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 I snuggled closer to the strong, rock hard very warm arm hmmm this was delicious I could sleep forever ..I wonder if I could have that doughnut My aunt used to make..now where did I put my neon bathing suit? I hope it still fits…when did Nike b…

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the music went up and I could see the people at the modern luxurious bar swaying with the melody. Nouf joining them on her seat; her energy was contagious and I found myself giggling and clapping. For a refreshing change I wasn’t worried aout how I looked to Mubarak, I wasn’t even aware of him staring at me with intense eyes at that moment, I was totally lost to the sexy music.

I closed my eyes and hummed, the Dj’s voice electrifying…

when I opened my eyes he was staring at me with those smoldering eyes, my breath hitched and I felt my insides tightening..I could see the lust in his eyes, his adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed; I needed to touch him.

just when I was about to ask him to leave, he suddenly looked taken aback, he stood up, as if in a daze, his wallet fell on the sparkly floor unoticed, and he strode past the swaying bodies to a figure…

The familiar figure of the woman in the photos!

what the…

my smile froze on my face, I was suddenly hot and cold all over, my heart beating so hard, what was wrong with me? was this a nightmare? a fucking cruel joke? how come she’s here?? of all the places in the world..


unless this was planned between the two! No! please don’t make this happen to me, no, no, noooo

I felt Nouf’s gentle hand on my shoulder, Ahmed’s attempt at a joke to distract me, but I couldn’t, this was too much, I had to leave.

“Excuse me” I suddenly blurted, picked up my purse and hurried out the restaurant and just as expected he didn’t follow me.

back at the hotel, like a madwoman I opened my suitcase, threw everything I could see; piles and piles of discarded items, and when I was finished, the damned zipper would’nt budge. the bag was too stuffed and I clearly ripped the zipper or something, at thatg point the tears flowed freely.

I sat on top of the suitcase and wept my heart out.

hours later or  most probably minutes, I heard a noise at the door enterance. perfect, he was here.

Through my tear blurred eyes I could see the shock upon his face, and something else. ” Shaikha, its not what you think”

” It’s exactly what I think. I’m leaving Mubarak” My voice was clogged with tears.

” Please listen to me, It was a mere coincedence, call it a-“

” I’ll call it a wake up call, I’m leaving Mubarak!”

” I was fucking surprised as much as you! I had to go there and-“

” You had to humiliate me in front of your friends! in front of her!! god Mubarak you’re truly stupid if you think I’d stay after this”

“Fuck it Shaikha! I’d never do that to you I fucking respect you!” He was shouting now.

” very well, if you respect me, you let me go now. ” My voice was laced with fury.

He sighed, rubbing his face with his hand. ” if that’s what you want , we’ll leave in the morning”

” No” I said. ” Now”

” then I’ll come with you”

” I said alone”

Maybe it was sympathy or the fact that that woman was there with him on the same country,  but he agreed with one condition; to drop me to the airport and stay til I was safely seated in the airplane, I reluctantly went with it, I needed to get home, as soon as possible and that was the only way.

As soon as I was seated , I popped a sleeping pill and was lost to the world, oblivious to the fact that when I opened my eyes that fated night, I would see the face that would be engraved in my soul forever…
moi’s note: dear readers, your feedback would be appreciated! xx

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hello readers; the ones I love so much for keeping this blog (still) alive! I was thinking.. do you guys want me to continue writing my name is Nouf? or the one im currently writing? please vote. yours moi xx

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I woke up the next morning to the sight of a bulgari small box with a card and ribbons,I reached for the card hastily, ripped it open and read “thank you for last night-M” ……. I was stunned. He west rewarding me for using my body with a box of Ita…