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I’m sure that everyone has heard about the ISIS explosion at the Imam Al Sadeq Mosque. Everytime I hear, speak, read about anything related to it i get goosebumps. How can a normal human being wake up in the morning, know that he’s gonna die and kill o…

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Abdulrahman’s Point of View
I was in a hurry, I honestly felt bad that I cared less about the new life I got myself into. It’s not that I hate it, I just had other necessities that came first.
 I’ve been consulting this company of a really close friend of mine that I knew back in Uni. This company felt like a growing baby to both us! Legally it was his, between us he’s the founder and I’m the co- founder. I loved working for it, day and night whenever any idea buzzed through my busy head. 
So, those are just some habits that seem to be affecting my marriage.
I really wanted to have the company working well before I settle, marry and have a family of my own. However, my mother insisted that she was getting old and she wanted grandchildren! My partner Bader has 4 kids and well he’s as old as I am. I guess my mom is jealous! Hah
I quickly rushed in the hospital leaving my S class at the entrance as if I, myself had an emergency. 
The reception desks were right in front of me, so I walked over to check which way to go!
Abdulrahman: esallamah w3alaikom… 7bayt a3arf ghurfat Dania Nael Al…. ?
Receptionist: please wait sir as I check for you
Another guy barged in between, wearing a doctor’s scrub and well a white lab jacket.
Doctor: Dania Nael? 
Abdulrahman: eee
Doctor: tfathal ma3ay elmaktab ana doctorha… He’s with me its fine thanks (assuring the receptionist) 
I followed him through the halls as he spoke about Dania’s symptoms.
Doctor: 6ab3an ehya yatly wayeha me9far, o 6labt mnha ta7aleel gabl klshay glt at2akad shno feeha gabl ay dwa akteba laha, o mthl mat3arf el bnt qa9ir o s2alt 3an waly amrha o galaw msafir fa ana na6rik o lat7aty mako ela elkhair….tfathal 

I never nodded this much my entire life! Nodding as I walked after the Doctor!

We got to his office this walk was as if I’d gone hiking on Mount Everest, felt like forever till we got to his office! 
Abdulrahman: dam fathlik 
Doctor: elmohim mthl ma gtlik ehy qa9ir fa momkin ethbat 3elaqtik eb Dania etha sama7t
Abdulrahman: 6ab3an! 
I rushed through my phone looking for our marriage papers then I showed him the screen capture and he started giving me info. 
Doctor: Dania yat elyoum t3ani mn … Ely fhamta mnha enha makhtha overdosage ( My eyeballs were about to pop out of my eye) of some painkiller pills which is bad for her so we’ve done some blood tests and she’s on a drip which should be done by now  
He said glancing at his clock!

Ana sakit chna wa7ed 9akny 96ar 3aly asm3a mn el doctor
Doctor: hathy el blood tests tawha 6al3a mn el lab o glt chan taby tshof’ha gablha o tara ghurfat Dania 28 just down the hall
Abdulrahman: etha mumkin doctor
He passed me the envelope and I pulled out the papers and started reading, I traced every row to the average and breathed out relaxed as the results I passed through were normal. By the end of the column there was the allergy tests and the pregnancy test. 
Pregnancy + 
Allergy –
I automatically smiled! And tilted my head towards the doctor and handed him the paper.
He read through and congratulated me as I got up thanked him and shook his hand to walk out of the office.
Doctor: you can keep it! 

Khthayt lewrga o gmt
Madry shfeeny stanast wayed enha hathy kelha enshallah tkoun a3ra’9 pregnancy o mo shay thany.
6ab3an mstanis raye7 laih ghurfat Dania o awal ma we9alt aba6l elbab n9edamt b9out 9ya7 o lain we9alt el7mdellah mo shay chayed! Kanat lel2asaf Dania mraj3a (tkremun) o kanat tabchy wegaft mask lawrag beedi chfast’hom o g6ayt’hom blzbala o yatly Shaikha tsaserny hzayt rasy o ehy 6la3at ‘9laina ana o Dania o el nurses cleaning the mess. 

Dania’s Point of View
Abdulrahman: ham ams makla bai’9?

He has always been weird with everything that escapes those full lips, is it that he doesn’t think before he speaks, I’m not sure! So I don’t want to know what he meant…
Abdulrahman: mako ela elkhair enshallah mafeech shay bas 9eray qaweya o trdeen elbayt 

A9lan hnee awnas mn elbayt
Shit looked better than my face today, I think. 
Abdulrahman was being all romantic, rubbing my back, fixing the headband shaikha got me, I felt like his baby. 
The nurse came to change my hospital dress. 
Abdulrahman: I’ll do it and wait to take the other one please! 
He took the new dress, I was eager to see what he was planning on doing, since I’ve only been naked once with him on our wedding night! 
Abdulrahman was trying to make me lean forwards to he can pull the laces that held the dress together. But I kept my body hard and stiff so he couldn’t do anything at all.

I really can be a devil sometimes.
Me: wakhr ana agdar abdl bro7y 
I gave him a look by looking up to his face, with my Christmas red eyes and wet eye lashes. 
Abdulrahman: etha tst7een basaker 3ainy bas khaleeni amsiklich eyah
Me: ma ast7y bas mabeek tshof 
Abdulrahman: khalas yuba glna bnqamith 
His tone got higher and he was obviously fed up
So I let him do it, and as he promised to keep his eyes closed, and of course I had to check if they really were and they sadly were…
As he got to the part where he had to tie the back laces into ribbons his cold hand touched my warm backbone and I got shivers that shook my upper body… Abdulrahman moved back scarred, he jumped half a step backwards! 
I get these shivers a lot! They’re just like goosebumps yet there’s stronger body motion along with them. 
مبارك عليكم شهر رمضان لا تنسون ان شهر عبادة، ساعه لكم و ساعه لربكم
Hope you enjoyedd it!  
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I headed back to the city with Bishr and Helen! We passed by the pharmacy to get some pain-killers since mine were gone. Two days passed and I’ve been visiting the spa for massages, it was so relaxing the lady was so gentle, there was sometimes wh…