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[22 Sep 2016 | Comments Off on Let me in 24 | 4 views]
I’m back, and I’ve missed this badly! 
Also, there’s more so soon!💔

Me: ambaihh 

And I hid my face under the covers! I get so shy when I hear this word I blush like crazy! My cheeks turn red and I can’t not cover my face. 
Abdulrahman: hhhhh ta3alay bouseni gbl edawam 
Under the covers with a blurry voice, sounding like a 6 year old! 
Me: maby 
Abdulrahman: matabeen? 
Blurry voice under the covers
Me: eee 
Suddenly Abdulrahman was over me, felt like a wall has tumbled over on my body! He’s heavy! 
I started screaming. 
Me: baamouuut gouuum
And when he found my head with my hands over my face, he pulled my hands away 
Me: aaaah ( I screamed and gave him that straight stare) 
Abdulrahman had his cheek (THANK GOD) Right in front of my face! 
And I’m gonna shock you with the kiss I gave him.
I took a deep breathe got too close to his cheek and let out all the air I breathed in out on his cheek causing my lips to vibrate on his cheek!! You know that thing people usually do to babies on their tummy and it tickles them? I did it on his cheek! 
Abdulrahman: afaa yal khaysaa (he hit my bare shoulders lightly) awareeech
Me: haha 
And while I was laughing he stole a kiss from my own lips and got up with his victorious smile. 
Abdulrahman: I get what I want when I want it  * he winked*  ard mn edawam o n6la3 late lunch
He said as he got dressed, unlocked the door to my room and left 
I covered my face with the covers and just as I shut my eyes to sleep with my blushy smile, my phone buzzed and I rolled to the other side to get it.
Message from Abdulrahman
They said you buy your wife, and I bought her! They never said she would occupy your organs!
Message sent
Omg they tricked you :O
Message from Abdulrahman
• :*
He meant I stole his heart, who would ever think that one day they’ll end up with their professor in the same bed sharing everything! 
I woke up about 4 hours later, found messages from our group خواتي المسلمات the group name is sarcastic obviously! There were million messages from them talking about guys and the weather and how I’m sound asleep and they’re out there.
One had summer course classes the other goes to the learning center to improve for next year’s skills… NERD! 
I had to tell them I’m pregnant some how, so I asked them to come over at my parents house for dinner and I quickly asked Helen to set up the basement and ordered food to be done by our house cook! 
In between the chaos at about 4:30 Abdulrahman came in looking for me in the basement 
Abdulrahman: haa ashof lahya elyoum?
Me: glt 7ag Dalya o Sabacha eyouny mn zman ma shft’hom
Abdulrahman: bas ana gayelich elyoum ba6la3 weyach 
I was bummed, I really don’t remember that he did he looked so serious and I was shocked at how he might take it personally.
Abdulrahman: khala9 yallah 3ady ana baro7 ag3ad 3nd omy o oboy o amrch blayl kalmeni laih khala9tay 
Me: sorry wallah nesayt etha taby akansil 3ady 
He started walking away looking as sexy as hell in his dishdasha. I walked after him I dunno why and how I did that, I held his waist as he stood by the elevator and wrapped my other arm around him and gave him a very loose but meaningful hug!
He rubbed my back and bent his neck and kissed my head well actually my hair! 
Abdulrahman: ta3alay weyay bakl you3an 
Me: enshallah emsh 
We got into the elevator holding hands, then I walked before him into the kitchen where the food was placed in the leftover heating compartment.
I took out two plates heated the food and got empty glasses and cutlery, then I tried pulling myself up on the courier kitchen counter to sit on it.
You know that sound we make with our mouth which kinda means no no in repetition? 
He was doing that and moving his head lightly left and right!
Abdulrahman: ya3ny kl hal karasy ma 7alat elga3da ela hne 
He came closer and helped lift my pelvis up… I chuckled
Abdulrahman: hal mara 3ashan kha6rich el elmara el yaya mako chethy mo zain el counter barid a9lan
Me: bas hathy ga3dat el ma6ba5 elshaheera! 
