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[27 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Let me in 21 | 6 views]

I looked at him with pure innocent shocked eyes my face as pink as radishesAbdulrahman: bagolich shay, tara ana ma7b ashof sha59 a7ba za3lan o maygoly shfeehMy eyes started getting watery I don’t know whyy! However the strong inner self decided to show…

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[26 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Betrayal (7) | 2 views]

 I snuggled closer to the strong, rock hard very warm arm hmmm this was delicious I could sleep forever ..I wonder if I could have that doughnut My aunt used to make..now where did I put my neon bathing suit? I hope it still fits…when did Nike b…

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the music went up and I could see the people at the modern luxurious bar swaying with the melody. Nouf joining them on her seat; her energy was contagious and I found myself giggling and clapping. For a refreshing change I wasn’t worried aout how I looked to Mubarak, I wasn’t even aware of him staring at me with intense eyes at that moment, I was totally lost to the sexy music.

I closed my eyes and hummed, the Dj’s voice electrifying…

when I opened my eyes he was staring at me with those smoldering eyes, my breath hitched and I felt my insides tightening..I could see the lust in his eyes, his adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed; I needed to touch him.

just when I was about to ask him to leave, he suddenly looked taken aback, he stood up, as if in a daze, his wallet fell on the sparkly floor unoticed, and he strode past the swaying bodies to a figure…

The familiar figure of the woman in the photos!

what the…

my smile froze on my face, I was suddenly hot and cold all over, my heart beating so hard, what was wrong with me? was this a nightmare? a fucking cruel joke? how come she’s here?? of all the places in the world..


unless this was planned between the two! No! please don’t make this happen to me, no, no, noooo

I felt Nouf’s gentle hand on my shoulder, Ahmed’s attempt at a joke to distract me, but I couldn’t, this was too much, I had to leave.

“Excuse me” I suddenly blurted, picked up my purse and hurried out the restaurant and just as expected he didn’t follow me.

back at the hotel, like a madwoman I opened my suitcase, threw everything I could see; piles and piles of discarded items, and when I was finished, the damned zipper would’nt budge. the bag was too stuffed and I clearly ripped the zipper or something, at thatg point the tears flowed freely.

I sat on top of the suitcase and wept my heart out.

hours later or  most probably minutes, I heard a noise at the door enterance. perfect, he was here.

Through my tear blurred eyes I could see the shock upon his face, and something else. ” Shaikha, its not what you think”

” It’s exactly what I think. I’m leaving Mubarak” My voice was clogged with tears.

” Please listen to me, It was a mere coincedence, call it a-“

” I’ll call it a wake up call, I’m leaving Mubarak!”

” I was fucking surprised as much as you! I had to go there and-“

” You had to humiliate me in front of your friends! in front of her!! god Mubarak you’re truly stupid if you think I’d stay after this”

“Fuck it Shaikha! I’d never do that to you I fucking respect you!” He was shouting now.

” very well, if you respect me, you let me go now. ” My voice was laced with fury.

He sighed, rubbing his face with his hand. ” if that’s what you want , we’ll leave in the morning”

” No” I said. ” Now”

” then I’ll come with you”

” I said alone”

Maybe it was sympathy or the fact that that woman was there with him on the same country,  but he agreed with one condition; to drop me to the airport and stay til I was safely seated in the airplane, I reluctantly went with it, I needed to get home, as soon as possible and that was the only way.

