her “Om Faisal yatne elyoum.. timda7 wild elkhadama”

AlZainah sighed, Faisal’s mother was Hamad’s last card and from her mother’s sentence she knew that her mother didn’t change her mind. 

She didn’t tell her mother a word and walked to her room, She grabbed her phone and sent Hamad a text.

Mita Dubai?

She wanted him to tell her that he’s not taking a break from Kuwait, that he’ll stay and fight for her, she wanted him to tell her that he won’t give up on them.

She closed her eyes for a couple of minutes and then felt her mobile vibrate.

Bacher bil lail enshallah

AlZainah covered her face with a pillow and cried her eyes out.