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[20 Dec 2014 | Comments Off on Let me in 11 | 6 views]
A snack for y’all ❤️ 
I’m going through Finals atm, probably be back on Christmas for more. 
I might escape studying and write you a post maybe :* 

3amty Wafa2: Daniaa
Me: halaa 
I turned my whole body and head to face her, she walked towards me and held both my hands into hers. I freaked out a little but decided to not think ahead and just hear what she has to say.
3amty Wafa2: mn shahar ana kalamt Nawaf o Nasser eb mawthou3 
Me: eee? 
3amty Wafa2: o ohma st7aw egolonlich eyah fa 6lebaw mny agolich ma3a eny ma3arf abdy feh, bas ana gabl shahar eta9lat 3alay wa7da o bghetech 7ag walad’ha
Me: laih tekharajt e9eer khair 3mty kafy eny batkharaj mbacher
3amty Wafa2: ya yuma ma bga shayy *she held my hand and squeezed it* bagelich hal course bs bagy mna shahar!
Me: khala9 afaker wardlich khabar 
3amty Wafa2: enzain o mataben t3arfeen esma?
Me: hehehe… Ee shsma? 
3amty Wafa2: esma Abdulrahman 3umra 32 tgol shayfich o gayelaha mayaby ghairich!
Me: ya7laila… Khal ashawer Nawaf o Nasser o e9eer khair enshallah 
If it were for me I wouldn’t get married, because well I don’t think that a man is so much needed in a girls life. I can probably live off without one. But I remembered that sentence Nasser said when my uncle asked him if he wanted to get married but he insisted on doing so after me! 
I didn’t want to keep him waiting if he had someone in mind. This was not the way I planned my husband and I, I want to know that person I’m spending my life with and if I choose this one that plan is just not going to work.
3amty Wafa2: Allah yakteb ily feeh ilkhair
Me: enshallah ameen, mashkoura *i hugged her as she left my room*
Memories of my nightmares came back on my mind, daydreaming of how it would’ve been if my mom was here to tell me about such things and how she would give me that talk.
Ana lazm akaml Nawaf o Nasser, they gotta do their detective job 
A week passed by and I totally forgot to talk to my brothers, well only because I’m not really in a hurry about the marriage thing! Even though I totally had nothing to worry about since most my classes in Uni were done explaining the course curriculum so I only had 2 out of 6 classes that I had to attend.
Till Aunty Wafa2 came in my room on a Thursday night which was a week after! When I realized why she’s here!
5shayyt wayhy bain edainy!
Me: ambaaih 3amty 7ady nasya 3an shsma hatha el walad!
3amty Wafa2: latgooolin! 
Bser3a gmt mn frashy 
Me: kany kany el7in bagom as2al wallah
3amty Wafa2: haha wallah entay madry shfech 3adatan damch 7ar ela 3ala hal mawtho3 burod edenya! 
Me: hehehe yala kany 
6la3t o 6la3at waray she went to her apartment o ana r7t ashof khwany!
R7t 9alat el zwara o lgayt Nawaf, o Nasser se7abta mn ghurfta!
Nasser: shno elmawtho3 el muhem
They sat where I can see both their faces right in front of me!
Me: mmm salfat 3amty Wafa2!
Nawaf: el5a6eeb? 
I got goosebumps as he said that!! (He was winking like crazy)
Nasser: eeee wallah o kbaarna o gmna nen5e6eb 
Nazalt rassy mn elfashla, I can feel my cheek cells burning, I’m not used to hearing such things from my brothers, we only came closer after my parents past away!
Nawaf: hatha mo awal wa7ed 
Rfa3t rassy and my eyes wide open shocked 
Nawaf: hathak gabl ma agolich 3ana ohwa mo 5oush rayal fa raf’9a mn zman 3gb ma shawart 3amy Fahad

