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[30 Aug 2015 | Comments Off on Let me in 23 | 7 views]

Abdulrahmam: shfeech ga3d achayk 3ala elbaby! I gave him that side stare with my straight lips. 7aqeer ya3ny goul bashof shfeech 3gb el vomiting la eshof el baby shlouna…We got to our house and a smiled formed as soon as I saw our wooden wh…

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[8 Aug 2015 | Comments Off on Let me in 22 | 5 views]

Its super duper long! So I hope no one complains :p Enjoy ______________________________Dania’s point of viewI couldn’t sleep, it took me more than 30 mins I THINK. I couldn’t fiddle with my phone because I was trapped in Abdulrahman’s arms a…

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[6 Aug 2015 | Comments Off on Chapter 24 (skipping through everything..) | 3 views]

Today was the night. It was the night Afaf and Abdullah would finally get married..after years of their innocent love..

Dhklt Afaf elqa3a ou kl man y6al3ha nzlt 3la ghneyat hab elsa3ad…

3ma mzna: shnu???? shtgoul??? entaw wain??
Afaf: 3ma shfech?

3ma mzna mn el9dma 6a7 telephonha mn eedha.. Afaf took it..

Afaf: shfeek matgoul???
Feehaid: Afaf a7na eb mstshfat el …
Afaf: laish sh9ayer???
Feehaid: Afaf.. Abdullah sawa 7adeth ou a7na bl6reej lel 3rs..


They rushed to the hospital, afaf was crying in her beautiful white wedding dress.. it was the night they would finally be together bl7alal ou eb shar3 allah..

Secretary: Eb ghurfat 768 6abq elrab3..

Afaf rktht lela9ain9ar tabche ou t7ate, ou traded “yarab mafe ela el3afya” .

Afaf: 3ame!!! Fehaid!! Abdullah waina?? ABE ASHUFA WAINA!!
Doctor: 3fwan ekhte b3d eznk maynf3sh tshufe

She was in tears.

Doctor: La ya set maynf3sh!!!!
Feehaid: Afaf haday..
Afaf: shahade shahade??? goule shahade?? abe ashufa abe ashufa!!

ou g3dt e6g eb nafs’ha ou 3ma mzna sakta mn9dma mu gadra tn6q wla 7arf..

اكسر الخاطر بدونك غيبتك عني حراااااااااااام 

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[6 Aug 2015 | Comments Off on Chapter 25 – The end | 1 views]

I had the best almost two years experience with my readers with this story! I am so honoured to have you guys reading and always there by my side, commenting and giving me feedback. And I just love talking to you guys so once again..

I am so sorry for not completing the chapters i have written chapter 24 2 years ago and this as well a year ago and have not completed the rest, so elyoum 6ara 3la bale ene adsh this account ou ashuf shnu 9ar 3laih so so so sorry that i didnt give a proper ending i just read a comment that told me i should complete it or just post the ending and get it over with so i will.. i have been writing a new story thanks to the fact that my writing got better and its on instagram, if you want to you can read it… I am no longer anonymous a3rfkum 3la nafse and esme Ayah.. this is my personal twitter account @Ayah26x_ if you have any question you can ask me on my ask.fm/a2924…

I wish I gave this a proper ending, I really did.. but this is what was written and i just couldn’t carry on writing this story due to reasons and i just wanted to post this ending for you guys who have been asking me to do so.. i hope you like the ending.. and i hope one day, i will actually get a book published and who knows maybe it will be this story? but .. completed?

My new story: @lail7ena7bk on instagram
My personal twitter: @Ayah26x_
My personal ask.fm/a2924
Ask.fm: ask.fm/BlueVelvetBlog
Twitter: @BlueVelvetBlog
Kik: bluevelvetblog (I dont use it that much :/)
Instagram:  @BlueVelvetBlog_

Thankyou for being amazing readers, and I hope this story wayed 3jbtkum.

I guess, life never wanted us to be together. What am I saying? That is probably what you’re thinking, right? Well I have a point and if I go back to everything that happened to us, Abdullah almost forgot us, I almost died, Shahad tried to ruin it for us, and he thought I was cheating on him.. It didn’t matter that much to us when we grew a little bit older, but isn’t it obvious that we weren’t supposed to be together? As much as it hurts.. and trust me it does, alot. I knew we were never gonna end together. I mean I loved him and he loved me, and I am so glad we are going to get married, but isn’t going to end that way. And I knew so, I just didn’t wanna jinx my love life, but I guess I just did.
Seeing him just there in a coma, felt so weird, but I am not crying, because I know he is slipping away, and I guess I knew that from the very start.
Something so perfect, so flawless, so unreal, won’t stay for long..
Yes I am sad, but I know that he wouldn’t want me to cry, and that if he died, he would want me to move on. But the story isn’t about moving on, its about how much we have been through together and how much love we had for each other- it wasn’t something you see everyday! It was rare, we were rare. And rare stuff usually just vanish, well don’t they? I mean many animals are rare, but look at them now they are EXTINCT. I guess our love was meant to be that way, you know, extinct.
The only thing I want right now is too rest my head on his chest and just smell him, for the very last time. Because I know he is going away, if its not today then its tomorrow. But he isn’t staying for long, and I know that his mom knows that too, by the look of her sad face, and I know that my sisters always knew that I would always be the most hurt one. But I didn’t plan my life, but I wont plan my life, and maybe, just maybe its for the best. Me here, in the hospital, with my big white dress, in the wedding I have been dreaming of for the past I dont know eight years? And instead, I am here with ruined make up and knowing that he is perfect, and perfect wont last long enough in a cruel judgemental world. Aren’t I right?

But Abdullah, you were perfect, and you were rare, and you were you. And you went away too soon, but enough for me to get enough of you. Because you wont belong here, you’re just too precious to give away. I hope you know that I will always love you, and I promise you that no one, and I mean no one will take your place. I just wish we could’ve had the night and you would’ve maybe possibly left me as a widow.

As I heard the beeping sound of death, his last memory with me. I started to scream, I was drained. But who am I kidding, I knew this would happen, but maybe in reality it was worse than my thoughts.


I guess it’s goodbye, for real, isn’t it? Maybe the end of a story, and don’t say its an end of a chapter because there will be no chapter without Abdullah, because that isn’t possible. Because Abdullah is the only reason people actually believe in this story.

Its the end of not only us, but Abdullah, but me, but 3mety Mizna, but basically to love itself and maybe, even believing too.
Because I believed in him, and I believed in us, and without him there is not much to believe in. I see them all rushing to me and hugging me and hugging 3mety Mizna.

Afaf: I just want to be alone.

Pushing them away, felt so much like the only decision that I would make and shivering, and no breath, goodbye.

يا رب ابدعي ترحمه.. مات اللي طيفه ما يموت..