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[31 Jan 2016 | Comments Off on when she missed him the most… | 0 views]

It was late at night that she missed him the most. Not after a long day at work when everything fell apart in one go, and she broke down because she had no one to pull her out of it with. Not after her best friend told her point blank that sh…

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[30 Jan 2016 | Comments Off on What’s Left of Me (4) | 0 views]

I woke up the next morning with a huge headache. It was nearly 10 AM, I wanted to have breakfast out with Saad but my plans were ruined thanks to Razzag and this huge headache of mine, also caused by Razzag.I got dressed since I couldn’t walk into the …

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[30 Jan 2016 | Comments Off on Footbridge, Toledo, Belize | 47 views]

Footbridge, Toledo, Belize