I was like okayyyy 
Nawaf: el aham ena hatha 5oush wa7ed kbeer bl 3mr bainich o baina 12 sena taqreban, shahadta Phd o mashallah mothaqaf 7ata safrata kilha dawrat o ohwa akbar khwana 3nda a9ghar khwan o khawat
Me: Mmmm bs mo chna kbeer 
Nasser: tara shakla wayed 6abee3y ya3ny mo mshayeb shfta eb dewaniyat ahal wa7ed mn eshabab o Dania age is just a number *wink*
Nawaf: la7’9a shqasdik ent ethany lazm kl wa7ed dash el 30 eshayeb?
Me: Haha!
Nasser: lala 7asha… Machena mshayeb mn gabl 5 sneen (Nasser whispered as he tilted his head) 
We all laughed and I got up to think about it in my room, after we said our goodnights!
6ab3an r7t el ghurfa o g3adt afaker bely galoh 3an “Abdulrahman” 
Nasser came in and started giving me advices on how I should decide on whether I want this guy or no.
Nasser: shoufay Dani intay fakray because this is the rest of your life we’re talking about o 3a6ay 3amty 5abar if you want to see him first or not
Me: Mmmm okay ana akalm 3amty Wafa2!
Nasser: khal9 t9b7een 3ala khar yal ghalya
He got up and bent down to kiss my forehead and left.
I started thinking and tossing and turning on the bed thinking on whether I should give this guy a shot or not. Then I came to a conclusion 
It was 3 am 
I held my IPhone 
Tapped on the Whatsapp icon
Scrolled down looking for “Aunty Wafa2” 
And started to type
“”عمتي وفاء تقدرين تقولين حق ام الولد حياها الله اهيا و ولدها عشان اشوفه و اقعد معاه و عقب ان شاء الله اقرر

Bedayt akafe5 nafsy mn elfashla msta7ya mn rou7y ba3ad ma3eraft shagool! 

Ya3ny lo na6ra laih bacher el9b7 mo ashraflich ya Dania 
Shfeha ya3ny etha gtlaha Face to Face
Lazm agol 7ag Sabacha Daloya!
I didn’t have so much trouble finding our group chat! As soon as I found it I typed!
Me: SOMETHING BIG HAPPENED TODAY! You two better call me tmrw to see when we can see each other :) 
I placed my phone on the bedside table and took a deep breath and slept with so much on my mind!

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[13 Dec 2014 | Comments Off on Let me in 10 | 2 views]
Been too busy lately, having to manage between two lives, bare with me xx
By the door
Me: wallah a7bkom wayed (group hug)
Sabacha&Dalya: e7na akthar!! 
Sabacha: latgolin chethy e7na khawatch 
Dalya: no thanks for homework
Me: hahahahhaa ” “لا شكر على واجب
We died by the door as we laughed at Dalya’s joke then said our goodbyes again with a couple of I love yous’ and off I went to MY parents room.
I took a warm shower in their large bathroom, brushed my teeth, dried my hair and got into the sheets with fresh new pj’s. 
I was so tired, in a matter of minutes my eyes were shut and were off in wander-land… 
Took over me since That second my heavy head landed on that pillow…nearly every hour I would sit up trying to catch my breath.
Images of my parents popped up everywhere in my dreams, they weren’t  the type I could remember. Because them being part of my dream was the priority of the whole dream.
And 3:50! 
Then I gave up! 
I walked out of the room slowly and tiptoed to Nasser’s room, I knocked on the door and went in.
Me: Nasser Naa..
Faz mn noumta o jabalny
Nasser: Danii! Shfeech! 
He sat up rubbing his eyes. 
Me: ga3da a7lm eb omy o oboy ma gdart anam please banam 3ndk
I was about to tear up as I asked him for that favor. 
I was so embarrassed. It was the first time ever that I slept next to my brother, after growing up i mean. I felt like a baby, no longer a lady. 
Nasser pulled off the covers on the other side and gave me a side hug.
He wore a shirt and threw a pillow between the two of us on his King sized bed and dozed off. 
Nasser: namay wana yamch latkhafin
Me: enshallah 
He was too tired to even discuss my nightmare or make me at least forget it happened for now.
I, on the other hand started thinking about those nightmares, and the actual meaning behind them. Then decided to sleep after several accidental eye lid slips.
The next morning I woke up and sat upright starring into Nasser’s room, realizing that I kinda overslept my normal wake up hour. I am more of a morning type of person I love running errands in the morning, and well classes, I hate having to stay in Uni for a long time thats why my classes are back to back and in the morning. 
I got up and Nasser wasn’t there, I walked to my room to change before my brothers got back from work. I had breakfast and was just going through my favorite shopping sites as Nawaf and Nasser came in.
Nawaf kissed a cheek and Nasser kissed my forehead
Me: shsawalkom el mohandes ya ma3areesna 
Nasser was lost, confused and shy all at once I could see it from his facial expression.  
Nawaf unfolded the rolled up paper in his hand and placed it flat in front of me keeping the sides from rolling by placing the remote controls on each side.
He explained how some walls were to breakdown and others were to build, my mom had her own sewing room, dads office, Nawaf and Nasser’s game room, my playroom and our master bedrooms! All this was going to form 2 apartments. 
Me: 5oush wayed mratab klshay! Bas meta byabdon o shlon 3alaina
Nasser: tawny kalamt 3amty gtlaha benam eb bayt yady eb jana7 el thyof! 
Nawaf: wenshallah shahrain egol bash mohandes klshay khali9
Me: perfect o mta tabon nro7 hnak? O yabdon? 
Nawaf: ana wedy elyoum gabl bacher *he said as he tilted his head down*
Me: enshallah mn elyoum babdy ashel aghrathkom bas 6areshly manadeeb ewadon klshay el srdab 3ashan ma nta3eb Bishr! O shoufaw shno lehdoum ely tabonha wely matabona ba76a bghurfty o nagfel 3alaih
I felt like their mom, it was kindof weird that they keep asking for my permission somehow
Nawaf and Nasser got up and I went after them with Helen with big suitcases that we were going to send to my grandparents house, where we were going to stay.
That day was hectic, there was men all over the house Nawaf and Nasser were dead tired from all the moving around with the workers, they literally emptied all the rooms. Mover trucks came back and forth from our house to our grandparents house which was in the same area but in a different block! 
The only two rooms that weren’t empty are the living room and mine! Nawaf and Nasser slept on the couch that night and I slept in my room and the next morning the living room was cleared. Most of the furniture was in the basement! And the rest we gave away. 