As soon as I was seated , I popped a sleeping pill and was lost to the world, oblivious to the fact that when I opened my eyes that fated night, I would see the face that would be engraved in my soul forever…
moi’s note: dear readers, your feedback would be appreciated! xx

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[21 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on vote | 2 views]

hello readers; the ones I love so much for keeping this blog (still) alive! I was thinking.. do you guys want me to continue writing my name is Nouf? or the one im currently writing? please vote. yours moi xx

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[21 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on betrayal (5) | 2 views]

I woke up the next morning to the sight of a bulgari small box with a card and ribbons,I reached for the card hastily, ripped it open and read “thank you for last night-M” ……. I was stunned. He west rewarding me for using my body with a box of Ita…

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[15 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Let me in 20 | 2 views]

Abdulrahman: bsmellah era7man elra7eem shfeech
He headed to the door 
Abdulrahman: banady el doctor
Me: abdulrahman… Eedik kanat barda

I think I whispered and thank God he heard it
Abdulrahman: kl hatha kan goosebumps?? 
He widened his dark brown almond shaped eyes at me. He walked over and sat on Shaikha’s chair looking up towards my eye and holding my palm
Abdulrahman: asef bas khtara3t 3abaly jist shay o bdaitay tet7awilain khft mrty ga3da tet7awaaal 7ag shay tadreen ba3ad 5ayaly wasi3 
He was so serious at the beginning that as soon as I heard his joke, I started laughing along with him and pinching his arm as that was all I could’ve done. I think this was the first time ever that he ever made me laugh. I decided to forget what I’ve heard a few days ago and try live happily till it lasts. As I thought of it as a chance just to forget what I’ve been through. 

Abdulrahman’s Point of View:
The sun was setting, Dania was asleep I got up to pray, I also thanked God for the baby growing in my Wife’s tummy since the chaos in her room stole that thought away. She woke up just as I was folding the praying carpet.
Dania: taqabal allah
Abdulrahman: mna o mnch 9al7 la3mal tabin asa3dch o t9aleen?
Dania: eee law sama7t
Abdulrahman: mn3youny 

Yany e7sas ely ga3d a7rej Dania bas magedart amsk el romanceya ely bdakhly fa laish la2
Dania: mashkour 
We did and of course while she was asleep I asked the nurse to get us the meds she needed and I got the directions of each pill written on the box. I then asked the doctor to take her home tonight, he just made sure she ate well and lived her life normally. 
I helped her out of the lousy hospital dress and into her own, she made me shut my eyes again. I pushed her out of the hospital signing the papers by reception and out to the valet. Shaikha took Dania’s car back home. My S Class parked at the entrance as I swung the passenger door open and pushed the wheelchair closer. 

Dania’s Point of View:
Today I was his queen his princess his everything, thank God he didn’t try carrying me out of the hospital! Really he was such a gentlemen, I on the other hand felt as If I were the luckiest wifey. 
He helped with the seatbelt! Adjusted my seat and fixed it to be as flat as possible for me to lay down. And well he shut the door and sat in his seat to drive us back home. 
The whole way back I was fiddling with the drip plaster, that nurse was definitely not delicate when pulling the plastic needle out.
Abdulrahman: chnha 3awrtich wehya tsheela 
Me: laa its fine 
Abdulrahman: klha cham youm o et9eer omorich zayy el3asal *wink* 
Me: heheh enshallah
I was feeling so dizzy, so I just closed my eyes as I was driven back home.
Abdulrahman’s point of view 

Makent abe Dania tnam madry bas knt 7as abe ag3ad weyaha o asoulif o chethy. Bs namat 3la 6oul o ana ma7eb aga3d o athayeg a7ad bnoumta. We9alna o Dania ma g3dat, 3adatan bas adsh el freeej tfz o tg3ad! Shlt’ha o 76ayt kl el chyas eb 7thn’ha. Shayl reesha 6ab3an 

Dania’s head got to Abdulrahman’s shoulder, she was petite and the food she eats evaporates or maybe dissolves into water or something. So she was light and he can easily carry her.

