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In the Garden:Khalty Hana: yuma rday 3al talefon maykhalif Me: la khalty la7geen wenshallah mako ela elkhair Khalty Hana: la ya yuma 6alabtich rday dgay lay7atonchMe: enshallah I called Nawaf and Nasser then Sabacha as I wandered in circ…

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Feedback my dear followers :*

The apartment was ready and the parents house as well in a very short period of time, I pulled off all of this. 
The wedding day was planned from A-Z what I had to do the second I woke up till I wore my wedding gown. Massage, nails, hair, scrubs, masks you name it! It was all on there, it was going to be held in one of Kuwait’s old yet finest hotels in the very large ballroom. My dad had friends, mom was a very social lovable person and I had a very large family. Therefore I decided to have it neat and comfortable for my guests. 
We; Sabacha, Daloya and I slept at the hotel from a day before, so we woke up there! I slept with them on the huge King sized bed for the last time before I became a wifey. 
I woke up and started twirling to wake the monkeys around me
Sabacha: latkhaleeeni at7asaf eny nmt weyakom BAAAS
Me: afaaa ete7asefaiiin 
Daloya: sktaw bas warana sahraa 
I checked my phone and there was 3 mins left till my alarm beeped so I stayed still and just waited till that thing woke em up itself! 
I closed my eyes and waited for them to speak up, and suddenllyyy
Sabacha and Daloya were jumping on the bed 
Daloya: yaalaaa yalaaa ba3th enaaas be9eeron el7inn agoool
Sabacha: ooohh ohhh 
Me: yasaalaaaam 6aa3aw etafkeer! Ayaa klaaab tawa ag3dkom eb tharaba ma tgomon awareeekom
I got up and started a pillow fight and we started screaming and jumping all around the room
Were 20 going on 21…Do you blame us? 
And the Wedding day plans begun!
Bride spa, bride manicure pedicure, bride everything! 
The bride was literally pampering herself after all the hard work she put into all of this!
Sabacha was checking on the decorations and setup of the wedding planner and she was my assistant for that part, Daloya was calling each and every place I booked appointments with to double check and confirm our appointments. 
Me: Daloyy
Daloya: danii 
Me: tara ana mo 7asa bshay 
Daloya: ambaihh 9ijj lail7in :| tabin adg 3ala ekhty ashof shno 7asat ehya?? 
Me: LAAAAA MAYNOUNA… Hatha yzay afathfethlich 
Daloya: ba3ad ana shdarany ya3ny ga3da ashoflich wa7da marat bely mraitay feeh! Yah!
Me: khalch 3aala ur duty a7sanly! 
And I started thinking, daydreaming whatever you’d like to call that. 
Even when it was only an hour left till I had to be ready, I wasn’t mentally with them.
The hairdresser asked questions and Noufa would come help out while the girls were busy downstairs. The makeup was the simplest a bride could ask for. Noufa called the girls up for pictures, Nawaf and Nasser came along as well and then it was my queue.  
Noufa helped with bukhour (the arabian scented wood that is burned with coal in order to smell the scent) then she started reminding me of reading verses of the Quran as I walked down the hallway to the ballroom. 
Sabacha and Daloya were waiting by the ballroom’s golden doors which appeared as the elevator doors slid outwards. They had the huge smiles all over their pretty faces and most elegant dresses. Noufa went in before me and the girls followed her to the bride and groom’s seating area. 
The maids were told to open the doors and I walked in clutching hard onto my hand bouquet, and trying so hard to not wipe my smile away. I didn’t need any help with my dress getting fixed as I took every step, because I had the tailor fix it in exact height.
Step by step I walked down the aisle plastering my smile around the whole ballroom, making sure all my guests know that I’m happy they came. I also made sure to remind myself not to shed one single tear because if my momma were here she’d be happy and she wouldn’t want to see tears escaping my eyes.
It was confidence that took over me that day.
As I got to the seating area I sat on my side of the modern couch smelling the beautiful scent of flowers from all around me. 
The girls took pictureS with me, then came my cousins, aunts and grooms family as well, people danced came and sat by my side for chit chats and telling me how beautiful I looked.
Then the groom’s music started playing and my uncle came in with Abdulrahman and his dad, and my brothers behind them. Abdulrahman requested that no man from his family or friends shall enter to see me with my gown so they congratulated him outside the ballroom. Including his younger brother. My uncle came he kissed my forehead and said 

“مبروك يا الغالية بنت الغالي”
I replied back and my brothers kissed my forehead and we took a family picture with his family first then with mine, Noufa and the girls joined as well. 
Just before the picture Abdulrahman had just said “مبروك”
I just smiled back as we sat and his mother came over with ears in her eyes, his younger sister came and said the most kindest words while the elder sister just congratulated her own brother like I was a flower vase.
But hey! I did not marry her, so why bother
When it was time to go we walked down the 3 step stairs and walked to the cake which was brought over to the ballroom right in the middle, he held the huge knife and the photographer asked for me to put my hand over his, and that was the first time I touched him incidentally.
Then we walked out, Sabacha and Daloya were behind us and they whispered and I whispered back into their ears.
Them: bye love birds
Me: yayatkom belail ;) 
Them: haha!
We walked in our honeymooners suite as the photographer came behind us, she asked to take pictures in the most awkward positions ever.
He was my professor for Gods sake please stop :( 
The night was spent just the way a typical couple would on their wedding night…