Abdulrahman: 3gb elyoum btenqerith
Me: maleeq *and hit his biceps playfully *
I watched him eat, cause I kind of finished in 10 mins or less probably then he went up to rest then he left to his house. As I waited for the girls! They finally came at around 6 we chatted and updated each other, except the baby part had to wait till dinner!
Daloya: ambaaih ma t9aadgon sh9ar feeni mo ana bl weekend r7t bahrain 7ag 3amty? Tkhayelaw rdayt bro7y lekuwait! 
I got so into this, sowalif Dalya ambaih so interesting! 
Daloya: elmuhem fa ana window seat! O kan ako wayed nas 7lween b6ayara bas ana msawya rou7y klsh o ma knt a5zhom b3d faaashla! Wela wa7ed mnhom waray! 
Asma3 9out mobile eren o ana agool wayy way3a khala9 rdaw 3aly edeg bas az3ajtoona!
Sabacha: ayyshaay latgooolin…
Daloya: eeee tkhayelay chan afakir ambaih may9eer phone bl 6yara shfeeni ghabeya!! wela y6la3 talefon my seat!!! 
Me: ambaaaiihh a7ad dag 3ala ur seat!
Sabacha: ambaih sh’hal film! 
Daloya: eee way o ala7th enas et5zny chan asheela bsr3a o agol hala yuma  
Sabacha: ambaihh shakoo !!! Tmawteeen!
I was dying she was the type of person that cared so much about reputation thats why she said that yet she knows its probably a guy from the plane
Daloya: tfashaalt wallah galy saweely add insta o kalmeeni Dm o laih elyoum I didnt bas sayavta bl notes!! 
Sabacha: tkfaa khal tyanina! Ashof ashof 3nda ask? Kik? Shy!
Me: wallah 7asafat el notes 3ala his username ma5th space 
Daloya: ambaaih i had to 3ashan asakra mnaa wela mn9ijich araaaaf
Sabacha: shdarach araaf *curiosity killed her *
Daloya: nou3a ba7ar o tan o laih elyoum yalbs nathara el3akis o abs o wayed 7akooka over mn eshams
Sabacha and I were dying from laughter because we realized that she stalked him!!
Sabacha: mashallaaaah kan 3ajbech o sawaitay 5oush search chna 
Me: tfa6is haal bnt wallah a7ebhaa * and i got up to go hug her* marthaa martha basich entay
Sabacha: shloooon tsaween hal search bdoni! 
Daloya: 7mday rabich gtlich 
Sabacha: …….
O bdaina hwash bdon ma3na wa7da etda7ir ethanya! 
Me: BAAS! yaala gomaw a9lan 3asha *gave them that victorious smile*
Then we sat on the dinner table! Helen and the cook made…
Baby tomatoes salad, baked baby potatoes with 4 cheese, sliders, and meatball sticks with a yogurt dip! And for desert I had the mini pretzels pack dipped in chocolate and baby bananas just to make it obvious 🙈
Everything was tiny I HOPE THEY GET THE HINT! 
Sabacha: yah yah sh3ndch mthab6atna lo madry chethy fantag chan mnzman mzawjenich
Me: ya7maaraaa 
I pinched her thigh!
Daloya: ambaihh cute klshay 3anono 
I was thinking deep down, yeah even the baby in my belly is still tiny, effin’ realize what this is all about before I burry you both! 
We ate and they didn’t realize a thing, deep down I was so mad at my blonde buddies!
I got up mad as a pig and said 
Me: ya3ny kl hal ashya2 el9gheera o…..
Sabacha: smeelaa 3alaaaich shfeech
Daloya was just surprised looking up from her phone
Me: ham ya bogaar ma tstaw3ebon enaa ana 7aamilll!!! 
Sabacha and Daloya: AMBAAAIH CUTEE 
They jumped from their seats for a hug and started talking about naming my baby and decorations and what their gonna do and who’s its godmother and they fought AGAIN…. Nothing new about them!
They left and Abdulrahman came like 30 mins later to pick me up. The next morning Sabacha called and we had to plan Daloya’s birthday outing! 
Sabacha: ambaaih legayt el mokan tathkerin on the way to Marina thaklyoum galat ako mokan wed’ha tjaarbaa! 
Me: eeeeh? 
Sabacha: esma The Roof!