Nawaf’s point of view

Dania lazm t3arf, ana elyoum bagol 7ag 3mty tkalimha! Nasser madry shyan6ir! 
^(What’s going on Nawaf’s mind)
R7t 7ag Nasser ghurfta o lahy weya el3umal, s7abta 3ala janb…
Nawaf: ent ma kalamt Dania 3adl?
Nasser: many 3arif!!
Nawaf: 5oush latkalmha elyoum ana bakhaly 3amty Wafa2 tgolaha, akeed t3arf bhal mowathee3
Nasser: zainn chethy raya7tny
36aita 6aga 3ala chatfa o ghmaztla o meshayt akaml shghly

Dania’s point of view
That night we went to my grandparents house, where my aunt lived with her kids and husband and 3amy Fahad. My grandparents passed away a very long time ago, the house was rebuilt after that and apartments were made for my aunts and uncles to stay in.
Ofcourse, the house was open to all grandchildren and so that night mostly all of my cousins were there and when they left I went to the room to get ready for bed.
My aunt came in as I was untying my hair…
3amty Wafa2: danoya 7abebty nag9ich shay?
Me: la 3mty el7mdellah 3ala kl7al
She was standing behind me while I was starring at my face from the mirror, combing my hair and using my makeup remover…

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[1 Dec 2014 | Comments Off on Let me in 9 | 3 views]
The story is finally going somewhere and im getting excited to write😋 
Thankyou for being patient xx

Me: tefathaal
Nawaf popped his head: adsh? 
Me: ee 7ayak
Nawaf: e7ayeech 
He came over and sat on the side of my bed and Nasser came after him with his playstation head gear on his shoulders. 
Me: haw shfekom latkhar3ony 
Nawaf: 3ndena lech khabarain…madry etha ythaygonich aw la2 
Me: ennzaainn 3sa khaiir 
Nasser: khaiir khairr 
Me: yala goulaw watartony! 
Nawaf: okk el awal, mmm entay tadreen ba3ad ana o Noufa ma bga shay 3alaina fa ana wedy abdy a3adl mokana ely bnaskin feh 
Me: elyy taby Nawaf ana 7athir! 
Nawaf: mabe athaygich Dani 
Me: ra7atkom ra7ty! 6al3a mn hal bayt mako Nawaf!!
Nasser was quite it was obvious that they’ve gone through it already! 
Nawaf: matga9reen *he kissed my forehead* bas ana aham shy 3ndy ra7tich 
Me: Nawaf ana ely abeeh ghurfa o 7amamha and im good! 
Suddenly Nasser spoke up and pinned my heart with what he said
Nasser: ghurfat omy o oboy 3ade? 
I felt something jump inside me, more like a pin going through my tiny heart
I was quite for what seemed like a minute and was back as Nawaf clicked his fingers in front of my face.
Nawaf: Dania 
Me: na3am 
Nasser: tara mo lazm hatha bas kan eqtera7 
Me: abeeha
Nasser: shno tabin? 
Me: ghurfat omy o oboy abeha, rou7aw 7ag mohandes Ahmad esaweelikom taqsemat el sheqaq belly tabona.
Nawaf & Nasser: yzach allah khair
Nawaf: 6oul 3umrich 6ayba 6al3a 3ala omy
I smiled automatically, I felt the warm tears forming but I pushed them back under my eye lids.
Me: shno elkhabar ethany :D (I tried changing the subject because I feel the guilt they’re carrying in their hearts)
Nasser: la bas hathayl ohma el two 
Nawaf gave Nasser the confused look and said: yallah t9b7een 3ala 5air
Me: ahaa okay :/… Wnt mn ahla
Nasser went out after him after giving me the daily hug.

