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I got up to get her water and she came after me. She took a sip and after the first breathe…
Ghalia: Danii its you!
Me: Its me what! 
Ghalia: khalty 
Me: shfeha om raylichh!! 
Ghalia: Laa!
Me: shrbay khal9y o breath abe jumla mufeda law sama7tay the3t
Ghalia: om rfeej rayly qasd’ha intay! Intay ily yabech walad’ha! 
Me: ay walad!! 
Ghalia: hatha ily shayfch ib 3rsy galaha etha lgaitay hathy batzawaj o etha maligayteha maby ghairha!
Me: …. 
I just stood there shocked trying to remember if i made eye contact with anyone at Ghalia’s wedding, but nothing rang a bell.
Ghalia: DANII !!! *she was waving to snap me back to reality*
Me: ha? *rdayt 3alaiha wana half mtan7a*
Ghalia: shfeech wanaasaa 7ade stanast ena entay
Me: gam a7awl athker hatha mta shafny bs many gadra astarj3 thikrayat hathak ilyoum
Ghalia: moo muhem emshay nro7 nshof il bnat o e9eer khair ba3dain
Me: ok
I walked after her to the living room and the girls were watching her walk down the aisle to her Kousha (bride&groom wedding sofa) while a group were into Sequence. They were very loud, i was too busy thinking about whom I could’ve met during her wedding. But no luck my memory was bad. 
Everyone started leaving at about 10 ish, I waited for Sabacha then we left, she took me back home and waved goodbye as I stood on the doorstep.
As I entered the house I heard 
….: MAY9EEER TJEESNY SHEEEL EDIK! * and a loud slap* 
I walked to the living room and realized where all that sound was coming from and started laughing loudly!! 
It was Noufa and Nawaf giving me their back as they were on the couch watching TV.
Noufa: shelyy ethaa7ik entay ba3ad 
Me: mo shghlich… Ahlan 7abeeby 
I walked over to Nawaf and kissed his cheek and sat by him
Noufa: ana ard el bayt a7sanly 
Noufa said as she got up on her feet 
Nawaf grabbed the end of her flowy top and pulled it down, Noufa sat back on the sofa forcefully with Nawaf’s hand on her farthest shoulder! 
She turned to face him with her finger pointing straight at his face pushing off Nawaf’s hand from her shoulder! 
Nawaf: yakhy elwa7ed mayjarib shay ela ftha7teeh! 
Noufa: shtjarib!! 
Nawaf: ymkin chatfich 3away! Ymkin a76 eedi o ashof o ahawen shlon ya3ny?!!!
I was laughing at every word he said Noufa’s eyes broke my heart she looked at him with her “let down” facial expression.
Me:  9aaj okhoy khaleeh ejarib! 
Noufa: ok! El7in 9ij brd bayty! BYE 
And she got up to leave..
Nawaf: mno bewadech
Noufa forgot that she came with Nawaf, she stood there remembering as Nawaf shot her with a huge smile :D 
Noufa: Nawaf wadny 
I punched his shoulder lightly and : yala goum wad’ha yanant’ha maskena 
Nawaf: yala kany bas ayeeb may wayech 9bgeny
Noufa walked to the door and Nawaf headed to the kitchen to get water
Noufa: na3aaam
Noufa: LA AKRAHA! 
She definitely doesn’t hate him. Hahaha 
Nawaf came back and stood by the door
Nawaf: laish le9ra5 
Noufa: salamtik wala shay * angel look*
Nawaf: yala madame ladies first 
Nawaf held the door for Noufa and left after her. 
I picked up my purse and shoe and walked up the stairs to my room. As I walked through the halls of the empty house memories rushed through my head of how every afternoon Nasser would come up the stairs and my mom would guess from his footsteps if it was him or Nawaf or my Daddy. He would walk over to her and give her his daily hug then start complaining about how tiring his job was. Nawaf was always busy with his job never had the time to answer calls he’d come late at night for 10 minutes in our living room then he’d head to bed. 
After my parents past away, everything changed, Nasser would hug me when he sees me any hour through the day. Nawaf started being closer to us than he was before and now that he has Noufa he’s been so happy and seeing him so happy makes me the HAPPIEST person on this world. But then there’s Nasser I’m worried about.
In 30 minutes I showered and was ready under the covers in my Pj’s. 
And there was a knock on the door…