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[24 Mar 2017 | Comments Off on Her Fake Luck.. Part4 | 2 views]

She giggled: atwaqa3 ana elly as’elek 3n raqam omy!!He giggled: 7aaatherShe smiled and walked away from him..He followed her: 9aaber waainn ray7aaAseel: elbaaitAbdulwahhab: laaa ne6ray brou7 9arly dahar mu shaayfech!!Aseel giggled: waaay laatekallam ch…

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[10 Mar 2017 | Comments Off on angel vs devil | 2 views]

I met Angel six months ago. I love him too much. He’s too good to me. He’s tender, loving and faithful , And I’m the only girl in his life. He’s too good, too pure. He’s rich, he’s from a good family , every sane girl wants to land him as a husband, gi…