Dania’s point of view:
I found myself on the couch covered with my “Dania” quilt, my meds were on the tea table. I grabbed the bag and Abdulrahman was fiddling around in his room… I could hear him.
I have a really bad habit of reading about each med prescribed to me before actually using it, and so being myself I did this time as well
Every pill I read about was related to pain, sleep and supplements that are used during pregnancy!
I quickly searched period tracker on my phone and pressed on the icon as I prayed and shut my eyes hoping that this is a false alarm. 
Checked period tracker and found that my period was 9 days late 
Thoughts scenes and ideas started rushing through my heavy head as I realized that in 9 months I’d have a baby, but I’m a baby myself… A baby carrying her own baby
Then I burst out crying
Abdulrahman’s footsteps started getting closer to where I was
Abdulrahman: daa-niaa shfeech!
Me: **crying** (totally ignoring his existence) 

All I thought at that moment was get out of my way you caused this! AND IM NOT READY FOR IT

Then I thought heyy do people Pms when their preganant! All I know is that my hormones are OUT of place so that’s probably Pms or its’ brother
I felt really sorry for Abdulrahman ever since we got married he was always put in a situation where I cried and he doesn’t know how to help calm me down.
Abdulrahman: DAAN-IAAA *he shouted with gritted teeth and fuming eyes*
I started breathing quickly, looking at him straight in the eye with droplets of tears streaming down my cheeks. Waiting for him to speak I just stood there
Abdulrahman: etha feee shay mthaygich golily!!! KHALAA9 Ga6a3taay galby bachy madry shasawy mthl ma hal 7ayat ydeeda 3alaich ham ana ydeeeda 3alay!! Ard mn elsfaar algaach sad7eenich bl mostashfa! Golilyy ta7achayy sbo3aaain ta5theeen adweya mn waray o tgolinly 7asasiyaaa MN BAAAAI’9 !!! 
I started melting towards the floor grabbing on the closest living room chair and slowly sat on it.
Abdulrahman: أستغفر الله…اللهم طولج يا روح
And with that Abdulrahman stormed out of the apartment. 
I started using the meds the doctor prescribed and made myself a healthy dinner after doing some research on what not to eat and what to eat. Don’t blame me I’m 2 months apart from being a 21 year old! Plus I didn’t see it coming AT ALL! 
I called Helen and told her, she raised me after my own parents, she had to know. She was so happy, she wanted to move in with me! Lol
I decided not to tell Sabacha nor Dalooya, surprising them is better. And well my brothers and Noufa will know when I visit them.
I had dinner and rented a movie to watch on Abdulrahman’s iTV. I watched Remember Me. Well maybe half of it
I then woke up as the cast was rolling up, to my shock Abdulrahman was on the other longer side of our L shaped living room. His quilt over him and his eyes shut. I looked at him with my guilty self, as why I keep snapping at this poor guy. 
Me: Abdulrahman abdulrahmaan abdulrahman abdulraahmaaaan….
Every time I call out his name I wait 15 seconds in between to do so again but he wouldn’t wake up.
I was FED UP So I started tickling his waist and belly area till I saw his lips forming the smile I’ve rarely seen.
Me: shouuf 3ad ma9a5t’ha kl hatha 3ashan aga3dik mn nouma *continues tickling *
Abdulrahman held my waist up from the floor! From were I sat beside him to wake him and pulled me up on his tummy, I was shocked so I just froze as he lifted me on top of him!
and he started tickling me! 

3ad ana ma3roufa la7ad ejeeesny 7ata gabl la e76on eeedhom mokan ely edaldighny ana a9are5. 
Me: BAAAAAS WALLAAAH MAAAGDAAR (I screamed with a few kicks here and there)
All that and he was laid down btw.
Abdulrahman: GOULAAY ATOUUUB! 
Me: bssss aahhh wal lah 
Abdulrahman: btgooolin walaa  shlooon!! (Still tickling!) 
Me: Atouuuubbb aaaahhh khlaa9 
And he just held my pelvis straight at his face, one of my legs bent and the other dangling by the couch. My hair all over the place and I started to catch my breathe slowly as he shot me with the sexiest smile ever admiring the human being over his belly.
After the daydreams that raced through his brain, It got me shy I started to slowly get off of him. But he held my waist and pulled me back to my spot.
Abdulrahman: obb wain ray7a ma khala9t