Nasser’s point of view
6la3t wella Nawaf wagf bwayhy bl 9ala
Nawaf: “hathayl ohma el two” (Nawaf mimicked what I said earlier)
Nasser: taby ent rou7 goul! Yuba ma3arf afta7 hal mawathee3!
Nawaf: sh7aga tsawy rou7ik klsh chan glt mn el bedaya 3ashan 3amty tkalmha! 
Nasser: wana shdaraany betkon esalfa chethy 3abaly nafs ay salfa! Lsaany nreba6 ya rayal, ba3aad ana okhoha weyaha bnafs elbayt o 3amty tkalmha!
Nawaf: wahagtna el7een thalath ayam wana shayel hal mawtho3 foug rassy
Nasser: mathalan ana naseeh ya3ny…
Nawaf: en dagat 3amty el7ana wallah many rad, yalah t9ba7 3ala khair
Nasser: la ana ely barid *they giggled and headed to their rooms* wnt mn ahl el khair
The boys slept after numerous twirls on their beds with a couple of huffs and puffs, on how they would tell their angel of a sister something like this.

Dania’s point of view
Almost all 6 of Dania’s classes were done teaching the required material for those courses except for one professor who believed in Ethics a lot. Dr Abdulrahman! 
She got up and drove her Range Rover to uni and conference called Sabacha and Daloya
Me: bagoolikom shay!
Sabacha: shno ba3ad! 
Dalya: shfeech! 
Me: ana ray7a dawam 1 class o arja3 elbayt! Hahahayy 7ara!
Dalya: wallah jad? Hathy salfetech 
Sabacha: el7aqara eb damha mako fayda 
Dalya: BYE! 
Me: lala wait!! Wallah fe shay 9ij (started laughing)
Sabacha: khal9ay ya bent! 
Me: abekom tyon tsa3dony I move out
Dalya: NA3AAM! 
Sabacha: 7abeebty mako banat they move out we’re in KUWAIT!
Me: ya7ameer! Wai3 zain maknt abe asbkom bas matkhalon elwa7ed yt7acha! 
Dalya: 7agch 3alaina 
Sabacha: ta7achay!
Me: move out mn ghurfety mo mn el bayt
Sabacha: EEE goulay! 
Dania: allah wanasa a7b hal faqrat OK ana basa3dch
Sabacha: 7ata ana bs 3gb 5pm! 
Me: okay na6ratkom! 
I ended the call and breathed out, why I talk to those two feels like I ran a 10k marathon. They make me scream to grab their attention and talk in a very loud voice! BECAUSE they are so LOUD! 
I asked Bshr to get me boxes and huge containers so I can clear out and store what needs to be stored! 
Nasser came in just as the hustle in my room started at 3:30 sharp. 
Nasser: bsmellah elra7man el ra7eem 
Me: goul لا اله الا الله!
Nasser: hhhh لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله! Shfeech!
Me: ga3da ashel gashy! 
Nasser: tara mo qasda Nawaf ams ena elyoum entay nayma hnak!
Me: adry! Haw bas chethy bashel shway shway 
Nasser: eee zain 
Me: Dalya o Sabacha yayen esa3dony as well
Nasser: ya36ehom el3afya raya o skena 
Me: hahaha 7aram 3alaik!
Nasser: ba3ad hatha ohma en yaw elbayt yhtaz mashallah
Nasser left as I laughed at his comments, when we were younger he used to always make sure that when I go out with them they’re quite and not loud at the mall or restaurants. 
Sabacha and Dalya arrived and helped around the room, then we went to my new room. Which I planned not to change one single bit, Sabacha thought I should while Dalya thought I should do what I wish. We changed things around moved the furniture added some of mine with the help of Bishr and the other male helpers around the house. Helen and the other nanny put on new bed sheets and cleaned the room.
This hustle stayed this way for a week, daily the girls would come, we’d either run errands to buy essentials or just buying those organizers that I can’t live without…NEAT FREAK. By the 7th day everything was set and ready and my old room was now empty except well the bed was still there and the accessories that can’t be moved to my new room. 
I hugged the girls goodbye after the dinner I love to call a feast after all this hard work.